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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  October 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CDT

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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the first steps towards a flood levee in ce the first steps toward a flood levee in cedar rapids. the latest operative bought by the city to extract information on a stabbing on the last day of the state fair. welcome to "cbs 2 this morning", a live look at i-83 traffic moving well so far, son nowhere to be seen. looking to "cbs 2 this morning" i'm kevin barry. >> i'm kelly d'ambrosio, happy wednesday. it is going to get a local or today, brandon marshall is here to tell us about it.>> i don't think we will see much of the sun today. scattered showers later on, temperature has dropped 7 degrees in the last couple of hours, currently 54 with mostly cloudy skies, winds gusting to
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temperatures areawide upper 40s from charles city down to waterloo, iowa city the warm spot at 61, there are wind speeds gusting from 6 to 16 miles per hour out of the north northwest. mostly cloudy skies, scattered showers moving in this afternoon, we have showers getting in around 9:00 in the morning they will be with us until the early afternoon and then by 4:00 they will exit the area. cloudy and breezy today scattered showers temperatures in the low to mid 50s, freeze warnings and frost advisories tonight into tomorrow morning, i will let you know how low the temperatures go coming up. construction will soon begin on permanent flood protection in cedar rapids. >> stephanie johnson is live in cedar rapids explaining where the city is going to start. >> reporter: good morning, the
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that will start at the african american museum stretching 2 10th avenue. where the substation is located, yesterday the city broke ground on the $14 million project, the city wants to build it high enough to protect from flood levels, the levy will be 13 to 17 feet high and the project will include a 4 acre catch basin stations costing more than $20 million. for now, the mayor says the sinclair levy will cover just the east side of the river. >> we are starting in the lowest lying area first, this is the lowest area, the first will be the czech village area and we'll keep making improvements.." "the levee will also include a 12 foot bike trail and walking
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grants will cover most of the projects costs. costs.again, this levee will give protection for just the east-side near the newbo area and should be completed by the end of 2017. covering the corridor stephanie johnson cbs 2 news. coralville is also installing permanent flood protection -- --after the devastating floods of oh-8.right now -- the city is building a three foot permanent flood wall -- it's one of the last pieces of the city's flood defense should be done by next temporary walls on top of the permanent will stretch from the first avenue bridge to where the creek meets the coralville strip. those were important locations at the corner of highway six and first avenue, the busiest intersection in johnson county and if we weren't able to protect that and the businesses weren't going to be able to come back, it would be a desolate place. place.hay-worth says crews are doing utility work right now. then they can get started on the wall next spring. cedar rapids has approved a
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from residential areas. areas.the 420 thousand dollar deal is with quality construction services. utilities director steve hershner expects pick up to start in the city's northwest neighborhood near ellis park. they think it'll take about three weeks to finish so they're asking residents to stay patient. there's a lot of material out there people will actively use those sandbags which we encourage them to do and provided resources for, it's going to take us a little time to get them cleared up but we're going to be working on them with our contractor and hope to see som as we get moving after this aggressively in the next few we. weeks.disposal of the sand is part of the contract.the city has requested that it be reused for other projects. the cedar rapids city council has approved the buyout for a well-known cedar rapids hotel. cooper's mill hotel and restaurant shut-down during the flood evacuation and will not re-open.the council approved a purchase agreement on tuesday for more than 5- point-2 million dollars for the property and all of its contents.the city plans to demolish the building next
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protection efforts. the city is still picking up sandbags -- but it's also hoping to pick up struggling businesses.this morning -- leaders will discuss a new effort to give financial support to area shops that struggling businesses along the way. this morning leaders will discuss a new effort to give financial support to area shops that suffered losses due to the flood, most businesses did not get flood damage but many had to shut down. police are actively looking for a suspect in a stabbing that happened of the iowa state fair, one person was stabbed on august 21. the victim suffered two stab wounds but did survive, they believe 21-year-old craig hunt is responsible. is being investigated for several shootings in the des moines area. he goes by the name see note.
