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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  November 12, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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shot derek jones numerous times in the chest when he reached for his waist band. they say the officers thought jones was reaching for a pistol. jones widow believes the shooting is still not justified. >> absolutely not. it doesn't make a difference. he was still killed and it wasn't a weapon. >> attorney john burress represents the jones family its not a basis to kill anyone. it wasn't pointed at them. and three, how do you get to shoot and kill someone for something in their pocket? >> police responded to a domestic violence call monday evening on the 5800 block of bancroft. he was shot several block as way.. >> you're talking about a low-lighted area and talking about heightened anticipation because a person is running. >> don cameron is a former police officer training raurmt laurm on the use of weapons and say they may have mistaken
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the shiny object for a gun. >> it's the officers have to react to it. they can't say is it a firearm? let me look. you zront a second to wait. >> after the shooting police chief says perhaps his department needs better training. >> i want to focus on the fact we need to better ourselves. in dealing with people who have waist bands going into clothing and make sure we do proper train training to address these thing autos young officers, generally within one to three, four years are the one that's generally engage in fatal shootings. >> the two officers have been placed on leave, pending the investigation. in addition to pocket scale plea, said they found marijuana in a glass jar in jones pocket. >> san francisco police opened fire on an suv today when an officer was dragged alongside.
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>> part of a narcotics investigation, police say during that stop the driver made a movement for the officer reached in and grabbed a driver's arm. >> this is when the suv took off, dragging the officer witness. they found ate band oned on webster street. >> police in los gatos today released a 911 call from a receptionist at a retirement home where a former priest was beaten by an intruder. >> he was down the hill, right? >> yes to get out. >> and the 43-year-old was arrested for assaulting fathergerald lindner. lynch claims he was molested on a camping trip 35 years ago. lynch's attorney wants to question the priest when he appears as a witness in the assault case. >> knowing what we know about father jerry and acts he's perpetrated on not just my client, but other people this
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was far from settled. that is the man who ought to be behind bars now. >> we believe that our laws exist to pro test members of society. >> about two dozen demonstrators show upd in support of lynch saying he suffered psychological trauma and he his brother received a $625,000 settlement but the priest, father lindner denies accusations. >> a parole accused of killing a san francisco socialite pleaded not guilty today. the judge ordered us not to show the face in court. he's charged with murder, burglary, robbery and attempted rape. prosecutors say dna evidence and the admissions made tie him to the murder of a 46-year-old kate heran, beaten to death in her russian mill apartment by a man posing as a utility worker. >> and we're going to dot every i, cross every tn terms of charging a case, you must
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prove beyond a reasonable doubt. we're going to keep going until we find every loose piece of evidence there is. >> we are not barred from showing holland's mug shot. here it s he's on parole for attempted murder conviction and his public defender raised an issue with the correction corrections department. >> it appears there is no effort to explos -- explore what caused behavior to give him psychiatric treatment provide counseling. >> she says it's unclear whether holland understands charges against him but there has been no evaluation ordered. >> more spending cuts are inevitable for california. the forecast shows deficit balloons to $25 billion next year. the governor is calling a special session to tack it now. as abc 7 reports, democrat ss don't seem to incline to redo
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the budget. >> governor schwartzeneggar likes green technology. the next agenda is about red ink he's calling lawmakers into special session to tackle a $6 billion deficit now before it grows to $25 billion next year. >> i talked to governor brown. he's all for it. he knows the faster we make decisions better it is. and less he has to deal witness. >> schwartzeneggar think there's is only one twi solve that short fall. more spending cuts. >> those legislatures will find out that there will be no other choice fwou make those cuts. >> but with less than two months left, leaders are reluctant to act on a lame duck request, rather waiting until brown takes over in january to make major decision autos we're not going do anything without consulting with, working with the governor elect jerry brown.
