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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  November 6, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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♪ in the news this saturday morning, november 6, mostly peaceful protests in oakland over the sentencing of johannes mehserle are now marred by 152 arrests. a san francisco socialite killed last weekend in her russian hill apartment. >> we have low clouds. call it partly cloudy today and the rain arrives this time tomorrow. >> good morning, everyone. i'm theresa garcia. 152 people are facing charges of unlawful assembly and vandalism in oakland this morning. it is the aftermath of yesterday's mostly peaceful protests over the sentencing of former bart police officer johannes mehserle.
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he will do much less time than that. two years of 730 days. but under something called double credit, mehserle will only have to serve half that which is 365 days plus he gets credit for the time he's already served. that's another 146 days meaning he'll be out in a little over seven months. well, people who thought mehserle's sentencing was too light turned out in oakland to protest. was mostly peaceful until about 6 p.m. and that's when one group left city hall, moved in the opposite direction of what had been prearranged with police. >> we are all oscar grant! >> we are all oscar grant! >> the tensions between police and protestors ran high. hundreds of police officers from around the bay area all dressed in riot gear, many carrying rifles and tear gas guns easily outnumbered the demonstrators. the crowd zigzagged its way through the city and ended up in
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east oakland. eventually they boxed in the group of protestors issuing multiple orders to disperse. there were repeated acts of vandalism, people kicking in car windows, throwing rocks at officers. one officer was even injured struck by a patrol car. he's reported to be in stable condition. police say a gun was ripped from another officer's gun belt. it was recovered in a crowd of protestors and that's when things got tense. >> one officer had his gun and his holster ripped from his gun belt. the gun was pointed at the officer. other officers intervened, took the suspect into custody. he's under arrest. >> those arrested were booked in the field and loaded on the buses while fellow protestors on the other side of the buses were shouting at police to let them go. the chief said his officers did a great job of keeping the streets safe while allowing protestors to carry out first amendment rights.
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officers only moved in when people became destructive. >> you have a right to protest, a right to have freedom of spee. you do not have a right to tear the city up. >> most of the 152 people arrested face misdemeanor charges of failing to disperse and vandalism. they were taken to the jail at 6th and play in oakland. shut down the fruitvale bart station out of concern protestors might be headed that way. no one showed up and the station was reopened. sky 7 got this shot as a crowd of more than 300 demonstrators brought a bus to a standstill as they left the plaza near city hall. lisa amin gulezian shows us how the peaceful city hall demonstration turned ugly when the demonstrators went on the move. >> i feel angry! i feel angry about this whole
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situation. >> hundreds started to march after what had just been a peaceful rally honoring oscar grant. the crowd grew quickly as protestors blocked 14 and and broadway. the problems started as people broke windows and tore down a fence. the anger seemed to grow as the crowd moved toward laneny college on east 10th street. that's where they met a massive police presence. police in riot gear and armed with batons blocked the approaching crowd and held their line at second avenue. the group retreated but only after destroying a chain link fence and disappearing through a dark, vacant lot. some say it was easy to get caught up in the moving crowd at first. people of all ages took part until some protestors' intentions changed.