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clown and chasing people with a baseball bat, the 18-year-old possible machete.officers found a metal baseball bat instead and the clown mask that had been used. donald trump is responding to the high-ranking republicans shying away from his campaign. on tuesday -- trump tweeted out that the shackles have been taken off. off.he later described the shackles as some of the establishment people in his own party -- and mentioned house speaker paul ryan by name.on twitter -- he called the speaker of the house a weak and ineffective leader. last night -- trump said he was tired of not getting support from the g-o-p. trump is also taking aim at his opponent hillary clinton. clinton.tuesday -- wikileaks released more hacked emails that they say are from one of her top aides -- campaign chairman john podesta.the emails show a clinton spokesman talking with the department of justice about a lawsuit in 20-15. "today we learned that the doj
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campaign about the email investigation so the campaign could be prepared to cover up her crimes." crimes."podesta talked with reporters last night -- and he said the f-b-i is investigating a criminal hack of his emails.he wouldn't confirm if the actual emails were authentic -- but said there's a reasonable chance the trump campaign was contacted by wikileaks and tipped off about the release of the emails. trump's running-mate- indiana pence visited iowa speaking in newton he focused on attacking clinton and obama, he said he was proud of his running mate for apologizing for the lewd remarks from last week, one of their top priorities is the future of the supreme court. >> the importance of everything we have said so far may well pale in comparison to the
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we are electing a president for the next four years but that president will set the course of the supreme court for the next 40 years. >> pence spent time discussing why clinton's economic plans democrat -- and former president -- bill clinton will be back in iowa today campaigning for hillary. clinton is scheduled to make stops in indianola this hillary. bill is scheduled to ma he will be holding a rally in cedar rapids tomorrow. check -- a final goodbye to one of baseball's biggest players and personalities. a cold front sweeping through as we head to the morning mostly cloudy conditions with scattered showers developing, temperatures will be falling into the mid-50s by early afternoon and then by the early
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temperatures in the upper 40s. we have a freeze warning and frost advisory in effect tonight. we will track though showers
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for our business. there was never any question about the quality of work... and the next thing you know, you weren't getting paid. when you're a small business, a big contract is everything, i mean, it's huge. but...if you don't get paid, it's devastating. if he treats the american people like he treated my father, on the trump taj mahal, we're...we're in trouble. the whole country's in trouble.
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welcome back it is 6:11 a cold front has begun to push through eastern iowa current temperature 54 degrees so the front has moved through, winds out of the north northwest at 60 miles per hour, upper 40s from decorah back toward charles city. iowa city the mild spot, 61 but the front is moving toward you, it will be there within the next hour, temperatures in the mid-40s back toward the west, all of the colder air begin to work its way slowly east that will get to our area later on
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out. temperatures compared to yesterday much cooler across the central and western parts of the state, the cold air beginning to work in behind the front, wind speeds 6060 miles per hour, they will be gusting between 20 and 25 you see most of the state under plenty of clouds, scattered showers popping up south of decorah most of the action into western iowa. we are expecting temperatures falling into the upper 40s to the low 50s by late afternoon that will give way to mostly sunny skies tomorrow and friday and then we get to the weekend back to the 70s as temperatures will be above average, our predictor model showing this cold front pushing through clearing the skies later on high-pressure settles in but the clear skies and a light wind temperatures will be called by the morning
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tomorrow afternoon we get into a southerly flow then temperatures will moderate to the 70s by the we can. around 6:00 this morning scattered showers, widespread showers and by 2:00 the rain moves off. and then clouds begin to clear into the evening hours tonight and tomorrow morning we have clear skies and in the same thing tomorrow afternoon clear skies with plenty of sunshine. your day planner temperatures into the 50s was showers ending by noon and we keep the clouds around until they clear out later tonight. mostly cloudy breezy scattered showers temperatures in the low to mid 50s areawide and here are the freeze warnings, that is until 9:00 am and then a frosted 53 for the darker blue until 9:00 tomorrow as temperatures will be the
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clearing and cold with frost temperatures in the low 30s and then your extended forecast tomorrow a cool day with plenty of sunshine, 56, warmer for friday a few clouds, 65 and then into the weekend the warming trend continues up near 73 saturday was showers may be a thunderstorm saturday afternoon and then sunday the cold front lifts back as a warm front that is why temperatures are mild. and a couple chances of showers temperatures again on the mild side which we should be right around 67 degrees for high temperature so we will be well above average. for this time a beer that it will fill nice. the baseball season is near the end and right now the playoffs are in full swing. >> but the season is over for
