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tv   CBS2 News Live at 5  CBS  November 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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right now, live at five,the latest information about the young victims in a deadly school bus crash. first let's check in with chief meteorologist terry swailsand our weather first this check in with our chief meteorologist. >> not a very nice day in eastern iowa. the temperatures are ranging from the mid-30s. we have showers around quite a bit of precipitation in the northern counties and continues to advance to the northeast. we also show a little bit of blue. there are some spots for their ice pellets or snow mixed in. overall, rate is what we're seeing right now. some heavier amounts in delaware county. further on the showers are much lighter in southeastern iowa. they will letup a little bit as
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is expected tonight. with a commute tomorrow morning still a chance for showers. temperatures back in the mid- 30s. eventually tomorrow afternoon the showers will taper off. the evening they are over. the highs will be in the upper 30s to lower 40s. >> a former teacher accused of exploiting a student is a court right now. marybeth headlands trial will start next week. the state is asking to exclude references of washington high schools investigation into the incident they plan to present her interview with dr. phil is evidence. or charge was upgraded last month from an aggravated misdemeanor to a class d felony. the new upgraded charge carries a potential sentence of up to 5 years in prison and a $500- $5000 fine. she is led/pleaded not guilty. a deadly brush best bus crash in tennessee.
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five children deadone mother -- complaining since august driver's mother -- driver told her "i hope it's not my fault" sept 20 -- sideswiped a small car in opposite lane in blind curve -- failed to yield - no one hurtarrest report - lost control to the right -- overcorrected -- bus turned over and hit a treereport - reckless driivng -- high speed -- weavingreckless
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that deadly school bus crash, has re-ignited a decades-old debate over seatbelts on school busses. some top safety regulators are calling for seatbelts on busses - but as national correspondent, lisa fletcher reports, 25 years of research may not support that as the best solution. pkg every day 25-million kids in america ride on school busses......and parents trust they'll be safe.sot: :41-46 clip4 "lorenzo diez: coming from a generation that didn't
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the head of the national highway transportation safety board agrees. he's recommended school buses have three-point restraint systems...just like the ones you have in your car. nhtsa estimates it would cost $7300-$10,000 to retrofit each of the 500-thousand buses on the road...totaling billions of studies like this one, from the "alabama school bus seat belt pilot project," researchers determined that safety belts were not cost data showed three times the number of children were injured or killed in the loading and unloading zone, than on the bus. and if these kinds of costs were to be incurred, concluded "more lives could be saved by investing in enhanced safety measures in loading/unloading zones."in fact, in data compiled since 1991 by the national academies, nhtsa and the national safety council - since 1991 by the national
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safety council, an average of make bus safety consistent with standards in personal vehicles. sot:hersman: "getting kids to buckle up every time on the bus. it has a lot of other benefits. keeping them seated, behavior, and everything else but it's really about safety. everyone grew up with seat belts and the standards on school buses date to the 1970's. times have changed and we need to update the standards for buses."as of now, it is a stat decision. six states: california, florida, louisiana, new jersey, new york and texas all require safety belts on school buses...and all buses under 10- thousand pounds require belts by federal mandate.[tag]one of the things that mark rosekind, the head of nhtsa has recommended, is that new school buses start coming off the assembly line equipped with belts.his organization also notes that children are seven times more lkley to be killed in a crash in their parent's car than if they were
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fletcher, washington dc. cbs 2 first told you about a plan to incorporate seat belts on school busses in ?iowa - last month.. the des moines school district is using seat belts on some busses for a state study. it cost up to 95 hundred dollars to put seatbelts on one bus, so the cost is a big factor. for more information on the study - you can visit our website.. cbs 2 iowa dot com. more people are wearing their the wheel now.the national highway traffic safety administration says 90 percent of drivers and front-seat passengers wore their seat belts in the car in june. it's at an all-time high, up from 89 percent last year. the administration also says as far as safety features go - the seat belt is the single most important...above air bags and emergency brakes. in 2015 - seatbelts saved nearly 14-thousand lives. iowa roads have been especially dangerous this year
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traffic deaths. and half of those deaths were from ?not wearing a seatbelt. last year 3-hundred-20 people were killed in traffic crashes. this year that number is already at 3-hundred-51. if the trend continues by the end of the month that number could be closer to four hundred. a reminder to be careful driving for the thanksgiving holiday as it is one of the busiest times of the year to be on the road. black friday and cyber monday shoppers, there is so much information to sift through it's hard to know what to buy on black friday - check out all things apple.but don't buy directly from apple.other stores have better deals. blu rays, dvd's and electronics like flat screen tv's are a good buy that day too.if you're looking for a new phone -- black friday is hands down the best day to do it. on cyber monday airfare goes on sale. you can also find deals on computers and laptops. don't forget online-only stores like etsy will have lots of deals on
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and if you're a walmart shopper...i called the store on blairsferry road today and enjoying family is that. if you are walmart shopper, i called the store one if you are walmart shopper, i called the store 1 blairs ferry road. when i asked them if they had been busy, the employee laughed and said, it is the zoo. >> that is a true story. >> we want to see how you are celebrating. download our facebook app and upload your pictures to . will have their grand opening ceremony tomorrow. this is a new organic grocery store. the first 100 customers in line will be able to choose a mr. gift card for a prize at the giveaway table. the gift cards range between $5- $100. if you would like to take part, that begins at 7:55 am. >>
