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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  September 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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to bring your shovel along they are looking for volunteers. they are asking you to bring your shovel. in the last 20 minutes the governor issued a disaster proclamation. we will continue to tell you how they are preparing. we go straight to our meteorologist to start our flood coverage. >> reporter: we have been singh heavy rains continue to fall in the general area and last night 12 inches in spots has raised the game. we have major flooding expected in the metro area. the river is expected to crest at 24.1 feet on tuesday. that is in flux. we have less rain that search
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that is the latest information. that will be the second all- time highest crest. what happens at 24 feet? we have a graphic. there is the river and blow. it starts to expand. this area is where the river would spread out to. that will be much of the downtown area. the river would be impacted. that is based on a crest of 24 feet. that is the latest projection. we will go through some of the others. the northwest is expecting flooding and major crest at 99.2 feet and eventually that goes downstream. the crest of 24.8 feet anticipated on monday.
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sunday and monday. at this point the flood stage is 12 feet and we are expected to be 12 feet above that on monday or tuesday. we will have flash flood watches that remain in effect for the additional rain that is expected to fall tonight work you can see a strong thunderstorm is moving into the metro area and that will be in cedar rapids between now and 6:52. this is just the beginning of another round of heavy rain tonight and tomorrow morning. the floodwaters are flowing which has some eastern iowa and neighbors on the move.
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continue our coverage. you have some information. fighting floodwaters is no 2 news reporter joe huisinga continutes our team coverage from cedar rapids- rapids-and tells us how this city is getting ready. with the threat of major flooding on the rise preparations are are well underway to protect as much of the city as possible. rapids fire chief mark english said this afternoon if those waters reach 24 feet - homes and businesses will be impacted. impacted. pkgflood protection preparation is moving full speed ahead with the city of cedar rapids it started early this morning with the cities utilities4;30;23;16 all of our water distribution system all of our sanitary sewer system all of our storm water sewer system will bend u some stress because there will be a
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top of it. 11current predictions pose no risk to city drinking water but top of it. water back ups4;32;18;00 that water can have se force or basement drains. >> that could cause force and pressure so we encourage every objects on top of that. >> the efforts will quickly be stepped up. >> we are looking at g materials staged we're hoping we can start sandbagging efforts with the public tomorrow. >> they urge everyone to avoid floodwaters. >> stay out of the floodwater. if you get water in your basement to not go into the basement. nickleby electrical energized. >> move your things to a safe
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can to get out and stay out of harms way. >> reporter: the city is not going to be starting the sandbagging efforts until tomorrow but as you can see, people are taking the chiefs advice and working ahead of time. people down here at the market are sandbagging. >> you can see what is gng they are sandbagging at that time. that is the commitment from the community that has seen it before. if it reaches the jacksons -- projections they will see what happened before. business owners are expecting high waters. >> reporter: we spoke with
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they are preparing for the worst. they are in the process of figuring out what can stay and what needs to go if water reaches of these 24 foot level. some of the business owners say there was nine there was 9 feet of water back then. they are hoping that this preparation will not be needed. >> that would be the best case scenario. i would like to see none of the businesses disrupted. >> we will do it again. we will get it done. >> reporter: some business owners fear that if the worst happens, some of these businesses will not reopen. right now some businesses and events are being affected.
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latest. what is happening? >> reporter: it is safe to say that a lot of plans are changing and that includes the business community. the main street was going to hostess -- post a walking tour and that has been postponed. that is meant to highlight some of the efforts since the 2008 flooding. they were supposed to have live music and that has been canceled. the market will be closed this weekend and the folks that don't know it is the risk -- retail business community. there will be a sandbagging station that should set up near the market that is getting underway right now and they will
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scott is the executive director and he said management has understood that the river could pose a threat again and they do have a plan in place. i spoke to the new owner who bought the restaurant last year and he said there is eight $1000 pump outside of his restaurant but they are planning to stay open as usual but they will be moving things out. we are told owner that the funeral home was moving caskets as of 5:30 this afternoon. there is no short of business looking for help. thank you chase castle. for more in-depth coverage check out the corridor business journal.
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right future. you can find their creations but the brothers know it takes a lot more than woodworking to be successful. >> i say there are three phases of construction. there is the craftsmanship and the timeline and the budget. challenged."i'll show you the alternative way the silver brothers nailed down their dreams on created in the corridor, news ten at 10.
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woman: huh. congressman blum is a tea party member. we've shut down the government before. woman: blum voted to cut social security. we've got to raise the retirement age. rement age to 70. then there's monica vernon... a hardworking mom. started a small business while raising three daughters. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. monica vernon gets it. vernon: i'm monica vernon, and i approve this message. the older we get, the more we measure quality of life by the numbers. so when washington politicians like rod blum keep voting
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it's time to pay attention. for years, he's pressed to privatize social security, risking seniors' guaranteed benefits on the stock market. and blum even supports cutting social security benefits. that's a plan for our seniors that doesn't add up for iowa. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this message. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot.
