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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  July 26, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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in san francisco, the san francisco police department they are considering hiring 15 civilian investigators to take up the slack to investigate small crimes. that way they can put more uniformed officers on the street. i'll have that story coming up next. >> also this morning, san jose fire investigators are expected to return to the scene of an apartment fire that killed an 8-year-old virginia girl. she was visiting at a family gathering. >> you are looking at deep marine layer that will deep temperatures below average and mist in the forecast. >> bay bridge toll plaza, few
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cars waiting to get past. accident in sunnyvale and i'll have an update on that. >> and convenience store clerk in antioch is shot and seriously wounded. police searched the scene for evidence. thanks for starting your week with us. >> topping the news, have you ever reported a minor crime only to wait hours for police to come out and make a report? san francisco police department has a plan to speed the process up. it involves creating a police squad made up entirely of civilians. tomas ramon is live to tell us how it will work. >> the san francisco police department is facing some 735 retirements coming up the rest of the year, which means they'll be a lot of cops off the street. san francisco police department wants to make sure they want as many uniformed street as possible. this entire plan that was conceived by chief george gascon
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will hire 15 civilian investigators to deal with the smaller crimes, property crimes and make sure everything gets covered. >> san francisco victims of nonviolent crimes have to sit for hours waiting for police to take a report. >> it was like four hours, my apartment was broken in to. >> police are quickly dispatched to nonviolent crimes and other crimes on person, property crimes to have wait in line while officers can be freed for more serious cases. this january, a pilot program that would employ 15 civilians to respond to lower priority cases will begin on a trial basis. the chief used the program when he was chief in mesa, arizona. >> in petty theft case, there is no reason to have an on police officer taken off the street to investigate that kind of crime.
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>> police commissioner likes the program. he says civilians can be trained to conduct interviews and collect evidence. the anticipated 15 civilian investigators won't carry weapons and will cost less than a uniformed officer. joseph mcnamara sees problems. >> it's difficult to get detectives and uniformed officers to cooperate and coordinate and work closely together. it's a little bit more difficult to get civilian, none sworn people to work with the sworn officers. >> now, plant is supposed to run for only six months, it's a temporary plan. after that, it will be decided as the whether the public thinks a good idea and whether the commission votes it in. so far, some police commissioners aren't happy with the plan and the police department's union is weighing in against it saying they believe it could cause a lot
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problems if you are having civilians handling evidence which could cause problems at a trial. antioch police at the scene of a convenience store shooting that left a clerk wound this had morning. it happened shortly before 1:00 at a 7-eleven. police answered to a call of gunshots and they found a clerk injured at the store. we have no word on his condition. police have no suspect description nor the circumstances. >> san francisco police say a sunday afternoon ethanol spill in a sewer shouldn't pose a threat to the city. fire department a distillery accidentally spilled three and a half gallons of ethanol. >> concord police will keeping an eye on a park where three
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pipe bombs were found since wednesday. they detonated a pipe bomb and it was found by a jogger along the trail near turtle creek road. 25 police officers searched for more explosives. on wednesday, two other pipe bombs were found nearby. people are being warned not to pick up any objects that don't belong to them. so far they have no suspects but their investigation continues. >> it is a popular park. kind of scary story. >> let's check in with mike, freshly back from vacation. >> changes if you like the warmer weather but it looks like we're going to stay the course with cooler than average conditions. right now with cloudy skies, we have mid to upper 50s, even pockets of drizzle along the coast. this afternoon clouds will retreat to the coast and some
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clouds will still link er around parts of marin county and san francisco and all the way down the coast to santa cruz. temperatures along the coast in the mid to upper 50s. we'll have low to mid-50s for san francisco, richmond, also oakland and san mateo. low to mid-70s from fremont, palo alto southward through the south bay until you get to morgan hill at 80. slightly warmer, temperatures well below average upper 70s to low 80s. that is big story. check out how cool. 6 in san francisco, in the santa rosa, san jose 10 and concord 12 degrees cooler than average. it will linger through tomorrow and again on wednesday. then we'll start to see less of an onshore breeze and temperatures warm by four degrees by friday. right now quiet on the roads accident sunnyvale, at fair
