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tv   CBS2 News Live at 5  CBS  September 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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right now, live at five, flooding rocked northern iowa flooding rocked northern iowa today. now, crews are preparing for what's to come to the corridor and we'll get to awful that coverage but first, let's get you caught up on the latest with the forecast in the weather center. terry? >> you know what's really ironic we've hardly had a rain drop. it's going into the cedar river basin. and in cedar rapids now we are projecting a crest based on additional rainfall of 24.1 inches here in cedar rapids. that is major floods egg and that would be the second highest all-time crest and what does it look like here in cedar rapids when you get a 24-foot crest, let's take a look at the graphic. here you can see the main stem
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rapids. once you get into the blue shaded areas that's what a 24-foot crest would overspread. a lot of the area downtown and some residential areas hit back in twaightd will once again go under water if we get the crest of 24.1 feet here in cedar rapids. that's the latest reading that we're anticipating. now as we take a look at the river levels upstream. the cedar river and cedar falls. that expected to come in the morning hours on sunday. the cedar river in waterloo anticipating a major crest at 24.8 feet. from there the river goes on down toward vin ton. 22.1 feet and finally sometime monday night the river should crest here in cedar rapids at 24.1 feet. and flood stages 12 feet. the interest thing about this
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it was expected to crest at 15 feet but because of that tremendous rain to the north the crest is now up about 9 feet in just 24 hours time. still have a flash flood watch in effect for much of area. this is extended now. a look at the latest radar. showers and thunderstorms are still out there. once again later on tonight. and hit some of the same areas that were hard hit last night. more flash flooding. a possibility. we'll be back to take look in the forecast straight ahead. >> o.k. thank you. we always have the flood projection map on our facebook page. that the one that terry examined showing you the river and how it goes around may's island and down through some of the downtown parts. now to what we're seeing as that water flows to the south. we'll send to joe who's been in cedar rapids talking
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preparing now. joe? >> reporter: yeah. with the threat of major flooding on the rise, preparations are well underway in cedar rapids to protect as much as of community as possible but as cedar rapids fire chief said today, if that level reaches 24 feet, homes and businesses will be impacted. >> it started early this morning with the city's ut >> water distribution system, awful our sanitary system and sanitary sewer system will be under some predictions pose no risk to city drinking water but homeowners and potential flood areas should cover any basement drains to prevent water back ups4;32;18;00 that water can have some force or pressure to it so that's where we encourage the use of weight, bricks sandbags other heavy objects on top of that. 8 sandbag, other heavy objects on top of that.
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those efforts will quickly be stepped up. >> we're looking at getting materials and equipment staged. we are hoping that we can start sandbagging ernlts with the public tomorrow. >> public safety officials urge everyone to listen to evacuation warnings and avoid flood waters. >> stay out of flooding water. you don't know what's happened to the ground or infrastructure neither it. if you get water in the basement, don't go into the water. >> the best advice is preparing now. >> move them out of there. take as much time as you can to get out of there and stay out of harm's way. >> now as we said the city is not planning to start sandbagging until tomorrow but people here are taking the chief's advice and getting out to prepare as early as possible. covering the corridor, cbs 2 news. live at 5:00.
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coverage. thank you. preparations are underway at the city market. we spoke with staff from kirkwood as they were clearing out their culinary kitchen ahead of the potential flooding. this is the first time they've cleared out the space since july to 2013. that's when flood waters were last a threat. at the time there was no damage and hoping to repeat that this time. >> well, we're just trying to be proactive. concerned about what the flood i know that the ranges are a little bit all over the board. but we are moving out some valuable kitchen equipment as well as some of the furniture and some of the culinary equipment in the space. >> they say unfortunately there's some things that can't be removed but they're just trying to protect as much as possible. if flooding reaches projections home and businesses will be impacted.
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moore is in czech village where they are expecting water. >> karen we spoke with several business owners down here today. they are hoping for best but they're preparing for the worst. >> cedar rapids city officials share projections for flooding. they're trying to figure out how they will respond. >> for us we're going through and prioritizing what equipment and things get out first that's the most crucial for our business to reopen afterwards. >> his business went nine feet under water in 2008. >> that much pretty is about -- above the barrel there. we're going to plan for that it's going to be -- if it's 24 foot plus that will put us at 3 to 4 feet into the bar. others have not been through this before. >> i panicked. what do you do? i thought we just got this
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work down here and now we get to pack it all back up. the hope is that all this preparation won't be needed after all. diswr thought about wot best case scenario. i would like to see none of the businesses one needs to go through what happened in 2008 again.for those who have been through this before they say at least it has left them better prepared.03:10:05 if we did this once, we can do it again and we will. we'll just get >> if we did this once, we can do it we'll get' er done. >> short term czech fest has been candy. some of the business oarns say in cedar rapids, mellaney moore cbs 2 news the owners of a small, corridor construction company are building a promising future- after dealing with promising future after dealing with flooded property
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story that's been generations in the making. >> for the silver proars there's no shortcut to success. mike and alex silver cut their teeth watching their grandfather cut wood. they grew up around the construction business and launched their own company and now passing on their knowledge and skids to the next generation. they've learned plenty having rebuilt homes in cedar rapids after the flood of '08. they also create custom cabinetry, furniture and outdoor decks. >> we need everybody. o.k.? you know, not just the rocket scientists and the bankers and stuff. hey, the guys who even, you know, get the roads down and everything like that. we need everybody. >> tonight, i'll share with you how the school of hard work can be just as educational as college and
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2 news ten at 10. just into the newsroom in the last couple minutes. xavier high school in cedar rapids will dismiss at 11 tomorrow morning so students can help with sandbagging and evacuation efforts downtown: now we head back to the weather center where chief meteorologist terry swails is tracking all the developing weather that could add to this
