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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  November 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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you were headed for the polls, temperatures look to be in the mid to upper 50s, about 10 degrees from where we ended up this afternoon. law enforcement across the state and country are in iowa today to honor to fallen officers from iowa metra -- metro. steffi lee says how the iowa community is also paying tribute. >> reporter: scott, it is quiet here, but earlier today it was a somber and cars drove down jordan creek parkway -sot: jane potthoff 03:12:28:13 "we support you -- we feel your pain -- we share your pain."as the community and even the youngest of iowans stood in solidarity - for a fallen hero.sot: chief wingert 11:46 if god could handcrafta&he would look just like tony."moments before the funeral procession -- des moines police chief dana wingert had no shortage of praise for sgt. tony beminio. sot: chief wingert 11:46 tony wasn't just good - he was just
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people filled overpasses as they watched the procession go from lutheran church of hope to glendale cemetery - sgt. beminio's final resting place. nat pop 03:14:37:21 "this one wants to be a policeman when he grows up."terry brauch is a retired police officer and wanted his grandsons to feel the bond of the men and women in blue.sot: terry brauch 03:15:06:23 "there's nothing like the support of the policemen when a tragedy happens and to have all people come out too that really helps."kathy karpinen watched - with her father on her mind.he was a police officer for two decades in arizona.sot: kathy karpinen 03:18:40:17 "it's very emotional -- thinking about the families of these fallen officers -- their police community and just the public." but even through an emotional time - iowans know how to come together.sot: chief wingert 11:45 tragic news - transformed into a call of
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officer justin martin's funeral is tomorrow in rockwell city at 11:40 - 11:40 honors his badge dsm, steffi lee reporting. this year - 114 officers have number. i am steffi lee, cbs 2 news two corridor cities are now searching for new leadership in their police departments. 2 news reporter mellaney moore moorelearned about that process today and joins us live in coralville. departments in both coralville and iowa city are looking for a new chief.residents here are invited to be a part of the selection process. process. soon, two johnson county cities will have new law enforcement leadership. coralville is just beginning the search and still accepting
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28:31:27 law enforcement certification is important, a bachelor's degree is also required, a master's is preferred and past experience the hope is to have a new chief by late january.hayworth says the current atmosphere is likely bringing the applicants most dedicated to community service.18:35:10 there will be that whole discussion of how do you deal with the public, how do you engage the public and how do you make it so that people are more willing to interact on a positive with our police department. iowa city's manager says they received fewer applications than the search is narrowed to three candidates.geoff fruin, iowa city manager18:21:29 someone that can provide some leadership, not only in the department, but in the community. someone that can navigate through what have been some tough times for police and community relations over the last few years. residents can meet the candidates at a public meet and greet this thursday evening at the senior center.
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is made to the city council. 18:24:11 hopefully sometime shortly after that december sixth council meeting, we'll have somebody that's able to start. iowa city leaders say they are looking for community feedback on the candidates.coralville says they will also have an open house.covering the corridor in coralville, mellaney moore cbs 2 news. right now -- a corridor teacher is being accused of mis. misconduct.mount vernon police say they were contacted by the mount vernon community school the allegations. 2 news reporter dora miller reached out to school officials.she joins us with this developing story. this is still an ongoing investigation...for now, the teacher -- ely sotillo -- is on administrative leave.a concerned parent reached out to us saying a letter was read to students regarding the investigation into mr. sotillo. we reached out to the school about the letter... letter...they did say they released a statement on friday to mount vernon staff and a local says they are working with police to
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misconduct during the 2014 - 15 school year. year.the statement goes on to say the district will remain diligent in protecting students and adults at the scho. school.we're working to get more details on this investigation...we'll bring them to you as soon as we do. dora miller, cbs 2 news cbs 2 news is learning new detas detailsabout the man who fell from a light pole - during a cubs celebration in iowa city last week. week.friends tell cbs 2 news 21-year-old kyle leeney passed away today.leeney was celebrating the cubs world a cubs city last week. 21-year-old elian gonzalez to passed away today . he was celebrating the cubs world series when when he fell -- win when he felt off of a light pole. bystanders said that he suffered serious head injuries. he was taken to the hospital and he died this morning. the were race for the white
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-- as the candidates campaign down to the wire on election eve. the race is tight between donald trump and hillary politics average of polls of iowa voters - has trump leading in this state by just three points. if you we're hoping to vote early but didn't - you'll now have to go to the polls along with everyone was the last day to vote early in iowa and all absentee ballots must be postmarked with today's date.several linn county residents took advantage of the last day of viewer told us there was a two hour wait at the auditor's office this the way - the last political ad on this station will air at 4:22 tomorrow afternoon. a new service is now available to get some corridor residents to the cars offer members free access to nearly 10-thousand vehicles on residents to the polls. zip cars offer access to nearly 10,000 cars on election night.
