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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  August 31, 2016 6:00am-7:01am CDT

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skies will be clearing through the morning and it will be mostly sunny by afternoon. temperatures will be climbing just into the low to mid 70s for highs and it will be much less humid than the last few
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right now -- a waterloo man is accused of luring two girls from chicago and forcing them into sex trafficking. trafficking.officers say they've arrested lawrence campbell junior. waterloo police tell cbs 2 news they discovered the crime earlier this week when they caught a girl shoplifting at the waterloo target. they say campbell met both 16-year-olds online--and told them to waterloo from chicago for a better life. when they got there, campbell allegedly told them they would need to have sex in order to make money. police have now contacted the girls' parents to let them know they've been found. across the country -- hundreds of thousands of children are at risk for being sold into human trafficking.unlike other violent crimes -- this one can go un-noticed. corridor woman -- who asked us to conceal her name and identity -- escaped the sex trafficking trade.she tells cbs 2 news we all have to band
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unnoticed. one corridor woman who asked us to conceal her name told us about the sex trafficking trade. she said we all have to band together to stop the cycle. local organizations also been together to help survivors and groups like chains interrupted said the only way to make children and women safe is prevention. >> our motto as a nation is that something. it is better. we have great working relationship with law enforcement and they say, we would rather go on a wild goose chase then possibly miss someone who is being trafficked. >> only 1%-2% of victims are ever rescued. for more information be sure to visit our website, a tama county man is dead after
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morning. the chicago to portland train was passing through when it hit 27-year-old reginald walker. authorities are still working to determine how the collision happened. counselors will be made available to the train's crew. a cedar rapids team now faces -- teenager now faces charges. he was driving with a permit any caused a crash the title tuesday morning's commute. the girl ran a red light on sixth street hitting a pickup near the avenue. the truck flipped over and landed on top of a minivan. the team is expected to be okay. it was a close call for an officer. the officer was driving along highway 92 when a car crossed the centerline and almost hit him head on.
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over who was charged with speeding and drugged driving. residents at a nevada trailer park are lucky to be alive after a small plane crashed near several trailers.>> it dived into the asphalt next to the trailers and did not strike them.>> reporter: a single -- a single car crash caused this fire. witnesses say that the plane suddenly dropped out of the sky.>> there was an engine that sounded like it was having a real struggle and then there was a huge boom. >> i thought i heard an airplane and then everything happened so fast. there was fire going up the street and down the street and a lot of smoke. >> reporter: right now no injuries are reported from the trailer park. the condition of the people on the plane has not been released. a former stanford swimmer, brock turner will be released from jail three months early. he was sentenced to six months
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convicted of sexually assaulting a passed out female. turner could have faced 14 years in prison - but will only end up serving three months. the obama administration says it will now distribute 53- million dollars to 44 states to tohelp fight opioid abuse. federal officials say the funding will focus on reducing over-prescribing of pain killers - and increasing access to treatment.the adiministration is also out more than billion dollars in new funding - saying their last bill on the opioid abuse didn't do enough. developing story - new funding saindon -- the last bill on opioid addiction did not do enough. insurance rates will be going up for tens of thousands of iowans. nick gerhardt tells cbs 2 news that it will impact iowans to buy their own insurance and not
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increases for 2017 have been approved for many policyholders. some hikes will be as much is 42%. to see the total number of iowans and the increases for each go to spending time in cedar rapids to see how local tsa offers servers keep the tsa?keep the airports safe. he was introduced to them through it veterans jo many tsa employees are veterans that can advance through the ranks or join other federal agencies pretty easily. he says he understands the frustration about long lines but said that the security process is worth the wait. >> every day that goes by without a plane being blown out of the air, we get more complacent. people get grumpy about waiting in lines, but there is good reason for it and they are
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actually. when you think about the number of passengers and the miles flown.>> reporter: the staff of roughly 50 officers keeps the average weight to about 10 minutes. the corridor business journal is settling liberty basement 13-years-ago. now, after years of growth, c-e-o john lohman says this new office better meets their needs "16;31;21;10 that's great for employees especially employees that live on both ends of the area. and one of t strive to do with the corredor >> it is good for employees that live in the area. one thing we tried to do is cover the entire region and not to be too iowa city or cedar rapids focused. so being in the middle of the corridor is a great place to be.>> reporter: besides their own place to work, the new building has thousands of -- thousands of feet of space for other companies to you louisville -- to utilize.
