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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  September 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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16 feet here in cedar rapids. now temperatures are looking good around eastern iowa. upper 60s to the lower 70s. but off to the east you can see some clouds coming in from illinois and later tonight those will overspread the area and tomorrow i look for a mostly cloudy day to start the weekend. it could be a sprinkle around in the east, but the main feature of the weather will be the cool temperatures and the clouds with the highs back in the upper 60s. the rest of the weekend forecast coming right up. new into the newsroom, edgewood road bridge are both open. hard to believe that a few days ago that road looked a lot like this and now it's reopened. good news today for residence and businesses in the flood zone, the zone will open tomorrow at noon, but only to people who live there or own a business there. on saturday, it will open to zone- that starts at eight-pm. also - cedar rapids transit has now announced it will resume normal bus operations
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as people patiently wait for on-ramps and downtown bridges to reopen- it's caused a lot of impatience on i-380.we've been dealing with serious backups and bumper-to-bumper traffic on the interstate. until today, it was the only way to get across the river in cedar rapids. right ?now on i- 380... fortunately, all the congesti interstate this week won't congestion we've seen on the interstate this week won't be lasting much longer. cbs2 news reporter joe huisinga is live with some promising news on the downtown bridges. joe? >> reporter: yeah guys for days interstate 380 has been the only one in town to cross the cedar river. but right now crews are working to clear hesco barriers from downtown bridges to get them ready for traffic tomorrow. all downtown bridges except for
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noon just for residence and businesses starting to move back in. and as scott mentioned in the last hour we've learned that the edgewood bridge is now open for all traffic and that's going to take a lot of stress off 380. the downtown bridges and i-380 ramps will open to everyone at 7:00 a.m. on saturday morning. >> we will open our roads and open up our bridges, clear off as much as we can and make the community easy to get but again keep in mind that there is a lot of work, so be careful when you are driving around that there are workers with a lot of activity, heavy equipment, exercise caution. >> reporter: and now if you are coming downtown to clean up or move back in do not park on the streets. that's still reserved for emergency vehicles and city personnel only. you can use the parking ramps
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joe huisinga cbs 2 news commuting isn't the ony thing on people's minds.residents who prepared for high waters are wondering what to do with all those sandbags. sandbags.tomorrow morning, people can start dropping off their sandbags at noelridge park.another location will open saturday morning at ellis park.residents can also leave the sandbags on their property and the city hopes to start free, curbside collections on monday, october 10th. commercial property owners will ha t commercial property owners will have to take care of their own sandbags and we'll have news on that in just a moment. >> as you might imagine, residence are anxious to get back to their homes. cbs2 news anchor caught up with one family moving back in and she joins us live from northwest cedar rapids with how they are feeling. >> reporter: well karen, since i've been here this afternoon, emotions have been all over the place. i've seen tears, smiles, more
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i've seen a whole lot of sweat because moving these sandbags from the homes to the curb for that collection you guys were just talking about, it's a whole lot of work. but one of the homeowners here that i spoke with, they say it is not the sandbags that they need to thank for them. it is the city workers. >> all the barriers and the walls and the sand that they dumped. i really think that it made a huge difference. to what could have happened if those things weren't in place. if they hadn't worked so hard to put up those things to protect us. >> reporter: and although like i said this neighborhood did not see any water and they are getting the sandbags out there is is still a whole lot of work left to make home sweet home a sweet home again. they've got to move their stuff in, they've got to change all the stuff that's in their houses from one story to the next. so it's going to be a long road ahead still even though there was not any water.
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about that coming up tonight on cbs2 news at 10:00 at 10. covering the corridor live in cedar rapids rapids janay ryan cbd2 news. we have new information on their recovery process from our news partners at the corridor business journal. homeowners' sandbags--how are ccompanies going to handle theirs? economic alliance sandbag program: economic development officials this morning released a new sandbag dropoff plan aimed at getting businesses back up and running.starting tomorrow morning, crews will begin accepting sandbags from commercial properties at the former 6th street alliant energy plant, that's between quaker oats and cargill. they'll also be taking them in select spots in newbo, czech village and kingston village. a map is available on the economic alliance website. those sites will be open at 7 am, and are expected to remain open through oct. 7.
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businesses along the river, how are they fairing tonight? tonight?small business updates: it's been a trying week for small businesses, but most of those seem to have escaped with minimal damage. parlor city owner jon jelinek told us on tuesday that he was dealing with water in basements, but this week. he said that the biggest issue was flooding basements, taking care of that. but he has already started loading up the equipment and their furniture back into his popular bar there. and unfortunately not all cbs has been reporting this week tornadoes, the kick stand bar down there, they have all been taking on water. we spoke with david owens from modern, he is coming back from industrial update: when it comes to the city's industrial operations, most were well prepared for the
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ingredion/penford plant on the west side told us that there was no major damage from flooding, and that employees returned to work today. grain shipments at quaker oats were halted temporarily, but the plant reopened quickly. the company credited its own flood protection system with the quick turnaround. there's no word yet from cargill or diamond v, although both of those plants are expected to reopen soon as well. health inspections coming: finally tonight, it may be a week or so before downtown is ready for officials with linn county public health said more than 150 food-related businesses were impacted, and that local and state inspectors are working this week and next to get health inspections completed. about half of those businesses have already been inspected and passed, but that an inspection of newbo city market won't happen until next week, as it will take time for all of the equipment to be loaded back in.