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oaks. these headlights are moving northbound so it's looking good. another live shot, san mateo bridge, delay free in both directions, that is westbound traffic on the right. 14 minutes from 880 to 101. we'll head over to the golden gate bridge, looks like they are doing lane configuration change, four lanes southbound, as the bridge crews make their way across. no trouble on the east shore freeway. live look at 80 in berkeley, delay free heading down to the maze. >> it's now 5:07. >> you know how food trucks are popular in san francisco. and shipping containers turn into a dining did he say contingent nations. >> and they ask what they think about at&t's service. >> and royal family revealed. where you can find hundreds of photos of queen elizabeth online
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transitions adapt to changing light so you see your whole day comfortably and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. transitions lenses are available at a site for sore eyes location near you. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. it's 5:10. san jose firefighters who responded to a fatal apartment fire yesterday says the station is facing closures due to budget cuts. meantime, investigators don't know how the fire that killed an 8-year-old girl got started. >> work crews board up the windows at the gutted apartment, now a place of mourning where a little girl was killed just hours earlier it had been a time
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to celebrate. >> i went to it. >> firefighters made it to the scene in six minutes but even then it was too late. they found 8-year-old in the back bedroom. she was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> it's a very small apartment. they went to the bedroom and found a little girl there. she was by herself in the room on the floor. >> she lifted in north carolina and was in town for a baptism. nine others suffered minor injuries during the fire. >> such a young girl. it should have been me instead of her. i'm going on 83 years old. the neighbors like this one tried to safe her. >> it was engulfed and no way could you get in. >> it was a busy night for san jose firefighters. no one was injured on this fire and just before 4:30 a stove top
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fire prompted an invasion of this senior living center. out of the three locations, two are in neighborhoods where fire stations are slated for closures because of budget cuts. >> we were overtaxed, but you can tell the way everything was handled the crews rose to the occasion. >> firefighters that pulled the little girl out of the building worked working in one of stations that is slated for cutbacks. the family is out of place to live. the red cross is assisting them to find temporary housing and they are still investigating cause of fire. the san francisco redevelopment agency is holding a hearing today to talk about a unique idea to use shipping containers to for dining or the arts. they report a vacant lot on
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octavia street is being considered. a portion of the central freeway was demolished a decade ago. shipping containers will be ventilated and used as eateries and art galleries. they plan to operate a beer garden at the site. >> tomorrow the novato city council will consider putting half cent sales tax on the ballot. they declared an official emergency. they laid off 20% of the work force and cut four million dollars oust budget. marin independent journal says that proposed sales tax increase will generate $3 million a year for five years. it on would bring the sales tax to 9.5%. >> markets are reacting to cuts revealing the health of the banking system. regulators found 7 of the 91 banks would fail if the
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financial problems weaken. here is rob nelson. >> good morning. hugo chavez is threatening to cut off oil sales to the u.s. he will stop it if they are attacked by neighboring colombia. u.s. is biggest buyer and if chavez carries out threat it would be a huge blow on his own country's economy. wall street is looking to keep the momentum keeps up. stocks surged. profits are booming in some of the nation's biggest companies sending shares higher. third of the way through earning season, eight out of ten companies beat expectations. >> launching a kid's breakfast starting today. burger king wants a bigger piece
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of $25 billion breakfast market that is currently dominated by mcdonald's. >> sometimes you hear something surprising and it's not surprising, this one really is. at&t has been widely criticized reception problems involving the iphone a new survey 73% of iphone users gave a positive response how they feel about at&t's service. it compares to 65% smart phone users who say they are happy with their service provider. a majority of iphone users 77% say they will buy another iphone in the future. even the royals are getting into it. they are expanding their only presence. flick ser a popular way to share photos on the internet.