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dyersville it is 62 degrees. it is beautiful out there to start this is morning after a cold front has moved through. you can see the gorgeous sunrise over cedar rapids right
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a cold front has been moving across the state and has brought fall like air back be clearing through the morning and it will be mostly sunny this afternoon. the humidity will also be much lower than the last few days, so it will feel more comfortable outside. temperatures will just climb it is 10 minutes after 6:00 on this wednesday morning. it is beautiful. a cold front moves through the entire state early this morning and we have drier air. there are still a few clouds lingering to the north of the front behind it. the clouds will fall apart as the game goes on and we will have sunshine by this
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humidity and the chance for showers and storms. now, it is such a nice start today with seeds -- was 62 degrees in cedar rapids and a gorgeous sunrise over the city. temperatures are even cooler north of highway 20 where the front move through earlier. 55 in charles city and 55 in oelwein and 58 in waterloo. it is about 10 degrees cooler than this time yesterday and you will notice the difference when you in washington, temperatures are close to 70 degrees where the drier air has not quite made it yet. the drier air is on the way. dew point to fall into the 50s in northern iowa and they are starting to move to the south. we still have 60s in cedar rapids and even in portions of the quad cities, they have dew points closer to the 70s in spots. so, it is muggy down there. the drier air will continue to work its way south and it will feel comfortable through the day today.
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clear. the temperatures will rise to the mid-to upper 70s by the afternoon. it is going to be a gorgeous day all around across all of eastern iowa. part of this is because the upper levels of the atmosphere have dipped a bit over portions of the eastern united states which is allowing for and northeast flow. that promotes cooler air moving into our area. warmer air will stay off to the western united states and th several days. we will have the cool air around for much of the week. by the time we hit next weekend the start of september, we will notice a bit of a change with warmer conditions and summer- like weather lingering. for now, nice, fall-like conditions with the humidity. typically in the summer months we have dew points in the 70s and that's when it is pretty uncomfortable. that's where we have been for
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will show a trend going down. we will be comfortable for several days, about four days through saturday. i the time we hit next week, temperatures will rise once again and the dew points will come up and it will feel more humid outside. for the next couple of days, it is going to feel pretty nice and even a little cool, especially in the nights. during the afternoon we will have temperatures in the 70s and during the night, temperatures in the low 50s. that will be possibly three nights in a row. this morning will then cooler thursday and into friday. for labor day weekend, saturday and sunday look dirty dry with just a couple of clouds. i labor day on monday, we will have moisture, higher temperatures and a chance for scattered showers and storms on monday and tuesday. binky rebecca. one of the most hotly contested races in the country is right here in eastern
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canalou it's -- candidates are getting help from respective parties and beyond. i spoke with one group that is voice.tawil biteit made her passionate about voting -- and drove her to work for the progressive turnout project. alex morgan is the national field and training director -- and he's based out of cedar rap. rapids. multiple times to talk to voters about voting in general so we can encourage them to be activethey're a super pac -- but aren't looking to donate money to candidates -- they're trying to push voters to the doesn't work in every race -- but morgan says over the last few elections -- there have been roughly 60 seats in the house of representatives won or lost by about five points. points.when we know that a
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points -- we are active because we can make difference. that's what brings them to iowa's first district. democratic challenger monica vernon has a lot of money -- and support in the district -- and from groups like the democratic congressional campaign committee -- who's put blum's seat near the top of their list to take back in november.nat popbut one of their tactics is getting iowa attention.nat pop montage opening letterright around the primaries -- turnout sent out these letters to voters in the first district -- saying who you vote for is secret -- but ?if you vote is public record. record.that lanauge, talking about the social aspect can motivate to vote
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approach. they think it works, they keep doing ita recent study found that it does actually looks at an august 2006 primary election in michgan where a control group voted at about 30- percent voters who got mailers pointing out how it was pointing out got mailers pointing out how it was their civic duty to vote were more likely to participate being told someone would be checking got mailers that pointed out that it was their civic duty to vote were more likely to head to the polls. being told that someone would be checking to see if they voted drove them to the polls more. as being shown their own voting record or the record of their may runners. that -- of their neighbors. that was more effective than in person doorknocking.>> it tells them the issues and why it is important that i go vote.
