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tv   FOX News Special You Decide 2016 Election Special  FOX  November 8, 2016 10:00pm-12:00am CST

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>> we are keeping our eyes on all races.>> we will continue our life simulcasts of this election night vote 2016 edition of the cbs 2 news and fox28 news. you could say with us as we bring you the latest on tonight's historic election. from cbs 2 news and fox 28 news, this is special election co been closed for an hour. millions of voters in iowa and across the country -- votes have been counted. we are scrolling the latest information on the bottom of the screen. right now we want to focus on the race for president. this is a live picture from the hillary clinton headquarters in new york city. also in new york republican donald trump was standing by
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we will continue to monitor these gatherings and plan to give you the concessions and victory speeches when -- went and if they happen tonight. the biggest contest tonight is the race for president. we begin vote 2016 with anchor scott sanborn and karen fuller. >> polls are now closed in every state with the exception of alaska. not all decided. >> right now just minutes ago hillary clinton has surpassed donald trump in the electoral vote. she holds the lead after he has been leading all night long. she has 186 to his 172. that's the latest from cbs. those numbers may be different on your screen. again clinton has 186 electoral votes and donald trump has 172 and he is lagging for the first time in the evening. >> if the electoral also will determine the outcome of the election. we want to show you the popular
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popular vote 49% over hillary clinton 46%. gary johnson coming in with 3%. >> let's look at the numbers in iowa. in the race for u.s. senate we have shown you early tonight that chuck grassley the senior senator from iowa has been declared the winner. 53% to petty judges 43%. she came with 10%. cbs and apr declaring chuck grassley the >> in the race for us district 1 which includes cedar rapids dubuque and waterloo. look at monica vernon surging ahead 57% to 43%. she lost this race in the primary in 2012 to pat murphy who then lost to rod blum. we have a few percentage points in the present reporting. we will clarify that for you
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district house race that includes iowa city and washington. the democratic -- incumbent dave loebsack looking for his six-time and looks like he will get that six term. he has been leading christopher peters a surgeon from korbel 64% to 36% with nearly 20% of the precincts reporting. >> all of these contest and doesn't more are scrolling at the bottom of your screen.>> you can get the latest results on our website. >> tonight's results with the candidates incumbents and challengers all anxiously awaiting to see who the winners and losers will be. we continue with joe huisinga with rod blum campaign. >> i'm here in dubuque at the west -- best western with congress and rod blum large party. every time you guys come back there are more people here.
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tvs. they are watching all the results come in around the country. right now there is still a lot of energy even though there is an early lead for monica vernon. however, people are still confident that that will change as the numbers continue to come in from around the first district. one of the things that rod blum was talking about earlier today was vote. there has been a lot of young energy here so that is evident this evening and will have more reaction later on as the evening continues. covering the corridor in dubuque joe huisinga cbs 2 news. >> a familiar name in cedar rapids is helping to topple congressman rod blum. monica vernon has gathered with
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now.>> reporter: people have gone from sitting to standing at monica vernon's watch party. you can see around people are now waiting. there wanted to see if she will make the move to become i was first district congressional seat. earlier i reported that there were 70 presents. in this vote there is 44 that have reported in. monica vernon is ahead a lot of people here have note monica vernon for a while and said she could make it work this time. she was a big part of the 2008 recovery efforts. they hope this is a change of luck for her. will keep an eye on the polls and the numbers and try to get reaction from monica vernon as she makes her way here. and we will see if she will become the next congresswoman.
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dave loebsack has served the second district for a decade. connor morgan is live at the congressman's watch party in iowa city. >> we are here at that first avenue club in iowa city. we are waiting the loebsack's arrival. we thought he would be here earlier but i spoke to a campaign staffer who said the vote count is coming in slower than anticipated so that's what's causing the delay. he is holding a big ad can see at the bottom line of our screen. he has a lead of 64 to 36% with nearly 20% of the vote in. the campaign staffer that i spoke to says it's still too early to tell but they are confident that he will be there for six term. we will bring you the latest. in massive numbers today. today.besides the federal and state contests they also weighed in on a couple of major ballot measures.
