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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  November 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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that weekend." weekend."how friends and faculty are remembering the day deadly shots rang out at the university of iowa. together a corridor police shooting.what authorities are now saying about the investigation and the suspect. suspect."rain is back on the radar we'll be tracking it in your weatherfirst forecast." forecast."the gavel challenge is over, but did it really have any impact on businesses here in the flood zone zonenow, the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first ten minutes. this is news 10 at 10. right now the university of iowa is remembering the victims of a tragic time in its history. 25-years ago today - u-i graduate student gang lu shot and killed six people on campus. cbs 2 news reporter dora miller from where a memorial service was held for the victim. victims. old footage 00:19:05 "a university of iowa shooting spree claims five lives and injures four."no one thought
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footage 00:04:25 "he entered van allen hall and shot four people, he then walked several blocks across campus to jessup hall, shot two more people and turned the gun on himself."a campus shooting that threatened the safety of students, faculty and staff in 1991...kathleen staley was one of them.staley 19:30:08 "it was severely shaken that weekend." staley was a counselor at the time of the incident...she says as a psychologist -- her first instinct was to help. staley 19:27:11 "i remember met with were the faculty members from the dept. of physics and i was told at the time that one third of the department had been murdered." fear, anger, rage -- all feelings she says she encountered when she met with the community to process what happened.25 years ago -- and the memory is still a sobering thought.p barry butler 19:33:51 "six of our colleagues were dead or critically wounded, six remarkable people who contributed so much to our community."wayne polyzou
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colleagues." for those, like staley, who still find themselves on the university's a reminder that life is precious and help is never too far away. staley 19:32:19 "when i think about my work on november 1 of 1991, it was a real privilege to be able to go out and be of assistance at a time of terrible campus tragedy and i just feel that i was able to do some work and be meaningful to a number of people and i was glad i had that opportunity." dora miller reporting. developing tonight -- the family of the man shot in the aftermath of a traffic stop this morning is now speaking ou. out.police say 37-year old jerimie mitchell was pulled over before attacking an officer.the officer fired his weapon -- and mitchell's car hit another police car responding to the incident. tonight -- mitchell is fighting to stay alive and his family says they don't understand how this could have happened. "it's not his character, to
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the police - we've actually had conversations at my grandmas house where he's said, if the police tell you to get on the ground, you get on the ground." ground."n-double a-c-p cedar rapids branch president dedric doolin says he's been talking to cedar rapids police chief wayne jerman.doolin says he just wants all the facts surrounding the incident to come out. >> not showing up in the radar. tomorrow morning the commute you could see a shower or thunderstorm around eastern iowa. it looks like temperatures
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after that the showers will scatter out than we will have dry hours in the afternoon. so keep the temperatures cooler with our highs to stay in the 60s. >> president obama has approved a disaster declaration for 19 i will counties due to less was flooding. the declaration makes federal money available on state, local and nonprofit levels. it will help with emergency work and repair and replacement of storm damage. if needed more money available later on. >> we now continue with the corridor top stories. the city archival challenge to help businesses in the flood zone is now over. mayor ron corbett asked everyone to spend the month of october spending money at local shops and restaurants that were forced to evacuate. matt hammill takes a closer look at whether it worked. >> the wall of sand backstopped the wall or left small
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for some the gavel challenge really kept them afloat. >> i talked to the people that own a police restaurant and they said they had their best month ever. " they saw a tremendous increase in sales and people would walk in and say we're supporting your business because it was flood impacted. " sykora bakery and lion bridge in czech village - just a few of those benefitting " brewhemia - in newbo " we were only in for two weeks before the flood , we were down for two and a half weeks during the flood." coffee shop - co-owner brad danielson says - the loyalty of customers was incredible - with a flood of new faces. faces." certain days the gavel challenge was very well received, but almost too well, because it was very very busy, but we still need the business. " "" i had that moment of panic, like this is gonna
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river - brittany hannah shut down for two weeks but felt the love immediately - with more walk ins - and great dinner crowds . " i'm hoping people continue to remember and i know we definitely had a lot of faces we'd never seen before and we've seen several of those tables back within the same week. " " the businesses are grateful and im so grateful to the people and everyone had fun doing it. " "" the mayor says they'll begin looking at all those pictures to chose the winner person who will be mayor for a day, later on this week. covering the corridor in cedar challenge and the person who will be mayor for a day later this week. covering the corridor in cedar rapids, matt hammill cbs 2 news 10 it and. >> with one week till election date both clinton and trump are focusing on getting there supports their supporters to the polls. you can see the former secretary of state has a two held today - real clear politics predicts clinton
