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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  August 19, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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and cheese ball, someone or something that lacks taste, style or originality. i've been called that a few times. >> don't look at tonight on "world news," osing ground. new unemployment claims spike. stocks sink. spike.or an economic recovery appear more fragile than ever. >> coming home, the last brigade brigadeut of iraq. families are overjoyed, but what are we leaving behind? >> roger clemens indicted. the superstar pitcher, the the superstar rocket, charged with lying to akingess about taking steroids. the rowing threat, the egg recall expands. more people sick, more brands volved.d. and love test, the brain scans that can show if couples are really in love. show ifu take the test? this couple did.
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good evening. day fullen a day full of unhappy surprises on the job on the rn thatn that half a million americans filed new unemployment laims last week. the highest number since never. a key member of manufacturing schank sclarng to its highest level in a year, and the overall economy will grow at half the rate they expected last summer. those reports those reports helped push the dow sharply lower, and president denta responded pushing congress for legislation to get small businesses hiring again. ses going like everything we saw today was going in the wrong direction. today >> it really is another sign of direction. how weak this economy still is. his is the third week in a row that unemployment rates have shot up. ompanies arepanies are not pick up the hiring, and worse, the ended. haven't ended.
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today's jobless claim numbers today's job are a major surprise and major disappointment to those who thought the economy was turning around. e they indeumbers are important he ecoe they indicate the rate ff growth in the economy and weakening and the rate of growth is now insufficient to keep it from rising. >> the president acknowledged concern with the new numbers. > this morning's news that unemployment claims rose again, compels us to act. >> just last spring, the obama administration was assuring the >> the theany the recovery in the job market was under way. r way.s is the fifth month in a row we have seen job gains. row we h >> today's report found unemp y filing for benkers are filing ince last fs at a pace not seen since last fall when the economy was shedding hundreds of hundreds o thousands of jobs a month. >> the economy ebbs and flows. his recent slow-down is making nervous,s, primarily because ause conomy coming into this is already very weak. al >> many economists had hoped job
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obcovery would be fueled by ld be businesses, but just this ust thihe labor department reported that small businesses reported that accounted for more than 60% of ll recent job losses. ness ins a7-11 in massapequa, new york. usually every summer, i hire two or three extra people. the business is not there. >> the president is pushing a bill stalled in the senate that is designed to help people like pat by offered tax breaks and reaks ands, but few believe all beliesy answers at this point. >> you have to look forward. nswers don't as a business s ner, it will beat you. >> you mentioned the report out of the cbo earlier today. earlier toda just a few hours ago, jp morgan pnd chase lowered their forecast for gdp growth for the rest of the year. lowers their did that a few weeks ago. there's clearly pessimism out here. >> thanks. next next, a watershed after 7 1/2 in s of war in iraq. s we first reported last night, u.s.ast u.s. combat brigade has
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eft the country, ushering in what the pentagon calls operation new dawn. 50,000 american troops are now ion new dawnd but in a new role with new challenges. martha raddatz has covered the martha raddatztart. coveporter: by the thousands, they rolled through iraq's desert. >> we're going home. throug desert,rter: jubilant soldiers from the 4th stryker brigade er ond infantry division heading br for kuwait, heading for home. >> we're driving out of iraq, we're leaving. >> this is the last time we'll e in iraq. >> hopefully i never come back hopeful >> so many of the troops and others have made multiple trips >> so many of to iraq. others have ma we have been with them through th the nearly eight years. charliee see the charlie company truck rode down the road to us, four flat tires. engine on fire. incredible.lies are incredible.
