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tv   CBS2 News Live at 5  CBS  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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for ththlast couple of days. we thought we would see 2 to 4 inches here in cedar rapids. we just saw about an inch here. we'll see another sysyem move ininvernight. as you can see, some snow and rain falling off to our west and southwest near omaha and atlantic and that is where they've already seen a foot of snow so they could see a couple more inches there. here is a look at road conditions across eastern iowa. through the day. -- seen improvements through e day. rong winds are stiti from the ice and so that we could see some blowing and drifting snow. we'll get to the road warrior in just a little bit to show you those conditions out on the roads right now. still a weather alert to talk b winter weather advisories in our northeastern counties. up near the northwestern count usc, a winter storm warning. still blizzard warnings because we could see about an inch of two overnight fall in our
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for the rest of the night, expect cloudy skies. temperatures staying in the 30s and some of that rain turning to snono we'll talk more about the forecast next. >> thank you. helps to have those higher temperatures. further south, road crews are out and about getting streets cleared up. we w wt take a live look outside. this is i-380 near swisher. lynn county called in plow workers abouan hour early this morning to try to get ahead of the storm. kathy cutler with the iowa dot says they wanted to be sure roads were passable by the morning commute. >> we knew that the snow was coming aand predicted to be pretty severe in certain areas of the state sosowe did send our trucks out yesterday and pretreat all the state roadways with brine that. helps break that snoo-ice barrier. >> right now, the roads are still wet this. he could turn icy when temperatures drop through the
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lot of drain for that. slick conditions also today. flights have been n delayed through outthe day and those to minneapolis canceled. airline before you head out. the caucuses are over but there are several local elections going on right now. rridor residents in the college community district are braving the elements to cast their vote on a public measure dealing with millions of 2 news reporter melley moore joins us live from one voting precinct-- the american egion in swisher. swisher.mellaney? the storm did have an impact on when voters came outtoday the linn county auditors office says ____ many people came hi, melanie. was supposed to open at seven this morning until officials got wind of the forecast and moved it to noon.regardless ofwhen the doors opened, officials here said they weren't expecting many people to come.but they've been surprised.the legion has been busy with residents voicing their opinion on 49 and a half million dollars of potential
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college community school cbs 2 newewhas previously reported, the school district says the money residents are voting on [ no audio ] be used to add classroom space and address safety, security and efficiency issues in four schools. 19:10:30 it really tells that the people are interested in what's going on and they're showing up to vote. vote. >> it really tells that the people are interest in what is going on and are showing up to vote. a winter storm won't keep them from coming to vote.covering the corridor in swisher, mellaney moore, cbs 2 news live at five. another linn county strict is also hoping weather doesn't keep >> thank you, melanie. another lynn county district is also hoping weather doesn't keep voters from going to the polls. people in springville are decing when the s sool district should pass a nearly $5 million bond measure. that money would go toward an school buildings. after months of tracking polls, senator ted cruz and hillary clinton claimed
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reporter steffi lee is live in the newsroom to toexplain what contributed to their success here in the state. state.steffi? some experts say looking at iowa caucus results, it's really about the numbers and the policiesthat are compelling to iowans. iowans. [ no audio ] turnout - hillary clinton won the democratic caucuses by a very close margin.cornell college assistant professor of politics hans hassell says clinton's support comes from older voters, with youth leaning towards sasaers. hassell says manynylder women see clinton as a leader who can change issues that prevent females from soaring to the top.on the republican side, cruz proved the polls wrong - putting trump second in the caucuses.but hassell says t tt doesn't mean that cruz had the strongest showing in iowa - he says marco rubio securing third place is lling for the future of this race. "i really think this is more about age demographics. i mean yes you see among older women,
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>> i really think this is about age dedegraphics. you see among older women, that is a big driver of support for hillary clinton. rubio has been in the position where hes been vying to be the consensus candidate with about four other individuals, with john kasich, with jeb bush, r chris christie. republicans experienced on caucus night - it's what they call [ naudio ] mav >> thank you. hillary clinton's very narrow victory in ththiowa democratic caucuses means she will collect 23 delegates. and vermont senator bernie sanders will receive 21. it take almost 400 delegates to win n e democratic nomination for president. the victory for republican ted cruz means he will collect eight delegates to the republican natioiol convention. proportion to ththstatewide
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most all of the candidates are moving on to the next election hot spot. spot.they are spending time in new hampshire today. republican donald trump is regrouping, trying to reclaim his frontrunner status.on the democratic side, bernie sanders called iowa a political evolution - and says he plans to "astound" the world again n the granite state. new details tonight on a story we've been tracking since it broke. bill cosby is back in court today. his s fense team wants a judge to throw out an aggravated indecent assault charge in the sexual assault case against him. cosby is accused of drugging and having sex with a former temple universityty employee.the 78-year old comedian claims it was recent months, more than 50-women have made similar claims against cosby but this is the fifit time he's been charged.cosby's attorney called the case political payback from a new d-a who reopened the decade
