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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  November 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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campaign is over...the while the campaign is over, our work on this movement is now really just beginning. >> welcome to cbs 2 this morning you just heard donald trump there, now the 45th president of our united states. this race poured into the early morning hours before an official call was made, but just before 2 this morning, hillary clinton called dona trump to concede defeat. let's take a quick look at the numbers. donald trump won with 289 electoral votes and hillary clinton got just 218. some states have still yet to be officially called, but trump has passed that 270 threshold needed to clench the presidential race. donald trump won the state of iowa with 53% of the votes here, and of the 2.1 million iowa voters about 1.5 million voted in this election.
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about 73% and that's about the same number who voted in the 2008 election. welcome to cbs is 2 this morning. we're going to get back to these election results including reaction from both winners and losers of last nights races in just a second but first, justin roberts has our forecast. >> chilly start to our day. temps this morning in the 20s and 30s take a look where we are headed the next few hours and we'll find a 50s around lunch time and lower 60s the afternoon. nice sunny sky, beautiful start to an otherwise chilly morning in our city of five seasons, down to 31 degrees now with a clear sky definitely want to take the jacket with you. 28 charles city, waterloo, 35 iowa city, monticello says 30, 36 dubuque and 36 washington.
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miles an hour, and that wind will eventually turn west and southwest by the later afternoon and evening, satellite and radar is a clear one and that is how it stays the next few days, high pressure in control which means nice quiet calm weather. 44 this morning at 9:00, 56 at noon and 59 this afternoon your full weather first foreclose including what to plan on for the rest of the week and weekend coming up in about 10 minutes time. >> as you probably know by now president of the united states and during his victory speech last night or early this morning in new york city he vowed to be a president for all americans. trump was also gracious toward his opponent hillary clinton. >> i've just received a call from secretary clinton. >> pause pause.
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about us on our victory and i congratulated her and her family on a very very hard fought campaign. i mean, she fought very hard. hillary has worked very long and very hard over a long period of time and we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country. i mean that very sincerely. >> here is a break down of how each state voted in this presidential election. trump won with 289 electoral votes compared to 218 with hillary clinton. president trump needed big wins in many swing states and won in states like florida, o higho pennsylvania, north carolina, all red. this is a look at how the state of iowa voted in the presidential election.
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43%. trump will be inaugurated as the 45th president on friday, january 20 and we are joined with cbs news anchor kevin berry here to talk and give us deeper analysis into this election. >> reporter: heading into the primary season for the republican side when they had the field that was 17 candidates wide this was really them shifting back in the other direction from the at least the past two years, 2008 and 2012 when it was the idea of line, so january mccane in 2008, mitt romney in 2012. the main problem with those two candidates is that they weren't conservative enough for the right wing conservative side of the party so john mccane needed some help that's why they went out and got sarah palin. mitt romney needed help so they went out and got paul ryan to bring in that ultra con is serve a ever side and the problem was they still didn't like them. they didn't come out and vote for them.
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year that if only we could put forward ted cruz and for once and for all settle this debate about is our problem that we're not picking the conservative candidate enough or we aren't bringing enough under the tent when donald trump came in he completely and totally changed the game. suddenly they weren't talking about social conservatism versus mainstream conservatism. they were trying to hold on for the ride so this is what's so shocking about it is that ted cruz got pushed to the de much harder for him to win potentially in eight years now, if donald trump gets re-elected after four years, but this is kind of turn the whole idea of the republican party trying to reinvent itself on its head now because they were in the middle of this ideological and religious versus fiscal debate with themselves and now donald trump has gone off and won himself the white house, kind of from the outside and not
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to kind of thumb his nose at the party and now he's bringing that party with him to the white house and they have to figure out exactly what that means. we talked about before how they have to look at this map and how they were successful in winning the white house and study that and figure out how they did it so they can move forward and figure out exactly who is in this party. one last night we were talking to republican operatives and they were saying what donald trump has shown them is that the republican party didn't wanted. donald trump was able to figure it out better than anybody else in the gop, able to exploit it and become president and now it's time for the gop to follow his lead we'll see how that goes and we're going to take a look at one of the highly contested races in the first congressional district in iowa. rebubbaly can incumbent rod plum was up for his lister reelection bid and he defeated
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congressman plum gave a fiery victory speech following that race. >> and hillary clinton decided one. nats of cheers." cheers."congressman blum also said this win was espeically important to him - since his challenger targeted him since he was first elected into the house.monica vernon says she needs to take time off to figure out what she'll do next. monica 02:24:55 "i'm going to continue to work on respecting all of us, i want to see all there are lots of ways to work on that. i had hoped to do that in us congress and i'll find other ways." moving on to another house seat that was up for grabs - other ways. >> moving on to another house seat up for grabs in the second congressional district in iowa voters elected dave lobe sack to his sixth term peteing dr. christopher peters to 54% to 46%. in the u.s. senate iowa's longest serving senator has
