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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  October 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CDT

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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the alarming trend at the right now on cbs 2 this morning trying to get one part of town back after developing information about two hurricanes growing in the atlantic. welcome to cbs 2 this morning this morning. not a whole lot of traffic right now. those cars are moving. there are plenty of headlights but nothing much to worry about so far this morning.>> welcome to cbs 2 this morning. happy friday. this check in with the weather
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little warmer but still chilly. have a jacket. bit -- it is currently 35 degrees. windsor east at 5 miles per hour. /winds -- winds are east of 5 miles per hour. compared yesterday about 3 to 11 degrees warmer. it is still pretty chilly. have a jacket. windsor about eight miles per ur clouds are building. you can see them building into minnesota. they will move into eastern iowa by later today. 545 there will be clouds. it will lead to a mild late tonight. today, mostly sunny, breezy and warmer. 10 degrees warmer than it was yesterday. middle 60s. mostly cloudy tonight mild and
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warmer. it will be a mild night. we will have the football forecast and track that showers that will happen later this weekend. i will have that in your weather first forecast in a minute work >> police are investigating break-ins and the university of iowa dorms. residence told officials that they take building security seriously. average student has a key to open the doors. each resident has a camera. students are encouraged to take care of their own safety.>> safety rounds are done in the allow to come into the residence halls with thema& and remember to always lock your doors. schools in tiffin will be backto normal this morning - they were on lockdown yesterday after a high speed chase through two corridor coun. counties.cedar rapids police tried to pull over a car thursday afternoon when the
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county on interstate 380 before ditching the vehicle and stealing a truck near oxford.clear creek amana schools went into lockdown as a precaution.police are still looking for two suspects this morning. developing story in colorado - a back-pack containing a bomb was found outside of a police station earlier this officer actually thought it was a a colleagues backpack and brought it into the station - and it wasn't until after his shift - when it was still there, that he decided to look inside - and find the device.the bomb was active, and someone tried to trigger the bomb - but it investgating. the man accused of setting off bombs in new jersey and new york now says he's not guilty. ahmad khan rahimi entered the plea from his hospital bed thursday.he's charged with attempted murder of police officers during a shootout last month.rahimi is also charged with planting bombs that went off in new york and new jersey.31 people were injured in the bombings.he's been in the hospital since his arrest. g-o-p nominee donald trump is saying the recent attacks on him are now a conspiracy
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the political and media establi. establishment.he said it last night on the campaign trail after new sexual assault allegations surfaced.several women have come forward and claimed the billionaire campaign trail after sexual assault charges soft -- service. trump denies all those allegations.>> these claims are all fabricated. they are pure fiction and outright lies. these events never ever happened. the people that said them fully understand, you take a look at these people tell you studied these people and you will understand also. like is threatened to sue the new york times for these claims. he wants them to retract the story. the time say they will stick by
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megan talley is one of those reporters>> he said things were being fabricated to make him look at the threatened to sue us in that phone call. he got more agitated and proceeded to call me a disgusting human being.>> michelle obama became emotional talking about donald reaction. speaking at it campaign rally obama said his words go far beyond words.>> this was not just locker room banter. this was a powerful individual speaking freely and openly about sexually predatory behavior. people who are strong lift others up.
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bring others together. awe, thanks for putting into words what's in so many of our hearts." meanwhile - clinton is facing a campaign controversy of her own - wiki-leaks continues to release more emails - allegedly from her campaign chairman, john podesta. one 20-15 email titled "needy latinos" podesta urged clinton to call former energy secretary federico pena, who was quote "close to committing but carrying some baggage." th offensive remarks about former new mexico governor bill richardson.clinton blames the leaks on russian hackers. both campaigns are keeping their eyes on the polls.real clear politics averaged all of the national polls for the presidential race.right now -- clinton has a nearly a five point lead over trump. trump.when you break the results down by state -- you get a clearer picture of how the race could play out.this map from the des moines register shows iowa is one of six states that could go for either trump or the last four elections -- iowa
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candidate three times.the only exception came in 2004 -- when iowans helped re-elect george w. bush to a second term. it's and right now in it's degrees. degrees.after the break...the controversial punishment in one high school for underage dr. your cbs 2 weather
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welcome back. it is six: 09. it is still chilly. we are in the mid-30s mostly clear in cedar rapids.