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(sot - monique pressley/bill cosby's atatrney)"a former district attorney says there wasn't enough there, it was a civil matter, but instead over a decade later, one hot campaign later, we're here." here."sby is free on one million dollars bail.he could be sentenced up to 10-years in prison if convicted. here is the latest in the murder of a 13-year old girl allegedly abbed to death at the hands of a virginia tech student. student.police also say the student had help disposing of the girl's body.. 18-year old david eisenhauer is charged with killing nicole lovell..19-year old natalie keepers is charged with helping hide lovell's body. police told the girl's mother the 13-year oldnd eisenhauer recently met online. investigators are still putting together a timeline of the hours before her death. coming up on live at 5...a new video from the university of
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a a new video from the university of iowa is completely changing the way scientists seek cancer cells. what this biological behavior memes for the future of research. . >> let's take a live look. this is at bertram road in cedar rapids. drivers heading hone on the slushy tuesday. let's check in now with marissa scott it find out the latest on the roads. >> the snow has stopped for vow. we dhave more snow and rain in the forecaca. a soggy picture out there.
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30s. welcome back to live at 5:00. we've been talng about some possible closings for tomorrow.
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>> we did just get a school delay in. no early dismissal. so we will probably keep monitoring those and get more of those school delays and cancellations potentially in tonight and even tomorrow so stay with us. that will be on our r eb site as s well. gusty winds all day but right now on doppler radar things are little more quiet in eastern iowa. however, we'll see another round of rain and snow move into eastern iowa overnight.road conditions are still icy and snow covered with some roads in our northern counties where travel is still not advised.winds a a gusty from the east so we could see blowing and drifting snow on the highwayssince we have seen the snow end we have seen some winter weather alerts canceled but still have some advsiroris and warnings posts in our northern counties. tonight expect clos, gusty winds and rain turning to
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here is a look at those snow reports in mason city once again. 8inches. waterloo at the airport, 3 been 2. cedar rapids, we saw less than what we thought we would. we thought we would see 2 to 4 inches here. juju some light snow flurries in the northwestern counties. the rest of us just seeing cloudy skies and it is foggy out there. this storm will be moving into eastern iowa overnight. as you can see, we are see something raininnd snow and is a lighted snow showers and even some thunder popping up as well. we'll see the system move through. we'll just see somo light rajn and snow overnight. ill ahe show you what i'm predictingngn juststa little bit. a lot of the snow around a foot to even more than a foot near omaha and atlantic. as you make your way to eastern iowa, we saw most of the snow in the northwestern counties. that is where we saw the 3 to
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as you went southwest, we saw less snow. just some rain and slush and ad cities. here is a look at road conditions as you head up interstate 308 and north of 320. still some icy snow-covered roads. still travel not advised. keep that in mind. reduced visibilitys on the roadways and we are seeing strong winds and we still have the winter weather advisory y effect. winter weather advisory for northeastern counties. northwestern counties, you have the winter storm warning and blizzard warning still in effect through tomorrow morning. so what i think is for northwestern counties, could maybe see some light snowfall overnight around another inch or two. northeast iowa, we'll see a wintry mix. we'll see rain overnight that will turn into light flurries tomorrow morning at the bus stop. high temperatures today were above the freezing mark but wear starting to fall below the
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us still in the 30s across the board. hour by hour shows us staying in the 30s and just getting to low 30s and upper 20s throughout the morning hours with those scattered flurries tomorrow at the bus stop. we'll continin it see the strong winds overnight and even tomorrow so we'll see the blowing and driftinow behind the system that brought us the rain, snow and sleet. as can you see, it just goeoeup to our north and we'll see the overnight. we'll see the system move in overmight and then it will leave behind the light flurries and some ofofthe rain showers. we'll see some sunshine and clouds tomorrow but strong winds. here is close to home. 6:00, maybe some scattered flurries. i think this is where it will get tricky. i think we'll stay dry until after midnight. we soot rain showers and snow showers move through and it will dry things out by 11:00 tomorrow. not a whole lot of snow expected with the system moving
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as you get closer to the minneapolis border, about an inch or two. tonight, cloudy nighgh tempererures staying in the e s. we'll stay in the 20s again tomorrow. cold air behind the system but strong, strong winds and temperatures will continue to fall throughout the day tomorrow. and we'll see some sunshine tomorrow afternoon through the reststf the weekend with temperatures staying around 36 for super bowl sunday. >> not a bad weekend. thank you. cbs 2 news continues our team coverage right now with a check from our road warrior. cbs 2 news reporter matt hammell is out and about. tell us where you are and what you are seeing.
