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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  September 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CDT

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>> it's devastating, you know, for him. the off-season that he has. the progress that he was making. you know, culminated last week with the incredible game he had here. and it's unfortunate the injury occurred and you know, as we know teddy will take care of his business. or we saw him in the hospital. he is in great spirits. you know, he is ready to tackle the rehab the time to take care of business. >> everybody has been from here, guys, athletes from all over. supporting teddy bridge wawater. you have a pair of gloves that has teddy two-gloves on it and call god. talk about it. >> that is teddy's saying. call god, that is the way teddy lives his life and goes about his business. teddy gave me these and i will
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we will take care of our business and he will be a big part of it. >> talk about shaun hill and his ability to lead the team. >> he has seen a lot of football, if anybody is ready for the opportunity, it's shaun. you know, the way i look at it, you think back to what happened in seattle. playing against a great seattle seahawks defense. we had an 11-0 lead going in to halftime with shaun. we have all the confidence in the world in shaun and everybody else on the team. >> kyle, we look forward to back upstairs to you. >> as do we, taking on the tennessee titans. we are going to follow -- [ inaudible ]
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they had the alabama first round by running back derek henry. sounds like they are going to go at a viking defense that allowed 109 rushes yards per game. and trying to run the ball like san francisco did in the first season. we have joining us, let's go down to greg coleman with captain -- >> thanks a lot, with the captain. captain. you were one of the first ones at the hospital to visit teddy. and you saw him, talk about his spirits. >> man, he is in great spirits right now.
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a test. i will be back better than ever. i will win mvp. the thing about this kid, man, he has great faith. he has great faith. he is a believer. he has great faith and he knows anything is possible. and he is ready to come back and ready to work. he was joking with the guys today, man, i'm ready. everyone is laughing, i will be ready for tennessee. y'all don't worry. he is still in great spirits and he wants to be there for his teammates. he will stick around and he will stick around and be there, anything we need him >> he can still lead being on the sideline and being injured? >> yes, yes, he is definitely -- it's possible for this guy. he is a great guy. to see something happen like that, it's like, man. this is a great guy. he is going to lead from the sideline with his spirit and his smile. we are excited about that. >> how does this team rally around teddy and shaun had hill and the defense. now i heard the guys say, we have to pick it up on our end a
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>> we do, but shaun, sean is special. he has been in the league for a long time for a reason. he is a veteran. he was in this situation before on the opposite team. we know we have to pick it up and make plays and be ready for anything. >> captain, thank you for your time. >> thanks for having me. >> back up to you. >> right on, greg. one of the better in cops the captain. very good, the captain. >> he did, after a really disappointing preseason that he had a year ago, he came back and had a fantastic season. that was what veterans do. that is what he was able to do last year. >> how many number 60s?
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it's preseason. >> but, the, take a look at terrence newman on the sidelines. number 23. >> he is almost 40 years of age. and terrence still brings it on an every practice, and every game basis. absolutely one of my favorite vikings, terrence newman. >> look at him right now. he is calling things out and trying to help his guys out and that is what veterans do. they love doing that. helping guys out. and trying to make guys better. i mean, see a guy that we need to see, it's out of the street clothes and in to a uniform hopefully, playing against tennessee. and i tell you what, that was a good pairing. if you look at the two, those two very, very good corners. terrence newman has had shown the durability and he will play again this year and his impact, has been enormous. >> manion. in complete, on second and ten.
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ready? yeah. griffin, floyd, joseph, and hunter. i think. >> you think. >> and then, kendricks, bahr, greenway. newman, rhoades, smith. sendejo, or do you go roberson and not hunter? >> i think between robinson and you know, horse of pieces. you have a guy on his way out and a guy on his way up. either way, you will have a positive. i think sendejo at safety has been consistent. get a chance to see greenway there. and sendejo has been excellent. you know what he can do. the future looks bright at that position. a guy like kearse. with his physical abilities and length and skill. >> yep. >> his ability to make plays,
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next to smith, where they can both blitz and tackle and play the pass. >> but, beginning of the season, i think you have to go with the proven commodity. >> manion, nearly first down. pressley from 106 in one of the most dazzling plays in preseason history in u.s. bank stadium. 2:00 to go in
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2:00 to go in the preseason game. kearse, with eight tackles, leads both teams and a forced fumble. very nice tackle on a coverage team. and minnesota vikings general manager biggest in the world in sharing secrets, was on the simulcast saying, i think kearse will make the team. we have that one figured out. >> 15-10. touchdown by aaron green. rookie from tcu. >> and now, it's 27-24. 26 yard td.