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and trump 164.but it takes 270 to win.?iowa is one of nine toss-up states - where a total of 115-electoral votes are on the line. line.right now - in iowa - trump has a one point lead over clinton. because of the close race in iowa - candidates and their supporters are spending a lot of time in the hawkeye state trying to sway you can see on this graphic behind me - there will be several campaign stops for both donald as you can see on the graph behind me campaign stops for both trump and clinton this week. i will polls open at 70 -- seven in the morning and open till nine on election day. we will have like team coverage of national, state and local races on cbs 2 news 10 it and. >> now continue with tonight's other stores across the corridor. if you are looking for work if the season for holiday hiring. simple rich mall stores are looking for help.
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seasonal workers are treated much the same as the other employees. they say what starts as temporary can turn into something more. >> iowa city is one of the top 10 places to retire. time magazine gave the city retirees.major upgrades after the flood of '08 have greatly improved iowa city and helped propell it into the magazine's top the way - the best place in the country to retire--according to time--is bethlehem, pennsylvania. the state of iowa is paying 33-million more dollars to managed care organizations running iowa's medicaid system. the governor says the additional payment is a result of higher prescription drug prices and patients using more prescriptions than first predicted.some iowa lawmakers are concerned that this is just the first of future cost increases. right now the governors office tells cbs 2 news - the program will ?generate more than 140-
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open enrollment is underway for the affordable care act and right now many experts say the program may need to be bailed carriers warn nearly one-and-a-half- million americans could lose their health insurance under obamacare in the coming months as more insurance providers abandon the program.the white house says it wants roughly 175-billion dollars to save the program. taking candy from kids is like pulling teeth - so one local dentist's office is offering to buy your sweet halloween snacks.cedar rapids smile center hosted its 3rd halloween candy buy back posted its third annual halloween candy buyback. the dentist office on third avenue southeast will be accepting candy donations until friday. all donated candy will be sent in care packages to our troops overseas. everyone who donates will be entered to win a franey -- ipad
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and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first 10 minutes. >> so to come getting a good night sleep and the new tool parents are using to help their kids prepare for bedtime. >> we have had a lot of sunshine the pass few days but that is changing tonight as the storm is coming from the southwest. i will bring showers and a few thunderstorms to eastern iowa.
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning - one week before the election - and several states are voting on those elections - could possibly affect the future of pot in other states - like here in
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>> we had a nice dry spell but apparently that may be coming to an end. >> a little disturbance rolling across the midwest in the next 24 hours. i don't think anything that will cause any major problems a little wet weather never hurts. today you would never know it's november. outstanding temperatures all around the midwest. especially in eastern iowa. we've made it up to 74 degrees that is the warmest start to november in 16 years. also we came within 3 degrees of tying the record high which was 77 degrees in 2000. warm air around today and our beautiful fall weather continues. that will change as we mentioned. we have a disturbance coming in from the southwest and by tomorrow morning we do think there will be scattered showers
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area. for the morning commute the temperatures will be mild but it won't be pretty. there will be a lot of clouds and the possibility of showers and maybe a few thunderstorms. let's go to the radar. as you get into southeastern iowa one little shower showing up down there around ottumwa. at the first sign of rain developing. those will be moving to the northeast. we expect those to get in here after midnight. that's it as far as rain at is going to the satellite, the center of the disturbance is in kansas. we are starting to see more showers and storms starting to pop up. the instability is taking shape and drive these to the northeast. we expect those around the area around midnight and into the morning hours tomorrow. we will take you to the predictor. this shows how this will play. start you at 11:00 and there
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as we get towards midnight those are making progress on to the north. by three or four clock in the morning these showers and storms are becoming more numerous and extent from waterloo to cedar rapids and goes to the southwest. as we get to 6:00 in the morning you can see a lot of locations getting into the showers and thunderstorms. we will take you to the rest of the morning and you can see these go northeast. as we get into the afternoon hours the -- these will diminish. the rain totals are not expected t models indicate quarter to half an inch across the south east. some rain expected around in the next 24 hours but it should not be too much longer than tomorrow. then we will get to our are good ways. tomorrow temperatures looks like readings will be cooler. we will have 50s in the north to made to low 60s in the south.