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still ahea >> thank you.
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the crews have done a good job. still ahead, live at 5:00, after losing a sun, a mother wawaable to hehe his heart beat again. how her courage gave another family a second chance at a happy ending. >> and now, we'll go back outside. we'll take a look at the american legion ininswisher where the college community is having a special election tonight. weather so far cooperating. more news and weather when live
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on cbsbs. brand new video tonight shows how cancer cells form a tumor. tumor.the video - brand-new video tonight shows how cancer cells form a tumor. the video released by the iversity of iowa researchehe
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in it, can you see breast cancer cells capturing and pulling healthy cells into of cancerous cells s the body to form tumors that way. they say the new information proves cancer cells do more than just passively stick to others, they actively recruit other cells. new right now live at five - an emotional reunion in arizona.heather clark was able to hear her son's heartbeat again for the first time in nearly three years.clark's seven-month-old son, lukas, died suddenly in 20-13.but a few days ago, clark met the little girl whose life was saved by lukas' donated heart. heart.don champion reports. reports. (sot mon0309 :22) nat hug and cryingthe tears flowed lukas' donated heart. don champion reports. >> reporter: the tears flowed instantly between heather clark and ester gonzalez. through their two children, the
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tragedy of loss and the beauty of a second chance. their story started in 2013 when health anterior's 7-month- old son lukas died suddenly. heather made the brave decision to donate lukas' organs.she remembers what she thought.(sot mon0285 ather clark/donated sons organs :08) "there is another family out there, somewhere, you know who's feeling something of what i'm feeling, somewhat, and i have the chance to make them not go through what i'm about to go through" (-17) (jordan ininhe hospitalalics) in arizona, it's exactly what ester gonzalez was going through at the time.her 18-month old daughter jordan was fighting for her life because of a congenital(kun jordan was fighting for her r life because of a cop genital heart defect. after countless surgeries and seizures, jordan needed a new heart to survive. and that is exactct what shehe hadn't met... until this past friday.(sot mon0309 :17) nat "can i have a kiss on the cheek please" (-:19)the moms found each other online.their bond was instant.then came a
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"heather this is for you" (-:58) a teddy bear...(sot mon0309 1:27) "say that's my heartbeat- heartbeat" (-:29) ... that played the beat of lukas' donated heart.then heather got to listen for herself.(sot mon0309 2:06) heather listening to heartbeat. (sot mon0309 esther gonzalez/daughter received donated heart :24) "she would be so selfss to be able to ththk of another r familylyhile she's going through her grief," -:29two moms brought together by tragedy...(sot mon0309 2:16) "it's so strong" (-:18)... but now bound by triumph.don champion, cbs news. right now, more than 122- thousand people in the u-s are waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant. you can findmore information ononow to donatete on our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com. "here's a live look from the road warrior - checking out slick conditions in tler county right now.
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"i'm standing in front of the government palace right behind me in the middle of recife. the health care i'm standing in fronted of government palace right behind me.
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have been given permission to go right into people's homes and to educate people about protection. we follow some of those workers today right into the homes. we'll bring you that later on the cbs evening news. >> there is some snow relief in our future. according to punxsutawney phil, an early spring is on the way. he made his prediction this morning after the groundhog emerged from a mock tree stump in western pennsylvania. should phil's prediction have you packing up your winter clothes? noaa pegs phil's accuracy at about 45%. so take that knowledge and do with it what you will. >> our seven-day forecast shows winter is sticking around if a little bit longer. i know i would love spring to be here because i'm ready for warm weather. >> aren't we all? >> tonight, we will see rain and snow move into eastern iowa. we are seeing a little dry
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skies. but tonight, temperatures dropping into the 20s with a wintry mix and conditions staying with us. be careful for blowing and drifting snow as you head tomorrow nont and other than
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>> se black ice patches to >> pelley: iowa shakes up the deck. >> so what a victory last night. >> pelley: for the republicans it's now a three-way race. hillary clinton barely escaped. >> i've won and i have lost there. it's a lot better to win. >> pelley: also tonight, terror in the sky.. first a bang, and then a fire as a jetliner rips over in flight. for the first time in this country, the zika virus is
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