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a seventh term. chuck grassley cruised to a victory over patty judge winning 60% of the vote throughout the state. grassley was encouraged by how this election turned out for his party. >> at this pivotal time in our but for these little ones." voters across the country voted for an entirely g-o-p needed to flip five seats to gain control of the senate - controlled america. democrats needed to flip five seats to gain control of the senate but they failed to do that. republicans regained control of the senate holding on to at least 51 of the 100 seats, one new hampshire race is still too close to call but right now republican kelly aot is in the lead and political party kevin
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this senate balance is staying with the republicans. >> reporter: let's talk about new hampshire. that's a super interesting race we've been following all night long so kelly aot is the sitting republican senator she's been there obviously for six years up in new hampshire the sitting governor whose a democrat is trying to run against her and trying to undoes seat her. that race still hasn't been called yet and it's 6:00 central time the next morning. so that' is coming down to but they both have really good stances within their party and someone like kelly aot is considered a conservative and established republican but also broken with her party to back some of the measures that president obama has put forward on clean air and things like that because of the way the air works up or not the way the air works but the way that the environment is up in the american northeast, the polluted air coming over from
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new hampshire so she had clearance from her own party to break with the gop and side with the democrats which is generally not something you'll see in washington d.c. right now so that's a really interesting race and its been down to the wire the most recent numbers we are seeing they are still processing at 95% and kelly aot has a slight slight advantage. there's 330,000 votes cast for the two of them and they are separated by less than votes. >> like a .2%. >> so that's what we are dealing with right now but that's a super interesting race we've had our eye one and both of them is have really great records so it's just a really cool race to watch. something else we've been watching too was a race that we knew was going to go democrat early on was mark kirk was the incumbent in illinois. he lost to tammy duckworth tonight. he had this really bad instance on a debate stage where it was just a complete and total gash
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across as offensive to tammy duckworth. she said she was a daughter of the american revolution and kirk mocked that. she is a daughter of the american revolution and has descendents who fought back then and she herself is a double amputee from injuries she had fighting overseas in the middle east and so really, kind of picked a poor target there. he got slobbered there. she won 54% of the vote and he only pulled in 40.2 and so that's an idea of how democrats were really hopeful about seat. they were hoping to leverage that into other seats. they did hold harry reed's seat. he was the majority leader before 2012. he's retiring so he just said i'm out, so his seat became vulnerable but democrats were able to hold on to it tonight but those were really the only bright spots almost across the entire country. clearly the presidential campaign didn't work out so well for them either they were
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it looks like they made up but they weren't able to get that 51st seat. >> kevin will stay with us throughout the morning but right now we'll look at an update on an important issue we've been monitoring this whole election for you. three judges up for retention on the iowa supreme court this is the first time these three judges were on the ballot since their landmark ruling legalizing same sex marriage here in iowa. all three judges have been retained by voters. all with at least vote. lynn county sheriff brian gardner remains as the head of his department, nearly three quarters of lynn county chose to keep him as sheriff. his opponent rick stuart took home 26% of the votes. voters in lynn county also made history as they elected the first african american to the board of supervisor in its 177 years. democrat stacey walker says he tried hard not to make this
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walker defeated republican adam jensen by nearly 5,000 votes and while walker celebrated that victory another issue on the ballot means supervisors like himself will have to work harder. voters approved a plan to reduce the number of board members from five to just three. >> that means that residents in the county will have less people representing their interests. it's also going to mean our rural communities aren't going to have as much the table so i think we really got to work hard the three supervisors have to roll up their sleeves and work hard and hopefully revisit this issue in the future. >> walker says the work is just beginning to make lynn county more prosperous. he also wants to engage more people to help him bring about positive change. it is now 6:14, good wednesday morning to you, if you're in fairfax it is 34 degrees. washington d.c. could soon be
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some minimum wage laws are changing and new laws on hunting are just a few of the other things voted on last night we'll give you all those details. mother nature says i'm taking the week off so she's going to loaf it on auto pilot which we don't think you'll mind. take a look at where we are now 30s in the north even 20s out there a chilly is start to a sunny day, we'll be in the 50s by noon, forecast is darien: why have the latest smartphone if you can't use it wherever you go? switch to u.s. cellular for our best plan yet: 7 gigs of data per line for only $49. to share more photos at your cabin or video chat at your secret fishing spot...
