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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  December 2, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm CST

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> perez sounds off against her n attacker. >> that's what's coming up right now. >> on "entertainment tonight." >> a black child is going to grow up in this world. >> louis kind of spearheaded the adoption process. >> meet the little girl sandra adopted weeks after saying this. >> there's only one adopted child in my household. >> w she kept it a secret. >> and pauley per court with the man she says attacked her. >> punched me in the face. >> and going to war over these disturbing shots. >> plus -- >> i'm not that person any more. >> inside the multimillion dollar divorce.
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>> also, actress sofia vergara's honeymoon gives a sec i do detail. >> she was on stage with all her beautiful bridesmaids. >> and chris hemsworth talks about leaving the throne the sexiest. >> quite tragic, yes. >> sandra bullock makes it official. she's adopted anotherchild. will she get married next? >> good question. >> a rare glimpse her private world. >> we've been waiting a long time for this announcement. we first reported on sandra adopting again all the way back in october when the rumors first started. >> so why is now finally the right time for sandra to share this wonderful news? >> i think the minute you have a child, you become just worried. >> it was a long adoption process, as any foster child is. and the last thing that sandra was for this
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to see if it was amatch. >> sandra kept little lila a secret using a kind witness protection plan. >> when sandra was asked point blank whether she had adopted a child, she said no because at that time the child had not been adopted. >> there's only one adopted child in my household and his name is louis. if i had second adopted child, everyone would be hearing about it. i would be and clear and say, yes, i have officially adopted a second child. right now louis must be it. >> wh started the adoption process, they didn't know if it was going to be a boy or a girl. all louis cared about was the siblings be brown like him. >> you know, it'sfunny. i don't see that anymore. i see my gestures. i see him and me. i would give up my life for him. i mean, i have. >> we love hearing sandra dote about louis, but i clear she's thrilled to have a 3-year-old girl telling the
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glitter in t mixed with legos and batmans and finally i know every lyric to "f in a beautiful way she's reminded me how to be a girl again. and the kids are getting along. >> they like sharing a room right now. i have a feeling that will come to an end pretty quickly. >> sandra's boyfriend, photographer brian randa snapped the pics in "people" out friday. she wanted them artfully to avoid faces. >> a lot of the photos, you see profile. she doesn't ever do full-on because it's really for the kids' safety. >> sandra's cautious, b loving life. she tells "people,"quote, my family is blended and diverse, nutty and and understanding. we wonder if a wedding could be next for the osc winner. >> she said she's n actively looking to get married again. she's also someone who never says never. >> a fun christmas. as sandra expands her happy home, david and yolanda foster are headed for divorce after four years.
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it sounded as if yolanda was giving hints on last night's premiere of "the housewives of beverly hills." >> david is th he has to work, highway has a career, he does charities all over the world. that shouldn't change just because i'm sick. >> their split is caused by two things. david is a very busy man and puts work first. travels a lot. he scaled back when yolanda became ill with lyme disease. she's been sick pretty much their entire marriage. her kids have been there for her but not her husband. distance and her illness put them apart. >> back in october david told us he was proud of her strength. >> the disease is not going to beat he she's going to beat the disease. when we see nights like this, it really gives hope that we're going to it. >> fellow housewife kyle richards and heather dubrow are rooting for yolanda.
