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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  September 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am CDT

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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the big push morning the big push from iowa politicians to get extra help after major flooding this summer. the developing story overnight about violent protests in north carolina and the new sentence of a corridor murder after iowa changes the law. good morning a live look now at i80. your morning commute looks
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i'm kevin barry and delaware is out on a sient. first let's take a look at the forecast with justin roberts where all the action has been up in the decorah ya. >> once again these same folks are getting hit with rain they don't need. they are under a flash flood watch we'll tell you about. very muggy last day of summer. take a look at the temperatures. we've been in the 70s since the offering up some of the scattered showers and storms this morning in northeast iowa. a slight risk of severe storms later this afternoon on into the evening time. again the timing looks to be later tonight and most of it north of highway 20. flash -- flash flood watch
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but muggy in cedar rapids. 70 right now on mostly clear sky. 64 decorah. 68 in iowa city. very warm and muggy scattered shower and storms this afternoon. upper 80s the high. full forecast coming in about 10 manipulate nits time. kevin thank you justin. parts of northeast iowa are getting rained on again this morning and state leaders are trying to get more money for areas already hit hard. governor terry bran stand declared a federal dis i can't sayster area for eight counties. the entire congressional delegation reached out the president urging him to act quickly. a developing story overnight where people in charlotte, north carolina, say 12 of their open were injured in a protest after another
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black man. police are concerned proceed tetsz will continue today. last niem ghon strarts were shown breaking windows in police vehicles. a local tv crew had to find cover after demonstrators started throwing rocks at their vehicle as well. 44-year old keith scott was killed yesterday afternoon. he was not the man they were looking for but the officers say they saw him leave the car with a gun. also black. a woman claiming to be a relative said he was reading a book waiting for his son at a bus stop. the mroofrs did find a gun at the scene. ocala police chief served as the chief in cedar rapids from 2008 to 2012. the city leaders voted to temporarily remove him from the
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into mult elm sexual harassment ak sfwlagsz. he denied any wrongdoing. a huntington county chir could come up with a verdict in the david miller first degree murder case. he is accused of beating and strang lick a woman last year. we will wait for the decision on twitter or find any updates on the man who murdered his grandparents in man chester now has a chance to be released from prison. the iowa supreme court recently banned mandatory life sentences for juveniles convicted of first degree murder. he was 17-year old when he shot his grandparents in 2012 and now he has a life sentence but with the possibility of parole. he's 21 years old and serving his life sentence at the maximum security prison in
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presidential canned dants can't always be everywhere so the campaign sends other people to talk to their machlt i got a chance to sit down with one clinton support i don't really unlike any other. >> i most recently sefshd as secretary of education in the common welt of north carolina. >> in the 1970's she was one of the white children to go to a black school after dee selling grags. >> history paid attention to us. >> his father was the first republican governor of virginia in assent re. >> having been with folks who were poor before quite grangly and -- .