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>> when they were doing all that. >> that's when you decided what? >> to back up. not to go with the crowd. >> this was exactly what rally organizers didn't want. they hoped oscar grant supporters would have a chance to speak freely and peacefully. the outrage over his sentencing was expressed through signs and words. >> we all need to unify. we need to try to find some type, way of staying close to the families as a city, as a neighborhood and just unite. >> the sentencing he got today, it wasn't right. i felt like he should have got more time. and i just don't like -- justice wasn't served. >> some of those at the rally are backing another movement, a positive one. it's called stop the city down. basically a massive work stoppage in the city of oakland. those organizers are meaning to talk about it next week. lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> mehserle's sentence isn't final. there may be appeals from both
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sides of the case. laura anthony was in the los angeles courtroom when the judge announced the sentence and shares immediate reaction afterwards. >> i knew what the judge was gonna say before he even said it. >> oscar grant's uncle says he wasn't surprised johannes mehserle received just two years for shooting his nephew but was still gravely disappointed. compares the sentence to that of football player michael vick. >> if a man goes to prison killing a dog and he gets four years, then, of course, two years is not enough. >> a tense and emotional hearing judge robert perry signalled early that he had serious concerns about gun enhancement. the judge dismissed it for lack of evidence. >> it's been a sad course of affairs that this young man who never intended to shoot and kill oscar grant has been treated the way he's been treated. >> the judge said he thought the 28-year-old mehserle clearly did
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not mean to shoot grant as evidenced by the shock and surprise after the gun went off. called the case one of weapons confusion but also one that required at least some prison time. grant's mother begged the judge to impose the max possible sentence on mehserle saying anything less is an injustice to us. it was mehserle's turn. he stood facing the judge, cried and said i have never and will never question the love shown by grant's family. i'm truly sorry my actions took a son, a father, a brother and uncle. >> to me this is only to come immediately. now i don't know if it's constrived. >> i have never understood and i will never understand how in the world the grant family continues to insist that he's not remorseful and that he's not expressed his remorse before today. >> mehserle's attorney michael rain has already filed an appeal to the involuntary manslaughter
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conviction. the prosecutor said they will appeal the decision to throw out the gun enhancement, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> a parolee is under arrest for robbing and killing a san francisco socialite. 46-year-old kathleen horn was found dead inside her russian hill apartment last saturday. the suspect gary scott holland posed as a utility worker to get into her apartment building. police haven't released a photo of holland but yesterday they distributed this sketch of a man they wented to interview in connection with the case and also approached holland in sutro heights park yesterday because he looks like someone who needed help. >> unusual circumstance for a number of reasons. the more we inquired and the more we looked and talked with the person, the more it suggested that there was more here than just a person laying down in the park. >> holland was released from prison in april after serving 11 years for attempted murder in fresno county. police say they have other
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pieces of evidence that they can't discuss right now because this is an ongoing investigation. coming up next, tuesday's elections are over but the ballot counting is not. a surprise reversal in the tight oakland mayor election. also the race for state attorney general remains too close to call. we'll let you know how it may be weeks before a winner is declared. and an arrest in the bay
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> welcome back. it could take weeks before we know for sure who will be california's next attorney general. as of yesterday, san francisco democrat carpal la harris was
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trailing by 16,000 votes with more than 2 million provisional ballots still could be counted. the margin appears to be the tightest since 2002 when democrat steve wellesley edged out for state controller. that race was decided by fewer than 17,000 votes. in the race for the next mayor of oakland, there appears to be an upset. election officials have released the first results of ranked choice voting. they show oakland city council member gene qwan has pulled ahead with 51% of the vote and former state senate president don perrattas just under 47%. in the rank choice system, official count second and third choices until one candidate reaches at least 50%. there is a break for thousands of families on the verge of losing the state subsidize the day-care. an alameda superior court judge
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ordered the state to extend services to the governor's cut. he scheduled a hearing on the issue on november 23rd. the child care advocates, the department of education was sued saying it didn't notify families they might be eligible for other subsidized child care programs. >> one of two suspects accused of stealing this yorkshire terrier from an 80-year-old alameda woman is under arrest but the dog remains missing. helen was walking other dog deuce last saturday when two men stopped their car, grabbed the dog, and took her purse and took off. police say deuce may have been sold to someone in the stockton area. all right. we're talking about umbrellas. bringing them out at least by tomorrow? >> that's right. today's the dry day although we have plenty of clouds, a weak system offshore from our roof camera. the sun not coming up until 7:40. so we'll change all that tomorrow and bring the wet weather back. your forecast is coming right up. >> and the warriors are looking outstanding early in the season