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>> one of the things that rick mentioned earlier. especially about the players, they keep their feet moving that is what doesn't happen on the last play. a lot of the viking defenders not moving their feet, they are getting tired. this is the most extensive playing that they have received. the purpose of the preseason is to make sure that your starters are ready. these guys have not been getting a ton of you get a big night like tonight, four full quarters and those legs are getting heavy. >> 27-25. 1:53 to go in the preseason. we took a peek at the first half of the vikings schedule. carolina and cam, and eli manning is here.
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coming after shaun hill and whatever quarterback is playing in the time. you go to philly and soldier field and lions here, second part of the schedule, november 24th at detroit. we play the first game on thanksgiving. >> well, that will be -- it's been what, since 1998, i believe that the vikings have played on thanksgiving day. that was when randy moss had three receptions, three touchdowns. what a fantastic night. thursday thanksgiving game to a week later, you will get a short week around thanksgiving and you get another night before you have to play the national televised game. dallas, they are looking, staring down the same barrel of the same gun that we are and the quarterback, the quarterback that they have been depending upon is injured. and dallas by no means has a
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from keeping teams from scoring. >> down two. the leg kentucky -- kicks it ou end zone. and the urgency of their futures, markedly different. shaun hill will start at quarterback, for the vikings when they head to tennessee. stave may be on the vikings practice squad. they will have hill. whichever quarterback mr. spielman signed and you have taylor heinicke, he is a wild card. and the team really likes him. and in fact, as the handoff goes to rhurell pressley. stopped at the 27. you know, the vikings did not draft a quarterback in the middle of the 2016 draft. instead, they took offensive lineman beepers. you know, i just don't want
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revisionist standpoint. because fort ideifying for thism was important. they signed alex boone and andre smith and pass protection and the offensive line from a pass protection standpoint last year was a problem. so they make a move on an offensive lineman around that part of the draft and they don't take a quarterback. not speaking for spielman who is walking on the field now, certainly not speaking team, but they like taylor heinicke, and they like him a lot, maybe enough to assume that he could be the back-up quarterback had he not injured his foot. >> i think a practice squad spot would be perfect for him. you know, i don't think that there's anybody else out there that is going to snatch up and looking for somebody in his spot. i mean, to sign him, activate
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him on the roster, i think it's a bit of a stretch. he is out there, yeah, he is out there. we know him well. he knows the offense a little bit. he has not played through it extensively, he has been around it and had a season. that helps quite a bit for him. you are just looking for pure depth and that may be a play. i think they will be able to find somebody else out there. >> i will just lay it out there like this. i think taylor play. i'm not saying what i saw in preseason last year, i'm going off what i saw and learned by watching practice all year last year and watching him mimic russell wilson in the week up to the playoff game against seattle. now, in no way would i compare him to the great russell wilson, he is fast, he is smart and he has a good arm and i think, i just think that taylor heinicke
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would think he is. and you know, when he does come back, you know, i put him in the mix to be one of the guys to replace teddy this year. i ain't kidding you. >> i, you know, i don't want to look past what stave has done. stave had a good preseason. he stepped up. he has done a lot of good things. tonight, he showed what it's like to get hit a few times and what happens to quarterbacks. how it affects the form and the follow through and those kind of things. stave had a good i like his growth. his potential as well, being such a big tall quarterback. >> so, the rams stop the vikings and use both their final time-outs. the rams have no time-outs remaining, vikings lead by two. the special teams coordinator and the head coach, letting the play clock run down as far as possible and they take a time-out, 53 seconds to go in the game. before we leave, we have the opportunity and the privilege,
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and brian harper who is our boss with the vikings entertainment network to broadcast three games for you. before we leave, we thank everyone, at least most people involved with the presentation, that of course includes brian harper, steve johnson, pat o'connor, ryan dobish, brad zigmet, brad ien, and on the radio side, chad abbott, the executive producer, and everybody associated with the f flagship. punt return goes to the 39 yard line. and returning it for the rams, a very nice return and returning it was chase reynolds, back up
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montana. jeffrey had that one blocked. >> had contact there. and a lot of times, wondering if the field goes down. when your special teams coach, you talk about not wanting to lose somebody that you are counting on, you look at the punter and the kickers, they are out there and they could be getting hit and hurt, especially with the young guys blocking. 40 seconds to go. manion, in now, we head in to the regular season, flag ship fm 100.3 and the minnesota vikings radio network, where you can find each and every game from a radio standpoint, you know, one thing, it behooves us to remind you, it's sad that teddy bridgewater
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bad team. it's not a bad team, for a team that is going to take a major drop. it's a talented team. don't you agree? >> i agree. and you have to think of the identity of the season. i mean, we are a rushing offense. and we are a low scoring defense. that's who the vikings are. that is how they won last year. we are not a prolific passing team. we are not like san diego chargers. and depending on throwing the ball up and down t the last couple of years. somebody like indianapolis who cannot get a running game going. we are a running team that plays a low scoring defense. the quarterback is always important. but if there's a team that can survive something like this, i think the vikings are built to survive it. >> manion, hit, sacked, done. travis raciti, the clock runs.
