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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  August 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am CDT

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right now on cbs 2 this morning...more students in eastern iowa are heading back to the first day of classes in the new school year. the breaking news overnight in europe - about a devastating earthquake that's already leveled a small italian town. an update to a now deadly house fire in the corridor. welcome to cbs two this morning...and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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let's go to the graphic and talk about how much rainfall fell. houses flooded and cars stranded >> with had a confirmed report of at least 5 1/2 inches and estimates of 7 inches in spots. a lot have rain has fallen. even though the rain has moved out, there is still concern for flooding. at the freeport parkway area, there are still rescues in those areas. parts of cities in several
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flooded roadways and give yourself extra time. >> there is a flood warning for north. more storms tonight with heavy rain expected in southern iowa. a flash flood watch in effect until tomorrow morning. this is also where we will see a slight risk of strong storms this afternoon and this evening in southern iowa. in the rain for the next few hours and then more showers developing. it is muggy and we will talk about the next chance of storms. there is major flooding at the trinity river this morning. it is at 13 feet and flood stage is 9 feet. they have stopped sandbagging for the time being. we have pictures from northeast iowa and we can tell you that the decorah schools are closed
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flooding. eastern iowa - cbs 2 news reporter stephanie johnson is live right now in iowa city.. city..where students are getting ready to head back to class today. stephanie - good m. morning.good morning kelly - yeah students in iowa city will need an umbrella or rain coat for their first day of school - i'm right outside of south-east junior high - where school starts just before 9 o-c. that start time is different than elementary students - 7-fifty five.the school district is reminding parents because as justin said, there will probably be showers in iowa city later today. i admit southeast junior high where school will start just before 9:00 a.m. this morning. that is different from most other elementary school start times. they will start at 7:55. the school district reminding the parents about this swap in start times. they believe the start times better suit the age groups. they are using discretionary
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prioritizing areas where it is needed most. >> there is only so much money to devote to discretionary busing. because of that we cannot bus every child within 2 miles.>> reporter: parents told cbs 2 news that they are planning for more traffic to start the school year. they are paying attention to all the kids headed back to school today. covering the corridor work and iowa city, stephanie johnson, cbs 2 news some including north liberty, are doing what they can to make sure that students get to school safely. they spent the summer planning the safest routes for the kids to get to school. if you would like to take a look at the suggestion walking route, we have a link on her website, a perfect place for kids to spread germs . kids are required to be
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seven common illnesses. the number of fully immunized students going back to school has seen a downward trend across the state. officials tell cbs 2 news that objections for health and religion are on the rise and that is creating concern. >> in iowa we do not have a philosophical exemption. you cannot not get immunizations because you don't believe in them. though we do see a slight increase in religious exemptions which is concerning. it is not just to help the child receiving protects the other people that the child comes into contact with.>> reporter: most to schools in linn county and johnson county have an another concern for parents as kids head back to school - head lice.and now "super lice" has crawled into nearly every s. experts say the bugs have adapted over time - and have become resistant to some of the treatment options. one of the big reasons parents have trouble getting rid of lice - is thet haven't used
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tried over the counter - maybe tried a couple different kinds of them and still not working even if you're doing everything right - then you can contact your healthcare because they have not used medications correctly. >> if you have tried over-the- counter and a couple of types of medications and of done everything right, you can contact your health provider for prescriptions if the over- the-counter methods don't work. >> the easiest way to get and spread lies is to put heads together or by sharing hats brushes. a cedar rapids man is dead after a fire that broke out early tuesday morning. that's when firefighters were called to a avenue northwest in cedar rapids. a 22-year-old man was trapped inside. firefighters rushed in to pull him out, but he later died from his injuries. investigators say that a frying pan with greece was left on the stove and it started the fire.
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the stove and it started the fire. 37 people have been killed in a 6.2 magnitude earthquake. the mayor of one of the hardest hit towns told reporters that the town was no more. it rattled ground 100 miles away and crews are still trying to locate people who are missing. cbs 2 news monitor the situation all morning long and we will brin turkish military and u.s. backed coalition forces have starting operation to clear isis militants. it was initiated this morning and it focused on a turkish town just hours ago. they crossed over into syria to continue their operation. focused on several key battleground states. one more state is up for grabs.
