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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  September 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CDT

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from the former right now the official plea from the former substitute heavily damaged by a fire. the johnson county effort to make sure fewer people go to bed hungry. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin barry. barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio.
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a developing story this morning - -a former substitute teacher at cedar rapids washington high school now says she's not guilty of having an inappropriate relationship with a student. student.mary beth haglin entered the written not guilty plea wednesday.but during interviews with cbs 2 news - haglin admitted to sexual contact with the student.she's charged with sexual exploitation by a school employee.haglin says the school tried to cover up the co. controversy.long-time washington principal doctor ralph plagman and activities director michael johnson resigned from their positions -- along with district human resources officer jill cirivello.this week -- ?district leaders completed their investigation into the incident and they say school district procedures were not followed.haglin will face a judge in november. a popular restaraunt is now moving forward after it was damaged by fire.starting tomorrow rileys will be serving up its usual breakfast - just down the street at daisy's garage garagethe two restaurants have
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kitchen and dish washing area. other parts of the building have smoke and water damage same owners. most of the damage was contained to the kitchen and dishwashing area. the owner hopes they will rise from the ashes. >> people love this location because it is iconic. we think it would be good if we can make it work and have the support of the community to continue, right here. we just need a couple months breather while we try to prevail.>> they want to make sure their step still has a job. seven children are recovering this morning after their school bus crashed into a creek. it happened after 3:00 on wednesday near to seal the. the sheriff's office says the bus was traveling your squaw creek when it slid into the water. everyone is expecting to be okay.
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their first joint candidate and it. the two nominees appeared back to back at the commander in chief foreign. the topic was national security. we are still two weeks from the residential debate. during the forum they were asked not to attack to each other. trump is getting his first briefings and is convinced that military leaders do not support the strategy currently. >> obama did not follow what are expect -- what are expect start -- water experts said to do. i was very surprised. in almost every instance. i am pretty good with white language. they were not happy. our leaders did not follow what they were recommending. >> trump also refused to reveal his plan to defeat isis.
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broadcast his plan to the enemy.>> clinton's book first. she says her time in the situation room next her the most qualified to lead the nation's military. she admitted it was a mistake to vote for the iraq war when she serve as a senator in new york. she promised never to send ground troops back into iraq. >> we have to defeat isis. that is my highest counterterrorism goal. they will not get ground troops. we are not troops into iraq ever again, and we'll not put graduates into syria. we will defeat isis without committing american ground troops. >> clinton was also asked several questions about her ongoing email controversy she said it was a mistake to use a personal e-mail server beside none of the emails sent over sent by her had a header that showed them to be contraband is confidential. democrats are
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between clinton and paul. she did advise clinton's use a personal e-mail server two days after she was sworn in. he has pushback that he gave advice about a private email account. james comey said there was not enough information to charge within with wrongdoing. candidatejill stein.she's accused of spray painting a bulldozer -- you can see it here in this picture.stein was charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass and charges.this was at a protest of the dakota access pipeline -- which will cross 18 counties in iowa.the standing rock sioux tribe invited stein to the protest. protest.stein tweeted this photo out yesterday with the caption " the dakota access pipeline is vandalism on steroids." the g-o-p nominee from 20-12 now wants a third option on the debate stage: libertarian gary johnson. johnson.mitt romney went to twitter - saying he hopes johnson and his v-p candidate bill weld get enough support
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need an avergae of 15-percent support in five national polls to make the stage.the most recent surveys - have the former new mexico governor just under 9 percent.romney made headlines earlier in the election cycle - criticizing donald trump. president barack obama is now trying to calm tensions in south-east asia -- specifically in the south china sea. sea.right now -- the president is in laos meeting with the association of south-east see. the president is in laos southeast asian nations. he realized there is a un tribunal ruling that has increased tensions. he says those issues need to be resolved peacefully. he is trying to finish the trade deal that needs ratification in congress. shoppers are saving here and there, prices for all kinds of goods dolling. the price of eggs can't meet in
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this time last year. those low prices are hurting farmers. the government is trying to boost the dairy industry by buying millions of dollars worth of cheese. despite , and lower prices at the grocery store, one in seven people do not have enough to eat. volunteers went to the fare grants yesterday to pack 20,000 meals. they work in team assembly lines to make it happen. 3000 pounds of it will help local families.>> we are morning we are packaging synonym -- synonym -- cinnamon apple meals. the meals -- >> the meals will go to people into counties.
