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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  October 27, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm CDT

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mariah, spending too much >> eek. >> the headlines are getting ouo of the control. and you now we'veegot mimi on speed dial. toniggt, the real deal with her romance. then, think you know what happened think again. >> our exclusiie with the man who saw it all go down. plus, michael jackson's ex-wife on her heartbreaking cancer battle. debbie rowe reveals her hair oo -ploss for the first time on >> what a lot of people don't realize -- i'm still me. then, breaking kelly ripa news. >> the job is yours. that's it. >> why this high school teacher
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>> no. >> es. >> oh,,mmn. now, for october 27th,,2016, >> the man who was held at gunpoint along with kim kardashian breaks his silence. thh surprising iiformation we minutes.ult in paris in just &- we begin with mariah carey and her billionaire fiance. why is theer wedding in jeopardy? no one spent more time with mimi this summer than "e.t." so you know we have the details. ?? of. >> traditional -- it's my third wed, whatevee. i don't mean whatever. obviously, i've been married. so he has. he's not that type of like, let me be a star, type person. >> obsessive spending, one of the alleged reasons james callld off the i dos. but come on -- the oocalled $4457 billion man knew what he
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i've had enough. i tried my dress last nightt if >> and?t know. >> it looks good. >> paris located -- >> french. >> gorgeous. you and james have his and hers yachts. >> here we are. >> how important is it to have his or hee yachts? >> important in everything. >> another rumor is that mariah got eyea little too close with of her backup dance docu-series cameras caught it. >> the hot guy on stage with me. when he picked me up and swirled me -- >> honey, i saw all of that. very jealous. loved all of that. >> it was a moment. >> it's interesting -- one of her dancers was there foo moo ma ryea's party last weekend when james was suspiciously absent. she still on her estimated $7 miilion engagement ring. ?? we've learned the coople has
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mariah's rep gave us these details -- "mariah and james had a fiiht in greece and have not seen each other since. the fight was not because of any cheating allegations or excessive spending by mariah. they are trying to work it out right now. stay together. they are discussing it and plan to release an officiil statement together about their future." another thing adding pressure, we hear last weekkjames lostt business deal in china. on top of that, 11 of his employees haveebeen detained for alleged gambling crimes. >> i'm so exhausted. ?? >> drama. yes, there is. while mariah's situation has taken center stage behind closed divorce. we have been in front of the story since day one. here is the latestt-- "e.t." has learned thattneither brand nor the children ave been
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since the alleged airplane incident in september. it has been very quiet at the home. another source close to the situation says that brad only wants to do what's best for the children, and that's not fighting that's in the public press. also problematic, fighting in open courtt-- >> it's best ffr the children to stay out of court and to handle this ii house. >> any results of an investigation of alleged child abuse could potentially be made public, and why is this dcfs they typically last no more than 30 days. but in this case there'ssbeen an extension. perhaps because here the whole world is watching. >> no one person at dcfs is going to sign off on the safety plan. probably this is going to go all the wwy to the director of dcfs because of the high-profile-level invessigatioo. kim kkrddshian stepped out again last night. there she is headed to her husband kanye's showwin l.a. yes, the "keeping up with the
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she's been rolling with armed it's kim's new reality. and it all stems from her robbery in paris. tonight for the first time, we will hear from the man held at gunpoint with kim inside the research from hotel. we traveled to paris and learned surprising new details about that terrifying night. >> there are people all over the world questioning this, asking is thissa publicity stunt -- >> no, no -- >> did kii do it for her realit >> no. not reality show. and really kim is very shocked. -ppnd i -- i feel her shock to now. now, for heaven's sake. >> abdel is the key witness in the armed robbery. this is his firrt time recounting that terrifying night on camera. >> the media? >> yes -- >> i think they doo't know what happened really. >> his account revealed three first, we fiially got clarity --
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abdul had been widely described as a connierge. really he was more of a night watchman. >> i'' a guard who -- who do job of receptionist. >> did you have a gun at work? >> no, i'm in france. thhee men came to the door dressed as police. i opened the door. the guys comeeby, they pull the door with force. he put thh he told me, don't look at me. >> that leads to the second revelation. abdul says one of the robbers was astounded to learn that the hotel did not have working security cameras. >> i told him there is no camera. he was very angry of why. he was like mean -- are you kidding me? no camerr in heee? >> here's where the story takes an interesting turn. despite reports that kim was tarreted sppcifically, mainly
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showed off on herrsocial media account, abdul told me that the robbers actually came here that night with every intentionnto rob all of the 11 apartments here. when they came in, did they say, "where is kim kardashiann" >> no, they donnt know her name pt all. >> that's revelation number three. kim and her jewels were not the primary target. >> in is all the guests -- they would rob all the hotels, all the flats. in the important -- >> some -- >> jeenifer lawrence two nights before. >> he says the robbers forced him to let them into kim's room. he said kim was terrified and begged for her life. >> so you were andcuffee in front of you, and then -- whaa did they do with kim? did they tie her hands, as well? >> yee, also from here to back. >> they tied her ankles together? >> yeah. >> so her hands were tied. her ankles were tied.
