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tv   CBS 2 News Noon  CBS  August 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm CDT

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and we meet you and greet you with some good news when it comes to flooding. good afternoon, friends. let's talk temperatures first and show you what is going on. our temperatures in the upper 60s to the lower 70s. right now 71 degrees. let's get right into the flooding concerns. the flood warnings continue across eastern iowa. across north and east iowa specifically, back toward northern fayette county and into towards the clayton county area. here are the levels. we're focusing on 22.5 feet. they did crest at 10:30 this morning. now we turn our afangs to garber. they're expecting a 24-foot crest this evening. that would be very high. because of this, a lot of roads are closed up in north and east iowa. 360th street closed.
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and i believe that should be morel mill. and abby road, that is right now closed. bugle and abby roads near elgin remain closed. we'll continue to keep you up to date on that. e we are watching a little bit of rain too. just some very light showers west of the area down to the south and waterloo and scattered showers back tiger woods manchester. just very light rain a much better chance of rain exists this evening. we'll talk about the showers moving in late the and overnight coming up here in about 10 minutes' time. kelly? >> thank you, justin. the communities along the river are now feeling optimistic as the water levels are starting to recede. stephanie johnson has been up there all day long keeping an eye on it for us. we will show you the cautious side of that optimism. >> reporter: kelly, there are many street closures and sandbags situated.
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risen. it has basically taken over the basketball court as well as a playground over here. right now businesses along south main street near here are all closed today because of the flooding. the central community school district is also closed today because of the high waters. emergency management has asked all residents to stay away from the downtown area. and the last time people saw this much water was back in 2008 when the turkey river reached record levels. as the flood levels rose. >> the most impressive thing about all of this, i guess two things. one, the officials, the fire department, the city officials, the city council, all of the people making decisions, were very, very well prepared. they knew exactly what they wanted to do, and then the other thing is so many people showed up, you know, from high school kids to elderly people to just in droves.
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thanked all of the volunteers for their hard work. he also had some great news the 2008 flood level, and several feet lower than forecas. forecasted.the mayor has asked for everyone to wait a little while before tearing down the sandwalls. also power is out for the whole town until further elkader sj cbs 2 news. right now, governor terry branstad is in northeast iowa. the governor and lieutenant governor k finished up touring some of the flood damage in decorah, spillville, and fort atkinson. atkinson.yesterday, governor branstad issued a disaster declaration for five northeast iowa counties hit by the flooding, freeing up financial helpe for affected families. just in to the cbs 2 newsroom, newsroom,marion police are now asking for your help to find a man who robbed the fas-fuel on 8-th avenue. avenue.police tell cbs 2 news the man you see here walked into the gas station just
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showed the clerk a knife and demanded cash and cigarettes. no one was hurt.police are also looking for this woman who was in the store just before the robbery. robbery.anyone with information shoul call linn county crime stoppers at 800 - c-s crime. new at noon, noon,eastern iowa authorities are asking for the public's help in finding a convicted murderer who escaped work relea. release.the department of corrections says 39-year-old john mohr didn't return to the didn't return to the davenport work release facility today. moore is serving a 50-year sentence for second-degree murder. if you have any information on where he might be contact davenport police. and the police in cedar falls are now look ing into two incidents that happen toned just after 7 - a man exposed himself near the center for energy and environmental education.a second female reported a man attempted to fondle her near the same
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authorities aren't saying if the two incidents are related. powerful aftershocks continue to rumble through throughparts of central italy, two days after a devastating ea., the first funerals for victims are being held, just down the road from the airport hanger where families are filing through to identify bodies.right now, at least 267 people are dead, and rescuers are working against the clock to save more.several people have been pulled from debris since the wednesday, but crews admit the odds of finding survivors is diminishing by the hour. the political attacks are heating up in the race for the white house.weijia jiang has the latest lateston how hillary clinton and we have the latest on how hillary clinton and donald trump are both accusing the other of bigotry. >> reporter: donald trump arrives in nevada today where he'll make his case to latino voters. last night trump shifted his stance on immigration again
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immigrants and promised a firm but fair plan. >> i don't think it is a softening -- >> but 11 million people are no longer going to be deported. >> there is no amnesty and if somebody wants to go the legallation route, what they'll do, go leave the country, hopefully come back in and then we can talk. >> reporter: hillary clinton says trump can't be trusted, and accused him of promoting hatred in america. >> he banned muslims around the world from entering our country, just religion. >> reporter: the latest national poll shows trump is trailing clinton by 10 points. the can dates exchanged racially charged accusations yesterday. clinton argued that trump was pandering to the right movement, a group associated with white supremacists and nationalists. >> there has been a steady stream of bigotry coming from him. >> reporter: a recent poll shows 60% of all voters feel it
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they'll give me a chance.with 73 days left until election day, both candidates are working to pull in support from minority voters.weiji jiang, cbs news, the white house. clinton has no public appearances scheduled today. cedar rapids now officially has hasa new place to hang out after school. school.crews on thursday cut the ribbon and held an open house for the northwest recreation center on 11-th's the first municipal building built ?specifically programming in cedar rapids, and replaces the "time check recreation center".the new rec center includes a full-size gym, activity room, game room and multi-purpose room with dividers. coming up on the cbs 2 news at noon, the tradition the national park system might be breaking after holding onto it
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for the first time in its 100- year history, the national park service may start >> >>: welcome back. for the first time in 100-year history, the national parks might allow the corporate logos to be displayed and we outline what that means for our treasured lands. >> reporter: corporate logos might start popping up in national parks across the country, for the first time ever in the 100-year history of the national park service. national park service director jonathan jarvis, proposed an order that would allow logos to appear. the name also not be able to appear on park signage or in the national parks. numerous media outlets reported that the proposed order would give the organizations naming rights.