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for more in-depth coverage of these stories and more, be sure to check out monday's edition of the corridor business journal. today- early voting started in linn county. county.however- it is now at a different location. location.residents looking to cast their vote in linn county can go to the community services building.they are open monday through friday building. they are open monday through friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. the city does not yet have time when they will move the voting back to the linn county auditor's office. today democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton stopped in des moines. clinton says the next 40 days until the election will impact the next 40 years for the country. she also says that after talking to cedar rapids lawmakers about the flood, she is motivated to provide better protection in the future. clinton told iowans that she wants to help small businesses
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on the republican side of the campaign trail, donald trump rallied in new hampshire today. trump is asking his supporters for advice for his next debate appearance. he sent out an e-mail questionnaire wanting to know what issues he should be looking at more in order to win. coming up next, cleaning up the corridor. how you can give your time or money to help businesses bounce back. and there's a weather disturbance out in the ohio valley that's actually back west. that's going to mean some implications for our weekend weather around here. we'll tell you what that is all about in your weather first
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congressman blum is a tea party member. we've shut down the government before. woman: blum voted to cut social security. we've got to raise the retirement age. woman: blum would raise the retirement age to 70. then there's monica vernon... a hardworking mom. started a small business while raising three daughters. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. monica vernon gets it.
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and i approve this message. in twenty-three years, chuck grassley hasn't missed a single vote. in just six years, senator patty judge missed a hundred and eighty-two votes. state fair board member judge missed seventy-six percent of their meetings. iowa economic development commission member judge, missed sixty-nine of seventy-two meetings. the register called patty judge a ?habitual no show.? grassley works.
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tomorrow on cbs of the biggest oktoberfest celebrations kicks off in the c. corridor.we go back to the amana colonies for some of the best food and drinks this weekend.tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning. business owners who prepared for the flood are now trying business owners who prepare for the flood are now trying to figure out how they will return to normal. cbs2 news room reporter mellaney moore got an update thinking they want to lend a hand. >> reporter: karen, that's right. yeah, we watched as volunteers put together and placed sandbags like these and now all of these have to go somewhere. the community members tell me that they are so thankful for volunteer help, that they want people to remember some are going to need just as much help now. the business owners say that the sooner they could get their utilities back and roads clear and their businesses open the better. so they're looking to
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what's next. and that it has been hard for many of them to close this week. some owners are working inside their businesses right now, saying that they need to do that work first, which means that there may still be an opportunity to help later on. >> the most important thing, you know, no matter how much they will be dealing with, putting all their inventories back in that no one is under water, at least in this neighborhood that i cannot speak we all lucked out, you know. >> reporter: and the united way has been helping to coordinate their volunteers as we have a link to their website so you can see how you can help on coming the rapids mellaney moore cbs2 news. >> there are things to keep in mind if you are heading to plan
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>> doctors of st. lukes says if you are exposed to any water at all to do a self-check. if you have a wound, head to often grow where there is water. and if there is standing water in a building you're working in - there are steps you need to consider. first - call your energy provider and get the power turned off in case there provider to get the turned off at that point they will need to come in to repair any damage and to verify your contractor is licensed, you can call the number here on your screen. and before you turn the lights back on, have the city inspect the area to make sure that it is safe. >> and terry w -- terry swails is joining us right now as it seems like the temperatures are finally aligning with the season. >> yes, that's right. one of the warmest and the
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and so i don't think that we are quite used to the cooler temperatures just yet, but all of a sudden they are here, so we will get to the forecast here, including the weekend in just a minute. but right now we are at 71 degrees, we have had ourselves a beautiful day out there with a lot of sun around eastern iowa and those temperatures in the 70s, the winds today, they're out of the northeast at around 15 miles per hour. and the dew point is nice and low at 49 degrees. so as we would go to today's high temperatures, what you'll nd they were in the 70s today. these readings, they are actually four to five degrees above normal. but out to the northwest of us a little chillier around spencer and fort dodge where the temperatures there, they did hold in the upper 60s today. now what we're watching for is a disturbance that is showing somesigns of backing up a little bit. but they will arrive from the east to the west, getting into
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after midnight. on the radar we are noting a few light showers around. not too much of the sprinkles. but some of those, they could advance into eastern iowa, that they will be light and widely scattered. tomorrow night for the high school football, just a lot of those clouds are expected and seasonably cool temperatures look to be at 64 with the winds out of the northeast at 5 to 15 miles per hour. here is a look temperatures. we are back in the upper 60s in dubuque and decorah. the rest of us somewhere in the lower 70s. as we go to the satellite one more time, you can see the storm we talked about out here over the ohio valley just kind of twirling around out here. this is cut off from the main jet stream flow, which is running up near the canadian border so there is nothing to push this along. so it is not going to move very much over the next couple of days. if anything, it is going to start moving back to the west.
