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tv   CBS2 News Live at 5  CBS  October 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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right now, live at five,a corridor police force is looking to add an expert to their team. the big way you can help and have a police force isliking to x add an expert to the team. for about four miles between exit four and the bridge construction north of north liberty. the southbound lanes are also backed up starting at that spot but the wait there isn't as long. right now - officials have not released the cause of the backup. we'll keep you updated as more comes in. right now -- hurricane matthew
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up the coastline. more than one million homes in the sunshine state are dark tonight after power lines went down. a live look now from folley beach in south carolina. within the last hour -- matthew weakened to a category two storm -- but experts warn it could still produce life threatening winds and flooding. officials say some weakened to a category 2 storm. and some areas could see a storm su in haiti, cleanup is slowly beginning after that storm devastated communities, killing more than 800 people. and an iowa nonprofit just built orphan guages and dental and medical in that country. and most of that work was destroyed by hurricane matthew. karen has the night off tonight. and we're in the weather center. we've been tracking this the
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land and we saw the devastating consequence-- consequences. >> it got really close to florida. it did not really make landfall. i saw photos out of jacksonville and saint augustine and we had roads washed away and the waves coming over land and now as it starts to move away from florida it is setting the sites this is the latest cone. and category 2 hurricane with the winds up to 110 miles an hour team will continue to go near the carolinas and is likely go to stay off the coast and then it likely turns around and weakening, but it could once again impact parts of the bahamas and possibly south florida. it would be a much weaker storm. here in eastern iowa, we have beautiful weather. the temperatures are quite
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about ten degrees criminaller from just 24 -- cooler from just 24 hours ago. and the temperatures will fall into the 30s and checking out north of highway 20, the temperatures get into the 34 to 35-degree range there could be patchy frost. so it is going to be cold tonight and we'll talk later on in your full weather first forecast how long the cold air this is a live look marion public library. just about 25 minutes, the four applicants will tell the residents why they are right for the job. and two of the candidates are with the marion police department right. a long time police chief harry dareddy announced his retirement in -- dardy, announced his retirement in april. he was a 40 year veteran on the
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today. and no doubt about it, autumn has arrived this is north liberty where a fun fall activity is helping. >> reporter: plenty of activities to come here at the colony pumpkin patch and that is the corn maze. the colony pumpkin patch is a place to bring your spooky spiders can strengthen community. and coming to shop for pumpkins is free. and general admission costs covering the other activities keep the plans for a north liberty police dog on track. >> this is the launch for the campaign for the k-9 program. it is the first. thousand dollars for a trained dog and the proper vehicle. 02:22:46 the more folks we get, the more our calls for service increase, the more
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doe maunds for the police response. this dog would not only be utilized in north liberty, it would be used in johnson county. >> reporter: they say that the community is so supportive of this need and it makes sense this community event is not just about having fun but supporting community safety. >> it is only a natural fit for us that we jumped in on that and we loved the idea for a k-9 unit for north liberty. >> reporter: there are a lot of things to do out here, including the zombie, paintball and corn maze. i'm in a corn maze in north liberty, melody morris. cedar rapids service dog is fighting for his life tonight and the owner is asking for yourself. sparky has a rare fatal disease and undergoing treatment right
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tonight. if they cannot come up with the money by the end of the week, the hospital has to stop treatments. there are baked sales at again gwen's pet grooming and a gofundme page where you can donate. next week, cedar rapids city council will break ground on the st. clair levee and the 12th avenue near the african- american museum of iowa. after the entire system is finished, it will protect at the time area up to the crest of 2008. and the city will be visiting neighborhoods in the flood zone to pick up san bags. and they ask that you -- sand dogs. and they ask that you put them near the streets. they cannot be put in bins. we have more on the information
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take three weeks. one food truck is serving up jamaican cuisine in iowa city. but he combines jamaican dishes and american cuisine to create new dishes. he has been in business for a year and a half but the popularity of his business is still growing. he said that he owes all the everytime i'm thinking of my mom. so you know one of the main reasons why i'm doing her."island vybz also caters. just make sure to place your order a week in advance. the cedar rapids rampage is kicking off thier new season tonight. the indoor soccer team faces off against the st.louis ambush.if you come out -- expect plenty of family fun -- like a trick or treat game for kids and a costume parade for everyone at halftime. "teams that have been in the league the longest time and the crowd is always behind them. one its perfect for the players for the environmental
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push the players to play the best and two it keeps thte franchise alive." alive."doors open a little after 6 and the game kicks off a little after start at nine dollars. just earlier this afternoon, lewed comments made by donald trump more than a decade ago is the latest bombshell to hit the campaign trail. there's newly released audio where donald trump braggs about kissing -- groping and trying to seduce women. the recorded conversation happened in 2005 between trump and bush.after the washignton post released the tape -- trump responded saying it was a private conversation but he is sorry if anyone was offended, meanwhile, the second presidential debate is just three days away. hillary clinton and donald trump are the second presidential debate is just three days away now. and donald trump and hillary clinton are keeping a close eye on hurricane matthew. clinton is off the trail today to get ready for the debate.