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muggy as you head out the door this morning. it will be the same when you head to the bus stop or out to work. there could be some patchy fog in the area as well. use extra caution and gave herself extra time.
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welcome back, in a six-pack we are drying out across eastern iowa. we did have heavy rainfall overnight last night. it is starting to exit and now a tiny corner is experiencing some rainfall , but ate his moving on out. we will be drying out. we had heavy rain yesterday, overnight, along highway 30 in cedar rapids, which did prompt
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your phone. the rain has come to an end and we will have a chance to dry out. you might want to give yourself some extra time this morning. it is also muggy with temperatures close to 70 degrees areawide. all the muggy conditions is leading to fogs -- to fog in spots. visibility is below half a mile. now, it is starting to spread into cedar rapids and a linn county, where we can have reduced visibility through the morning at worse. with plenty of space between you and the driver in front of you. it is because of his cold front that is moving on through. it will clear us out for today.
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, that with us another chance for thunderstorms tomorrow. i don't think it will be as widespread as what we have seen the last two days. first, today, we will see clear skies. we will see sunshine by the lunch hour. by the time we hit friday, friday morning, the clouds will be moving back in. storms will be possible early morning. the better chances are after 1:00. privity ongoing. they could, around 6:00 on friday. so keep a close eye on the radar. that will likely last through friday evening and we will start to try out for saturday. so, a football game that is looking good is the game and i was city. kickoff is at 6:30. temperatures will be at 66
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temperatures will fall up rather quickly. keep a jacket handy. it's going to be getting pretty cool going into sunday. right now, we're still warm and on the muggy side. tomorrow, we stayed warm and muggy with a chance for showers and thunderstorms primarily in the afternoon. then we cool down to the fifth these, friday night into saturday. and then, we have high 70 degrees on saturday. saturnine any, this is what i'm talking about with the jacket that we can get down to the 40s and parts of eastern iowa. monday we will be close to 80, rain chances back on tuesday, and then cooling down once again. we might only have high of 60 degrees on wednesday. maybe, it will be nice.
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some breaks here in there.>> also for the game this weekend will be great weather, people up about whether. >> after tuesday and wednesday the bar itself low. in a six-pack 15 right now. we're glad you're with us this thursday. just ahead on cbs to the brink -- the big reason first responders are going viral this morning. listen throughout the day for your weather first forecast. a cancer survivor wanted to dedicate her life to cancer research...but when she started working in a lab at huntsman cancer institute... she discovered her family has
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came just in time... to possibly save her mother's life...this segment is sponsored by huntsman cancer institute...2:51:22 i was having a lot of pain and ended up in the er room night after night.kiera was just 19 years old... when she was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer..she survived... and came away with her life.. and a mission. 2:56:59 because i'm a cancer survivor i don't want other people to have to... have the same um... to have to go through the same situation, or to experience the same things, 2:57:10kiera started working at huntsman cancer institute... in a lab specializing in li fraumeni syndrome... 2:59:28 i started talking about my family and um, family history and how so many of my family members had died of cancer, and she looked at me and was like, you really should probably be tested for li fraumeni syndrome. 2:59:38 it is 6:15 right now.
