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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  July 28, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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nine. >> that's why i don't leave the apartment. that's what's making news in america this morning in the news this wednesday morning, hundreds of people are evacuated and dozens of homes destroyed as flames burned in kern county. a second fire has destroyed the home. >> richmond city council reverses course to allow only three medical marijuana dispensaries in the city. >> and construction of the eastern span of the bridge, workers are making final preparations to move a 75 tower on the suspension span. >> here a look down from sutro tower. not as widespread and a little warmer weather today. i'll show you when we get warmer
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than average in the forecast. >> here is a live look at the nm bridge. there is more major construction going through hayward and freeway closures. i'll have those details coming up. thank you for waking up early. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. >> the view on the bay bridge will be look different. to raise the first piece of a 525 foot section of a new suspension tower into place. it will be built from multiple sections. tower sections of the bridge were made in china and they arrived two and a half weeks ago. each of the four shafts measures 150 feet tall and weighs more than 14 tons. two wildfires that erupted and spread quickly in southern california have destroyed dozens of homes in kern county. most did he truck i have is
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burning ten miles southeast of tahachapi. flames destroyed 30 homes in old west ranch. another 150 structures were threatened. fire started yesterday afternoon. flames spread quickly to more than 500 acres. some of the people that gathered at a shelter say they lost everything. >> i lost my barn. bunkhouse burned to the ground and truck and everything i own. >> it was horrible, smoke. it was orange and black. it was so huge and close. >> 200 firefighters are battling the blaze. it's about 25% contained. no one has been hurt and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a wildfire has burned more than 11,000 acres. it destroyed six homes and forced the evacuation of campers
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near kernville. it's only 5% contained. the governor has declared a state of emergency. >> they have voted to limit the number of pot clubs that are allowed to operate. they decided to ask voters to decide in november oh how much the clubs will be taxed. cecilia vega tells us more what went on inside city hall. >> as far as i'm concerned all the existing operators are nothing more than illegal drug dealers. >> that from richmond city council leading critic on dispensaries. this is the first reading of the first ever law and the debate still goes on. >> i'm really concerned where we're going as a nation. >> there are many over-the-counter the medications and health risks.
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>> richmond has eight dispensaries but there were no limits on the number of clubs allowed. >> i don't know what unique about richmond. >> now it could change and the city council is considering following in oakland's first steps that is allowing large scale pot growing for medical use. and richmond may ask voters whether to decide pot clubs, a 10% business tax. that, too, has sparked a fight here. >> going forward the city has to make restrictions, there cannot be clubs out there operate that skirt the law. >> it would be disaster. they are talking, proposal is to put 10% on the 9.75% sales tax we already pay. >> they say it would be the tax would be the stiffest in the at a time. even though they led the charge on medical marijuana, advocates will be watching closely.
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>> what is best for all communities and for growers is local jurisdictions charge the same tax rate. >> more than 30 speakers lined up to speak about medical marijuana in a debate that lasted for more than three hours. cecilia vega, "abc 7 news." >> arizona's law aimed at stopping illegal immigration will go into effect at midnight unless a federal judge blocks it. they want to get a restraining order against the law until the lawsuit can be heard. back here in the bay area, protestors plan to hit the streets to voice their opposition to the law. activists plan similar events in arizona and in other cities all across america. the protests come as most americans support arizona's efforts. >> certainly, in the 50s and 40s that were against the civil
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rights laws and yet they moved forward with that important legislation. >> i think there has to be some sort of regulation. i'm for it. i commend the governor. the law allows police to question a person's immigration status if an officer becomes suspicious for committing another crime. >> voters in antioch will decide whether they will pay an extra half cent sales tax to avoid cuts. they voted to put the tax increase on the november ballot it would bring it to 9.75%. they say it may be the only way the avoid cuts to police and fire services. concord and novato have also voted. it would go to 9.75 in concord and 9.5% in novato. >> they have asked for a delay
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for a proposed stadium. mercury news reports mayor reed intends to discuss the request with a city council committee today. the mayor announced last week he wants voter to decide about building a ballpark. new ballot measures have to be approved by tuesday. major league baseball said they would help pay for a special election in the spring. >> transit commuters face another possible delays after the agency cancelled several evening rush hour runs between san jose and east bay. it informational a large number of drivers calling in sick as the labor dispute continues. they claim 15-20% have called in sick each day since july 18th. that is when the agency imposed new work rules that they oppose. 9% call in sick daily.
