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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  January 5, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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changes, is trying to keep guns out of the hands of people who have mental health problems.and those changes are stirring up concerns over privacy. privacy.the president is asking congress to approve 500- million dollars to increase access to care.and some health providers, courts and state officials who've been reluctant to share health records because of privacy laws, are now free to do so. mental health advocates say the infusion of cash is great but the concern now turns s ta sharing. "does hippa need to be updad on several hdifferent frts? yes it does. it is not the president's position or job to do that. it is congress's job to change that statute.""for those in congress who blame shootings on mental health-- -here's your chance to put your money where your mouth is" we spoke with those in the corridor who are at the front lines of the mental health issue. 2 news reporter matt
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they h h totoay.matt. ____________ amid all the debate today - - this really is the only** new wrinkle.the impact of mental health on gun violence - is e long runnininconcern - - that's rarely talked about - until after the shooting stops. stops. " " twenty innocent children killed at sandy hook. a dozen movie goerermurdered in colorado.just two of the mass shootings linked to mental illness. illness." it's a very ticklish issue .. and confidentiality. " "- " bang .. bang&"jeremy brigham m ys his three hundred members with iowans for gun safety have worked hard he says the president had to do something - and the mentally ill having access to guns - is part of the problem. problem." if family members would come to them and say this person shouldnt have a gun, sheriffs should be a ble to do that and make a decision. " "" i is huge people are
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been tabu for too long. " joan becker has lived the tragedy.her son mark - struggling with mental illness - shototand killed belolod coach ed thomas in 2009.she now advocates for more accessible counseling and treatment.she says it's time to share information when the mentally ill - pose a risk - but that only scratches the surface - why not work on prevention. prevention." unfortunately i think the president is missing the point here .. the e n controls themselves will not have the effect the president is really looking for - - it's the true change in our mental health system. " becker says she knows there are privacy concerns - about releasing records on those receiving treatment for mental illness - but she believes it can be done responsibly.y.anand brig-ham says - - there are five times more gun suicides - than homicides in iowa - and
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saved too.matt hammill cbs 2 news, ten at 10. according to a-t-f records, iowa is the 44th most armed state with about six guns per onthousand residents. wyoming is the most armed state with about 196 guns per one-thousand people. mostlylylear righghnow over cedar rapids with temperatures in the 20s 20stemps are in the 20s across iowa iowaclouds starting to move in from the west, only a few clouds far east. east.skies will be mostly cloudy through the night and into the day wednesday with a temperature of 24 at 8 am,
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cbs 2 news ten at ten continues now with more of the corridor's top stories. stories.the u-s army corps of engineers is urging people to be extremely reful near coralville lake. lake.right now, the lake is about ten feet higher than normal, but that level is decreasing rapidly.because the water is falling below the ttom of the ice, it is making for extremely dangerous conditions.the army corps says fafaing through the ice right now leaves little chance for escape.the warning comes just one day after the body of 17- year-old tanner wymer wa found in the lake after his canoe capsed sunday. a celebration n of life is now set for the solon high school senior.a visitation will be held for friday afternoon for tanner with funeral services at aaint mary's catholic church in solon on saturday. insteaeaof flowers, tanner's family is asking that donations be made to the tanner wymer memorial fund. the waterloo policedepartment
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facebook pagsurfaced. surfrfed.the creator of the page posted intention to harm members of the police department -- going so far as saying they wanted to kill the police. cbs 2 news reporter dora miller spoke wiwi the chief of police and joins us now nowto break down the pros and cons of social media in law enforcement. dora? the page in question was quickltaken down...but local l police departments say y cial media sites are not all bad... the majority of the time, they serve a positive purpose. these pictures -- taken from an anti-police facebook page -- wererfueled by rage.the target of this resentment...t he waterloo police department. "we've had other websites that they've dealt with this issue, but not to this extent, not to this levevel of violence." with posted threats to kill police...officers have had to watch for everyone's safety -- especially their own. "this puts the officer a little bit on edgethey're alwaysvigilant, but t because
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to be ever more vigilant."but one bad apple doesn't makell social media bad...police departments say they primarily use it to their advantage. advantage."what i like about social media is monitoring the comments or reading the comments because it gives me a good feel for the tone of the mmunity."cedar r pids police say an increase in social media use is a benefit that outweighs the risk. risk. "people out there, those who are wanted for crimes and we've not been able to locate thememfour of them have een located through oururuse of facebook." "we get a lot of tips through here." "it's also been a way for us to reach out to witnesses."it al gives the *public a way to hold officers accountable. accountable. "if we do have something that's somewhat negative about the department, it gives us an opportunity to go directly to them and give our viewpoint about why something was done or to correct what we did wrong." since the anti-police page was