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joins us now live in cedar rapids with what's at stake,
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just ahead on the fox 28 news at nine -- --we'll update tonight's race for president as most states have started counting millions of votes.including here in iowa.that and your weatherfirst forecast -- when this election night vote 2016 special continues on cbs 2 and
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning - election results will continue to pour in all night
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important to you - and give analysis of what happened - from cbs 2 rrow on >> from cbs 2 news and fox28 news this is special coverage of vote 2016. >> we continue to track the latest developments in the race for president. >> voting is now over. there are a number of contest that here's a look at the latest projections in the electoral college. 270 are required to win. the major headlines of the hour hillary clinton wins virginia and donald trump takes ohio and moments ago production show trump will also take north carolina. we are still watching florida. >> it's remarkable and bottom line for president unlike the
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still too close to call. we will continue to monitor these results and bring you the updates throughout the night. >> although contest in iowa remain up in the air we are getting a better picture of the direction of national races going on as scott and karen told us. the political reporter kevin barry continues vote 2016 team coverage. >> we talked with the volatility that we're seeing in the markets because donald battleground state. we were talking about you are saying this is a time sound thing. we're going to out of the country with donald trump is going to do better. >> what we have seen is trump leading in the electoral count all night and that is an artifact of republicans continued strength in the southeast. north carolina was one that hillary clinton expected to win
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that is the most remarkable result of the night. maybe even more so than ohio. >> coming into this we talked about that blue wall that hillary clinton had. she took what she had to take an not have to overextend, you are saying that blue wall is still intact. >> it's got some holes in it. it's not nearly as secure as it looked at the beginning of the night. >> where getting a better look at the presidential race. we have 13% reporting. still a closely split hillary clinton has broken the 50% mark. a place like iowa was republican +3. this is 13% in but are we looking at a place
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potentially going blue or do we have to wait. >> historically and we don't know where these presents are coming from but historically this urban present has come in first in iowa and the rule presents have come in later. rule presents in iowa tend to be more republican. it's been a number of democrats over the number of years that have been leading with 13 or 26 or 39% of precincts i'm not ready to put any credence in the numbers we have seen. >> how important are too close congressional races and i was first district and their district. the first district in cedar rapids which is heavily necrotic and third district which includes des moines which includes democratic. could that both attend in iowa
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democratic voters? >> when republicans have done well at the presidential level is because they've gotten turn out in western iowa. if democrat turn in eastern iowa that might have a similar effect. a tight result in district 1 and that's a factor of what i was talking about earlier. >> something to be expected. this is district here david young taking a lead in that that is also a district that includes des moines. what is the biggest surprise that you have seen so far? is a place like north carolina that we thought with the extended voting place i do with the more democratic voters? >> i think the biggest surprise nationally has been that states with increasing proportions of nonwhite citizens have not
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most of the states are winding up more or less where they usually are. >> we are tracking all these moment.but first, we turn to weatherfirst chief
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next on this special edition of cbs 2 and fox 28 news -- --we continue to monitor the next coming up we continue to monitor the race for president. as you watch the donald trump watch in new york city you are watching election night of vote 2016 on fox 28 news and cbs two news. >> listen throughout the day
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from cbs 2 news and fox 28 news, this is special election coverage of >> from cbs 2 news and fox28 news of vote 2016. >> we have an update on the electoral college. utah has gone red for donald trump. he is pulling within a few electoral college votes. she is still leading 197 two 193 at this point. we are monitoring numbers from across the state. here is one note of interest for people living in north liberty. they are amy nielsen is on her way to winning a seat for i
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that means she will have to vacate on the north liberty counsel and they will have to find a new mayor. >> we are following i was congressional races with beginning district 1. here it is . monica vernon still leading with congressman rod blum who is looking for his second term. monica byrne -- burden well known for her leadership. this is a tight race and one that could matter in washington when it is decid >> let's go to district 2. dave loebsack still has a commanding lead over dr. christopher pierce. he's a local surgeon who has a practice in coralville. he's a us army surgeon. 50% to 42% with 40% of the precincts reporting. we will continue to monitor these results and bring you we are also digging into the 'voice of the voter' here in eastern 28 news political reporter and host of 'iowa in focus' kevin barry -- --joins us now with our panel
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next on cbs 2 and fox 28 -- --we'll take a break from the campaign to update the road to a state title. highlights of the night from the state volleyball tournament -- when this election night vote 2016 special report continues tournament when the election night vote 2016 special report continues on cbs 2 and fox28. >> we connect with the core door
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the state volleyball tournament is off in full swing in downtown cedar rapids -- and ceda and now cbs 2 sports. >> the state bowling ball -- bowling ball is now on. the tigers are the top team in the state and rolled through the regular season dropping just $.10 all year. they are taking on stalling in