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era. we take a look at the last at- bat for david ortiz. >> they were trailing by two runs facing elimination when boston fans got their wish, the man they called big papi on the plate with everything on the line. >> a hard hit into right. in make it or break it games he crushed many dreams. but he is more than a slugger and is admired. he bonded with fans everywhere posing as a limo driver and being portrayed on saturday night live. his speech after the marathon bombings captured a wounded city spirit. >> this jersey that we were today doesn't say red sox it says boston. this is our city. david ortiz came to boston by way of the dominican republic
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he blossomed in boston. so last night there was no one his city wanted that in hand mound after the game, absorbing that realization, chants and cheers washed over him. testament to a career and life bigger than hall-of- fame statistics. when big papi was at the plate, there was always plate, there was at the when big papi statistics. fame than hall-of-life bigger career and testament to a him. washed over him. testament to a career and life bigger than hall-of-fame statistics. when big papi was at the bigger than hall of fame statistics. when big papi was at the plate there was always hope. cbs news new york. >> what is really cool he had his farewell tour this year so when derek cheater had his big papi came out for the red sox, this was the yankees chance to say goodbye, they were a huge part of the rivalry. 63 degrees in washington, just
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it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
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welcome back -- it's now we're welcome back, 6:19 taking a look a very dark iowa city olympic cloudy, overcast, 61 degrees. in the world of wine women are becoming more prominent. >> in napa county, florida we look at how the workforce is making a change. >> you might not expect a woman
6:20 am the vintners, women are entering the world of winemaking more than ever before. guadalupe rodriguez is one of them.take sot guadalupe rodriguez /vineyard worker (in spanish)emily: who is better? men or females?guadalupe: i say females.emily: why? guadalupe: because we are mothers too. she was one of the first few women to take to the vineyards. she says the pay was better than her job at mcdonalds. this job with silverado farming offers benefits including vacation, sick days, a 401k and profit sharing plan. vineyard manager pete richmond says it hard.take sot pete richomnd/ vineyard manager silverado farming. " my workforce is 40 per cent female...five years ago it was only about 5 per cent female."so now, his five or six years ago it was only 5%. >> his company is looking into childcare services. the majority of this team is women. >> watching them get into and come into a culture that is not
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they handle it. it has been impressive. >> like natalie for example an assistant winemaker. >> we are going in a direction where it is very equal. i don't feel like there is any difference between a man or woman. >> one day she may take the reins and become winemaker herself >> that is really interesting normally a lot of the stories are about the glass ceilings and that is one that went away. 59 degrees, still to come the developing story about how money may have been mismanaged in the cedar county. cbs-2 news connects with the story tips at 1-800-222-kganor email us at news at cbs2iowa.comor connect with us
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vernon: i'm monica vernon, and i approve this message. congressman blum's smear campaign -- misleading and false. the truth -- monica vernon donated every pay raise to charity and helped build a homeless shelter for women and children, but multi-millionaire blum promised he'd take only half his salary. then in congress, blum broke his word and kept all the pay. now he wants to cut social security and raise the retirement age.
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welcome back it isn't 6:.4, good morning to you under clear skies tonight it will be cold with patchy frost as temperatures will be in the low 30s advisory and freeze warnings that are out we will get that in a few minutes, your day planner today temperatures are falling through the afternoon, by 9:00 am 57 degrees, by noon scattered showers coming to an end as temperatures are in the mid-50s and then you can see by 3:00 this afternoon showers should be ending but
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as we will be in the low 50s, your forecast today, cloudy and breezy with scattered showers, those will end by the afternoon, temperatures falling into the 50s and then your forecast tonight, freeze warning and frost advisory with temperatures in the low 30s areawide. we are looking at some of eastern iowa's top stories a 25- year-old iowa city man was the pedestrian killed last week along highway 218. it happened at he was killed last sunday when he was hit by three cars. authorities are investigating what happened and why he was on the highway in the first place. was driving his motorcycle when he lost control yesterday morning and was thrown into a ditch.seurer was first taken to a local hospital before being flown to la crosse, wisconsin with life- threatening injuries.the fayette county sheriff's office is still invesitgating wisconsin with life-threatening some iowa farmers will get a