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buckingham palace will post photos. more than 600 are already available. this is not the royals first attempt at social networking. they have a twitter account as well as a youtube channel. >> i bet she will be on ureport next. reporting conditions in southern california, how was it? >> cold. it made for good visiting. >> you got a little tan going. >> win day. >> let's take a look outside. here is a look at what is going on at 5:15 this morning, it's good to be back. looking at cloud cover, same system is plaguing southern is going the same thing. strong onshore flow. everybody else in the mid to upper 50s, a drizzle and mist
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along the coast and higher elevations along the coast this morning. down around monterey bay, inland we're around 55 or 56 degrees. we'll be cool today, not only in the morning but also in the afternoon. that will linger through at least the overnight hours. also it will be cloudy at the coast and then the warm weather will start to see temperatures creep up slowly on thursday, friday and linger into the early parts of the weekend. for today, we're watching big push of onshore push and slower retreat. most of the bay filled with clouds and even parts of sonoma and all of marin counties by 3:00 we'll see sonoma break out. marin still seeing cloud cover and definitely around san francisco and especially parts of northern sonoma county. you systematic in the 50s while away see sunshine in the south bay. you can see north of the san mateo bridge, a few clouds still
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lingering around millbrae. san mateo south ward, we'll see sunshine. along the coast where the clouds do not move at all today, mid to upper 50s, drizzle possible, low to mid 50s in south san francisco. pockets of sunshine and same thing around san rafael. little more sunshine around sonoma. coast is stuck with clouds and drizzle and mid to upper 50s. clouds lingering around richmond and berkeley and sunshine, hit 70 around castro valley. mid-70s for san ramon valley. look at highway 4 and 580, in the low to mid-80s. gilroy at 79. cloudy conditions around the monterey bay and drizzle with mid to upper 50s for you. tonight clouds push right back into the same neighborhoods. low to mid-50s in the north bay valleys. mid to upper 50s for the rest of us. here is the seven-day forecast,
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low clouds give way to sunshine and temperatures pretty close to what we're dealing with, today and tomorrow and again on wednesday. clouds won't be as thick and retreat faster at the coast. that is why we have warmer weather especially inland. that should lippinger in the forecast. here is frances. >> heading too half moon bay it's going to take a little extra time. one way traffic control from main street out to cedars creek road. that happens every night from 10:00 to 6:00 until august 8. the only other trouble spot we see is in the east bay, another heads up for riders of a.c. transit, late buses or no show buses because of the labor dispute. as we go outside, delay free traffic. here is a live shot of 101 in millbrae. also looking good at the 280 and 17 interchange.
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get the latest traffic conditions as they change. we update 24/7 at it's under the bay area traffic link. >> it's now 5:20. >> still ahead the voice of giants gets a place in major league baseball history. >> and the battle of the superstar action thriller plays out at the box office. hd
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if san francisco wants to host the america's cup yacht race they have to invest tense of any experience of dollars. san francisco examiner says it will cost between $40 million and $60 million apiece to ren
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row elevate the piers. pier 30 and 32 are listed in the plan along with pier 50. the economic boost is estimated at $1.4 billion and 8800 jobs. >> san francisco giants was honored in cooperstown on sunday. miller was the winner of an award, hayward native talked about his first memory, visiting candlestick park in 1962. highway was more infatuated with the broadcasters than the players. >> at that game we sat at the upper deck and i could see into the broadcast booths. i spent more time looking at russ and visiting broadcasters than even the players on the field. his interest in legendary broadcasters russ hodges and
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john miller helped pave the way. he was manager of baltimore orioles. he called games for the a's, rangers and boston red sox. >> angelina jolie salt opened this weekend but it was topped by dream weaver. >> you create the world of the dreams. leading the subject that dream. >> with a it was notable about it, none of the top three movies were a sequel or an adaptation of a comic book or best-selling book. they are all original stories. inception took in more than $43 million. suarlt was second with $36 million and despicable was third. >> this case, the movie will come first and then somebody will write a book. >> a former san jose police
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chief takes a surprising stand on marijuana initiative. >> and at the hall of justice, san francisco police department is considering hiring 15 civilian investigators so they can pre-free up the police on the object the streets and also to save some money. i'll have that story coming up. >> and fire crews were scrambling in southern california. >> we'll talk about that fire danger in the sierra in the weather forecast. let's check in. you get exceptional warmth in the northwest. flight delays, there are none this monday morning. good news and only severe weather possible in north dakota and minnesota. flight tracker will have aul everything at
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the also this morning, san jose fire investigators are trying to determine the cause of an apartment fire that killed an 8-year-old girl, neighbors tried to pull her from the burning home but failed. >> here is a live look at downtown san francisco, notice the clouds, how think thick they are. strong push in marine her. cool temperatures and recording setting lows. >> overturn crash in brentwood, that blocking lanes and i'll
5:30 am
have more details on that. bay bridge toll plaza, pretty good traffic elsewhere. >> a.c. transit is expecting no show buses, they remain locked in a bitter contract dispute. >> thanks a lot for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. san francisco fire investigators are trying to determine the cause of yesterday's apartment fire that killed an 8-year-old girl. they identified the girl as a visitor from north carolina. she had been staying with relatives when the fire broke out on sunday morning. fire officials say they were two adults and five children inside the first floor apartment. they made it out with minor injuries but the eight-year-old girl was trapped in a back bedroom. >> very small apartment. they went to the bedroom and they found a little girl there. she was by herself in the room, on the floor.