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clinton pulling even with donald trump in missouri. the show me state has not picked a democrat in 20 years. clinton is holding lead and other key states including florida and new hampshire and it is tied here in iowa. on the campaign trail, donald trump paid tribute to those killed by illegal immigrants. the gop brought several on stage with him in earlier calls to deport all 11 million illegal immigrants in the country. trump is also increasing his attacks over the clinton foundation.he accuses the former secretary of state of an improper relationship between her job - -as the nation's top diplomat, country. trump accuses the former secretary of state with an improper relationship between her job as a nation's
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"they're taking in tens of millions of dollars. it's pay for play, it's just all, you know, you pay and you play. and i think it's a very, very bad thing for them." them."the clinton foundation says, if hillary clinton is elected president, it will stop accepting foreign donations.former president bill clinton also vowed to step down from the foundation if his wife were to become commander-in-chief. the iowa state fair failed to break its own attendance record this year. year.just over one million step down from the foundation if his wife in chief. the iowa state fair breaking its attendance record. it is down about 86,000 from last year's record. the fair ceo says that there is one reason for the dip, the cool weather conditions. rain with high humidity have some people home this year. it is six: 09 right now and 73 degrees in coralville. coming up the first-ever
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weekend. we are watching the weather closely as there is a chance for scattered showers and storms for sunday evening. right now we're watching doppler radar and there are still showers and storms in the
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good morning. 6:12 with storms this morning of flash flooding across north and eastern iowa. 6 inches of rain or more up there. there is flooding and more storms this evening and into the overnight. that will bring periods of heavy rain for southern iowa this evening and into the overnight. there is a bit of a break this afternoon and then we see more storms tonight. let's get into the numbers.
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at 11:00. the high stays 83. it is still muggy out there today. scattered showers and thunderstorms just to the north from start -- strawberry port to gatlinburg. there are flash flood warnings. light rain around buchanan and into delaware and dubuque counties. heavier rain from dewitt down to clinton and just north of the quad cities. this area is where we have seen 4-6 inches morning. all of this info on our twitter page, -- page. the river is at 14.7 feet which is above flood stage in
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sandbagging because it is rising so fast. the flood warnings continue for several counties as well as howard and chickasaw counties. numerous roads underwater. the county sheriff's in the process of closing roads this morning because of all of the flash flooding and roads underwater. we can let you know that the decorah schools are closed today because of flooding. 72 with clouds in cedar rapids. it is muggy with 100%um city and washington. -- in oelwein and 73 and iowa city and washington. low to mid 80s for the highs on the board. a cold front will eventually move through the state of iowa and that will kick off more scattered shower and thunderstorm chances this evening and into the overnight. the front moves through by midday and it will move through
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overnight. this is the first round of showers and the next will move through later this afternoon and into the evening time. it looks like the nucleus of heavy rain will start around st. louis and back up toward washington and iowa and as far north as iowa city. we will keep a watch to see though showers right along the front range as we head through the evening and overnight. there is the predictor with a break in the rain midday. there may be a little bit sunshine and then we head to the afternoon and evening and here comes the cold front kicking off more shower and thunderstorm chances. there should be some break by thursday afternoon. just a marginal threat of thunderstorms for cedar rapids up to dubuque for the afternoon and evening. anything strong to possibly severe will be contained in the southern part of the state. storms this morning and a break for midmorning and early afternoon and then more storms
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here is the cold front and the wind changes direction at 5-2. there could be heavy rain in the south. temperatures in the upper 50s and 60s. 50s north and 60 s. down the 56 and clearing tomorrow afternoon and evening. sunny -- friday will be dry and comfortable. it should be great for friday night foot wall in the upper 60s to lower 70s by game time. saturday we want to watch closely because we know the big event that big country concert and we will keep an eye. it looks like that unfortunately storms will move through saturday night and more into sunday with low 80s. low 80s on monday was scattered shower and thunderstorm chances. they will stay scattered on tuesday with 80s. we will end august with low 80s and upper 70s. the fry fest next week will be in the upper 70s.
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cloudy at this point. we are keeping a watchful eye on what is happening today in northeast iowa. we will have updates on air and online and on social media. you can go to our website at it is 6:17 and right now it is 73 degrees in north liberty. still to come, the president travels to
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your???????