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that will pick up as we get into the afternoon. temperatures areawide in the middle to upper 30s. waterloo at 39th iowa city 38th, 37 in montebello. windsor -- winds are calm. we will see gauthier conditions in the afternoon. you see upper 30 toward waterloo. it is morning. temperatures are in the mid to upper 40s. we see some clouds moved in from the south in missouri. clouds are building from minnesota back toward south dakota. they will get into our area this afternoon. we will keep most of the sunshine around for plenty of the afternoon. warm and breezy today above temperatures for the weekend.
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weekend and shower sunday. mid-40s by 9:00, upper 50s by noon, clouds by 3:00 it will be much 60. warmer than we were yesterday. low to mid 60s in eastern iowa, 66 in des moines, 70s back towards sioux city. the clouds are moving in from the south. our next system is just to the north in north dakota. it will drag a cold front through the area later tomorrow night. clouds moved in later this evening and here comes that front through the central high plains by about 7 am tomorrow. that gives into western iowa and our area tomorrow night by about 7:00. that will generate some showers. we're seeing sunshine here this
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mostly cloudy overnight. might be some drizzle tomorrow. this will push east out of the area early sunday morning. temperatures about aid to 10 degrees warmer areawide for this evening. there -- for kickoff it will be about 60 degrees. we will see mostly cloudy condition middle to upper 50s tomorrow morning. 74 for saturday, showers saturday night. we will stay warm on saturdays 77, 80 degrees could be seen on monday. 73, mild continues for tuesday and then temperatures will drop into the 60s for the first part of next week. a new trend
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drinking. school dances will be canceled for everyone as a form of punishment.>> the homecoming football game went on as scheduled last week. the homecoming dance was canceled. student fans was despicable, and deplorable.(sot angela bradford / parent)(wed0437) (00 00 52) that's just out of control. you know, when you're underage, you shouldn't be drinking anywaystr school decided to send a clear signal... (sot facebook) (principal kathy scott)(near 15 49 22) as a consequence to the extremely inappropriate and totally inexcusable behavior, // the homecoming activities // have been canceled.(sot gil conttrell / parent)(wed0473)(00 01 18) you're punishing everybody because of a select bunch of idiots. i mean, come on.(track) at walpole high school south of boston... student drinking at school dances forced the principal to halt them all... except for prom.(sot christopher reilly / student) (wed0233) it kinda takes away from the other kids. 'cause they want to have fun at the dance, too.(track)(statement from stephen imbusch / principal, walpole high school) (gfx in) walpole's principal issued a statement to cbs news. "we are working together
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this age-old, but increasingly pervasive issue head on." (gfx out)(sot zoltan csuka / corona del mar parent)(wed0298) (00 00 48) i think some of the responsibility has to go to the parents. (track)(gfx in) the national institute of health says the percentage of high school students engaging head on. >> i think some responsibility has to go to the parents.>> reporter: high school students that binge drink has declined over the last decade. the percentage of students drinking past the threshold is a growing concern.>> i drink.>> reporter: i understand why the homecoming dance was canceled.>> it is a bummer for students who were not participating.>> in facilitate something positive. it was the right decision.>> reporter: it is 614 right now, 36 degrees.>> coming up next,
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your??????? your??????? 6:17 here is your school date forecast. breezy and warmer than yesterday, 66 degrees. >> the hawkeyes are traveling to purdue. here is a preview on the iowa football program, i on the hawks. >> reporter: it is purdue week and homecoming week. a lot of hype happening at the
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the plan to be ready. >> they improve every year. i felt like that coming out of our game yesterday. passed last year. payout statistics as. they had more possession time. we had a tough game with them last year and expect that same thing this year.>> they have some good playmakers. we have to be prepared and ready to go.>> reporter: what if anything stands out about purdue. --? >> there is not a lot there. >> there is a big bass drum and a train and some other stuff. that is probably the best defense.>> it is getting hot in here. >> purdue has problems. the quarterback has seven touchdown passes and a lot of interceptions.
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same one that iowa faced the last couple weeks. defense is pretty horrible. purdue has not been anybody.>> they don't have a defense. they went to maryland and lost 50 to 7. they gave up 400 rushing yards. that gives you a clue what they are all about having said that, i am not going to go into the trap that we went into before the northwestern game. i don't think we were two complementary of the wild cats and they put up a a lot of yards and points. i don't think purdue is going to do that but iowa has to play in maryland. i'm not sure this iowa offense
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34 will suffice. >> they are supposed to win on paper. one thing for sure, the hawks are not overlooking anyone.>> whether you're on the winning side or losing side of close games, we have experienced both sides this year. these conference games will be tough. we have to be ready to play.>> you said this game is abou >> sustain the games -- gains they made last week. minnesota came into that game, we talked about their numbers. iowa has to maintain -- actually something new. the passing game, you solid, it was a tough week. he has been solid so far as far as replacing matt.