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remaining undefeated at home. larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports. [ cell phone rings ]
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a live look with us from one of our cameras atop mount tamalpais. you see the twinkling lights and the bay bridge as well. kind of an in between day. still dry according to lisa but not for long. >> that's right. see snow in the mountains. opened and now it's closed. made all that snow. got way too warm and now having mother nature help us out tomorrow into monday. so if you're thinking about snow, maybe getting a little bit in the higher elevations tomorrow and monday. a live look from emeryville. lots of clouds around. so we'll probably see more clouds today than sun but overall partly cloudy conditions. fog along the central coast. a weak system offshore. temperatures right now running fairly mild in the mid and upper 50s. 51 menlo park, 55 half moon bay with upper 50s in san jose. highlights then partly cloudy today, the sun coming up at
6:18 am
7:40. the latest sunrise we'll see because tonight wetal back, get that extra hour of sleep and sunrise at 6:42 setting after 5:00 and slow travel on the way tomorrow night into monday from high elevation snow. not this system. this is a weak one bringing some showers to southern california today and gusty winds. also the high clouds being spread from the south to the north around the bay area today keeping temperatures a bit on the cool side. more likely 60s today. and we will be looking at the deep trough, the cold front. it's all offshore but it continues to deepen and pretty good moisture associated with this all headed our way this time tomorrow. we'll be looking at rain. so 3:00 in the morning, pretty far to the north for mendocino county and sonoma county. by 6:00, 7:00 in the morning the moderate rain heads southward through marin county into the east bay around berkeley. san francisco getting wet. and by 10:00 not the south bay,
6:19 am
maybe heavier pockets around the santa cruz mountains but by 1:00 in the afternoon, a quick mover. still showers around the area. 5:00 we begin to clear out. so we will be looking at pretty decent rain totals, over an inch in the north bay mountains but about an inch in the santa cruz mountains and nearly that in the east bay hills. but lesser amounts from the peninsula to the south bay. but still impressive totals here with over a half inch to three-quarters of an inch in the south bay. talk about the snow, it's going to start off pretty high and then it will lower to about 6,000 feet come monday morning. the winds will be gusty. we'll be talking about 6 to 10 inches of snow, about 7,000 feet. foot, foot and a half at 8,000 feet. not enough for any bases yet. in fact, the seven-day outlook doesn't look real promising to add to those snow totals. tomorrow for the game, the raiders game, look for rain showers to diminish. bring the poncho early on. you won't need it later. numbers in the 60s.
6:20 am
mid to upper 60s with a few peeks of sun. a little more on the mild side in napa. about 67 palo alto and down by the monterey bay, we've got the fog and still a cool afternoon at the coast. 61 there. 68 hollister. the accu-weather 7-day forecast, the warmer day today, especially our inland valleys and with increasing clouds tonight. the rain for tomorrow, a rainy day. but remember get that extra hour of sleep. easy to sleep in on a day like this. >> yeah. >> we'll look for a pretty dry week except for tuesday. maybe more big showers. >> that's a smaller system. >> that's smaller. >> lisa, thank you. the east coast now where we're joined from new york to tell us what's coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america" including what the president is doing overseas right now. >> good morning, theresa. that's right. all about jobs and just a day after the most promising jobs report in months. president obama arrives in india where he'll focus on growing the
6:21 am
u.s. economy through exports to asia. a young asian man boarding a plane disguised as an elderly white man from hong kong to canada. why did he do it? what does it say about airport security. a six-year-old school accused of bullying takes his own life. his father is speaking out saying bullies need help and help just like their victims. health indicators that could save your life. up next on "good morning america." >> have a great weekend there. bye-bye. cal plays against washington state. tenth ranked stanford hosts arizona tonight down on the farm and last night the warriors played the utah jazz in oracle arena hoping to stay undefeated at home. larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. the warriors started the season out nice, undefeated at home. last night against the utah
6:22 am
jets, curry back in action after missing the last couple games with a sprained ankle. monta ellis. nobody there. hustling the loose ball. eight points, 20 rebounds. monta take it himself. high off the window. run by the warriors to lead 40-39. low-scoring half. special behind the back lefty to david lee. in transition, spinning through the lane. nice finish! up with 20. warriors now 4-1 with an 85-78 victory. the giants have outlined their plans for next season and taking a tough love approach with pa wab blow. get in shape or get to the miners. he struggled through this championship season on and off the field. the beloved panda lost his
6:23 am
starting job at first base. part may be attributed to going through a divorce and custody fight. but 2011 he has to lose weight or he can start the season in fresno. the giants have approached huff about coming back. want to take their time to rest before beginning contract talks. but the world series makes the giants more attractive to prospective free agents. >> what the nation saw from our crowds, our fans and how it worked both ways between the people in the clubhouse and the fans and the fact that we take great pride saying that san francisco's a baseball town now. it can only, you know, be bigger and better. >> john cook is the defending champion in the charles schwab cup championship. he's again leading at the halfway mark. scores not as low in the second round at harding park as they were in day one. bernard longer in contention on 16. gets past the big cyprus trees.