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and she drops the hammer from the back row. cedar falls would when the first set. cynthia welcomes the room? maroons. cedar falls gets a winner of the lyons since the first time. they set up and she goes corner pocket for the kill and that corner was good for the lyons later it is a matchpoint and macon find it again for win. 13th trip the state for iowa city and they're taking on centennial in the bottom half. check out kobe green she has a monster kill and then they set up chandler and she delivers. the tournament gets back to the semi finals for the second straight year. they just have to get past valley. morgan climbs the ladder and
10:37 pm
she takes full advantage and finishes with the kill but valley gets the when. going at it between marion at first the indians on the attack and isabel with perfect placement and keeping it inside the line for the point but the saints are too much and this went. charlotte richards fires and she had a team-high of kills. eagles up two sets and mckenzie may doing her part. the recruit hammers at home and then later it is her again. eagles will bond with the three sets we. jim a playoff drinking an undefeated season michigan of the talk of college football right now. iowa is off the national radar but that can change the hocks don't see any flaws when they
10:38 pm
but they do see a big opportunity to turn their season around with the win. nobody believes they can do it the hocks to.>> we are dust with local throughout the week thinking we don't have a chance. we know that they are an excellent team and we don't look at the task that it is impossible.'s?because we would not be here if we compare. you have to believe that you
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from cbs 2 news and fox 28
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vote 2016.>> they are monitoring tonight's results with the candidates and their anxiously awaiting to see who the winners will be. we continue with the team coverage and start with connor and telus what is going on where he is located right now.>>? >> reporter: i am here at the first avenue club in iowa city and just taking a to get a sense of the atmosphere. i received worm dust word that the congressman is making his way over. his opponent chris peters was gaining ground slowly but it doesn't seem like it would be enough to overcome the margin that the representative has bell from cell. we will take a look at the room right now and it is kind of a sickening feeling here.
10:42 pm
as though people are watching and there's a bit of a sadness and sickness in the air with live team coverage continues tonight from des moines-- moines--that's where state republicans are watchign tonight's results come in.and it appears republican donald trump will take the state of io. 2 and fox 28 news statehouse reporter steffi lee is in des moines and joins us
10:43 pm
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cbs 2 and fox 28 news is monitoring tonight's results with the candidates.incumbents and challengers are anxiously awaiting to see who the winners and losers will be. be.we continue tonight's team coverage with reporter joe huisinga with reporter joe coverage with tonight's team we continue we continue we continue tonight's team coverage with reporter joe huisinga with the blum
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while we continue to monitor the latest numbers coming in, we are also digging into the 'voice of the voter' here in eastern 2 and fox 28 news political reporter and host of 'iowa in focus' kevin barry -- --joins us now with our panel
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we'll go back to kevin in just
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we continue to follow the second district race, where democrat dave loebsack is seeking 2 and fox 28 news reporter connor morgan is in iowa city and connor has the congressman
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voters, kevin?of corridor with our panel joins us now barry -- --in focus' kevin host of political and fox 28 now to cbs 2 we go back eastern iowa. here in the voter' the 'voice of digging into are also coming in, we numbers latest monitor the continue to while
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while we continue to monitor the latest numbers coming in,
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voters, kevin?of corridor
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the results here in iowa continue to come infox 28 news anchors scott sanborn and karen fuller are looking at the early numbers reported right now. now.we are still monitoring some major races here in easter niowa. niowa.we begin with the race for u.s. senate. incumbent senator charles grassley has senate.he defeated democratic challenger, former iowa lieutenant governor patty judge. judge.turning now to the race for u-s house district one check grassley going back to moving now to the second
11:05 pm
washington - the democratic incumbent dave loebsack looking for his sixth term - has ???????????? percent while his challenger, republican surgeon dr. christopher peters has ???????? percent.
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and you can always get the latest results on our website, fox 28 iowa dot com, kelly
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thank you for watching this
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2016 coverage on cbs 2 and fox 28 news.we will have a complete recap of all of tonight's developments coming 2. we will have complete recap of all of the developments coming up on cbs two this morning that startup ibms and fox 28 morning life and until then we are returning to national coverage of the undecided race for president. have a great night and we will
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270, over the top. we're still waiting for results from several states including pennsylvania with 20 electoral votes. the swing state has voted democrat in the past -- i apologize. nevada is 6 electoral votes. let's get live there to jonathan hunt live in nevada right now. it's a pick up for hillary but could be too little too late for her? little, too late but it issen aimert pont pick up. 6 electoral college votes in nevada going to hillary clinton. the victory here, it seems built on a very effective brand game. of course, senator harry reed is retiring her when you look back
11:28 pm
thankful here in nevada at least for a very strong latino turnout. she was helped in that by the powerful unions here in las vegas and surrounding clark county and it's worth remembering that some 70% of nevada's total population that lives here in clark county. early voting certainly was leaning democratic to the tune of 50,000 votes in term oz of the margin over donald trump and what he turnout today in more conservative northern nevada. it now appears he did not get a large enough turnout and the 6 electoral college votes in nevada go to hillary clinton. >> what about the senate race there? still too close to call? >> it appears that catherine cortez, the democrat is going to hold on to senate minority leader harry reed's seat.