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the passing game to emerge. it is getting pretty long, his beard he's not going to shave until the present touchdown pass pass pass. it is time to help them out. >> i will be glad to see this over with. how many people around america are saying, i have -- make time to watch this game. sort of the end of the preseason. the meat of the and starts immediately after this game. if iowa and with this game best if iowa wins this game got you're talking about playing sister station - fox 28.
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just ahead...the eastern iowa leader featured at a cedar rapids naacp dinner this month. your cbs 2 weather first forecast we have... have... cbs-2 news connects with the us with your story tips at 1-800-222-kganor eml cbs2iowa.comor connect with us
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welcome back. it is 6:24.
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per hour. areawide it will be pretty silent -- 37 in iowa city. clouds of moving in from the south work we will keep the sunshine and clear skies for today but they go away for the evening. breezy and warm with the wins south with gus their 30. temperatures will be in the middle to upper 60s. tonight.mostly cloudy. that will keep warmer. the temperatures will be in the middle to upper 50s. 74 for saturday, showers and storms late saturday night and into sunday. monday we could be close to 80 degrees. 70 for tuesday and a front moves in to drop the temperature to 65 for the middle of next week. >> top stories, a man acquitted
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been sentenced for up to five years for fleeing the state. during the first trial jurors were shown evidence that was supposed to be kept out of the courtroom. police say that he fled to nebraska after the shooting death to avoid arrest. >> revenue projections for cedar iowa has been lowered. a slowdown in income has been cited. estimates show this to $40 million less in march. there are no plans to that spent.>> north liberty people have a new ride to get around town. there is a new bus service. it startled and travels north on main to go back onto route 165. it is one dollar per ride or
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cardholders.>> lebron james is going to college. he has signed up at the university of akron.>> he said he signed up to take classes when he gets downtime. right now he is doing a lot of reading. he hasn't declared a major but he loves world history.>> 6:27. 40 degrees in north liberty.>>
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morning...the city-wide push to get one part of town back after the 2016 flood. right now on cbs 2 this morning trying to get the town
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businesses back in cedar rapids.>> this is a live look at eye 380. there are plenty of cars but no delays.>> happy friday. this take it check at the weather. we are into the weekend. you will need a jacket though. >> you can put it away and get the shorts back out. rath are east around 5 miles per hour. temperatures areawide 37 in iowa city. monticello 36. wins are ninth miles per hour and we've the gas at 25 miles per hour. clouds are common. we will keep the sunshine in forecast but the cloud held in
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mostly sunny, temperatures in the middle to upper 60s. friday night football forecast at kickoff that will be 61 degrees. the wins will be south. tonight 20 degrees warmer than we have been last couple of nights thanks to the clouds smiled and breezy with mid to upper 50s. also tracking a chance first thunderstorms this weekend. i will let you know how in a few minutes.>> thank you. the city market just a visited are excited to get back to work that is where stephanie johnson is life>> reporter: good morning. the market have a lot planned for the community including the celebration that will kick off at 5 pm. it will take place in the front
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it is all free. this is to help with led recovery. the event will have live -- music and local bands. activities for kids and so much more. the market opened yesterday. some businesses used this to best time to expand. all the stores are open to the public and happy ab the protection the city put in held very well. we did our part in protecting ourselves that are businesses work now we want to come back and show that everything is normal again.>> the market is operating on its regular schedule. this event is free.>> reporter:
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out here and take a lot of pictures and support the local businesses here in cedar rapids covering the corridor, this stephanie johnson.>> there is another event for the flood benefits. the event starts at 11 am and features family activities. admission is how much you would like that is four-star, rise above. they wrote that during 2016's flood. they are thinking everyone who has downloaded the song. that -- the proceeds go to the cedar rapids response fund.>>
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director. he will focus on found housing and parking. the replaces doug newman.>> the first african-american mayor will be the first -- will be the speaker at the naacp. he has made transcending racial divide the priority. the freedom fund banquet is after hurricane matthew. 22 people have been killed in the state and the u. s. that total is 30 aid. one person drown after driving down a washed out road. north carolina is still seeing flooding. it could be several more days before the high water starts to receipt work>> hurricane nicole hit bermuda. wins were at 115 wins were at
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the category two storm knocked out power to 26,000 customers. late last night that customer best hurricane was 200 miles northwest of bermuda. it is a affected to stay in the ocean. >> the pacific northwest is getting grains. this is the worst in the decade. snow is expected in higher elevations.>> three u. s. samsung galaxy note 7's that were pulled from the shelves. shelves.many of those phones over-heated and burst into airlines are adding new fire-suppression equipment on the planes - designed to contain a fire that cannot other-wise be put out. right now, a popular corridor band is preparing to go on without their lead 2 news introduced you earlier this week to the band crazy del.
