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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  November 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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"while the campaign is over...the work and this movement is really now just beginning." welcome to cbs 2 this morning - you just heard there - now the 45th president of the united states. this race poured into the early morning hours - before an official call was made. made.but just before two this morning - hillary clinton called donald trump to concede defeat.let's take a quick look at the numbers - donald trump has won with 289 electoral votes - to hillary clinton's 218.some states have still yet to be officially called - but trump has passed that 270
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race. donald trump won the state of iowa - with 53-percent of the vote.and of the two-point-one million iowa voters - about 1-and-a-half million voted in this election. that means voter turn out hit about 73-percent. that's about the same number of iowans who voted in the 2008 election. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm jenee ryan.we'll get back to more election results - including reaction from both the winners and losers of last night's races in just a minute. has our wednesday morning
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donald trump donald trump will be the next president of the united states - and during his victory speech last night in new york city - he vowed to be a president for all americans.trump was also gracious toward his opponent hillary clinton
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congradulate d us, this is about us on our victory. and i congradulated her on her campaign - she's worked very hard for a long period of time and we owe her a major debt of gratitude for our country. i mean that very sincerely." here's a breakdown of how each state voter in the presidential election.he won with about 288 electoral votes - compared to just 215 that hillary clinton won.president- elect trump needed big wins in
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states like florida - ohio - pennsylvania and north carolina. carolina.this is a look at how the state of iowa voted in the presidential election.donald trump won the state with 53- percent of the vote to clinton's 43-percent.trump will be inagurated as the 45th president on friday, january 20-th. we're now joined by cbs 2 news anchor and host of iowa in focus kevin barry.he's here to talk more about a really
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first congressional district here in incumbent rod blum was up for his first re-election bid and defeated democratic challenger monica vernon. he won 54- percent to vernon's 46-percent. congressmen blum gave a firey victory speech following the calling of the race. "hillary clinton decided to get involved in one house race in the entire country - this one. nats of cheers." cheers." said this win was espeically important to him - since his challenger targeted him since he was first elected into the house.monica vernon says she needs to take time off to figure out what she'll do next. monica 02:24:55 "i'm going to continue to work on respecting all of us, i want to see all opportunity for everybody and there are lots of ways to work on that. i had hoped to do that in us congress and i'll find other ways." moving on to another house
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district in iowa.voters elected democrat dave loebsack to his sixth term.he beat doctor christopher peters by a 54-percent to 46-percent. in the u-s senate - iowa's longest serving senator has been elected to a 7-th term. term.chuck grassley cruised to victory over his democratic challenger - and former liuetenant governor patty judge winning 60-percent of the vote throughout the state. grassley was encouraged by how the election turned out for his party. sen. chuck grassley "at this pivotal time in our history, this election is about securing life, liberty and freedom. not for us up here, but for for us up freedom. not for us up here, but for these little ones." voters across the country voted for an entirely g-o-p controlled america. democrats needed to flip five seats to gain control of the senate - but they failed to do that.
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least 51 of the 100 seats. one new hampshire race is still too close to call but right now republican kelly ayotte is in the lead. political reporter kevin barry is back with us to talk about the senate balance staying with the republicans.
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social media has a lot to say about this year's election. we're now heading out to cbs 2 news reporter stephanie johnson is live at with people ? reactions?jenee---the feelings are mixed trump wins-malik
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tweeted out congratulations donald trump! god is great! -
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an update now to an important issue we've been mon election season - three judges up for rentention on the iowa supreme court. court.this is the first time these three judges were on the ballot since their land-mark ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in iowa.all three judges have been retained - all with at least 64-percent of the vote. linn county sheriff brian gardner remians as the head of the department. nearly three quarters of linn county chose to keep him as sheriff. his opponent - rick stewart - took
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voters in linn county made history last night - as they elected the first african- american to the board of supervisors in its 177 years. stacey walker says he tried hard not to make the election about race, but he's proud to carry the title. walker defeated republican adam jensen by nearly five thousand votes.while walker celebrated the victory - he says another issue on the ballot means supervisors will have to work harder.voters approved a plan - to reduce the number of from five to three. "that means residents in the county are ging to have less people representing their interests.. it's also going to mean that our rural communities won't ghave as much of a voice at the table so i think we really have to work hard .. the three supervisors have to roll up their sleves and work hard and hopefully we can re-visit this issue in the future. " walker says the work is just beginning to make linn county more prosperous and he wants to engage more people to help
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change. also in linn county - voters approved a 40-million dollar bond measure for water quality. the public measure - will protect sources of drinking water - and the water quality of rivers and will also give money to improve parks and biking and walking trails managed by the linn county conservation board. in iowa city - public measure c passed with nearly 60-percent of the vote. activists filed to get it passed - it now reduced the number of signatures required for petitions that raised to 25-percent of the voting population - now it drops that number to 10-percent. it's and right now in it's de. degrees.still to come - marijuana made leaps and bounds last night. find out which states where the plant will soon be legalized. your cbs 2 weather first forecast we have..