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police page has been created. as far as who created the negative page, it's not t classified as criminal activity -- so there hasn't been an investigation.dora miller, cbs 2 news ten at 10. a cedar falls couple now know how long they will be in jail for downloading chchd porn. porn.frank martinez and his spouse donald wall were sentenced in federal court last week.according to the waterloo-cedar falls courier, both men were arrested in june for using a peer-to-peer network to download the images on a file sharing system. martinez will remain behind bars for the next 10 years, and will have to pay 25- hundred dollars in restitution. wall will be in jail fororhe next six years.investigators were also able to identify the victims in the images. turning now to continuing coverage of the war on terror. the pentagon says one u-s sevice member was killed in afghanistan and two others were hurt, when they came under fire while training with afghan troops. meantime, authorities in the
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a masked militant in a newly released isis video. authorities say this man, siddartha dhar, made threats against britain.british police arrested him in 20-14 on suspicion of encouraging terrorism in the country, but didn't have evidence to hold him. isis is losing ground in both iraq and syria.a coalition spokesmamaays isis has lost 40-percent of it's territory in iraq and about 20-percent in syria.counter offensives led by iraqi and kurdish forces have forced isis out of several cities. authorities in san bernardino are now asking for the public's help investigating december's shooting rampage. they've conducted 550- interviews and collected 500- pieces of f evidence, but the f-b-i is having a hard time trying to figure out where syed farook and his wife, tashfeen malik, were - minutes before t attack. 14-people were killed and
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this week marks, one year since terrorists stormed the paris france office of satirical magazine, charlie hebdo.12-people, among them the country's most famous cartoonists, died in the atta. tomorrow, the magazine will pubshing a special ededion to mark the anninirsary.the headline reads "one year after: the assassin is still out there." an earthquake in north korea is putting the entire pacific on edge tonight. a surprise annoucement just about 30 minutes ago, the country announced it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb.uth korean officials say the epicenter of the mamaitude five-point-one quake was located near a 20-13 underground nuclear test site. the quake was felt in china, and officials there suspected some sort of an n plosion.we will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest developments tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning.
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wants to divert some future tatadollars away from improving school buildings and put it towards water quality projects.he's calling it his biggest and boldest plan yet. yet.the governor wants to extend by 20-years a one-cent sales tax stablished in 2008. the plan would provide nearly 21- billion dollars for schools and more than four-and-a-half billion for water quaty projects in iowa. u-s agricululre secretary tom vilsack is praising the plan, saying the state's water quality needs immediate attention. now ten at ten continues with a look at tonight's other stories across the corridor. in iowa city, police say someone is passing out fake one-hundred dollar bills all over the city.investigators were able to track the fake bills by the serial number.all residents and businesses are being asked to check any one- hundred-dollar-bills they may have received since new year's see the serial numbers officers are trking right now, head totoour website, cbs 2 iowa dot com.
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new mayor nick abouassaly and three council memebers were sworn in today.abouassaly won a three-way election in novemberero become the process, he vacated his seat on the city council.randy strnad was appointed by the council to fill the vacancy. kim etzel and paul drapererwere also sworn in. in cedar rapids, c-street southwest will be closing near tait cummins memorial park on thursday. crews will soon be installing a new swear line in the area.a detour will be posted. the work is expected to take two months to complete. the university of iowa's athletic department is teaming up with the iowa city school district to help local students. students.the university is selling tickets to certain hawkeye sporting events at a discounted group rate.ten percent of the money goes back to the iowa cy school district foundation.the district plans to use the money to support an outdoor classroom program for sixth grade students.the tickets are
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a link to that information on our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com. that is cbs 2 news ten at ten -- the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first ten minutes. minutes.still to come...changng g the game. game.the technology doctors and coaches are using to prevent concussions in student athletes.
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning, new smartphone apps come out all the time, but rarely do the have to ability to save life. tomorrow we'll show you an app one father made, that e eed up sasang his son's life.see you tomorrow on cbs2. p/clcldy over cedar rapids now, with temperatures in the
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20.temperatures across the area are in the 20s right now nowclouds starting to move in from the west, only a few clouds far east. east.temperatures will warm up through the week, then rain and snow comes into the forecast through friday. arctic air likely arrives lar on this weekend. weekend.highs today were in the upupr 20s and low 30s.lows were in the teens this morning. morning.temperatures across the area are in the 20s right now. now.calm acrs the midwest now, with some clouds moving in intemperatures are cool across the northern part of the couny, but starting to warm up in the e southern plains and out west.things will be changing though and it has been cool with the last time manycities were above freezing w w before the new year. year.some changes are coming as a big area of arctic air comes down late this weekend
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frontahead of the front, about a half an inch of rain is possible through friday. friday.nearly an inch ofnow possible to the south, with higher amounts to the north northclouds will move in through the night and stick around through tomorrow. predictor shows some light snow and some rain moving in lala weweesday night.a few light rain showers possible through thursday thursdaymostly cloudy and cold with lows 19 to 25 25partly sunny and cool with hihis in the low to mid 30s. some snow and rain mixture possible late tomorrow night. night.warming trend expected through the end of the week, with a chance for rain and snow through friday.light snow possible saturday.much colder with single digit temperatures sunday and monday