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tells us why she's deciding to beat breast cancer - before it has a chance to beat her. one woman womantwo families. on stage one at home. both- worlds turned upside down by jennifer lowe devereux's decision to devereux's jennifer lowe down by jennifer lowe devereux's decision to undergo a double mastectomy in december. as a woman its a decision to make. it took me months to even be able to talk about it (cryng)about six months ago - jennifer found out she carries the brca gene mutation - putting her at high risk for several cancers. ive already been diagnosed with one of the cancers already. skin cancer - for which she currently applies chemo when it comes to breast cancer - she's not taking the chance. i -- have daughters and it's important for me to make them feel like this is something we
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it. her 12 year old daughter sophie - knows what it's like to fight cancer. at three she was diagnosed with leaukemia. after two and a half years of chemo - she won the fight. she said you have to have the surgery mom because i don't want you to have to go through what i went through. through.from what i remember, the treatment wasn't the hard part. it's what it did to my family. that was the hardest partover the next year -jennifer will have at least four surgeries - the double mastectomy - and ovary and falopian tube removal.too much to juggle with the crazy delicious - so she's stepping off the stage. when she let us know, it was a big shock and we were very sadbut jennifer's big voice voice the first time i heard her sing my hair stood up on end won't stay silenced. she's my little songbird at home and on stage stageour living room is her stage too, shes always singing a different song
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we dance so ill get a lot of her stage. >> we play guitar and piano we sing and dance. i will get a lot of that here.>> reporter: but first, one last show with crazy delicious for all the fans.>> it will be a tough show being my last show. and just wanted to be awesome. i want everybody to have a great time. i wanted to be an show.>> reporter: for her last when jennifer is fully recovered- she plans to fund. that will be tomorrow and i'm p.m.>> when she is recovered, she plans to advocate for better health records for
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>> because she carries the mutation of the brocket gene, each of her children has a 50- 50 chance of also caring that. >> six: 39th. -- 6:39 more coming minute. there is a big event, flood the district. mild temperatures with readings in the low 60s and clouds will build this evening.
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welcome back. it is six: it is 6:41. the temperatures are 35 and mostly clear. when's our east around 5 miles per hour. we could see gusts near 25 miles per hour this afternoon. temperatures, monticello, 37, we will see temperatures in the mid 60s this afternoon. goldwyn's up to about 5 to night miles per hour. is will pick up as we head to the afternoon. temperatures across the street best state, some upper 40s to 50 degrees near southwest iowa. we are clear right now. clouds are moving in from the south as well as from the northwest and get into eastern iowa later this afternoon mostly kill all the best mostly
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cloudy conditions. temperatures will be in the 70s over the weekend and showers in on sunday morning. here is the hour by hour temperatures. 50 aid by noon, in the afternoon sunshine and 66 and clouds rolled at 7:00. temperatures will be mulford tonight. highs across iowa, load to mid 60s here 71 in sioux city. we will get that into eaer high pressure moving to the east. clouds a building in the high plains and will move into here later today. here is the predictor. clouds will start to build as we go through the evening and here comes the cold front by 7:00 tomorrow morning. it will start to get into western parts of iowa. as we go through the day it
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some showers. then the front will push through early sunday morning. predictor, clouds will overspread the area tonight. here are some clouds and thunderstorms that will move in before 9:00 tomorrow night. it will push east and out of the area by sunday morning.>> temperatures will be about 10 degrees warmer friday night football forecast partly cloudy, cook -- kickoff will be about 60 degrees. that is milder than we've seen in the last couple nights. your extended forecast. 74 for saturday. front coming through tomorrow into sunday. keep them out temperatures for sunday and monday. within the 80 degrees for high.
