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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  November 4, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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leads david harmer by 134 votes. unless, you ask jerry mcnerny. >> up by 238 votes sox we've gained in the last couple day autos and the number comes from calling election offices at individual counties that makeup the 11th congressional district. and david harmer believes he'll retake the lead. >> the number are in the areas where performance was strong. >> neither knows where the bulk is coming from. election offices don't break out ballots by congressional district. contra costa county clerk gave us a guess in his county the number of uncounted ballots is somewhere around 20,000. >> we're not going know results for this until at least wednesday of next week. if it's close werns of next week, after thanksgiving. >> so both candidates under limbo. >> this is frustrating. you've got to stay strong and have faith.
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and this comes through. >> it's uncomfortable. our view is that we will gratefully accept the verdict of the voter autos yesterday, david harmer sent this e mail, saying as a 4:09 a.m. pacific time, we led by 23 votes, then, in the preliminary final count, the incumbents jump add head f that sounds suspicious, it s we have reason for serious concern about the integrity of the count and the security of the ballots in areas. >> what have you heard? what instances can you say that you're concerned about? >> malt functioning voting machines and we've had people to forward those to property authorities. >> beyond that, harmer does not have an example. >> we think there is hanky-panky? of course not that. is not what i said.
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i said there are concerns. of course i do. we're going to make sure votes are counted. >> county clerk says he hasn't heard of a single complaint that would justify the concern for the integrity of the vote count. attempting to raise fears it won't be the firms it has been used to motivate supporters. e mail did go out as a pitch for campaign contribution autos interesting. we shall see. >> and there is from oakland city, other local contests that remain undecided former state president holds a clear lead over council members but this is a ranked choice election that will now decided by tomorrow afternoon by second, and third choices on ballot. three races are close and district 10 fewer than 200 top
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candidates. anyone could come out on top. and in san jose, javier campos leads the district by 150 votes over corasco. >> the big political question in the city tonight is who will be the next mayor. gavin newsom with a year left on his term. the maneuvering is well underway. and there is a look who is doing that maneuver. >> all you need is to be a resident of san francisco, 21 years old, able to convince at least six members to vote for you. whoever gets to fill out the mayor's term would presumably have a leg up for the next mayoral election in november, 2011. that has said off a feeding frenzy. one said to baseball world series is over and world series of politics has just
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begun. >> a junkie like me in the world of politics? this is heaven. >> the former mayor willie brown is talking about the drama at city hall. now that gavin newsom has been elected he'll fleed january. with nearly a year left on his term. the president of the board of supervisors will fill in. until his colleagues vote for. >> everybody is in the mix. former elected owe fishes, current elected officials, members of the state asem blismt members of the board of superviseors. you. >> political consultant alex clemens took part in a seminar today. a mayoral vacancy occurred only once before, under tragic circumstances. >> both mayor mosconi and supervisor harvey milk have been shot and killed. >> the board president dianne
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feinstein became mayor there. is speculation former supervisor has the six votes needed to get the job. he says he doesn't want it. >> i support tim lincecum for mayor. i think that he is -- he is a freak we might need. >> former mayor brown says he's been approach bid many who want him to step in. >> are you persuing it? >> no. no. i'm not pursuing anything or anyone. >> the supervisor sophie maxwell beliefs a care taker type should be selected. >> should be someone that will not run for mayor. >> will she get a say? maxwell is among four who are termed out of office. they could vote before the new board takes over in january. the mayor has hinted he might try to delay his swearing in until the old board is officially out. today said his main folk jus making the process transparent. >> because i don't want to see