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the zip cars website or app. the service is available and iowa city. they want to encourage everyone to get out and vote. now to the question of the day. is there anything that you could earn in -- learn in the next 24 hours which would change her vote for president? to cast your vote, click on the link on the homepage of before heading to the polls, don't miss iowa in focus, vote 2016 special. it is hosted by political reporter kevin barry at 10:30 on tiki 10. the investigation into bogus text alerts and what not to do if you get one. a week weather disturbances now beginning to develop to the west of us. we have rain on the radar and
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning - election day is just hours away and we're monitoring all the nubmers all day. what you need to know as you head to the polls. that's tomorrow - on cbs 2 this i-380 is a major path many of us take to get around the corridor--and there are some changes coming to the interstate in the near future. future. i-380 is a major path that many of us take to get around the corridor. there are changes coming to the interstate in the near future. kelly d tell us about it. that's right scott , there are three changes coming to i- 382 help with traffic and to
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safer. -- i-380/i-80 interchange safer.>> those ramps are basically 25 miles per hour. when you are long vehicle like a semi, you slow down significantly. when you get to the bottom of the ramp, you are trying to merge into mainline traffic. >> reporter: joining us tonight on cbs 2 news 10 at 10 or on tiki 10 news at 9:00, -- fox how much it will cost. if you received an unusual text message on your phone today, a number of callers got a wireless emergency alert. emergency management said there was no emergency and he noticed did not come from them. police say not to call 911 if you get a bogus message.
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governor branstad has extended a state disaster declaration for more than two dozen counties. that include cedar rapids, independence, waterloo and cedar falls that will be available now through december 7. those seeking financial help can reach out to the iowa department of human services. chief meteorologist terry swails joins us now. this daylight savings time is tough to get used to.>> i am struggling myself getting my schedule straightened out. richard is get dark early. whether what -- it sure does get weather wise, there is nothing too ominous in the next 7-10 days. one thing that has changed is there are clouds coming in and now on the radar we are seeing some light showers. nothing overly heavy, but off to the west in waterloo and you get into parts of grundy and butler counties, you can see some showers with a bit of
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heavy. nobody will see a lot of rain. then the showers extend down toward tama. we wife hit and miss showers that will develop and move northeast across the area. right now the only area that has seen much rainfall is the corridor from cedar falls back over toward parkers burled -- parkersburg and burke -- and butler county. those showers are moving to the northeast. as we go to the satellite and move in, you can see the system that has come in today. clearing has just about reached northwestern iowa. this pressure will move southward and push everything to the southeast. by the time we get to the tomorrow morning, things will clear in eastern iowa and the when will pick up and we will see cooler temperatures during the day tomorrow. for the morning commute, nowhere in eastern iowa and it looks like temperatures should be mild for this time of year.
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hour. of course tomorrow is election day. after we get rid of the showers tonight, the skies were clear for election day. temperatures will be cooler, down about 10 degrees from where we were today. the on that, the weather pattern is quiet for the rest of the week. we will have pleasant conditions with temperatures in the middle 50s to upper 60s through the end of the week. for the election day forecast, no matter when you vote at 7:00 a.m., noon or 6:00 p.m., be in the upper 40s to the mid- 50s in that time period there. the skies should be mostly sunny and the wind out of the northwest making temperatures feel a little cooler than they actually are. typically election days in eastern iowa are pretty mild in the range of about 50-70 for the range of temperatures. we have records going back 120 years and that involves 30 elections. the warmest day was 76 and 1916 when what role wilson was
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elected. the coolest day was when bill clinton was elected to office. there is not a lot of moisture associated with this front and there won't be much rainfall, just a lot of clouds. here is the predictor and as we get to the 3:00 in the morning, you can see showers working their way across eastern iowa. generally north of most of the rain advances east out of the region. as we get to the tomorrow morning, just a few lingering clouds and then by noontime, the skies will be sunny and the when will be brisk out of the the northwest and that will keep temperatures cooler all around eastern iowa and the upper midwest. this is the rainfall forecast just in from the most recent model. it does show a few places that make it three it does show a few places that make it 3/-- three 100/4 100 inches.