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6:18 good morning we'll have a sunny sky to look forward to but a chilly start to the day with calm conditions and the forecast stays the same for the next few days here nice and steady, above normal temperatures continue as well. let's take a look at the numbers through the morning 38 at 8:00, 52 at 11, 56 degrees around the lunch time hour and high of about 59 this afternoon
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turning into a clear evening tonight right now in cedar rapids, quiet start to the day, hardly a cloud out there. cool though as we examine the numbers 31 right now in cedar rapids north and west wind at nine, it feels like 23 degrees out there. on the board 28 waterloo, 36 dubuque, 28 mounted and temperature of 35 degrees in iowa city. statewide 29 in mason city, in davenport, 36 in dubuque, highs today range from the mid to upper 50s around our neck of the woods to the lower 60s in parts of the viewing area and the state as well and satellite radar nice quiet conditions high pressure just down to our south today and we'll continue to slowly move off towards the south and east and that big ridge of high pressure keeps the clouds away, plenty of sunshine here and our temps right back up to above normal through the rest of the week and the weekend.
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and as we head through the afternoon, not much to talk about here. nice quiet weather through the evening, on into the overnight, so that being said, take a look at the numbers, sunshine calm and comfortable today west winds at 5-10 miles an hour we'll take our time through the corridor map 58 incenter point and central city, cedar rapids, fairfax, mount vernon 59, 60 in iowa city and 59 north liberty. north part of the state upper 50s, sunny, west breeze at 5-10 and 58 in dubuque, in waterloo and manchester, the southern part of the state, a degree or two warmer upper 50s, tama 61, 61 in iowa city, 59 in monticello, washington at about 62 degrees. our extended forecast features the 30s overnight tonight, 65
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mild day there, 40 thursday night and 50s for the day on friday and veterans day looks a- okay, in fact it will be a pretty nice day out there for any observances we'll have mainly sunny skies and certainly above normal temperatures. not the warmest above normal temps we look forward to but all-in all still mild low to mid 50s saturday, upper 50s sunday and monday with mostly sunny sky mostly sunny tuesday with lower 60s next wednesday a small chance of rain with highs where we stay for thursday and for friday. full weather first forecast details always for you, at we pause here, we'll step out and pay a couple bills as we step out let's look at the nations capitol, a capitol in flux we'll have reaction from all of the races local and national, coming up here on cbs
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here's a look at some of the other issues taking center stage across we'll take a look at the other issues taking center stage across the country this election season. washington d.c. is one step closer to being a state. last night voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure seeking statehood for the nations capitol that decision now goes to congress for approval. washington d.c. would then be called the state of new columbia. last night, four states voted to raise worker pay across-the-board. while iowa works to improve minimum wage city by city, arizona, colorado, maine and washington all approved wage hikes. each state has different ways of increasing their wage but
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a measure with a host of gun control rules, including a background check system to buy amunition. washington approved a measure to let judges take guns from people with mental illness or violent behavior in the evergreen state and police family or household members must make that request. gun control measures also in the hands of voters in maine and nevada, those still too close to tell right now in what is happening with those measures. voters in kansas and indiana fish and harvest wildlife. last night, voters chose to amend each states constitution, supporters say that the vote was vital to protecting them from special interest groups trying to restrict their hunting. five states voted on whether or not to legalize recreational marijuana. california, massachusetts, and nevada all voted to legalize the drug, doubling the amount of states where you can buy it. arizona voters rejected that
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close to tell. it is now 6:24. good morning to you if you are just waking up, and if you are in fairfax it is 34 degrees.
