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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  November 26, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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being the little guy."how keeping cash local can not only help corridor shops, but the community."brandon weather headline" then ... steals and deals -- where you can score black friday sales from the comfort of your couch.and ... the reaction after the death of a dictator --why some are celebrating, and others mourn 90-year-old fidel ca stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first ten minutes. this is cbs 2 news 10 at 10. we begin tonight - with tragedy during this holiday week-end.- two people died and two police officers suffered injuries - on inter-state - happened just before three ?? this morning - in the south-bound lanes - near the first avenue exit.police were on the scene - of an accident - when another
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police car.the two people in that vehicle - were pronounced dead at the scene. the two officers in the police car - were rushed to the far - no information on those killed - - or the condition of the
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cbs 2 news ten at ten continues now with more of the corridor's top stories.gray thursday - black friday - - and now small business saturday.- it's the time - we're all encouraged - to shop 2 news reporter - connor morgan - explains how some marion mom and pop shops - are supporting each other. if you circle the block in marion square - you'll notice no shortage of shopping opportunities.from a brand new sells vintage - these local stores are seeing a surge in sales."if all days could be like today, it would be wonderful.""small business saturday has been a really wonderful way to support local business.""not only does it help my business, it helps my community."small business saturday is getting residents to stop and smell the roses at ali's weeds - grab a cup of joe at wit's end coffehouse - and burn a hole in their pockets at lillians.stand-up: in a business world where the bottom line is bringing in the
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between a few female business owners may be the key to sustained success."i always say local mom and pop, and in my case, mostly mom. and there's a lot of woman-owned businesses in uptown marion too which is totally awesome." "we have a great sisterhood here. we have each other's backs.""we know that if one of us does well, we all do well, so we're always encouraging and uplifting and networking together.""i just lov we're all in this together. our goal is to bring people to uptown marion and to shop all over uptown marion.""we all just get along and we all want to see each other succeed."and these ladies embrace their underdog role."that's one of the things i really love about small business saturday is it focuses on the little guys." "people love to support the little guy and it's fun being the little guy."and those little guys - and gals - are
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shop your local shops because it is really important.""when we do that, those dollars go back into our community. they go back into our schools, back into the system, back in the city, and that's what we want." covering the corridor in marion, connor morgan, cbs 2 news. one marion business owner is taking the support - a step further.cathy petersen - at wit's end coffee- house buys five dollar gift cards from all the - marion shops. she then gives away - one - every hour - - customer on black friday and small business saturday.she says it's her way of getting people in the door - at places they might otherwise - walk - by. in cedar rapids --newbo city market - is one of the hot spots - for saturday shopping.after a busy afternoon - the market will re-open - tomorrow morning at ten.this is the first weekend - in newbo - for the holiday'll find unique - and home made items - there. in iowa city - another great opportunity to shop
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is hosting the holiday blitz.over the next few weeks - people could win big - - for eating and shopping some businesses - customers can earn tickets - for a chance to win five-hundered dollars.for a list of those businesses - - you can go to cbs 2 iowa dot com. cyber monday - is next - - with a chance to shop from home.on-line retailers - are expecting more business - than ever of the major sites -- amazon -- has already started - its - deals.and on monday - it will have more than 75- thousand sales.from thanksgiving to cyber monday - - shoppers are expected to spend more than eight-billion dollars. cyber monday - could also be one of the best days - to plan a vacation.resorts and hotels - are competing - for your on - line dollars. marriot - - and - - star-wood - are among those offering deep discounts.some hotels are offering up to fifty percent off - room rates.
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dictator - could impact - one of the hottest new destinations.fidel castro - died in cuba - last night - at the age of 90. kenneth craig - looks back at his life. pkg: nat sot: viva, fidel! to supporters he was a revolutionary hero. to critics he was a ruthless dictator. but for better or for worse -- fidel castro was cuba for nearly fifty he was born in 1926, the illegitimate son of a wealthy farmer. in the late 1950's, castro, along with ernesto (er-nes-toe) "che" (che) guevara (gay-va-rah) and other rebels began a guerilla campaign that ultimately toppled cuban strongman fulgencio (fohl-hen-see-oh) batista (bah-tee-stuh). sot: (translator speaking) "i was happier here, you know? everything was still ahead of us." under castro, cuba became a communist country... just
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states. the island nation established close ties with the soviet union and seized nearly all u.s. owned properties . the united states responded with a long-running trade embargo . the u.s. also tried numerous times to oust him from power . in 1961, president kennedy authorized a force of cia trained rebels to storm the country. castro's forces crushed the rebels in three days in what became known as the bay of pigs invasion. sot up: this is a u.s. found evidence of soviet missiles in cuba ... and the world held its breath as the cuban missile crisis escalated hour by hour, until the soviets finally blinked, agreeing to remove the missiles. through the years, castro survived countless assassination attempts as he continued to goad the united states . in 1980 he embarrassed the u.s. when he included thousands of prisoners and mental health
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years later, he turned a custody battle for a young cuban boy named elian gonzalez into a public relations war against the united states. castro introduced free medical care and universal education, to cubans .. but he also maintained his power... abolishing multiparty elections... censoring the media... and making most emigration illegalhe was married twice... and fathered nine children...from five different mothers. just before hi castro shocked his people when, before undergoing major surgery, he turned the reigns of power over to his brother. after that, he made only occasional public appearances to rail against capitalism having put the country in his brother's care, fidel castro lived to see president obama agree to normalize relations between cuba and the united states.kenneth craig, cbs news.