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>> weight won't get any ease year. no one is pretending there won't be more cuts. >> the deficit is still very large. and there is no doubt that they're going to have to be more cut back autos community college students haven't heard anything about increases but with more cuts looming, some are expecting the worst. >> if they do, i have to look for another two, three jobs to try to at least pay for that. >> parents wonder who more cuts will mean to schools. the school is already begging families to help out. >> yes. $350 per child, per jeer what they're asking. they can't demand but they're asking. >> the governor believes maybe lawmakers will find it easier to make cuts. >> san francisco mayor vetoed a ban on toys in fast food kids meals but may be only a temporary victory. so-called legislation allows toys only included with meals
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that meet certain standards. newsom says parents, not politicians should decide what children eat. he says the law is too complicated. >> you have to add this, that, then, you can have a toi. it goes too far. >> the board can override the veto if they can hold ton their 8-3 margin. the board is hoping to change someone's mind. >> friends of a 20-year-old city college nursing student trying to get help from a california senator today to prevent him from being deported to peru monday. supporters gathered asking her to act on his behalf and say they've sent countless petitions but have not been able to get any hope uk see from my smile, he's a great kid. and i've taught hundreds,
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close to a thousand students. and kids come and go. there are some that stay with you. he was one of those. >> and he came to the country at age 2. he is now being held in arizona. senator boxer's office says they've met with his attorneys and would like to help but will not introduce a private bill just for him. >> the coast guard cutter crew is home after a five-month deployment. the cutter returned today. the crew used the skimming and containment equipment to help clean up the oil spill. and there is dozens welcoming loved ones back home. today's home coming was nearly delayed. when detoured towards a stranded cruise ship off mexico. the coast guard backed away
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from the cutter, one deployment ended and another is about to begin. 80 members of the national guard's 749th support battalion said goodbye to loved ones today. they're headed off to iraq for a one-year tour of duty. troops providing transportation, and support services to the u.s. and allied forces. still there. >> and there is a latest twist in identity theft may be happening when you're in a coffee shop connected to a wi-fi network. yu need to be on alert. >> there is nobody paying attention when a person walks into a coffee shop and logs on. what happens next should put you on alert. an application called fire sheet can track who is using facebook or twitter intercepting data to allow a total stranger to take over. >> they can capture the cookie
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to hijack the account. >> users are surprised its not cool. >> shocking. >> how is this possible? there is a many don't encrypt transmissions. this customer was logged on to facebook, studying but wasn't too concerned. >> this is just a social network for meechl i only use to it catch up with people every so often. >> this was created by bitwo seattle programmers. >> i wrote fire chief because ways tired of having to deal with web sites ignoring this problem. >> and this application has been down loaded 8 huvn,000 times, empowering people to become identity thieves. >> people that need to watch are facebook. and they make this possible. >> and there is 22 other
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popular web sites. >> this is uneven crypted traffic. the fact these sites that you mentioned don't encrypt traffic throughout. >> something to think about. >> this is not guaranteed. it's up to you to be aware. >> and still ahead tonight, the endangered species dying inside of a state park. and frustration of a local environmental group that is trying to stop it and i'm spencer christian. there is cool nights, mild days, how cool, how mild coming up. >> and a form of dance
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breaking down
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> two more lawsuits filed today over the san bruno pipeline explosion. there are now 111 plaintiffs seeking damages from pg&e including those who lost family members and whose homes were damaged or destroyed. eight people died in the fire. and pg&e wants lawsuits to be hand yeld by one judge. >> and there is a judge deny aid request for an injunction that would have forced fish
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and game department. and as abc 7 reports tonight, the battle is just beginning. >> sometimes an image can be deceiving. that may be the case along the county coast. it's peaceful and quiet. >> this is a disaster. >> pete blames the state department and state parks thchl week he and a group of concerned citizens charging they have violated the endangered species act they're mandated to protect. today they asked a judge to order immediate comply yens. >> they mismanaged this resource. >> this looks beautiful. >> in 1990, state parks expanded but that changed quality of the water. since then, gates which should regulate salt water long since
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rusted open, killing endangered fresh water species, including san francisco garter snake and red-legged frog. >> the frog eggs need to be here f it's title they can't exhume. >> it's not as this if group wantsed to bring action. they're paying for the lawsuit themselves. and after 15 years felt they weren't getting any solutions. >> you complained for a long time. >> what did they say? >> study more. >> including these dead steelheads the same group showed us. say there has been a kill like this every year since 1996. >> what is your reaction? >> they don't want to do anything. and they don't want liability. a spokesman says, quote, we're not sure a suit will iron out differences. there seems to be no consensus
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as to a cause this, is frustrating to us. that sounds like more of the same and there is a double standard f a private citizen did this, they say the state would be all over him. >> and they'd be prosecuting us and finding us and likely incars rating us. >> the state doesn't charge a thing. so far. >> so if they can't get the state to do it, try courts. >> and if you like perfect, you're going like the weekend weather. >> this is what we call new november. >> there is temperatures around 07 degrees at the coast. and there is a live view now looking over the bay. it's clear, and spectacular evening around the bay area. just lovely. mild and comfortable. speaking of spectacular, take
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a look at setting sun this afternoon this, is a time lapse view. and emeryville, sunset occurred at 5:00 sharp. and notice this is going through skies chasing a setting sun. and there is 51 in nappa. mid to upper 50s in other locations. going to be cool tonight. breezy, warmer this weekend. gusty over hills and cooler days starting on tuesday. there is a wind advisory in effect monday morning. winds at elevations of 20-40 miles per hour. there is gusts in these areas. there is diablo range so bare that in mind. and there is high pressure dominating the weather scene again today, keeping conditions nice and mild, dry.
