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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  November 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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there will be a strong cold front that won't be here for the morning cute tomorrow. temperatures will be warm, but there could be showers around. after that, it's later in the day when the front hits and the wind increases. by the time we get to the the afternoon, temperatures will be in the 30s. we started 64 in the morning and into 32 by midnight tomorrow night. -- and at midnight tomorrow night. a second sentence handed down to travis standlee for killing two homeless people. he served time for the murders. he was convicted of second- degree murder for both crimes earlier this year. travis standlee is required to serve at least 70 of those years before he is eligible for parole . he insisted today in
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sharon. >> i believe that and i hope that her family can take comfort from it as i do. somebody who follows the path that i walk can have a happy and good knife -- good life.>> reporter: the defense does plan to appeal and he has to pay estate. tracking down the author of a threatening letter that was left on the front door of a sudanese american family and it contained hateful words. there are no suspects were reported witnesses. if you have information about this incident, you are encouraged to contact gabe cook at 319-356-5291. crime stoppers is also offering
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information leading to an arrest. that number is also one your screen. the history making event in linn county today when the first african-american county supervisor took the off the -- the oath of office. considered one of the political leaders. >> whether it is democrats or republicans, i think it is up to the communities to create a farm team and leaders >> reporter: he will represent district 2 after linda langston's resignation and amy how. reducing its environmental impact by turning to renewable energy. reporter joe huisinga shows us how .>> reporter: the share's office is going green by soaking up the sun. their newly finished solar array.>> it was designed to
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reporter: the huge solar arrays are expected to produce nearly 300,000 kw of energy each year. to put that into perspective, in his 35 year lifespan, that is the same as burning nearly 5 1/2 million pounds of coal. >> it's the right thing to do and it's about leaving a better place for our kids. >> reporter: it's also a good thing for the budget. >> it provides clean energy for the jail without any cost to them. rolling, the county entered a power purchase agreement.>> we consulted eagle point energy and they are selling the power back to the county.>> reporter: they will pay off the project to the price of the normal power bill. in the array is paid off, and savings will skyrocket. it is doing more than keeping on the lights, he keeps the calls coming in. >> we are the only dispatch center running on solar. >> reporter: it's a point of pride that puts the share's
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clean energy.>> this will not be as efficient what -- is what you can buy in 35 years, but it is definitely a step in the right direction. >> reporter: covering the corridor or and tipton, joe looks into why you could be ?spending more green to ?go gre. green.coming up tonight on the cbs 2 news ten at ten. a proposed 28-story office tower now has a bit more room to grow in downtown cedar rapids. journal's chase castle explains why in tonight's c- b-j report. what's this we're hearing
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what's this we're hearing about a new donut shop coming
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for more in-depth coverage of these stories and more, be sure to check out monday's for in-depth hunt -- for in- depth information on the stories and more, be sure you check out the corridor business journal. today the airport hosted an open house as a way to say
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with the project as well as employees and passengers. the project began in 2014 and it includes upgraded amenities and efficiency. the airport director says there is now a wow factor for passengers. >> they come for the first time the eastern iowa and then outcome the meters and readers. for most people, it is a wow first impression and they don't expect it. that's what we want.>> reporter: there are 4 phases with phase 3 expected to begin next year. all phases should be finished by late 2019. families around the world have the added stress and cost of their baby being born too early.>> reporter: cbs news reporter, mellaney moore, since you don't have to go far to find those impacted by premature birth. >> reporter: today is world prematurity day. i spoke with the family whose baby was born nine weeks early.
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weeks. that started to month hospital stay. one month of hospital arrested another in the nicu. their baby boy, switzer -- swisher, weight 4 pounds at birth. she is thankful for research on premerger earth so the children like swisher have a chance.>> all of the research that the march of dimes does is unbelievable and i truly think that because of their research and technology and everything and awareness, that has helped us to have swisher here with now.>> reporter: there are ways you can help these babies make it home. we have our -- we had the information on our website, mellaney moore , cbs 2 news a job that is literally out of this world. a special trip for in iowa native who is now above the glass season -- glass ceiling. yesterday the temperature was near 80 degrees
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cbs 2 this morning - popular online shopping websites are being hacked more and more as the holiday shopping season new tonight - an iowa native is now on her way to the new tonight. and iowa native is on her way to the international space station. peggy woodson joins two others beaconsfield -- that's in south central iowa.she and her crewmates launched this afternoon from kazakhstan. whitson is in the verge of
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space.she'll celebrate her 57th birthday on the international space station- beating the previous record by two years.the spacecraft is
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weatherfirst team coverage continues now -- with meteorologist rebecca kopelman who has a look at
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and coming up in sports sportsit's championship thursday at the dome -- how the rebels rallied and repeated in class a -- next on cbs 2. 2."cbs 2 news connects with us at 1-800-222-kgan email us at news at cbs 2 iowa dot comconnect with us on
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from the terrorism alert desk in washington, dc, i am jonathan elias. simultaneous attacks by isis have been foiled. this one was in kosovo and macedonia. there were explosive devices, weapons and even in mosul, iraqi forces are stopping their advance because of bad weather. it has been one month since the offensive to recapture the city has been started. militants are putting up a fish part -- fierce fight to do everything they can to keep control of the city. and new propaganda video released by isis encourages homegrown terror attacks in australia. the melbourne airport and the st. paul's cathedral are
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for three straight seasons, gladbrook-reinebck has made it to this point of the season crownit was a battle of in 2014 the finish second, lester they wanted all and this season they have made it -- won at all and this season they have made it to the crown. they jumped to a 13 point lead and then came alive in the second. welches and from 9 yards out.
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then they get the ball back and this time it is hunter lot calling and spending then for another sure. leading 14-13 at the break. the rebels down 19-14. then the answer yet again, lot throws a diamond to matt johansson and that is the game- winning touchdown. 2019 -- 20-19 was the final. >> we are different team than last year. we laws of -- good lineman and skill players. it was just too much. >> i can't believe that we did it. we work so hard all year and we have coaches that are unbelievable. this stage is nothing new for don bosco. their fourth trip to the finals in the last five years. they only have one state championship to show for it and that was in 2013.
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harris lake park. austin scoops through the line and is off to the races. don bosco goes up 12-nothing and their offense wasn't done. brandon bagby connects with becker and he plays hide and seek with our camera. we found him and he found the end zone. they led by 10 at the break and they put this one out of for each -- reach at the third. again 48-21 for the final. obviously the coaching staff and kids were hungry. coming into these games, we have a little bit of an advantage being here. >> i was crying. i was not looking forward to the next day. eventually, i figured out that we have a good class coming
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best feeling in the world. is 74-37 thrashing. now, no offense, but they aren't on the same level as the panthers and it's about to get a whole lot tougher. >> northern iowa taking on care is that -- taking on arizona state. jeremy morgan spots. they lead at the break and then the three ball was the theme for the panzer -- panthers in this one. spencer dropped freshman finished with 17. then it is waverley's finest shutting the door on the devils. carlson thinks it home for two
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we fall back to the 30s by z2z24z4zzzzz z z1212fz
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?? ?? revenge of mariah's ex. is he trying to destroy her new show? ?? >> the new drama as we catch the backup dancer lookinger and mo more like mimi's man. >> are charlie sheen's children in danger? >> the new charlie's ex. we have the disturbing police car. >> shelley duvall'ssfall from fame, struggling with mental illness and her cry for mental health today. >> if i say i'm healthy the first thing they'll do is hurt me tonight. and we hit the beach with the stars of "baywatch." watch out zac efron and the rock, i'm on the set with the women giving the sexiest man alive a run for his money. >> what do you call him now?


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