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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  November 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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right now on cbs 2 this morning...four months after admitting to having a relationship with a student - a former teacher's trial begins. plus, new warnings after a deadly crash in cedar rapids. and nebraska officials begin an investigation after controversy at the hawks husker game. a new vaccine to fight hiv is being tested---i'll tell when it will start and where. welcome to cbs 2 this morning...i'm dora miller,
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this morning, a judge will hear the case against mary beth haglin. haglin is accused of sexually exploiting a student while she was substitute teaching at washington high school last school year. during an interview, haglin admitted to the sexual relationship. after those interviews, her charges were elevated because prosecutors say she violated a no-contact order ?and appeared on the doctor phil show to discuss the case.she now faces a felony count. district employee will appear before a judge. marcus cain is accused of showing a student obscene material. the linn mar school district got the information in october and contacted police. police say cain sent a pornographic image to a minor around august 1st. while district officials say they can't release personnel matters - they do tell us cain no longer works for them. his initial appearance is set for 8:30 this morning. a man in waterloo is recovering after being shot last night. the waterloo cedar falls
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hospital with gunshot wounds to his hand, side and backside. police believe the shooting happened near 700 kern street. in that area, police found a car with bullet holes and cash in the street. right now, they're still searching for suspects. a new warning this morning after a deadly holiday weekend crash. two were killed and two officers hurt on interstate 380 saturday. it all happened around 2:30 in the morning. police were responding to a crash that was blocking the southbound lanes on 380 near the first avenue exit.while they control traffic - another car crashed into the police cruiser. the people in the car died at the scene - two officers were hurt and taken to the hospital. we spoke with an iowa state trooper about the importance of safety in a crash zone and how drivers can help. "approaching the scene of a crash, you see people rubber necking, turning their heads to see what's happening. you'll see people even hold cell phones up to try to take pictures or video of the scene and that could even be for someone changing a tire. it may not be a traffic crash,
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drift from a lane, not pay attention to the vehicle in front of them, when they're slowing and cause rear end collisions."right now -- we don't know the condition of the police soon as we have more information, we
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just north of vinton - a barn fire brought several different departments to battle the flames. our crew on the scene saw flames coming up from one part of the dairy barn on 27th avenue drive. vinton fire officials are still looking into what caused the fire. we'll keep you updated as more comes in. stay on top of breaking news - - by downloading our app.its free for apple and android devices.just search kgan cbs 2 in your app store. developing this morning-- scientists are working on a vaccine that c health 2 news reporter stephanie johnson is at the breaking news desk with more. stephanie?dora--for years scientist and doctors have looked for a cure for h-i-v this week scientist will launch a test trial in south africa. scientist says this could be the final nail in the coffin for the diseasethe test trial is called hvtn 702--scientist will enroll more than 5 thousand south african men and women who are sexually active. over the course of a year participants will be monitored and recieve five injections. according to the center for the disease and control in the u-s one point two million people are living with in iowa results of this study will come in 2020.that's the latest
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in des moines - there's renewed hope for changes to our medical cannabis laws. the des moines register reports a republican lawmaker is working on bills that would let iowans produce and distribute medical cannabadial to those with a prescription. in recent years, some expansion bills have been squashed by republican lawmakers. this new push gives advocates of cannabadial hope that the battle for medical use won't be lost. that's because the current limited cannabis law is set to expire in july. that's the 2014 law that allowed use of the drug
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advocates say they see an opportunity to rewrite more comprehensive rules this coming session. officials at nebraska are investigating a controversy sparked at last week's hawk husker game. an iowa defensive tackle claimed a nebraska offensive linemen called him racial slurs. the press citizen now reports nebraska's athletic department is looking into it and will be contacting iowa's staff for more information. he says there were a couple guys on the team throwing around derogatory coments but would not call out specific players to the media. nebr condone that kind of conduct by anyone associated with the program. another football controversy has twitter talking. this one about j-t's close double- overtime fourth-down conversion in saturday's michigan-ohio state matchup. the down gave ohio state the last chance it needed to win the game. fans on both sides of the line immediately took to social media to argue over the play. some sending zoomed in images of the play thanksgiving weekend always
