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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  July 20, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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city council debates a proposal today to license and tax pot growing operations, small growers are fighting the plan. >> and could bus passengers again be stranded in the east bay? i'm teresa garcia live in fremont. a.c. transit negotiations continue over a newly imposed contract. there is a lot of controversy. could there be more walkouts? >> and you may want to consider bart this morning. if you can drive, no delays and here is a live shot. >> making low clouds making their way inland for a cooler afternoon. >> it's 5:00 a.m. thank you for waking up. it's breezy out there. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. oakland could take a big step to be the first city in the nation to license full scale marijuana production plant. biggest critics are mom and pop
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growers themselves. terry mcsweeney is live in oakland to explain. >> i'm out at the university where they do the cultivation of marijuana. they are in favor of the big guys getting involved in the pot growing operations but the little guys are concerned they will be left behind. they are considering a measure that would allow permits for four indoor marijuana growing operations, we're talking big operations, one company wants to grow 100,000 square feet of cannibis, imagine two football fields. for now they can only sell to medical dispensaries but oakland would be up and running with a large, legal operation. but the myriad of dispensaries that have been at the there at the beginning would be pushed aside. >> is it for government to pick
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the winner, only the factories that can only have the columbo bread, 29 cent tomatoes or to provide a level playing field? you can have the mass production and small organic boutique product, as well. >> the city council is also going to be considering as yet undetermined medium firms but it's not just the big guys but the big guys would be growing a whole lot more. l.a. times reports that one growing operation, that would provide $1.5 million in tax money for oakland every year. it would mean 370 jobs. that has the city council very interested in this measure. terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news." >> it's 5:02 now. it could be a rough ride or no ride at all for people that use
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a.c. transit. bus service was disrupted for many riders when 200 drivers didn't show up for work. teresa garcia is live in fremont at the big a.c. transit hub. this is all about a labor dispute. >> right, they are not happy with the newly imposed contract. it will affect riders and this ranges as far as north richmond right down to fremont. the 200 drivers that didn't show yesterday, that makes up about 18% of the workers. even if the same thing happens today there clearly will be some bus service. what is going to happen today. the transit workers union plans to seek another ruling to get the contract stopped. the union achieved a ruling in it's favor on friday when a judge required an arbitrator to legally decide on contract issues. a.c. transit has chosen to put a cost cutting contract if it
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remains in place would reduce costs by nearly $16 million hand that would help the projected $16 million deficit. we caners are disputing overtime rules and new two tier tension plan. 1600 employees are affected by the contract after negotiations reached an impasse last month. by imposing the contract they are saving $300,000 out of week and keeping out of bankruptcy. here at the a.c. transit hub in fremont, passengers may again be delayed, even stranded if those calls continue. union leaders have not made any comments about callouts or sickouts you may call them and haven't indicated what will happen today. a new poll for san francisco voters will support a measure to increase annual car registration
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fee by $10 if the money will go for roads and highways. to raise revenues to the vehicle license fee with voter approval. today, san francisco examiner reports, 62% of the voters would support such a charge. city leaders have until july 31st to get a measure on november ballot. similar measures will appear in other counties. >> oakland police say a father of three from virginia was shot to death during an attempted robbery late sunday night. had a-year-old man was in the bay area for a job interview at google. he was shot at around 11:30 sunday night as he sat in his rental car on the corner of 19 and webster. they were trying to program the gps unit when two men approached him and wanted money. he gave the $17 and they shot
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him anyway. >> following a six week investigation, headed by the silicon crimes against children task force. san jose police detectives helped search public internet files and traced addresses to 70 computers. >> any video you have on your computer has digital fingerprint. we look for those files that are on out on the internet that are on people's computers and we isolate the worst of the worst and go after them. >> investigators are trying to determine if any of the children in the pornography actually live in the bay area. >> investigators are looking into what caused a teenage tourist from pennsylvania to fall to his death while hiking in marin county. accident happened yesterday afternoon on the coast just south of muir beach. 17-year-old fell 500 feet. he had was on vacation with his family. three family members were hiking with him when he fell.