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there is a cool night. and there is no weather disturbances headed our way. low temperatures dropping into low to mid-40s. and there will be a low of 39 degrees. and there is a low of 35 tonight. and there is another day in the south bay. and there is low 70s in other locations. we'll see highs into low 70s and there is upper 60s on the coast. and in and around san francisco, highs of 68 into the sunset. 71 degrees downtown. north bay highs mid-70s. and 74 novato. near east bay, highs reaching into low 70s, 72 in hayward. over hills, a similar range, only milder up to about 74 in
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walnut creek. and near monterey bay, highs of 68 monterey, 70 in santa cruz. and here is the accu-weather forecast. this is going to be, this pattern going to be with us throughout monday. through tuesday, temperatures starting to moderate a bit wednesday, thursday. more clouds in the sky thursday and friday. and slight chance of precipitation. but boom. think about that later. let's enjoy this lovely weather coming up for the weekend. >> thank you. >> and spencer will be with us in just a few minutes as well. coming up why need is great for -- greater than ever for food here in the bay area. >> how you can help. stay with us. ♪
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[ female announcer ] keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. ♪ keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. [ female announcer ] so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just forou. ♪ because it is. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. thanksgiving less than two weeks away. many of us plan holiday men use others can not a a.forward a turkey with trimmings. now, neither can food pantry that's serve the needy. >> yes. yes. >> san francisco's food pantry
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is a lifeline for 400 families or 1100 people per week. >> mainly low-income families and there is probably about 75% to 80% homeless. >> the pastor robert johnson runs the food pantry, volunteered here three years before being offered the job. before that, he was homeless himself. he says senters are dying for volunteers and this time of the year, special food is enjoy bid everyone else. >> help someone who don't have what have you and watch how and what a big difference this will make. they feel they can go the traechl mile. >> using grant funding, page street buys food from the food bank. >> we need turkeys and chickens and cranberry sauce. we need canned fruits and vegetables. >> food bank spokesperson says the need is increased yet again this year. financial donations not only accepted here, but preferred. numan sedz for every $1, the
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food bank can provide $6 worth of food. >> nothing else matters when you're hungry wh. hungry, you can't work or get through the daily tasks. you feel down. nothing else matter autos turkey donations have started to trickle into the salvation army. 68 so far. but that is less than half of what they need. in antioch there is seven but need 150. >> abc 7 news. >> such a great need. spencer will be our point man on the abc 7 thanksgiving food drive. >> yes. starts next week. spencer here to remind us how it work autos join news helping food banks feed hungry families. every night we'll mention anyone who gives $350 equivalent of 35 thanksgiving meals, you can call the number on the screen here. and there is a link at abc 7 under see it on tv. the food drive goes through thanksgiving weekend wex need
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your help. please give. >> and people rerespond as they always do. >> thank you very much. >> still to come tonight at 6:30 our special report on special education. and the crisis that could drive school districts across the state into bankruptcy. >> big problems in the post office tonight. why the u.s. postal service is drowning in red ink. >> 35 years after their break up, new pictures from a day in the life of the beatles. x!ñ!ñ!)
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late word. the district attorney filed charges against a man that tide up traffic during the morning commute yesterday. police say craig carlos valentino dwlented he had a bomb and had a 16-year-old daughter with him in the car. and was carrying a pellet gun. he will face charges including
6:30 pm
kidnapping and child endangerment. >> budget problems are about to get worse. not only is the state facing a $25 billion deficit next year, but there has been a increase in the number of special ed students. and the added cost of teaching them could bankrupt some school districts. >> there is nobody saw it coming. the number of kids with autism. this is video at only one. jane is his mom. we noticed by the time he was a year old or over a year old he was different. >> a study found before 1990, nine in 10,000 kids were diagnose bid age six. 10 years later, it jumped to 44 in 10,000. today according to the cdc, one in 110 have an autism spectrum disorder.