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on wednesday. knowing now is definitely saving my life. because i can catch it early for more information about genetic
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your??????? your??????? welcome back, 19 on this thursday morning. is expected to be 66 degrees. those are nice words after the past-due -- after the past two days. we have light winds as well. if you are field goal kicker don't hold your breath too much. when the twin towers
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many artists use their talent to record the tragedy. they explain now on the 15th anniversary how they are all are coming together to display their work for the first time.>> i came up here shortly after the first attack.>> reporter: this is where he watched the twin towers collapse. from ground zero. >> your job is to witness, you are an artist. >> reporter: did you struggle at all with that? >> no, i expected that. >> reporter: the watercolor paintings became a serious -- became a serious. >> it allowed me to have a physical connection to the loss that was suffered here. i put my hands in the dust and rubbed it into the paper.>> reporter: the artist witnessed
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through a hate brush. >> there was up in smoke and flame.>> reporter: for the 15th anniversary 11+ artist will share a unique perspective and show their work at the national september 11 memorial and museum. they say painting was the only thing that forward. stone has only painted 9/11 related work since the attacks.>> reporter: hargis at one point you never make art to make you feel bad -- to make you feel good. he now paints from his studio on the 67th floor of one of the new world trade center buildings. he bears witness to the destruction of lower manhattan, and its rebirth. kenneth craig cbs news called the work.
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from his studio. he got it roasts the -- see the tragedy. >> you 69 degrees. it's also 6:21. we are starting off warm and muggy but we are dry across eastern iowa. we have some fog reducing visibility in the area. it is starting to spread i you might want to give yourself
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gallagher: this type of disaster hits, it's like, "man, what do we do? where do we start?" after the flood, when we came in here, there was nothing left. there's no way we're gonna do this ourselves. people like monica vernon really fought to get the assistance that led to the recovery. it took vision. it took courage. there is a true community spirit. i don't think she asked anybody after the flood whether they were democrat or republican. she took the bull by the horns, saw a problem that needed to be solved, and she solved it.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while heat is warm and muggy to start off the day. it is dry as showers have lived off to the south and east as a cold front moves through. we are stuck with some clouds and some fog.
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out to the north and west. if you are getting outside and heading out onto the road give yourself some extra time. as we head through the rest today, we will start to seek gradual clearing of the skies. temperatures will be close to 80 degrees in the afternoon areawide. we will be seeing sunshine by lunchtime. you can leave the umbrella at home today, but as we get into tomorrow another cold front will be coming through, increasing the chances for thunrs as we head into the weekend, dry air cooler air comes back in. that'll be good for the football game on saturday. we will have a chance of rain by tuesday in that down by wednesday. taking a look at some of the top stories, a man is accused of sexually assaulting a woman inside of a jimmy johns. he walked into a restroom and
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he then slammed the girl against the wall and assaulted her. the victim was able to text for help in employees broke into the bathroom. the suspect try to run but was caught and held by employees until police arrived. linn county is one step away from raising minimum wage. they passed the second round of the ordinance. if it raises it will increase one dollar every year over the next three years. the first pump and pay will take effect in january. forget sharks on the beach, look out for dinosaurs. one beach to our stumbled onto dino footprints. >> she said she was collecting seashells, she felt an indentation in the sand. she cleared it away and down a number of massive present footprints. a paleontologist said the 130
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old tracks have had ties finally revealed the tracks. they say they were made by a medium-size carnivore. >> that's amazing!>> really amazing. to think that they were there all along. absolutely wild! >> if this is a hoax i will be disappointed. i'm really impressed by this. >> it 6:27. we are glad two are with us.>>
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the corridor killing
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the court honor killing from last summer that is still making an impact this week. the latest information about just how long ryan lochte will be punished for his actions in rio. welcome to cbs two this morning. everything is running smooth if you are heading that way. thank you for joining us. we are almost 2 friday. let's take a check weather first forecast where things are looking good for saturday. we have simple air that is going to moves back in. we have been lucky because both weeks we will have perfect football weather. we do have humidity and the chance for showers and storms. today you can leave the umbrellas at home . we have clouds out in the sky but they will be clearing up.
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there is some fog that is going to portions of the linn county. visibility is improving in northern iowa. visibility is lower in cedar rapids. give yourself some time and use extra caution on the roads. we do have rain right along highway 30 as well. there could be some slick spots on the roads, conditions with 70 degrees to start. as we head through the rest of the day clouds will be clearing out. we will have sunshine by the lunch hour. temperatures will go to the upper 70s and slightly less humid by the afternoon . we have another chance for rain this week. we do have to talk about when the next chance is. that will be coming up in a few
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cedar rapids team gunned down one year ago, gathered again to remember him. >> one year ago aaron richardson was found bleeding on 16th street southeast. he died at a hospital. days later robert humbles was charged with richardson stepped. he eventually pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. richardson stepped was one of many shootings last year. one yearat calling for change. stephanie johnson's -- stephanie johnson joins us to explain.>> reporter: they hope his death was a wake-up call to end unbalance. last night dozens of his family and friends met at his gravesite. they wanted to celebrate his life and reflect on the past year without him. his mom says they have had ups and downs but they hope that his death was not in vain.