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farmers from sweden will travel to iowa to help with this year's harvest.the european growers have already wrapped up their work at home and want to come to iowa to learn how farmers operate here in the won't be all work for the foreign farmers. they'll also get a chance to do some sight-seeing here in iowa and neighboring illinois. british rock singer rod stewart is now a knight! knight!tuesday prince william did the honors at buckingham palace!the singer was honored for his services to music and c. charity.he wore tartan trousers -- a nod to his scottish heritage -- and a military-style tunic for the ceremony.stewart's wife penny lancaster and his sons alastair and aiden attended
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it's right now it's degrees in after the break...the latest hurdle cleared by one of the
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the developing investigation into how mo right now, the developing investigation into how money was accounted for at the cedar county joe. the latest on how much help cedar rapids needs to renovate their roads. welcome to "cbs 2 this morning" here is i-380 still dark out there but
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kelly d'ambrosio. >> and i'm kevin barry, thank you for joining us. let's get a check of our forecast with brandon marshall. going to get chilly. >> it is going to get chilly, temperatures have dropped just recently. it is down to 53, a cold front has moved through temperatures will be crashing most of the day. 53 mostly cloudy with the wind north northwest at 17 miles per hour, so the wind to the north northwest after the front passed through, upper 40s, iowa city the mild spot at 61 but temperatures will be falling around iowa city through the next couple of hours. satellite and radar showing clouds and showers moving into the area today predictor has some widespread showers but by the evening they do clear out
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conditions. body and breezy with scattered showers temperatures falling in the low to mid 50s, freeze advisories and frost advisories in effect for most of the area. i will let you know how cold the temperatures get coming up. the state auditor office is investigating how much money was handled at the cedar county joe. >> the auditor says a former jail administrator failed to deposit more than $35,000 in inmate room and board and jail from 2013 through 2015, they cannot track where the money went but it is their responsibility to hold officials accountable. >> people, whether they are elected or appointed or hired they have a responsibility regarding public resources, tax dollars they have to do their job appropriately to take care of the taxpayer money.>> no
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report is part of a investigation. cedar rapids is asking the state for money to work on collins road they are asking for $1.2 million for a plan to reduce traffic headaches on the road, 40,000 for a plan to reduce traffic headaches on the road, 40000 vehicles dr. on the road every day. the city is looking to spend up to $8.5 million to deal with congestion. would have on businesses and drivers. "we made the decision pull it off the letting and not start construction...take a look and see what we could do to shorten the construction time-frame and bring those costs down." down."the city says it is asking the d-o-t commission to re-authorize that funding for another word yet on when a decision will be made. a digital mapping firm is working to transform one of the busiest sections of intertate-380 into a self-
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firm to turn a 30-mile stretch of 380 into a testing zone for self-driving-vehicles.the plan is to retro-fit the interstate between iowa city and cedar rapids with a network of cameras and sensors to better handle automated vehicles.iowa could be the first to look at self-driving vehicles and trucks on highways. how do you feel about self-driving cars or trucks on i-380?join the conversation on our facebook page - just search - cbs 2 iowa. the largest county in the state has officially approved a plan county -- which includes des moines -- is now the fourth county to make the move. move.the board of supervisors voted last night to pass an ordinance that would include three separate wage increases. it will eventually move the wage to 10-75 an hour by january 20-19. 20-19.linn and johnson county recently approved similar plans.this is a comparison of what the minimum wage will look like once the three increases are final.johnson county workers will get 10-10 an hour in just a few months
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the little girl - at the center of a five state amber alert in the south-east - has now been reunited with her family - and is heading back home to florida. florida."thank you for bringing me home." home."4-year-old rebecca lewis was reported missing on home.>> the four-year-old rebecca lewis was reported missing saturday night and was found monday afternoon, the man who took her changed his name to west wild spotted the man's car and called police. the grandmother of the girl gave an emotional thank you. >> i want to say thank you, without you i don't know what this would have been. >> the suspect has not been charged, he is in jail right now. one step closer to the first world series berth since
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wrigley field in chicago. the game was in san francisco. the giants took a three run lead in the last inning but the cubs hit four runs in the ninth to go ahead for good. >> there are 27 outs, you play for all 27, after the game the guys were chanting we don't quit. we don't quit. that is what it comes down to. >> the cubs move on to t cs. the odds are you know someone from all timers disease a degenerative disease that has no care. >> connor morgan shows us how three local girls are working hard to find one. >> walk, knock and talk three steps for three sisters with one goal pick >> you go door to door saying
