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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  February 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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nevada is the first contest to sample who in the latino community will come out to support her for president. clinton claimed her victory just a few minutes ago. >> we hear you. we see you. we're incredibly grateful to you. it's because we're in this together. we look at our country and see so much that isn't working the way it should. >> analysts say sanders could now face a big challenge as the campaign moves to the southern states. polling shows minority voters there favor clinton. the democratic primary in south carolina is next saturday. today in washington, a funeral mass for the late supreme court justice an scalia. the largest catholic church in the country.
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father paul scalia led the service. he remembered his father's devotion to god, country and family. >> god blessed dad as is well known with a love for his country. he knew well what a close run thing the founding of our nation was. and he saw in that founding, as did the founders themselves, a blessing. >> justice scalia passed away last weekend at a hunting resort in texas at the age of 79. a lot of you spent your afternoon enjoying a beautiful saturday. at least by february standards much we found people taking a walk in the park or playing softball. some of you also endured the long lines at area car washes to find your vehicle under all of that winter salt. rebecca coleman is outside right now on our patio. are you wearing the coat? >> i'm not wearing the coat.
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now it is getting cooler. the sun has set and there is a here. it feels cooler but hey we can to the. 50 in cedar rapids. further to the north, temperatures in the 40s. everyone above average for this time of year. just to show you cedar rapids, 15 degrees above typically february. definitely a nice day. hopefully you got outside. temperatures are now falling. they're in the 40s to the south. 30s further to the north. and temperatures are going to continue to fall tonight. we have winds now coming out of the north and east. so that is contributing to some cooler air now moving into the area. so temperatures are actually going to be falling below the freezing mark tonight in most of the area for the first time in several days. this doesn't mean that the mild temperatures are going to go away.
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i will show you the numbers coming up. >> rebecca, thank you very much. there are new developments tonight in a cedar rapids cold case murder that cbs 2 highlighted during the christmas season. the police department posted a plea for more help in finding out who killed michelle martinko. the post on the facebook page says detectives know there are people who have specific information on the identity of the killer. michelle was found stabbed 19 times inside her car in the parking lot at westdale mall in december of 1979. she was 18 at the time. there has never been an arrest. you can see our full story on the cold case and find information on how to contact police at in ten days, the state of iowa could hand over its medicaid system to private companies.
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a million low income and disabled patients. this week an iowa senate committee approved a bill to allow lawmakers to monitor that program to make sure that it is working correctly. there is still a chance federal officials will stop iowa from making that transition to managed care. the plan has been controversial since day one. and critics say the state is not ready. cbs 2 news reporter stephanie lee is here tonight with the latest information. us. that's why some say that private medicaid is on the list of things to tackle. some believe the system is ready but many are wondering what comes next. seriously concerned about moving forward with this. >> reporter: lawmakers say the centers for medicare and medicaid remains concerned
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>> we do not want medicaid beneficiaries to eat up the entire budget but as human beings we have a responsibility to take care of 9 people that can't take care of themselves. >> reporter: at the forum on saturday, six of the state leaders spoke about the most debated issue this session. med dade topped the list. more providers are joining the system. but there are conflicting answers from officials which shows this isn't a smooth transition. >> ime says it's great. cms is telling us no, they don't believe that the provider network is adequate. >> reporter: she says come march 1st, federal officials could delay it again. but representative ken riser says there's no green light. >> there is no backup plan w%j@ right now because it would cost $111 million more to stay with our current plan in the next fiscal year. >> reporter: keeping other
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more than 60 medicaid advocates will head to the statehouse again this upcoming week on the 24th. >> thank you. another republican may challenge iowa. congressman steve king for his seat in washington. rick says he intends to run against king in the fourth district. it may be the strongest - and a business developer - in sioux city. it looks like something - straight from - a late night police show - - but this time it's only a demonstration.the linn county sheriff's office - - showed off gom-pie - and - gucci* - - at a pet expo in coggon.the two - are members of the department's - k-9 - unit.their handlers - say they are an incredibly** valuable part of the team. "well we have many events in the area for sports, and the >> well, we have many events in the area for sports and the fine arts.