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>> met them before any of us were on reality television through mutual friends. and they were a lovely couple. yolanda's an incredible mother. i'm sure the timing of the announcement has something to do with her children esp her son still at home and protecting them. i wish them the best. >> what aboutmoney? yolanda's net worth is estimated to 45 million and david 30 million. part of her wealth is f her divorce from rich real estate de mohammed hadid. the fosters sold their mansion for 19.5 million. and we d know yet if they had a pre-nup. >> they did not have kids. even though they're only married for four years, they were together for nine. it will be interesting how much their marital problems will be shown on the new season. >> currently staying in the luxury high rise c while david is living in a nearby
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sorry to hear that news. >> polyperet was in court facing the man she said attacked in her neighborhood. she was shaken upset and traumatized. today in court, the memories of that moment may have been too mu for her. she broke down on stand as she told a los angeles county judge what happened the night she was allegedly by 45-year-old david merck. no cameras were allowed in the courtroom. her testimony was similar what she told me the morning after incident. >> i got attacked by a severely mentally ill homeless and he punched me in tface. clearly my face is a l swollen and my nose was red. he told me he was going kill me several times. and i absolutely believed him. murphy's pled not guilty through two charges. he stared at the star thr
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she left the stand visibly upset. she told me, i was not prepared for how terrifying it was to see his faceagain. it shook me to my cor pitbull dished out tasty details about performing at joe a sofia's wedding. >> that was a lot of fun. sofia knows how to have a good time. by the third song in, i did a 45-minute set. she was on stage with all her beautiful bridesmaids and friends, that's when the party joe was on stage going oh, boy, there's going to be a riot. >> mr. is prepping his new year's eve special hosting a beach b on fox live from miami's bayfront park. >> half of the country will snowed in, i want them to see that fire, that heat f miami through the television. >> also feeling the heat, wayne brady, he steps into cyn
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>> he's a very good looking woman. >> you heard it from lauper. wayne brady's a good looking woman. there's a little bit of lola in everybody. i like to speak out about bullying and depression and all these issues. never let them tell you who you ought to be. just be. >> we couldn't let way without giving us a little improv rap reggae style. >> so here i am. here i am doing what i do. for you, "e.t.," i'm coming right to yo no one even suspects i had it in my bag when i to broadway that as a brother in drag. listen, that dude is so talented. wayne is locked in to play that role thr middle of march, but he could exte beyond that. >> on the way, check out santa letterman. >> hello. >> where we found daveenjoying his retirement. >> plus gloria estefan's daughter who is following if her footsteps. >> that's really hard. how am i supposed to top that? >> her racy music video is next.
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b you first leann rimes in the holiday spirit. >> i love christmas. our biggest holiday. every day is christmas >> 'tis the season for the country star. she tells us she started decorating for the holidays right after halloween and just released her third christmas album with a little help from her stepson. did jake and mason have any input? hey, we want you to include this on the album? >> they did. jake likes to sneak in underneath the piano. he'll pop out. i think it should go like this. so he helped write the record. >> she's kicking off her holi tour this friday but she'll be home in her p on christmas eve. >> on christmas day, we gather around the piano most the time. everything sounds really bad at the end of the night.
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obamacare, and taking on insurance companies to bring down drug prices. i'm not going to let any family be deprived of healthcare. i'm not going to let the republicans rip up obamacare and throw it away. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> that is the new video from
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now, you may have heard of her mother, seven- grammy winner gloria estefan. >> we first m emily all the way back when she was just a little girl. but now she's all grown up and ready to follow her mom's musical footsteps. >> from the moment s born, she was pretty much a miracle baby. they told me i'd never have another baby after that accident. and we wan very much. and she was beyond any we ever could have hoped for. >> how is this for mother/daughter goals? 20-year-old emily s her own career. she's an accomplished drummer andsinger. she's all good with her calling the shots. and gloria's fine with her little girl swear. we can't even tell you title of her new single. >> the funny part she's never cursed in her entire life. >> well, that's not entirely true. >> now. now is different. she would make up words. i'd say once you're then you can say whatever you want.
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cute in the voice o a child. and neither one of them ever cursed. >> yeah. show me something >> now it's going to hell in a handbag. >> yeah. >> what's your name? >> emily. >>emily, hi. >> gloria first introduced us to 6-year-old emily at the 2001 grammys. we ev witnessed em's first day of college. today she's rocking the same thieyebrows and curl gloria did in the '80s. and as for words of advice from her mom -- >> i said be yourself. be who you need to be. it's really hard. how am i supposed to t -- freedom " i'll go my own path. >> she's turning 21. she also wrote original song in her mom and dad's broadway show "on your feet." >> chris hemsworth on getting skinny for his new movie. >> talking about it is part of the healing process.
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>> then why this new campaign to bring awareness to domestic abuse has some in hollywood
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>> that's ahead. take the wheel. >> that is chris hemsw getting all heroic in his new movie "in the heart of the sea," but this is not the chris we're used to seeing. we're used to seeing him as a hero, but not like this. >> you're used to him being jacked out. but those muscles are gone. chris starved himself for this. that wasn't the only challenge. >> with the avengers we were all like who can get bigger. this was the complete opposite. >> from hunk to shrunk. the aussie heartthrob dropped
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as a stranded at sea sailor battling hunger, the elements and killer whale. how many of your castmates were saying that there was a bit of a healthy competition who could get skinnier. it's hard work because i had spent so many years putting muscle on for "thor" and it was kind of against the world. and you'd be scowling. the crew would be eating craft services, hamburgers andthing, i think on purpose at times. >> his daily a boiled egg, a couple of crackers a a celery stick. watching this, i felt like this must have been a very challenging role to prepare for b emotionally and physically. >> yeah, probably one of the most physically and emotionally draining things i've done. it was a long four-month shoot and we shot two months in swimming pool in the middle of london london, freezing cold.