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so if you're concerned tabata grand canyon being presented by verizon, don't worry. it is not going to happen. so corporate logo also be able to the b. displayed in a temporary setting lick on donated vehicles. corporate donations have always been accepted by the national parks service. the national park service has $11.9 million in maintenance, and the appropriation of funds have actually dropped 8% from 2005 to 2014 meaning the national park service is always in need of donations. what a beautiful day to be out there where as if you're here, we have been dodging a lot of rain in some of those parks up north and east.
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place. we're planning on the mid 70s as we head through the day today. the cloud also settle back into the forecast, though. all kinds of flood warnings continuing around northern fayette and clayton county. and the good news is that there are no more flood warnings in effect, but we're still watching closely some of those rivers. i'm going to step out of the way and take a look at some of the latest river levels. you can see the rivers continue to fall. and we did see that turkey river crest about five below projection. that happened about 10:30 this morning at 22.5 feet. and in garber. and in garber.(.ecl) that's where we turn our attention, currently 21.45 feet. they are expecting a crest sometime this evening of 24.0. interesting aside by the way, one of the reasons that the water slowed down was allowed to december pate a little bit more, the crops. remember back in the floods of 2008? our corn was only about three
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here we are the end of august, corn is much taller, much more firmly rooted, that had a big role in slowing down the water as it went over the farm fields. just an interesting fact. these are road closures, highway 13 and 52 are own, but 360th street remains closed at this point as does lower cedar road at garber. and chariot road is closed at this hour. and bugle and abby roads around the elgin area are closed, and south high street at highway 13 remain closed. doppler radar featuring a little bit of light rain. you see back down towards the south of waterloo, back towards independence and manchester, just very light, scattered showers. here a little bit of mixed sunshine. 71 degrees. five miles to our south. and the more cloud cover.
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and 73 in iowa city. take a look at the dew point. upper 50s to lower 60s. so much more comfortable air today compared to what we saw yesterday. the dew points have dropped. one of the factors there, winds out of the north and west at five to 10. here is statewide temperatures. we see upper 60s to lower 70s currently a few hours, we'll see low 70s around mid sections of iowa, mid 70s around our neck of the woods here in the cbs 2 area. just a little bit of rain at this hour and watch what happens on predictor. one storm system moves out and another moves on in. this will push more clouds and showerour forecast this evening and overnight. the best chance of rain will be later this evening, which means we should be able to get friday football for the most part in, dry. but watch what happens here on predictor. if you're going to any games in southern iowa, there is a chance of a few showers. those become more wide spread
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if you're making plans tomorrow, maybe you're going to be out and about. and also the fun fest is going on. watch closely. we see some scattered showers saturday morning. we'll keep the clouds around, but the chance of rain certainly diminishes. as we head later in the afternoon, not say there aren't going to be a few pop-up showers there, but all in all, the threat looks to be in the first half of the day sat. it should be okay. i would probably take an umbrella to be safe because you have seen a few pop-up showers, but one of the more well organized rain should be out of the forecast, just some isolated shower chances for us later saturday evening. of course we have the market after dark too. here is your forecast today. low 70s in the north. upper 70s in the south. friday night football, we'll call it cloudy, but dry. temperatures right about 70 with the cloudy skies. if you're going to games in southern iowa, a little better chance of rain before the game
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tonight, overnight, scattered showers. 60s on the board. here is the extended forecast. we'll keep the rain around saturday morning. by the afternoon we start to see it diminish. a couple of early showers possible sunday. monday starts dry. low 80s tuesday. low 80s wednesday and thursday with a late night wednesday into early shower chance for thursday. >> it sounds good. thank you, justin. still to come ton cbs 2 news at noon, why one photographer is giving away free photo shoots helping change perceptions of what is normal. checking your credit score!" "you don't want to drive old blue forever, do you?" "turn it off."
