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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  December 20, 2015 9:30am-10:00am CST

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making a larger charge about ted cruz and whether he's being honest and truthful? >> there are multiple issues.% dickerson: jeb bush seems to have found his place by stepping up his attacks on donald trump. will it be enough to revive his campaign? we talked to him in new hampshire. >> someone needs to call him out. dickerson: we'll hear from focus group of muslims about donald trump. plus we'll have political analysis and new poll numbers from our battleground tracker. all ahead on "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs good morning, welcome to "face the nation" i'm john dickerson. democrats held a spirited debate last night in new hampshire sparred on the issues of wall street reform, foreign policy and health care. our new cbs news battleground tracker shows that haak is 5 1/4 points behind bernie sanders in the state of of new hampshire on
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kid trusses follows with 14. marco rubio at 1 and chris christie moved up into fourth place with 11%. the rest of the field is in single digits. during the iowa, it's senator ted cruz who some has taken the lead with 40% support. donald trump is at 31. marco rubio at 12 and ben carson plummeted down to 6%. rest of the field 2% or below. friday we traveled to iowa and met up with marco rubio, we asked him abut his escalating battle ted cruz. senator, what street t ts debate between you and senator cruz about on immigration? >> well, ted was much -- in fact was supporter legalizing people that were in this country illegally, he was during the debate he was after the debate. he made it clear multiple occasions that he was against citizenship but open to legalization. and then for weeks now on campaign trail he's refuses to answer that question until the other night where he said that he did not intend to legalize
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again trying to find himself some wiggle room. so the bottom line, there isn't that big a difference between immigration. that was the point i was trying to make, this is serious issue that needs to be fronted, every republican running for president has supported or supports legalization in some form or fashion. country illegally even donald trump he just wants to make them leave the country first then legalize them. >> dickerson: is it about immigrgrion are you makingg larger charge about ted cruz and whether he's being honest and truthful with people? >> i think ted wanted to not talk about realization during primary leave himself being for it in general election. so, obviously getting to the electorate. not the first time. multiple issues where he's tried to do. this the free trade agreement was up he wrote opinion piece in the "wall street journal" he wrote with it paul ryan. three days later he flipped on it after i don't know why he got some fresh you are on the fast
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he's done it on votes on f fm sues, changed his vote on the floor of the senate. there's always some of that, new facts are presented but my concern voters need to -- if you're going to attack someone on policy you need to be clear where you ststd. >> dickerson: voters are making decision should they be thinking where ted cruz think about immigratioor be making larger questions ted cruz being honest? >> when you spend your whole time telling people thaha you're a clear talker, you say what you mean, everyone else is a sell out but you're the only purist, i think it's fair to say, hold on a second, this is where you've been in the past here is where you are now. truth is everyone running on the republican side supports strong conservative positions, we have some differences on some issues, we should discuss those le national security, for example. but when you run by telelng erybody you're the only purist in the field or only one that's always consistent conservative then your record will have light shown on it, in this case has proven that in fact, well after the i am breaks debate he was
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legalizing people how important it was to bring people out of the shadows and so forth. >> dickerson: homuch of national security issue do you think it is that there isow an open cononrsation in the republican party about banning muslims from america and that majority of the party agrees with that idea. right now do you think that is a national security problem? >> well, the statements that people made, it's not serious policy proposal. so, itfuls made for the purposes of recapturing the heaines. donald trump had fallen out of the headlines because we had largest terrorist attack in american history since 9/11. he wanted to get back in the headlines and came up with something spectacular and outrageous so people would headlines. ultimately all of this will pass, it will be the rhetoric and politics of the next president that will determine whether we are safer or not. >> dickerson: i was interested, chairman byrd said does h he real danger can be used as recruitment tool from terrorists also want what do muslims feel like who live in the united
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them which is precursor for potential -- >> therimary recruitment tool that rises uses they are recruiting people to join their apocalyptic cause that will have final showdown in the city against the west. going to trigger this nene era in world history. the second point valid one, we will need cooperation and work alongside the american muslims in this country to identify areas whwhe people are being radicalizezeor things they may see in their community. we are going to need to work with them, most certainly very patriotic muslim americans@who love this country would love to share infofoation with us to event these attacks. to the extent that rhetoric could prevent people from doing that or make them resistant to cooperating with law enforcement and intelligence agency that is oblematic. >> dicicrson: another debate on foreign policy was overseas. he said, we need to focus on killing bad guys not getting stuck in middle eastern civil wars tha don't keep america safe. what do you make that have?
