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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  July 26, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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d.c. today but issued a statement saying chief davis has done a great job and is sorry to see him leave. chief davis is reflecting on six and a half years at the helm of the police department, earning praise fr deploying new technology like cameras for officers and making crime information available online. he's facing two high profile officer-involved shooting ands and allegations of racial profiling and excessive force from other minority groups you know with have rolled up our sleeves, done the outreach we needed to do to help them understand why and when queer doing what we're doing. >> the chief says by far, his biggest frustration has been cuts z says the department has 1.2 officers for every thousand people and national average is 2.6 officers putting san jose at the bottom of the list it comes to
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resource autos there is a lot of challenges to deal w i think that we're a save story. -- city. >> despite the record fighting crime, there is one of the critics in this community says it's time to move the dmept a new direction. >> we're arguably at a stage going to set the tennor of the relationship between communities for years still to come. >> after 30 years with the department, the chief is entitled to retire with the pension totalling 90% of the pay this, year, totalling about $215,000. when i pressed him about his future plans he did not rule out an enry into politics. >> there is a opportunities and just taking a look at those and opportunities and events just come along. >> what i asked the chief about is that possible run for mayor for the city of san jose. and i've got to tell you his answer was very much like the one meg whitman gave me two years ago when i asked her about a run for governor.
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we'll see. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> there are a huge presence by law enforcement but certainly not for business owners who saw their stores looted. we're live in oakland tonight with more on this. >> and oakland police and saying there is a communications breakdown in a lack of intervention in the looting. and there is opd says those are wrong. oakland police department says leadership and 14 other agencies in oakland the night of july 8th will be meeting this week to talk about how to do better with an eye to preparing for the mehserle sentencing november 5th ooj this is going to be a series of learning, learning experiences for us to share
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with each other to try to develop a plan helping prevent some loot oogt assistant chief says july 8th was a success despite estimated $750,000 worth of damage and losses. the captain dave downing was in charge and says for looting bits reaction. not prevention. >> this is going to be reaction yairy. is your right to demonstrate. >> this shows looting of jc jewelry. the owner was inside with only a jewelry hammer as a weapon. the looters tore off the front gate clearing out a case. >> this is almost $50,000. a lot of money. >> he says police response was slow. >> this took 4045 minutes he says he has to weigh when to move n first rule containment. then, send in two sets of officers, one to make atests and another to back them up.
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he has to choose right moment autos remember, very to weigh safety of officers as well as safety of those in the crowd. there are innocent people out there, too. very to consider them as well. >> on the question of the communications system, oakland director of emergency services is quoted as saying the system, a special system had not been tested, and the assistant chief says she's incorrect and this system had been tested until the last minute and performed well. >> two suspects are now in custody for a yat shooting of a virginia man, killed during a robbery last sunday night at webster and 19th streets here for i job interview this, afternoon police arrest aid 24-year-old george huggins following saturday's arrest of
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33-year-old and last week, police released this video, investigators say tips they received from the public led to those arrests. a drunk driver sentenced to prison in a novato girl's death in critical condition after being attacked by another inmate. he was convicted of plowing his motorcycle into a 9-year-old and her father in may of last year. the girl was killed and her father lost a right leg. schaeffer taken to marin general this morning after being stabbed or slashed. prison officials not releasing other names but say there is local notoriety. >> the owner of several pit bull that's maul aid concord boy to death last week made an appearance in court. steven hyashi made a statement object together felony child endangerment charge against him in the death of his step grandson told the judge he cared for boit and never would have let him near the dogs had he been home. three of the five pit bulls attacked and killed the toddler after the boy wandered
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into the family garage on thursday. all five dogs have been euthanized. >> u.s. copy right office does bad cards to apple and cell phone carriers today giving aproveal to practice that's were once illegal. and interest there is details of fash-reaching changes for consumers. >> it's a major upset for apple. the copy right office ruled its okay for iphone users to modify phones. once done, iphones won't be restricted to running applications down loaded from apple. >> there is allowing other companies to compete. it's a good thing. and bad for apple. of course. >> jail breaking carries risks requiring coding to be changed in systems. and engineers say it's not easy for amateurs oo. you can see jail break not everyone will be willing to do that. >> in fact, apple issued a