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investigators don't suspect this as anything but a tragic accident. >> they are warning makers and joggers to be on the lookout for a mountain lion. the last sighting was spotted around redwood city. residents are advised not to approach him and avoid hiking or jogging when the cats are most active. >> marin county board of supervisors will consider throwing support behind a moratorium behind pg&e's smart meters. an environmental group is planning on staging a protest at the office in san francisco at about noon. most of the opposition has been the inaccuracy in billing customers but some say it's raising concerns about electromagnetic radiation they say is transmitted by the
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device. >> and time to talk about the weather. >> lisa has been telling us about the fog that moving in and it's moved in. >> it's moved in concord and livermore. in the next hour or so, we will see widespread clouds over the entire bay area. good breeze around travis allowing winds for 30 miles an hour. notice we're pot green and cooler temperatures, low to mid-50s. in fact a change from 24 hours, anywhere from two to eleven degrees cooler. we're definitely getting a stronger onshore push with a deck of low clouds go up to 2,000 feet. it will be taking some time to burn back. lots of clouds this morning, cooler today and staying cloudy and chilly at the coast. here is a look at highs, 76 in santa rosa. average high is 82. san francisco will be 8 degrees below your average. san jose only 75. high should be 84.
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well below average, as much as 12 degrees below average in redwood city. and a slight warmup by the end of the week. we're keeping a close eye on a.c. transit as drivers call in sick. some writers were reporting -- riders were reporting half an hour waiting for a bus. you may want to consider bart as an alternate. for those that have the option of driving, problem free right now on the freeways in the east bay. here is a look at the speed sensors moving along at 65, 70 miles an hour. road work going on in half moon bay along that stretch from main street out to the creek road and one way traffic control. so if you can wait until 6:00 you will be better off. elsewhere, no problems and traffic is light on the golden
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gate. >> it's just about 5:10. >> a federal grand jury demand toyota turn over documents in a new investigation. >> also the e-mail scam that uses a popular retailer to trick consumers. >> and christmas comes very early at some of the biggest stores. the bargains you might find this dry, rough, cracked? gold bond therapeutic foot cream. penetrates the deepest layers like others can't. look for the healing seal. gold bond foot cream. serious relief for dry, cracked feet.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. new trump for toyota this morning. a federal grand jury in new york
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has subpoenaed the japanese car maker. they have to submit documents related to problems with steering relay rods. the subpoena did not specify vehicle models. toyota says they are cooperating fully. first subpoena came in february seeking documents to unintended acceleration in the vehicles and the brake system of the prius. >> if you get an e-mail that says thank you for your order. e-mails coming from amazon is a scam. the order is wrong which it is. link can ask you for personal information so the fake order can be corrected. if you are concerned that you've been scammed, contact amazon directly through its website. >> stocks are pulling back because corporate profits don't seem to be enough to satisfy investors. >> good morning. we begin money scope report with the senate set to end the
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stalemate over unemployment benefits. democrats are set to restore jobless checks. democrats got the votes they needed when the new senator from west virginia was worn in to replace robert byrd. they want to extend those out of work for six months also. >> china has past the u.s. to become the world's biggest energy consumer. it's the latest evidence of china's growth. it's driven up prices in of oil and coal in recent years. a decade ago, china's use was half that of u.s. >> one thing people are spending less on, home entertainment. tv and entertainment continue to follow because a drop of a dvd sales. video on demand all rose but not enough to offset the drop in
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dvds. retailers are hoping to get shoppers in the holiday spirit now with discounts normally reserved for christmas. stores have been promoting christmas in july on their websites after the success they saw last year with a similar promotion. for the first time, tart is getting in the game. it's offering a one day online sale starting friday morning from clothing to blu-ray disk players. some retail analysts wonder if the christmas in july sales will hurt back to school sales because it's back-to-back. >> what do you think the weather will be like for christmas shopping this weekend? >> if you head outside, cloud cover, of course, in san francisco. it is extending inland to inland
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valleys. concord and livermore. starting cooler about 10 degrees and that is going to translate into cooler temperatures this afternoon with a later burnoff, thick deck of low clouds and fog hanging on for the midday hour. 56 in oakland. 53 in san francisco and the breeze making its way through the delta, up to about 24 miles an hour. we are looking at definitely a cooler day with temperatures coming down as much as 10 degrees further for our inland vrls. we saw some of those 90s yesterday. this morning, two degrees cooler and eleven degrees cooler in los gatos. highlights, widespread low clouds and fog with temperatures below normal. that will be the trend for the next 48 hours and chilly temperatures at the coast with numbers staying in the 50s. so the low cloud deck, as it grows taller it moves across into the east bay. it's not quite as dense as it has been at the shoreline but it will be pretty cloudy all day
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long, half moon bay, ocean beach even san francisco, hard pressed to see some sunshine until the later afternoon hours. highs are coming down even in the interior sections, but still quite warm for fresno, 102 and 98 in yosemite. high temperatures in the south bay, pretty much all out of the 80s. 72 in sunnyvale. look for 70 redwood city. mid-50s at the coast. san francisco is 60 today. that is 8 degrees cooler than average. 77 in sonoma. near east bay numbers ranging from the low 60s to 72 in fremont and out over the hills, look for 83 in livermore and not much in the way of clearing in watsonville. another cool day tomorrow and numbers coming up just a bit through the end of the workweek. >> good morning everyone. potentially big delays on a.c.
