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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  February 19, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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skin cancer survivor wants to see put on tanning beds. winds make for high dangers."there was no stopping it once it just picked me up and threw me over."how many semis were slammed off iowa's roads. roads.and...the steps one man is sharing to stop thieves from stealing packages at your front door. but first we are following breaking news in alabama. adult and a we are following breaking news right now in alabama. an adult and a 5-year old boy are injured after a mall shooting in fairfield, alabama. police believe the adult was the shooter's target. three others were injured by breaking glass. right now, police are still looking for the shooter.
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a moul in alabama. we will stay -- mall. we will stay on top of this. more than a dozen families are banding together to bring attention to alleged abuse in a football program. the assistant football coach at linmar high school is being accused. they say he yelled and physically harmed teens. but not everyone believes these allegations are true. reporter nowhere nowhere miller joins us now. >> reporter: some of the players say the coach is hard on them but never crossed any lines. football is a tough sport. hard hits and hard lessons.
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are many eyes on the field. >> i think there's a lot of parents not ready for their children to be yelled at. >> reporter: greg says he's familiar with the controversy that has many parents on the defense. >> they're there to help them men. abused. >> reporter: mark represents a group of parents who say the coach abused players. >> they saw it, witnessed it, and enabled it to continue on. >> reporter: after reporting the incidents, he says nothing was done. the district say they couldn't find enough to back up the claims.
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founded for us to do anything. that doesn't mean there's not things that have to be addressed in the program. >> the administration needs to figure out who else is out there and how deep a problem this is. they're not willing to do this. >> reporter: some say tough love is expected. >> i think he's hard on me, but i think that's bettered me and i feel like he wouldn't be hard of me if he didn't care about me getting better. >> people when they don't know a person, they tend to draw conclusions. but i feel people that know him know that those aren't true. >> reporter: the group of concerned parents intend to take their cases to the board of education. well if you didn't hold on
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have to go to illinois or indiana to find it. wind gusts of 63 miles an hour today. wind gusts were in the range of 50 to 70 miles an hour around the midwest. so it was a pretty impressive day for winds. now the winds are stating to back off. by tomorrow morning, wind gusts will be around 20 miles an hour or less. going into the afternoon, the winds are around 10 to 15 miles per hour. we're anticipates temperatures back up in the lower 50s in much of the area. tomorrow looks to be a beautiful day. the rest of the forecast coming up. we continue now with more of the corridor's top stories.
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>> we spent the entire day tracking trouble caused by high winds throughout eastern iowa. this happens today. 60-mile per hour wind gusts through this truck. we first alerted you to the traffic tieup on our facebook page. just search for us. the extremely high winds also blew this big rig over. the dot tells us there have been 8 trucks blown off the road just in cedar rapids area. >> construction workers had to deal with wind as well. tarps were ripped apart at the university of iowa children's hospital construction site in iowa city.
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we have the latest information now on a high profile murder case in chicago that could have ties to eastern iowa. officialser searching for this man connected to the killing of a 9-year-old boy. he is accused of gunning down boy tyshawn lee. he was shot five times. two men are in custody but edwards remains at large tonight. call the number if you know where he is. there is a 5 thousand dollar reward for information leading to his arrest. funnel week has now come and gone in des moines.
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to filter out bills with no chance of passing. they include efforts to expand access to medical marijuana. another would allow bars and restaurants to install self-serve alcohol machines. another bill that survived was a bill to ban teens from tanning beds. >> studies show long term exposure can lead to cancer. >> reporter: she started using tanning beds when she was 16. when she was 25, she was diagnosed with skin cancer and is now warning others. >> i actually didn't even notice that it was growing. somebody else had pointed it out to me. >> reporter: she says she spent
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salons in high school. years later, the mole on her lower stomach was cancer. >> when i got it removed, it was about the size of my thumb. >> reporter: now she is spreading awareness about skin cancer. >> to protect your skin, the skin is the largest organ in your body. >> reporter: she talked with lawmakers about passing a bill to restrict anyone under 17 from tanning. some tanning salons have their own rules. >> just because you have cancer doesn't mean that you can't get another one. >> reporter: this cancer center sees teens diagnosed with cancer
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>> in the state of iowa, melanoma is the leading form of cancer in teens. >> reporter: she has one more checkup before her two year anniversary. she hopes the bill will become a law so other teens won't have to worry about the same thing. some alternatives to tanning include lotions and spray tans. tanning before the age of 35 increases risks by 13%. toght we can tell you at least 4 thousand people have been through the supreme court's great hall to pay respects to antonin scalia. funeral services will be held tomorrow. his son led a short service tonight.
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the 8 remaining members of the high court. we have new developments in the privacy si battle over an encrypted i phone. the justice department says it is moving forward with plans to force apple to open the cell phone. ceo tim cook says these demands are chilling far beyond this case. new york authorities are investigating 175 cases where they can't unlock the phones. apple said it would have to create the software for everyone, not just the criminal cases. the zika virus is officially in iowa. the public health department says a woman over 60 years old
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she has travelled to central america. the mosquitos carrying it are not in iowa, though. if you're traveling, protect yourself from bites. we have things you can do on check it out. here is a look at the zika cases throughout the midwest. nebraska, minnesota, and illinois are included. president obama has asked congress for nearly 200-0000 to help fight the virus. it has been reported in 36 countries in the last few months.