6:24 am
pretty shot. set a birdie. finished the day minus 7. making a charge on 17. birdie put. a 468 off the lead. cook, 257 yards. drives the green and also pulls this thing. he is nine under. at the course, golf channel caught up with the great willie mays talking giants. >> when i saw the lights out, man, i had to cry a little bit. and i don't really get emotional about baseball because i love to play it. i had to leave the room because of what i had felt the kids have accomplished. and i don't think they understood at the beginning. >> always great to see willie mays. a few weeks ago we brought you the story of young dominic ma matthews. made it to the finals. youngest competitor by far. let's the clubs do the talking.
6:25 am
semifinals on his fourth swing. a 404 yard monster. advances to the finals but did not have the muscle to keep up with 6-4, 270 pounds joe miller. the englishman with bad intentions goes 414 yards to win it all as the teenager massa comes in second place. one of the biggest games of the season for tenth ranked stanford tonight hosting number 13, arizona, on national television here on abc 7. expect a shoot-out. combined to put up 81 points on the board in tucson. he's missed the last couple games with the knee injury. whether he can go or not, the cardinals know exactly what to expect. >> have one-on-one matchups with our d. b.'s and linebackers. want to spread you out and make you tackle open field. >> when jockeys attack. crazy scene at the breeders cup
6:26 am
in louisville. in the yellow makes a dangerous move in the first race of the day, cuts off calvin burrell. the jockeys were square off. he takes the first swing and burrell went nuts. it took a whole bunch of security guys to get burrell calmed down. no damage done. they have never seen this before at the breeders cup. of course they're both 5-1 and 100 pounds. what are they gonna do? anyway, a reminder, stanford, arizona, here for you at 5 p.m. followed by another edition of after the game around 8:30. have a great weekend, everybody. >> some bay area students got a stay in school message that they actually wanted to hear. (rapping) >> we'll let you know what rapper ludacris did for the kids. a jump on the
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>> good morning. a recap of the sentencing of former officer johannes mehserle for the shooting of oscar grant at an oakland bart station last year. mehserle got two years minus time served for his involuntary manslaughter conviction. a gun enhancement that could have given him an additional ten years was dismissed. there was no evidence mehserle intended to shoot grant. >> those rulings were consistent with the evidence. those rulings were absolutely appropriate and the district attorney of alameda county should be ashamed of itself for the way it's conducted this prosecution and this case. >> the judge's decision angered grant's family and their supporters outside the los angeles county courthouse. that's where the trial was moved. >> this case does nothing at all
6:30 am
to heal if that was the intent. it really goes to continue the polarzation and continue another strike within the community. >> mehserle addressed the court before he he was sentenced. he cried and apologized for his actions. with time served, mehserle will likely serve seven months in prison. the judge's decision sparked protests in downtown oakland. more than 150 were arrested, charged with vandism and unlawful assembly. ludacris was at a san francisco high school. he's part of a campaign called get schooled. as education reporter lee ann melendez explains, the idea is inspire kids to graduate and go on to college. >> students at marshall high in san francisco were energized by mtv host blake callaway. he came with a message. >> what do you wanna be when you
6:31 am
get out of school. (cheers and applause) >> who said a lawyer? >> san francisco was one of ten cities visited by get schooled, a campaign to encourage students to go on to college. but it's not their teachers or parents telling them this, it's the performers they hears on the radio or i-pods. >> we're bringing in talents they hear on the radio. we have an opportunity to reiterate that message and do it from a source that is unexpected but also one that will excite them. >> need to start tracking, spark a little something. (chanting) >> say what! (cheers and applause) >> it's not just someone saying go to college. it's someone saying that i did exactly what i'm telling you to
6:32 am
do. (rapping) >> actually when i was in college, i study business 'cause the music industry, a lot of people say it's just music. it's important that you understand education is extremely important. (rapping) >> the message they got? if they do it, so can i. in san francisco, lee ann melendez, abc 7 news. >> this morning president obama has announced trade deals with india worth $10 billion. that's expected to create 54,000 u.s. jobs. the president and mrs. obama stopped in mu bye on their way to asia. designed to ease trade restrictions with india, a market of 1.2 billion people. the trade deals include the purchase of 300 boeing jets.
