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tv   CBS2 News Live at 5  CBS  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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someone will stick around for the rest of the week. >> we'll see it from time to time, but temperatures will continue to be on the mild side. we're at 41 degrees right now and mostly cloudy, winds at 8 miles per hour and in eastern iowa, temperatures are showing a good range where there continues to be snow on the ground, hurting anybody north of i-20, mid30s, but in the south, 40s in washington. those will streak through the skies over the next 24 hour us no rain or snow expected and ahead of the next front, another mild day so we'll expect temperatures tonight to hold in the upper 20s to around 30 for lows and will be right back into the 40s tomorrow afternoon. but there's some colder weather in our future, along with gusty wind. we'll have more on that in your forecast coming up. >> we'll see you then.
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terrifying story cbs 2 news has been following all weekend. the uper driver accused of going on a shooting rampage in michigan is now facing six murder charges. police said 45-year-old jason dalton went on a shooting spree, leaving six dead and two others hurt. late today, a michigan prosecutor is saying dalton admitted to the shootings. for seven hours saturday, police said the shooter drove from one target to another, gunning down victims at random. survivors say the shooting scenes are chaotic. >> shot her once and she was still running and then shot her again -- she fell. and she asked, "joy help me." >> the little girl ran to the works obviously looking for her mom, and my mom is dead. "my mom is dad." he backed up and attempt -- ] indistinct ] and missed. >> a seventh victim, a 14-year- old girl, is in critical condition tonight. police said she is responding to verbal commands.
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figure out why dalton opened fire. a judge in connecticut is holding a hearing to figure out whether the manufacturer, distributor, and seller of the rifle used in the sandy hook shooting should stand trial. some of the families of victims are suing, saying the automatic weapon used in two is too dangerous to be sold to the public. lawyers say it's not in violation of federal law. it's shaping up to be a battle of the titans, apple versus the fbi. the fbi want apple to break into the phone of one of the san bernardino shooters. syed farook shot and killed 14 people in a holiday party in december before being killed in information from the phone. apple is refusing, saying the situation could lead to more privacy issues.last night, f-b-i director james comey posted a statement saying agents can't look survivors in they eye if they don't get
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the attack support the don't get intoing their phone. victims of the attack support the government's attempt to unlock the iphone. reuters report the victims want to know why they were targeted and how the massacre happened. the new york city police department wants an apology from an entertainment superstar. >> some reports say police believe beyonce's half-time show at the super bowl this year promoted hostility towards officers. crediting says she's paying tribute to the black panthers with the single "formation." some police forces are refusing to provide security at her concerts. emergency crews respond to the wal-mart on 29th avenue in cedar rapids where police tell cbs 2 news a woman harmed herself. there is no threat to the
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happening now, lynn mar student athletes are speaking out before the school board in defense of their football coach. cbs 2 news first broke this story last week. the coach is accused of verbally and physically abusing players. a lynn mar father who represents a group of students said they reported incidents claims. jeff 13:36:30 "when you find a wide discrepancy, it's a little easier to say 'at this particular time it's not founded for us to do anything', that doesn't mean there's still not things that have to be addressed in the program."mark 14:08:00 "the administration needs to go out and figure out who else is out there and how many other instances to figure out how deep a problem is and they're not willing to do that." that."here's a live look right now as students address the board. coming up on cbs 2 news ten at ten, hear what the players are saying about coach casebolt. in cedar rapids right now,
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figure out how to get teacher learning time scheduled into the calendar. previous plans had late start days once a week .many parents and teachers opposed the plans, saying it takes away learning time and would disrupt schedules at home. during the last board meeting, superintendent brad buck asked for more options.tonight, the board is looking at a calendar with early release every friday. cbs 2 news reporter matt hammill is speaking with superintenden buck right now to get his thoughts on the latest plan. we'll have that report live tonight on the cbs 2 news at six. on the latest plans. we'll have the report live tonight on the cbs 2 news at 6:00. a type of therapy for children and teens is growing in popularity and is being done all over iowa and the u.s. it's called play therapy and is just what it sound like. therapists use toys to relax their lives.for example - if they are angry at a parent or caregiver but afraid to say so - they can express it openly
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"they can come in and play out they're mad at mom, but they don't have to tell mom they're mad." mad."experts say play is our first language and with proper guidance - kids have lower anxiety, higher self esteem - and are able to regulate their emotions. tanager place is one local resource for play therapy.if you'd like more information - you can find a link to them through our website, cbs2iowa dot com. the city of cedar rapids is continuing to work on a new fee structure for storm water utilities. continuing to work on a new fee structure for stormwater utilities. the current water system is based on total acreage and ultimately has the biggest impact on large businesses. the new proposal is considering a rate based on how many of the surfaces on a property are imper obvious like sidewalks and rooftops that would lower the cost for some.