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i mean, they have really -- they have gone through an awful lot. i told my wife i wouldn't do this. >> reporter: more than 4,400 troops have been killed in iraq, nearly 32,000 wounded. influx of forces ux of forces in iraq, the surge, things began to turn around. do you believe you're going to get out of here some day? > i'm hoping. >> reporter: general ray odierno >> ms made that happen. remain, is by no means over. 50,000 troops will remain, and while they're not called combat advisi, they will be advising .nd assisting iraqi forces. meaning that combat may well be part of their role. but it is the iraqis who will
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take the lead throughout iraq, which is what the u.s. will be carefully watching. as for those u.s. soldiers who have now left iraq, they could very well end up in afghanistan some day. george. >> okay, martha, thanks. so the fighting is not over for all the soldiers, but today, we also the saw some from the final brigade welcomed home. the happy reunions happened in ft. lewis in washington state, and neal karlinsky was there. >> reporter: for the last combat brigade in iraq, this is what the end of a long, deadly war looks like. for these families, the war in iraq has felt like a lifetime, and in some cases, it really has been. a lifetime measured in children who weren't yet born when their parents went off to war. this soldier's kids greeted him with a huge necklace of his favorite candy. how does it feel? >> there's not enough words to express the feeling i have right 93 now to be home, and i thank
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god and just praise him that we all made it home safe. >> it's been seven grueling years of war. thousands of troops called to serve three, even four times. this unit wasn't called up until thesurge in 2007, but faced some of the heaviest fighting. and they were extended when they thought they were coming home and deployed again. not far from this gym is the only reminder anyone needs of what they have been through. the 4th brigade's memorial to the 38 soldiers who never made it home. after all these years, was iraq worth it? >> i think so. i think the iraqi people are better off in the long run. >> angie summerall flew in from mississippi to welcome her son home, and she said hard as it is as a mother to send her son off to war, she would go through it all again. >> absolutely. this is america. you have to fight for your freedom. >> reporter: there is so much to catch up on. those families told us they want to get home and get to know each other again.
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as for what is next, no one here really feels like this is the end, more like just a break, and as martha reported, they're f l fully aware that afghanistan could be next. george? >> but a good day today. thanks very much. baseball steroid scandal rocketed back in the headlines today as roger clemens was indi indicted. he's charged with lying to congress when he denied ever using steroids at the high profile hearings two years ago. pierre thomas has the story. >> reporter: today, federal prosecutors call the pitching great roger clemens a liar. and issued clemens' dramatic testimony before congress in 2008 where he adamant lad denied using performance enhancing drus. >> i have been accused of something i'm not guilty of. i have never taken steroids or hgh. >> his former trainer told congress the exact opposite. >> make no mistake, when i told senator mitchell i injected
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roger clemens with performance enhancing drugs, i told the truth. >> reporter: somebody was lying. today, the government took mcnamee's side. a former federal prosecutor said the government better have some hard evidence to prove its case. >> you cannot charge and expect to convince a jury that a person lied if it's just one person's word against another. there needs to be something more in the way of either physical evidence, perhaps a syringe that has both clemens' dna and steroid residue in it. >> prosecutors didn't say whether they have dna evidence, but sources say the fbi has aggressively sought it. tonight, clemens sent out a message on twitter saying he never used steroids and denying that he lied to congress. he's vowing to foyt in court. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. the united nations held an emergency meeting today about getting more aid to the victims of the epic floods in pakistan. 20 million people need help, and secretary of state hillary clinton said the u.s. is raising
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its total donations to $150 million. we report from pakistan ow how the disaster is spreading one family at a time. >> reporter: while the death toll is low now, the rest is to come. you can see the fear in the faces of the kahn family. bashir takes us to his new home. his wife nurses their 1 1/2-month-old daughter. she won't even accept my milk, she says, she won't eat. she explains they had no idea about the power of the flood waters. they thought they could go back home the next day. they don't know when or where they next meal is going to come from. that's why they're relying on private individuals for the basic supplies like food and water. that hunger could lead to violence and the sickness doctors see today could turn deadly. if we don't get the medicine we need, this doctor says, caholer will take over. the khans said all they have is their faith. we will rebuild our lives, they said.
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and still ahead on "world news," egg danger. with hundreds of millions of eggs recalled and more states effected, our dr. richard besser is here with what you need to know. for-profit colleges, their popularity is on the rise, but are students always getting what they bargain for? >> true love, is the secret to finding your one and only not in your heart but in your brain? at purina one, we want your dog to be as healthy as possible. so, we set out to discover the science in some of nature's best ingredients. we created purina one with smartblend. new, delicious shredded morsels and crunchy bites, with real meat, wholesome grains and antioxidants, for strong muscles, vital energy, a healthy immune system, and a real difference in your dog. purina one improved with smartblend.