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and donald trump is hosting a roundtable at his headquarters. and pence is rallying voters in the swing state of ohio. ohio has a track record of picking the president in every election since 1964. so now, the state feels like a must win for both clinton and trump. and ohio voters both say that they have work to do before they win them over. and about 10% said they're going to vote for just a month from now. our mission is to connect the presidential candidates to our viewers to better inform and empower you. so we reached out to our candidates and their campaign to give us interviews with us and our sister stations across the country. tell us what you want to know. you may want to thank your mom for smarts.
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from the mother's genes. scientists now say they've narrowed down where the intelligence gene comes from on the x chromosomes. and they are only activated when they come from the maternal chromosomes. you're likely to get your intuition and emotional state from dad. and those are key factors unlocking intelligence. and a strong family bond is vital to raising children willing to explore new ideas. we're gearing up for a brisk fall weekend so let's check in with rebecca. it starts off tonight with friday night football so it is going to be some nice fall football weather tonight. by kickoff in eastern iowa, the temperatures will be in the 50s and cooling down.
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you've worked hard. retirement's within reach, but congressman blum wants to raise the retirement age to 70.
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atize medicare. blum would even deny social security to seniors until they're 70. i'm monica vernon, and i approve this message, because seniors have earned social security and medicare.
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monday on cbs 2...lots of people constantly try to find ways to handle conditions like adhd -- or just chronic stress. stress.the shocking treatment that's helped people already if you thought fitness ills. trackers couldn't get any more popular -- think again. you can now get a better if you thought fitness tracker could not be more popular, think again. you can help with your pet's they send information to your smart phone and the animal association said that most dogs in the united states don't get enough exercise and nearly half are overweight. and pet fitness trackers will bring need add awareness to pet health. and when the humans wear those, they just move their arms around. >> they might not be smart enough to do that. but i did have an overweight
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so i needed to help her out and track it. >> and it will motivate you too. a certain number of steps gets tricks. >> a good day for a walk if you want to go outside. it is very nice out there and it is a lot different than yesterday. and it wasn't all that warm yesterday. but we have the clouds around and we had the showers and the thunderstorms. but now it is much cooler and much calmer and we have the sunshine and the temperatures, area wide degrees cooler than this time yesterday. so it is quite the difference out there. and that means it will get cooler later on tonight. first we have friday night football kickoff across eastern iowa around 7:00. and the temperatures will be close to the 50-degree mark already and we'll have the clear skies and that will allow the temperatures to cool down. and the winds will be kicking all day. and the temperatures are going to be falling. and by the time the game are
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of highway 20 going to be in the low to mid-40s and we'll still be close to the 50-degree mark further to the south. but then the temperatures are going to continue to fall and we're going to be getting down into the 30s by morning that is the first time in the cooler of the fall season so far. and north of highway 20 is where it is going to be cold. and the temperatures are going to be in the mid-30s and where we have the temperatures near and below 35, that is where we could actually have patchy frost that develops overnight t is a low chance. but it does exit north of highway 20 and further to the south. we're closer to the 30-degree mark and colder than what it was this morning and it is because of a big cold front that moves through yesterday and that brought the showers and the thunderstorms. and we had tornadoes in the quad cities last night and now high pressure is moving in. you can see matthew in the south and east. and it will play a role in our
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pattern in place. and that is what the tropical systems tend to do for us. but because matthew is going to continue near the east coast, the high pressure will not have anywhere to go. and at the time hang out in the midwest. and we have a specially for you walk on sunday in cedar rapids. and kevin is going to be in that. so a little cool to start the walk and run around 7:00 in the morning. but we'll have plenty of sunshine and we'll start to feel warmer as the day goes on. and the cool air is not going to stick with us for all that long. and the upper levels in the atmosphere, we have cold air overahead right now and warm air is going to start back in next week. but then, another dose of cold air moves back in during the latter part of next week. so we're starting to transition into the true fall pattern where we have the cool days and this weekend is going to be a