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warning jail breaking with cause the iphone to become unstable. the associate director of the project sees benefits for consumers and app developer autos they can market these new apps and you know, generate more ideas and get them out there. that consumers can use them without a fear they're violating copy right law to do so. >> cell phone providers were dealt a ploy. used mobile phones can be unlocked. that change will be opening up a secondary market for discarded phones. when a customer upgrades. they can be worth $50 to $60 but ceo of flip swap running a web site warns of a possible boomerang affect next time you upgrade. >> there is finding they will not subsidize. you may find the price goes
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up. >> there is upon important ruling saying it's okay to lift video as long as it's for artistic purposes. and this movie industry worked hard to stop that in short of special code oogt governor says he may not sign a budget before leaving office in january. he spoke today to the los angeles chamber of commerce. >> i wish they can do something. fi don't get thing that's we need. in order to be fiscally responsible z to make the changes in a tax reforms, and budget reforms, i want to assign a budge dwroit drag out until the next governor gets into office. >> california began the fiscal year july 1 without a balanced budget. the government wants the tax and democrats want to delay breaks and impose an oil tax. >> the mayor of the los angeles suburb of bell announced short time ago he'll
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stop taking salary and will not run for reelection. this is a city where average income is less than $35,000 per year. abc 7 is live from the city of well with more. quite a stir up out there, john. >> there is on the agenda is a pay cut. the mayor is not going to take any pay until next year when the term runs out. then, won't run for reelection. attorney general jerry brownish yued subpoenaed for all members of the well council and wants to find out how they're paid. it's so out rainlis. -- outrageous. [ loss of audio ].
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>> all right. you're going hear there is that the mayor and the city council are still meeting. and is going to defer pay. the city manager made $800,000 a year. assistant city manager made 500,000s skpdz police chief around $500,000. jerry brown says there is no proof that anything has been done wrong but says that as supreme court says, he doesn't know until he sees it but knows where this is. >> and coming up tonight at 6:00 giving new meaning to pain at the pump. why pumping your own gas might become more inconvenience. >> unseasonly cool today. i'm sandhya patel. when temperatures will bounce
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back up to average coming up. >> and later crowds are lining up in oakland to share big screen with brad pitt in his new film about the a's. )ñ)ñ@ú@ú@ú@ú t t
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a moraga firefighter is in stable condition after his suv rolled down a steep enbankment. he had been carrying out maintenance on a fire trail when his vehicle plunged 150-200 feet down the hill. it took about 90 minutes for firefighters to free him. hoisting him back up the hill using ropes and pullies.
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taken by ambulance to john muir medical center. >> there is a convenience for driver that's could be eliminated if california air resources board gets its way. it wants those clips removed. a about. c 7 is reporting. there is most agree the clicks are convenient. just engage it, you can do other things. wash windows check e mails or just day dream. >> i put it on and then, i lean and look around. i wait for it to be filled. >> and this is recommending them to remove the clips while the agency work was the manufacturer. the nozzles were introduced in california and may have a design flaw flaw. 11 fuel spills have occurred because of possibly defective
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clip autos public safety is a concern here, we wanted to make sure there are no further incidents. and there is the state worries about flammable materials on the ground. so when a third of the gas stations use nozzles consumers will have to worng grip. >> if there is a danger to it and it causes some sort of, you know, harm to someone whether it's environment or individuals, i'll deal without the clip. >> it's rid dick list they take it off. and this is pops by itself. >> also tells me sometimes, gas will start coming out of the bmt brant.
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>> i like the clips. i can stay in the car when it's chilly out. like in aspen. >> yes. >> like today's weather. >> yes. >> this is cooler than where you should be at this time of the year. this is a deep marine layer, 3,000 feet deep. >> there is a few of the marine layer from our camera. marine layer is now at 2600 feet was 3,000 this afternoon. it's directed to continue to deeper tonight. there is the valleys from san francisco, you're socked in. not much hope for sun today it kept temperatures down. in san francisco, there is 58 degrees, 57 in half moon bay. mostly 60s unless you're out towards antioch where you do have 70 ss. wide spread low clouds tonight
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looking at warmer days starting thursday. and there is is low clouds lingered in the north bay. those two areas cool for july. there is a is well below 80s. and the reason for this is this upper level low. we talked about it last week and talking about it again today. it's been lingering so it's preventing this area of high pressure from building in. and we're not going to see changes that didn't happen until middle of the week. by thursday things gooding to start to change. tonight gray sky as cross the bay area. low to upper 50s and a mild,
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sunny day. and san jose campbell into mid-70s, starting out with overcast and clearing and 68 degrees and at the coast, not much clearing expected. upper 50s feeling a breeze coming through. downtown 62. there is hope you may get clearing earlier. santa rosa going from 65-68. in the east bay there is temperatures into 90s, only 77 degrees tomorrow this, weather is going remain mild. and there is 62 in monterey. 58 to have 82, a narrow range of highs for summer time. this pattern going to stick around through wednesday.