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transit. yesterday about 200 drivers called in sick. if the same thing happens today you may be waiting for a long time. some drivers said their buses didn't show up or riders. >> we'll take a live camera shot. 680 in walnut creek, traffic is flowing well so far. the camera is shaking a little bit in the cooler weather. traffic still looking good down to the south where we're showing you a live shot of 101 and 880 interchange. looking good all the way up into san francisco. get the latest by going to it's under the bay area traffic link. thank you so much. it's now 5:18. >> still ahead, a hollywood starlet prepares for her next role.
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>> and obama couldn't make it to broadway, so broadway came to them. unique performance coming you. ". i'm rob nelson.
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good tuesday morning. it's now 5:22. a live look at san francisco international airport. you see low clouds hanging over the airport. also we've got cooler temperatures, in some places you are going to see a big drop. lisa argen will have more coming up. >> right now, the star of mean girls may get an up close meeting with a few mean girls as she begins her on the day jail sentence. she is scheduled to be back in a los angeles courtroom this morning where she will be taken into custody. she begged for forgiveness after
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failing to attend alcohol rehabilitation classes. the court has put on the restrictions on what the public will be able to see. >> the. >> i'm just --. ♪ >> the i am mortal woman singing the broadway night at the light house. president obama praised broadway music as truly american art form. he says everyone knows the lyrics of a few shows stuck in their head. nathan lane and others performed. >> 42nd street. >> time for the morning's must reads, doctors say finding
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breast cancer in early stages can improve a woman's chance of survival but the "new york times" finding it early can be very difficult. paper says pathologists differ over what a cluster of cells mean, is it malignant or benign. they lay out the case of a michigan woman who had a positive biopsy and then had extensive surgery to find out years later that the pathologist had made a mistake. >> university of california is known for it's advances in science and medicine, but just now getting some road work. u.c.'s pavement research center cooked up new formulas for road surfaces. there are fewer potholes and bumps. you don't no. >> "wall street journal" reports the latest advances in sleep that people can have some
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control over their dreams. they say people who suffer from recurring nightmares can train themselves to substitute a happier ending. advanced students can introduce ideas in their dreams like flying. we posted a link our website at our website. >> thousands of riders could be waiting for buses that won't come in the east bay this morning. that is ahead at 5:30. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland where the city council is considering giving four marijuana growing operation license plates permits. >> and popular singer pepper-sprayed. disguise that lured him in into a false sense of security. >> no break for storm weary midwest.
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comfortably and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. transitions lenses are available at a site for sore eyes location near you. i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland where the city council tonight is on the verge of doing something no other city has ever done, legal large growing pot operations. >> also this morning a prominent anti-communist protestor is in jail after attacking a popular vietnamese singing star. >> good morning. a stronger onshore flow makes for a late burnoff and cooler afternoon.
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>> couple una.c. bus drivers called in sick. there could be potentially big delays and we'll keep an eye on it for you. >> new survey out this morning finds a majority of bart riders would have bart to spend the surplus to clean train cars. good tuesday morning. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. topping our news, a key city council vote today could mean another medical marijuana first for the city of oakland. the east bay city could be the first in nation to license large indoor medical pot growing operations. terry, there are critics and what do they say about this. >> they are small growers and they are saying what about us? we have been providing marijuana system the beginning, what is it going to happen to our business, is it going to go up in smoke?