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next on c-b-s two news... news...why one oup says the federal government isn't doing enough to proect student athletes from concussions.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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who's the rebel now? no way. yes way! savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, melty cheese, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. ah! it's time to start breaking some rules. some health ofessionals are pushing for tougher, new standards when it comes to
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every state has laws about reporting sports injuries, but advocates say most have a hard time enforcing them. them.mark albert as our continuing coverage. coverage. (sot/charlie & mark 12:11:10) "absolutely i've had a number of concussions --- that i can remember. q (mark albert): did you get the treatment you needed? a (charlie wund): no." (track 1)(show wund talking to mark, then go to pic of charlie as a coach)that's why charlie wund, a former ncaa football player and youth coach, wanted to do something for the next generation of athletes.(nat/charlie 12:07:48) (showing tight shots of app after 12:47:30)"i can add as many symptoms as i need to." (track 2)(show tight shotstsf app)wund has helped develop a web-based system called injurefree which reports concussion symptoms the moment they happen on the field. (doctor's room broll with kids) it's then sent electronically to a medical professional for follow-up.(sot/charlie 12:09:55)(charlie wund/injurefr ee)"we're able to createte standard level of care for all children."(track 3)(broll of youth sports)it's part of a half-million dollar concussion prevention program being rolled out in the nation's capitol - not only to increase reporting, but provide awareness training to students, ppents, and coaches. (standup/mark)(mark albert/cbs news/washington)"since 2009, every state has passed a concussion reporting law. but so far, congress has not
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that would help tailor treatment and prevention." (sot/mark 30:21)"q: is it a lack of will?"(sot/gioia 30:30) (dr. gerard gioia/children's national medical center)"it's about priorities and about funding. // 12:31:31 q (mark albert): do we have time to wait? a (gerald gioia): // 12:31:37 we don't have time ever to wait ff a youngster to be injured."(track 4) (washington, dc/national press club)at a news conference tuesday, dr michael yochelson of medstar hospital said information needs to be recorded immediately every time a child takes a hit t 12:37:41)(dr. michael yochelson/medstar hospital) "you want to understand how you prevent chronic long-term effects and save lives." (sot/charlie 12:12:17)"this certainly gives me peace of mind."(track 5)(back to mark & wund witithis phone)wund's technology will be used in a a dc schools and parks-and-rec centers this year.mark albert, cbs news, washington. and coming up in sports sportsjarrod uthoff -- puputhe hawks on his back -- again -- how iowa -- shucked the corn huskers for the 5th straight
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after two wins over teams ranked in the top 15 -- the iowa men's basketball team have gone from the hunter to the hunted in the big 10 conference -- so now everybody is going to try and knock the hawks off -- starting with huskers skersiowa's won the last 4 meetings including a 28 point thumping in nebraska last season.the hawks though were down by as many at 10 points earlrl-- but have no fear
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steals the pass and then knocks down the three -- and he wasn't done -- the former jefferson j-hawk single handedly brought iowa back -- he finished with a game high 25 and mike gesell well he did something he's never done before -- finish with a double double -- 22 points nad 10 dimes for mikey g -- hawks move to 3 and oh in the big 10 -- 77 to 66 it doesn't get much bigger than this in the m-v-c -- with kennedy hosting linn-mar in a top 10 tilt -- winner gets the fast track to a vley division title titleboth schools are undefeated in conference play -- opp, hey kendall meyer! linn-mar led by 3 at the half -- lela sellers not alright with that -- she banks it home -- and here come the courgars the lions would fighthtback ---- amanda ollinger to ally johnson -- and she drops in the triplebut by rule you can't loose on your birthday -- and it was lela sellers' birthday -- she slices through the lane for the bucket and the foul -- a game high 17 for her -- kennedy wins 60 to 47 boys hoops -- prairie hosting
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p-haiks trying to knock off their second ranked team this seasonand they flew out of the gates s off the steal -- ethan copeland takes it coast to coast for the easy duce -- prairie up 8 nothingbut the saints would march on back -- jackson jones -- dials long distance and connects ffm dede -- xavier wins their 4th straigh -- 65 to 46. in the beginning of the week desmond king was listed as the 24th orall pick in the n-f-l draft-- but the national football league willllhave to it --- on the king -- he's returning to iowa for his senior season -- his mom broke the news monday night to the daily iowan -- and today king confermed it on his instagram page -- posting this -- quote -- "feels good to finish my education andndto be with my brothers for my senior year. there will be those that say my decision is wrong but it what's best for me. let's make it a good one fellas. and on the ice -- dubuque fighting saints head coach -- jason lammers will coach team east in the top prospects game this year -- in his first season with dubuque the saints hold the best overall record
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stay with c-b-s two -terry has one last look at your forecast after the break. is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combibid. i'm bernie sandede, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair sharef taxes, provide living wages for working people, sure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field.
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america is not just electing a president, we're also electing a commander in chief. that choice matters. because strengthening the economy,y, making healthcare more affordable, raising incomes. all of that depends on us being both secure at home and leading the world. i will get up every single day and do whatever it takes to make sure our country is safe and strong.
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skies will be mostly cloudy through the night and into the day wednesday with a temperature of 24 at 8 am, climbing to 34 at 3pm
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news at ten. >> stephen colbert! >> stephen: wooo! wooo! yeah. hey! ( cheers and applause ) captioningngponsored by cbs >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! >> stephen: thank you, jon. thank you, ladies and gentltlen. thank you, frienen.
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