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hello, my name is julianna. we are trying to raise money for the alzheimer's. >> would you like to donate clerks and she has alzheimer's."so the girls are fundraising for a cure."first time i heard the alzheimer's association, i'm like dang, we gotta do something about this, you know? we gotta start raising money."the sisters have already raised more than $500 the title of walk to end alzheimer's champion."i was the first champion." "ever or of your family?" "on my family." "really?" "well, momma was actually the first, my family. my mom was the first but i am the first kid. >> all three want to raise $1000 each to become grand
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some are closer than others. >> i'm $50 away. >> i'm only like 50. >> you have to raise five $5000? $1000. >> why do you want to become a grand champion so much?>> because, get close to finding a cure. >> the girls have reached their goal and they will join the thousands of others filling the streets saturday. >> if you would like to sign him to visit 6:37, 53 degrees. >> more "cbs 2 this morning" coming up but first
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drug. details of a heated interview with donald trump's campaign manager and anderson cooper. coming up on eastern i was only local newscast make sure the kids have a jacket on the way to school, temperatures falling, by the afternoon a high of 56 with scattered showers, a freeze warning and frost advisory in effect. how cold the temperatures will
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welcome back it is 6:40 a cold front pushing through eastern iowa the temperature is now 53, iowa city in 57 degrees, waterloo and the core
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air moving into the night. here are the last eight hours we were well into the 60s overnight but the front came through before 5:00 am and temperatures have dropped into the low 50s. winds are pretty gusty around six in dubuque down to 17 near 25 in the afternoon, the front causing widespread showers mostly cloudy skies in eastern off to the west. we do see a couple of showers to the west and south of dubuque that are moving to the northeast moving through dubuque over the next hour or so, we will keep the showers in the forecast kind of a gloomy day and a raw day with the northwest wind and temperatures falling in the upper 40s to the low 50s by later this evening, clear skies tomorrow back to sunshine and then 70s for the
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saturday, the cold from pushing through by late evening tonight high-pressure building in for tomorrow morning we have clear skies with the cold temperatures we have a frost advisory and freeze warnings in effect, high-pressure moving to the east southerly winds tomorrow and friday with warmer temperatures, predictor model has widespread showers around 11:00 they quickly move out by 3:00 clearing skies in the western counties and by 10:00 tonight into the er keep clear skies going well into tomorrow afternoon. the day planner today around 57 by 9:00 am with scattered showers temperatures then fall to the low to mid 50s by 3:00 this afternoon. your forecasted a mostly cloudy and breezy scattered showers falling temperatures in the low to mid 50s areawide and then we have a freeze warning for areas in the lighter blue until 9:00
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advisory for cedar and washington county until not a clock am tomorrow as well, the coldest temperatures of the season clearing was frost and cold temperatures areawide in the low to mid 30s and then your extended forecast for tomorrow, back to sunshine a temperature of 56 and then a warming trend friday 65 within our time low 38 and then into the we can really chance for scattered showers may be a few thunderstorms saturday evening late saturday night into sunday temperatures in the couple of shower chances monday into tuesday but not much change on the temperatures as they will be in the low to mid 70s. a look at some of your top stories, a judge will soon decide what happens to a man charged with first-degree murder. the 27-year-old eddie hicks chose not to have a trial by jury for his hearing on tuesday.
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prosecutors say he stabbed his girlfriend at least 20 times. in coralville people may notice a few buildings are gone, bandanna barbecue and the big construction is already starting.they intend to be open in the summer of 20-18. at the unversity of iowa -- almost half of all students who graduate with a four-year degree are staying in iowa to collected by the school shows that of 22-hundred percent of them found work in iowa.24-percent took jobs in illinois.10-percent left iowa for work in other states. good morning, it's on this morning, and if you're in it's degrees.just ahead...we're updating the most important stories for your wednesday
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welcome back -- it's now we're welcome back, here's a look at dubuque the sun is still hiding from us, 57 degrees. >> lets go to cedar rapids take a look at i-380 plenty of traffic on the roadways, plenty of volume, no backups so far this money but pretty dark getting closer and closer to nearly 13 feet high in some places and include a 12 foot bike trail and walking path on top. a four acre catch basin and new pumping stations are also part of the plan.the mayor says it's reason to celebrate but for now it's pumping stations are part of the plan, the reason to
6:48 am
the eastside. >> we are starting the lowest laying area first. the work that is done today will actually have impact tomorrow. and then we go to the next lowest area which will be the village area. >> federal block grant will cover most of the price tag, that stretch of levy should be finished by the end of 2017. coralville putting in their floods of 08. the city is building a permanent meets the coralville strip. those were important locations at the corner of highway six and first avenue, the busiest creek meets the strip. >> those were important locations at the corner of highway 6 and first avenue the busiest intersection in johnson county. if we were not able to protect that and businesses can and