5:30 am
the city council is going to be considering approving licenses for four big growers to start up in the city, no size limit. it would mean millions in tax money and each grower would have to pay $210,000 every year for a permit. that would knock off the small growers. others say, some of the small and medium growers will band together to become a big grower. they say the end game is legal marijuana and this is a step in that direction. >> i'm in favor of more, smaller production facilities but i will take what we can get for now. this is good first step when prop 19 passes and we need to have more sult cultivation. >> prop 19 statewide would legal pot growing and possession. not only would legalizing big operations mean big tax money in
5:31 am
the city that badly needs big tax money but also allow the city to better regulate the growing operations. city says pot growers cause 7 electrical fires over the last few years and think are suspected of starting many more. you can call it cannabis college, they say the more the merrier and big growers. >> oakland, has experienced three shootouts, all have taken place since the city laid off 80 oakland police officers in a desperate effort to balance the city budget. oakland residents are saying laying off police officers was wait to make ends meet. >> the cops getting cut back in oakland, it's scary.
5:32 am
>> we're nervous about that with 80 officers not on the street anymore. it's something to be worried about. >> since the layoffs, volunteer group known as the guardian angels vowed to patrol the streets but they have not come up with enough volunteers to do it safely. >> a vietnamese political protestor is in jail waiting for a court hearing. he is a charged with attacking a well known singer from vietnam with pepper spray. it happened sunday night at santa clara convention center. to many vietnamese in the u.s. he is viewed as a communist agent. video posted on youtube appears to be a woman approaching him with a flower, when he accepted it, he was hit with pepper spray. person turned out to be a well known anti-communist activist that wore a wig and a hat to get close to the stage. >> police in walnut creek says there were no arrests in the
5:33 am
rally in support of johannes mehserle and counterprotest against the former bart police officer. the rally outside the courthouse drew about 300 people from both sides. mr. than a hundred police from around contra costa county were on hand to make sure that things stayed peaceful. a group of oscar grant supporters also marched to the walnut creek bart station and shut it down for 20 minutes. >> a.c. transit is warning there could be more service disruptions today over a contract advertise puit. some passengers were left stranded when 18% of the bus operators took a sick day. the union will go to court to ask a judge to throw out a new contract imposed by management. it took effect on sunday. district managers say they have
5:34 am
to impose new work rules and pension plans in order to avoid bankruptcy. last friday a judge ordered both sides to find common ground. >> bart directors are voting to use a surplus. they want to clean cars and improve service. other half would temporarily to lower fares. but a new survey less than a quarter of riders were in favor of the 5 percent fare reduction for three months. more than three-quarters would prefer all the money be spent on cleaner cars and longer service hours instead of the lower fares. >> all right. we can offer you lower temperatures and low clouds to go with it. >> and higher winds if you really want the numbers to go up. >> that about sums it up. gusty winds heading towards the
5:35 am
did he live attachment clouds in east bay valleys, concord and livermore and quite search. deck of low clouds. it will take some time to burn off. we're hoping for partly cloudy skies. waking up to the clouds, concord and livermore and then by about noon, 1:00, it will begin to push back away from the bay. there could be 2:00 until we see any sunshine in parts of san francisco. 68 in san mateo. 65 in oakland. big cooldown today. low to mid-80s in east bay valleys. 75 in san jose. lots of fog around monterey at 62. look ahead, another cool day tomorrow and then we begin to warm it up a about it, thursday and friday and even saturday is not looking too bad. but below averages for this time of year. >> good morning everywhere everyone. you heard the story about a.c.
5:36 am
transit, drivers calling in sick possibly today so there could be delays and you may want to consider bart as an alternate. so far no accidents in the east bay if you have the option of driving. checking out the golden gate bridge, no trouble into san francisco but northbound into the north bay, mark west springs road a new motorcycle crash just report. i'll get more details for my next report. >> it's 5:36 now. >> there is a new poll on same-sex marriage, still ahead what it's revealing about california voters shifting attitudes. >> a plan to transform former oakland army base faces a big test today. what some community activists are demanding. >> and the effort to rebuild after san jose school is devastated by a fire gets a major boost. navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> a new poll shows a small majority of californians are in favor of same-sex marriage a poll scheduled to be released today, 51% support gay marriage. those numbers are almost identical to a 2008 field poll that show 51% of voters backing the idea but then they went to
5:40 am
the polls and approved a ballot proposition that banned same-sex marriage in california. a federal judge in san francisco is expected to rule this month on whether that ban is unconstitutional. the oakland port commission is due to vote to expand an agreement for a former oakland army base. it's a crucial step to a port expansion project that could create for 8,000 new jobs. a rally is going on this afternoon. they are calling for a contract that requires the developer to commit to training and hiring local workers for those new port jobs. >> a private foundation is offering to match donations to help rebuild a san jose elementary school that was gutted by fire. trace elementary suffered $10 million in damage in the july 5 blaze that investigators say was arson. they do have fire insurance but with a 100,000 deductible amount donation fund has been set up to meet the deductible and replace
5:41 am
teacher supplies. there has been out pouring support from the community. they announced yesterday that the trane family will match funds. wells far gor has pledged $25,000 to rebuilding effort. >> pregnant women are having a hard time finding one. >> and vote today in the senate that will move elena kagan a step closer to a seat on the supreme court. >> more than 14 million americans are out of work and senate goes to work on unemployment benefits. find out what is different this time around coming up. >> and how would you like live near the busiest fire station? coming up, neighborhood swap plan.