11:29 pm
desperately wants to hold the senate seat. republicans would love to have it as a turnover, in particular because it was held for so long by harry read. but cortez has a 4-point lead right now and if you crunch the numbers again, it looks as though that is going to hold up again. she will be thankful for a very good democratic brand game. that was helped by the unions here in clark county and it will ride the same wave to victory that hillary clinton has done here in nevada. it looks like a democratic win across the board in terms of the presidential race and that senate seat replacing retiring senator, harry reed. >> jonathan, thank you. which puts all the eyes on the state which is the neighbor of nevada, which is arizona.
11:30 pm
so, now the democrat and harry reed's power have now won. >> reporter: it's 9:30 on the west coast, half past midnight on the east coast and fox news projects hillary clinton wins the state of nevada. harry reed brout out his big machine in and aroun county in the wayning days of the campaign. harry reed had lines and lines of people. the polling places were supposed to close at a certain time. the long was so long that they voted for hours on end after. donald trump complained about it to a judge said these votes should not be allowed. the judge said we hold them anyway. but the widespread blee is they
11:31 pm
you're already in line your votes count, be it as it may, they would not have made the difference. nevada goes to secretary clinton. that gives her six more electoral votes so the count is donald trump 254. hillary clinton, 215. here are the rest of the states we're still watching. these are all that remain. nevada is off the board for secretary clinton. next is michigan. michigan and its 16 electoral votes still too close at the moment donald trump leads by less than 1 percentage point. donald trump with a hair's edge. pennsylvania still too close to call. donald trump with the slightest of leads, something around 3,000 votes out of more than 5 million cast.
11:32 pm
arizona with its 11, donald trump is leading by 3 1/2 points. only 2/3 of all the precincts are reported. arizona too close to call. new hampshire where both candidates spent a lot of time in the wayning days, look at that. new hampshire is separated by 15 half a million votes are in in the state of new hampshire. 1-5 votes. hillary clinton has 2,890 and donald trump -- 15 separate the two. and new hampshire is still to rr close to call. minnesota, hillary clinton with
11:33 pm
close to 100,000 votes as you can see on your screen there. but by far minnesota is still too close to call. donald trump spent time in minnesota. they said why are they in minnesota? now we know. and the state of maine which leans democratic and has leaned democratic throughout the contest, 75% of all precincts are reporting that hillary clint. is leading donald trump. is this over? it is not over. if michigan goes to hillary clinton and pennsylvania goes to hillary clinton. arizona leans right, give that to donald trump. new hampshire, let's give that to donald trump and give donald trump new hampshire and we're down to maine. maine and its 4 electoral votes and they split there, this thing
11:34 pm
here's a look at the state we called so far. all of the states on the big map you can see in the upper left of your screen, all of the red are donald trump. all of the blue are hillary clinton. hillary clinton with 215, donald trump with 254 and the race is too close to call. the latest electoral, the numbers are up for you. i want to bring in our pa executive -- or editor of the wall street journal. and from real and clear associate press white house reporter. a few minutes ago it was like this is donald trump. it looks that way. the path is easier for donald trump, but if you give her pennsylvania, and it's 20 electoral votes, she's up to
11:35 pm
that's 251. give her -- the math is not settled. >> well, it's still harder for her. >> but it's not over. the trend is to him. >> that people don't like her and that energized a real hunger for change in this country and that all of behavior which people have said is disqualifying is not to the people who want him to come in and and really what is too bad we would be better for the country if one of them won in a land slide. if trump did tonight and ran away with it or if she did because as i said she still looks -- even if she wins the popular vote and it's the divided math. >> she can have 309 electoral
11:36 pm
>> if president trump, controlling votes. republicans also controlling both houses of congress. he's not in accord with traditional republicans in the senate and the house on the issues that he says he's going to act on right away. transpacific partnership is going away right away. which has taken a couple of ye republicans want to take that region away from china which will dominate trade relations. affordable care act, maybe they agree on that. right taxes, maybe they agree on that. but private -- congress has backed away from that. currency has gone up, gone down. not sure if they want to tangle
11:37 pm
issue when there are a lot of other issues they need china's support on. >> the numbers are solid in the house of representatives. republicans believed they would lose at a minimum double digits. still retain control. they have lost but a handful of seats. they will not lose double digit seats. republicans firmly in control of the house of representatives. >> that make as ryan, if he wants to stay on as speaker, and i have don't know if he does. it makes it easier for him and become more conservative and it would have been harder for him to pass obviously anything with president clinton but even maybe sometimes with a president trump. so, it makes the path just a little bit smoother for him to try and retain enough support.