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that led her to be a judge and world. they've endured things you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy.that led to being virginia's secretary of education -- until her husband -- tim kaine -- became hillary clinton's vice presidential pick.clinton's already outlined plans to put 2-billion dollars into schools to reform overly harsh disciplinary systems -- while helping teachers everywhere. what hillary has asked me teachers, educators, students and bring back feedback....all with a perspective few others have. anne holton is also the only person to be both the daughter and wife of virginia governors. her father was governor in the 1970s -- and tim kaine was governor from 2006 until 20-10. it's and right now in it's de. degrees.still to some iowans are now protesting
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89 after the hour a warm and muggy day today. our humidity runs high and will feel like summer on the last day of summer. scattered showers this morning and more coming our way later today and evening. in the north there is a flash flood watch in effect. 82 at 11 and high of 88 this
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late afternoon early evening skat sterd have terd showers. there's doppler radar and scattered showers and thunderstorms already in morning across parts of the viewing area. let's get the radar to move around here and we'll do that. let's go to the far north 1st around clayton county back towardsal ma key county. harper's ferry, back down to he will indicator area. scattered showers developing in parts of delaware county where we've been watching the area ever so closely. north man chester heading over towards dubuque. these showers will move east as the day roles on. we'll watch for more this afternoon and evening. a flash flood watch in effect all the way through 7 tomorrow morning. in cedar rapids we're looking
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it's muggy. 71 waterloo. 68 right now iowa city. tempers around the state upper 80s for us. 90s back to western iowa and the midwestern picture offers up 80s and 90s. area of low pressure to the west and warm front that stauls out and that provides the highway of moisture. we see the low kind of creeping off towards the da coat toes and plains. that warm front rainbow connection right over iowa. that's where the scattered showers will be moving across the forecast. here's the predictor. moisture this morning. partly sunny skies this afternoon on into the early evening partly to mostly cloudy. late tonight more showers across northeast iowa. mainly cloudy sky for thursday. scattered showers and thunderstorms through the late morning and we'll see more continuing through the afternoon into the evening. and overnight tomorrow night, they will stay with us through
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for us this afternoon. again i would suspect this entire area gets pushed a bit further north that's where the bigger threat for moisture is. temps in lower to mid 80s across iowa. 85 waiverly. 86 waterloo. 88-man chester. 87 in independence. # 8 cedar rapids, 89 iowa city. 90s in washington, isolated showers for us later in the af extended picture partly to mostly cloudy thursday. 82t. more scattered showers. 83 degrees by friday morning. clearing for the after. dry for friday night football. saturday, nice, clear skies. upper 80s on sunday. more scattered sx showers and shorms. 30% chance of that. cool down on monday night. low 70s tuesday, wednesday and
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looking good as well. don't forget if making outdoor plans take our weather first app along with you zoomable radar and hour-by-hour forecast. link to us on twitter and facebook. best part free of charge. cbs2 iowa daurm. 71 degrees out in tipton, iowa. good morning i'm here live at the cream retheatre with t there is a special surprise inside this box. stay with us we'll reveal what
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your??????? your??????? welcome back, 6:16 on your wednesday morning. a quick look at the forecast outside in eastern iowa. 88 over in tama as well. 89 down at iowa city. cbs2 this morning an chore delaware is live this morning at the man that kol knees at the old creamery theater good morning and you sound like you're having a great time already. >> reporter: good morning. i'm in grease light anything with danny sglu koe don't tell my parents okay? i want to give you a look inside the car. it is an actually a real car. your real name is actually connor and you play danny give us the status on the car. what do you know about it? >> we borrowed it from another theater in illinois, it's
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in new york, being from a small town like marion?james madison university.syracuse lives in new york.he's played danny before.
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live in amana kelly
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at veridian credit union that's why we're offering auto loans as low as 1.74% apr... plus up to $200 cash back, but this offer ends soon,
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6:21 here comes the sun. as we take a look at our eastern horizon.
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muggy last day of summer. 68 iowa city. 70 cedar rapids. do you come boo 67, 64 in decorah. from there to here doppler radar offers up skat sterd shower and thunderstorm chances. most of it around clayton andal ma key county and back up towards the winneshiek county area. north of man chester back to lan sing, decorah and over to har ber's ferry. the bus stop forecast then into upper 80s this afternoon as the kids get picked up from school. satellite and radar. first weave moving off to the south and east. more shower and thunderstorm chantsz later this evening into the eepg time especially. flash flood watch expected and in effect until 7:00 tomorrow night.
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weather. we'll keep a watch on that. 7-day forecast. 80s today. lower 80s tomorrow more storms tomorrow night through friday morning. dry friday night, kevin and 84 mark with sunshine as we head through the saturday. delaware is live in the man that kol knees at the old creamery theater with the look at the musical grease. she is back there and they have a song for us as well. >> reporter: good morning, kevin you get ready to sing along. the cast is performing the classic we go together right now, enjoy. music music we go together like
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chang inc. -- that's the way it should be yeah. we're one of a kind. dip dip dip dub bee dub bee do. chang chang chang, chang chang that bot. we'll always be like one. and stars are shining bright. up in the skies above. or at the high school dance, where you can find romance. maybe it might be mine.