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tonight. >> teddy, get well soon, can't wait to see you around the facility and sorry you had to face this misfortune, we are all sure that you will bounce back as well as possible and bless you and your family members. the clock continues to run to zero. now it stops at one. one second. that should be the preseason. right? >> well, they have not whistled it. >> third and final time-out. >> what? >> minnesota, 30 second time-out. >> why would we do that? okay. >> i have no idea. >> so anyway, we get one more snap. >> we head to nashville to provide the vikings/titans game for you. on the fan. kickoff shortly noon, in closing, your thoughts on the season that the vikings will have some. >> i don't think it's going to be difficult to replace the production that we got out of teddy a year ago. i don't.
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interception count, no question about it, what we saw though is that what teddy, we knew he had grown and we saw the preseason game on sunday and just start ing -- we have a more balanced offensive attack. shaun hill, we saw in seattle as well, he is a good decision maker. and he is going to make, they are going to adjust the office quite a bit. his style of plays, i'm excited for the first half of the season. >> here it is, preseason on the line. manion is hit and sacked in the preseason, and coming to a conclusion on the positive note. it's a local guy, zach moore who sacks manion. sacks the rams and the vikings finish the 2016 preseason undefeated and 4-0. well.
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wanted to ask spielman, i never got a chance to. the winning percentage for the vikings in the preseason, we saw say, doesn't matter, doesn't matter. what impact does it have? we have had very, very successful preseasons and i think it goes to the expectations of the team. they expect to win. and now we have got seven seconds on the clock. >> yeah, weird. >> we are going to take a knee. >> preseason victory formation. 27-25 minnesota. >> you know, paul so, these guys, the chance to look at shaun hill, good good luck, shaun. he knows, here it is. >> the job is not too big for him. he has been around a long time. he is not going panic. . and i don't think that he will allow anyone around him to do that. >> and shaun is smart. he is not going to get out of
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like, okay, i will be brett favre or teddy bridgewater or russell wilson or whomever. he will do what is asked of him and hopefully he does it well. >> he will. >> a pleasure broadcasting with you this preseason, see you in nashville, main man. >> likewise for you. >> great job all preseason, and on behalf of everyone at the vikings entertainment network and the flag ship from minnesota football. fm to watch the minnesota vikings go undefeated in the preseason. the final score, from minneapolis and u.s. bank stadium. minnesota 27, l.a. rams 25. this has been a presentation of the vikings entertainment right now on cbs 2 news ten at
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big home and i just figured this would be right now, place to live. >> we have a big home, soy justifying youred this would be a great opportunity. >> the story of one caregiver sharing her home to me a veteran get the care he needs. >> plus a high-speed chase wednesdays arrest caught on camera now the suspect say answer officer crossed the line. cbs 2 news will show you what happened. >> and the holiday weekend weather is something we can all be ville the details in your weather first forecast. charges.body cam video shows officer adam wittmayer yanking on a handcuffed suspect's also shows the officer yelling at the suspect - hitting him in the head and pushing him into a squad car. the suspect's attorney sent this video to the f-b-i and cbs 2 news.according to officials, the suspect- 24-
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ran over officer wittmayer at the end of a high-speed chase. keller wants the officer fired. fired.the attorney general's office reviewed the footage and decided not to charge wittmayer.the waterloo police chief says the officer was punished internally.keller will stand trial later this month. a former corridor school bus attendant is now pleading guilty to child enticement. enticement.court filings show 20-year-old tyler konigsmark entered the plea today in a federal court.konigsmark worked for the cedar rapids was accused of sexually abusing children- and soliciting sexually explicit photos of children.he faces a minimum of ten years in federal prison. right now -- a veteran is getting ready to settle into his new home...thanks to the medical foster home program through the iowa city v-a. v-a.the caregiver who volunteered to share her home says there was no second thought in her mind -- she had to help. 2 news reporter dora miller
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veteran she's never met. not only has she -- and some of her family members -- served in the military...but as a pastor -- she says she has a soft spot for serving those in once she served in the military, but as a pastor, she says she has a soft spot for helping those in need. >> reporter: we might never understand the the scars veterans gays. the iowa city veteran's care foster program lets people share sthair their home. >> that's the kind of beam are in community, bringing a person in. >> reporter: she says getting
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veteran's transition too. >> some the veterans will have their own furniture. in case they don't, we have the bed and night stand if they don't bring their own dresser, we'll have a dresserrer if them also. >> some prefer a more intimate setting, and in some programs, there's 35. person minimum. >> reporter: it's important to note not all veterans who sign up for this service are ohmless. >> if you are interested in signing one there are voam quirements you have to meet. tough be at least 21 years old and o have some previous caregiver experience.