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that the language could leave some voters to feel harassed.>> we are trying to motivate people in an authentic way and not fire them up with false campaign got a lot of negative attention for an aggressive and inaccurate mailer.both the turnout pac and secretary pate say that kind of outreach is out of line. it's now on this morning. morning.and if you're in it's degrees. degrees.coming up next...the controversial steps trying to make roadways across the nation more safe. safe.
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i'm chuck grassley, and i approve this message.
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spending was slashed ten percent. jobs eliminated. salary cuts. unpaid leave. the governor, auditor and secretary of agriculture voluntarily cut their own pay ten percent. but, lieutenant govenor patty judge refused to cut her hundred and three thousand dollar salary by even a penny. is that leadership?
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taking a look at your??????? your??????? welcome back. it is 6:19 and here's a look at the bus stop forecast. here comes the bus and this morning it will be 63 degrees. cooler and less humid and so i think that feels like it will be a great day and a great hair day. kevin. it was raining yesterday and you can get your homework wet. traffic deaths have increased over the past two years by 18% and now federal regulators are working to require more large trucks and buses to have speed limiters built in. >> it's an attempt to save lives, but as chris grant -- kris van cleave reports, not everybody agrees. >> reporter: every year people die in accidents involving trucks where speed is a factor. it was a speeding see my --
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old colin owens. >> that morning when we went to church, he talked about the application for the peace corps. he said dad, a lot of people apply for this because it will look good on their resume and i pounds or more to use speed limiting devices. the rule are requiring all new vehicles weighing 26,000 pounds or more to use speed devices. the government believes limiting the top speed between 60 and 68 miles per hour will save lives. proposal has the support of the trucking industry but not steve owings who says many big rigs already have the technology to limit speed and regulators should require truckers to use it. (owings sot)(13:35:29) "over a million people have died and been maimed in these types of crashes while we wait for this inadequate rule, only applying to future trucks? it's preposterous."transportation
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sot)(12:19:23) "i do think the fundamental point that the rule is making is absolutely right, which is that there are technologies that are going to help us keep our speeds in moderation, and that's going to be overall better for safety." a similar rule in ontario cananda back in 2009 forced big rigs to have limiters set at 65 miles an hour. hour.officials there credit the technology with a 24- percent drop in fatalities in the very first year. it's right now it's degrees in just ahead...the latest progress for american forces in the fight against isis. your cbs 2 weather first forecast we have... have...
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across the state and has brought fall like air back to eastern iowa. the skies will be clearing through the morning and it will be mostly sunny this afternoon. the humidity will also be much lower than the last few days, we are approaching 6:25 on
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here's a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories -- and tuesday and rain chances increase by monday. iowans are trying to serve their communities and their running out of time to get out of the about -- get on the ballot. anybody seeking a post has until 5:00 tonight to turn in their petition. the deadline has already run out for federal office. the deadline deadline is tuesday, september 8. be sure to catch the new iowa football preview show on thursday. our sports crew teams up with the gazette to bring a preview of saturday's game. watch eye on the hawks tomorrow on her sister station, fox 28 dog lovers listen up . a new study says the dogs understand more language than you think. >> researchers recorded brain activity for dogs when they hear various phrases. when they hear good boy and
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like nethers a -- nevertheless and however. they also respond to a cheerful tone of voice. research shows that dog owners may want to choose the words they use carefully.>> that's not the only study on dogs recently. emily -- emory university found that dogs respond better to praise than a treat. they analyzed 15 dogs. 13 group -- preferred praise and to preferred my dog charlie would differ on that. he would do anything for a food item, even the smallest crumb. >> conventional wisdom says they pick up on the tone more than the words and i guess that proves false. >> yeah, pretty interesting. >> they are smarter than we think. it is 6:27 and 63 right
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right now on cbs 2 this right now on cbs 2 this morning...the big visit for the republican right now on cbs 2 this morning, the bid for the presidential nominee right before he gives an immigration speech. a local charity gets a big benefit te welcome to cbs 2 this morning. here's a look at i-380 at u.s. 30 north. it's going to be a great day. i am kelly d what -- the morning and it will be mostly sunny by afternoon. temperatures will be climbing just into the low to mid 70s for highs and it will be much less humid than the last few
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today - a man convicted of
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he will be put behind bars for killing a homeless man last yea. year.travis standlee was found guilty of raymond ursino's murder last year.prosecutors say he also killed sharon mead just two days after he killed ursino.standlee the trial for mead's death is in october in scott 2 news will be in the courtroom for the sentencing. be sure to watch the cbs 2 news live at five for to find out what happened in court. in just hours - the linn county board of supervisors supervisorswill vote on a new ordinance that would raise the minimum wage th county.this morning at 10, the board will have their first vote on the ordinance. ordinance.if the proposal is approved - the minimum wage would be raised to 8- twenty-five an hour on the first on january.and would increase by one dollar each year until it sits at 10-twenty-five an hour in 20- requires three votes to pass.the next reading will be held next tuesday - and the third will be on september 12- th. the iowa board of regents wants to use a new two-year budget system -- that would include new tuition increases.