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boom, chang chang, chang that bop. whop balance boo. we're for each other like wop balance boo. just like my brother schooner that that that yip we'll always be together. we'll always be together. be together. we'll always, be together. we'll always, be together, we'll always, be together,
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that was fantastic? i love all of the personality that comes through in each different character. talk with me a little bit about your relationship as a cast because as the song goes, you will always be together you guys spend a lot of time together and develop relationships during your time here. tell us about your relationship. >> we do spend a lot of time together. a lot of us actually live together too which definitely helps with the dynamic. and those of us who don't are very close. we spend a lot of time together. we've gotten extremely close through this process in the best way possible. >> reporter: talk with us about the rehearsal process you put in a lot of hours. >> we put the show together in 2 weeks. a lot of us did get skripts ahead of time we were able to study and learn before we got here but it was really fun. >> reporter: you are doing a great job. we'll be back in just a moment. you can get the tickets right
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mee theater. thank you, kelly. it is 6:26.
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right now on cbs 2 this after new right now on cbs2 this morning the new information after new york knock -- new york bombing is captured after a shoot out. and the new information about losing weight and why all that technology might not actually help. welcome back to cbs2 this morning. a live look at ily 0 north. not a whole lot of traffic to worry about and road conditions
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not so great to the north. welcome to cbs2 this morning. kelly d'ambrosio is out at the man amana colonies this morning out on assignment. let's check in with justin roberts with problems up in the northeastern part of the state. >> we're keeping an eye on flooding concerns. we had heavy rain at times over the evening. a muggy start to the day and must go dee last day doppler radar real quick and we'll take you to some of the spots where it's been range the heaviest. we'll do that by going back to the radar screen and zooming in on there. especially in north and northeast iowa around wau con, prairie du chien, lan sing back to harper's ferry. dealing with heavy showers and a slight risk of severe weather again this afternoon.
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full eye. flash flood watch, waterloo over to grundy center and back over towards the prairie du chien area. we'll keep an eye on heavy rains. 75 at 9, 76 at none and 88 this afternoon. we'll let you know when the rain moves out and what our weekend looks like coming up in about 10 minutes time, kevin i. thank you justin. there are new details about ahmad cane rahami. he is facing charges for new jersey. he is still in the hospital after being wounded monday by police in linn done, knowledge j -- knowledge knowledge. he is facing state level charges nkd to a shoot out afterwards. boms were placed and only one of the two educational background mroes sifz went off. yesterday his father said he called the fbi back in 2014 because his son was acting violently. >> why did you call the fbi,
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>> he's still my son and struck my wife and i put him to jail a few years ago. the fbi did interview he ended up playing down his concern. federal investigators ultimately believed it was a gles particular dispute. the two officers involved in the shooting have been released from the hospital. one officer was released monday night hours after he was shot in the torsoe. officials say his bulletproof vest saved his life. the other was grasd in the head by a bullet and he was released yesterday. there was quite a scare at an elementary school in utah yesterday. the suspect parked his car in front of the school's front doors and claimed he had educational background mroes sifz. after a 3-hour long negotiations he surrendered to authorities.