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process. since veterans pay caregivers directly, they ask that you are financially stable before entering the program. >> question are looking a holiday weekend scare if the face. one of the events tomorrow is sunshine will prevail all day long. on saturday, college football kicks off. there's a big game in qinic stadium. it looks like it should be very nice there too at kickoff time. the temperature about 77 degrees. skies are expected to be sunny. this nice weather is expected to continue on through the holiday weekend. you can clearly see there's not much happening throughout tonight outside of some cool
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back on the campaign trail after clearing up his position on immigration. immigration.the republican nominee spoke today to a group of veterans at a convention held by the american legion.he then went on to speak to supporters at a rally in ohio. these events come after trump's meeting with mexico's president and a major speech in arizona about immigration. as voters continue working through some of trump's immigration policies-- cbs 2 news political reporter and host of iowa in focus kevin barry - -takes a look at what they might look like immigrants in the corridor. corridor. wednesday night, voters were expecting donald trump to soften on his notoriously tough stances on immigration. what they got was more of the same. we will build a great wall along the southern border.we are going to triple the number of ice deportation officersone of the people watching was cedar rapids immigration attorney ray scheetz. what struck me is when he was talking about this, there were
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build the wall."but there's so much more gray. there's not a lot of black and white.. he says personal circumstances often times don't neatly fit into the law. law.what do we do with the person that came here illegally and worked for an eastern iowa farmer for five years. and the farmer will tell you he's honest, he's hard working he doesn't give up on time.scheetz says he's seen cases where illegal immigrants apply for a job -- and check a box on an application saying they're a u-s citizen.that single act is a felony -- and would put them towards the top of the list to get in a lot of trouble -- and eventually -- deported. deported.does she fit in the same category as the law puts her in as the person that goes out and deals drugs, assaults
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the same and that's what doesn't fit. scheetz says in the court room -- prosecutors have all the power.if judges were given more discretion - he feels they'd be able to better evaluate a defendant's personal circumstances.those changes would have to go through congress -- and any recent attempts haven't gone anywhere. cbs 2 news also got a chance to talk withan undocumented ideology - will put an end to progress on immigration reform. reform. "i think what we need is a compromise and an understanding of what are the reasons why people are moving to the united states?" states?"jose garcia-fuerte was three when his mom moved his family from mexico city to the united states - hoping for a better life.under federal legislation passed by president obama in 20-12 - he's exempt from deportation for two years. now for our question of the
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are in the u.s. illegally should be deported?to answer go to fox 28 iowa dot com- click on the question of the day link. our mission at cbs 2 news is to connect the presidential candidates to our viewers to better inform and empower you. we have reached out to the candidates to participate in extended interviews not only with our station but our sister stations across the coun. country.we want to hear from you. tell us what you want to know from the candidates. please share your thoughts with us by email or facebook. now ten at ten continues with a look at tonight's other stories across the corridor. several iowa lawmakers were in johnson county today learning about iowa's agriculture industry.they watched demonstrations on modern farming techniques in hills. advances in precision farming and livestock waste distribution help farmers' efficiency and reduce their environmental impact. the goal is to give legislators a better understanding of farming issues regulated by
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city leaders in cedar rapids are now considering ideas on how to handle any future emergencies - like floods - droughts or nitrate issues. those ideas come from dozens of corridor experts and community members who met today to talk a twist - the u-s army corps of engineers created a multi-hazard tournament.people were put into groups - and each group handled an emergency scenario.the best ideas will be examined further each group handled an emergency scenario. the best ideas will be examined 2 news 10 at 10, the top story and tomorrow's weather first forecast in 10 minutes. a category 1 hurricane threatens florida's gulf coast. when it might lake landfall and what's next. >> you can see the eye of the hurricane is almost onshore here in the florida panhandle. mr. from there, it will creep ever so slowly up the east coast. that will be bad for them but good for us because it blocks
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you're going to get for self days to i'm patty judge, and we know chuck grassley
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as a farmer and a nurse, i learned iowa works best when we pull together. used to be you could work with chuck. i did, plenty of times. but he's all politics and partisanship now. and he's turned his back on iowa. i approved this message because washington changed chuck, and it's time we change our senator.
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning. animals of all ki in just a few hours a hurricane is expected to make landfall along in just a couple of hour, the heart of a hurricane is expected to make landfall on florida's gulf coast. hurricane hermine was upgraded from a tropical storm to a


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