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businesses of all cedar rapids -- small business saturday was especially important. cbs 2 news reporter joe huisinga tells us why. the stockings were hung by the check out with care in hopes that customers soon would be therean on saturday they did. a lot of people did come in just because it was small business saturday and purchase things from our vendors and our merchants. 10 it was awesome, lots of traffic greatly needed and really appreciated 5 the kick off of holiday shopping is critical to getting passed the following shopping slowdown. january february and march are pretty slow and so having a good holiday season really makes a big difference on being able to make payroll and buy supplies that we need. 14 this year businesses are even more dependent of the holiday surge to make up for loses during the flood evacuations.flood during the up for loses surge to make the holiday surge to make up for loses during the flood
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businesses here were shut down for at least 2 weeks so obviously that impacts our businesses because theres no revenue theres no customers and we still have to pay rent and utilities and so forth. with most back to business as normal they are excited for the return of holiday shoppers fueled by holiday festivities in various districts of town. bringing people into the area and then they can see oh wow theres a lot of great shops down here that are unique that you know you can't go into a yonkers and find shops here. 11 joe husinga reporting, on saturdays at newbo city market they normally see about 15 hundred people come through the doors...but this past weekend, they had more than 25 hundred. it's and right now in it's degrees.if you're heading out grocery shopping in the next couple days - wait until you check this place out. how you can get free produce today. in your cbs 2 weather first forecast we
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in linn county -- a corridor farmer is giving away thousands of pounds of all started with a phone call from a semi driver who had some extra produce on his truck.more than 200 boxes of extra cucumbers - which is more than 12-thousand pounds that needed a home.chris bass -- he owns bass farms --
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away for free to any individual or organization that wants them -- all in the spirit of giving. "we've had lots of charities and lots of non-profits have already been in today with their trucks and their vehicles and they've taken all kinds of boxes. i know meals on wheels got 30 boxes this morning so they're just going to go to waste, so we want people to come and take them."bass told us yesterday that they have about half of the cucumbers left and are hoping to give the rest of them open from 10 this morning to six tonight. it's now and thanks for waking up with us, and if you're in it's degrees.the cyclones were down - but not out - during sunday's game...find out if they completed the comeback - next.
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connects with the corridor. call us with your story tips at 1-800-222-kganor email us at news at cbs2iowa.comor connect with us on facebook -
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good morning again -- it's now right now it's degrees in dakota access pipeline protesters say trump's holdings in the company and previous promises mean he'll greenlight the project. the hail mary play they're hoping for before he gets to the white house. morning -- covering the
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...trump transition -- after a steady stream of appointments - the president- elect is slowing down. three top jobs still left open. plus, more accusations of fraud, why trump says hillary clinton really won the popular vote - but is saying no to a recount. and, right now - cubans begin the nine-day process of mourning former leader fidel
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welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm dora
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this morning, president-elect donald trump is accusing millions of fraud. trump claims the only reason his rival claimed the popular vote is because millions voted illegally. yesterday in a storm of tweets, trump voiced anger on the three-state recount brought on by green party candidate, jill stein. the tweets reinvigorated a trump argument suggesting he was
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rigged and corrupt system. he specifically called out virginia, new hampshire and california.although his campaign is ridiculing a recount from stein, critics say if the fraud is legitimate, the trump camp should push for mass recounts. "this is ridiculous. this is a fundraising, notoriety-driven fraud by someone who won 33,000 votes in wisconsin to president-elect trump who won 1.4 million."so far, no evidence has been discovered of this voter meanwhile, clinton's campaign confirms it will help in the wisconsin recount and possibly the recounts pushed in michigan and pennsylvania. as of friday, stein's team announced it raised the money needed to begin a recount. clinton's legal advisors say she's faced a barage of messages asking her to seek a recount in close states. a group of data experts have even said the clinton campaign should make sure there were no cyber attacks that could have affected votes in those states. the clinton camp says so far they haven't seen any evidence of tampering. the transition team's debate
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of state, spilled into public view once again.governor mitt romney and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani are among those being considered.trump's former spokeswoman spent the day yesterday on the t-v circuit slamming romney, saying he attacked trump's character and went out of his way to do so. the time taken on this decision is a change from trump's steady two-week flow of announcing cabinet positions. trump has also interviewed candidates to fill posts like defense secretary, director of national intelligence and head of homeland secit be waiting for possible announcements today after the thanksgiving holiday. cuban dictator fidel castro died friday night at the age of 90. his brother made the announcement on state television. kenneth craig takes a look back at castro's life. pkg: nat sot: viva, fidel! to supporters he was a revolutionary hero. to critics