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of previous crimes and mental problems. in new york city, president obama addressed the united nations general assembly for the final time as commander in chief. the president warned the american people about the dire consequences of what he calls a policy have isolation nichl that would have on the country. he didn't mention donald trump by name but did reference the campaign promise to build a border wall. "until basic ques answered about how communities co-exist, the embers of extremism will continue to burn, countless human beings will suffer -- most of all in that region -- but extremism will continue to be exported ov" overseas.""the world is too small for us to simply be able to build a wall and prevent it from affecting our own societie" societies."later -- president obama thanked law enforcement
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the suspect in last weekend's bombings. crews in the south are trying to reopen the colonial gas line some time today.the pipeline runs along the eastern united states -- and broke open in alabama. alabama.crews are installing a 500-foot long bypass near the section where it spilled an estimated 300- thousand gallons of gas into a retention pond over several days.the accident triggered fuel shortages in some parts of the south -- and also caused a spike in gas prices. as crews work to clean up massive pipeline break in alabama. people in iowa are continuing to fight against the dakota access pipeline. cbs 2 news reporter stephanie johnson is here to explain their concerns. stephanie? stephanie?kevin, opponents in iowa are worried about the threat of a break and the impact it would have on the environment. after the pipeline break in alabama thousands of gallons of gasoline spilled---harming the water quality there. opponents against the dakota access pipeline in iowa are worried that the same fate
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say the dakota access pipeline will be much safer then the older colonial pipeline in alabama--- but everything wears out over time. 2;30;26;06 they tend to in alabama but everything wears out over time. in this country is aging infrastructure like aging roads, aging bridges, aging buildings, they need to be maintained and i think the industry could probably do a better job of it tomorrow - the group iowa citizens for community improvement will rally at the boone county fair grounds to organize wider opposition to the dakota access pipeline. stephanie johnson cbs 2 news. federal officials are part of a task force now investigating a clash between protesters of that pipeline and private security guards in north dakota.on september third -- people from both parties reported injuries. members of the standing rock indian reservation said about 30 protesters were pepper-
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construction site.a state agency that regulates private security firms is also looking into the incident. right now -- iowa city leaders are trying to make a plan so more people can afford to live june -- they put together 15 affordable housing recommendations -- and have gotten thoughts from residents and local organizations over the past two -- the city council is trying to decide which idea to move forward with. tracy hightshoe, iowa city neighborhood services coordinator07:28:27 "a lot of figure out which idea they will mo >> a lot of people don't make much money but the our economy needs them. >> reporter: leaders say university students add to competition for housing throughout the city and they hope when more student housing and built it will provide but a new study says you might want to consider getting some exercise instead. instead.the c-d-c -- american heart association and mayo clinic all agree people need 150 minutes of exercise every
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five of us get the recommended amount.not exercising can actually make you sick -- so experts say people may want to consider physical activity over pharmaceuticals. "as far as total wellness, you'll always hear it needs to >> as far as total wellness you will always here it needs to be a good mix of exercise, sleep, proper diet, strong emotional well-being, spirit wal well- being plays into. exercise can help improve all the other areas as well. >> reporter: next year the nia will release the groundbreaking results to show what happens to the body when we move. the goal is to prove americans who exercise -- prove to americans that exercise is researchers says there no link between the so-called obesity gene and someone's ability to lose weight.they looked at studies involving thousands of people and found that even though people with the gene are heavier to start with -- they respond they same to diet
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popular wearable tech that monitors physical exercise may not actually improve weight of pittsburgh researchers found that patients who used the wearable technology lost less weight than people on standard weight loss programs. it's and right now in it's degrees.there's still more cbs 2 this morning to come.but first let's take a look at what we're working on for fox 28 morning live. live.the former republican president who ma going on fox28 live. ly former american president who maybe voting for hillary -- hillary clinton in november. seaworld maybe a little empty the big reason people are not going there. all coming up on fox28 live, eastern iowa's only news at 7 7:00 a.m. weather wise a muggy last day of summer with showers and thunderstorms. after the break we'll head to the weather summary.
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and storms. full weather first forecast coming up next on cbs2 this
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of # 1 good morning to you. a warm day today. our temperatures in the mid to upper 80s in the north. upper 80s in the southern part of the viewing area. muggy too with scattered shower and thunderstorm chances this afternoon and evening. 77 at 10. ly 6 degrees at lunchtime and 88 degrees this afternoo we'll do that afternoon forecast with a few scattered shower and thunderstorm chances. here's doppler radar and there you see northeast iowa dealing with scattered showers and thunderstorms. heavy rains too just where we don't need them. lan sing back over to winneshiek krt. over to gut ten berg. these folks under flash flood watch until 7:00 tomorrow night for obviously the reason of the rain this morning and more scattered showers this afternoon and evening.
