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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  July 30, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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we continue to following developing news after an armed man walk too children's hospital in oakland and grabbed an employee. >> firefighters recently trained and ready to protect and serve are now ready to turn in their uniforms. i'm teresa garcia live in san jose. we're talking about layoffs and twilight hour. what will happen in the city? we'll explain just ahead. >> and more a hundred arrests with more than a billion dollars seized in california. >> here is a live look from mount tamalpais. cloud cover, a lot of mist to be found. i'll show you where with we'll get to the heat. no delays with live shot of
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bay bridge toll plaza but i am following an accident for drivers coming out of petaluma. an accident on lakeville road. details coming up. >> it is 6:00 a.m. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. let's begin with the latest on developing news in oakland where hospital employee is safe after a few horrifying minutes being held at gunpoint. the drama begin and ended inside the emergency room at children's hospital oakland. man surrendered quickly after police arrived on the scene around 3:20 this morning. employee was not hurt but it rattled many people who saw what happened. >> the person was brandishing a weapon and people come and go into hospitals but at this point in time, security did exactly what they needed to do. it was contained very quickly. >> right now oakland police haven't yet released the name of
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a man or whether he had any ties to children's hospital. he is being taken to another hospital for a mental evaluation. >> dozens of firefighters will begin turning in their gear in a few hours. their jobs are being cut and a fire station is being cut down to help the budget. teresa garcia is live in san jose with more. >> it is the twilight hour for those 51 firefighters who will begin showing up in waves the turn in their gear as they finish their shifts. it takes effect by august 1st. it will be a difficult day to have to bring that uniform, that safety gear and badge and say here you go after they finished so much training. it's not just the jobs being cut. you've got service reductions that will affect the public and fire department. warning signs have been posted on communications hill that informs residents of the upcoming closure. three other stations will be operating with reduced staff.
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they have been trying to balance the budget shortfall. firefighters did offer concessions, but the city says their proposal fell $6 million short so it decided to move forward with the 51 layoffs. union president calls eight dangerous policy and playing with public safety. >> those would have been eliminated but another fire engine farther away will come and i guarantee you, will ultimately result in some person being either injured more gravely or possibly dying or a house will burn more dramatically or completely. >> there is new model called dynamic deployment that puts resources where they are most likely needed. >> what it does it takes firefighters and says, you've got a hot spot here and bigger incident and it shifts them around.
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firefighters union and the city still trying to finalize a contract. if it all works out, firefighters could be re-hired. hayward police have now arrested a 178-year-old girl they say pulled the trigger in an execution style killing of two teenagers. they are not releasing the girl's name because of her age, she is accused of committing the murder with this man. it took place on may 9th. 18th-year-old boy and another boy was robbed and told to lie down. that is when the robbers opened fire. >> i feel really sad for that person.
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we're also very sad what happened to our kids because they were just kids. they were only 18 years old. >> and victims were best friends, they had just graduated from high school and were hoping to go to college. 21-year-old suspect could face the death penalty. no word on whether the 17-year-old suspect will be tried as an adult. >> tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary since three hikers were captured and detained by iran. rallies are being planned in several cities including san francisco to demonstrate support for them. the mothers of the three say the three were hiking along the iraq-iran border when they were captured. in may they are allowed to travel to iran to visit their children. >> we left on may 21, and we haven't heard anything since. no word, no access by the lawyer or the embassy.
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>> the three mothers are planning to attend tomorrow's rally in new york city. hear more from them on "good morning america." >> oakland school trustees is asking residents to pay hundreds of dollars more. they are putting $195 parcel tax to increase teacher salaries. that is on top of the $350 parcel tax the city council approved for the balloted this week that one would go to hiring more police officers. if those measures pass, property owners in oakland would have to pay an additional $555 annually. >> this morning, staggering numbers from a huge pot bust in northern california. nearly hundred people have been arrested for growing more than 1.7 billion, with a "b", dollars worth of marijuana. that was a remote sweep in several counties.
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authorities say most of those arrested are connected to mexican drug cartels. >> this is not casual marijuana users, this is organized crime. >> it was a tough one. >> they say 450 agents fanned out destroyed more than 432,000 marijuana plants during the three-week sweep. that is very dangerous duty because there is booby traps that might injure the agents as they come through. >> let's take a look at the weather forecast. every time, we talk about food. we've been down here for two hours. >> good morning to you.
