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tv   CBS2 News Live at 5  CBS  January 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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right now, the cedar rapids police department is preparing
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cameras.but before that happens - there's a lot of work that officers need to do. cbs 2 news reporter steffi lee is here to explain. explain.scott - the cedar rapids police departrtnt - hopes to have a policy set in stone and to start using the cameras by the middle of this year. year.they received a federal grant to buy the cameras last year and should have the cameras soon.but chief wayne jerman says what's taking extra time for a policy - is they're researching different guidelines from departments across the nation.he says the main concern is privacy - when vivio is recorded, if it should be released and how to handle confrontations.chief jerman says he's always supported body cameras - but knows there are a lot of privacy concerns. "those who are e victims of sex assaults and sometimes situations involving minors and children - we just have to be very careful" comingngp on the cbs 2 news at six, we'll explain how another corridor department handles their policy.steffi lee, cbs 2
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a maryland appeals court is delaying the t tal of the police van driver charged in the death of freddie gray. gray.gray died in april from a broken neck he suffered in police custody.right now, there is no timetable for the e next steps the trial.jury selcetion was set for today for the second of six officers scheduled for trial.the manslaughter trial of the first officer ended with a hung jury. we now know--more than 18,000 people live in north liberty. liberty.that's a 36 percent population increase just since 2010. cbs 2 news reporter mellaney moore talked with city offifial about their special census results and joins us live right now. north liberty city officials say mote peoplea&means more money.some of the money they're lookininforward to the most will help them maintain roads for all those people. people.preliminary special census data collected dfrom july to december estimates 18 thousand two ndred and
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the corridor city.those results mean an additional half a million dollars each fiscal year in road-use tax money to help the city keep up. the streets superintendent says that can be spent on equipment, street and traffic signal improvements and maybe another employee.the last census in 2010 counted more than 13 thousand officials found out their recent estimation of 17 thousand... was a thousand residents short. "the participation rate was extremely high and actually higher than what they normally see, so i just want to say thank you to all the residents for talking to all the census peole." peole."coming up on the cbs 2 news at six, when the city could d actually get this money. covering the corridor in north liberty, mellaney moore, cbs 2 news live at five. state lawmakers are convening for iowa's 20-16 legislative session.a fight over school funding is expected this year with limited new dollars. dollars.governor branstad will
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during his condition of the state, , announced he will seek a two-point-four-five percent increase in basic state aid for schools for the 20-16, 20-17 school year.that's less than senate democrats want to spend and more than house republicans previously sought. when it comes to getting a quality education, it shouldn't matt your race or socioeconomic background.edar rapids community ssool district leaders believe every child should have a fair chance.which is why they're asking for your help. 2 news reporter dora miller explains what the district is asking from the community. what they're looking for is an open discussion and opinions from the people who are affected most... most...tomorrow night, the district is holding an equity conversation open to rents, children and cocounity members. this is all based on a six- point equity plan that takes a closer look at how they can increase diversity and give all children a chance at success.the superintendent asks that you come with ideas s on howowto make the equity program better...he says so far, they've heard from both
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"it's been a mixed bag to this point, i think we have some -and especially ose who really unrstand where we are with the plan and its implememtation- i think they've genuinely been happy with the progress. i think in other cases, we probably haven't communicated as well as we need to." to."if you plan to go, it'll be at the african american museum starting at six.dora miller cbs 2 news live at five thanks dora.right now, cedar rapids school leaders are prepaing to discuss a new school calendar.the district's proposed calendar sets august 23rd as the first day of class, with a late start every wednesday.pending the outcome of today's discussion, the district will hold a public hearing with the final recommendations on januarty 25th. the iowa hawkeyes are now the 12th most valuable college football team in the nation. nation.a professor calcuated what teams would theoretically be worth on the open mamaet based on revenue, city size, strength of schedule and state
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valued at almost 4-hundred- forty-million dollars.that's actually dowowfrom 4-hundred- ninety-one-million last year. ohio state, texas, and michigan top the list. the record powerball jackpot surged to one-point-four *bililon dollars today.that means the lump sum payout would be more 800-million.the odds of winning--- one in for the last drawing, iowa lottery officials say a single one- million dollar ticket was sold in sioux city. if you win powerball, there's a famous mansion on the market--and it comes with a roommate. playboy says it wants about 2-hundred-million dollars for the 22-thousan sqre foot los angeles estate. but hughghheffner won't need to find a new home.the new owner must agree to let him live in the playboy mansion for the rest of his life.