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to accomplish in the next two years. the council will approve the 2017 budget and two-year plan tomorrow night. mellaney moore explains why they're considering a full-time fire department. [ indistinct radio transmission ] >> reporter: the north liberty fire department responded to more than 1,000 calls. >> when the alarm goes off, these guys are getting out of their shoes on, getting in their car driving over here, especially in the winter with snowstorms and that and then heading out. out.standup: right now north liberty's population is but city officials say there isn't a magic number for when the fire department would switch from volunteer to full time. they say it all depends volunteer fire department can maintain their quality of service.mayor amy nielsen, north liberty 02:40:35 we need to look at, if we grow even
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able to meet the demands.the chief says having full-time staff at the station all the time would reduce response times to emergencies. emergencies. coming up on the cbs 2 news at six, what it takes to become a volunteer fire fighter and some of the challenges the department is facing in getting people to donate their time. new today - video you have to see!the meeting between president obama and an elderly woman is going viral tonight. tonight."she's 106, no you are not! no you slow down. oh my goodness, you are not, i wanna be like you when i grow up. you can." can."106-year-old virginia mclaurin fulfilled her dream of visiting the white house and meeting president obama. she said she was there to celebrate black history month and was honored to meet the country's first african
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like to see more of this video, it's on our facebook page - kgan cbs 2. on our facebook page. just search "kgan cbs 2." terry, we should be that full of energy at 106. >> oh, i should say so. wasn't that special? what a big day for her. you know, we always start thinking about the weekend early, especially when you think like i do today. we'll be 37 on friday. then we have a real good day coming in on saturday when we could be up to 46 degrees. however, after that, maybe a little rain or snow and we'll start to slow down towards the
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how things are trending righ tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning. losing a loved one can be one of the hardest moments in your life.a local woman realized nobody really tells you what you need to do next. she's made it her mission to help prepare others. her tips for you tomorrow on
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>> welcome back to live at 5:00 in the weather center with chief meteorologist terry swails who is under the weather today. you have a common cold? >> yeah, i'm thinking so. it started with my daughter -- >> oh, isn't that the way it goes? >> now my wife. wife's got it too so, you know -- she's the last one standing. >> mom usually are yeah. but now the whole family's got it. i'm sorry. >> it's one of those things. we'll work through it here -- sound worse than i probably am. that's how colds are. >> we appreciate you pulling yeoman's duty. >> it's all right. we have a pretty good forecast for you tomorrow. temperatures are up in the 40s around eastern iowa and when it's february and 40s, you're doing something right. we have 41 degrees. our skies are mostly cloudy. winds are out of the east about 8 miles per hour, giving us a humidity of 70% and all around iowa today, temperatures were above the freezing mark but it's still lagging a bit in the far north.
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ground around mason city and decora where temperatures are in the low-to-mid- 30s but south of that today, a lot of play in the low-to-mid- 40s iowa. there's collar ring -- clarinda. a mild tuesday coming up around here as temperatures pop back into the 40s. but as a storm system develops southwestward and moves east that will bring windy, colder conditions for that time frame. it will stay nice and dry upcoming weekend. so as we go to our temperatures right now, reading in the 30s in the north. 36 degrees in charles city and decora. there's oelwein at 37 but you get further south, cedar rapids, not too shabby, 43 in iowa city. as we go to the satellite tonight, you can see some
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south and this is a system getting organized over the southwest and is going to actually track off to the east over us so we will not be impacted by the precipitation but this will be a pretty stout storm system as it heads up through the ohio valley. it will produce some accumulating snows to the east of us and we'll get in on strong winds around here. this is the precipitation forecast through the week and you can see while we're dry in eastern iowa, it starts to rain or snow to the southeast of us and there could be some areas around chicago that see a couple, 3 inches of accumulation, even towards st. louis, but, again, no snow expected this week as the wintry weather stays well to the southeast of us. but this storm is expected to bring some wind to the area. now, it's not talking to happen tomorrow. you can see at noon tomorrow, our wind should be under 5 5 miles s r hour so a nice, calm day but look what happens here by the time we get to wednesday. the storm starts to crank up to the south of us. st. louis has winds of 44 miles per hour. we're at 27 cedar rapids and by y
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the north and starting to spread some colder air into the midwest so tomorrow looks to be a nice, mild day in advance of all that but you can see, as we go into wednesday here, rth winds will drop those temperatures back down into the 30s. so your forecast does call for temps tonight babb back in the 20s in most locations. mostly cloudy skies around and winds out of the east at 5 to 10. tomorrow, then, don't look for anything in the waof wind, range of 5 to 10 miles per hour, temperatures ranging from the low 40s to the north to upper 40s to the south and mixture of sun and clouds. the extended forecast has us at 37 degrees for wednesday, about 34 for thursday, and we do have a little chance for some rain or maybe a little wet snow around late sunday night but overall, that's it for any storminess and looks pretty light so i like the way temperatures are going with 30s and 40s, above normal this time of year. >> all right, terry, if you like it, we like it. warm is good.