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all of the people together for the love of animals. >> today's event raised money to benefit the k-9 unit. right now credit card theft violates your privacy and allows criminals to charge thousands of dollars in your name. a story you will only see on cbs 2 - - .we show you how one simple** decision - can throw your life - into - chaos . " varooooooom. " " i simply met my girlfriend for lunch, we decided to go in at panera for a late lunch after 12:30 ." elaina kempin says she should have known - a man behind her - sat a little too close - and then a woman caused a scene - complaining about her food. " they took my wallet out of my purse .. actually opened up my purse took the wallet out while it was literally right beside me. "" varoooooooooooooooom " five - mintues - later before elaina even knows her wallet is gone - police say - someone - hit the cedar rapids target - " ching - ching "charging nearly seven hundred dollars in
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a minute later - in the same store - - " ching ching " another nine - hundred dollars.a half hour later elaina's credit cards show up in the same store, another $900. a half hour later, elena's credit card show up at coral ridge mall. another target store. another $900. police obtained these security pictures which they believe showed this couple using the cards. >> this time i'm shutting all my credit cards down. i'm in a panic. >> reporter: according to police reports, the suspects then run into shields. elena says police showed her the video as the suspects try three different visa cards. each one declined. a fourth card finally works. according to police reports, a grand total of nearly $3,000 in less than two hours. >> i felt completely violated. >> our criminals know it's a race against the clock. they're going to hit as many stores as possible and charge
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>> reporter: juan coleman says he has seen people come from as far away from florida just to steal credit cards in the corridor. >> they will be in town for a day or so and then they're on to the next area whether it's des moines or upstate. >> reporter: police spay no one intends to make it easy for thieves but take a look at what we found at this cedar rapids restaurant during a recent lunch hour. dozens of purses hanging on the backs of chairs, sitting behind chairs, in chairs. some open with wallets in plain view. >> it teaches you to be individual laboratory. don't leave your purse in a cart or leave it when you go up to get your meal or use the restroom. don't leave things unattended. >> reporter: with the suspects still on the loose, elena changed all of her credit cards and bank accounts and was glad it was all over until her husband called. >> he said did you take $3,000 out of the checking account?
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>> reporter: a woman walked into this bank and cleaned out her account. even with a fraud alert on the account, the teller handed over thousands of dollars. >> just knowing that i was being watched and being sought out is extremely disturbing. >> reporter: the crime has costy lane anothing and everything. she has to watch all of her financial accounts like a hawk. and it may never end. >> they could open bank accounts in my name. the main thing we're worried about is tax time. >> they will get a letter from the irs indicating that you're not getting a refund because you've already received it. >> reporter: on top of everything else, the thieves also got away with her concealed weapons permit and she says she could buy a gun. >> i see women in the grocery store with their purses now in the cards and they're open or at a restaurant where they're not paying attention. and i do mention to them when i see them, hey, this happened to me. you might want to be careful. >> cedar rapids and coralville
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tips to lead them to the suspects in this case. along with the story you can also find advice from police on how to keep your credit cards safe on our website. still ahead, big showing for the panthers. you and i hit the court trying to claim the 7th win in eight games. we will take you there. it was mild today but things are starting to change. we can take a look at the temperatures once again today. highs in the 50s and the 40s.
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i'm going to come inside and on cbs 2 this's a familiar sound this time of year, that hacking cough!cold and congestion can take over offices and schools in the winter. but not all coughs are the same.find out what your cough find out what the same. find out what your cough means, monday proof -- this is
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hardly - freezing* outside today - >> more proof this is not a normal february. hardly freezing outside today for freeze fest in iowa city. still a lot of fun even without the snow and ice. the big event usually has a lot of winter-themed activities like bird watching, snow shoeing and ice fishing. this year, freeze fest had to improvise a little bit. but nobody seemed to be complaining about the warm temperatures. a lot of sunshine made it seem more like barbecue weather than skiing today. rebecca kopelman is here with the latest in your forecast. just keeping it going, right. >> yeah. we're going to continue to keep some of these warmer temperatures around for the next couple of days. and you can just see the reason why it wasn't so much of a freeze fest. because the snow has really iowa. there are isolated areas where the snow could be piled up. but otherwise just in our extreme northern counties where much of the snow is.
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above freezing now for a couple of days. in fact the last time we were below freezing was thursday morning. and now we have had temperatures in the 50s in february. unusual. not uncommon. didn't break any records but it was definitely nice to get outside today. 50s in the south and 40s in the north. typically cedar rapids is at 35. the high today was 50. most cities 10 to 15 degrees above average. what can you expect moving forward? we're going to cool down a little bit. expect a rain and snow mix on tuesday and a mostly calm week up ahead. the sun has set and the temperatures are falling. 41 degrees with clear skies for now. the clouds will move in and we will have a couple thin high clouds overseed seed now, finishing into the area.