11:38 pm
it will changing the dynamics so they will be hoping that senate republicans will be the check on the trump presidency and trying to reign him in from his more boisterous instincts. >> we should go to donald trump headquarters and the man that's been covering politics since fluf was a kitten and she's a full grown cat, cameron will see him just a moment on fox broadcast coverage in the race for the white house 2016. one that's shaping up to be one of the most historic if thought the most in all our lifetimes. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement?, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back
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15 minutes before 1:00 in new york city. the city of donald trump and hillary clinton and we do not know who t be. here from the fox business network is live at trump campaign headquarters just a couple of blocks north of here. how is it going here, blake? >> they've been waiting for quite a while. the mood escalated. it's not a big scene here. kind of like a primary night event but we know, crowd wise, but we obviously know stakes are much higher. they're still waiting as donald
11:42 pm
no one has gone anywhere here, whereas we're seeing reports otherwise at the clinton campaign headquarters. so it's a wait and see at this point and almost 12:30/1:00. i don't know. >> from high level representatives of either campaign on the national stage. have you seen anything there? >> no, not from the trump campaign but the rnc folks are here and in talking to them, at least coming into they have a high senior aide told me they were watching four states. florida, north carolina, michigan. we await here on michigan. and i'll tell you i was talking a little while ago to a senator, who is from alabama, one of the
11:43 pm
and he said they feel when this is said and done that donald trump will out pace mitt romney when it comes to african americans and union voters. if that doesn't sound like the makeup of michigan, then i don't know what does and that's potentially what could tip the scales for donald trump. >> he's certainly out paced mitt romney in all the rural counties of florida where the tables. donald trump has out performed him and that's why he won flal fll. we're still waiting for michigan and pennsylvania. we have to hear from the winner and the loser, all of them. the night is young. have a cup of coffee and stay up with us. your grandchildren will ask you about this.
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? 1:00 in new york city. the election still too close to call. donald trump is 16 electoral votes away from the presidency. should he win pennsylvania, that's 20. but it's too close to call. none of the campaigns are
11:47 pm
nowhere to be found. and here on manhattan was west side. sounds quiet. >> reporter: i can tell you there are campaign staff here. there have been people screaming out for the last several hours. there's a sense of doom and gloom. they're listening to the news right now but there have been points where there has been shouting at the television as results came in but for the most part it's been very quiet. we have not heard from any campaign surrogates for several hours right now. they have completely gone to ground and everyone here is going to watch and wait mode. >> you know what they're saying to players behind the scenes. i've got democratic operatives who have talked to the hillary clinton people and nothing is ever come easy for hillary clinton. it has never been easy. she's never had a clear sail and
11:48 pm
now. when you look with hands and fists in this picture. there is a path for hillary clinton, without any question. if she wins michigan, that's 16. if she wins pennsylvania, that's a total of 36. that gets her to 141. add 141 and minnesota, that's 151. and arizona and that's 172. and hillary clinton is the president of the united states. it is not over for anybody or would have said it's over. hillary clinton can still be the president. it's not the way, jennifer, we thought it might go down, but it's certainly still a possibility. >> reporter: and don't forget the "r" word. we could have a recount in some states if they're very close. look at new hampshire. it's very close tonight. one of the things that is notable, arizona has not gone democratic since 1988, but one
11:49 pm
campaign trail, hillary clinton got one of the largest crowds we have seen throughout this campaign, about 15,000 people in arizona. the latino vote in arizona still very crucial. she won nevada with the latino votes. we haven't been talking about that in the last few hours because florida was called and there was an expectation earlier in the evening that the latino vote would carry her across in florida but this is not over yet. and if we've seen strange things during this election and i would say that we still have to wait and see. >> we do indeed. and we'll be back at the hillary clinton headquarters. martha, the host of america's news room on fox news channel with us tonight, watching exit polling. how did they miss it? >> when you look at the polls
11:50 pm