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good tuesday morning. low clouds and fog locally. not producing airport delays yet. cool day inland and cooling down in the sacramento valley. 95 there. 98, still hot in yosemite with lower temperatures in southern california, 81 there. still dry and windy in the sierra, nevada. 5:44 now. >> oakland city council begins two days of meetings today and thursday to consider a bill that will make oakland the first city in the nation to license wholesale medical pot growing operations. lawmakers are working to pro new initiatives that could raise the tax on medical cannabis. >> there was no major disruption
5:45 am
west side a.c. transit's bus service. a labor dispute cause delays yesterday. 200 members of the transit union called out sick to protest a new imposed contract. the day they plan to ask a judge to declare the contract invalid. >> police say no arrests were made over demonstrations. courthouse rally was intended to show support for johannes mehserle who was recently convicted of involuntary manslaughter. his supporters were outnumbered by oscar grant supporters. latest on these stories coming up at 6:00. >> senate judiciary committee votes today on elena kagan to the united states supreme court. the current solicitor general is expected to be confirmed largely along party lines. democrats hold an edge in the committee and all support kagan. said she would f confirmed she
5:46 am
would recuse herself in matters on health care overhaul on a case by case basis. some republicans are worried that she advised president obama about litigation against health care reform. >> oil from bp's well begin seeping into the gulf of mexico but this time much more slowly. they don't think the cap is making things worse. this is a live look at sea floor. incident commander thad allen says the leak is not a major concern. they intend to leave the cap on for now and they want to seal the hole in the ocean floor. >> millions of americans who have been out of work for an extended period are expected to get help from capitol hill. republican filibuster is expected to be broken after a temporary replacement for robert byrd is sworn in. >> marilyn green is missouri
5:47 am
lawyer that lost her job and now fears losing her unemployment benefits. $320 she has received for more than a year. >> i'm an attorney you will can't get a job in a retail store. >> when her payments end, she will join 2.35 million americans who have lost their unemployment check unless congress extends payment. >> time to stop holding workers hostage to washington politics. >> president obama blames republicans for blocking extensions three times. >> each time a partisan minority in the senate has used maneuvers to block a vote denying millions of people who are out of work much needed relief. >> republicans say they have a $34 billion plan funded by cuts to other programs. >> how is it pay paid for? >> with stimulus money. >> i object. >> this afternoon the president is likely to get his wish when a new democratic senator from west virginia will be sworn in.
5:48 am
that would give democrats 60 votes to pass the bill and gives marilyn greenpeace of mind. >> please, congress, and the president, do something. i don't want to be in a situation where i can't pay my bills or may my rent. i'm wondering where i'm going to live. >> under the new bill, people who have lost their benefits over the past few months will be able to receive them retroactively but no assistance for those theem people that have used up their 99 weeks of unemployment. >> time to take a look at weather. we've got low clouds out this morning. >> we have an abundance of low clouds. this is typical morning shot but we are looking at a deck of low clouds in the east bay valleys that will translate into later burnoff. much cooler air, we're in the 50s with a steady wind blowing through the 56 with cloudy skies
5:49 am
into concord area, livermore and los gatos. 24-hour change in temperatures. everyone is coming down as much as 7 degrees in antioch this morning. two degrees cooler in san francisco, but we are looking at redwood city with a bump in temperatures this morning. widespread low clouds with cooler temperatures for everyone remaining chilly at the coast and mainly not burning off at all in san francisco. this trough will keep us cool today and tomorrow and temperatures will bump up on thursday. here is the way it looks, notice by the afternoon hours we're still looking cloudy throughout the bay. we're going to see temperatures slowly climbd the and hopefully make it to the 80s. we saw 90s around livermore and morgan hill but today, no on the's, much cooler here. we're looking for just 60s in oakland today, san francisco,
5:50 am
you'll be lucky to hit 60. low 70s for palo alto and menlo park. a cloudy day here. pacifica, half moon bay, good onshore flow keeping it gray around san francisco. it will be a cool afternoon. no airport delays and 74 with mid-70s for wine country, low 60s here, oakland only 65. it was 71 in union city and we will manage low 80s. some of those areas that were sweltering but summertime, running cool. we're going to hold on the low clouds in santa cruz with low to mid-60s. another cool day tomorrow. then we'll begin to see the temperatures climb a bit thursday through saturday, but still running cool. today a late burnoff with some afternoon sunshine. >> good morning. just wanted to remind a.c.