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that's quite warm. down to the south scattered showers and thunderstorms especially in the seat -- southern and eastern part of the area. 57 in iowa city and 55 in tipton. for tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies and more showers especially early in the day in the north. the temperatures in the upper 50s and further to the south little bit warmer or cooler than today. 61 to 66 across this area and sc thunderstorms misnomers during the morning hours. after that we get rid of the rain by thursday and the weatherfirst team coverage -- continues now with meteorologist rebecca kopelman temperatures in the midshipman to upper 60s. >> we continue with meteorologist rebecca kopelman for tomorrow's corridor commute. >> you are taking covington road and it has now reopened.
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intersection of stony point road and rogers road. those two roads are still closed as construction continues. we do not know when they will reopen. covington was reopened today at 5:00. no major traffic hiccups in the morning tomorrow in the corridor but in terms of the weather i am giving it a rating of a two on the scale. we will have a yellow light. you may take it slower because of the storms. by the evening hours we are back to green as we will have the clouds and the rain will be moving out evening commute. >> next on cbs 2 news how to three kids are stepping up to help their classmates stay warm this winter. >> listen throughout the day for your weather first forecast
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i served under president bush and obama. i fought the taliban.
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to counter isil. when someone makes the comment that they know more about the islamic state or isil than do the generals, it implies a complete ignorance of the reality. but i believe secretary clinton really understands the threat that the islamic state poses to the united states and to the american people. and i believe she understands how to wield american power to ultimately defeat this threat and to keep us safe. i'm hillary clinton
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as winter draws near local >> shelters are in need of items to help keep their patrons want. >> kelly d'ambrosio joins us to explain how a local elementary school is doing their part to shelter, waypoint, talked to the students about the issues that face the homeless populati.'ll see how the children learned an important life lesson in tonights beyond the books. books. though it might be a little spooky, there was nothing but treats at benton community schools "atkins center" on halloween day. frankenstein's monster, big bird and luigi
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door and into the car that will go to local shelter, waypo. carried loads of socks out the door and into the car. it will go to local shelter weight point. before that special delivery students gathered in halloween orange to learn the big goal he reached and to celebrate. students at atkins in keystone elementary renamed the month's all october students, like second grader natasha, tried to collect over 1200 socks from all 50 states. we're going to donate socks to people who don't have socks. her side, she exclaimed her feelings about far exceeding the goal! surprised. she was very surprised it was a good feeling knowing we could help those who just needed a little extra help.the amount of socks wasn't the only surprise... surprise... we colled 35 states and one other country, iceland. those donating socks also sent letters and the only surprise. >> we collected 35 states and one other country.