6:49 am
>> crews are doing utility work and then they can start on the wall in the spring. the city is picking up sandbags and struggling businesses. leaders will discuss an effort to give financial support to area shops that suffered financial losses during the flood. most businesses did not get flood damage but many had to shut down. hurricane matthew causing trouble for thousands of people. north carolina residents are flooding. more than 31 counties are now considered federal disaster areas and the death toll continues to rise. officials say 18 have died because of the storm putting the us death toll at 33 while the death toll at haiti has surpassed the 1000 mark. president obama collaborated with the north carolina governor to discuss the
6:50 am
fatality in columbus county and two more in robinson county due to drowning. we want this to be known so we prevent future deaths as the water rises. >> fema has transported over 5 million meals, 3,000,000 l of water and thousands of blankets. >> there is no information in the case of the unarmed man who was shot dead by tulsa terrence crutcher tested positive for pcp when he died. the officer shot him and she was later charged with first- degree manslaughter, prosecutors say she reacted unreasonably. police are looking for a suspect in a stabbing that happened on the last day of the iowa state fair, one person was stabbed around 10:30 august 21
6:51 am
wounds but survived, they believe 21-year-old craig hunt is available -- responsible. he is also being investigated for several shootings in the des moines area. he is considered armed and dangerous. one person in central iowa has been arrested for dressing up like a clown and chasing people with a baseball bat. the 18-year-old, jacob steil is facing assault charges, police took muip man dressed as a clown chasing people. officers found a metal baseball bat and a clown mask. donald trump responding to the high ranking officials shying away from his campaign, trump tweeted the shackles have been taken off he described the shackles as the establishment members of his own party and mentioned house speaker paul
6:52 am
and ineffective leader he said he was tired of not getting support of the gop he is also taking aim at hillary clinton tuesday wikileaks released more hacked emails from her top eight campaign chairman. the email shows a clinton spokesman talking with the department of justice about a lawsuit in 2015.>> today we learned amazingly the department of justice fed information to the crimes."podesta talked with cover up her crimes. >> he talked with reporters last night he said the fbi is investigating a criminal hacker of the emails. they would not confirm if they were authentic. but there is a reason they were contacted about the release. bill clinton back in iowa
6:53 am
stops in indianola and waterloo at 5:45. he will also be holding a rally in cedar rapids tomorrow. 52 degrees a bit cloudy, when we come back we will update you on the three stories you need to know on wednesday morning. call us at one 800
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how tall are you? how do we measure greatness in america? the height of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no. it's measured by what we do for our children. the values we pass on. i've spent my life fighting for kids and families and it will be my mission to build a country where our children can rise as high as their dreams and hard work take them.
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not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job that lets them start a family of their own. we face big challenges, but we can solve them the same way families do. working together. respecting one another. and never giving up. i want our success to be measured by theirs. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. here are the three stories you need to know to start we are taking a look at the top three stories you need to know, the state auditor office is investigating how money was handled at the cedar county jail. and auditor says former jail administrators felt to deposit more than $35,000 in inmate room and board and work release fees, wilkinson worked at the
6:56 am
charges have been filed. cedar rapids has approved a contractor to help remove sandbags from residential areas. the deal is worth quality construction services, the utilities director expects the pickup to start near ellis park it will take about three weeks to finish so they are asking residents to stay patient. disposal o the contract. a digital mapping firm is working to transform a busy section of interstate 380. the dot teaming up with the mapping firm to turn a 30 mile stretch into a testing zone for self driving vehicles, the plan to retrofit the interstate with a network of cameras and sensors to better handle automated vehicles. iowa could be the first to look
6:57 am
we are 20 days into fall and the average high temperature is around 71 degrees which is 3.5 degrees above average so it has not felt like fall until today. we have had glimpses of fall weather but today you will be cloudy with breezy scattered showers from the upper 40s to the low 50s this evening and we have a freeze warning in effect
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good morning. it is wednesday, october 12th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump declares war on republican leaders who are backing away from him in record numbers and more reveal embarrassing moments inside hillary clinton's campaign. rivers surge to record levels in north carolina after hurricane matthew. thousands have been rescued from the catastrophic flooding. one swollen river threatens to split an entire county in two. a new survey reveals the top three mistakes teenagers make behind the wheel and parents may share the blame. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. we begin this morning with a


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