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we all have to do something it can't just be one person.>> reporter: in 2015 they responded to six homicides. so far, this year, there have been three homicides and one in voluntary manslaughter. we are learning more details between the tenants details in the discovery of jacob wetterling's remains. he was kidnapped and sexually assaulted then murder. the man suspected of killing wetterling agreed to plead guilty to one count of child pornography in exchange for a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. attorneys say he did not have evidence to go for murder charges. >> the bind we were in, he believes he didn't but we did not have proof. >> he would've been convicted of murder and sentenced by laws on the books in 1989. he would have only serve 17
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the wetterling agreed to the deal last week. the family says they were hoping the deal would lead to a confession because they simply wanted closure. there is a controversy over casting in the corridor. earlier this week they lead they released a cast list for the the play tribes. people in the deaf community are upset thinking it's discrimination and closer to blackface. they say they advertise for auditions everywhere they normally do. they reached out to an organization involving the deaf community , but no deaf actors audition.>> i'm sorry that we did not get deaf actors. that would add in a truly wonderful thing. he did not so we had to make a decision.>> the play appears october 21. a sign language official is working with the play.
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interpreter will hold a host about the controversy. they are putting together final additions and designs drawn to make children feel less stress. the new building is completely patient driven with key features of having single patient rooms. they are also training the hospital team so everything goes smoothing -- smoothly when they are moving the kids to this building. >> between all of the neo- intensive care unit rooms have 183 beds ready to go to serve their needs.>> the $360 million project is on track to be complete by the end of the year. if you are interested in being -- and seeing the hospital they will have tours. a master's degree in fine arts at the university. university.elizabeth catlett could be named for one of the first students to receive a master degree. she was the first african-
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a plan to name the new dorm after her. it should be asked -- it should be approved by the board of regents today. it is along the iowa river and will house more than 1000 students. kent state university, in ohio is the first college in america to open up a dining hall that is them anyone who chooses a gluten-free diet for health reasons. (kent state student) "a lot of the schools i was looking at didn't offer gluten free as much as kent state did. like whenever i come here for breakfast lunch or dinner its did not offer gluten free as much as kent state. i know that it will be a safe environment and i can eat whatever i want, knowing i will not get sick from it. >> sales from gluten-free products have soared in recent
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swimming ban and won't swim in the world championships next ye. year.that's the punishment for the decorated swimmer after his false claims that he was robbed at gun point in rio during the summer games. brazilian police charged him with filing a false robbery report.lochte's suspension is longer than the other three swimmers that were also at the gas station that night. the n-f-l is finally back tonight -- with a super bowl rematch from last season. season.the denver broncos beat the carolina panthers last winning their third's a whole new season tonight -- and denver is breaking in a brand new quarterback with they have a whole new season tonight. denver is breaking and a brand- new quarterback caught trevor siemian. week one of the nfl continues on monday. you can watch the game right here. kickoff is at noon. a cat owner is thinking firefighters that her furry friend is safe.
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iyer. the cat owner try to rush back into the house and was overcome with smoke. they went in and try to rescue the cat, was not responsive, they use a special oxygen mask that was donated to the department a year ago. it is rarely used could help saved his life. >> she could not stand or walk, was not aware of what was going on.>> i a for what they did for us. they saved our cat.>> veterinarians are hoping clio will be low enough to go home in a few days. it is 6:48 right now.>> first we're taking a look at what's going on on fox28 live. some guidelines have changed about when children should be one. the newest call for stricter limitations on irr's.