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welcome back. to do 6:19 and we are taking a look at a rainy cedar rapids right now. you can see the fog in the air and water on the streets. but, it is a pretty shot this morning. here's a look at how it feels. 72 in cedar rapids and 73 and iowa city. 71 in waterloo, 70 in dubuque and 66 in decorah. uber recently bought a company called auto which is designing autonomous big rigs and will soon test self driving passenger cars. john blackstone took a test drive. at 50 wife -- at 55 miles per hour -- >> reporter: at 55 miles per hour with no one behind the wheel, they have tested on close roads. we took a test drive on the freeway. we are engaged and the truck is driving itself.>> reporter: a safety driver is behind the wheel just in case. the goal here is to build equipment that complete
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make it self driving.>> reporter: uber is driving -- is buying auto for an estimated $680 billion. it gives the ridesharing giant access to the technology. >> it allows us to get to the ticket -- to the future sooner rather than later. >> reporter: uber is introducing a fleet of new cars that are equip for now, the uber cars will have a safety driver. with more than 1 million uber driver's around the world, there is a future where they are no longer needed. show up quickly and change things dramatically (on cam: john blackstone/cbs news/san francisco)truck drivers may have more job security.otto's self-driving trucks are designed to operate only on highways.truckers will still meaning that it will show up quickly and change things dramatically. >> reporter: truck drivers may have more job security. the self driving trucks are designed only to be operated on freeways. truckers will still do everything off the freeway.
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uber is not the only company testing self driving cars. lyft is also testing. other car manufacturing companies are testing the same technology. it is 6:22 and in the 60s outside your door. plenty of showers this morning and thunderstorms too. lots and lots of rain. as we head to the break, check doppler radar. showers in north and eastern iowa.
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a bold new flavor and only here for a limited time. mmmhmm. welcome to delicious. a very soggy doppler radar this morning as we look at more
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from southern clayton county toward black hawk and buchanan counties this morning, we will keep a watchful eye. flash flood warnings continue for northeast iowa. let's zoom in and show you the showers that we are watching just to the west of iowa city. from williamsburg headed to the east, those will bring us periods of heavy rain as well. we will talk about ho rain is falling in northeast iowa coming up in the next half- hour. the bus stop forecast with shattered -- scattered showers and 66 degrees. 83 when we pick the kids up this afternoon. there is plenty of cloud cover and the predictor will bring more shatt -- wondered -- more thundershower chances. more chances tomorrow. clear and then we will keep a watchful eye for more scattered
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we should the the forecast with low 80s for tuesday. looking at the top stories this morning. developing this morning. some companies that manage iowa's medicaid program are losing tens of millions of dollars. there is a $42.6 million deficit on the iowa operations. one group was $66.7 million. the groups along with united healthcare took over iowa's medicaid program on april 1. reporting a shortfall on its investment return. the public pension company which serves 325,000 iowans lost about $1 billion. state lawmakers approved changes in 2010 to tighten the system by raising the number of years worked. a spokeswoman said that while the number looks like a major loss, the
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performances. a 16-year-old cat in russia has adopted a baby squirrel monkey. a three-week-old squirrel monkey from his due in russia. the monkey's mother refused to carry him on her back which is something that is essential for him to survive his first few months of life. the director at the zoo took the newborn to her home and knew that he would die if she didn't. she was surprised that her 16- year-old cat, who has never had babies of her own, except that the ba to her ever since. the monkey is getting naughty and has started writing and pinching her and the tired old cat has about a month to go as the monkey will then head back to the school to join the rest of the squirrel monkeys. that is the cutest little