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just the power of the atmosphere and just how much is there and we just had incredible amounts of rain fall that fell and this all occurred while we had tornado warnings ongoing last night and that led to very high rainfall rates and we have accumulations that are near 10 and a half inches in portions of floyd and butler county. near green have an accumulation near 13 inches and many areas have been starting to see this rain and in green there's been many areas that have been
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>> how much rain fell last night. you can see that bullseye. floyd county and out to the east in chickasaw county. it's causing a lot of flooding issuing on the larger rivers. in northern iowa too. >> all these flood warnings. very saich rated grounds now and that's leading to continue there and now downstream. waterloo. through the cedar that's going to cause some issues over the next several days. glftslet take a look at some of the river crests that we are anticipating and we're going to start upstream and work our way down. we're talking about the cedar river now which is expected to start flooding
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northwest counties around charles city. a crest expected in ed in cedar falls. the crest there expected around 25 feet. that's definitely major. and from there it gets on down towards vin ton, the crest there expected late on sunday at around 22.1 feet and then evenly the river comes on down toward cedar rapids and at this point we are anticipating a crest or tuesday. but again this is very much dependent on how much rain falls in the next 24 hours. our models are estimated additional rainfall. that's going to change the crest. so right now keep in mind that's fluid and really depends a lot on what happens in the next 24 hours. in the meantime this is what happens when we reach a crest of 24 feet. there's the major stem going
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normally it's this blue area where the river is found. if we get that 24-foot crest you can see how it expands into the urban areas and into the downtown as well. this would be a major deal for cedar rapids and we need to prepare for the worst and hope for the best here in this next 24 hours but i can tell you this, these are some of the issues that happens when the river starts getting to certain levels. and by the time it gets up to 24 feet, the water reaches the bottom of the first avenue bridge downtown cedar rapids and i think everybody can recall back here in 2008 how amazed we were to see it go over the bridge. we're right at that same threshold. here's the flash flood watch until 1:00 on friday. all these counties in green. so this has been extended another 24 hour or so and this is the area where additional storms are anticipated tonight. it could produce some flash
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the rivers around eastern iowa. here's the radar currently. most of the rain in the central counties and most of it is east of waterloo. continues to work its way southwest. this particular cell here just to the south is really putting out the rain and some lightning and some small hail. this is expected to work its way southeast and come close to cedar rapids its track and current intensity. some brief periods of very heavy rain as it moves southeast. as we go to the predictor here you can see that we are anticipating the rains to increase after dark. that's going low level jet kicks in. that's when they flair up the northern counties would be in for heavier rain. this may be further south or north. can vary somewhat but the bottom line is more thunderstorms are expected
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these are likely going to produce some very heavy rain. our latest forecast and you can see that some of our northern counties could see another one two perhaps two inches of rain. get into one of those really big downpourses. some spots a little bit more than that. 2.9 around dubuque. more heavy rain in the forecast and some impact on the flooding situations as we go through the next couple of days. tonight scattered showers and thunderstorms will be around. we're expecting those from 63 degrees in the south and again some of those storms could be heavy but mainly in the central and north. for tomorrow warm and muggy. but mainly early in the day. then our front tries to make a little progress to the north. it could get warm and muggy in the southern counties where readings of 84 to 86 are possible to iowa city to washington but really moaps of the rain tonight anyway stays in our central and northern counties and tomorrow a lot of it pushes out in the morning.
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more heavy rain on sunday and then after that, things definitely cool off and quiet down a little bit as we get into the early portions of next week. we bring you dramatic footage from northeast iowa where the flooding has already caused a lot of damage. and in the meantime show you a live look where they're sandbagging to try to keep the water cbs2iowa.comconnect with us on facebook --
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heavy flood waters continue to overwhelm parts of north eastern iowa. the town of river swelled, brought the town a halt. residents have been working together the to sandbag along the river. butler county emergency management is asking that people stay out of town if they already are and residents to take precaution. heavy rain flooded one of the only two gas stations in town. >> yeah. i'm a little nervous about whether we'll have enough
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hopefully it'll hold out. >> res in town built a five- feet wall out of sand bag to block waters from destroying businesses on main street. >> storms rocked northern iowa. viewers have sent in great photos. look at this cloud of the storms as they rolled in and the split tree just split in halfs a the skies cleared. we received pictures showing the aftermath. here's another look at that split in half. you can track storms anytime - by downloading the cbs 2 weather only sends you alerts if things are happening in your immediate area. it's free for apple and android devices. and a reminder, we'll always have the flood projections map
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the storms last night did bring some beautiful images. here's lighting caught on the storms did bring in some beautiful images. here's some storms at northern iowa in cedar falls. we'd love to see your photos wherch you catch storms in your area. be careful when you take the pictures. if you do, e-mail them to us. knews at they can look our the window and see images like that. incredible. >> we can't be everywhere so it sure helps to fill in the voids. we try but but can't. >> you guys have been doing a good job. there's a lot to predict and a lot riding on this. >> some amazing things going on up in green which is farther northern portions. they just had some tremendously
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downstream. we have the flash flood watch in effect for all of these counties. here's the doppler now. it's pretty isolated but it's moving in. and that has a lot of lightening and very heavy rain many we can hear the thunder out there right now and it looks like in palo, cedar rapids and even down to ely between now and 6:23 and it could produce up to an inch of rain and perhaps even some small hail. so that's one storm to be concerned about but more is exp develop out to our west and come back into the area later on. >> that is what we don't need. >> pretty complex situation. >> you'll bring it to us. thank you. thank you for being with us on live at 5 today. we'll have complete coverage of the flood of 2016
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