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the people of vacation on san francisco politics and back room deals. people changing one position for another. and those are a lot of rumors that are not just rumors. i know conversations are taking place. it's not this city. >> and this is city attorney will not be giving legal advice. because herera is running for mayor next year. counsel from santa clara county makes -- takes on that roll for the city. >> it will be interesting. thank you very much. and this family of oscar ground is upset about a statement in los angeles. mehserle convicted in july of involuntary man slaughter in the shooting death of oscar grant. today, grant's uncle appeared on 7 live. he said now, they only have five seats in court instead of eight, only three instead of
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six relatives can give statements tomorrow. >> for whatever reason the judge made the decision that only my sister, wabda, oscar's fiancee and myself will be allowed to give statements. >> and mehserle faces up to 14 years in prison. legal experts believe the sentence here is unlikely. mehserle says he mistakenly grabbed his gun in trying to subdue grant new year's day, 2009. >> preparations underway in downtown oakland right now in case there is any civil unrest following that sentencing. business owners working to protect their store fronts. and what police had to say about potential for problems. >> carolyn this is where only preplanned event is taking
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place tomorrow. there is a gathering organization nizers expecting between 1,000 and 2,000 people. police say they're not expecting large crowds we've seen in july. and they're preparing for the worst-case scenario. this was the scene of rioting and looting in ju. former bart officer was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for sentencing tomorrow, police say all officers will be on duty. and outside agencies will be ready to jump in if help is needed. >> we're not getting a sense of unity or intelligence we're going to have. and however, we're prepared for worst case scenario. >> as far as we're concerned the verdict was a slap on the wrist. >> cat brooks is organizing the event and says people feel the need to come together to show both solidarity and if, need be defiance. >> the anger is rightis.
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the way to prevent that is a change of system. >> there is police encouraging businesses to stay open. some hung grant's picture in the window shopping that might keep the store front safe. others are boarded up. even this oakland police office. many dusting off the plywood used for the verdict. it's a measure business owners say they feel they have to take. >> there is broken window autos other option is to do what cat does. stand outside her shop all night long. >> it's hell. >> police say they're ready. pro testers say they are, too. >> you'll know knot see a lot of police officers on the front lines. and we don't want to cause problem autos i think this depends on how the police choose to handle this
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situation. there is a saying people don't start riots. police do. >> the event starts at 2:00 in the afternoon this, will be a live art program. people can make dedications in honor of grant there. will be a rally from 4:00 to 6:00. after 6:00 the group is headed to a park in west oakland. they'll continue the gathering there. >> thank you. and from oakland city leaders thanking voters for passing a measure preventing more cuts. today oakland city council woman jane breuner and city administrator said no police officers will be laid off. they say if they bur bb failed, 122 officer woz have lost jobs and say oakland can focus on the community. >> it brings back problem solving officers. into the neighborhood so we can try to put back community policing. i'm not sure we've done knit
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the city the way it's supposed to be done. >> the city administrator says there are 671 oakland officer autos and still ahead here tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 a bay area murder mystery. the death of a san francisco socialite. her family sits down for an interview with vic lee. >> a set back for north bay commuters. a proposed system coming up $300 million short. >> a new hardwood floor has something hatching inside. i'm michael finney. ahead on 7 on your side, unpleasant surprise that crawled out four years later. >> and images of heartly two. >> and images of heartly two. nasa's deep space fly by of a
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. the rail line is facing major financial problem that's could cut the project in half. the so called smart line that is snonla marin area rapid transit is planned for 14 stations between larkspur and cloverdale. but there isn't enough money. >> this suburban roll as long track that's will some day carry commuters to the smart train. but just how far they'll be able to go is in question. the cost is coming in at $695 million. the tax revenues only $350 million leaving a gap. the promise to voter who's