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only local news at having a.m. right now, we have dried out. we have some fog in the area that is reducing visibility. it is starting to move into cedar rapids. we are dry today but i will let
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it is 6:41. not need rain gear today. you will need it again soon, but we need the drive time right now. we have had heavy rainfall. overnight last night along highway 30 we had some heavy rainfall that moved through. now we are trying out and we will stay dry rot the day today. we do have clouds out there right now and a little bit of
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muggy. drier air will be moving in. it will not be superdrive will be enough, and we will get relief from the humidity. we are starting off closer to 70 this morning. we do have fog reducing visibility in some spots. especially in the west. it is starting to move into benson and linn county. it could lead to some issues on the road waits. give yourself some extra time this morning and leaked plenty of room between you and the car in front of you. this is all because of a cold front that is moving through the area. it will take the rain and humidity with it. another front will be moving through later on tomorrow. then, we will be drying out. for today, we see clouds clearing out my lunch hour.
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tomorrow, in the morning, dark clouds building backend. will also have thunderstorms developing in the west. that will start to move to the south. the better chances will come in the afternoon. we could see a couple rounds of rain. i don't think it will be as widespread, but we could have some showers and storms in the area around at the clock. it is something we need to keep an eye on for friday night football as through the evening hours, and start to clean out by saturday morning. for, saturday and sunday, we will have some nice weather, we do have one more day of showers and storms. we will have some beautiful weather at 6:30. temperatures will be 66 degrees , sunny and comfortable, but when the sun sets temperatures will be falling quickly. much drier air will be in
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in the uncomfortable range. we will stick with the uncomfortable conditions through tomorrow and through the weekend. it will bump back up on monday and tuesday, then plummet back down by wednesday of next week. we have some nice -- nice weather coming. we had a chance of storms tomorrow in the muggy conditions can eight those continue with highs in the 80s. will be falling down close to 50 degrees possibly into the 40s in spots. nice weather once again on sunday. we warm up a bit by monday. rain chances come back on tuesday. thinks rebecca. let's look at stories right now. an owner needs help finding a pony.
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at the number on your screen. or call iowa city police. fans attending the iowa- iowa state football game this weekend - will want to make sure they're wearing the right's iowa's annual black and gold spirit sitting in the odd section are asked to wear black - fans in the even section should wear gold.that game kicks off at 6- thirty - tickets are sold out. tonight - cbs 2 sports anchor zach hanely and gazette writers marc morehouse and mike hlas will fill you in on everything you need to know heading into saturday's big will be on every thursday at 6- thirty, on our sister station fox 28. good morning, it's on this morning, and if you're in it's degrees.just ahead...we're updating the most important stories for your thursday morning. the cbs two community calendar is brought to you by collins
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing.
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, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan. the wind brought water to prairie farms. then windmills went away, but the wind remained. chuck grassley thought it was time to bring the windmill back. without the grassley legislation, and his effective leadership, the wind energy industry would not have succeeded.
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't just produce clean energy, they produce jobs. six thousand in iowa alone. google, facebook, microsoft and good paying manufacturing jobs have come to iowa for that energy. iowa produces more of its energy from wind than any other state. it started with a simple idea and the renowned work ethic of one senator. grassley works. i'm chuck grassley, and i approve this message. welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your??????? your??????? well combat. we are taking a look at your bus stop forecast. mostly cloudy for a good part of the day. we have patchy fog and it is 70
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u.s. army south, everything is looking good. a former substitute teacher now says that she is not guilty of having an inappropriate relationship with a student.>> she entered the written, not guilty plea. but during interviews she admitted to having sexual contact with a student. she is charged with sex exploitation by a school employee. the school tried to cover up the the issue. moving forward after it was damaged by fire.starting tomorrow rileys will be serving up its usual breakfast - just down the street at daisy's garage
6:50 am
the same owners.most of the damage was contained to the kitchen and dish washing area. other parts of the building have smoke and water damage but owner richard penky hopes they will rise from the ashes. most of the damage was in the kitchen area. other parts of the building has smoke damage. the owner hopes they will rise from the damage.>> the owner of the building would love to have a stay here. we think it would be good if we could make it all work and have support of the community to continue right he. we just need a couple months later -- breather while we try to rebuild. >> the will see if they can rebuild. they want to make sure their staff still has a job. seven children are recovering this morning after their school breath -- after their school bus cracked into a creek. happen on wednesday. take a look at the pictures. the bus was traveling near squaw creek when it slid into the water.