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...what parents need to know about construction right now on cbs 2 this morning, what parents need to know about construction projects that could impact how your child gets to school this day . helping local family support a lifesaving shot has prices that have skyrocketed in the last few years. preparations in place for a concert at kinnick stadium. this is a live look at i-300 this is a live look at i-380 and it looks like the camera has frozen, but you can see the roads are a little wet if you are headed that way. i am kelly d barry has the morning off. rainy weather and there is a
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weather center with team coverage of the weather. what is going on? there is a lot of flooding.>> 7.5 inches of rain have been reported in decorah as of now. schools are closed because of the flooding and there are reports of numerous roads underwater. they are doing water rescues around the freeport area just east doppler radar and talk about what is going on. there are scattered shower and thunderstorms with rain around northeast iowa. we will zoom into independents. a little further north and east, this is the area we are talking about when it comes to the flooding concerns. you can see the areas highlighted in rain and that is a flash flood warning. it is over toward the west
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howard counties. this is the bull's-eye where we have seen anywhere from 4-7.5 inches of rain this morning and through the overnight. there is a lot of heavy rain and decorah schools are closed this morning. cedar rapids and iowa city are drying out. as you see, there are showers west of iowa city this morning and those continue to move through off to the east. for the storm reports, this is what we are looking at. inches of rain in dorchester. water rescues and there is no traveling freeport this morning because of the flooding. flash flood warnings continue in the north. we must mention a flash flood watch continuing in the south and overnight tonight as we look at the chance for more heavy rain in southern iowa. here is the planner with an abbreviated look up what we are looking at. we will see cloudy skies at lunchtime and mighty and 83
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with the predictor and a look at the fastly flooding turkey river in spillville. last look it was 14 feet and now it is over 15 feet. the flood stage is 9 feet. we will keep you updated on that and what to plan for the rest of the day and the night from the weather first forecast center. the rain and weather is not stopping anybody and iowa city from going to school today. we have stephanie johnson. how is it looking in iowa city dry here, but it may be a challenge for parents to get their kids to school because of the row construction here. this is blocks from southeast junior high school. well me and my photographer were driving here earlier today, we had to take a detour that took his 12 minutes to get here. that is without traffic. just imagine how the roads will change later this morning with kids headed to school.
6:34 am
first avenue is due to grade separation projects. it is to separate the roads as the trains passed through. it closes off the road to three schools in the area. that is southeast junior high school, city high school and tate high school. the city understands the hassle and they are doing their best to make it easier on drivers. we are trying to get the word out to the public and the school district and with southeast junior high school being right there, we are as best we can that the closure is going to occur. we understand that it is going to be a challenge, but at the end of the day, hopefully once we get that opened backup, they will start to see the significant benefit of the project. back out here life, and neighbor told us that the road has been closed for a total of four days and they are working pretty fast on getting the road open again. now, first avenue is scheduled
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you can head to our website,, to get a list of all of the different routes that you can take to get your child off to school. covering the corridor or and iowa city, stephanie johnson, cbs 2 news. the city's newest magnet school is in operation. tuesday morning, students and school leaders held a ribbon cutting ceremony for kenwood theatre ship academy. superintendent brad back and others were at new data from a-c-t says many high school grads may not be ready for college. college.the testing company says only 38-percent of graduating seniors who took the exam hit the college prepared benchmark in three of four subjects that are tested. that's down from 40-percent last year.just over 2 million who took the exam hit the college prepared benchmark in three of four subjects tested. that is down from 40% last year. just over to me and seniors took the test.