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>> she was supposed to go home to durham, north carolina today. the first fire station that responded to yesterday's fire is on the list to be closed due to budget cuts. >> san jose firefighters had at least two other fires to deal with about the same time sunday morning. no one was injured in a fire that burned two apartments. just before 4:30, a stove top fire prompted the evacuation of this senior living center. person suffered from smoke inhalation. two of the five stations will soon be closed because of budget cuts. >> we were overtaxed but you can tell by the way everything was handled the crews rose to the occasion. >> officials are still investigating all the incidents. a red flag fire warning remains in effect for northern california after lightning strikes triggered at least 15 wildfires across the state. most of those fires are in remote areas of lassen county
5:32 am
north of lake tahoe. largest is about 50 acres. mixture of lightning storms and high winds are expected again in the same area. >> commuters riding a.c. transit are being warned to expect delays and even cancellations as a labor dispute continues. agency reported an average of 200 drivers calling out sick every day last week. they say the sickouts begin after a new contract was imposed on the union earlier this month. union officials deny any organized sickouts. a judge is expected to rule on friday whether to suspend the new contract while both sides deal with an arbitrator. >> it's 5:32 now. commuters using dumbarton are warned to expect lane closures as a retrofit project is set to begin.
5:33 am
they are expected to allocate $735 million to fund the dumbarton bridge project this week. it should rap wrap in april by 2013. commuters can expect lane closures overnight and on the weekend. shut downs are planned during memorial and labor day weekends. >> joe mcnamara has come out in favor of legalized marijuana. he is a research fellow at stanford. he has written an editorial supporting proposition 19. the measure to regulate and control and tax marijuana. he says he and an increasing number of law enforcers have learned that most bad things about marijuana are caused by the prohibition, not the plant. he says legalizing marijuana will allow police to fight violent crime and not waste time
5:34 am
on small time pot busts. >> san francisco is unveiling a new plan to fight crime. police chief will soon train civilian investigators, a move aimed at saving money and improving community service. san francisco police are facing budget cuts and also facing the fact they may lose as many as 75 police officers to retirement just this year. this plan to hire civilian crime scene investigators is used to take up the slack. >> victims of nonviolent crimes have to wait hours for police to take a report. they are introducing a program that would add as many 15 civilian investigators on the streets unarmed. they would be trained to collect fingerprints and evidence in cases freeing uniformed police to respond to violent crimes.
5:35 am
civilian investigators sound like a good idea to some, but some law enforcement professionals see problems. >> i think it's great. if the training is just doing this. >> for instance in a petty theft case, while you are collecting fingerprints, there is no reason to have an on police officer taken off the street to patrol to investigate that kind of crime. >> it's difficult to get detectives and uniformed officers to cooperate and coordinate and work closely together. it's more difficult to get civilian non-sworn people to work with the sworn officers. >> one reason to hire these civilian investigators, they would cost about half of what a uniformed officer would cost. police union is saying they don't think that poorly trained civilians should be handling any candidate of evidence that would go to trial.
5:36 am
-- that handling any evidence. that would go to trial. >> did you get any swimming in this weekend? >> we may have some cooler weather the next few days. >> cool and breezy. >> cool and a little mist is possible. especially along the coast. higher elevations around the bay. thicker marine layer has developed during the overnight hours. that will keep temperatures well below average again today. 6 degrees in hayward. santa rosa 9 and san jose, concord, double-digits. with the thick clouds, by 8:00 you can see still see clouds everywhere with temperatures in the mid 50s. by noon, look at the south bay and east bay valleys. parts of the north bay around napa and fairfield to see some
5:37 am
of the sunshine, mid to upper 60s, even antioch around 72. you can see where the clouds are hanging on. oakland, san francisco, along the coast with upper 50s to low 60s. by 4:00, we're mostly sunny with 75 in san jose. mid to 70 in east bay valleys. still in the low on a with cloud cover around san francisco. expect more of the same tomorrow and again wednesday. then the onshore breeze will lessen that will lead to two to five degree warming trend away from the coast. >> good morning, mike. we have a situation in brentwood with an overturned milk truck. it's blocking lanes of westbound 4. a sig alert has been ironed until 7:30 this morning. to get around it you can take second street to central but keep that in mind if you are heading through the brentwood area.