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the east. right now 70 degrees. winds out of the south at 5. humidity 100%. on the board 68 in oel wine. 68 in iowa city and 67 in dubuque. statewide temps kurptly. 76 in bha son city. highs today 80s and 90s on the board. so a very muggy last full day of summertime. let's show you the satellite and radar. this is all the moisture we've roll through with gusty winds now through northern illinois back through minnesota and wisconsin areas too. here's the reason we're staying with the gla flash flood concern. this storm system stalls out. you will notice the rainbow arc on the warm front. the showers are riding along the warm front and they will do so again this evening and overnight we're not done with the rain threat until the entire storm complex moves
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partly sunny muggy this afternoon and evening and into the overnight. clouds just continue to build. we'll call it partly to mostly cloudy sky thursday. scattered showers and thunderstorms certainly in the morning and we'll keep an eye on more for thursday afternoon and evening into the overnight and again, we're not done with the rain until by friday immediate day. small slight risk of severe weather in afternoon for us in the northern viewing area. certainly keep a watch full eye on that. we could ifrmgdz of rain across the northern half of iowa as we combine the rainfall totals today through friday morning. low to upper 80s in the mid to central viewing area. warm and muggy with a south wind at 5 to 15. tonight mid to upper 60s. mostly cloudy isolated shower and thunderstorms. still muggy south breeze at 6 to 12 miles per hour. tomorrow our forecast 70s to
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mainly cloudy. scattered showers and storms a cooler day. we keep the rain through friday morning. 83, clearing friday afternoon and evening. down to 63. saturday sunshine, gorgeous october -- north side october fest in iowa city couldn't be better weather there. sunday upper 70s scattered showers and storms through monday morning. tuesday 70 and we finally feel like fall and wednesday, thursday, and friday. full weather details as always cbs2 take the app with you and follow us on facebook and twitter get all the details on cbs2 thank you justin. my colleague kelly d'ambrosio is having a blast out in the amana colonies at the theater she's giving a look at the
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good morning, kelly. >> reporter: good morning, everybody at home i want you to go ahead and get your hand ready for a little bit of this action because the t birds are going to sing grease lightning for us for us. take it away, fellas. >> music music, a fuel injection cut off and chrome plate fender, yeah. with four-speed on floor she'll be waiting you know without a doubt i'll be really making out in grease lightning. go go go. grease light lightning -- go go, grease lightning, go grease lightning. you are supreme, the chick's a dream. my grease lightning.
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dashboard, yeah, she can [audio not understandable] grease lightning, go go go go go, go grease lightning you're burning up the quarter mile. go grease lightning. go, go. grease lightning, go go. you are supreme, chick's a dream, my grease lightning, go go go go (yelling) (lauging), oh common. go go go go go. go grease lightning you're burning up the quarter mile. grease lightning, go grease lightning.
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coasting lieu the heat lap trial. grease lightning, light nij, lightning, lightning, lightning. >>reporter. now we know where all those muscles come from with all those push ups and things they were doing on the floor. good job. back with more greegs, stay with us. thank you, kelly. 6:47 on your wednesday morning. coming up next we have some of the day's top stories right the day's top stories right here on cbs2 this morning. woman: huh. congressman blum is a tea party member. we've shut down the government before. woman: blum voted to cut social security. we've got to raise the retirement age.
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a hardworking mom. started a small business while raising three daughters. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. monica vernon gets it. vernon: i'm monica vernon, and i approve this message. the older we get, the more we measure quality of life by the numbers. so when washington politicians like rod blum keep voting to raise social security's retirement age to 70, it's time to pay attention. for years, he's pressed to privatize social security, risking seniors' guaranteed benefits on the stock market. and blum even supports cutting social security benefits. that's a plan for our seniors that doesn't add up for iowa. house majority pac is responsible
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your??????? your??????? welcome back. 65-time time on your wednesday morning.