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no matter how you slice it, the clouds and full of more moisture so expecting misty mornings through about 8:00. cloudy conditions and temperatures holding in the on a. by noon, sunshine just about everywhere except for san francisco and along the coast. for you in the upper 50s. low to mid 50s rpd l throughout the bay. by 4:00, sunshine throughout the bay and inland, warmest temperatures in the east bay valleys. >> upper 70s to low 80s. also in the south bay, mid to upper 50s throughout the bay. 58 in half moon bay and tea in san francisco. compared to 24 hours ago, oakland about one degree cooler, concord and san francisco the same. santa rosa, one to four degrees warmer. seven-day forecast, steady as she goes, giving way to bay area sunshine in the afternoon. coast will stay cloudy, noticed
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upper 70s around the bay and near 90 in the inland valleys. >> if you are traveling between petaluma and highway 37, i think you'll find some delays this morning. there san injury crash that blocking the southbound layup of lakeville road. one way traffic control in effect right now through the area. you'll need a little extra time and emergency crews are at the scene or not of highway 37. highway 37 is completely unaffected. on it is looking good across the golden gate bridge but drivers are warning of thick fog on highway 1 in pacifica. >> it is scattered but it is thick. >> just ahead, why the government is recalling frozen mice and why residents in the nation's capital don't call it d.c., call it dmv. we'll explain. >> and michael finney takes a
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[ male announc ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. good morning. it's 6:13 on this friday. you see the top of the bay bridge from this live picture from the embarcadero? >> just barely. >> and we got a lot of fog, drizzle out there. mike will tell us more coming up. >> this story, soon going to be lot more difficult for the power company to cut people off if they can't pay their bills. puc has voted to enact sweeping protections. customers will be given three months to pay before the power goes out and they cannot be required to pay a deposit for the utility and utilities can't
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shut off power to people with disabilities without first making a home visit. >> today the puc took a huge step for helping consumers to keep their lights on during the economic crisis. they put new rules in place that will give consumers more ways to pay their bills. disconnection spied statewide among low income residents in the bay area. of the major power companies, regulators says pg&e was the most likely to cut customers off. considering is,000 house fires because vents are clogged. there is new feature to some dry that helps. >> he'll never forget the phone call. >> a frantic phone call indicating that two daughters,
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kendall and jordan with were at the house and there was a fire. >> when he got to the house, he realized that gina was still inside. >> it was like a ton of bricks she was not out of the house. >> she never made it out. it started in a dryer went lint build up in the vent. there is a new feature, on some machines, it's a check vent indicator. manufacturers say they will sense if the dryer's vent is blocked. neither is calling eight safety feature. consumer reports tested to see if it could wleart you to a blocked dryer vent. >> we operated them with a lotto of wednesday clothes. >> turned out the results were inconsistent. the flow bar shows that the vent blocked. but other times, despite the fact that vent is completely blocked there is no signal at
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all and the dryer continues to run for more than an hour. >> so the vent indicators can't be relied upon. >> no matter what dryer you have use a metal dryer convenient and clean it regularly. >> if you are in the market, for a new dryer, one from lg is tops. dle 2701 and cost $11,000 and a kenmore lacks features some custom programming but does a great job at drying and costs far less, $500. there is nothing dry outside this morning. >> it's kind of misty outside. >> may take longer. here a look, as far as of the
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layer of clouds, as we see a beautiful sunrise, until then, low to mid-50s in most neighborhoods. upper 50s into san jose. cloudy conditions and a little mist and drizzle in the monterey bay and temperatures in the mid-50s. sunny around the bay. warmth will mainly stay confined to the east bay valleys, just like yesterday. clouds and drizzle is possible again tonight. then we'll have minimal warning as we head through the weekend. keep getting undercut by the strong sea breeze but as the low pressure starts to move more to the north. it's going to take the southwest flow that we're seeing above us and relax it. that has been keeping the marine layer so strong so as it relaxes we'll get slightly warmer weather especially away from the coast. for today, low to mid-70s around
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sunnyvale santa clara to upper 80s to low 80s in los gatos. only mid to upper 60s around millbrae and san mateo. pockets of sunshine likely around the coast, probably a little more than yesterday but still it's going to be cloudy today in the upper 50s. only upper 50s at your beaches. richmond and berkeley, low to mid-70s elsewhere. brentwood the warm spot at 90. mid to upper 80s around gilroy and slightly cooler a around the monterey bay, 76 at santa cruz. but sea breeze will keep carmel and pa assist i can grove in the mid-60s. cloud cover tonight, a little bit of mist is possible. low to mid 50s in most neighborhoods. napa could be cooler at 48
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degrees. accu-weather seven-day forecast, let me get of the way so you can see all seven days, and notice the morning clouds gives way to afternoon sunshine and temperatures will be upper 50s to low 60s. around the bay, 70s and inland, upper 80s to near 90 degrees. chp is on their way to two new accidents. one in san jose, southbound 101 approaching 880 but they are having a hard time finding. an injury has been reported. looks like it just cleared. but the second accident is in san bruno, on the connector to 101. they are sending emergency crews there, as well. better news for an earlier injury accident, it's been cleared. so lakeville road is now open.