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to support a plan that would increase state funding to iowa's three public universities by two percent each year for 20-18 and 20-19. the plan would also increase tuition by two percent each year for in-state undergrad month -- the board will vote on a 12- million dollar request for funding. in the war on terror - a major blow is dealt to the terror group is-is. is-is.they announced their top spokesman has died in northern . isis run news agency said abu muhammed al-adnani surveying the was a part of the terror group since it began,the extremist group has suffered a string of defeats recently - especially near the turkish border where turkish troops and syrian rebels drove them out of a border town last week. but right now - fighting in the middle east is getting complicated for the u-s.two groups backed by u-s in the fight against isis have now started engaging against each other. syrian rebels and kurdish forces have began clashing in
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turkey is now criticizing the united states for trying to stop them from also attacking kurdish forces - who they consider terrorists.and now - president obama will try to smooth things over with the turkish president this week in china at a g-20 summitt. new this morning -- g-o-p nomine nomineedonald trump tweeted out that he has accepted an invite to meet with mexico's president. the meeting will be today -- just hours before trump delivers a major immigration speech in arizona.the mexican president has invited both candidates to the meeting comes after several pledges from trump to build a wall between the two countries and make mexico pay for it. the hillary clinton campaign responded to news of that meeting -- saying "from the first days of his campaign - trump has painted mexicans as rapists and criminals and has promised to deport 16 million p. people...."what ultimately matters is what he says to voters in arizona, not mexico and whether he remains committed to the splitting up of families and deportation of millions."
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will soon release the report it sent to the justice department regarding the clinton email scandal. scandal.the f-b-i said clinton was extremely careless with sensitive e-mails but did ?not recommend charges against the former secretary of state.the official report could be released as soon as today. outside the race for the white house - there are several seats up for re-election in congress -- and three incumbents are one step closer to reclaiming their seat this morning. morning.senator john mccain -- easily beat back a primay challenge from a tea party activist in ari 80-year was the g-o-p presidential nominee in 2008. he's seeking his sixth term in the senate.and senator marco rubio also won a primary last night in florida.he entered the race extremely late -- after bowing out in the presidential race earlier this year. also in florida -- democrat debbie wasserman schultz picked up a primary win.she faced off against a law professor who was backed by bernie sanders.wasserman schultz has gotten a lot of
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sanders supporters say leaked emails showed she gave special treatment to hillary clinton during the presidential primaries. right now - the iowa department of corrections is trying to address the needs of transgender inmates. inmates.under a new state policy - inmates will now be answering a new question - what pronoun they'd like to be referred as.officials also say hormone therapy will also be available for any transgender inmates who want the treatment. but because there could be irrerversible side effects - a medical staff will bring in an issues. because there could be a reversals -- irreversible side effects, they will bring in an expert on transgender issues. >> we will meet with her to make sure this is what they want. she will interview patients and then draft a protocol for us to do those. we will have a consent for payment as well to make sure they understand specifically that this is not something that
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it will take time for the staff and the prison to adjust to the policies. they will need to note each inmate's safety concerns and health issues before moving forward. a walk to in alzheimer's? two and alzheimer's -- to end stephanie johnson is live. >> reporter: good morning. this event takes place all over the country and will soon be at the grant amphitheater. we have learned with the passing of genome -- of gene wilder, people are already mourning the death of the actor who died from alzheimer's complications earlier this week. the number of people with alzheimer's is expected to triple by 2050. organizers in cedar rapids hope
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for research.>> if we don't continue to focus for funds and identify a cure money for research, it will not be if you know somebody with alzheimer's, it will be when you know somebody with the disease. >> reporter: it will start on september 24 at 10 a clock a.m. that gives you plenty of time to donate and volunteer your time. if you would like to volunteer time, visit our website at where we have all the information for you. covering the corridor work in cedar rapids, stephanie johnson, cbs 2 news. ?the corridor and cedar rapids, stephanie johnson, cbs 2 news teddy bridgewater dislocated his knee yesterday in practice and dislocated his
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his 2016 season is now officially over. shaun hill is the second string quarterback. it is 6:38 this morning and good morning hiawatha where it is 62 degrees outside your door. we are taking an amazing look at three different hurricanes that are brewing right now. you can hear more from a woman who was miraculously rescued from a human trafficking scam. that is all coming 28, eastern iowa's only morning news at 7:00 a.m. i will let you know how long the nice weather will stick around after a cold front moved through. you can feel the difference
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat.