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because civil war in middle east have direct impact on america. the syrians civil war was not started by the united states was started by the syrian people themselves. particularly sunniniwho wanted to r rove assad. my argument was, this thing is going to spiral out of control, if we don't empower the seculars rebels on the ground they're go can to be killed or forced into exile. and vacuum will be left it will be filled by radical jihaddist, that is who fills vacuums. that is precisely what happened. the argument that assad, we have no vested interest, he's not enemy of america is wrong. for example, assad reason why there's refugee crisis. where are their hundreds of thousands refugees destabilizing europe, trying to come to america, because assad conducting an attack of sectarian cleansing. he is conducting program of getting rid of all the sunnis, that is forcing hundreds of thousands of peopl to destabilize europe and jordan and trying to come into the united states. >> dickerson: people are so afraid of, you take assad out we're committed to having to
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afterward because when you don't creates the failed -- the sunni people will take seaea sad out. lis son of libya, if there is civil war that's leading to this sort of vacuum you want it to end as quickly as possible. the longest it lasts the harder going to be to govern that country. >> dickerson: you break it you bought it, even if the syrians are the ones who overthrow we're helping them by that little bit of help we give, puts us on the hook. also afterwards if it's f fled state united states on theook, but our involvement -- >> wouldn't exacerbate. without america firing single butler or providing a weapon there s going to be a cil war in syria that was going to destabilize syria and create a vacuum. our choice, let it play out, you let it play out the i it leads to the vacuum which leads to the isis fighters or do y do something to end it as quickly as possible so that vacacm is created. that i ithe choice we had three years ago we didn't take it. >> dickerson: you have a new ad that is running it says, quote,
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in our own country. do you feel out of place in your own country? >> people feel out of place in their own country for number of reasons. economically we're in country where you were told your whole life that if you go to school, you get a degree, you're guaranteededhe american dream. at least a shot at the american dream. that's not happen canning. you have country where people are told, this is a country where you're going to be judged on your merits on your hard work, that is not happening. increasingly americans feel out of place, because it seems like e people who havav access to power and influence win. and everybody else is left on the outside looking in. and then people are hold traditional values are often described as bigots and h hers. >> everybody on the left. if you do not support their definition of marriage -- >> dickerson: the word bigots and -- who is calling them that?t? >> t t president has on occasion said that people don't support same sex marriage are wrong. >> dickerson: rock is different than -- >> i've been called a bigot for not supporting the definition of marriage.
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are you including yourself in that? >> the traditional values, absolutely i have been called that. in fact this very week i was called anti-hispanic, anti-latino by group of obviously people from the left, who argue that unless we agree with them on everything somehow we betrayed our community. this is standard operating practice on the left. >> dickerson: vladimir put in says drum is outstanding and talented personality. is that the endorsement you want? >> i don't want -- vladimir put in is aost benefit analysis political actor trying to have russia recognized as a great global power on par with the united states who wants the world to return to a steer of influence of. >> dickerson: donald trump seemed to be honored by the raise from putin. >> he shouldn't be. videod mere putin who has killed, he's jailed and murdered journalist,s political opponents,s,ombed an apartment building as -- he is responsible
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malaysian airliner over ukraine he provided the anti-aircraft weaponry that was used. this is a person who has done higher filing things. from a geopolitical realistic level we have to deal with him because he's leader of important country between them and us control over 09 post of the world's nuclclr weapons. he's not someone w w is going to go down in history as a great leader. >> dickerson: and donald trump mentioned those journalists killings he said, i think our country does plenty of killing also. >> i haven't heard him. of course it's outrageous. i don't know single documented instance which the president of the united states ever ordered assassination of jrnalists who issue coverage of them or taken different political line. we've entered a portion of this politics where nothing surprises me any more whether it's donald or people watching. >> dickerson: thank you so much. >> thank you. didierson: from iowa we traveled to the first in the nation primary state new hampshire where we met up with jeb bush.