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states.and the united between cuba relations to normalize obama agree president to see castro lived care, fidel brother's country in his having put the
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after that, he his brother. power over to his brother. after that, he made only occasional public appearances to rail against capitalism. having put the country in his brother's care, fidel castro lived to see president obama agree to normalize relations between cuba and the united between cuba relations to normalize obama agree president to see president obama agree to normalize relations between cuba and the united states. today - cubans begin nine days of mourning. cuban americans are now wondering how his death will impact the future of the communist nation. in miami's little havana, cuban exiles gathered again sunday to celebrate castro's death. but feelings were mixed even among the exiles - between hope for the cuba that castro ruled and hope for castro's beliefs to diminish. (sot begnaud feed u.s rep. ileana ros-lehtinen/(r) florida- 27th district) "our community is very optimistic and i think that their hopes and aspirations may soon be
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raul castro represents will be setting down upon them" (sot yvonne rodriguez/cuban american 15:12:23) "it could be maybe the start of some kind of a dissolution so that we can start visiting. we are extremely curious we love the culture and we fell in love with cuba without even going there through our parents story" (-:34)despite some anger, younger cuban americans in miami may now have the opportunity to visit the island and connect with their culture. breaking overseas -- a bomb detonated near the u-s embassy in the 2 news reporter stephanie hn details. stephanie?that's right dora-- authorities over in the philippines found an improvised explosive device only a few feet away from the u-s embassy--take a look at this video that i found. you can see ruble in the street from the bomb--the police bomb disposal unit investigating it.witnesses say they saw a man ride off in a taxi after the placing the bomb in the bin.authorities in the philippine believe the ied was planted by an armed islamist one was hurt. that's
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a new confrontation is brewing over the dakota access pipeline.protesters fighting pipeline construction must vacate property near the cannonball river in north dakota by december 5-th or face arrest. authorities say the decision is ne protect the public from a possibly violent clash in the coming weeks. they say they want a peaceful transition to a safer location for the protesters and won't forcibly remove them. but those who choose to stay do so at their own risk meanwhile, demonstrators fear what president-elect donald trump would do if the pipeline decision ends up in his hands. recently, a judge ruled a work delay, so pipeline effects can be studied more. if that delay waits until obama is out of office -- protesters say they expect the order to be "full
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trump's promises to bolster oil and gas production. advocates also say his stock shares in the company will affect his decision. they now hope a judge renders a decision before trump is inagurated on january 20th. a new cedar rapids arcade bar is offering all the classics -- from donkey kong to pac-man. cbs 2 news reporter connor morgan explains how the new downtown destination is a place for games -- and today -- a place for giving. looking for a place to eat, drink and play classic arcade games? so were chris ellis and his friends."we'd always have these sort of like fantastical conversations about, you know, i think an arcade bar would be, like a cool idea."ellis was visiting his sister in brooklyn when he realized his cool idea was an actual place called barcade.and that's when it hit him."this is something that we could do // and started working on the business plan, putting together the brewery, and collecting games, and here we are."now the owner of the
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cedar rapids - the 10-month old bar is already finding a way to give back."we opened this place up to provide something for the community, and it doesn't have to just stop at like just being an odd niche bar. we'd like to go beyond that."so the arcade bar teamed up with waypoint for collecting for a cause - with a sunday lunch special - "twenty percent of the proceeds from today are going back to waypoint's programs. we're also collecting hygiene products and food as well." meghan marketing coordinator for waypoint and says the non-profit serves more than 5,000 people in need annually. she says partnerships like this really push waypoint's cause to the forefront."it's definitely huge for us because it's really great for raising awareness. just having the community take part in making a difference for people who are struggling, especially this time of the year."ll: waypoint's collection for a cause campaign is connected to giving tuesday on november 29th. however, the nonprofit will be accepting donations
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donate, visit our website covering the corridor in an arcade bar in cedar rapids, connor morgan, fox 28 news at 9. it's and right now in it's degrees.cyber monday is here - and the best deals won't fit under the tree. why now is the time to start planning an exotic vacation. in your cbs 2 weather first forecast we
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it's and you're watching cbs 2 this morning...and if you're in it's friday deals are still rolling in many stores -
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your???????