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live camera shots for you, elsewhere, problem free on the east shore freeway. drive times is 19 minutes from the carquinez as you make your way down to the maze. bay bridge toll plaza, friday light. don't forget. we have critical mass bike ride at 6:00 and a lot of folks heading to the giants game. find out the latest by going to our website at it's under the bay area traffic link. >> it's 6:20 now. >> time for the morning's must reads a warning for people that have snakes. "new york times" reports on a salmonella outbreak traced to frozen mice. it made 400 people sick. they remind people after you handle the mice wash your hands. >> washington post reports on a
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nickname for the area around washington, d.c. someone it named to compete with the big apple or windy city. they have come up with dmv. supporters are mixed because the name is so new that people haven't heard of out. we've posted a link at our website. people are not sure if they are going to want to visit dmv. >> or you can run dmv. >> 6:21. so long, what is hot and what's not when it comes to breaking up. >> and extending 15 minutes of fafafafafafafafafafafafafafafafa the camera phone?
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welcome back. it's 6:24. it takes ten minutes to show off your guitar solo skills but youtube is giving you more time. they will let you upload videos up to 15 minutes long. youtube says the longer upload time is the single most requested feature. youtube is marking it with a 15 minutes of fame contest. when it comes to ending a relationship these days, apparently, e-mail is out. according to new book breakup 2.0. breaking up by e-mail was rare and mostly done by people over
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30. if you are going to break up. do a video. >> that is how young people talk. they don't see each other, they text back and forth. >> still ahead. a pint-sized problem, a ten-year-old boy that people say is burglarizing homes in palo alto. >> and some residents may have to wait a little longer as they wait for the fire department. that is because about four dozen firefighters are being laid off. we'll explain what happens next here in the city just ahead. >> plus, a court ruling coming today that could bring an end to the unofficial sickout by a.c. transit drivers that has frustrated drivers. >> and fast moving wildfire that that has pushed more than a thousand residents out of their home. >> a couple potential problems around airports. first at sfo, flight arrival delays of 45 minutes and flight departure delays out of newark.@
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. opening bell ringing on wall street. trading day is about to get underway. futures fell overnight after a report saying the economic recovery lost momentum. congress department says the gross domestic product slowed to 2.4% pace. we'll have a live view of what is going on in wall street in about 15 minutes from the new york stock exchanges. >> first san jose firefighters ever being laid off will hand in their gear in two hours from now. they are following victim to deep budget cuts today. teresa garcia is live in san jose with the very latest. >> it's an historical moment that never before the city's history have they had a load of
6:31 am
layoffs and station closures as firefighters will show up to the fire training center and turn in their badges and uniforms and safety gear. there are 51 of them losing their jobs. warning signs have been posted on communications hill informing residents of the upcoming closure. three other stations will be operating reduced staff and equipment. in order to balance the budget shortfall, san jose asked every employee union to give up wages and benefits to close the gap. they offered concessions like pay cuts and. >> they decided to move ahead with the layoffs. >> there will be many, many, many, emergencies that occur where will there be a delayed response, either immediately or subsequently depending on how big of a fire with multiple casualties, multiple patients.