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for the middle part of next week. top stories on this friday morning, iowa/iowa city gets a 40 space bike park with on the corner of washington and dubuque street. from 730 -- 7:30 killed 9:00 your encouraged to bike downtown. it will be up until winter and reinstalled next spring. >> one of the strip mall is where michael's -- collins road theaters and pier one furniture are. that is where michael's and pier 1 furniture are.>> if you need a checkup that you can get some test -- you can get some testing for free this weekend. walmart will have a well this day tomorrow from noon until 4:00. they will be offered include coast as an information about
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your??????? your??????? it is six: 48th on friday. it is chile and 35 encino cars off the road. you can see the interchange there. it's not so cold that it is giving anybody car trouble.>> a developing story. aid back pack containing a bomb was found outside a police station earlier this week in officer brought it into the station be a was a colleagues the back. after the shift it was still there and he found the device
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someone tried to trigger it but it failed to blow up. the fbi is now investigating.>> the man accused of setting off bombs in new jersey and new york says he is not guilty. he is charged with attempted murder of police officers. he is also charged with planting bombs that went off in new york and new jersey. 31 people were injured in the bombings. he has been in the hospital since his arrest. >> donald trump is saying the recent attacks conspiracy by the political establishment. he said that on the campaign without their consent.trump denies all the allegations. (donald trump/(r) presidential nominee) "these claims are all fabricated. they're pure fiction and they're outright lies. these events never ever happened and the people that said them, meekly, fully understand. you take a
6:50 am
study these people and you'll understand also." also."trump has threatened to sue the new york times for first reporting a story that describes one woman's sexual assault claim.he wants them to retract the story.the new york times says they're sticking by their reporters -- and welcomed a challenge in court. he wants them to retract the story. the times that they are sticking by their reporters. megan talley is one of the reporters. she described how trump responded when she contacted him.>> reporter: he these were fabrications by the new york times to make him look bad. he threatened to sue within that phone call. he got more agitated and proceeded to call me a disgusting human being.>> michelle obama became emotional talking about the comments. she said the alleged actions
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>> reporter: this was not just a lewd conversation. it wasn't just locker room banter. this was a powerful individual speaking freely and openly about sexually predatory behavior. people who are truly strong lift others up. people who are truly powerful bring others together. that is what we need in our next president.>> reporter: response clinton tweeted i am in all. thanks for putting into words what is hearts.>> wikileaks is releasing more emails. -- the emails also make offensive remarks about former
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governor. the crux are blamed on russian hackers.>> max is a typical 12- year-old. he is an excellent student and working toward visiting every national park with his father. max faces challenges many of us don't. he has had that's been bottling -- battling a access taught me courage, humility, about unconditional love. i learned more from him than healers for me.>> reporter: his attitude is the reason he has been named the kick captain. captain. his father is working on the children's hospital.
6:53 am
working on such an important project.>> when we come back how we will take a look at the top three stories that you need
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how tall are you? how do we measure greatness in america? the height of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no. en. the values we pass on. i've spent my life fighting for kids and families and it will be my mission to build a country where our children can rise as high as their dreams and hard work take them. that means good schools for every child in every zip code. college that leads to opportunities... not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job
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families do. working together. respecting one another. and never giving up. i want our success to be measured by theirs. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. here are the three stories you need to know to start your friday morning. morning.right n
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suspects. the market is now open. they were closed for two weeks. they are holding an event called flood the district. it is free and starts at 5 pm.>> it is going to be very nice for this event. clouds will be building will be drive with a south wind. gone down. it started 5 pm and goes until 9:00. we have a ways before we get to the 60s. we are right now in the low 30s. clouds are starting to build in from the south and northwest.
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on: i'm congressman blum's and i smear campaign --age. misleading and false. the truth -- monica vernon donated every pay raise to charity and helped build a homeless shelter for women and children, but multi-millionaire blum promised he'd take only half his salary. then in congress, blum broke his word and kept all the pay. now he wants to cut social security and raise the retirement age.
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good morning. it is friday, october 14th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump says accusations of sexual misconduct are lies. a points behind hillary clinton. trump's running mate, governor mike pence will be right here in studio 57. michelle obama says trump's view of women is cruel and frightening. why the first lady's fiery speech could be a defining campaign moment. plus, prince fans go crazy celebrating his life and music. other big names honor the rock legend with a five-hour tribute concert. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener.


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