5:38 am
there is a little bit of slowing on westbound 4 at antioch. elsewhere we're still a good looking trip around the bay area >> sour here. 5:38. every day medical devices that injured tens of thousands of children every year. >> and muni, why are they getting high marks? and latest gas survey is, well it could be worse. navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent is more important than ever. at, you can find experts in short sales or bank-owned properties or commercial real estate,
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld monday morning, a recent federal audit is giving the agency muni buses and trains a glowing review. that is after failure to ever hit on time performance. audit found the agency operating within the rules of 21 of 24 categories. hour, the report does not, does
5:42 am
note areas where they have deficiencies, that includes falling behind filing maintenance reports, publicly posting fair discounts. >> gas prices stayed the same across the nation for the past two weeks as we enter the peak of the summer driving season. average price for regular unleaded is 2.73. california's average price is 3.10 a gallon. bakersfield has the cheapest, about 3.05. san francisco highest prices, averaging 3.17. >> a new government study being released says contact lenses are the top cause of medical device complications among children. researchers for the suda found more than 70,000 teens get emergency treatment each year for medical devices. many involve infections and eye
5:43 am
abrasions that wear contacts for a long time. other problems is puncture wounds of needle inyex of medicines or illegal drugs. most serious problems is implants and catheters in kids with serious illnesses. contact problem results from the cost met i believe ones that make your pupils really big? >> could be. leaving them in too long. >> you are could be exposing yourself to salmonella. >> and local nonprofit group tries to find a way to prosperity. how it's blending tough love with creative classroom lessons. >> tony hayward said he wanted his life back and he may get his wish. >> and screams of horror the accident that had dozens of people running for cover.
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welcome back. here is a look at california forecast. high fire danger in the sierra. tahoe, thunderstorms today and gusty winds could create some dangerous conditions for fires.
5:47 am
yosemite at 92. al-qaeda and san diego, 67 in san diego and anticipate in l.a. and only 86 in sacramento. palm springs, 98. local nonprofit group is pursuing its vision that every young person will feigned pathway to prosperity. teresa garcia looks out mixing a sugar with classrooms is making new community leaders. >> it's cake and icing and it's molded in a bar. >> 17-year-old crystal of san jose is quite dedicated to making and baking these little cake balls for newly launched business called sweet tooth bites, for a reason. >> this way you can have about three or four and you still won't feel bad. >> this teen entrepreneur has put a lot of thought into her
5:48 am
business and it's paying off. she won first prize last month. she first took it with 32nd pitch. >> then you need to go into advertising, how you are going to market this product. then you go into the numbers how much you are going to sell for and how much you can make per year. >> she learned how to create a plan through a program at her silver creek high school. its program funded by the network for teaching entrepreneurship, a national nonprofit organization known as nifty that committed to closing the gap. >> we focus going into schools into our communities. that is helping people. >> in the bay area, 20 high schools and community based organizations teach this entrepreneurship program. since starting in this region in 1994, it has helped more than
5:49 am
10,000 youth start their own businesses. crystal is already making money selling orders on special request but she has grandeur visions for taking sweet tooth bites into grocery stores. >> i want to do something, mommy i want that and put night cart and enjoy it at home. >> but first she is headed to all expense trip to new york to compete for $10,000 in a national challenge. in october, 20 students from across the country will battle it out for top business idea. regardless of who wins, they are all considered a very prepared next generation. >> the things they learn in the classroom help them become young entrepreneurs but with crystal, if they choose to work for someone else, they are great employees. >> teresa garcia, "abc 7 news." >> if you are interested in learning more about the
5:50 am