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the salmonella outbreak we reported on last night has now spread to ten states, leading to the recall of more than 380 million eggs. federal health officials say more than 200,000 people have been affected by bad eggs and thousands more are likely to get sick. we'll talk to dr. besser, but first, david wright has the first report from victims of the outbreak. >> reporter: already, wright county egg is facing lawsuits from the outbreak. the first one brought by tanya of cinosia, wisconsin, who got salmonella from a cobb salad she ate last july. >> cold, hot, fever, you name it, i had it. >> >> reporter: and the number of people getting ill -- >> the fever was bad. i lost almost 25 pounds. >> i woke up in the middle of the night. >> reporter: today, the cdc said
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nearly 2,000 illnesses across the country may be linked to the outbreak. even after three of its farms were flagged for salmonella, wright county continued shipping eggs from their other farms in galt, iowa. only last night were they added to the recall. 100 million more eggs. thousands of them packages and shipped after the initial recall. at first, the recall was limited to eggs stamped at the end here with 1026, 1413, or 1946. indicating the plants where the outbreak started. as of today, the fda has added the two additional plants. >> consumers should also not eat eggs stamped 1720, 1942, 1951, 1686, or 1091. >> why did it take so long before we discovered that there was this widespread contamination problem? >> industry watch dogs say the government has been slow to act on food safety. and that has put americans at
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risk. david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> and dr. richard besser is here. and you have been on the phone with cdc investigators. all day, their concern has not gone down. >> i spoke of the head of the investigation for cdc. he's very concerned. ch he expects as more states look, they're going to find cases. as every case that is found, they estimate their there's an additional 30 cases that haven't been treated. >> this is a way to show that they need to find a new way to handle eggs. >> they have never inspected egg farms before because there were no regulations for the producers. >> never? >> never, unless there was an outbreak. now they're starting inspections of the large producers. >> and finally for everyone at home, you said it last night, check the cartons. >> right, if you checked them yesterday, you have to check them again. >> okay, thanks very much. and you can find the latest list of the recalled egg numbers and plant lists on our website.
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will help improve your lung function for better breathing. get your first full prescription free and save on refills. now an abc news investigation into how the popular for-profit colleges pitch their program to new students. enrollment in the schools has jumped to nearly 2 million in recent years but a new report says recruiters at many of the colleges are misleading student
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about what their degrees may be worth in the job market. we caught one recruiter in the act. >> this is a news producer posing as a perspective student at the country's largest for-profit college. he says he wants to be a teacher. the recruiter says if he gets a degree and does some student teachi teaching, he'll be set. >> i can go to the university, do my voucher's degree, and i can go back to texas or new york and sit for those exams and once i finish those exams, i can teach. >> yes. that is true. >> reporter: but it's not true. having that degree alone, even if you pass the teaching tests. won't guarantee he can teach in those states. and recently, the government accountability office sent undercover investigators to 15 for-profit schools across the country and found that all of them were misleading students.
5:51 pm
>> some students are making $700, $800 a day. >> i think maybe the whole orchard is condameinated. there is a systemic problem with the system itself that needs to be addressed. >> reporter: but misleading isn't the worst of it says steve. >> these companies are marketing machines masquerading as universities. >> at a conference in new york, he said the real problem is students who get over $22 billion in federal aid to taernd these schools are defaulting on their student loans at an alarmingerate. in part because they seem to recruit anyone, like benson rollins who lives in a homeless shelter in cleveland, where last year, he met two recruiters from the university of phoenix who pitched him and two other homeless men on an educate that would have put them in debt about $15,000. but he refused. >> it seemed like it was too
5:52 pm
much all about money instead of helping someone get an education. >> never was acceptability. those schools who did it were wrong. >> harold miller said even though these schools provide at important role by provided higher education to students who wouldn't normally get a degree, he admits the recruiting process at many for-profit schools should be changed. >> we should not have a situation where that many bad occurrences are being visible. >> you got caught. >> no, there are always problems. there are problems in traditiontradition al schools as will. >> 15 for 15. you get the government money. why don't you give some back to the people who have been stuck after your improbable solicitations. >> it's something we're going look at. >> look at what? you don't have anything on that. what do you have? >> nothing. >> that doesn't solve the problems now. chris cuomo, abc news, new york. and here is something you don't see every day, an hour-long car chase that ends on