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we are clear and cool this morning as we meet you and greet you at 6:27 in cedar the low 30s, 31, 35 iowa city, upper 20s waterloo, dubuque at 36. through the day today take a look at our planner and you'll see a sunny sky, 56 at lunch time 59 this afternoon, real quick peak at that satellite and radar and as you see it a nice quiet start to the day out there. predictor doesn't bring anything in the way of excitement or anything at all to the forecast today. just nice, sunny skies high pressure keeps things in
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afternoon and clear sky for the evening as well. here is your forecast, sunny, west wind at 5-10 mid 50s around charles city, 58 waterloo, 60 iowa city 62 in washington. tomorrow mid 60s for us down to 40, 53 for friday for veterans day down to 29 free night low 50s saturday upper 50s sunday, monday and 60s for tuesday. weather details always at 6:28 is the time we're going to pause and come back and your latest info on that city right there. the new sheriff in town we'll let you know who it is and take a look at some of those local
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a call from secretary i've just received a call from secretary clinton. >> [applause] >> she congratulated us. >> welcome to cbs 2 this morning that is donald trump, the next president of the united states. just into our news room, t trump - and invited him to a meeting at the white house tomo.'s a look at how the race played out - hillary tomorrow. here is a look at how that race played out. hillary clinton conceded defeat around 2 this morning. republicans now soon control the white house and congress as well. house speaker paul ryan congratulated president-elect trump on his victory as did senate emergency or it leader mitch mcconnell.
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least the next four years. good morning, and i hope you're waking up well. we're going to get back to the election results including reaction from both sides of each race in just a moment but first we've got to start you off with your cbs 2 weather first forecast. >> well a clear morning a chilly morning out there as well. take a look at the numbers in the last few hours we have been going down but we'll be heading up. upper 50s as we head through the day with a nice and sunny sky out there, right now cedar there's your breakfast being made the quaker oats plant downtown looking at 31 degrees this morning, sun is going to come out and a nice day today. temps up north 28 in waterloo, 36 in dubuque, 35 in iowa city and 34 in washington. the winds calm 5-10 miles an hour today, not much more expected than that.
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the south. satellite radar is also clear at this hour not only locally but across the state, hardly any cloud cover at all, high pressure keeping things very clear, calm and cool this morning. 56 at lunch time 59 this afternoon with plenty of sunshine to be celebrated and that's the trend that stays in our forecast the next few days. i'll let you know if there's any big changes coming up here with our full forecast in just a little bit. thank you. and as we're all waking morning, we now know our 45th president donald trump won a number of big swing states like north carolina, florida, pennsylvania, but he also won the six electoral votes here in iowa. this is a break down of those numbers. he won 53% of the hawk eye vote now here is a look at how each other state voted in the presidential election. you can see a lot of red there like we mentioned most of the battleground states all swung in favor of president-elect
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states not officially called this morning, trump already received 289 electoral votes compared to hillary clintons on the country to unite. for every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americnas and this is so important to me. for those who have chosen not to support me otu to you for your guidance nad your help so we can work together and unify our great country. trump will be inagurated as the 45th president on friday - january 20th. hillary clinton is scheduled to speak sometime this morning - cbs 2 news will make sure to bring you her comments once she makes them. we're now joined by cbs 2 news
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focus kevin barry.he's here to talk more about a really remarkable presidential electio.