6:33 am
the india military is also planning to buy aircraft engines from general electric. the white house says the president sealed the deal with this stop, the first of his ten-day trip to asia. retailers are worried about another lackluster holiday shopping season. what they're trying to do is jump start the consumer spending early with deep discounts. as christina rusk reports, black friday came early this year. >> black friday sales arrived three weeks early this year taking some shoppers by surprise. >> i don't like it. i wish they would let one season pass before the next. thanksgiving hasn't even come yet. >> retailers are seizing every opportunity to grab those shopping dollars early. some consumers are ready to respond. gap stores gave away 10,000 pair of jeans at each of its retail outlets. the promotion requires you to log on and line up. >> it's a event.
6:34 am
you get a free pair of gap jeans. >> retailers say social media is the newest trend to boost foot traffic and hopefully sales. but you'll find plenty of those more traditional and popular deep discounts. economists are predicting modest gains for holiday sales, nowhere near the levels in the late 1990s but certainly up from last year with this year's growth anticipated to be 2.3%. >> as long as we're giving out good deals, it's the holidays, you know. >> that time of year when you can find a 32 inch hdtv at best buy for $259 or an hd camcorder for $179. >> the prices are good, excellent prices and i think they're affordable for a lot of people. >> if black friday is any indication, holiday shopping will be a buyers' market. in san jose, karina rusk.
6:35 am
>> one dry day left until we get a big rain maker? >> right. fog and airport delays. 29 minute delays at arriving flights at sfo. elsewhere a lot of clouds around. we will see some sunshine today. not the case tomorrow. yeah, a wet one. your forecast comin' up. >> also ahead, the meal on wheels program and now a night on the townchúiúiúiúiúiúiúiúiúit
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good morning. feeling a little orange maybe? not too bad. that's a good way to feel because you see the ferry building there, at this 6:37 hour. it's light orange and that's still in honor of our celebration world series champions, the giants. it is a good day to get out. no rain. but that's about to change. a big rain maker coming our way? >> we could see over an inches in the north bay tomorrow. say good-bye to those 80s. saw 80 yesterday in concord. it was 75 morgan hill and 68 on
6:38 am
the coast. but today average high mid-60s around the bay should do it. and a live look outside. plenty of clouds. the sun not up for a little while now. we'll have an earlier sunrise tomorrow and earlier sunset as we fall back. temperatures this morning pretty mild. mid to upper 50s because of the cloud cover. the tradeoff, it will be raining by this time tomorrow in the north bay. 55 santa rosa, 51 livermore. 24 hours of some dry weather. call it partly cloudy later on. start off at 7:40 today. tomorrow 6:42, setting after 5:00. the snow which travel to start come sunday into monday. so this time real snow instead of the manmade stuff. so the season getting underway, yeah, a little early. as we look outside this morning or from space i should say, we've got the area of low pressure to the west of us. this say weak one. this is providing a few clouds
6:39 am
to southern california and clouds in the bay area as well. an area of low pressure in the front with some pretty good rain is offshore. it's all going to slide to the east and push through the bay area throughout the day tomorrow. with the rainfall total starting out in the north bay early on. but look how quickly it moves on through. there's the front. by 7:00 tomorrow morning, we'll be looking at the moderate rain getting going from san francisco into the east bay and the front wants to push into the north bay to the later morning hours. we've got the rain all across the bay by 10:00. by gaining time in the east bay tomorrow for the raiders game, the front should be sweeping through, taking the rain with it. but plan on a wet start there. over an inch in the north bay as well as parts of san francisco, the peninsula, the coastal hills, the santa cruz mountains. lesser amounts into the south bay but even the east bay looking at perhaps
6:40 am
three-quarters of an inch to an inch of rain. this all translates into snow and the higher elevations, 6 to 10 inches tomorrow and 12 to 18 inches above 8,000 feet. the snow levels lowering to 6,000 feet early monday morning. the winter storm warning in effect through monday. so be advised of that if you're traveling to the sierra. some windy conditions as well. by tomorrow a wet start around the bay. by the afternoon, we're looking at the rains diminishing. mostly cloudy, a few peeks of sun late in the day but it's going to be today where we see perhaps sunny conditions over the east bay hills with low 70s there in livermore, 65 san mateo with 66 in santa rosa and down by the monterey bay, you have fog in watsonville and cooling down across the bay with increasing clouds and then breezy and rainy tomorrow. you get to sleep in.