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cooking dinner but if your meal include maytag brand bleu cheese, hold on. the newman, iowa, company recalled wedges, wheels, and crumbles packaged january 6 because of possible listeria contamination. that include about 900-pound of cheese. the company is now adding another lot number to the recall so for more informatatn on the cheese that's affected and what to do if you have any of it, head over to our newly-revamped website, you go to the hospital to get better, not to get sick. yet every year, thousands and thousands of americans die from infectiouses they pick up at hours. it's estimated 1 in 25 get an infection from being in the hospital. cbs news is looking at what you can do to protect yourself. the committee to reduce infection deaths said patients need to be proactive.
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surfaces around the hospital bed and stethoscopes can reduce infections by as much as 80%. most importantly, make sure visitors and doctors wash their hands before approaching you. >> it's hard. patients are intimidate by those white coat and nurse's uniforms but you could be saving your life by doing that. >> think hospitals try to make an effort about keeping the hospitals as sterile as possible and i think more needs to be done. >> patients can also look for hospitals and surgeons with low infection rates. you can do some researcher there. days before surgery, they recommend washing with chlorhexadine soap that can remove harmful bacteria you may be carrying on your skin. still ahead live at 5:00, demanding safety. the group calling on all hoverboard makers to raise their safety standards immediately. and this is a live look from north liberty as the sun
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more news and weather ahead
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back on cbs 2. over the holidays - hoverboards were a popular gift under the tree.but now - the over the holidays, hover boards were a popular gift under the tree, but the consumer is product safety commission said the toy is responsible for more than 50
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so the commission is ordering makers of the toy to raise standards immediately. >> reporter: this holiday season's hot toy is linked to dozens of fires in 24 states since december with millions of dollars in damage. this famamy's celebratatn was rurued. >> it just blew up, sparks and fire started coming from the toy. >> reporter: on thursday, the consumer product safety commission issued newly- updated, voluntary afety standadas to manufacturers, retailers, and importers. boards that do not comply pose an unreasonable risk of fire to consumers who risk serious injury or death if their hoverboard ignite and burn. >> this is really a shot across the bow from the consumer product safety commission saying if you're bringing product in and you're not mead meeting these standards, we'll
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>> reporter: excess heat is generated from the lithium batteries. >> you can look at this device and see the fire started inside. >> reporter: one of the manufacturers of cpsc is investigating and one of the biggest. swagway, which has been hit with a class-action complaint in december over an alleged buyer. >> recalls are ineffortable. products have always met international safety standards, using industry- approved materials. (gfx in) in a statement, swagway says it " in support of complying with the new guidelines set forth by the cpsc." (gfx out)vladimir duthiers, cbs news, new york. swagway says no hoverboards currently meet the new, updated safety standards - but the company says it *is coming those standards. "here's a live look at the decorah eagle nest. two eggs now waiting to hatch - we'll keep you posted. terry will have your final
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here's the cbs evening news. an uber driver appeared inin
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of murder from a shooting spree on saturday night. prosecutors said he has confessed to the murders. plus, after a mega fire, we'll look at the safety of double-decker megabuses. and she turned the white house into a dance party. her story tonight on "the cbs evening news." country music fans -- - good lose my mind." brett eldredge will be part of the 20-16 iowa statfair grandstand. he released his debut album in 2013 and has a couple of number one hits with "don't ya" and "mean to me." eldredge takes the stage on august 13th. tickets will go on sale march 5th.
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that's cbs 2 news live at 5 . coverage continues now with the cbs evening news and we'll be back here at 6 with the top
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>> pelley: an uber driver is charged today with six counts of murder in a saturday night shooting spree. also tonight, a top aide is fired fofo posting a bogus vidid of rubio. >> every single day comes out of
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deceptive and untrue. >> drew: why did this mega-bus with 40 passengers burst into flames? >> the bus boomed and then boomed again and you see sparks and flames fly everywhere. >> pelley: and virginia mclaurin waited more than a century for this moment. >> it was the greatete time of my life. >> this is captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today a driver for uber, the online ride-hailing service, was charged with murdering six people in kalamazoo, michigan. prosecutors say 45-year-old jason dalton has confessed. the dead, apparently shot at random, range in age from 17 to 74. two others were wounded and anna werner has the details. >> the defendant did murder mary jo nye. >> reporter:`it took nearly


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