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approved a quarter sent sale tax was a 70 mile line. but now the board has to consider shrinking it if we build a 40-mile system, we would be capturing about 60% of the ridership of the project. >> smart will use tracks from former northwestern rail line, first laid down in 18 80s and haven't been used since 1958. planners hope the commuter train will relieve congestion on highway 101 through snonla and marin. >> we need focus on excitement this is an incredible project going move this, these counties into 21st century. >> this resident take s atransit its no good. goits tok a bottle neck. there is traffic and people making sense to me. >> the junior college student is studying smart in his
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class. >> this is like hard on the economy now. and other than that, if they can build this part and work on it in the future days it would be a good idea. >> there will be a public work shop to go over options for how to get the most out of the available funding. >> there is a traffic jam after a woman was killed on a crash with a big rig. west alpine road is still closed and officers continue to investigate the cause of the accident. sky 7 flew over the scene. you can see how badly the traffic was backed up. and this is the woman to be in her 30 autos police say drunk driving may have caused a collision two. drivers suffered minor injuries. there is caltrans installed
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strips, you can see them here to warn drivers. >> and 200 people have new jobs in san francisco. thanks to a major retailer opening its first location in the city. san francisco mayor did the honors for board cutting so-to-officially open a lowe's. lowe's set aside jobs for neighbor that's learn in the area autos what is good for that almost of the city. there is a career path. meaning safety will go up. and schools will be more product yif school located at the goodman company site. neighborhood opposition to
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that project disappeared after the economy went sour. >> and we enjoyed another incredibly warm november day throughout the bay area. >> spring. >> yes. >> and there is a forecast. >> we've leave it up to you. and there is warm enough to set records here. and there is three records to talk about. right now beautiful view from our camera. sunset official time 6:08. and there is high clouds giving us a glow you're looking at. warm today. we had a record in san jose. there is moffett field 81 tied at 82 degrees. interest there is 77 in half moon bay. low 80s in the east bay. and there is a warm november day.
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a little bit cooler tomorrow going to be nice. around the number, numbers now around the region in the 70s. and mild weather holds tomorrow, cooling down over the weekend. so here is the satellite picture. there is a nice day tomorrow. high clouds like today. it's towards the weekend. the weekend is splitting. and we did not expect for this system to go so far south it's not going make it tomorrow night there. is a dry forecast tomorrow night. there is a cold front staying well off the coast. and moves into southern california. and you're looking at partly cloudy skies. dry for saturday. then changes begin. and there is rainfall amounts do not look heavy. mild numbers, 60 around
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richmond and oakland. and most of the rest of the bay area and clouds coming through will hold temperatures up. clouds have been feeling humid. it's sticky outside. tomorrow afternoon, a nice day again in the south bay. there is temperatures just down a few degrees. there is los altos 78 degrees. there is upper 70s today. down four degrees. there is san rafael, you need the sun screen. hayward inland areas a mix of soun and clouds. 76 in walnut creek. there is low 80s for morgan hill. here is the accu-weather forecast. it's 7 owe 0-80 degree range
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friday. there is saturday, cooler, cooler sunday. there is 60s sunday, sunday going back to standard time. next chance of rain coming in tuesday. >> thank you very much. >> coming up next a close encounter in deep space. >> nasa's fly by of an orbiting comet. stay with us. i inherited my father's '69 norton commando.
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>> launch of the space shuttle has been delayed again. this has been delayed by fuel line leaks and an electrical problem. nasa will dry again to get her off the ground to. and nasa hopes they'll be able to do it again. that have it's going to be early december before angles will be right for a launch. >> there was one nasa mission today. a dwraum played out 13 million miles away. players a space craft and a comet. >> this is a look, but don't touch encounter. there is a little more than three minutes took pictures to keep scientists busy decades.
6:25 pm
>> when sighinists turned on their cameras this is what they saw. a fuzzy, spinning dot in the sky. and still a mystery. >> we didn't know what dwoits gog look like. >> they knew it was shaped by a bowling pin and spinning with an unusual rotation. >> we thought we had an elongated nucleus. >> today we saw this close encounter by the craft that is only at this time humans have seen a comet close up. two came from the same craft. >> what you saw today wasn't virtual. this is real. the earth seeing it close up. and that is fun.