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another major g-o-p win from iowa -- senator chuck grassley - head of the judiciary head of the grassley - senator chuck iowa -- g-o-p win from
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g-o-p win from iowa -- senator chuck grassley - head of the judiciary committee - was able to keep his seat for a seventh term. grassley beat out former lieutenant governor patty judge by 14-percent of the vote. voters across the country voted for an entirely g-o-p controlled america. democrats needed to flip five seats to gain control of the senate - but they failed to do that. republicans regained control of the senate holding 51 of republicans regained control and they hold 51 of the 100 seats. one new hampshire race is still too close to call, but kevin talked about that and right now republican kelly aot is in the lead there. republicans also held the majority of the house extending a six year lock on the chamber and before the presidential race was called the gop had
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republicans and 191 are democrats. iowa voters helped keep that majority, here is another look at a highly contested race in the first congressional district here in iowa. republican incumbent ron blum was up for first re-election defeating his challenger monica vernon. the congressman gave a fiery speech following the calling of that race. >> and hillary clinton decided to get involved in one house race in the united america. one. this one. >> [applause] >> his challenger says she needs to take time off before figuring out her next endeavor. >> i'm going to take a little time off and take a look at what i might do next. the world is full of all kinds of opportunities but for me, it has to revolve around making our world a better place and especially this economy
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make sure that people get a fair shake at a better tomorrow. >> in the second congressional district in iowa democrat live loebsack has been connected to his sixth term. he pete christopher peters 54- 46%. >> i didn't think it would be quite this difficult for democrats across the country. i was hopeful it wouldn't be at any rate but clearly, there's no doubt that as i said there's a lot of anger and that last campaign by the republicans. >> it is now 6:40 and if you in anamosa, it's 34 degrees there's still more cbs 2 to come, but first let's take a look at what we are working on for fox 28 morning live. we'll continue our vote 2016 coverage with more analysis and hopefully updating numbers on the races still too close to call at this moment plus election day is now behind us and that means the hill days
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how you can pull off the perfect holiday event just by getting organized. that's coming up live on eastern iowa's only local news at 7:00 a.m. and stay tuned because a list for you, my christmas list and you can take one piece of it and go buy it but right now let's give you that forecast. as we head out and about an this ninth of november, a chilly start to a sunny day
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sunshine on the way today, temperatures are cool this morning, but don't worry we'll get you right back to those upper 50s, no big changes in our weather first forecast. no big plunges into cold weather no chances for precipitation, kind of holding steady, 56 at lunch time high of 59 as we head through the afternoon out there we'll do that with sunny skies right now looking live downtown there is the s-curves traffic is moving
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current conditions up on the screen for you, 31 right now cedar rapids, winds north and west at nine, makes it feel like 23 degrees out there. 28 the temp in waterloo, 34 says dubuque and iowa city at 35 degrees, highs today range from the upper 50s to the lower 60s, see those upper 50s around cedar rapes, mid and upper 50s we compare that to yesterday, we got to 61, waterloo got to 61, iowa city got to 64, and dubuque got to 60 what's normal you ask? well normally this time of the year we should be at 51 degrees, so we will stay at or above normal today, all the way through the rest of the week into the end of next week too. high pressure helps to keep things nice and quiet. that will drift along the sky down to the south and of course
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sight. our next weather maker is this weak little area of low pressure well to our north and west and that's just going to bring clouds to us by the end of the weekend but by clouds we mean just a handful we'll go from sunny to mostly sunny here is predictor nice quiet conditions this afternoon, on into the evening we aren't as cool overnight tonight thanks in part of the winds turning to the south and west at 5-10. there's predictor with more sunshine on the way for your thursday. today take a look west at 5-10 sunny, calm, comfortable upper 50s around central city 58 center point 58, 59 cedar rapids mount vernon the same, iowa city at 60, 59 in north liberty. north viewing area 56 around new hampton, 58 waterloo, dubuque and 57. southern part of the viewing area now looking at 59 in vinton, monticello 61 in
6:46 am
washington notice the west breeze at 5-10. extended forecast for you upper 30s tonight mid 60s tomorrow, we're down to 40 tomorrow night lower 50s for veterans day down to 29 overnight it will be a chilly night out there saturday/sunday ranging from the low to upper 50s sunshine upper 50s monday and 60s for the day tuesday, one final time this morning, show you that 10 day trend and no changes, every one of those next 10 days is at or a of the year. >> nothing to complain about there. well social media of course people love it as a platform and they always got a lot to say and with this election, there is a lot to say, so now we head over to cbs 2 news reporter stephanie johnson whose live at our breaking news desk monitoring social media all morning and stephanie tell me kind offer about what you found? >> reporter: i found a lot of things but do you know what's more telling are the headlines
6:47 am