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four days unfold. and there goes the upper air low, drifting back towards eastern iowa and then kind of loops back towards chicago and eventually by early next week. they will track up into southeastern canada. so with that particular track, some energy will rotate up around the upper low to try to push that light precipitation back into eastern iowa. but the models will indicate only .04 inches so it will not be much. you'll go a little bit further though to the east and the rain totals will be substantially higher, but the bottom all of this is that they will be getting close enough to it to cause more clouds as we go into the weekend and maybe a few light showers. our predictor here at midnight will show you how the clouds will continue to advance in from the east and by tomorrow morning they're getting into most of our region. at noontime we're covered up in those clouds. here and there a few sprinkles of rain, those will last through tomorrow night and finally by the time you get to saturday morning still a few light showers around, but nothing that's going to amount to a great deal just a lot of clouds. so your forecast for tonight as low temps will be back in the
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most areas and the skies will become partly cloudy to cloudy by the time we get to tomorrow morning. then during the day tomorrow, the cloudy skies, cooler conditions. maybe a stray brief shower or sprinkle. most of us are holding in the mid to upper 60s for highs. the extended outlook will have a chance for showers on saturday, but only 20%. i'm not expecting much there. sunny looks to be an outstanding day with a little warm up as we get into tuesday and wednesday and then a better chance for showers and storms late wednesday and into thursday of next week. and coming up in sports the hawkeye defense not happy with their performance. why giving up just seven points wasn't good enough next. on cbs2. call us at 1-800-222-kganemail us at news at cbs 2 iowa dot comconnect with us on facebook at facebook/kgan cbs 2.
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with desmond king coming back for his senior season and how the hawkeye defense played last year -- the sky how the defense played last year, the sky was the limit for the iowa d in 2016. but so far that has not been the case. week one, miami of ohio, they
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them. then last week, rutgers nearly rushed for 200 yards and nearly passed for 200 yards on the hawks. in a big 10 game you're going to feel pretty good about yourself... i don't think defensively we really felt great about our performance saturday -- there's a lot of things, areas that we need to improve as we go forward if we want to kind of limit the yards and points we are going to give up from here on out." out.""a lot of the defense didn't feel very good after the game... we are giving up too many yards and again this week t guys just don't want to give up that kind of yardage again and we are working hard not to let that happen." for nearly 4 decades dan sabers has been on the sidelines at city high -- and while the players and seasons have changed -- sabers' hasn't because his old school approach to the game -- works for life lifedan sabers -- our ed thomas coach of the week week
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at city high "i try to bring some intensity... ------ some fire... --- some enthusiasim." enthusiasim." "he expects the best and nothing but that..." that..." "you really have to bring it every day and if you don't you'll hear from him >> to it again. >> you really have to bring it every day. if you don't you'll hear from him because he expects it from you. >> reporter: but his toughness is for a reason. >> if you get good kids and you work them hard and treat t win more than you're going to lose. >> reporter: and sabers doesn't lose. game planning life for his little hawks. >> i'm just big on discipline. there is just no question. i think that's so vital for us to manage their lives well and to have that discipline to do the little things that not everybody wants to do. >> dolphin on one, ready, break. >> he wants us to work hard throughout life and not just on the football field. >> it's a great example in the classroom because obviously it
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you don't necessarily want to write an essay or read a book all the time. >> reporter: discipline demanded by a man who always receives a response from his team. >> you know it just validates who i am. it really gives me confidence in what i do. and they instill that. that adds a tremendous impact on me. >> honorary captain for iowa's game brian bullaga is there. to gear up for homecoming an eye on the hawks for you in six minutes on fox . one last look at your weather one last look at your weather first so what do the trade deals supported by congressman rod blum really mean for iowa? blum's deals are just one of the ways the biggest corporations rig the system to make more money at the expense of iowa jobs. oh, and don't forget--
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congressman blum voted to give them tax breaks. these guys hope you're not paying attention... so maybe you should. the deals blum makes in washington are bad for iowa. house majority pac
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and some clouds will arrive in our skies late tonight to be around for quite a bit tomorrow. maybe a sprinkle in the northeast, but i wouldn't count on it. 67 ought to do it for the high temperatures. we'll be down five to six degrees. >> a cool way to kick off friday. >> not bad.
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woman: huh. congressman blum is a tea party member. we've shut down the government before. woman: blum voted to cut social security. we've got to raise the retirement age. woman: blum would raise the retirement age to 70. then there's monica vernon... a hardworking mom. started a small business while raising three daughters. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work.
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?? ?? ? shocking new revelations in the brangelina divorce battle. >> why what you heard so far is just the tip of the iceberg. >> this wasn't the first incident. there were many, many more. >> why angie was thinking about ending the marriage much sooner and how long have living separate lives. >> "e.t." first to show you janet jackson's baby bump. now we take you inside her life as an expectant mother at 50. >> plus two hot hunks and two blockbusters. "e.t." is first behind the scenes of affleck's new movie and the new transformers. >> transformers 5, baby. >> why josh duhamel is literally


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