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and the guy asking for money, where is money, money, oney, she believed that they were there for her ring. she gave him her ring. >> she put the ring in his pocket. then what did he say? >> where is money? money, yes. >> so far no suspects. police are still examining this grainy surveillance video. you can seeesome offthe alleged robbers on abdul were interviewwd by police until early in the morningg >> kim left the hotel like 7:00 a.m. >> yeah. >> diddyou see her leavv? >> yes. she hugs me, and -- >> she hugged you? >> yeah. i told her, the most important thing is that you are safe and and she left. >> as for abdul, he's quit his job and has plans to move back
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p>> from tv news, it's been more than five months sinceemichael strahan said good-bye to kelly ripa. stilllno word on a permanent replacement. in is a surprising new guy in the running. we have a few reasons why he could be the one. >> celebrity crush? >> kelly ripa. >> you look beautiful today. >> a-plus. that's richard cuutis. he has been a beloved pennsylvania high school teacher for seven years. he's 30 and, he's married with kids. the fans already love him. [ cheers ] >> they helped richard win co-host.ocial media contest to - just today he's coming back after killing it last friday. >> if you get this, the job is yours. that's it. [ cheers ] >> ah! kelly, i have a plan. >> it returns november 7th. and while we hear bosses love
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seat he would have to beat out jerry o'conneel, co-hosting monday's big halloween episode. and kelly just gave a costume preview. >> other than that, it's -- oh, and richard? your other. to -- your other competition. ttis guy. days after gush being it to us, christiaa slatee was picked to co-host next thursday and friiay. we heard he may ttpe something else special for "live" soon. we're thinking that could be they well doing a "mr. robot" spoof. >> either way, i'm going to have fun. >> here's the deal -- there's currently no timeline for kelly to name a replacement. and get this, a source tells could get the chair is more hoo- appealing than any of the candidates now. >> i hear you. next, what is one thing you never ask a woman? >> are you pregnant? >> hello. wait until you here how jessica >> there's rumors -- then, miley cyrus opens up
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engagement. and of course the big rock -- >> i'll wear it because he loves me. and is lady gaga's ex-fiance moving on after the split? why his rumored new girlfriend is nothing like gaga. and -- >> what's all thhs will? >> "big bang theory" moves to tonight. peek.nly we have yoor sneak &- p> the real surprise is how
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vernon: they're like a lot of iowans -- they get up early, get the kids to school, and get to work. but too often, washington stacks the deck against us. we need to build an economy that works for the middle class. instead of giving breaks to big business, we need to cut taxes for the middle class and small business. i'm monica vernon, and i approve this message -p l.l. cool j and michelle turner wait tables as i hosted
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robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up ng, in a nation where they're valued and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i fought for. so, i'm voting for hillary clinton. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. come on. that's a total keeper. megan foo here, and the first
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austin green's thiid child, a baby boy named journey river green. simpson having her third baby. >> jessica, we heard rumors. any expeccing going on? >> jessica set the record straight at l.a.x. after flying will maxwell and ace be getting a sibling? >> if you were expecting something, what would it be? >> a baby. next up miley cyrus talks engagement. >> your ring, are you wearing it >> the first time "the voice" coach has opened up abouu her engagement to liam hemsworth. today on "ellen" she dished about the ring she was given in 2012. who knew?, it was not her style- >> sometimes i replace it with an actual like unicorn or looney tune. he's like, what's going on? i said it's not my aesthetic, & but i'll wear it. he could have saved money and given me a gummy bear ring.&
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kinney and lady gaga ended their engagement, he has a new girlfriend. sse's nothing like the old girlfriend. she's a bottle service waitress-turned-hospital radiol!o cf1 o radiologist. and gaga's monsters are on to she'ssshut down her social media account. as for gaga, the newsscomes one day after telling howard stern she still loves aylor. >> if you see him dating, is it going to hurt you? >> i'm not going to, like, aalisters and head-turning looks. what many were asking about gwyneth's interesting look. a night of bizarre fashions you just got to see. then, michael jackson's ex-wife, debbie rowe, battling cancer. teeling me how their daughter is a shining light on her darkest days. what does it mean o you to parent? and we've got a sneak peek before tonight's "big bang theory." >> i eeen got a change-maker.
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our children, they look up to us. what we value, how we treat others. and now they're looking to see what kind of leaders we choose. who we'll entrust our country and their future to. will it be the one respected around the world, or the one who frightens our allies and emboldens our enemies? the one with the deep understanding of the challenges we face, or the one who is unprepared for them? or a loose cannon? common sense and unity, or drama and division? a woman who's spent her life helping children and families, or a man who's spent his life helping himself? our children are looking to us. what example will we set? what kind of country will we be?