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right now. the epipen is designed to save the life of a person experiencing a -- an allergic reaction. the cost is four times higher than just a few years ago. we told you about this problem first last month. the soaring price of this life- saving drug has families worried that they cannot afford to -- afford to protect their kids. chuck grassley said that scores of families wrote to him regarding they are trying ease the burden on customers with coupons. >> the current coupon will pay up to $100 towards the copay. frequently we can get it to patients for a zero copay and it has been significant.>> reporter: clark says it is all -- there is also a less expensive generic shot that patients may want to ask their doctor about. in the meantime, senator chuck grassley has contacted the
6:37 am
about the soaring costs. mylan is a good guy and they have one product that is making money . it is $300 and an iphone is $700. they are currently under indictment for securities fraud. there was a 5000% price hike for a drug for hiv patients. on tuesday, the mylan stock fell about 5% . president obama got an up close look at the devastation and louisiana after record- breaking flooding. he tour the hardest hit areas of baton rouge. more than 13 people died and 16,000 homes of been damaged. fema is coordinating federal aid to help the clean -- the
6:38 am
president obama promised more help is on the way. >> we are heartbroken by the loss of life. there are also people who are still desperately trying to track down friends and family. we will keep helping them in every way that we can.>> reporter: after touring damage to neighborhoods, the present -- president visited privately with the family of alton sterling was killed by police. he also met with families of targeted in an attack just days later. the back porch revival will be held this saturday and iowa city. it features some big names. former hawkeye dallas clark wanted to hold a concert in kinnick stadium. >> before we got to that, we had noise issues to overcome due to the children's hospital
6:39 am
thousands of tickets for sale and the concert starts at 3:00 on saturday. they will be serving beer in the stadium for the event. paying tribute to legendary singer, glen campbell. he is in the late stages of alzheimer's and you will receive i will fashion award one local company is taking action against the deadly disea. disease.west side transport raised more than 30-thousand dollars to purchase this new anti-cancer's an effort to increase awareness and raise money in the fight. the company calls the new trailer the convoy for a cure - and part of its monthly revenue will go to local cancer charities. "i don't expect this truck to run across the country and suddenly now there's a cure, but it's those incremental steps and this is gonna make a great contribution." contribution."west side transport will make annual donations for the life of the trailer - and the company says
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operational for ten-to-fifteen years. it's and right now in it's degrees.there's still more cbs 2 this morning to come.but first let's take a look at what we're working on for fox 28 morning live. live.the trump campaign has now started running campaign ads -- find out how effective they could be with just months until the election. election.and after two decades of living on the street, a homeless woman fought uncle sam and got 100-thousand dollars.that's coming up fox 28 morning live, eastern iowa's only local news at 7 a-m. a-m. first forecast we have...
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it is about 6:43. good morning. we are watching flash flooding across northeast iowa where they got anywhere from 4-7 inches of rain. plus cedar rapids and iowa city got anywhere from a tense-9/10 ?8/10-9/10 inches. we are looking at 74 at noon today and write about 83 this shower and thunderstorm chances. there is doppler radar and flood warnings continue through the morning. flash flood warnings in north and east iowa. we are seeing scattered and light showers near allocator and gatlinburg. back to manchester and parkersburg, scattered showers now. that continues to move to the east at about 30-35 miles per hour. it does bring a fair amount of
6:44 am
you can see around the ems berg and back toward iowa city -- williamsburg and back toward iowa city, there are scattered showers there too. right in the bull's-eye is where the flash flooding concerns have been. let's move to the south and show you the big contrast. around cedar rapids, here at broadcast park, 8/10-9/10 inches of rain. we are watching the turkey river in spillville. just shy of 7 feet above flood stage this morning. major flooding and they did suspend sandbagging for the time being because they can't handle it at this point. there are the flood warnings to the north. overnight there are more shower and thunderstorm chances which could bring heavy rain and a flash flood watch during evening and overnight for southern iowa.
6:45 am
72 in monticello and 73 in oelwein. temperatures in the upper 70s to the low to mid 80s. a cold front will move through this afternoon and evening and change the wind to the north. it will bring more showers and get rid of the humidity in the form of heavier rain this evening and overnight. there is what it looks like as we move through the afternoon and evening. any outdoor plans this evening, you with showers. nothing is heavy as we had overnight. here comes the front and the rain as we head through the evening and overnight hours. we keep rain around for thursday. by thursday late morning, we will clear a bit. partly sunny skies expected and more clearing thursday night and into friday. a marginal threat of storms for the viewing area. the stronger threat is iowa city down to the south as we
6:46 am
to the lower 80s. storms and then a break in the midday and more this evening. the rain continues overnight tonight with 65. upper 70s with early morning storms tomorrow. mid 70s on friday and we look for another round of shower and thunderstorm chances saturday afternoon and into sunday. scattered storms on monday and tuesday with low thursday and friday, that takes us to the next two days of september. thank you justin. it is 6:46.
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vernon: a lot of childish bickering stopping you from getting things done. sounds like washington, but it was my house as i raised three daughters i'm monica vernon. we've got to help hardworking families with affordable childcare, expanded family sick leave, and equal pay for equal work. i'm monica vernon, and i approve this message because it's time to get something done for the middle class. welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your??????? your???????