morning, there's really only two organizations that look like they may come out looking good. the business daily and the l.a. times, both of which were thrown out by most prognosticators. but you go through the groups and it's quite stunning to see how it stacks up. you compare donald trump to mitt romney and he's done better with hispanics, black voters and in many cases better with women i think back to the interviews we've all done talking to the trump family, which has been his most powerful and involved surrogates and all they kept talking about is wherever they were on the trail, to rallies, they had tremendous support from women, hispanics, black voters. those voters makeup a much smaller percentage of the republican electorate. but he's moved the needle from where mitt romney was and that
11:51 pm
tonight. it is a stunning, stunning turn around and i in many ways they shouldn't be surprised because this has been stunning us at every turn. >> rural america has come out in numbers we haven't seen before. >> that's true. and earlier in the evening if looked like they were only moving by a small amount but white workers, white blue collar workers who donald trump has had a connection with course of this entire campaign are voting for him. unions are voting for donald trump. that is something that we haven't seen in our lifetime. you saw some of it with the cross over in the regan 1980 campaign and in many ways this is shaping up to look like something comparable in some ways, somebody that many people thought was an out liar, a hollywood movie star and we had
11:52 pm
donald trump has and there's similarities in terms of the restructuring of the electorate. >> watching it as it comes in. if donald trump wins this, it will be the biggest upset in modern american political history. four big states on which we still wait. michigan and its 16 electoral votes. it's too close to call. 78% of all michigan votes are in and donald trump leads by about a point 1/2. in the state of pennsylvania, where the big democratic machine came out in philadelphia and expected to run away with pennsylvania for hillary clinton. 48.5% for donald trump. 47.9% for hillary clinton. it's less than a point separating tell the. obviously 95% all of precincts
11:53 pm
if went to hillary clinton, she leads there with 78% of all precincts voting. minnesota still too close to call and here is arizona. 11 electoral votes. donald trump with a lead, a lead that's largerer than the last time we looked up. less than 4 percentage points but with 2/3
11:54 pm
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11:56 pm
? special election coverage from fox news headquarters in new york. donald trump is 16 points away from 270 electoral votes a of the crucial states is right there in michigan. it is in 77% of the vote has been tabulated and donald trump has pulled -- leading by exactly a point 1/2. now, remember, donald trump has 254 electoral votes. he neesds 270. michigan has 16. that would put him at the point where he would be the next president of the united states. folks in michigan have voted for
11:57 pm
1988. and we should note there is still no call in other states. pennsylvania and new hampshire. another one of the last remaining battlegrounds of this election. let's get live from molly in concord, new hampshire where the race is still very tight, molly. >> reporter: absolutely. an incredible nail biter. no answers as to who will claim the two electoral college votes. both of the candidates, donald trp clinton recognized this would be a battle to the end. both sides really fought this out on the road to the white house and it appears who ever gathers these votes might actually get there. winding through new hampshire usually after the new hampshire primary in february, some of
11:58 pm
this has been a true swing state. we had a chance to speak to voters today and what we heard was exactly that. people voting for clinton and people voting for trump and that people were pouring out. we're here at the headquarters of the election night party that's being thrown and the room is pretty much cleared out for the night. there were a couple of speeches given and the nail biting continues. >> what about the senate race there, molly? a hot race. the incumbent republican senator facing a tough challenge from the democratic governor of the state. she stepped up to the podium and cleared out to the evening. she said a few words saying we're going to do this the new hampshire way and make sure every vote is counted and counts and that's what is happening and that's why people are leaving and clearing out.
11:59 pm
hanging out and watching the results come in. but it's just too close to call on so many levels. and the governor's race too close to call. >> live for us in concord, new hampshire and she talks about how important new hampshire is and consider the scenario where donald trump has 254 electoral votes. he's ahead in arizona, that would put him up 265 and you talk about the four critical votes in new hampshire. he's going to get alaska. new hampshire would put him over the top without pennsylvania, without michigan, and without minnesota. he could lose those and still go to the presidency through new hampshire and don't forget how important those four electoral college votes are. if al gore had won new hampshire
12:00 am
been the florida recount. that's the way it is. still very close. that ends our special election coverage.


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