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>> gearing up to meet ffns of a low-budget movie. -p>> whaa is this? >> everything we need for your autograph sessions. head shots, markers -- >> it's sweet that you're excited, but it will be a miracle if one person sks for my autograph. >> even got a change hig!-maker. how much change you want, little lady??o cf1 o3 >> there's so much i want to change. >> it's $1, you're in luck. >> i love that show. >> crazy. now to some lucky because these ladies looked like a million bucks. >> and are worth a milllon bucks and then some. all of them are breaking out there, full-on fall fashion. flower power in this gucci full-length gown. theee were sheer anels at the bottom and a velvet lotus-like flower adorned the bodice of the dress. the 44-year-old star is new off her language skills at thh -
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on the other side of the world in l.a., katy perry celebrated her 32rd birthday in this frilly, lacy dress at the cfda "vogue" fashion fund show. the dress came straight from the designer's spring/summer 2017 runway. emma stone. ciara wore a navy tuxeeo jacket for her first appearance since announcing she and russell wilssn are expecting a turns out she and katy were born on the same day one year apart. >> my birthday is october 25th! when's your birthday? >> my birthday's october 26th! sisters. >> in a rare appearance, demi moore donned ovvrsized aviator glasses with this red print schooler tunic. the outfit was originally creattd as a midi dress, but she shortened it, combining it ithh
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fashion statement. and demi always looks great. you can look for her back on the big screen. she's wrapped production on three new movies..o cf1 o debbie rowe, mmther of michael jackson's two children, live of a quiet life since their marrrage ended in 1199. now she's been thrust back into the spotlight after she was o o diagnosed with breast cancer. tonight,,debbii shares her courageous battle for the first time on camera.& how hard has it been deaaing with the side effects? brutal. chemo does its best to make you lose your femininity. you lose your hair. you lose your eyelashes. you lose your eyebrows. and what a lot of people don't realize -- when i take this off, i'm still me. i'm still feminine. i'm still a woman.& and above all, i'm stilllaa human. >> debbie received er diagnosis
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the 57-year-old started losing her hair after the first treatment. >> what happened was in the hospital.& i went to move my bangs. and it came out. and i thought, this is really early. i was told it wasn't until the third, fourth week that i had would start to lose my hair. so i saw my hair in my hand, and i reached ooer here, and there was more. i said, "get the shears. we go. i'm not going to wait for it to& fall all those years -- >> debbie makes jokes. it's her way of staying positive. she aass had this blonde wig made. she named it ursula. debbie intentionally made the bangs long to cover her eyebrows and eyelashes which have all fallen out. >> that's what makes you look sick. you have to work hard to get up
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>> hard.& and it's not that i haven't cried, but what am i going to do? i hhd a choice. >> of course, with the bad also pomes the good. and for debbie, the cancer battle has helped her reconnect with daughter pariss her 18-year-old child with michael. for a tiie, paris ann debbie haa drifted apart. what does it mean to you that paris is here with you? >> she's my she's amazing. she's been with me the whole time. first phone call. took her 30 seconds whennshe found. she said, "are you okay?" i got this." she said, "i know you do, mom." for her to kiss my bald head -- >> that's love without limits, isn't it? >> yeah. today? >> awessme. awesome. >> if michael was here, what do
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what would he say? >> i think he'd be really supportive, yeah. >> the road ahead includes more chemo treatment and radiation, but debbie's mantraais "i've got this." >> you do have to stay strong through it. if you let those moments et you down, i don't know if i could recover. >> wow. what a great interview. >> i ant to show you this there's her motto again, "i got this." made by her friend, michelle, that shiit. i was blown away by hurt courage, positivity. she is going to kick cancer's butt. >> yeah. i was blown away, too. the best part of the picture, -pthe beautiful smile on debbie face, right?
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sometimes, maybe it's worth listening to a politician. take congressman rod blum. on social security, blum doesn't just back the republican special interest agenda-- he's campaigning on it.
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and blum supported benefit cuts by voting to raise social security's retirement age. so if you care about a secure retirement, listen to rod blum: he's putting your security at risk. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this message. >> it's all at travel consideration provided by -- katie holmes.we're talking to &- see youuthen. >> bye, everybody. >> ourrkatie holmes exclusive -- >> she makes every day great. >> revealing how she juggled raising her daughter suri while make her directoriil debut. and we're behind the scenes of "the talk's" halloween lip-sync war.
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on u.s. cellular's great network. hey, have you ever heard of the van nuys comic-con? yeah. it's a dinky little convention where they sell collectibles and get sad d-list celebrities to appear. why? i got asked to sign autographs there. that's awesome! is this for serial ape-ist? well, it could be for the monkey movie. it could be my hemorrhoid commercial. the list does not go on. when is it? it doesn't matter. i'm not doing it. what? why not? you just said yourself, it's sad. yeah, but it's not pathetic. that's where i draw the line. come on! we'll have fun. i don't know. you'll have nerds fawning all over you. if you don't love that, this marriage is in trouble. i guess it wouldn't hurt to meet some fans and make a little extra money. yeah. wow! an appearance by george lucas... ...'s dermatologist. oh, i want that autograph. oh, yeah.


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