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we are taking a look at the temperatures outside right now. 72 in cedar rapids and 73 in iowa city and waterloo. 68 in dubuque and 66 in decorah. this is a look at i-380 southbound. no problems there night now. schools are back in session and illnesses.but the number of fully immunized students going to school has seen a downward officials from linn county public health tell cbs 2 news exemptions for health and religion are on the rise and that's creating concern. "in iowa we do not have a philisophical exemption so you can not not get immunizations because you don't believe in so you cannot not get immunizations because you don't believe in them. there is a slight increase in
6:50 am
in religious exemptions. it is a danger to the child and also those that they come into contact with.>> reporter: iowa city schools have a 90% immunization rate or higher. for complete list, go to another concern is head lice. supervised have crawled into nearly the bugs have adapted over time and have become resistant to some of the treatment options. one of the reasons that people have trouble getting rid of lies is because the medications are not used correctly. >> if for some reason you have tried over-the-counter and maybe a couple of different kinds of them and you are doing everything right, then you can contact your healthcare provider. there are prescriptions that can be given at the over-the- counter does not work. >> reporter: the most common
6:51 am
and sharing hats and brushes. focusing on several key battleground states. for more state is up for grabs. a new survey shows that democratic nominee hillary clinton is pulling evening with immigrants.the g-o-p nominee brought several agents on stage with him at a rally in austin, texas.he used them to highlight his call to build a wall on the southern border. trump is expected to unveil his full immigration plan next week.and in recent days has suggested he may back off earlier calls to deport all 11 million illegal immigrants in the country. trump is also increasing his attacks over the clinton foundation.he accuses the former secretary of state of
6:52 am
between her job - -as the nation's top diplomat, and her role with her family's foundation.trump is now calling for a special prosecutor to investigate.he also wants the foundation to be shut down because it accepts contributions from foreign donors. "they're taking in tens of millions of dollars. it's pay for play, it's just all, you know, you pay and you play. and i think it's a very, very bad thing for them." them."the clinton foundation says, if hillary clinton is electe stop accepting foreign donations.former president bill clinton also vowed to step down from the foundation if his wife were to become commander-in-chief. the iowa state fair failed to break its own attendance record this year. year.just over one million people attended the 11-day event in des moines.but that's down about 86-thousand from last year's record.fair c-e-o gary slater says there's only one reason for the dip -- poor weather conditions.slater says
6:53 am
kept some people home this year. it's now on this morning.right now it's degrees in when we come back, we'll take a look at the three stories you'll need to know on this mor. morning. "credit karma, why a "you don't want to drive old blue forever, do you?" "turn it off." "i did." "credit karma huh?" "yea, it's free." "that was easy."
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here are the three stories you need to know to start your wedn. least 37 people have been killed in after an earthquake in central italy. emergency crews this morning are still looking for missing welcome back. here are the top three stories you need t your wednesday. at least 37 have been killed in an earthquake in central italy. emergency crews are still looking for missing people. the mayor of one of the hardest hit towns told reporters afterwards that the town is no more. the tremors rattled from about 100 miles away. a cedar rapids man is dead after house fire broke out early tuesday morning. firefighters were called to a avenue northwest in cedar
6:56 am
2 news that the man was trapped inside. they pulled them out, but he later died from injuries. investigators say that a frying pan with grease was left on the stove and started the fire. there is new surveillance video from a string of robberies in july that has not been resolved. take a look at this. on july 25, a man in black clothing robbed a mcdonald's on riverside drive. that same night, a man in rip up to pension arrows on riverside drive. there were also robberies at first american bank where this picture is from. the robberies are similar, but they're not sure they are related. if you have information, you're asked to call crime stoppers. we are getting updated school announcement. north winneshiek and south winneshiek and decorah schools
6:57 am
12:45 for several counties. as we look at radar, there are scattered shower and thunderstorms?showers and thunderstorms. you can see more rain about to move through the corridor and the metro with heavy rain expected as well. here is the planner. we will keep scattered showers this morning. 79 with mainly cloudy skies at recess and 83 at ic and parts of northeast iowa. at broadcast park with, -- at broadcast park, we are at 9/10
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hey, y
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, august 24th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? a are. a italy overnight. a mayor says his town isn't here any more. >> how donors had access to hillary clinton's foundation while she was secretary of state. and donald trump's running mate asks for a clear of their deportation plans. a remarkable boy after a hand transplant. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."


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