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highs close to 70 and plenty of sunshine and 72 monday and warming up to 74 on tuesday. and we have a low chance for rain and the temperatures cool back down and the high of 57 degrees next thursday. >> still ahead, live at 5:00, the kids know growing up comes with all sorts of stressors. the unique lesson in more schools helping your children helping with whatever life may throw at this is i380 and swan lake. you can see the northbound and southbound lane very congested. four miles if not more right now of that northbound lane. one mile on the southbound side. 380 and the iowa river, it doesn't get much better, just a little further north. we're tracking this. there's a backup about six miles long t is because of a -- it is because of a crash. and we're trackinging this more
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take trackcirca dug through cars up for government auction. let's just say they didn't do the best job with cleanup. take sotjoce bangs police baton on dash - that's for real.take trackdangerous weapons were left behinda& even handcuffs.take sot"alex: oooh a police whistle"take trackand we can play copsa&with some of this stuff. that's not a sotjoce: valid without a signaturetake track or papers with peoples' personal informationa&even a phone with pics of someone's kids.take trackneither is thisa&identity thieves could make easy use of the credit cards we founda&as well as paperwork with personal informationa&we even found a cell phone loaded with texts and family pictures.our treasure hunt did turn up some fun stuffa&take natsjoce/alex scream after spotting frog in trunktake trackbut lets face it if this frog had time to make this car his home - maybe they need to do a better job, with cleanup.i'm joce sterman,
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i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! priorities usa action is responsible
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so what do the trade deals supported by congressman rod blum really mean for iowa? blum's deals are just one of the ways the biggest corporations rig the system to make more money at the expense of iowa jobs. oh, and don't forget-- these corporations shipping our jobs overseas? congressman blum voted to give them tax breaks. these guys hope you're not paying attention... so maybe you should. the deals blum makes in washington house majority pac
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pediatricians are prescribing a popular therapy to help kids deal with a wide range of problems -- from stress to a-d-h-d and even -- pediatricians are helping kids deal with a wide range of issues. and this is how the new tech sneak a different kind
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said that school can cause stress. >> i do this. >> reporter: and that is something that you learned in class? >> yes. >> reporter: the sixth grader from baltimore has been attending yoga for three years after school the extracurricular activities are more popular at schools nationwide, examples of mind/body therapy. >> and they include and hypnosis. >> reporter: and this is a coauthor of mind and body yoga can help with physical and emotional pain. >> therapy is direct at our mind's ability to help our body and whole person be better and
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are learning in class now will help them for the rest of their lives. >> your lot could be a lot smoother. >> reporter: a tool this man already uses. blocked because of a crash - 80 both north and southbound lanes are backed up for a mile. rebecca will another look at your weather first forecast when live at 5 comes back. when live at 5 comes
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not a good afternoon if you're trying to get to cedar rapids on 380. the traffic is a standstill because of an accident in that neck of the woods that is block traffic on that lane and a
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seeing backups. but then way further north by exit 16 by cedar rapid, there's another traffic jam as well from a crash in the southbound lane up north. so if you're looking to head from cedar rapids an iowa city, you're going hit major traffic in two different locations, not very good this afternoon. >> but you can roll the window down and it is really nice outside. so at least that is nice and it will get colder from here and fall quickly after sunset down into the 30s north of highway 20. and i think there's a possibility of patchy frost as the temperatures get close to 35 degrees. and we're also tracking hurricane matthew in florida
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you've worked hard. retirement's within reach, but congressman blum wants to raise the retirement age to 70. blum: we've got to raise the retirement age. blum would make it harder, voting to cut social security and privatize medicare. blum would even deny social security to seniors until they're 70. i'm monica vernon, and i approve this message,
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vernon: i'm monica vernon, and i approve this message. congressman blum's smear campaign -- misleading and false. the truth -- monica vernon donated every pay raise to charity and helped build a homeless shelter for women and children, but multi-millionaire blum promised he'd take only half his salary. then in congress, blum broke his word and kept all the pay. now he wants to cut social security
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: raging floodwaters, powerful winds, and a huge sigh of relief. a still-very-dangerous hurricane matthew heads up the atlantic coast. >> there is nothing safe about what's getting ready to happen. >> pelley: leaving hundreds of thousands in the south florida is spared a direct hit, but the death toll in haiti soars. also tonight, a predebate bombshell-- recordings surface of a very vulgar donald trump. >> when you're a star they let you do it. you can do anything. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the ( bleep ). >> pelley: united states accuses russia of hacking, aimed at interfering with the american


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