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to keep us all doin' what we do. >> dickerson: another escalating feud among republican contenders between front runner donald trump and former florida governor jeb bush. we sat down with jeb bush in new york, yesterday. governor, bush, you and rally here in new hampshire said that donald trump is a jerk, he's chaos candidate, said he's not serious he can't insult his way to the presidency but aren't those all in stilts stealth are you trying to still your way -- >> point out that he's not a serious candidate. his answer about the nuclear triad, for example, was mind owing. not havivi any knowledge about what the subject is where you have this exclusive responsibility as president of the united states as commander in chief of the armed forces to how to use our nuclear deterrent he no knowledge.
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is a strong man and a great die,, ied to destabilize our relationship with our allies. he's not a serious candidate. >> dickerson: what is the nuclear triad so important, in world of where, jihad something people are so concerned a aut. >> it's important because it's been part of the security arrangement that has kept us safe since the post world war ii era. we've seen a lack of investment in ite've seeee-- need t refurbish it and strengthen it. the fact that he didn't know what it is one of those questions that i think you have to answer if you're running for president of the united states. but it's not just that. he says that isiss is not a threat. two months ago he gets his news from -- he gets the news from the show that he wakes up in the morning gets his foreign policy and military advice from people that are going on your show but that's not serious man. and when he insults me personally, i don't take it personally. he shouldn't take it personally, either. but someone needs to call him
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policies that he's put forward this idea of banning muslims from the united states. you said that was -- he was unhinged when he offered that. but majority support show in the republican party, what does that say about those voters who are appealed to by that policy. >> sys a lot aboutonald trump that he would say these things knowing that it might have popular support. but that will wane make it harder to do what we need to do which is destroy isis. you can't do it by banning muslim that's just ridiculous.s. what people are scared, and when they hear someone that advocates a big position, i can see why people woulde -- migrate towards that but that doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. putin -- >> dickerson: you shade donald trump vladimir putin said, explain why that is a proroem? >> pilot tin is organized to challenge the united states across the world now.
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we're losingnfluence around the world and putin is gaining influence. he's not an ally. he's a dictator. he's a bully. he has nothing to do -- nothing to admire with him other than fact that he's strong. and we can admire that, we can respect thth, and he admires strength, too. we need a president that actually will stand up for american interests in europe or middleast. that's how you create a better relationship witit putin. you don't brag a aut how great a guy he is. he's not. he kills journalists, he -- anybody that opposes him ultimately is pushed away. >> dickerson: the pepele who are susuorting you have beenen wondering about your campaign say that in this recent mode where you've been more vocal about donald trump, that you have found your voice, do you see it that way? >> you know, i'm not -- i'm in the here and now. i'm fighting the fight. to a certain extent it is a little liberating to be able to
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qualified to be president and to shareour visionbout the better way. i really like having a town hall meeting where his name doesn't come up where we get to talk about how you fix our health care system and how we destroy isis and how we reengage with the world. >> dickerson: let's talk about isis. in the debate you said that the united states must destrly isis fore it destroys us.s. you u ink that is the level of the strength that it can destroy -- >> it can stop los angeles school district from opening for two days because of random e-mail from germany. it can change our way of life. it can hurt our prospects economically. it can destabilize our country for sure. will there be army invading united states, no. we are still capable of defending the homeland from that kind of threat. are we capable of defending against people that are energized byhis rical
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>> dickerson: talk about fighting isis overseas you layout your plans for doing this you said two things. get the lawyers out of the way. o much concern about collateral damage, the lawyers are getting in the way of people trying to prosecute the war. also said build alliances with arab nations. can't those be in conflict. isn't it the collateral damage that creates atmospheree t tt makes it hard for the arab nations to ally with the united states? >> we have to be -- have to apply international norms of warfare, for sur but this president has added additional features. there's way too much involvement. we send leaflets outed to the truck drivers that are sending diesel fuel across the board in turkey saying, kp doing it we're going to bomb you. we can asssse that they'reart of the isis network if they're doing that. those things would send a signal to the arab world that we're serious, that would be what we need to do. they need to understand that we're not viewing that as law enforcement exercise. it doesn't mean you're going to
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mosul like one of the candidates had hard time explaing why he would carpet bomb anything. >> dickerson: was that a mistake for senator ted cruz to say carpet bomby is that a mistake to say that? >> there are 080,000 people who live in mosul, 5,000 islamic tear thrusts control the place. we're going to destroy 800,000 lives s th carpet bombing activity? this is foolish. absolutely foolish. he had to back away from it was kind of clumsy. he's a gifted speaker, a little untosh see him stutule a bit. but that's what we need to avoid. want to develop the coalition as you ask, you can't talk about carpet bombing mosul or carart bombing a held territory by isis that brings huge collateral damage. >> dickerson: you say in the campaign people are not saying what they believe orunning away. because of the environment of the campaign, is that -- >> yeah, surey else would someone change their views. all of them have. running for president of the united states.