6:26 pm
>> it's little more than a mile long. and active. this shows jets of heated dust ejecting from the sun's heat for a small world they have force. >> this is less than a fire hose, you'd feel it of the probably not to lift you off the surface, but it might. this is on the bearder line. >> have you to remember it's almost zero. >> there is some humor for you this the one that threw a probe a week ago. now, it's stable and still
6:27 pm
functional w that in mind nasa says it might use the space craft as an orbiting observatory. >> and still, coming up tonight vic lee looks into unsolved murder of a san francisco socialite. answers today from her family. >> and jerry brown makes rounds at state capitol. for the first time since winning elections to the office he held 28 years ago. >> and what nancy pell yos qleepz to be doing whwhwhwhwhwhh
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a san francisco socialite committed to chairitable causes was found murdered over the weekend. her family and friends are struggling to come to terms with the death. they spoke with vic lee with the story. >> kate heran was hell known
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in san francisco social circles and among those who did charity work. her friends said the same things, a great person, intelligent. her this is how her family describes her. >> she was a person who had outer beauty obviously. but that didn't come close to her inner beauty. >> that is how the family remembers the 46-year-old kate heran. >> you can see i'm on a small alley. >> this was heran appearing on abc 7's "the view from the bay" three years ago. she was a well known fashionista and entrepreneur. >> went to a fabulous place on columbus avenue and abc 7 did a random interview with her on new year's day. she was murdered in her second floor apartment on russian hill. police won't say, who but someone called 911 3:00 in the
6:32 pm
morning saturday, asking officers to check on her. >> believing a stranger walked up to the door of the victim's premise and knocked on the door and the victim answered the door. >> investigators won't say how she was killed. >> it's goning strong into the fall. >> her family members say heran's true passion was helping others. she was on the boards of several chairitable groups. >> she was awake and trying to figure out how to touch someone, help someone. how to give. and there is services held yesterday afternoon. police have been tight lipped about the investigation but tell abc 7 news they may have a statement tomorrow. >> thank you. and the transition began today at the capitol. governor elect jerry brown starting to meet with lawmakers about budget problems. abc 7's nannette miranda
6:33 pm
reports brown is two months from being sworn in but already running out of time governor schwartzeneggar posted this picture od. flying back from an officers funeral. they talked about upcoming transition. then, brown walk nootd hauls of the capitol, laying ground work for reigning in government costs. first stop? finance department. a good meeting. a sobering meeting. problems are as bad as anyone could imagine. it's going take a lot of very tough decisions. >> then, off to see legislative leaders and lawmakers. he has to put the budget together, ideally by mid december to present to it public on time january 10th ooj it's very daunting. it's bad as anyone, as it's been. goitsing to take people both democratic party and republican party to get out of
6:34 pm
the comfort scene. no one is going to be satisfied. >> because the state's finances are so bad, democrats may be in for a surprise. a democratic governor doesn't necessarily mean surprise programs will be spared budget axe. >> it's very unorthodox. he's going look at what is best for the state first. >> after this euphoria is over there is going to be a lot of reality checks for those expecting the moon. >> voters this week approved a majority vote budget. voter as proved mess sures making it harder to enact new fees and borrow from local government. >> late word tonight from wash state. democratic senator patty murray pushed past her republican challenger now been declared winner in the race for u.s. senate there.
6:35 pm
and abc news learned nancy pelosi is considering staying on as minority leader and must step down after democrats lost their majority in the house in tuesday's election. now, high level forces say she's been calling every house member who won on election day in order to gauge how much support she has. >> and president ob yaum qa will invite republican and democratic congressional leaders to the white house to talk about the economy and jobs. he met with his cabinet to discuss the leadership. and this is the president has said he could consider extending cuts for high income americans for a year, maybe two. senate majority minority leader says the next two years will be critical. >> it would be foolish to expect republicans will be tibl reverse damage democrats have dn as long as democrats holds a veto pen.