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>> it's something you had to explain. now, it's like there is that popular thing. autism. you know? it seems like everybody knows now. >> and this is a d word. >> d? >> whatever the cause, parents must be guaranteed by law a free, appropriate education for kids. and this brings us to the costs of educating all special ed students. the federal government is supposed to contribute 40% of the costs. and any district will tell you they're lucky to get 10 to 20%. >> in 2002 our unfunded costs were about $170,000 nor school year, it's $3 million. >> the franklin mckinley
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school district said if this continues it will bankrupt districts. >> it's costly because it requires more personnel. >> districts admit because funds aren't there, not everyone is implementing these special ed services effectively. many parents opt for nonpublic schools, which are privately operated. the owe ryan academy is an example. most have asberger's syndrome. the cost is $30,000 a year. if a parent of public school studentent is able to demonstrate their district cannot provide adequate services for their school, a local school district must, by law pay for tuition, and transportation. and saying sometimes, parents expect too much. >> districts expected to
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provide the volkswagon version. which is this is what you need to be success envelope a public school setting. we have parents think that they should be getting the cadillac version. >> june is with an organization called support for families saying kids zeefsh a good education and services. >> most people think that those kids with disibilities can't. so why are we giving them money? they can't. what people don't understand is that if you provide them supports and services they can. >> travis spent most years in san francisco public schools, his parents felt it was time to go nonpublic every kid in the district needs more than the budget is giving them. so to say my kids needs more, you feel like it's taking it from other kids. you rather this came from another source.
6:34 pm
and. >> i'm not going let that go. >> parents agree. and there is a number of autistic kids increases congress must come to terms with the fact that witness will train school budgets more. >> the post office is turning into a major financial drain because a drop in u.s. mail in, mail in the u.s., postal service says it lost $8.5 billion, meaning more than double previous years lost. and the service does answer to congress, they've asked for perm dwroigs cut back to five days per week. a request was denied by the postal rate commission. >> u.s. supreme court today allowed the military's don't ask, don't tell policy to remain in effect for now. last month of a judge declared it a civil rights violation,
6:35 pm
told the military to stop enforcing it. the supreme court said kit remain in place. the case is on appeal in san francisco. >> money scope headlines now. new details on possible layoffs at yahoo. the "wall street journal" reports 650 people in the products division could lose their jobs. yahoo says reports of a 20% reduction are inaccurate. stock prices fell and the dow dropped another 90 points. and sun power today reported a $20 million profit. the company appears to be on track with revenue. the california reality tores association coming up with an idea for getting the housing market moving again, now offering unemployment unsureance, paying $1500 a month if a buyer gets laid
6:36 pm
off. >> tonight a film maker gets unprecedented access.
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in a world there is worry about keeping medical information private, a bay area team of film makers is going into the open set direction and got access to highland hop hospital in oakland. and then up loaded part of the area. we saw it and had to find out more about the project called waiting room. >> daisy's live at highland hospital. plans to make each patient's story matter. >> i gave 110% of my body to the company. >> i'm here fr a tb reading. >> some arrive in critical condition. >> when you were shot you
6:40 pm
became paralyzed. >> others here because there is no place else to turn. >> i was having a hard time finding emploi. and we lost our home. >> i'm retired and have little income. >> i don't have anymore health benefits. so very to come up here to get medication. and i'm gone. >> pete nixon spent five months in the waiting room this, is a public hospital that never turns anyone away. >> it's diverse. and then, you start to look and talk to people and realize it's a remarkable man festation of our health care policy. >> this is the idea is that as people wait for medical care. >> rich people don't want regular people to be happy. >> the crew shot video that will be a documentary.
6:41 pm
a lot of it is online now. on a web site called what are you waiting for? a wide range of people talking about experiences from a young woman to identify the men who attacked her. >> snees a fetal position. they ended up kicking her. >> to another young woman. >> i believe medicine would be a way tomorrow pack peoples lives. i waned to be a doctor. >> the team is hoping to put a video booth in the waiting room so people can record when no crew is there. >> i'm just 17 years old. and you have to think about you're not going work the rest of your life. >> every patient and staff member has given concern. >> expect expect and demand privacy.
6:42 pm
america is saying we want to know what is going on. >> this has been surprising how eager people are to share. >> this ceo knows there will be good and bad comments. he's ready to hear them. showing some videos at staff meetings. >> this helps. particularly those who aren't in the day-to-day trenches of providing care. this helps to connect us back to why we're here. what is the point of what we do. >> and such powerful look inside workings of a hospital. we got much of the video for our story through you report powered by you tube. show us what you've got. upload to you 7 or e mail photos and to see more there is a link to what are you waiting for site.