5:50 am the times change, so do the deals. black friday sales are still going on, so it would make sense that amazon is prolonging some cyber monday deals through the week. the online retailer will roll out more than 75-thousand sales today.the deals will continue throughout the week on a variety of products, including toys, electronics, video games and books.electronics tend to be big sellers on cyber monday, but amazon says -- so far this holiday season -- the "most-watched deal" has been the mermaid tail blanket. if you're looking for travel deals, you may want to go online today.experts say slow summer travel sales should result in big airfare and hotel deals.some may even last through some may even last through the first week of december.trips to the caribbean and europe are expected to come quite cheap. the death of fidel castro is sparking interest on travel to cuba. but the travel is still complicated, even though the two nations re-established their diplomatic relations
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cuba, you still need to fall into one of the twelve categories approved by the u-s governmentthose categories include visiting relatives, educational research or traveling to compete as an athlete.before your trip, you'll need to sign an affidavit that you fall into one of those'll also need a visa and travel least four u-s airlines already fly to cuba, with five more joining them in the coming weeks. and at the box office - disney's moana wins the weekend. the flick brought in more than 50-million dollars this has received strong reviews from critics and audiences alike. the story follows the a polynesian princess, and her adventure to save her people. second place goes to fantastic beasts and where to find them. j-k rowlings latest wizarding adventure brought in 45- million this weekend. and the bronze goes to doctor strange making about 13-million - signaling the world isn't going to tire of comic book movies anytime soon.
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christmas is coming to the corridor - the annual event you wont want to miss happening today! in your cbs 2 weather first forecast we
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here's a look at some of the other things going on around eastern iowa on this monday morning... activists in waterloo are asking why officials took so long to respond to complaints. the waterloo cedar falls courier reports about three dozen people were protesting outside a home on upton avenue when animal control arrived. but, they say before the picketing, they had made more than a dozen calls saying homeowners were neglecting dogs on the premises. over the weekend, a boxer named brutus died in his owners' care. police say they did not find
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have taken a demonstration to get police to at least look into the situation and it's not uncommon in the city. linn county officials -- alongside lieutenant governor kim reynolds and alliant energy -- will announce a major economic development project today. so far - alliant hasn't released what the announcement is but we'll be there at 1:30 this afternoon and let you know what's coming to cedar rapids. after changes to the linn county board of supervisors - members there are also getting ready for a major announcement. members are being tight- we'll be there this morning at nine. be sure to follow us on twitter for the latest news on stories like this - we're at cbs 2 iowa. today - the cedar rapids christmas tree will make it's way to greene's a look at the tree-lighting last year. this years tree is a more than 30-foot colorado blue spruce. it was donated by the steepleton family from cedar rapids. the tree will be up at noon - the lighting will take place this saturday. if you're just getting up, good morning -- it's now
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the iowa upset over nebraska brought more than cheers from fans. why the nebraska athletic department is investigating something that may have happened on the field. you're watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the corridor. corridor. [ zaps ] barry. future barry? do not go to the big-box store this weekend. wha-- just get a free tv from u.s. cellular. a free 58-inch samsung tv when we buy two samsung smartphones. got it. u.s. cellular, then the big-box. no, no big-box! we get trampled, you doof! ouch! ouch! get a free 58-inch samsung smart hdtv when you buy two samsung smartphones. and get a tablet for a penny. you weren't gonna mention the penny tablet? [ mockingly ] you weren't gonna mention the penny tablet? the butterburger is made of just three cuts of fresh midwest beef. nothing more, nothing less. so we got the sirloin, the chuck and the plate.
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all well-marbled for richness and flavor. this is where those three wonderful cuts of beef come together. you can just tell that blend is working in there. and we sear them, and that seals in the juices of the burger. it doesn't get any better than that. and that's the culver's butterburger. welcome to delicious! right now on cbs 2 this morning...four months after admitting to having a relationship with a student - a former teacher's trial
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plus, new warnings after a deadly crash in cedar rapids. and nebraska officials begin an investigation after controversy at the hawks husker game. a new vaccine to fight hiv is being tested---i'll tell when it will start and where. >>i traffic going good. looks like it's flowing well for
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