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check the status of a.c. transit service at >> check the status of something that wasn't with mr. mike nicco. >> we'll try today. some areas, especially inland valleys where the cloud cover is not as extensive. most of us in the low to mid-50s in the north bay valleys. mid to upper on a from the east bay valleys and to the coast. we have mountain view at 60 and los gatos. low 80s around antioch and fairfield. mid to upper 70s in the south bay. mid to upper 60s for san francisco, san rafael and richmond and oakland and mid-70s through the north bay valleys and notice more sunshine along the coast until you get to the san mateo coast. half moon bay is about 61 degrees. baseball game, third game set
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with the marlins, one last night tonight, big key, difference in time, 4:05 is going to be the start. 56 degrees at at&t park dropping down to 62. warmer weather is slated away from the coast tomorrow and friday and temperatures will hold in the mid to upper 80s through tuesday. mid to upper 70s around the bay and near 60 at the coast. let's check the road work you need to be concerned with. >> good morning. it's in hayward, that major construction going on. northbound 880 completely shut down from tennison out to highway 92. you can take hesperian as an alternate. so another 20 minutes. in addition to that, we have the connection ramps southbound 880 to jackson is closed at this point as well as both highway 92 on-ramps to southbound 880. yesterday they started a new lane configuration on the connection ramp that was slowing
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later in the morning but it wasn't unusually heavy. thank you very much. we are coming up on 4:40. >> and still ahead, serious medical battle that as a former east bay lawmaker is announcing. >> and a project that could transform a troubled san francisco neighborhood clears a major hurdle. >> and officers fire on a pregnant cow. you want some fiber one honey clusters? yeah. you must really care about him. what? no, no. you gave him fiber. no she didn't. this tastes way too good to be fiber. they're delicious crunchy clusters with sweet honey and half a day's worth of fiber. you care about my fiber? not really. i care about youfiber too. i have for while. ok, carl. why don't you care about her fiber? hey carl. [ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes.
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look. we'll tell you more as we continue. >> this story for you, the san francisco board of supervisors has overwhelmingly approved a sweeping plan to redevelop hunters point to make it waterfront homes and businesses. they voted 10-1 that will transform the site the old shipyard. project is expected to create thousands of jobs and pump billions of jobs into the local economy. >> ellen that you sher is facing cancer. in a memo to the staff there will be some tough times ahead but i intend to come to work as much as i can. tauscher was suffering from cancer and she says it's in the early stages. >> police shot and killed a pregnant cow that broke free at the california state fair. the animal escaped yesterday
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morning and stampeded through the fairgrounds where concessionaires were setting up. they tried to tranquilize the cow but it dart gun didn't fire properly. >> it charged a police officer and again we had no choice to kill the cow to protect public safety. >> get a rope and take it back to the barn. >> they ended up shooting the cow 11 times. no one was injured. >> an airline tragedy is unfolding right now in pakistan where a plane coming in for a landing has crashed. up next, the horrible weather conditions that are hampering the investigation into the cause and latest casualty figures. >> and toxic chemical you may be exposed to every time you buy
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and 110 lightly sweetened calories. more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios. welcome back. 4:47 on this hump day. check out the country, seattle and portland in the low 80s. it is going to push severe weather into ohio river valley and up to england. expect delays around chicago, detroit and even boston and new york this afternoon. when those develop our flight tracker will have them at developing news, real tragedy a pakistani official has announced all 152 passengers on board a jet that crashed near the capital have died. the plane was flying to islamabad and was trying to land. they searched the forest and hills and was able to find any
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one alive. that prompted reports that a handful survived. the plane was operated by private carrier, air blu based out of karachi. >> today is hundredth day after the deep water horizon explosion. bob dudley is laying out a plan of attack to kill the well that has spilled 180 million barrels of oil into the gulf since the explosion. he hopes to have that done mountain next few weeks and then focus on cleanup efforts. much of that oil is so deep underwater researchers say the effect of the massive spill on marine life is still unknown. they are putting pressure on democratic leaders to pass the non-discrimination act.
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dozens of demonstrators were in front of pelosi's office. the legislation would protect people from being fired because of their sexual orientation. they want congress to take up the issue when lawmakers return from summer recess. if you have u report video or photos, send them to us at our e-mail address. >> mike is joining us with on summer we may see a little bit today? >> maybe a little bit. especially inland neighborhoods. we look down from san francisco. notice the lack of low marine clouds but kind of ragtag and not nearly as widespread nor with the depth of yesterday and date before. that is why i think it will be easier to get sunshine. with that sunshine this time of year we should feel slightly warmer just about everywhere today.