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a cold front has been moving across the state and has brought fall like air back to eastern iowa. the skies will be clearing through the morning and it will be mostly sunny this afternoon. the humidity will also be much lower than the last few days, so it will feel more comfortable outside.
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temperatures will just climb to the mid 70s by afternoon. the low humidity will be around through the rest of the good morning. approaching 6:42 on this wednesday morning and it is beautiful out there. you will notice once you step outside that you can turn the ac off and open the windows. very fall-like conditions have moved in behind the cold front and move through early this morning. we have a couple of clouds still behind this front over parts of eastern iowa and we will see them clear out as the morning moves on. you can see there is sunshine over cedar rapids right now and it is 62 there. it is cloudi of highway 20 where temperatures are cooler and dry air moves in from the north. it is 58 in waterloo and already 59 in tama. 69 and iowa city and 66 in washington because the drier air has not made it south just yet. the dew points have fallen and the humidity has dropped in the
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50s. still in the southern part of the state we have dew points in the 60s and close to 70s and they will see relief as the day goes on. everybody will see sunshine as the day moves on. temperatures climb to the mid- to upper 70s as this moves across eastern iowa. this is because of the dip in the jet stream. in the upper levels of the atmosphere, there is a the eastern part of the united states. this allows for cooler air to move in. that will be overhead for several days. it will feel more like fall as we head out of the summer months. we will also have summer-like conditions as we get toward the actual day of labor day.
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a chance for showers and storms. in the meantime, we have calmer air in place and dew points in the comfortable range. they will fall through the day today to the 50s and that's where they will stay for several days. all the way through saturday we will have dew points in the comfortable range and by sunday we creep up a bit. by monday and tuesday, it will be back to the and comfortable range with summer-like conditions. for the afternoon, it's going to be beautiful with temperatures in the 70s wide. later tonight, it is going to get pretty cool and temperatures are going to fall to the 50s. we could see some spots get to the upper 40s. that kind of weather continues for the rest of this week with lows in the low 50s and highs just in the middle 70s all the way through friday.
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for the festival and iowa city. we do have a chance for showers and storms on monday and streets.several local fire departments will be asking for donations from drivers with the money going to the muscular dystrophy association. cedar rapids firefighters are hoping to top last year's total of 34-thousand dollars. funds raised here in the corridor will go directly to the m-d-a clinic at university of iowa hospitals and clinics. it will also help cover costs monticello. a corridor trucking company is helping veterans get on the road to better pay. federal regulators have given cedar rapids-based c-r-s-t the green light for its veterans apprenticeship program.that means new and current c-r-s-t drivers using g-i bill benefits can earn additional income within the company. managers tell cbs 2 news the program will complement the company's existing heroes on the highway military program. iowa city students will head back to class on time this
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hours off yesterday.on tuesday the school day ended early because of the heat and humidity.district leaders say 77-percent of classrooms are air conditioned, but 23-percent are a letter to parents - superintendent steven murley said the conditions weren't ideal for a learning environment and called off classes after speaking to administrators at several schools in the district. good morning, good morning, it's on this morning, and if you're init updating the most important stories for your wednesday
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your??????? your??????? welcome back.