organization or invest in the next generation of local, young entrepreneurs. we have posted a link. getting hungry will go at that. >> it's my kind of cake. >> no guilt here, excessive heat that isn't in the forecast. we do have some calm conditions. if you are going to be at our beaches and another week of saving money. we probably won't need the air-conditioners. 5:50 a lack from tamalpais on the thickening cloud cover. temperatures in mid to upper 50s. around the monterey bay, we have mid 50s and even toward gilroy and salinas. as we asset record low in concord and we do the same in some areas today and tomorrow. and sunshine and warmer weather
5:51 am
will roll in on thursday. look how deep the clouds pushed into the central valley, 86 today in sacramento while most of the central valley will be upper 90s. by noon, a lot of cloud cover, all around sonoma and marin counties all the way over to the east bay shore. south bay and east bay valleys, definitely breaking out into sunshine earlier. that is why we'll have 70s and 80s there. 50s around the bay. even 50s at the coast. we'll start in the east bay valleys where the warmest weather will set in. antioch and brentwood and fairfield in the low to mid-80s but mid-70s elsewhere. you see the clouds keeping richmond and berkeley and oakland in the low to mid-50s. south bay today, mid to upper 70s with san jose, around 75 degrees. few clouds will linger around millbrae and mid to upper 60s to
5:52 am
80s southbound along the peninsula. look at the coast, mid to upper 50s with drizzle possible at any time. downtown south san francisco, pockets of sunshine, low to mid-50s. same thing with sausalito, low to mid-70s and more sunshine the farther east you head. down around the monterey bay, mid 50s. maybe 67 at watsonville. game at park, 7:15, cloudy and cool, 53 down -- 63 down to 58 degrees. low to mid-50s and made to upper 50s with clouds this time tomorrow. that is the weather pattern. doesn't change too much tuesday and wednesday. it's not until thursday we'll see more sunshine and temperatures will jump up four to six degrees. that will hold through the weekend. here is frances with a new accident. >> crash in concord, at 242 one of the cars is facing the wrong
5:53 am
way. all lanes are now open. 17 miles an hour as you make your way northbound. southbound direction, 680 in walnut creek. here is the southbound side on the right, still looking good down through the san ramon valley. only delay is in the east bay, that is just another heads up for riders for a.c. transit, possibly another week long of very late or even no-show buses due to a labor dispute. get the latest traffic conditions by going to our website at founder of whistle blower website there appears to be war crimes in leaked military documents relating to the war in afghanistan. papers dated from 2004 outlaw 2009 include unreported incidents of civilian killing.
5:54 am
it reveals how pakistan's spy agencies guided the insurgency in afghanistan. the papers show how the taliban acquired surface to air missiles. source of the leaked documents is believed to be a u.s. army analyst and has been charged with leaking classified information. when he have all condemned the documents released. >> salt lake city fire investigators are trying to figure out what caused fireworks to malfunction and shoot into a crowd. videotaped mishap injured people at a pioneer day sell brialgs. run, run, run! >> the injuries mostly minor, authorities say some of the fireworks shot horizontally instead of going up in the sky. one of the shells exploded on the ground launching knocking over the launching tubes.
5:55 am
>> bp's oil spill spilled over. >> here is a bloomberg's jane king. >> good morning. looks like bp tony executive on the way out. no final decision has been made but sources says they plan to name robert dudley to replace him. he was the first american to head bp. october 1st is target date to take over. shares are down 40% this year. in the meantime, procter & gamble, prescription cat food that may be in danger of salmonella contamination, they are warning people to wash their hands afterwards. as for trading, investors
5:56 am
keeping an eye on new home sales economists say sales in june will probably close to a record low. friday's gain now has the dow erasing the losses for the year but the s&p 500 is sill down more than 1%. if you wonder what the kids will be asking to you buy, bio did he greatable pens and pencils. pens cost 1.70 and mechanical pencils will set you back 2.70 each. >> the boy scouts of america are preparing to celebrate their 100th anniversary with a jamboree. 10,000 boy scouts took part in a parade in the nation's capital yesterday. it was largest parade since 1937. more than 46,000 scouts, staff and volunteers from around the world are expected.
5:57 am
they will display their skills from fishing to robotics and testing their own dna. >> just ahead, is it art or vandalism? >> and the warning police is giving to anyone planning to visit a concord park this morning. >> at the hall of justice, san francisco police chief is floating a plan to hire some 15 civilian crime scene investigators to replace his uniformed officers. i'll tell you why coming up. ♪
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