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abc 7 take a look at this, we'll
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tomorrow stit will host a largest urban dance event in the country. among the teams is a group becoming you tube sensation. tonight don sanchez shows us what happened to them since our last story in september. >> preparing for the world of dance competition. this is turotf. >> and they see this as a positive influence. changing perceptions about young people in oakland. >> this is about making videos and showing us its something other than violence in oakland.
6:47 pm
and this is the first video there is when i play for views. >> this is like... wait. let me click this over making sure it's the right video. >> and the twins from paris, it was a revelation. >> they see the dance, it's not normal for him. we try and try. this is considered experimental in france. so you'll recognize some of the moves in france. >> french. you know. >> dance international language. in starring a new generation. >> the way i dance, i tell a story. >> his dancing partner is five years old.
6:48 pm
for the scene the video is a turning point. a chance for a bright future, looking for a sponsor and the opportunity to show the world. in oakland abc 7 news. >> and you can see the twins performing tomorrow night. there are links to their video for you on abc 7 >> never before seen photographs of the kbraelts now on display at uc berkeley. the photographer snapped the pictures while beetles were recording "the white album". he had photos snashed away and they probably would have stay there'd if not for a conversation with ken light. >> he said i have pictures of the beatles ik like beatles? >> what do you mean? he said in the middle of the white album, beatles went out with a couple photographers. ways one of them. we just played around and made photographers and i've been
6:49 pm
carrying negative was me manufacture i moved and i'm like wow let's do a show. >> this is called a mad day out, it's free of charge and there is a 110-page volume volume. the money goes support documentary photograph yeechl but wow. >> that is fantastic image autos let's get a snap shot of that. there is. >> there is a some highs around the bay area. a day like yesterday and like those still to come. state wide tomorrow, we're looking at mild conditions and out to tahoe, pleasant. sunld, similar conditions. here in the bay area this is how things are shaping up.
6:50 pm
there is a cool periods that will be in a narrow range from 70 near the coast. mid-70s around the bay and inland. temperatures moderating and by thursday an increase in clouds. friday there is a slight chance of showers. >> and that looks terrific. >> back in a moment
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here is a look at top seven stories on our web site now. remember, you can stay connected 24-7 at abc 7 >> join me tonight at 9:00. coming up, the booming market for old new technology. the for didrunner for the iphone goes on the auction block. >> medical mistakes in bay area hospitals. they've been slapped with penalties for error that's could have killed or injured patients. it's coming up at 9:00 and
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11:00. >> see you then. but now, let's turn to basketball news. >> yes. >> finally for long-suffering warrior fans, this is like berlin wall coming down. the deal is done and official. and they're new owners ending the regime. and since then, they've been dotting is and crossing ts on a transaction. and told me today he's never been involved in a complicated deal. that is saying something. he's been a venture capitolist more than 20 years. they signed off on major moves this off season. and will hold a news conference next week. and lee had fragments of a tooth near his elbow after thursday night's game. then, an infection developed.
6:55 pm
he needs to have it cleaned out. and is cupping back home for that. college football, stanford coach compared his star quarterback to peyton manning this, week, he says luck is like a cheetah. and the cheetah will leave stanford against arizona state tomorrow. i think that is proof he's a cheata. sounds good. cardinal number six. they've got a shot a bowl game. here is harbaugh. >> like a cheetah out interest there in africa. you know? chasing down gazelles and things like that. he's got a run, 50-60 miles per hour. gets a paw hurt. he's going to end up starving. like a quarterback. and you don't want him to break a finger. you know? or get a swollen thumb to where he can't do what he needs to do. >> i have no idea what he's
6:56 pm
talking about. huge test for brock mansion tomorrow. and there is a he mentioned he must be a rhino. nobody thinks cal has a prayer. the bears preparing to shock the world. >> we're the only team playing and the only team in the country this week. and this is our game. and this is, you know going to be awesome just to go out there and play them. >> the gold pride won the womens' professional soblger championship. but may not be in exist yens past mob. club has been looking since july. kind of a tough sell. the league launched two years ago in the face of one of the worst dmez history losing about $2 million. the team has not had gold pride engraved on trophies
6:57 pm
unless someone steps up this weekend. and finally tonight, second round play in australian masters, robert allenby is going left, way left. heads up. and ouch. this guy was bleeding. and allenby, well, went on to par the hole. >> and things worked out okay for him. >> and this is out of bounds. >> thanks for joining us. >> we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. this is the "jeopardy!" college championship. here are today's contestants-- a sophomore from yale university from wilmington, north carolina... a sophomore from northwestern university from austin, texas... and a sophomore from the university of virginia from harrisonburg, virginia... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. hello, everyone.


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