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one once that low moves warmer days, mid to upper 80s inlnld. low 60s at the coast that. general range continuing for weekend by monday, low 90s returning into the forecast. >> thank you. >> and first a witness to the foreclosure crisis. now a victim. >> next a bay area real estate agent battle to save his home and efforts help others keep theirs. [ female announcer ] to do well, kids need to eat well. and eating well means getting enough whole grain and calcium. and general mills big g kid cereals can help. did you know it's the only leading line of kid cereals with at least 8 grams of whole grain and a good source of calcium? cereals they already love,
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you can see
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a bay area man facing foreclosure trying to spread a message of inspiration. >> he's a realtor experiencing pain from multiple angles and there is really unique perspective. jose vega has seen the foreclosure crisis up close. tonight giving us a glimpse on personal toll the melt down is taking. this realtor saw the crisis through the eyes of his children, found his daughter crying. >> saying very no friends. they're all moving away. >> many childrens' friends were moving away in the middle of the night. their parents so embarrassed by foreclosure they couldn't fwir say goodbye. >> i remember nestor.
6:23 pm
i'm sorry. he came to play with my kids one day. and... he was very sad. and wasn't talking a lot. and i didn't know. i thought he got in trouble at his house. that was the last time we saw him he finds himself rg to prepare his 6-year-old and 9-year-old to losing their house and he, himself has been turned down by jp morgan chase three times for a loan modification. they say he didn't meet income guidelines. he received an offer and on the same day, he received a letter of denial. and we met him with the chief
6:24 pm
of the making home affordable program. >> seems to-to-me this is about the bank's best interests. and not us. >> he knows odds of keeping his home are long and he's prepared for the worst. >> when you lose your home you lose your dreams. >> he's a volunteer leader for a supportiving community organization, joining demonstrations and represented a group at jp morgan chase shareholder's meeting. and what impressed me is that he was someone with principles. >> the ceo agreed to send executives to meet with the company. he says he no longer fierce losing his home.
6:25 pm
he says they can take his house, but not his home. >> that is different. that is mine! i made my home. my wife ask children and me, together make a home. they can't take that from us. >> and chase declined it's opportunity to comment but say it did offer him a loan modification. vega says he turned down the offer because savings were insignificant. >> wow. hard to imagine that emotional toll taking on everybody. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> and this is one of the biggest leaks of classified information. coming up next a journalist in the middle of it. >> and also, he's despise add long the gulf. is bp ready to axe the embattled ceo? >> what happened 20 years ago today that changed the lives of the disabled in america? [ male announcer ] presenting the cadillac "summer's best" sales event.
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>> if being called biggest leak of classified documents in u.s. history. 90,000 intelligence documents describing the struggles of u.s. forces in afghanistan. turns out a journalist had access to the e mails of the suspected leaker. there is "wired" magazine has been reporting on the leaks. and there is access to a computer hacker who later turned manning in to the pentagon. covin paulson said he didn't believe whit opened e mails from bradley manning admitting
6:30 pm
that he was stealing classified information on the we'll be right back, including reports of u.s. forces killing innocent civilians. >> this is described being a crisis of conscious for him. beginning to believe he was part of something doing bad he says manning described how he loaded documents on to cds he had labeled lady gaga. pretending to listen to music and dumping files on the disc. >> down loading information, burning it on cd rom. while lip syncing to the music. >> in this e mails to a hacker he wrote i can't believe what i'm confessing to you. i've been isolated so long. i just want it to be nice and live a normal live but events kept forcing me to figure out ways to survive. and smart enough to know what is going on, but hopeless to
6:31 pm
do anything. >> this is the founder of wiki links says there is no evidence he's the source of the afghanistan leaks. paulson says the same. >> today's leak is huge news but isn't definitely linked to bradley manning. >> there is white house says investigators aren't looking at anyone else, but an official says the pentagon does not have a high degree of confidence who is behind this leak. there is some disturbing reports describe pakistani agents collaborating with taliban insurgents to attack american forces. and pretending to be american
6:32 pm