6:32 am
>> having a place for kids to go and help avoid gangs is important part for public safety and our community is not willing to close libraries to avoid these cuts. it has led to the cuts in police and fire, there is dynamic deployment plan, allowing the fire department to shift firefighters wherever they are needed most. they responded 80,000 instruments last year. there is a chance firefighters could be re-hired but it depends on an agreement with financial concessions. developing news, oakland children's hospital is back open after police arrested a gunman who walk into the emergency room overnight and briefly took an employee hostage at gunpoint. police arrived within minutes and surrounded the hospital at martin luther king and 52nd
6:33 am
street. man surrendered immediately and nobody was hurt but he rattled nerves. detectives have not figured out why the man grabbed the employee. hospital officials say there is no connection between the employee and suspect. police took the man to another hospital for a mental invasion. >> hayward police have made a second arrest in the murder of two men. latest arrests is a 17-year-old girl who police say pulled the trigger after she and 21-year-old man robbed them. police are not identifying her because she is under age. crime happened in the early morning hours of may 9th. investigators say the two were robbed and shot in the back execution trial. >> only indications is that both men were complying with what they were told to do by the robbers and for whatever reason they opened fire as they lay on
6:34 am
the ground. >> victims were best friends and not involved with any drugs. or gangs. they had just graduated from high school and planning to go to college. >> palo alto police hope you might recognize a man that has been breaking into houses and stealing items with the help of a young boy. they came up with this sketch of a man after two attempted break-ins. a resident that confronted the boy inside their home provided a description of a man in his 20s that appeared to be waiting outside for the chide. it comes after palo alto police arrested a boy suspected of stealing from garages. >> budget cuts will force vallejo police surgeon two important parts of the crime fighting arsenal. they will eliminate their s.w.a.t. team and canine unit. police dogs play a vital role in death toll situations but it
6:35 am
comes with a high price tag. >> we get a lot more complaints but peaceful complaints with dog. people don't want to fight the dog at all. >> they are expensive, monthly training where officers aren't on the street because they have to train with the option. these cuts come after vallejo has closed fire stations and slashed 63 positions from the police department to deal with the financial crisis. a.c. transit and union will face off in court today over a labor despite that could delay commuters again today. a higher than usual percentage of drivers have been calling out sick for two weeks now after the transit agency imposed a new contract. it's forced a.c. transit to reduce service leaving riders stranded. they are trying to close the budget deficit. within the last 30 minutes, alameda county firefighters announced that a local strike
6:36 am
team is now help battle a wildfire in northern los angeles county, a fire that has already forced more than 2,000 people to evacuate. crown fire is tljt homes west of palmdale. this fire started yesterday afternoon and quickly spread to more than seven square miles. at least three structures have been destroyed. 600 firefighters are on the scene. >> farther north in kern county, good weather helped firefighters build containment lines that started earlier this week. about 150 residents still remain evacuated and a fire in the sequoia national forest is 20% contained after burning 25 square miles and eight homes there. >> weather hasn't been helping out very much. it's 6:36, what is the situation firefighters facing today. >> it's going to face hotter
6:37 am
temperatures than yesterday. as they reach hundred decrease there in the southern parts of the central valley and into the angeles national forest. winds are going to pick up about 20-25 miles an hour. back here at home, notice how damp it is, cloud cover and a lot more mist to be found this morning. then it will dry and still left with cloudy conditions and temperatures in the 50s. by noon, clouds are pulling to the coast and to a lesser extent around oakland and richmond. mid to upper 50s for the rest of bay and low to mid-70s inland. by 4:00, heat is taking over the east bay valleys more than anywhere else. temperatures in the 70s to near 80 degrees. mid to upper 50s around the bay but only upper 50s to low 60s around half moon bay and into san francisco. seven-day forecast, looking at
6:38 am
temperatures along coast with clouds dominating your neighborhoods in the upper 50s to low 60s. around the bay, afternoon sunshine, mid to upper 70s and inland neighbors, pretty close to average near 90. >> new accident just reported in san francisco, south of market area near the ballpark, apparently on second and townsend, they are sending emergency crews there, it involves a beer truck and apparently someone is trapped in the car. live shot of 101 ride on peninsula. traffic is fine on 101 but getting there, an earlier injury accident so eastbound 380 might be a little slow for you this morning. check out the golden gate bridge where commuters have a pretty good ride. you see the low clouds in the distance. look out for thick fog. chp is warning drivers in pacifica and highway 1, so be
6:39 am
extra careful. bay bridge toll plaza, friday light, no delays. in south bay, things are going well. in fact no problems right now in the south bay. >> thank you very much. our time is 6:39. >> big changes coming to one of america's most popular reality tv shows. >> and police, how people are losing weight with drugs normally used to treat addiction. >> and trading away -- we have a live report coming from the new york stock exchange. dow down 114 points right now. >> and freeway accident right below a local tea party demonstration, concern from protestors that it turned nasty once theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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an the state today, we'll start at the coast where we have cloudy conditions and 62 in eureka but heat moving through the central valley. to 98 in fresno, up in the sierra, sunshine all weekend and near 80 in tahoe. down across southern california, l.a., it will be a nice sunny weekend. morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. >> thanks a lot. oakland school district has rescued seven childhood development centers from closing. they were expected to closed to but the school board last night decided to use $400,000 in stimulus funds to safe the program for now. it will serve 700 children through august. >> in another move the school board voted to put a $195 parcel
6:44 am
tax on the ballot. money would be used to give teachers a pay raise. >> demolition begins on terminal "c" at mineta. passengers now catch flights at terminal bms or renovated terminal "a". it will take two months to level terminal "c" and parking lot will start in october. >> your socks will determine how you feel about the economy. >> an about-face by facebook, bloomberg's joins us live with the stock exchange. good morning, courtney. >> good morning. women are more upbeat about outlook than men. of you% of women are optimistic about financial situation compared to 62% for men.