6:36 pm
>> mcconnell is one of the republican leaders the president invited to the meeting along with john boehner. >> this is going to be a meeting in what i want us ta touk about how to move the american peoples' agenda forward. >> the president's meeting with congress members will take place in two weeks. the white house says likely the first of many. >> medical news now. a study shows low dose ct scanning detects cancer earlier and saves lives. lung cancer is a leading cause of cancer death in the us us and worldwide. research involves 53,000 current or former smokers, lung cancer patients have a survival rate of 15% because cancer has been detected after the cancer has advanced. the study shows the scans can reduce the death rate by 20%. >> the key is that fewer
6:37 pm
patients are dying as a result of finding the lung cancers earlier. so that is a major finding because there is progress has been slow. >> some say more is needed before scans have recommended such as current and former heavy smokier autos some money scope headlines. wall street changes its mind about the fed's plan. prisz fell when announced yesterday. today the dow shot up more than 200 pors. the plan to pump $600 million to -- billion into the economy. retailers reporting solid gains in october. it took heavy discounting to draw people into the stores, costco limited brands, macy's and target did well. direct tv said it's free hd promotion was a success.
6:38 pm
customers drove in profits up by 18%. there were fewer cancellations. american airlines may pull listings from orbitz. it's apparently unhappy about how orbitz collects information. >> still to come tonight a woman discovered dozens of holes in her hardwood floor. >> must be at least 50. >> the corner is got to be armed with it. >> find out why she had to call an exterminator
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if you have furniture made of hardwood pay to a.tension to this story. a bay area woman was unaware of what is quietly hatching inside of her wood. >> who knew, right? michael finney is here with the chilling story. and a word of caution. >> yeah. >> it was quite a shock. four years after installation a homeowner saw exactly what was hatching in the floor because they all came crawling out. barbara was mopping her dining room floor when she noticed something odd. a small circle of sawdust here, on her ashwood floor and i looked carefully. and i need a and there were more holes next to it. and still more beyond that. soon, she discovered a trail
6:42 pm
of holes running across the dining room noorks her kitchen. >> there must be at least 50. >> the corner there has got to be hundreds. >> hundreds of holes, just big enough to fit the point of a pencil. she called an exterminator who told her the holes meant a big problem. her floor was infested with this little-known wood-eating bug called the powder post beetle. >> wood is basically made up of starch and sugar. >> uc berkeley's bernard louis is showing a sample of the critter. he wasn't surprised to hear of this case. he said the beetles deposit their larvae in hardwoods like ashwood. the larvae hatch p z.pop out of the holes. barbara experienced this firsthand. more bugs kraumed out of the
6:43 pm
floor. >> every day we get nupt morning and see another board with holes in it. sometimes, you can see the bugs just peeking out. >> they're back. tw things stick up. you can walk on the kitchen floor and notice bug there's. >> her exterminator says the larvae must have been inside of the wood before before the floor was installed. saying beetles can only bore through ends of raw wood, he says. >> somewhere there will be a brand new hardwood floor put in. and probably a result within several years. likely that probably came in with the lumber. but once these installed and they put the varnish and that, they're- -- you're not gofg the insects. >> she asked her contractor
6:44 pm
where the wood came from. she said no one would tell her shechl contacted 7 on your side and we tracked down the source. >> the next day, he call immediate and gave me the game of the mill. >> the wood came from don wide lumber company. right away the mill stepped up and took action. agreeing to have its insurance replace the floor. the mill owner said he is not convinced the bugs infested wood at his mill saying its the only time in 138 years of business this happened. it's a rare kind of occurrence but you plan for it and take care of your customers. finally barbara receive aid check for $16,000. and this is the result. workers installed a brand new floor this, one made of oak. she is grateful that her old floor is gone.
6:45 pm
>> after i called channel 7 we got action really fast. i can't thank you enough. >> and lumber mill owner says he no no longer makes ashwood floors because it attracts this type of bug. to find out how to avoid ordeal with an infestation there is a great deal of information on abc 7 just when you think it's safe... not to worry about something, huh. >> something new every day. >> wonderful outcome. >> coming up a comedy from makers of the hangover. gtosoaoanaoav!vs
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in theaters tomorrow a new comedy due date.