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inches of rainfall. i would not look for much. temperatures will be around 47 degrees over to the east. 44 in corals fill and oelwein. temperatures generally in the upper 40s and tama may make it to 45 degrees. 48 in the manna and tipton. just a few light spotty showers -- amana and tipton. showers. when will be brisk from the northwest at 15-25. same story from the south. breezy, but considering we are in november, the temperatures at 56-59 or not too bad. 58 in iowa city. the extended forecast has wednesday in the upper 50s and
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we will have a dip in the temperatures for the first part of the weekend before we once again warm up to about 62 on monday of next week. so, no major issues for election day as temperatures remain above seasonal norms and we have sunny skies. a local kid is making a big impact at uni. what he did to help the panthers take on indiana state. that next. comconnect with us on facebook at facebook/kgan cbs 2. 2. from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i am michelle marsh.
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possibility of a pre-election terror attack. the fbi may the warning last week saying they got credible information about the terror attack by al qaeda. they are still investigating the threat. in mosul, iraqi forces are fighting to keep the gains made over the past two weeks. iraqi forces are just about 3 miles from mosul international airport. troops are suffering heavy cavalry -- casualties in the final push into the city. in turkey, a trial of more
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after saturday's blowout loss - iowa may be feeling deflated - or defeated - or with all the injuries - even depleted - but after saturday's blowout loss, iowa may be feeling deflated were defeated, or with all the injuries, depleted. they need to move past that quickly because bad boys are coming to town this weekend. against the surging michigan wolverines. jen josh jim harbaugh is coming as a 21 point -- jim harbaugh is coming as a 21 point favorite. the seniors have a little more pride than that.>> close is not good enough. that is something we really have to be good -- take a big step for this week.>> we are
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top 10 team and it's going to be a challenge. we have to step up to the plate. uni had a big win on saturday with a little help from a freshman who caught a 40 yard pass in the game. his third catch. his biggest impact came on special teams were a took a 94 yard punt return back to the house. that is a school record. running back upon doing a lot for our game. he did a nice job. we had to find points on special teams and he did that with a huge play at the time. those punks are back acres.>> reporter: united plays cole on saturday and then on to orlando to take on some high major programs. are they ready for the big time? head coach ben jacobson says not yet.
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guard. from a development standpoint, these preseason practices are big. rotations - just making the easy or the simple plays on offense - not trying to do to much - those are the kinds of things where we have to get a lot done this week easier with simple plays on offense and not trying to do too much. those are the things were we have to get a lot done this week. montagne morris was named to the nation's top here -- top player poured in a career-high 34 points and made the game-tying layup with 13 seconds left - he added a basket in overtime and the mavs earned their first win of the season... we will be right back to take
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check this out...early morning surveillance cameras captured more than two dozen turkeys taking over this california check this out. early morning surveillance cameras capted dozen turkeys taking over this california neighborhood last week. the turkeys blocked parents from dropping off the kids at school and gobbled up as much attention as they could. a flock this large is unusual. maybe they are on the rampage before thanksgiving.>> they look like they are on a mission. they are headed south, is
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my house. we see them every day in the backyard. they don't do anything but make a mess. here is tomorrow's forecast for election day. we will start at 48 degrees. the skies were clear and then mostly sunny conditions.
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. his new move to get custody of his kids and shout down angelina. mariah versus james. we've got the prenup, and it's crazier than you think. the cast of "happy days" reunited. >> can you imagine how extraordinary it was? the stars remember their mentor, gary marshall. >> makes me want to cry right now. and scarlett johanssen, all the way to new zealand. finding out what it really takes to be an a-list acting star. >> everybody needs toilet paper. now, for november 7th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> brad and angelina at war over


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