6:45 am
but optimism has been dropping. they say the economy is still long way from hitting bottom. economic growth, government report out this morning, showing second quarter growth lower than forecast. that is definitely putting a dent on trading. dow and s&p 500 and nasdaq is all down. bloomberg silicon index also lower along with the market. on facebook, they are going to sell stocks to the public for two years. it will be publicly traded company next year. so it will be the same facebook but growing the company without all the extra scrutiny that comes with a publicly traded company.
6:46 am
that is business news, bloomberg news. >> it is now 6:46. this morning, ninth district court of appeals will expedite a hearing to lift a ban on controversial immigration law. while officials wait, hundreds of people turned out for rallies both for and against. cecilia vega has more from both sides and ugly moment had thought our cameras had stopped rolling. >> one side calls it a racist law, sb 1070 officially took effect, hundreds cheered the fact that most of its controversial points are now on hold. >> some of the more racist facts
6:47 am
of the law, racial profiling. >> on the other side and across the bay in pleasanton, protestors say they of unfairly been labeled racist because they support arizona's law and they want to see the same in california. >> i'm a racist because i have an opinion contrary to theirs on the immigration issue. >> many others of minutemen and tea party activists state debate is not about race, it's about fairness. when you interview some, the conversation changed. on the freeway below, the driver appeared to be latino, that sparked a round of jokes about his immigration status. another woman lodged this complaint.
6:48 am
>> around the bay area and around the country, debate is heated. arizona officials filed an appeal of the ruling with the federal appeals court in san francisco. its case and a controversy that tha appears to be headed all the way to supreme court. cecilia vega, "abc 7 news." >> we told you drastic changes are coming to american idol and details the of the shakeup aimed at improving the show. unconfirmed word is that ellen degeneres is out as one season is out and jennifer lopez is in. she once served an idol mentor. she god got reviews.
6:49 am
ellen degeneres sez she had trouble with the fact she had to hurt a contestant's feeling while critiquing their performance. >> 6:49. how about a look at the forecast. >> take a look outside and show you how cloudy it is from vollmer peak as cascading clouds where there a lot of mist. fog is thicker around the bay and clouds more dense this morning. here is a look at our temperatures, still all in the 50s. same thing around the monterey bay, a little closer, everyone around 54 or 55 or 57 there. sunshine around the bay but the bulk of the warmth will stay in the east bay valleys just like yesterday.
6:50 am
>> look at the clouds to roll back to the east and we'll see a minimal warming trend around the bay but probably not the coast. one degree cooler in oakland. redwood city one, santa rosa should see a two and four degree jump over yesterday. here is a look at cloud cover, all of us is dealing with it. and then the slow erosion through the east bay valleys and then to the south bay. then by noon, mainly san francisco coverage to a lesser extent, oakland, berkeley and coast socked in with clouds. by 1:00, everybody is out of the clouds except for the coast where you'll stay in the 50s. bulk of the 80s in the east bay valleys. mid to upper 80s to brentwood at 90. breeze will keep richmond and berkeley, breeze coming off the bay mid to upper 60s. down around the south about a, northerly breeze so sunnyvale in
6:51 am
the low 70s with mid-70s in no, sir neighborhoods and low 80s around los gatos. sunshine will dominate but i had 60s around san mateo and low to mid-70s elsewhere. downtown san francisco in the low 60s and mid to 70s in north bay valleys and cloudy and upper 50s. santa cruz and watsonville in low to mid-70s. morgan hill and gilroy, mid to upper 80s for you. dodgers, first pitch, 64 degrees at at&t park dropping down to around 59. seven-day forecast, look for morning clouds to retreat to the coast by the afternoon. that will keep the coast in the mid 50s to low 60s throughout the accu-weather seven-day forecast. we'll be in the mid to upper 70s around the bay and flirt with 90s in the inland valleys.