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system that will move on through. the temperatures are starting to fall and the winds have shifted out of the north. we're in the 30s in thing in, 40s in the south. you can see the winds are starting to kick in some areas. 10 in cedar rapids. but almost straight out of the north. so that's going to allow temperatures to fall tonight. clouds are going to start to build so that will prevent temperatures falling too far. we will likely get below the freezing mark across much of the area tonight. otherwise going to be pretty calm. but we do have a weak little system moving through. not going to make too much noise as it does so tomorrow. could have a little bit of flurries, possibly a little bit of rape out there late tomorrow morning, early in the afternoon. otherwise we clear out and another system starts to approach late on tuesday, bringing that wintery mix. zooming in on predictor, you can see not too much activity. not very widespread. could be a few rain showers and possibly flurries. otherwise we will have the
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tomorrow and to start off the workweek. for tonight, the clouds increase. a bit cooler than the past few nights. near 30 degrees across the area. tomorrow will not be quite as warm. in fact you will notice that it's much cooler out there with temperatures in the 40s. still above average though and could have a few of the flurries mainly in the north western counties. for the rest of your extended forecast, temperatures don't fall too far. don't get too worried. we have the next system on tuesday. temperatures still in the 40s then. temperatures start to fall, getting closer to the average temperature of 34, 35. and temperatures in the nighttime near 20 and 17 degrees. so not too bad. but, you know, not 50 degrees of course. >> tuesday you think we're looking at a mix or is that mostly going to be one thing or the other. >> more of a mix because a lot of the areas will start to rise above the freezing mark. some areas that get it earlier before the temperatures rise
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could also see rain move through. >> thank you, rebecca. not the weather that we're used to for state wrestling o tournaments. it's usually colder. but it's going on big time. >> that's going on right now. we will talk about you and. >> reporter: cedar rapids next on cbs 2. mom: seriously? culligan man: problem water. i'm on it. anncr: a culligan whole-house water softening system turns your problem water into culligan water, pure and simple.
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and simple. dad: hey, culligan man. culligan man: hey!
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season looked lost after falling >> and now cbs 2 sports. >> u of i's basketball season looked lost after january 23rd. instead it was a turning point. their four-game losing streak ended days later and a six-game winning streak began. they're looking to start another winning streak after losing to loyola on wednesday. things started with a bang thanks to wes. he got the hang time. one of the best dunkers in the country. and the panthers can shoot at those two. matt is a senior stroker. he knocks down a triple. made eight of those on the day. and the sophomores were at it again. wyatt brings cook down low. he lays it up and down. up by 6. but back to those
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the panthers up 14 at the half and they ride it out in the with 18 points and five assists... u-n-i is back at home on wednesday for senior night... tough day for the iowa state women... they get dropped by fourth-ranked baylor, 78 to 41... shawna johnson and meredith burkhall both scored in double figures... let's check up on marion native marcus paige and the u-n-c tar heels... they hosted miami... first half... paige gets loose from deep... and lets it fly... the long three is money... that ties it at thirteen... u-n-c ran away with this one... paige had seven points, two assists, and two boards... all season long... it's been a dream... and for some... it's about to be a reality... in three-a.... girls' basketball teams are punching their tickets for state... or going home... in marion... mount vernon and solon hit the hardwood in a three-a regional final... and the mustangs galloped out of the gate... they pass it arond and get it to kristen elliott... mount vernon up five... timeout solon... but
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nicole oberthein gathers the loose ball... thinks about it... pulls the trigger... bang... it's a three... the mustangs matched it though... libby ryan says give me all three of these... she's all jazzed up.. third quarter right now... mount vernon leads, 33-24... tonight the iowa city high girls will play ottumwa in the regional quarterfinals... and for the little hawks... it's just another small step on the vernon lives 33-24. for the little hawks it's just another small step on the way to des moines. >> reporter: at city high, winning is more than a tradition, it's an expectation. >> we're just expected to win. and going to state tournament and ultimately winning is our ultimate goal every year. >> reporter: and that's why a string of 20-win seasons may be great. but there's still that elusive state title. >> 2008.
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we're overdue. up there we had an undefeated season and we led for most of the game and dowling took over in the fourth quarter and that left a bad taste in our mouth mouththat was kinda hard to watch.. when i got up to varsity my junior year that made me and the rest of the team wanna work harder to push to that final goal of that state championship and this year they're battle tested -- . ." our girls have been pretty comfortable in big games this year year >> reporter: this year they're battle tested. >> the girls have been comfortable in the big games this year. >> i think this is the year that if we're going to do it, we can do it this year. win all of it. >> reporter: a year the little hawks hope send them flying high. cbs 2 news sports. >> the basketball teams are building towards going to state in des moines. state wrestling finals is right now in des moines. we have a bunch of local wrestlers going for the championship. >> wow. >> that's kind of the big story.
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>> >> temperatures will be falling tonight below freezing with lows in the 20s.
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freezing mark.
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