6:41 am
the temperatures slowly warm up. another weak system coming in on tuesday, dry for veterans day. >> okay. the thing is to remember first to turn our clocks back. >> yeah. >> wake up with an umbrella. >> we have that! >> we definitely do! . we have to be here tomorrow morning. the rain, the north bay the heaviest. >> yeah. and pretty quick mover. unfortunately falling on sunday. >> but looking ahead we won't be rained on for our veterans day parade. meals on wheels provides 3 million meals per year to bay area seniors. with the struggling economy, the demand is growing. laura anthony shows us how meals on wheels is partnering with local restaurants to keep the program running strong. >> volunteer tom twist drives his own car on his own time to deliver a hot meal to a walnut creek senior who otherwise might go without. >> meals on wheels! >> for the past ten years, twist
6:42 am
has been a volunteer for meals on wheels devoting one morning a week to his delivery route. >> there's a lot of satisfaction, personal satisfaction that you get. the people are -- just wonderful, wonderful people. and you get -- over the years you get to know these people to some degree. so how's the cat today? >> oh, fine. he's outside. >> today 97-year-old malcolm reid says meals on wheels keeps him living in his own home. >> i never took a vitamin and hated to cook vegetables if possible. but, of course, meals on wheels have balanced food so i have to eat the vegetables. >> meals on wheels is a federally funded program and for the most part has remained stable. but the demand for meals has increased about 10% per year. >> more and more seniors are
6:43 am
needing meals on wheels and in order for us to give them, we have to find creative ways to do fund-raising. >> bay area restaurants seemed like a natural partner. >> we're doing a dine-out for meals on wheels on tuesday, november 9th. seven meals on wheels organizations are working together. and so whether it's in san francisco, santa clara, contra costa, there's a restaurant that's working with us that can help donate money to meals on wheels. >> walnut creek says one of two hundred bay area results have agreed to donate to meals on wheels. >> meals on wheels delivers food to people who are handicapped, who are home-bound, can't get out to get food for themselves. and being in the -- we feed people every day. i just feel it's a great charity that works. >> so on november 9th, those
6:44 am
enjoying gourmet fare at participating restaurants can do so knowing they're helping a senior like malcolm reid enjoying one hot meal every day. >> now, we got this story from a recent abc 7 listens meeting. to let a list of restaurants participating in next tuesday's eye -- event, go to >> we watch as a bay area family loses its home.
6:45 am
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to learn more about diabetes. and get freestyle lite test strips today. come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. here's a view from mount tamalpais at 6:46. from one of our cameras. you're taking a look at the city
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below, twinkling lights abound. if you're looking for the rain, indeed we have a system coming our way tomorrow. and it will be a rainy one. be prepared with umbrellas out there. okay. drivers are being urged to check their car tires. they may be older than you think and they may be unsafe. and that goes for brand new tires, too. the week and year they were made is stamped on the side. abc news went to tire shops in san francisco and found a supposedly new tire made in 2000. experts say you shouldn't drive on tires more than six years old and warn they can shred where sometimes with fatal consequences. this man's son was killed when a tire he thought was new blew out. >> i got my vehicle maintenance records together and discovered that the tires i thought were new were actually four years old when i bought them. >> the rubber manufacturers association says there's no scientific information that can
6:48 am
point to when a tire should be removed because of age. an executive at chase bank promised in may that the bank would meet with bay area housing advocates to discuss ways to slow the tide of foreclosures. a distressed bay area homeowner spoke at that meeting to tell his story. chase though broke his promise to meet and now the bank is taking the man's home. here's 7 on your side's michael finney with the unfortunately ending of this story. >> jose and lucy begin the painful task of packing up their belongings. his struggling to save the home from foreclosure is now over. >> right now it's -- it's sad but there's always that sense of relief that the nightmare will soon be over. >> the hardest thing for jose is the toll the ordeal has taken on his family. he says a year ago the stress nearly tore his marriage apart. and last week when the packing
6:49 am
boxes arrived, it hit his ten-year-old son, roberto. >> he just broke down. and all hills little friends just kind of gathered around him and started hugging him and giving him that supermarket. >> those feelings of stress, fear and uncertainty children feel can be subconsciously passed on by their parents. >> kids are gonna pick up the emotions of their parents. and so if you're worried, your kids are likely to be worried. it's just to be aware of how incredibly contagious emotions are. >> dr. christine carter with the greater good science center at u.c. berkeley, parents she says need to be honest with their children about any anger they feel about the situation. jose has been open with his children. and has channelled his energy into positive action. he's taken his children to community forums and even on stage with him when he addressed the chief of president obama's