6:52 am
we'll head back to san francisco south of markets where an accident and injury crash has been reported at second street and townsend. there might be lane blockages and fire department said it was already cleared. just a heads up. it could still be out there. you may want to consider brannon as an alternate or third. a.c. transit riders look for possible delays again today, especially for transbay buses in the afternoon due to the continuing labor dispute. other mass transit systems reporting no delays. slowest spot, westbound 4 out of antioch to lone tree, nine miles and 22 minutes out to 242. 680 in walnut creek, flowing well here. southbound toward highway 24. at the bay bridge total plaza, we've got friday light traffic but there could be delays later on due the giants game.
6:53 am
critical mass bike ride tonight at 6:00 in san francisco. a san diego boy has died of whooping cough. it's the seventh in the state. others were infants, as well. 1500 californians have come down with whooping cough. very young are most at risk. they have reiterated their calls that anyone in contact with infants to get vaccinated. >> many people are taking advantage of free clinics in concord. >> my daughter ended up getting whooping cough. i want people to get vaccinated. >> she is three and a half. she was district of columbia on the 4th of july. but we caught it early enough and she didn't have any symptoms and she is fine. >> whooping cough is highly
6:54 am
contagious and mimics the symptoms of a common cold but followed by severe coughing fits. >> there is emerging research that anti-addiction drugs are helping people lose weight. they looked at two drugs, one that is commonly used to treat alcoholics and heroin addicts and anti-smoking drug. improved diet and exercise for a year lost 8% of their body weight compared to 1.3% lost for those that use diet and exercise alone. recapping top stories, in about hour and a half, dozens of laid off firefighters will begin turning in their gear. >> teresa garcia is there live with the impact on public safety. >> it has is city residents certainly on edge, 51 firefighters at the end of the
6:55 am
shift will be showing up in waves, at the fire training center turning in uniforms and safety gear. warning signs have been posted outside fire station 33. it's informing residents of the upcoming closure and 300 stations operating reduced staff and equipment and hits an historical moment never before the city's history has there been such closures and cuts. it's to balance the $118 million budget shortfall. san jose was asking every employee union to give up wages and benefits to close the gap. firefighters did offer concessions, like pay cuts and more pension payments but the city says the firefighters' proposal falls $6 million short so it decided to move forward with those 51 layoffs. what it's going to do, they are going to use on a dynamic deployment plan that allows them to shift firefighters around wherever they are needed. so the residents should be
6:56 am
protected but the response time may increase a little bit. firefighters could be offered their jobs back if there an agreement reached with enough financial concessions. teresa garcia, "abc 7 news." checking other top stories this morning, an month employee unarmed after being held at gunpoint inside the emergency room at children's hospital. the gunman surrendered moments after the officers arrived. he was taken to another hospital for a mental health invasion. >> a.c. transit and drivers will face off in a courtroom over the contract the district imposed on employees. many drivers are calling in sick after the new rules went into effect. >> final check on weather and traffic and think the fog is thicker out there? >> it probably is. and flight arrival delays up to 45 minutes. sfo still mist to be found around the area through about 8:00. temperatures in the low to mid-50s. novato, 54.
6:57 am
same thing with pleasanton along with los gatos and we have about 58 in san jose. accu-weather seven-day forecast, afternoon sunshine everywhere fep except for the coast and temperatures pretty close to today. >> live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, friday light traffic. there is a critical mass at 6:00 and giants game so we could see delays. golden gate bridge you might find some fog. look out for very thick fog in daly city and chp has issued a fog advisory for highway 1 and skyline boulevard. even though we had a few accidents and stalls this morning, traffic is looking pretty good. transit systems reporting on time but watch out for those a.c. transit delays. >> thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news.
6:58 am
>> we'll be back with a local update
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