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people, you got to understand why people are frustrated. you haha to have a mind to be able to come up with creative solutions to fix the things that need to be fixed. you got to have a spine. you got to have a backbone. this is a tough job. think it's hard to deal with angry people about immigration in town hall meeting? yeah, it's not the easiest thing. but lot hder to deal with putin o o the ambitions of china or doing with the stagnant economy. you need somebody whose compass points north who selling to persuade people toward their cause rather than back away whenever there is any pressure. >> dickerson: talk about politics at the end here. six months ago people thought you were the front runner. your campaig-- you hated being front runner. > i feel much better back here. dickerson: why did you hate being the front runner? >> i've always thought that there was going to be a high expectation for me, i totally get it. >> dickerson: because? was president, a father that w w
9:50 am
and that higher expectation was important to realize, so, being a front runner made me feel like the people are going to begin to say, y yr guy is just dancing like through this. i have higher expectations on me than people have on me it doesn't bother me a bit that the expectations are higher. and i want to win, whihi means that you garner momentum when it matters. so, i feel good about where we are right now. >> dickerson: you don't have expectations problem you,have to -- what are you going to do to fix it? >> i'm going to o mpaign my heart out heren new hampshire. and in iowa in south carolina. i'm going to show who i am and give people fundraising glad we can fix these ideas give sense that the f fure will be brightht. this is howw you win. all in. that's what we're going to do. >> dickerson: governor bush, thanks so much. >> thanks. dickerson: we'll be back in a
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>> dickerson: last week we brought you some thoughts from voters who supported donald trump. this@week cbs news contributor and republican strategist talk totouslims about their thoughts about what is going on in america following the san bernadino terror attack and donald trump's call to ban muslims from t t united s stes. >> some kind of attack in this country, any time there is any kind of crime, i am literally praying. everyone else is literally playing. we're literally praying, when goes i know exactly what is going to happen. we have seen this in decades. this isn't anything new as many peopoe have said. >> that's exactly that. >> i did a poll out across the country to not watch the republican debate because i knew that that -- subjecting our
9:54 am
stereotyping and lumping of muslims with terrorism in front of our children something that is psychologically impacting them. that's how deep this is for us. >> don't you want the kids to know the challenges that they facece >> i don't wananmy children n be subjected to racism he and vilification of their faith. i will explain to my kids in way that i can speak to them. i wl not allow donald trump to tell my kids how they should feel about being muslim. >> a phrase to describe donald trump? >> exploitive. >> worse than -- psychopath. >> negative. >> i want to know your response, why? >> that's why we're here. i would not be sitting here right now if this wasn't happening. a lot of our voices would not be out here because of him. we are now in the public spotlight. let's use this to talk about who we really are. let's use this to be like, hey, america, we're americans. don't fear us, okay? fear your crazy politicians whoho
9:55 am
this gives us a great chance. >> what percent of the muslim community do you think could potentially be a physisil threat totohe country? >> in america, maybe less than 1%. >> you all agree -- right. >> donald trump keeps doing what he's doing ihe's elected president t at number whatever it may be will skyrocket. >> you feel that trump could actually -- >> no. >> let me explain. he's being ill responsible. the american peoplple need to understand that. the national security agencies have said that his comments might be used as a poster for eyes. he's driving and fueling anger amongst americans and abroad.
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jeb bush go to our website annovncer: one candidate tgh enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your wayayo the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush.
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