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cannons, we were wet the whole time. then we shot two months at se so you're dealing with seasickness and some things. the whole time you're diminishing your calorie intake and getting hungrier and moodier and more unpleasant to be around. >> i'm going to shift gears to something a little bit more serious here. and that's you being dethro as "people" magazine's sexiest man alive. which i'm sorry to hear about that. that must have been difficult. >> quite tragic, yes. i knew it wascoming. >> did you? >> 12 months now. >> we talk to your brother on the red carpet. oh, yeah. >> on his movie. he said there's grieving going on. >> very sad moment in our family. we're going to give him some time to grieve and put the pieces back together. >> try not to talk a it, but talking about it is part of the healing process. one of the 12 steps. >> he's not supposed to that funny as well. >> he's got a good sense of humor as well. don't worry, chris will be
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he's the new face of the sw watch company tag heuer. >> people are trying to guess who will be the last woman to pose for "playboy." tomorrow we're breaking the news. inside the final nude issue. who will be the last celebrity cover girl? >> the first was marilyn monroe, another iconic blond. now you, the last cover. what does that mean toyou? >> we're where the blond bombshell revealing herself tomorrow on "e.t." >> i'll tell you this, they are going out with a bang. they picked a great one end with. >> can't wait to show you who it is. they start with an icon and stop with an icon. >> they sh kardashian, angelina jolie and miley cyrus and other stars bruised and beaten like they're the victims of domestic violence. >> the images are s the message is a powerful one to stop violence. but none of these stars gave their permis be used in this campaign. which is stirring quite
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>> the celebrities could actually see over two different things. more importantly their significant others, husbands could sue over something, too. that's defamation. because when people in social media see these images, they're going to look at these and, whoa, was kim kardashian beaten? >> took this picture kim and gave her a black eye, cut lip an contusions on her neck. the same thing was done with angelina's photo from a premiere. and gwynnethgwyneth, miley, eight celebrityies in all in support of the campaign no woman is immune from domestic violence. >> it's trying to get a point across that's extremely important. the images are almost like a car wreck. you can't look away. >> "e.t." spoke with the man behind it.
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art contemporary series so there's no need to get the consent of thecelebrity. contrary to reports, he's not heard from any of the stars. he claims he's not after fame or money. he just wants to raise awareness. >> it's looking at the bigger picture and understanding this epidemic of men thinking that it's fine to just abuse a woman, rape a woman, and that's part of what we're working on. we have to end this culture of inhumanity. >> both angelina and emma watson are u.n. ambassadors. >> i think violence against anyone is abhorrent. >> but what about this? kim once claimed she was a survivor of abuse. >> she was really married. >> they never talk about it. >> she was a teenager. >> and kim's 2003 divorce papers from her first husband, she alenled he would punch her in the face, slam her against walls
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however, in 2 damon vehemently denied the claims and said kim did to get more money out of the divorce. >> if one or of these women had actually been the victim of domestic abuse, it's got to be a punch in the gut for them. >> a domestic violence situation just came to life today.y. it was a man as alleged victim. jermaine jackson called the police after he claims his bit him on theleg. she was arrested and there case will be in court on the 23rd. >> we'll get to bottom of that. in "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which singer said she didn't want to play a mean girl on tv. is it christina aguilera, britney spears or jessica simpson? >> britney. >> i with you.
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has santa come a bit early? it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by overera million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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atetonlin singer lana del ray faces a scary situation. a man camping in her ga is arrested. plus gigi hadid poses nude and gets her first cover. but also upsets fans. find out what she tweeted about her relationship with zayn malik and why things could be bitter betwe and her ex, joe jonas. travel consideration provided by -- time for the answer to tonight's "e.t." birthdays. which singer said she didn't want to play a mean girl ontv? >> i think it will be fun to play that. >> tha britney spears.
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she turns 34 today. happy birthday. david letterman donated tv memorabilia to his alma mater. but it's that bushy beard that dave is rocking. clearly he's not shaved since he left his show all the way back in may. should he? he doesn't have to. he would make a perfect santa. you know who else? samantha harris. take a look, there they are handing out gifts at the fifth annual children's hospital los angeles holiday >>also they're spreading the holiday stars from l.a. and the odd couple. >> kind of a selfish gesture. >> we feel so doing it. bringing a little shot of joy or happiness to the holiday season is what they do well and we love to be a part of. >> puts everything in perspective whenenou see what
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