leading with trump on the chicago tribune website their headline is donald trump elected 45th president, urges americans to come together as one united people and the new york daily newspaper, their headline today is house of horrors with the background of the white house and united states flag turned upside down at mid flag so that's what the newspapers are saying social media also has lots to say but for right now this is what's going on right now so back to you. >> i'm sure plenty more coming out by the end of the day, thank you stephanie. and good morning to you it is now 6:47 this morning, if you're in waiverly it's 32 degrees, just ahead we're updating the most important stories you need to know to start your morning, here is a
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races this morning - and state we're still tracking local races this morning, and state senator liz mathis is waking up with a win right now. last night voters re-elected her to senate district 34. she and opponent renee gadelha battled over that seat, clearly seen in television adds. mathiis s went home with 56% of that vote, however her win could not keep the state senate in the blue. last night, majority leader lost his re- election battle, mike gronstal lost his seat to newcomer dan dawson that loss among other senate turnovers gave republican party control over the iowa senate and now cbs 2 news anchor host of iowa focus kevin berry is back to talk to us about what that change means for our voters. >> there are two big legislative pieces we've been following and there will be many more they take up in the
6:51 am
that we've seen in lynn county and johnson county and its been handed out in polk county is the minimum wage so far the other one is primarily based in des moines but it's about water quality, so from minimum wage lynn and johnson county already voted to raise their minimum wage over the course of the next few years, right after that happened though, a few other counties followed suit and governor said publicly that he thought it was time to address this on a statewide level which means he would want the state ledge us leachour to come in and either keep the wage where it higher, with the understanding that it wouldn't hurt any businesses. that was his stipulation but that his twitter account came out and specified he's not favoring a higher minimum wage. what this means though is since democrats have lost the state senate, that it's an all republican state senate it is much less likely to entertain the idea of raising a minimum wage and if they were to raise it to try to get some of these other counties much less likely
6:52 am
democrats would like and there's very little those democrats would be able to do. on water quality really both parties have had a problem with this but it will be interesting to see how it plays out now that you have both chambers controlled by the same party, because last go around the governor tried to take money from kind of one part of education, it was going to take additional money from education an put it towards water quality and even the republicans through that out and they came forward with their own issue or their own bill. mike granstal just lost his seat so the democrats need new minority leadership in the state senate so now we'll see if water quality has cleared itself a path to potentially be taken care of in 2017 but now the republicans own both chambers of congress and may be a little bit or both chambers of the state house and may be a little bit easier for governor's initiatives to get through once they get back in session in january. >> it's definitely an interesting couple of years now
6:53 am
especially for iowa. >> absolutely for iowa and on the national level as well republicans are given a lot of this power, they've been criticized as being the party of the obstructionist for a long time and now they are in the drivers seat so to speak so we'll see what happens now. >> absolutely. all we can do is watch, right? and meanwhile the house remains in republican control that wasn't expected to swing into democrat control as kevin told us earlier, however the senate changed the iowa chambers as was mentioned. still, democrats are waking up to a win this morning north liberty mayor amy neilton won her bid for the iowa house and the city will have to select a new mayor or hold a special election to finish out her current term. it is now 6:53 on this wednesday morning good morning to you, if you are in dike it's 32 degrees a clear day for you,
6:54 am
you'll need to know this wednesday morning and right now we're taking a live look at the
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6:56 am
here are the three stories you need to know to start your here are the three stories you need to know before starting your day today. donald trump will be our next president. he won the presidential election overnight taking 289 electoral votes to hillary clintons 218. he will now become the 45th president of the u.s. january when he's inaugurated on the 20th. republicans not only took the white house but they also remained in control of the senate. the power struggle has left the gop with at least 51 senate seats and the democrats now only have 47. chamber. before even the presidential race was called, the g-o-p gained control. this morning - 235 members are repbulicans and 191 are
6:57 am
over cedar rapids and our temps are chilly out there, we are in the low 30s around cedar rapids, iowa city 27 in waterloo, 35 dubuque and 34 in decora, as we head to the old bus stop 56 at recess 59 this afternoon, show you the satellite and radar real quick as you see it pretty quiet no
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, november 9th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump wins the presidency in one of the greatest upsets in election history. voters a political earthquake. trump campaign manager kellyanne conway will join us how they pulled it off. >> hillary clinton concedes but says nothing to her devastated spoirte supporters and expected to speak today. >> vladimir putin and the russian parliament are applauding donald trump's


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