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shows what's ahead for the next hoursa&- now a live look outside courtesy of our weatherfirst skycama&- a bit of fog in the area this morninga&-temperatures around the areaa&- taking a look at regional temperatures we see
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is keeping conditions quiet - let's move ahead in time by taking a look at the midwest surface mapa&- moving into a closer view with our 'predictor' forecast we see mainly quiet conditions - today's forecast features clear skies & cooler temperatures- tonight's forecast has us looking for mainly clear & chilly conditions- the next three days show more dry and cool weather- our 7 day forecast
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it's now and thanks for waking up and thanks for waking up with us this post
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degrees.still ahead - donald trump and hillary clinton weren't the only things on the ballot. major issues were decided across several states. we break down what you may not
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stage across the country this election season. washington d-c is one step closer to being a state. last night - voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure seeking statehood for the nation's capital. the decision now goes to congress for approval. washington d-c would then be called "the state of new columbia." last night - four states voted to raise worker pay across the board. while iowa works to approve minimum wage city -- arizona - colorado- maine and washinton all approved wage hikes. each state has different ways of increasing the wage but all will pay above 12-dollars an hour by 2020. five states voted on whether or not to legalize recreational marijuana. california - massachusetts and nevada all voted to legalize the drug - doubling the amount of states where you can buy it. arizona voters rejected a measure to legalize pot.
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it's degrees.still ahead we continue our vote 2016 coverage,
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of course everyone is weighing in on the historic election from last night nightcbs 2 news reporter stephanie johnson is monitoring social media at our breaking news desk deskstephanie what is the buzz right now on social media? media?jenee--people are
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is trending and not my presidentcanada tweets: -#canada start building a wall keep half of the u-s from moving in after trump- last situation of clinton followers they're so desperate that want to live in canadatrump wins:- not my president: good morning again -- it's now right now it's degrees in we continue our vote 2016 coverage to explain what's next after this historic election - what can the american people expect from a donald trump presidency - and what iowans can expect with the changes in des moines. you're watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the
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i just received a call from secretary clinton
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congradulated us, welcome to cbs 2 this morning - that's donald trump - the 45- th president of the united states.the race last night was so close - the official call wasn't made until nearly 2 -a-m. a-m.that's when hillary clinton called donald trump to concede defeat.let's take a quick look at the numbers - here's how many electoral clinton. republicans will now soon control the white house and speaker paul ryan congratulated president- elect trump on his victory - as did senate majority leader mitch mcconell.those three will now shape the countries agenda at least for the next four years, welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm jenee ryan.we'll get back to more election
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losers of last night's races in just a minute. minute.first - justin roberts
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as you wake up this morning - we now know our 45-th president - donald trump won a number of big swing states like north carolina - florida and pennsylv. pennsylvania.but he also won the six electoral votes here in iowa.this is a breakdown of percent of the vote. now - here's a look of how each state voted in the presidential we mentioned - most of the battleground states all swung in favor of president elect trump.right now - even with some states not officially called this morning - trump received 289 electoral votes - compared to hillary clinton's 218.after clinton called to concede victory - trump called
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for every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americnas and this is so important to me. for those who have chosen not to support me in the past - i'm reaching otu to you for your guidance nad your help so we can work together and unify our great country. trump will be inagurated as the 45th president on friday - january 20th. hillary clinton is scheduled to speak sometime this morning - cbs 2 news will make sure to bring you her comments once she makes them. we're now joined by cbs 2 news anchor and host of iowa in focus kevin barry.he's here to talk more about a really remarkable presidential electio. election.presidential election.
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another major g-o-p win from iowa -- senator chuck grassley - head of the judiciary committee - was able to keep his seat for a seventh term. grassley beat out former lieutenant governor patty judge by 14-percent of the vote. voters across the country voted for an entirely g-o-p controlled america. democrats needed to flip five seats to gain control of the senate - but they failed to do that.