6:51 am
investigators say heavy rains may have played a role in the crash. clinton and trump were in their first joint event. the topic was national security. we're two weeks out from the presidential debate. during the form they were asked not to contact -- attack each other. trump said after getting his first intelligence briefings he is convinced that military current strategy.>> barack obama did not follow what our experts and what are caught intelligence, what our experts had to do. i was very surprised. in almost every instance. i am good with the body language and i could tell they were not happy. our leaders did not follow what they were recommending. >> trump refused to reveal his
6:52 am
his rival spoke first. she said her time in the situation room during key moment makes her the most qualified lead the military. she agrees that was a mistake to vote for the iraq war when she serve as a senator. she promises never to send ground troops back in iraq. >> we have to defeat isis. that is my highest counterterrorism goal. they are not going to ge we're not putting ground troops into iraq every -- ever again. and we are not putting ground troops into syria. we will to the isis without committing american ground troops. >> she was also asked questions about her email controversy. she said it was a mistake to use a personal e-mail server , but she said none of the emails sent by her had a header saying
6:53 am
10 tivo has signed a contract to play with the new york mets. he will play minorly baseball. the former denver bronco and the new york jets quarterback is one of the most talked about players. he last played four years ago. since then he has been on tv. he recently held and wanted to play baseball. adam says he will go instruction leg or an arizona fall league. that means he is going to go to one of the very early entry level concepts work kids go out of high school. even if they do not go to college, then he will get assigned to a team if he makes it through. it starts as a kernel level. it should be fun to watch.>> i think it's great he's following his dreams. why not? if he can do it go for it. >> because of that he is
6:54 am
it's 6:53 right now. why are you checking your credit score? it's 6:53 right now. >> when we come back i wanna see if it changed. credit scores don't change that much, do they? really? i'll take it. sir, your credit... -is great right? when was the last time you checked? yeah, i'd better check my credit score. here, try credit karma. it's free. all right. no more surprises.
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here are the three stories you need to know to start your thursday morning. morning.a cedar rapids man is now accused of sexually we will at here's a look at the top three stories you need to know about. t we will at here's a look at the top three stories you need to know about. a cedar rapids man is accused of sexually assaulting a woman and right of the jim was city. he walked into a restroom and locked the door behind him. he then slammed a girl against the wall and assaulted her and assaulted her. the victim was able to text for help and assaulted her. the victim was able to text for help. employees broke into the bathroom and the suspect tried to run. he was caught and held by employees until police arrived. until police arrived. linn county is one step away from increasing minimum wage. they passed the second round of the ordinance minimum wage. they passed the second round of the ordinance. if it passes again the minimum
6:57 am
the first bump in pay will take effect january 1. the final vote will be monday morning will be monday morning. will be monday morning. a dorm can be named after the first american woman to receive a master degrees in fine arts. the plan is expected to be approved by the board of regents today. the residence hall is being built on madison street amoung the i went river. it will open next fall. we are starting off with muggy conditions and class. we also have fog that is reducing visibility. the fog will start to live by eight 9:00 today. then we will see some clearing of the skies. have a great day.
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i'm patty judge, and if you don't think washington has changed chuck grassley, try and ask him. the senate is broken. why are you leading all the obstruction? if you get your way and defund planned parenthood, where am i going to get my cancer screenings?
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cause your medicare plan passes, how do i afford that? are you even listening? i approved this message because, chuck,
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captioning funded by cbs 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? donald trump and hillary clinton clash over foreign policy on the same stage. and a new reveals colin powell's advice to clinton on using a personal account. will donald trump make a profit off of his presidential bid? how his own company is benefiting from campaign spending. a "playboy" playmate could go to jail for taking this pirp of an older woman at a gym and then posting it on snapchat. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. . they are not going to get


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