5:51 am
transit riders big delay if drivers call in sick. you may want to consider bart or thinking about heading that your car, there is a new accident reported in the east bay, actually a stall. a stalled bus from westbound 580 to northbound 238 but 880 traffic is moving well. in the north bay, a serious motorcycle accident. initially reported on northbound 101, it's southbound 101 around windsor. folks heading down from santa rosa it is blocking two lanes and hopefully traffic will reopen shortly. because a motorcycle injury accident it could be out there for a while. live camera shot. 101 in san jose at 880 interchange. no problems in the south bay or on the peninsula. we always update our website at find the latest traffic
5:52 am
information under the bay area traffic link. there are more problems at toyota. facebook users are turning on the company. >> here is a jane king with the money scope report. >> good morning. senate scheduled to vote on extending unemployment benefits for millions of workers. they have exhausted government help. more problems for toyota and it's customers, a federal grand jury told the car maker that there are steering rod problems could lead to another recall. this is different from the problem with gas pedals and floor mats that led to the recall a few months back. in the markets, tech stocks could be under pressure as texas instruments reported sales fell short of estimates. major stock averages. after investors looked at numbers they like. users frustrated by design
5:53 am
changes on facebook, growth of advertising and concerns of privacy. in the meantime, if you are beaching reading is happening with a e-reader they are finding more electronic books and hard covers. how is this for a pregnancy complication. pregnant women are at a disadvantage in getting a mortgage because banks are concerned about loss of income during maternity leave. at the new york stock exchange at the new york stock exchange. >> you may have noticed trips to the gas station are a little less painful. gas prices are down nationwide. a gallon averaged 2.72. california drivers pay 3.13 a gallon. gz gulf coast has lowest prices at 2.55. it's usually high in the summer season but analysts say
5:54 am
americans are holding on to their quash. >> california health officials say the state is in the midst of a whooping cough epidemic and they are urging children to be vaccinated. there has been 1500 confirmed cases so far. that is the most since the 1950s and five have been fatal. infants are most vulnerable and they recommend vaccinations at two months, four months and six months and a booster at about three and a half years of age. >> they cough and cough and they basically suffocate and sometimes they stop breathing. >> contra costa health services department will hold a free clinic in concord on this thursday. clinic will take place from 4:00 to 9:00 at the music and market event. >> they are reporting a major breakthrough in the fight against aids.
5:55 am
scientists say they created a jell that cuts the risk of hiv infection in half. it was reported at the international aids conference. the vaginal jell blocks the virus that causes aids. in a study by researchers it cuts a woman's chances of getting hiv from an infected partner. >> identifying some kind of a compound that would do that job to completely transform hiv prevention around the world. >> the results still need to be confirmed in another study. a foster city company has licensed the rights to produce the jell. they are step closer to approve a land swap. it gives the city a brand-new fire station and allows a museum to expand. the museum plans to acquire its neighbor on howard street.
5:56 am
that will nearly triple gallery space and renown house the fisher art collection. the they will build a new fire station on folsom. mayor says it's a win-win issue but neighbors disagree. >> it's a big issue for people that want to get some rest. >> residents say they would be annoyed by the fire calls. >> it's 5:56. just ahead at 6:00, you know those guys they read playboy for the articles and not for the photos, now there a chance to prove it. coming up the company's new website. >> plus, a bay area county that is considering adding its name to the growing number of places where pg&e smart meters are not welcome. >> and could east bay bus passengers be stranded or
5:57 am
delayed again today? i'm teresa garcia live in fremont. a.c. transit bus drivers are upset over negotiations. we'll let you know what could happen today coming up.
5:58 am
"meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento.
5:59 am
he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you?


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