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an airport runway. dallas police were in pursuit of a suspected car jacker when the pickup truck crashed through a truck at love field. the airport was closed before the suspect was finally stopped and arrested. still ahead, is this your brain in love? a test to find out if your loves brain in love? a test to find out if your loves is true. s workday. 9 to 5? try 5 to 9... everyday. that's why roger needs the ford f-150. it's the only truck that can keep up with him. best-in-class towing and payload, and now, best-in-class residual value. course, roger would never sell his f-150, even if he had the time. anncr: hurry in now and get a built-ford-tough f-150 with 0% financing for sixty months. mike rowe: remember roger and that f-150? yeah, they're gone. there's oil out there we've got to capture. my job is to hunt it down. i'm fred lemond, and i'm in charge of bp's efforts to remove oil from these waters. bp has taken full responsibility
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for the cleanup and that includes keeping you informed. you may have heard that oil is no longer flowing into the gulf, but our spotter planes and helicopters will keep searching for any oil. we use satellite images, infrared and thermal photography to map and target the oil. we're finding less oil every day, but we've still got thousands of vessels ready to clean it up. local shrimp and fishing boats, organized into task forces and strike teams. plus, specialized skimmers from around the world. we've skimmed over 35 million gallons of oil/water mixture and removed millions more with other methods. i grew up on the gulf coast and i love these waters. as long as there's oil out there that could make it ashore, i'm gonna do everything i can to stop it. bp's commitment is that we will see this through. and we'll be here as long as it takes to clean up the gulf.
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finally tonight, putting love to the test. you can say you love someone with all your heart and believe it with all your soul, but could a brain scan tell the real story? cynthia mcfadden goes through the mystery of love with one brave and adventurous couple. reporter: is it possible to prove if you're really in love? according to anthropologist dr. helen fisher, the answer is yes. >> i decided if i looked into the brain, i could perhaps find out what's going on when people are feeling that intense rush of romantic love. >> reporter: alana and mike clear felt euphorically in love at their 2008 wedding but were alarmed to hear that 50% of marriages end in divorce. would theirs be one of them? >> i kind of wanted to find out at the beginning of our
5:57 pm
adventure together whether or not we were right for each other. >> reporter: mike proposed a radical idea, they would put their young love under a extreme test to see if it would survive. >> okay. we're going to quit our jobs. >> reporter: they set out on a motorcycle trip down the longest highway in the world, eight and a half months, side by side. dr. fisher would test them both before and after the trip. dr. fisher says she has had people say they were in love, only to have their brains say otherwise. would mike and alana's brains betray them? take a look at their brains before the trip. the illuminated area here in the romantic love center is glowing like a christmas tree. and after the trip, alana's still is. but mike's scans show deep attachment to his wife, romantic love for her has virtually disappeared. might all this science ruin the mystery of love? >> yeah, it's about like the groucho marx quote on comedy that comedy is like a frog, if
5:58 pm
you dissect it, it dies. >> reporter: mike and alana say they are still very much in love, test or no test, even if their brains disagree with their hearts, at least for now. cynthia mcfadden, abc news, new york. >> i believe they're going to make it. you can see the whole story and a whole lot more about who we love and why on a special edition of "nightline" at 10:00 eastern. that is "world news" for this thursday. i'm george stephanopoulos. for diane sawyer and all of us at abc news, have a great night. i'll see you tomorrow on "gma." a hijacking threat triggers a day-long drama. tonight a mystery couple taken away in handcuff autos and live in a major meth and cocaine operation uncovered tonight. why it would be the work of a
5:59 pm
mexican drug cartel. >> a discouraging report on bay area real estate. why home sales have sunk to the lowest levels in years. >> from abc 7 news i team tonight issue of race. and sfpd video gate scandal. an officer and her lawyer reduced to tears. american airlines flight 24 to new york stit sitting on the tarmac today with dozens of passengers on board. their flight delayed for hours because of a hijacking threat turned out to be a false farm. >> -- aharm. >> they took the threat very seriously. that flaen, for hours was ice yol yaited in a corner of the airport. passengers removed and forced to go through security again. and a pakistani couple was taken from the plane, by police in, handcuffs. vick, what more do you know?


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