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right now, low 50s along napa and rest of us in mid to upper 50s and los gatos at 47. lack of clouds around gilroy at 49. we'll talk about the increasing sunshine, number one highlight. we'll have clouds around the bay and only the coast tonight. that lessening cloud deck will lead to stronger warming tomorrow and friday. the clouds are having a hard time establishing in the south bay and east bay valleys. not nearly as widespread in the north bay. look by noon, already back to the coast. by 1:00, even parts of the coast starting to see sunshine and temperatures in the 60s and 70s dominate the bay and even more 80s in places likes the east bay valleys, around fairfield, pittsburg and livermore, mid to upper 70s from concord all way
4:51 am
to pleasanton. cool breeze around richmond and berkeley mid to upper 50s for you, low to mid 50s? san leandro and fremont. mid to upper 70s to even on 80 in los gatos. we'll start on the peninsula with the keel coolest conditions millbrae 70 and palo alto 74 degrees. low 60s around the coast and sunshine around the sunset and daly city. look at the low to mid-70s in the north bay valleys and sunshine at some of your beaches. mid to upper 60s around the monterey bay. near 80 in gilroy and morgan hill. take a look around the state. sacramento relatively cool at am. fresno around 93 and thunderstorms continued to wane and 101 in palm springs. notice the cloud cover is not making night the east bay
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valleys or south bay. temperatures in the napa valley, mid to low 50s and upper 50s where the cloud cover is more dominant. with the slower marine layer, less intense we could see temperatures jump 6-89 degrees by friday. hold mid to upper 80s inland and low 60s at the coast. hope you have a great day. here is frances. >> we're looking at a new suspension tower that will be put that place on the eastern span of the bay bridge. live shot, bay bridge right there is off in the distance. i checked with mike and acre and they say it didn't distract them when they were driving into san francisco and i talked to paul from, he was on the lower deck. drivers didn't slow down at all. bay bridge toll plaza which is delay free and looks like at this point that construction
4:53 am
will not distract drivers. teresa garcia will have a full report later. 680 in walnut creek, quiet start. as you connect on westbound 24 the connector ramp to northbound 13 sudden should be reopened by 5:00. find out the latest by going to thanks a lot. oakland homeowners can expect more for sewage after they approved a fee increase. more than 95,000 notices have gone out to east bay mud customers in oakland. increases mean owners of single family homes will pay 25.80 charge. others will pay more depending on their property size. rates will go up in subs
4:54 am
consequent years beginning in 2013. >> baby bottles and something you touch just about every day, high levels of the chemical business at the on until receipts in cash register receipts. >> shoppers almost get a receipt. a group found the bisphenol-a that was tested was 250 to one thousand times greater like baby bottles. at mcdonald's and safewith a way and the u.s. post office of handing on out receipts. >> we're not sure how much could come in through the skin. but this is something we should pay attention because data show that it goes into our bodies.
4:55 am
>> legislature is currently trying to ban the chemical from children's products. for the receipt they it is used to cook the thermal paper. >> it's impregnated with the bpa. >> american council says it contains low levels of bpa. in fighting the ban on baby products last had month the group cited other studies saying the chemical is fine. >> you have to look at the data collectively. >> companies like starbucks and other companies use bpa free paper. >> i'm really going to continue to wash may hands really good. i don't want to touch it after this because it's a shock to me. >> in looking at the cdc data
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they also found that workers handle receipts have 30% more bpa in their bodies than other adults. a man's purchase may have netted him a huge financial windfall. the old negative i was he bought may be some of the last work of famed work of ansel adams. it was thought to have lost in fire. a construction worker says he purchased them at a special garage sale ten years ago. a team of experts hired by lawyers shows it's strong evidence that it was indeed taken by adams. they include shots of yosemite and san francisco's fisherman's wharf. >> when i heard that $200 million, i got a little weak. >> not every one agrees these
4:57 am
are authentic. he says it's sketchy at best and he kept all his negatives in a bank vault after the fire. >> after hours of debate, they make two critical decisions about medical marijuana in richmond. that is just ahead at 5:00. >> tremendous address will be telling us more about the first section of the extension tower. >> new poll for public sup you want some fiber one honey clusters? yeah. you must really care about him. what? no, no. you gave him fiber. no she didn't.
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