6:50 am
making home affordable program. we asked him about chase ceo's broken promise to meet with him and the group he volunteers for, the contra costa inner faith supporting community organization. >> there's a point that they grew so big that they lost that human touch. and right now we're just numbers. just statistics. >> those statistics from the treasury department showed chase has granted 145,000 loan modifications since may of last year. the industry publication inside mortgage finance reports the bank foreclosed on 255,000 properties in the first six months of this year. chase reported third-quarter earnings up $4.4 billion. jose says he holds no grudges. that's something dr. carter says is important. balancing negative feelings with positive ones. >> what it is that you're still
6:51 am
thankful for. you still have each other. perhaps you still have your health. go around the table and say what you feel thankful for. one good thing that happened to you during the day. >> the family provided us this home video of a recent celebration. jose is thankful for a new permanent position with the u.s. census bureau. but that's not all. >> in the midst of the whole tragedy, there's something really special for us. and it is the love that we have for each other. and how we're gonna -- we're gonna come along and we're gonna be stronger than ever. >> in fact, he recently pledged to renew his wedding vows to his wife lucy. >> uh-oh! (applause) >> all right! >> we're going through this together, and in that our love for one another is going to
6:52 am
continue and make us stronger and better people. >> chase declinedto comment why the promised meeting never occurred and says the foreclosure only happened after jose declined a loan modification he considered insignificant. now, we have a link to information about positive parenting during difficult times at our website. check it out at i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> a hollywood story about a horse like no other. >> this is un-believe-able! >> there she is. coming up, zenata, a racehorse just a few furlongs short arguably called the best of all times.
6:53 am
6:54 am
here they are, the winning numbers from last night's $16 million megamillions draw.
6:55 am
you have 19, 25, 34, 46, 53, and the meganumber being 15. nobody though correctly picked all six numbers. tuesday night's jackpot is estimated at $25 million. one man winter through great lengths and an incredible transformation just to get into canada. this young asian man boarded an air care flight in hong kong while disguising himself as an elderly white male. then the man went into the washroom and emerged as a young asian male. he's seeking refugee status in canada in what border officials are calling an unbelievable case of concealment. a southern california mayor may be the greatest horse of all time, zenata. she will race for the record books this afternoon. don sanchez says it's not only that she always wins, it's the way she does it that's so remarkable. >> this is un-believe-able!
6:56 am
zenata. >> last year's breeder cup. now her last race and looking for her straight win. the way she does it. >> zenata takes her time until that final turn and then power that's extraordinary and electrifying. >> you're in a ferrari on the freeway and everybody else just isn't. anytime you ask her to pass she does with tremendous ease. >> he says around the barn she's gentle and quite the ham. jerry, a northern california trainer who has two horses in the breeders cup and has lost to zenata. she's about the best he's seen. >> we have to be rooting for her to go undefeated.
6:57 am
>> she is a miracle. >> jerry moss says interest in her started slowly. >> horse people started, recognized her, the public into her. >> oprah named her one of the nation's most powerful females. >> a diva. >> the legendary status of seabiscuit, the symbol of hope during the great depression and the old racetrack. but she's just one race away from becoming perhaps the greatest racehorse of all time. i'm don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> breeders cup coverage starts right here on abc 7 at 10:30 this morning. the coverage moves to espn at 12:30 and the posttime for the breeders cup classic and her race to history is at 3:15. a last check for the weather. >> changing today. definitely cooler. you notice a lot of cloud cover this morning. but no rain. in fact, we'll call it partly cloudy today.
6:58 am
the rain's gonna hold off until about this time tomorrow. 64 san francisco. mid-60s elsewhere in the north bay. upper 60s into the east bay. 67 fremont. look for 69 in san jose with low 70s around livermore. morgan hill 71. so we're down from yesterday's highs. rain tomorrow. set your clocks back tonight. looks like monday we start with fog and another chance of rain come tuesday. >> remember to change the clocks, right, so we'll all get to work on time! . lisa, thank you. thanks for joining us on the [ thinking ] i know -- i'm going to invent a tool where people can enter the terms of the refinance offer they got from their mortgage guy, and know instantly if they're getting bamboozled. and i will start after lunch...tomorrow.
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