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the question is, can lightning strike twice? >> if you're going travel with me, don't ask me a single question. >> what is your favorite question. >> an unlikely pairing. robert downey june jer an architect trying to get home for the birth of his child. they get arrested free fraes are the only way home. you know it's not going to be an easy ride. >> why do you make a pit stop in birmingham, alabama. >> i left my glaucoma medication on the plane. >> this is a road film with a surge of slapstick and absurdity. >> this is my daddy. >> why are your fathers ashes in a car with you?. >> because he's dead, peter. >> there is a bit of poinance
6:49 pm
thrown in. >> this is man made? >> not correct. grand canyon, not hoover dam. >> i know not the hoover dam that. was built by the pilgrims. >> and throw in a little mayhem. this is a funny movie but not enough of them. it's a great pairing of a cup couple months it's a road well traveled. i'm afraid too many wrong turns. it's a result of what happened in 1984. that is the case with due date. i don't remember a lot of it. i'll have to give it half a bucket. we'll see you on the aisle. >> there is higher hopes for this. >> we've got high hopes for forecast. >> yes. >> let's go back to sandhya patel. >> goitsing to be fabulous tlchl is a full bucket. for weekend if traveling nice-looking weather.
6:50 pm
cooler towards weekend. 67 friday. and saturday, slight chance of showers. by sunday, there is real rain coming into that area. yosemite, staim story. mid-70s friday. dropping into 60s saturday. sunld, rain with mid-50s, heading into southern california nice-looking weather in los angeles tomorrow. near 90 degrees, saturday, sharply cooler, showers, 69. in san diego, going from 70s on friday and saturday, into 60s sunday here is the accu-weather forecast. another mild day tomorrow. and cooling a little bit. cooling continuing throughout the weekend. don't forget to fall back sunday, 2:00 a.m. hey, and rain comes in just in time. you can sleep in longer. rain comes in. nice-looking weather. >> thank you. >> and coming up next, edgar rent rea. the world series most-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v
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join me tonight at 9:00 coming up it's bigger than you tube, i tunes and hulu combined. the web service some say has become too popular. a young woman growing uncould control bli comes to san francisco for new treatment. and this is coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and now there is sports and more baseball and. >> there is some tough decision autos a month ago here it is. one day after the biggest party. it's back to the business of baseball today. giants declined to pick up the option on edgar renteria. and you love to be back on the team.
6:54 pm
at that price and there is a renteria played only 72 games during regular season on the disabled list three times. renteria was contemplating retirement. but the series may have changed his mind a little bit. giants have declined to pick thaup option they can offer to bring edgar back. and there is $500,000. baseball lost a best manager ever today with the passing of sparky anderson. only manager to lead two franchises. he died of complications from dementia. back to back blow outvictories has raider fans back buying tickets again. silver and black have been granted an extension to sell out against first place chiefs. raiders have been blacked out for 11 hem games going back to
6:55 pm
last year's opener. the wins over broncos and sea hawks by a combined score of 92-17 have raiders reenergize the fan base. >> i guess the economy isn't that bad. this is a great feeling you're going an ac west game. >> there is a home game for us. we're just excited to play. you know? and that energy starts to take over that energy. feels good to back to back games. >> and and the charles shwab cup championship. final event of the year.
6:56 pm
picture perfect day at the tpc of harding park. and laugtner, 191 yards. a bit of a roll. and there is four under 67. and this approach shot on a par 5th10th hole what. a day. two under 69. five shots off the lead. for the first time in more than five years tiger woods is not number one ranked player in the world. there is opening round in shanghai. tiger tied for sixth. and the sharks in st. louis tonight watching their new goalie giving awe case of the blues. check out the little guy.
6:57 pm
and that is cute. casing down what an angle. late reaction there. second period joe thornton gets ejected for this hit. illegal check to the head. there is looked like he was out told. they lead-0 heading to the third period in st. louis. >> all right. >> good deal. >> thank you. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news at 6:00. >> and thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. hope to see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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