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"credit karma huh?" "yea, it's free." "that was easy."
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a photographer in annapolis, maryland is now giving away free photo shoots.she donates welcome back. a photographer in annapolis, maryland is giving i way free photo shoots. he donates them to families wh face challenges, and changing the public's perception of what is normal is the biggest challenge. >> ready? one, two, three, cheese! >> reporter: when stephanie smith looks through her camera lens at the 6-year-old, she doesn't see a child with special needs. she see as special child. >> and the strength and the resilience from these kids has been far more inspiring and touching and moving than any other normal child that i have
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says eight months ago she read a blog postabout another photographer who turned down a job because the client's daughter has down's syndrome. >> for me that was just my wake- up call. >> reporter: it inspired her to offer photo shoots to families with children who have diseased and other conditions for free. >> turn your body to me a little bit. important thing, to show us as a family, not a special needs family."(track 6)smith is a mother herself, and watche twice, which also inspired the project.(sot-smith)"i always knew when that happened i wanted to find a way to give back"(track 7--end with photos of the family)smith named her it is humanity and to show his funny side, and that's the most important thing, to show us as a family, not a special need family. >> reporter: smith is a mother herself and watched heresies tear battle cancer twice, which also inspired the project. >> i always knew like when that happened, i wanted to find a way to give back.
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charity lenses for love because she says love is unconditional. cbs news, annapolis, maryland. >> and she hopes to expand lenses for love with photographers in every state donating shoots to families who have children with special needs so far she herself has completed nearly 20 free shoots so nice. coming up on the cbs 2 news at noon, the futuristic project the hotel chain is
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat.
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vernon: a lot of childish bickering stopping you from getting things done. sounds like washington, but it was my house as i raised three daughters while starting a small business. i'm monica vernon. we've got to help hardworking families with affordable childcare, expanded family sick leave, and equal pay for equal work. i'm monica vernon, and i approve this message for the middle class. the u-s economy is still struggling to pick up steam. the government revised its welcome back. and still struggling to pick up family. the government reviesed its initial estimate for the second quarter and found the quarter good and even at a -- grew at a slower pace it initially thought expanding 1.1% that is
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mt. of 1.2%. a texas jury has ruled a faulty general motors ignition switch was not to blame for a fatal accident in 2011. the accident was caused by auto-maker's third courtroom win over the issue. a raise is coming to most airline workers! workers!american airline pilots got a 23-percent pay hike last year.united airlines pilots won a 16-percent pay hike.30-thousand ground workers for er recieve raises ranging from 15-to 55-percent.united ground workers - except the mechanics - will get a 30-percent wage increase over five years.these raises come after employees at all the major u-s carriers endured years of pay cuts, layoffs and bankruptcies. u-s olympic swimmer ryan lochte now has a new sponsor. sponsor.while others are dropping him from their ads, pine brothers throat drops want him to be in theirs.they
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throat, with a nod toward showing forgiveness to lochte for his recent rio robbery scandal.speedo, ralph lauren and other sponsors have all recently cut ties with lochte. starwood hotels is showing off the results of its top secret "project: jetson" experiment. the project includes voice activated hotel rooms.guests at starwood's aloft hotels in boston and santa clara can control room temperature and lighting, just by talking to apple's siri.each room comes with an i pad ru app. justin has your weather to go next...but first here's a look at today's markets. markets. moment, but first here is a
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we're watching flash flooding and really it is no longer flash flooding, it is just flooding. the waiting the hardest part. a lot of folks sandbag there and just waiting for the river to rise. the good news is it only
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thank goodness the sandbags were in place. we were watching it all morning long to creep up higher and higher every minute during cbs this morning. there are the river levels as they stand right now and the water holding steady at 22 feet. still expecting the crest in garber sometime this afternoon at 24 feet a little bit of light rain on doppler radar. you can see back up towards independence and manchester. here is the planner 76 this afternoon. 70 tonight at 9:00. it should be mainly dry for friday night football. 65 overnight. scattered showers. rain for the first part of saturday, and we'll see that rain taper off saturday afternoon, evening. i'm not going to say that it is going to be completely clear. we'll still have a few scattered chances into sunday, but it is looking much better saturday night than it did
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