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in the hallway to students can learn more about each location. it taught students a big life lesson. >> to reach out and help others. >> to be caring to others. >> if you would like to see more good news coming from our local school systems visit the on the book step on and dads concerned about the quality and quantity of sleep their children are getting. getting.experts say keep mobile devices out of that's concerned about the quality and quantity of sleep their children are getting. experts say keep those mobile devices out of the bedroom. the light from the device may delay the release of melatonin. it's the hormone that contributes to sleepiness making it harder for kids to fall asleep. the national sleep foundation recommends at least 30 minutes gadget freak transition time before bedtime. >> coming up in sports unfinished business on the volleyball court. how far does work their season
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that's coming up next on cbs 2. >> from the terrorism alert desk i'm jonathan elias. in the battle for mosul iraqi forces are at the outer edge of the city. iraqi commandos swept in pushing back isis fighters. this is the first time in two years that iraqi troops have been in mosul. in pocahontas being blamed for a car bomb at least nine people killed and dozens hurt. the terror group is suspected of being behind an attack in nigeria were two female suicide bombers killed nine people and wounded dozens of others. they have stepped up their attacks after months long low which was caused by leadership struggle and isis. in the head of the british security service am i five is warning medicare's attack in the uk is likely.
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of them british. they also said his agency is adding 1000 officers over the next five years to deal with the threat.
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vernon: i'm monica vernon, and i approve this message. congressman blum's smear campaign -- misleading and false. the truth -- monica vernon donated every pay raise to charity and cut taxes for us. but multi-millionaire blum broke his word, keeping nearly $200,000 in taxpayer-funded paychecks. blum wasted even more of your tax dollars on himself. and raise the retirement age. congressman blum's only out for himself. and now cbs 2 sports with zach hanley. >> after a much needed by which the hawkeyes are back at work with their bodies and minds and
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iowa is back from the bye week - but are they better after the bye - that remains to be week but are they better after the bye and that remains to be seen. the hawkeyes are refreshed and ready for the season stretch run. >> i think there's more energy after a bye week. hawkeyes fly high in november - this group - is hoping to do just that the big thing for us is what we do this month - the month of november - it's what we do every day here that's gonna define this season for us coach reminds us about all the work we've put in since january - and we've got this last 26, 27 days left - and we need to finish strong strongand a strong finish -
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state we've just got to go out and play our best football - and we've shown some signs of in some games - but there's just some games where just haven't played our best and we're hoping that we go out and do that on saturday saturdaykirk ferentz has always had his teams ready to play in happy valley - his hawks are 4-2 in games at penn state - but it's worth noting - nobody on the current roster - has ever played there - in iowa city - pat moroney - c-b- has ever played there. in iowa city pat moroney cbs 2 sports. >> like the hawks the panthers are gearing up for what they hope to be a big november month. after losing winning the valley is not out of the question. the chances of making the postseason are not. if they win the next three games they put themselves in position to be in the playoffs. that's the message that coach barley has been preaching since saturday. >> we have to win november.
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proficiency can be talked about on the selection day because it's been done before and we are one of the few teams that can speak like that because we have our back against the wall and have not dug ourselves out of that situation. >> the bears fell in the two semi's will the close lost in the 2a title game. only one regional final between -- the first set the cougars had it going on. georgia sports that there -- their blockers. at the hammers went down the line. rebecca can jump out of the gym and drop that a spike. cougars head back to stay with a
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>> from the look of things there will be a few scattered showers and thunderstorms around the area tomorrow morning. i would think those wo temperatures going down from 74 to 62 tomorrow afternoon. maybe even 50s in the northern counties for november that is not too bad. >> we will have a yucky commute in the morning to expect on
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our children, they look up to us. what we value, how we treat others. and now they're looking to see what kind of leaders we choose. who we'll entrust our country and their future to. will it be the one respected around the world, or the one who frightens our allies and emboldens our enemies? the one with the deep understanding of the challenges we face, or the one who is unprepared for them? or a loose cannon? common sense and unity, or drama and division? a woman who's spent her life helping children and families, or a man who's spent his life helping himself? our children are looking to us. what example will we set? what kind of country will we be?
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> this fall, from the network that brought you "c.s.i., ""n.c.i.s." and "criminal minds" comes the newest most exciting program of all. the story of a rogue f.b.i. squad, and a crap load of e-mails. discovered 11 days before the election, loose cannon james comey has to read 650,000 e-mails on huma abedin's lapstop, e-mails hillary clinton thought she could hide. but this fall-- >> comey don't play that. >> no e-mail will go unread is there a coup pon for flea medication.


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