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te for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump. tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning. washington d-c's newest museum is about to open it's doors to the public. public.join us for a sneak peak inside before they let we continue now with cbs 2 news reporter dora miller. miller.she's been talking to neighbors there getting ready for the high waters. waters. we continue with the door miller and she has been talking to neighbors. >> reporter: barricades are lined up and the mayor said
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in case many people have come out to help stop the sand and prepare for a worst case scenario. >> it is great to see but it is something we expect of each other. times are tough. let's get together and fix things. thousands of people are preparing for >> let's talk about what caused all of this to happen. here's some insight. errs a couple of things that i wanted to focus on. one is the tremendous rains that have been occurring in our northern counties and they are saturating the ground. yesterday we had a massive rainfall event.
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upwards of 10 inches of rain and higher amounts in other areas. this is serious. you can see there are birds that are covered with water in the town. this is some of the rain that will be affecting us. >> obviously a tremendous bed situation. a water dish the water is filling up. i want to show you rainfall estimates that are coming out of felipe and butler counties. >> a lot of the rain came in about four hours time yesterday afternoon and then there were additional storms let but to the higher amounts. these are estimates. 11.25 inches of rain
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to be moving all the rain down strain into the cedar river and that is why we have these flood warnings in effect. >> with the flood warnings in the north, primarily these are smaller streams in this area but this is the river which extends all the way from charles city toward cedar rapids and it enters the mississippi river. that is a big concern now. we will show you some of the. objections -- projections. there is a crest of 99.2 feet anticipated. that is 2 feet be twice -- between the all-time record. there is major flooding anticipated there. crest is expected to reach 22.1 feet on sunday and in the cedar rapids area we are looking at
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crest. that is a big number. the only other time was in 2008 will we exceeded that with 31 feet. first of all, this is based on model input of how much rain might fall. the ring could be later or heavier. the numbers are in flux. they could go up or down. keep that in mind. the latest projections are 21.1 if we reach that level, you can see how the water will flood the area along the river. you can see a lot of residential areas that went under in 2008. they would be impacted again. here's the flash flood watches. these have been extended into friday due to the additional rain tonight.
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we get to the radar, you can see we've had some thunderstorms begin to develop. we have a front that is draped across the region and that will be the focus for the thunderstorms tonight. you can see that is impacting the cedar rapids area and that is dumping heavy rain. that is expecting to head off to the south wiest and producing some small hell and torrential rain. it is such a faraway. that will produce heavy rains as it moves in a northeast direction as we go to the evening hours. our models are indicating that the thunderstorms are remaining across the northern counties
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heavier rain to fall. that is a spot we do not want to say. that was what they are indicating. you can see around dubuque about 3 inches there. 123 inches of rain looks at the possibility. tonight's for crest -- as temperatures in the 60s for lows. mainly in the morning temperatures are in the 70s and it is much warmer in the south. eventually as the warm front moves through another heavy rain event is possible and temperatures will go back to the 60s and the rain starts to
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a family affair on saturday. who will mom be cheering for? that is next. us at 1-800-222-kgan email us at news at cbs 2 iowa dot comconnect with us on facebook at facebook/kgan cbs 2.
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saturday won't only be iowa's first road game -- and their big 10 opener -- it
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road game it will be a family affair. j is the defensive coordinator. they will not be going head to head but it is suns versus fathers and that leaves mom in a tough spot on who to cheer for. >> the boys have to prepare and i have to prepare like i have to. my wife is caught in the middle. she is trying to and to them and to me she has to be a mother first so i know she will be passionate about cheering for been and hoping he plays well. i hope we win the game and i hope he plays great. >> i am trying to look at it like i have the first three games and not focus on that. >> the football team is off to the best starts they've had no
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ninth in the street -- state. lonnie moore is the courage of the week. >> on the football field at waterloo west lonnie moore is all business. >> he's intense and he wants to win and he's competitive. understatement. >> every play we want to be 1-0. you need to will -- win every play and drill. >> when you're 1-0 it means you never lose. >> this is more than a game of football. it is them starting off at boys and leaving as men. making sure
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>> he says everything is where the team. everything he does is for the team. we can't mess up. >> because on and off the field -- >> i feel like i have 50 to 100 suns. >> nothing will be different on
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices,
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thunderstorms. later on tonight the low level jet will kick in and the storms will regenerate to our northwest. they will be the ones we need to keep an eye on.
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woman: huh. congressman blum is a tea party member. we've shut down the government before. woman: blum voted to cut social security. we've got to raise the retirement age. woman: blum would raise the retirement age to 70. then there's monica vernon... a hardworking mom. started a small business while raising three daughters. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. monica vernon gets it.
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>> "code black" season premiere. >> it is caught for the win! >> he has won the masters. >> derrick henry the win it! >> phe >> tonight from foxborough, the new england patriots host the houston texans. this is "thursday night football." ? ? ? ?


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