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levision came together in beverly hills sunday night for the 73rd annual golden globe awards.the globes are seen as an early indicator of who might take he an oscar next month. month.chris martrtez has more on the night's big winners. winners. (sot/harrison ford)...and the golden globe goes to, the revenant"'the revenant' won top honors at the golden globob, taking home the statues for best picture/dramaa &best director and best actor, leonardo di caprioa& (lnardo dicaprio/ golden globe winner)i want to share this award with all the first nations people represented in this film.m.(nats - brie larson) 'thank you so much!'a&brie larson took home the award for best actress in a drama for 'room'a&while jennifer lawrence won best actress in a comdey for her performance in 'joy'.'the martian' won top honors for best picture/comed ya& and best actor in a comedy, matt damon.. (nats/stallone ovation)but it was sylvester stallone who earned among the night's most thunderous appppusea&winning
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reprisal of boxer rocky balboa in the movie 'creed'. (sylvester staone/ golden globe winner)'i wanna thank my imaginary friend rocky balboa for being the best friend i ever had!"(standup bridge:)the globes also honor the best in television - and this year - for the first time - streaming services like netflix garnered more nominations than cable or broadcast's 'mozart in the jjgle' took home two globes - for best tv series, musical or comedy and best supporting actora&(ricky gervais/ host, golden globe awards)"relax, i'm gonna try to be nicea&"often controversial comedian ricky gervaise returned this year - to host the awards broadcasta& and actor denzel washington was honored with the cecil b demille lifetime achievement award.chris martinez, cbs news, beverly hills. nominees for the 88th annual academy awards will be announced this thursday.and coming up in the next ten minutes, another story that's making waves in the entertainment world--as fans say good-bye to legegdary rocker david bowie. just ahead on live at
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elements.the midwestern city dealing with freezing temperatures and a fire in a historic part of town. town.meantime, this is north libertyas commuters head home on this very cold monday night in the corridor. let's check in with chief meteorologist
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the butterburger is made of just three cuts of fresh midwest beefef nothing more, nothing less. so we got the sirloin, the chuck and the plate. no fillers; that's it. all prized cuts, all well-marbled f richness and flavor. this is where those three wonderful cuts of beef come together. you can just tell that blend is working in there. and we sear them, and that seals in the juices of the burger. it doesn't get anyrbetter than that. and that's the culver's butterburgerer welcome to delicious! cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access healthcare because they just can'n'afford it.
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and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistentnt he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. coming up tomorrow on cbs 2 this's been a fairly mild winter up to now, but the biting cold is back. and it can cause serious injuries if you're out there for too lolo. we'll have cold weather facts and tips, tomorrow on fire crews in omaha spent the weekend battling a big blaze in freezing cold conditions. these pictures were taken by the omaha world explosion happened at a
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which is a popular entertainment word on the cause of the fire, although some people in the restaurant say they could smell gas.omaha's mayor says if the shell of the building can remain, it could take
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thanks terry.iowa health officials say there are *three strains ofofhe flu still l makingngthe rounds in the state. they also say it's not too late to get vaccinated.flu season normally peaks during january and february.iowa's health department medical director even suggests gettinin the shot if you already got
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you against getting the flu a second or third time. still ahead live at five... 25 albums over six decades.the world is saying goodbye to the man who fell to earth, just days after he released his latest work. work.this is a live look at the s curve in downtown cedar rapids as folks make their way home for the evening.there's more news ahead when live at 5 continues on cbs 2. 2."cbs 2 news connects with the us -- 1-800- 222-kganemail us -- news @ cbs2iowa.comconnect with us on
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (t(tping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs s real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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influentl pinger and songwriter, davibowie, has died at the age of 69.the singer just released his latest album- blackstar- on his birthday last friday. the album, according to a long-time friend and producer, was intended as a "parting gift" to the world.mark phillipstakes a look back david bowie's iconic career. career. for a man known for so many images, this wiwi be the last enduring one of david bowie -- the one from his latest album released last friday on his 69th birthday. (music video up)look up here, i'm in heaven i've got scars that can't be seen...the death bed imagagy and lyrics seem to suggest he not only knew what
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death into his last artistic event.(major tom)and this may be the first image of bowie many came across.(music up from 1969riginal space oddity) ground control to major tom (ground control to major ton take your protein pills and put you helmlm on...)bowie's was a career that people first began to notice back in 1969 when people were being landed on the moon. that stopped but bowie continued.(1972 ziggy stardust)he didn't just release songs, he became the persona that performed them. seventies...(music up -- starman)didn't know hat time it was and the lights were low - oh - ohi leaned back on my radio - oh - oh...and not just the songs -- of course -- but the ever changing he told charlie rose back in 1998 -- bowie was always about more
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023143: rose: do you think of yourself first as a musician? 023149: bowie: no, no. actually, i find the idea of having to say that i'm a musician in anyway is an embarrassment to me because i don't really believe that. i've always felt that what i do is use music for my way of exprsion. i don't believe i'm very accomplished at it. ototrs will disagree. bowie re-invented himself as he went along.(bit of 'fame ' up)with 'fame', which he co-wrote with john lennon, he brought what he called plastic soul, as a white british artist to soul train. bowie was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 19196.his family said he passed away 'peacefully' over
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cancer. here's the cbs evening news:he was the visionary rebel who became a cultural icon. we'll say farewell to mmter of re- invention -- david bowie... plus, drug lord el chapo's
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he has nothing to hide. those stories tonight on the cbs evening news. just in to the cbs 2 newsroom - we are getting reports of a crash near the intersection of highway 13 and 30. please
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that's cbs 2 news live at 5 this . coverage continues now with the cbs evening news and we'll be back here at 6 with
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you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged- what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> pelley: the master of reinvention. there is a worldwide outpowering of affection for music legend david bowie. also tonight, the raid that recapturur a drug kingpin, and
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the actor says, "i've got
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