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brother will be cremated. it isn't clear yet - - if there will be a public funeral. chanting through streetwhen news of castro's - - passing spread - - people took to the streets in little havana -- in miami. -- many families here - have relatives who escaped cuba - and they celebrated castro's death . "you know what, my grandfather suffered a lot. to see the man that took everything from him, to see him dead today. so you know what, this is an emotional day fome a cuban- american."but in parts of cuba - there was a different reaction - to the loss of their former leader. "the cuban people is feeling sad because of the loss of our commander-in-chief fidel castro ruz, and we wish him, wherever he is, that he is blessed."the government in cuba - has declared nine days of mourning - to end on december 4th.all public events are cancelled - and the cuban flag - will fly at half staff. a reminder - for breaking
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cbs 2 news's free for apple and android.just search kgan cbs 2 in your app store. - trump tower in new york - might have a new tennant.sources tell c-n-n - the secret service - may be moving in.they could set up - a 24 - seven - command post. the going rate - - for a floor - is one-point-five million dollars a year.if the trump family - moves to the white house - - less security - may be needed at the tower. hillary clinton's campaign - says it now supports a re- party - candidate - jill stein - raised millions of dollars - to re-count votes in wisconsin. pennsylvania -- and michigan - could also be included. those states either went to trump - or are leaning that way.the clinton campaign - says there's no evidence of computer hacking on election day.but stein says - - it's still an issue.
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look at the votes, we wouldn't see evidence of hacking. hacking is subtle, you have to actually examine the votes --paper copies of the votes-- and compare that result with your electronic result."stein only received about one percent of the vote in wisconsin - and less in pennsylvania.she would not stand to benefit from a re-count - but some believe - democrats - could. that is your cbs 2 news ten at ten -- the corridor's top first forecast - in the first ten minutes.still ahead - - fish story.if the weather stays like this - you might be able to take advantage of some work the d-n-r is doing right now - - on area lakes and
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eventually sportsmen and women in the corridor will turn to ice fishing.but for right now - - area lakes and streams are open - and the d-n-r is taking advantage of the good weather to do some trout recent weeks - biologists have dropped thousands of rainbow trout into prairie park fishery in lake up in mason city.some nice ones too - - many about a foot's all part of the effort to introduce more iowans - - to trout fishing. people fishing - on the cedar today - - some people out golfing - - lets go to meteorologist brandon marshall - for the latest in your weather
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coming up next - iowa state hopes to end their season on a high note - but west virginia had other plans - we'll take you to ames next in
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there were there were plenty of low points in september and october - but after two straight wins in november - there's some life november. there is some life in the iowa state football game. they hope to win on saturday. the opponent is west virginia. derek is a kickoff and he has fun with it. he is gone. a 97 yard kickoff return. third quarter now. 2116?21-16.
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the big play makes it 28-16. jakob park finds this shontay jones another fantastic freshman. he motors up the field for gain of 41. that sets up a field goal. here's howard again going long for gibson. gibson winds at matchup. that is a rap on the cyclones the season. after the loss to west virginia. promising signs in wayne so. here is more from the stadium.>> reporter: the book is closed on matt campbell's first season. the cyclones have taken a step forward work that turned into two big steps back tonight. >> my disappointment comes in the fact that one has allowed
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what aided us from having a chance to go to a bowl game. >> there were no touchdowns. i don't know if i have ever seen it done before.>> reporter: they could not match west virginia. >> slows down the game. there were four turnovers. that really hurt us. >> reporter: i will try to figure out how to get it championship.>> they say they will be back and they are excited for what this team has
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cbs to sports. >> on the brink of disaster this group of hawkeyes revived the season. i will picked up the eighth win on senior day. it was a demolition. 40-10 on the scoreboard. it was the performance fans have been waiting for. the midseason slide has been >> if you go over every aspect of the game, we put in a great game. we got knocked in the math and then we came back and bottled -- battled. it is a credit to the team. it shows what they are made up.>> the dream season came to an end today. they fold -- fell to st.
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it is rare to see an opponent twice in one season. it is rare for those games to be sick stays apart. less than a week after their loss, they tipped off again. unlike sunday's game, they were never really in this one. in the first half the panthers thought away. here is sumner on a run out. duncan hangs there for a while. the second half, the offense, in the game. later he gets another open look from deep and thinks it. that cut the lead to 15. they never made a game of this one. they lose to the musketeers 62 to 42. peter -- the iom men gave up
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they play notre dame on tuesday.
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yo tomorrow. we will see eight chilly start. -- we will see a chilly start. clouds increase in the afternoon. a high temperatures -- temperature of 57. >> if you are putting up christmas lights, it do it
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we will see you back here
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