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the worst day we have had in months around here. the showers are not very heavy but they will persist right through tonight and probably into tomorrow morning. we will be back to track those
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cbs 2 this morning - we're heading into the holiday shopping season - and before you hit the stores on thanksgiving and black friday - see what toy experts say are the new and trendy toys this year. alive look at al went andrew cedar rapids. i was told we were going to. there is some raindrops on the camera. it is a kind of a gloomy day today. it is definitely went out there. >> and brawl. i even just didn't have much inspiration to
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>> i finally figured it out now i will deliver the nasty news for the rest of you.>> let's take a look at the rest of the area. the showers are still out there. their lightning up a little bit. they haven't been all that heavy to begin with. the most concentrated area of rain is up in the northern counties. you can see in parts of northwestern dubuque and back in the delaware county, some of this is moderate rain. than you get further night/north -- and we are showing some blue. the surface reports are not indicating snow but that is the color we associate with no. overall, precipitation continues to move northeast and should be out of our counties for time during the evening hours only to redevelop later on tonight. for the south, south of highway 20, we don't see too much from cedar rapids on to washington. you get east of that, that is
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that continues. we will go into a bit of a lull as we go through the evening but more rain is expected to develop later tonight. it will be around tomorrow morning. as far as the commute goes tomorrow, temperatures should be in the mid-30s. above freezing. all the precipitation will be in the form of rain in eastern iowa. if you are traveling, rain will be in the forecast. that should last into the afternoon hours. holiday travelers tomorrow dismiss -- to diminish. thanksgiving day is dry during the day. later in the evening at mix of rain or snow in the northern counties. black friday should be mostly cloudy skies with dry conditions. it will be cool with highs in the 40s. on the satellite tonight, our storm is located down to the south of us. we're getting this first raise
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true. more rain is developing here. that comes back into the region late tonight and during the day tomorrow. we have pressure working it's way east before we can get the precipitation out of the forecast. this is what we are expecting as far as amounts. this is the total for the entire dorm. heavier in the north. some spots could see up to 0.4 of an inch. they are little bit lighter than what we have seen a little bit -- in the last couple between 6 am and noon, that will cover much of eastern iowa. later on it all comes to an end later tomorrow afternoon. things will be better for thanksgiving day. tonight we will look for light rain and chilly temperatures. they will be about 33 to 35. 35 to 39 for low temperatures. tomorrow some showers in the morning. those will move out in
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counties will have quite a few clouds, not quite as cool. temperatures will be in the mid- 40s. winds out of the east at 10. after that, thanksgiving dated -- day should be drive. could be some snow showers in the northern counties. friday afternoon we are at 40 degrees. the weekend is not too bad until late sunday when we will see some showers. the temperatures go up into the 50s.>> now with the quarter commute. >> we have busy traffic for people heading home right now, down on interstate 380 into parts of iowa city near tippin there have been multiple reports of traffic at a standstill. this is a look at interstate
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a we have had a lot of reports saying traffic has been slowing down. also, up north near cedar rapids at collins road, we have had reports of slower traffic. the average speed is reduced to about 12 miles per hour. after we get through the commute, we have some good news for the morning commute. we have first avenue between 34th and 40th st. we have a big traffic project that has been going on down in iowa city on washington street eastbound traffic will be reopening, one lane and all traffic is expected to be reopening one 1 washington st. next month. we will have the suspension of
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thanksgiving day. especially on highway 30 there may be detours posted. one of the best places to view cedar rapids might be getting a new book out from it. that and more coming up next. news ahead when live at 5 continues on cbs
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a cedar rapids landmark could offer residents a new look at the 2 news reporter joe huisinga a cedar rapids landmark could offer a new look at the city. joe joins us now to tell us out.>> reporter: solid waste
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known as mount rushmore has the best viewing town at least when you can see it. coming up next year, you may be able to. it may be open to the public. the agency has proposed opening a lookout from the summit. the proposal of $743,000 includes a gazebo, landscaping and some work on existing building/buildings. people will have to stop landfill scale house initially to sign up/sign in to access the lookout. the landfill has been capped and it is important to give this landmark a new life and public use.>> this is a unique piece of cedar rapids. this opened in 1965. people say they remember driving into mount trash more.
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the years. now disclosed in capped and we want to move past what it was and let the community use it. >> reporter: a public hearing has been set for december 20 at the public service center. covering the chordae -- corridor , i am live at 5. who does have bragging rights when it comes to hdt, turns out that depends. the tallest man-made mass is mount trash more. the title iv highest natural point goes to mount mercy university. orion takes the top spot for the highest building. find out why alliance stays/ alliances day with that title may be limited. there is
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some showers are scattered around the area. then they will pick up again tomorrow morning. they may be heavier in the morning. 37 will be the temperature. later in the day the showers will fade away and should be gone by tomorrow evening. temperatures in the upper 30s to around 40 degrees. for thanksgiving day, maybe some sunshine. at least drive. >> we look forward to that.
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