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of the senate holding 51 of the 100 seats. one new hampshire race is still too close to call but right now republican kelly ayotte (ay-ought) is in the lead. republicans also held the majority of the house - extending a 6-year lock on the chamber. before even the presidential race was called, the g-o-p gained control. this morning - 235 members are repbulicans and 191 are democrats. iowa voters helped keep that majority here's another look at a highly contested race in the first congressional district here in incumbent rod blum was up for his first re-election bid and defeated democratic challenger monica vernon. congressmen blum gave a firey speech following the calling of the race. "hillary clinton decided to get involved in one house race in the entire country - this one nats: cheers." cheers."his challenger says
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off before figuring out her next endeavor. monica 02:26:36 "i'm going to take a little time off and continue to look at what i might do next. the world is full of all kinds of opportunities, but for me it has to revolve around making our world a better place, especially this economy situation. i just think we have to make sure that people get a fair shake at a better to" tomorrow." of the four house members iowa sends to washington - voters brought in three republicans last night. long-term member steve king won 64-percent of the 4th district against kim weaver. in the iowa third congressional - another incumbent - republican david young won re-election against jim mowrer.young won 57- percent of the vote. this district contains the state's capitol of des moines. in the second congressional district in iowa - democrat dave loebsack has now been
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be by a 54-percent to 46-percent. "i really was hoping that i would have some partners with me, but i will continue to do the things i've done up to this point. i've been in the congress for 10 years. i've done everything i can to help people in my district. // i'm gonna go back to a house of representatives that still is controlled by republicans. that's the way it has been for me for a number of years. so i'll continue to do my work and when i can find common ground with them, that's what i'll do." state senator liz mathis wakes up with a win this morning. last night voters re-elected her to senate district 34. she and opponent renee gadhela battled over the seat -- clearly seen in television ads. mathis went home with 56- percent of the vote. however - her win could not keep the state senate in the blue. last night - iowa senate ?majority leader lost his re-election battle. mike gron- stall lost his seat to newcomer dan dawson.
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republican party control over the iowa senate. we're now joined by cbs 2 news anchor and host of iowa in focus kevin barry.kevin, what does this change in the iowa senate mean for voters?
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meanwhile - the house remains in republican control. that democrat control - however - with the senate change - the g- o-p now holds both iowa chambers. still - a corridor democrat is waking up to a win this morning. north liberty mayor amy nielsen won her bid for the iowa house. the city will now have to select a new mayor or hold a special election to finish out her current term. it's and right now in it's de. degrees.still ahead - we head
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to check in with how the internet is reacting to president-elect-trump. in your cbs 2 weather first
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people are waking up this morning to a new president and many people are reacting to the news on social media. media. cbs 2 news reporter stephanie johnson is at the breaking news desk. stephanie what are you seeing?
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it's and you're watching cbs 2 this morning...and if you're in it's degrees. degrees.still ahead - the stock market is reacting after an historic presidential election. how traders across
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overseas stocks - and
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dow futures - which bet on the direction of the dow jones - plunged more than 800 points as donald trump surged when the polls closed last night. trading in s-and-p and nasdaq futures had to be briefly paused - after those stocks plunged too.the new york stock exchange opens at 8-thirty this morning - we'll monitor how that reacts today during the opening bell. there are a few non-election business stories to bring you, tomorrow - we'll find out challenge.after the major flooding threat in cedar rapids in september - forced many businesses to close for over a week, mayor ron corbett challenged residents to shop at those closed did this by posting photos on social media shopping at those locations.tomorrow at need pizza - the mayor will announce the winners at 3- thirty.
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tournament is happening right now in cedar rapids - and it could bring millions to the local economy.go cedar rapids says - it brought 1-point-8 million dollars to the city last year and could bring about 2 million this year.the event draws an estimated 28- thousand spectators over the course of the four-day tournament.that runs through friday. two cedar rapids schools are expanding. summit schools will soon include seventh and eighth grade classes. up until now - the private school only ran through the sixth grade. sixth graders at the school starting next year. right now the school has 120 students who participate in blended courses and classwork. it's right now it's degrees in still ahead - several other major issues were decided last night. we break down what you
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here's a look at some of the other issues taking center stage across the country this election season. once banned- then brought back - the death penalty
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u-s. last night voters in three states made major death penalty decisions. a measure on the california ballot would have stopped the death penalty in the state --but voters opted to keep it. the death penalty had been eliminated by the nebraska legislature but last night - voters decided to bring the death penalty back. oklahoma voters showed strong support for the death penalty. they passed a measure that would give lawmakers options and power to change execution methods if one scrutiny as lethal drugs did after a botched execution in 2014. doctor-assisted suicide is now legal in colorado. voters approved the measure allowing terminally ill patients to end their own life on their own terms. it applies to residents 18 and older who have just six moths to live. colorado is now the sixth state to put a "right to die" law on the books. colorado is also one of two states that defeated major health care changes.colorado
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calorad-care. it would have replaced most private health insurance in the state. a california measure also failed. it would force drug companies to sell state agencies prescriptions at the same or lower prices than the u-s department of veterans affairs. however - california did pass one health initiative aimed at lowering cancer rates. last night- voters approved a plan to raise cigarette tax to 2-dollars a pack and begin ta other states chose not to follow suit. colorado voters snuffed out a measure looking ot raise cigarette taxes to nearly 2-dollars a pack. north dakota voters rejected a 400- percent cigarette tax hike.and missouri - which has the lowest cigarette tax in the nation - voted against an increase - keeping cigarette taxes at 17-cents. right now it's degrees in
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finalized and donald trump will be sworn in as the 45th president. we have in depth analysis of this roller coaster of an election season. you're watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the corridor.
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