allies and accepting billions in u.s. aid. >> there is a lot more we probably had heard of yet. >> thank you. >> and bp's ceo is stepping down in the wake of the gulf oil spill. an official says he'll take a job with the joint venture in russia. he made a series of missteps including telling reporters would like his life back and taking part a yacht race. the company has yet to make a formal announcement but the bbc is reporting when hayward step downs he'll get a $930,000 annual pension. >> there is initial foray met with negative respon. i expect bp is going into a different direction relating to creating better partnerships. >> the likely successor is
6:33 pm
managing director bob daudly, overseeing the spill response since june. >> today marks 20th anniversary of the american with disabilities act. the law led to reducing barriers and eliminating discrimination in the work place. and advocates says there is more to be done. >> jim has lived in a wheelchair all of his life. as a boy growing up in san bruno pretty much confined to his home. this is in 1990, then-president bush signed the americans with disabilities act. >> it has trance formed landscape and removeal of architectural barriers. some would say it has made the world flat and made disabled people more advice vizable. >> one year later in september, 1991 the county established its own commission on
6:34 pm
disabilities. today there are 140,000 people in this county living with disabilities. the county celebrated 20th anniversary of the act by holding a fair. all 200 buses will be low to the ground. there is special accommodations inside. >> this does lift up when wheelchair needs it and pulls in right here. there is not every walk in the bay area is up to compliance. there is requiring me to push. >> advocates say next 20 years should focus on people becoming more self sufficient. >> we've tried to do transit from and to help them get into
6:35 pm
the work force and to deal with life. >> there is dow jones industrial average gained 100 points. and s and p 500 rose. new home sales jumped by 24% and analysts point out that is the second weakest month since 1963. economists blame sluggish growth and tight credit from keeping people from buying homes. lack of new homes selling reduces employment opportunities for construction workers and good times apparently back at the nation airlines. there is more profits expected for the rest of the year. analysts say this could be fewer bargains and ford unveiled a redesigned explorer today saying new explorer
6:36 pm
drives more like a car than a truck. and will be available this winter. >> to some they're pesky. >> we just have to take a look and just get into your heart. >> ordinary efforts to save an injured raccoon named tinny.
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
homeowners think of raccoons as pesky others are bay area natives with as much right to live here as we, humans. >> there is a little guy lost his mother and ability to walk. >> and there like all raccoons he likes to dine with friends. live is good now. last march, after tinny was born in a house in alameda county his future looked grim. >> his mother was killed by an exterminator. it's common. >> volunteers rescued tinny. he could not move his back legs. and. >> this is kept until they're healed or old enough to live on their own. >> this home video shows he
6:40 pm
needed more than just time to heal. so megan took him to sam's clinic. specialists in marin county. dr. lisa clump examined him, free. >> you have to take a look and you know, he just gegts under your heart. >> this staff donated time and one care taker videotaped as he was floated into the giant machine. the scan showed he had a fractured spine. >> this is an area of injure and he needed surgery. and little tim was only three pounds. he's a little fella. he's smaller than most of our cats and dog we do here. so this is also some tough challenge autos the operation may have been tough but timmy
6:41 pm
was ready for action almost right awaichl he was plague hard with a female raccoon named charlie another orphan. the two now living in a pen and this is the second summer the couple raised wild raccoons. >> we have an ability to see them interacting with one another, they're sweet. >> athat way not be how everyone sees them. but they're very loyal and caring toward their family group. >> charlie running up and down trees and tinny tim trying to follow her, she's still his best physical therapist. >> there is a he and charlie run around the property. it's critical for them to get comfortable in trees. he goes up just fine. but there is trouble climbing down so.... amy practice was him on the board.
6:42 pm
>> this is teaching him to turn back feet around. >> amy and jack can handle timmy now. he grows his heez going to get more wild. that is a change they encourage. >> they don't talk to him. he's put with a wild raccoon, charlie who won't let them touch her. >> they'll be released nay safe place. close as possible to where they're found. >> it's hard to let them go. but i know that that is what is best for them. >> the rescuers never figured out how his back got hurt. and he's trying to hang on to his tail. dan ash lirks abc 7 news. >> and there is center facilitated rescue is in need of a new facility to kill for the animals so if you'd like to help click on see it on tv
6:43 pm
there. is a link with problem raccoons. >> and coming up next, how far would you go to be an extra in a movie? a. >> what people are doing to be part of brad pitt's movie filming in oakland.