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40% chance of isolated thunderstorms with lightning there. a light breeze but pretty warm. 81 in decorah. now let's take a look at the morning commute. i3ly 042nd street. traffic is pretty good so far today. no reports of any delays to worry about on your morning commute. parts of northeast iowa are getting rain -- morning. state leaders are trying to get last month. governor terry bran stand declared a federal dis asser area for 8 counties. the entire congress regs natural reached out the president for state assistance a developing story overnight. police in shore lot, north carolina say 12 of their own were injured during president obama test.
6:51 am
burritos yorz were shown breaking windows in police vehicles and other unmarked cars. flown straight started throwing rocks at news vans too. . 43-year old keith scott was the man that was killed yesterday afternoon. was not the man they were looking for -- but officers say they saw him leave his car with a gun.the officer who shot scott is also woman claiming to be a realtive says scott was reading a book -- waiting for his son at a school bus stop. she says he was not armed and actually scared of the police -- police did find a gun at the scene. protesters were in the streets last night in tulsa - oklahoma - new details show the officer who fatally shot an unarmed black man had a stun gun but did not use it. it.officer betty shelby was responding to a report of a stalled vehicle when the shooting happened.officials say 40-year-old terence crutcher did not have a weapon
6:52 am
reason to fear for her life -- but attorneys for crutcher's family disagree. "he looks at her and his left hand breaks the pane of where the window would be as if he was reaching in and at that time she fired one shot- she was in fear of her life" life""how can he be reaching into the car if the window is up and there is blood on the glass?" - -tusla police say a vial of the drug p-c-p was found in his vehicle. department is now investigating. the former head of the cedar rapids police department -- is now under investigation at a florida police force. force.ocala police chief greg graham served as the chief in cedar rapids from 2008 to 2012. last night -- ocala city leaders voted to temporarily remove graham from that post pending an investigation into multiple sexual harassment accusations.chief graham has denied any wrongdoing. a benton county jury could come up with a verdict today in a corridor murder trial.
6:53 am
a second full day.they're working on a verdict in the david miller first degree murder trial.he's accused of beating and strangling sabrina hustad janish in his home last 2 news will be in the court-room -- waiting for that decision. you can follow along on twitter for any updates - just search cbs 2 iowa. a man accused of killing killinghis wife's boyfriend more than 30-years ago could soon be a free man. man.police say 57-year-old anthony burtch shot and killed lance dewoody in august of 1985. he was charged with murder only this past april -- after d-n-a tests linked him to the killing.a judge now says that evidence did not match burtch. investigators say dewoody was dating burtch's estranged wife when he was killed.his body was found at the university of iowa's oakdale campus in coralville.burtch has pleaded not guilty.he'll be released until his trial -- but he will have to wear a g-p-s monitoring device. it's now on this morning.right
6:54 am
when we come back, we'll head back out to the live to the old creamery theatre with kelly.
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weatherwise cloudy skies. kind of a rhyme this time. 60s and 70s out there. cedar rapids # 1. waterloo 71, dub buick 65. scattered showers continue through north and east flash flood warning around northernal ma key county. bus stop forecast, 73 this morning and mid 80s at recess. upper 80s this afternoon. partly to mostly cloudy skies. saddle right and radar. predict i don't really shows the moisture will move out. scattered showers and thunderstorms later this afternoon on into the evening and overnight. flash flood watch continues through 7 p.m. thursday, here is that 7-day
6:57 am
through friday mid-morning. clearing friday night. 80s friday and sunshine saturday. right now toss it back out to cbs2 an chore kelly d'ambrosio she is in the amana colonies at the old cream retheater with the cast of grease. >> reporter: thank you you can get your tickets to grease right now at the old cream resheer tier. show with we go together. what's better than that? musk musk we go together, like
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, september 21st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? violent protests overnight in north carolina after police shoot and kill a black man. demonstrators injure officers. block a major freeway and property. >> new details about the bombings in new york and new jersey unfolded. we are getting new information about the attacker's family including a wife overseas. >> we test the new technologies sdiped designed to make sure airlines never lose your bags again. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."


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