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america is making changes to its me deshgs icare policy -- medicare policy. the article notes that many u.s. businesses are adopting similar rules in order to drive down costs. artists from across the corridor picked up their awards today. an art teacher was among the many who showed up. his students are excited to see the finished product. so are we. that is the top stories and the first forecast in the first ten minutes. still to come, who stanced on the mat. and we have some winds around eastern iowa today. those will move out of the region during the daytime tomorrow.
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temperatures. so a beautiful day on saturday.
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on cbs 2 this's a familiar sound this time of year, that hacking cough!cold and congestion can take over offices and schools in the winter. but not all coughs are the same.find out what your cough find out what the same. find out what your cough means, monday it's still pretty windy around eastern iowa tonight, but not as bad as earlier today.
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the range of 12 to 25 miles an hour across eastern iowa. that is a big improvement considers we had gusts as high as 65 miles an hour. all around, most of the gusts were somewhere in the range of 50 to 58 miles an hour. anything that could blow around today definitely did. but the winds are in the process of backing off. you can see in the forecast as we go through the rest of the night, the winds are down around 22 on the gusts. sustained winds a lot less than that. around eastern iowa, winds in the range of 15 to 20 miles an hour tomorrow. it's going to be a very nice day here in eastern iowa tomorrow.
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you can see we should reach back up to around 50 at nine time and peak around 52 or 53 degrees. lot os of sunshine -- lots of sunshine anticipated. temperatures were at 60 or a little above today. up north, the snow cover really impacted the temperatures up that way. highs in the mid or upper 40s. highway 20 and south, temperatures were in the 50s. currently it's upper 30s around eastern iowa. temperatures will stay above freezing tonight. all the clouds are expected to stay to the south of us in the next 24 hours. but eventually next week we do expect the storm track to start changing once again.
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have cooler air for the second half of the week. the storm tracks will stay north or south of us and through wednesday there's no indication of precipitation. tonight's forecast has lows around 33 to 35. cedar rapids at 37. mostly clear skies and winds slowly subsiding. tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. could still be up to 58 down around washington. notice the winds. a lot less on those. and the extended forecast has 42 on sunday and after that a little chance for light rain or snow on tuesday. not a big deal from the looks of things. by the end of next week, sharply
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next, the steps one man is sharing to stop thieves from
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your front doorstep should be considered safe - after all - it's *your property. property.but for one your front doorstep should be considered safe.
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>> for one man, his became a crime scene three times. . >> reporter: steffi lee spoke to him and has his story. >> reporter: thiz footage shows a suspect stealing a pack oj from a doorstep. now he has the proper resources -- package. >> reporter: he credits these tiny devices for nabbing the suspect. they catch him in real time swiping a package and driving away with new makeup meant for his wife. police arrested the suspect. people who steal this way are known as porch pirates. thieves taking your valuable
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>> the neighborhood's getting well protected in video surveillance alone. >> reporter: thieves stole packages from 23 million americans alone. >> the first system was $300. the second was $700. the third system was 400 more. >> reporter: the price paid off giving him more piece of mind. we do have a list of options to keep your packages safe on the newly redesigned
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next we it all comes down to this -- win two matches and you have a shot to put your name in it all comes down to this. win two matches then you have a shot to put your name in iowa high school wrestling history. those to move out of the quarter finals this morning had to get by in the finals. nelson makes quick work on his opponent and is headed to the final.
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take do you know and is close to being crowned state champ. at 195, prairie's taylor gets the td and advances. >> it's going to be great. i was in it for third place last year. that was really cool. but knowing that i get to go through that and then wrestle again just to put the stamp on my season. >> break has been on a mention. he advanced saturday with a 2-0 decision. at 152, west liberty's joe kelly
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>> i got that duck under and i knew he would get lazy with the elbow on my head so i hit it again. in the third, i was looking to score more. i've just got one more match. >> high land's drew west followed his twin brother on to the finals. lisbon's chase gets the 2 point take do you know for the sudden victory. he's one of three lions in the finals. happel moves one win away from winning his fourth state championship.
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>> thank you to my family and my people that helped me get here." high school hoops -- springville hosting sigourney -- in a 1-a regional semi-final slow start for the orioles -- until they picked up their defense -- madi wagamen -- with the steal -- she completes the dine and dashand that opened up the scoring flood gates -- check out the passing -- ball never touches the ground -- until mikayla nachazel makes her move -- orioles fly on to their regional final -- 57 to 27. the ball never touches the ground until she makes her move.
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>> uni all right. let's get rid of the wind and bring the sunshine back and have a nice day. >> i'm cool with that. i'm a little better than cool with that. >> it looks cooler on sunday but still nice and dry.
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>> we'll find people sneaking on >> jon: stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> stephen: hey! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome to "the late show." thanks, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) thanks, everybody. please! welcome to "the late show." hello, jon!


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