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we've had more than 3500 lightning strikes in northern california in past two days and investigators believe lightning sparked a major wildfire and dozens of others and crews say they're battling about 29 fires, 78 fires have broken out on land. and this biggest fire so far is charred about 200 acres. >> there is better look at that let's go to sandhya patel. >> things quieting down. most thunderstorms have diminished and thft noon there is close to 2000 strikes in the sierra nevada also northern california mountains
6:47 pm
and nevada. there is quite a bit of lightning activity. thunderstorms heading into next couple days so just keep this in mind tlchl is instability as thunderstorms were developing. there is around lake tahoe, numbers clear skies in the morning. there is noon time, barely hitting 70s in antioch. temperatures warmest location, antioch low 80s. there is starting to see warming thursday and friday. mid to upper 80s, low 60s at beach autos will be nice. >> this is people complaining
6:48 pm
it's not july weather. >> it's june kbloom in -- gloom in july. >> demolition set to begin august 13th. today, community members met with developers to hear about proposed work schedule. most will be carried out on weekdays. developers say main problems will be noise and dust. >> going to be doing watering and misting of the debree. noise is the one impact that is difficult to mitigate. >> there is expected to take eight months and seven years of construction to create a new transportation hub with homes, shops, and garden autos there is a bit of hollywood glamour coming to oakland. shooting began on money ball, story of the oakland a's and
6:49 pm
billy bean. this is starring brad pitt and hundreds of people who want to be extras. there is a story of those looking to be an all star. >> it's make believe. the film about the 2002 oakland a's mazing win streak. on their way to 20 in a row. take a look at what fans were wearing eight years ago. that is how tactors are supposed to look now. >> there is a a little bit nicer. i guess i'm supposed to be in that expensive seat. >> the film is about how billy bean took a team, created a winner. this is is glamour of show biz. >> i want to be a star like brad pitt. and have been waiting to be in
6:50 pm
movie autos hopefully this will be the big step. we'll see. >> to sh part of the film you have to go to this site and register. otherwise, they won't let you n there are days and hours. you get $8 an hour. often wait between takes can be hours. >> i brought books. >> this is what are the chances of mighting a star? this is probably as close as you're going to get to brad pitt. and this is what i mean. there are the trailers and wagons. we're not close. they're scheduled to film throughout august 5th. a boost for city economy. >> this sounds like fun. >> and there is buster posey's
6:51 pm
run, what he thinks about being called "the natural". ♪
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longest lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings around $5,800. >> join me tonight at 9:00 cable channel 13. coming up, last week's crash of an suv in z.a greyhound bus,
6:54 pm
new information about one driver. >> and there is proof housing crisis is far from over. and there is a bid warg for foreclosed homes. >> there is someone just threw a no hitter? >> matt garza. you can say juice ball era is over. we're entering a era of pitcher domination. and there is matt garza got shelled. there he is and there is is the fifth no hitter of the year. and there is once with dallas braiden of the a's. 5-0, the final score. tampa bay wins it in no-hit
6:55 pm
fashion. and here in the bay, seems like cause and affect. giants on fire since calling up buster posey taking an 18 game hitting streak. this is just for comparison sake here. and it's early to compare saying posey is hitting 432 in july. there is posey says this is pretty simple. see the ball. hit the ball. he looks like real-live version of the natural. >> i don't know there is a natural. i put in work. and i feel like i'm making ajustments. so... i'm putting on a clickin. >> there is a charity golf tournament for believing in the dream foundation n case you're wondering what
6:56 pm
kato kailin is up to, i know you were. he needs world class golf coach. world class hot dog eater joey chest net. there is a he said athletes want to be actors. it's just guys doing it for a good cause. >> there is dan weldon know his way ash the kitchen. there he was today. and this champ donning apron and chef's hat. and teamed up to bake sour dough bread and will be driving next month's grand prix of sonoma. and there is weldon's team
6:57 pm
sponsored by the national guard. >> there is a lot taken from national guard. from that standpoint it's certainly within the team environment. because i that that is why we're featured so strongly and continued to run in top 10 in points. >> and he puts everything into his racing and there is a little bit of risk. >> it's cool. >> yes. >> there is and would have been one more. there is and would have been six. >> thank you. >> that is it for abc 7 news. >> have a good night everyone. see you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00.
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