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we can look at the temperatures and in cedar rapids it is 62 degrees. iowa city at 68 and it is 58 in waterloo. 55 and decorah which is darn near sweater weather. we are looking at i-300. we are looking at i-380 at penn street and everything is moving the way that it should right now. a waterloo man is accused of luring two girls from chicago and forcing them to sex trafficking.>> reporter: officers have arrested lawrence campbell junior. the girls were caught shoplifting at a waterloo target. campbell met the 16-year-olds on line and told him to come to waterloo for a better life. he told him they would need to have sex to make money. lisa contact the girl's parents to let them know they have been found.
6:50 am
unlike other crimes, this one can go unnoticed. >> one woman who asked us to conceal her name and identity escaped the sex trafficking trade. she said we have to band together to stop the cycle. local services are available to help survivors. the only way to make sure the children and women are safe is prevention.>> our motto as a nation is that if you see something, say something. it is better. we have great relationship with law enforcement. they say, we would rather go on a wild goose chase and possibly miss somebody who is being trafficked.>> reporter: only 1%- 2% of victims are ever rescued from the trafficking trade. to end human trafficking and to find the organizations, visit our website, a man is dead after he was hit by a train yesterday morning.
6:51 am
27-year-old reginald walker. authorities are working to determine how the collision happened. human pacific -- union pacific says the counselors will be available to the train's crew. another story that cbs 2 news is been tracking out of california. rock turner will be -- will be released from jail three months early. he was sentenced to six months in june after being convicted of sexually assaulting and -- and there is a recall campaign against the judge who many believe may have sent -- handed down to light of the sentence. turner could've faced 14 years in prison and -- and now will only serve three months. there will be a new sex crime bill that would make jail mandatory in cases that involve sexually assaulting an unconscious person. before, probation could be used
6:52 am
jerry brown's desk for his signature. chris brown?singer chris brown has been arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. a woman called police saying that brown pointed a gun at her face. she said that brown got angry with her when she admired his diamond necklace. round posted on instagram saying that he was innocent. the obama administration will distribut 4 states to fight opioid adroit -- to 44 states to fight opioid abuse. the administration is also calling on congress to dole out more than $1 billion in new funding saying that their last bill on opioid abuse did not do enough. insurance rates will go up for tens of thousands of iowans.
6:53 am
affected are iowans who buy their own insurance and not those coverage through their employer. increases for 2017 have been approved for several companies and individual policyholders. some hikes could be as much is 42%. to see the islands impacted, go to "is that credit karma again?" "just wanna see if my score wanna check yours?" "scores don't change that much. i haven't changed." "oh really?" "it's girls'night. ah huh." "they said business casual."
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"oh no." "yeah, maybe it is time. maybe i should check my credit score." "try credit karma. it's free." "oh woah. that's different."
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here are the three stories you need to know to start your wedn. 10 this morning - the linn county board of supervisors will vote on a new ordinance welcome back. here are the top three stories you need to know about to start your wednesday morning. at 10 a clock this morning, the linn county board of supervisors will vote on a new ordinance to raise the minimum wage in linn county. the minimum wage would be raised to $8.25 per hour in january. it would increase one dollar every year until it sits at
6:56 am
requires three votes to pass and the next reading will be next tuesday. today a man will find out how long he will be behind bars for killing a homeless man. travis standlee killed two people. his trial for the first death is set for today in scott county. he sure live at five for what happened in court. donald trump has been invited by the mexican president to meet. the mexican president has invited both candidates. trump is talked about building a wall between the countries and making mexico pay for it. it is beautiful outside.
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62 degrees. throughout the day it is going to be beautiful. the humidity has come down and you are already feeling it, especially north of highway 20 where temperatures are in the 50s. 55 in charles city and decorah. 57 in olewein. washington is 67 where the drier air has not made it yet.
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dge, and if you don't think washington has changed chuck grassley, try and ask him. the senate is broken. why are you leading all the obstruction? if you get your way and defund planned parenthood, where am i going to get my cancer screenings? if i'm paying more for medicine because your medicare plan passes, how do i afford that? are you even listening? i approved this message because, chuck,
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, august 31st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? donald trump makes a surprise visit to mexico today. he'll meet wit t president hours before a speech on immigration. trump's running mate mike pence will join us irks the potential hurricane takes aim at florida while in the pacific. a pair of hurricanes could hit hawaii with a one-two punch. plus, we are on board the first commercial flight to cuba from the united states in more than 50 years. will the island nation be able to keep travelers safe? we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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