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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  November 19, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868. he ♪ the safety of a busy san francisco intersection is being questioned this morning after a deadly car crash involving two young people. >> two teenagers are dead after they crashed into a light pole overnight. it happened on ocean avenue. the investigation is underway. abc 7's jenelle wang is live at the scene. jenelle? >> cheryl and kristen, what i can tell you is that the driver swerved off ocean avenue, hit this metal pole, jumped over this concrete planter box and
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then hit this and took out this pine tree. we don't know the identities of the driver and four passengers, but we do know they were young, ages 16, 17 and be 18. the cash crash happened 12:45 this morning. the car was going west on ocean avenue when it lost control. two young men were thrown from the car. one died at the scene, another died at sf general. police say two other people were also hurt, one with life threaten injuries. a fifth person walked away from the crash unharmed. the owner of the building said where the crash happened said he's seen a lot of accidents at this intersection. >> this is not a surprise. it happens all the time. it's gotta be one of the worst intersections of of the city. it's mass confusion all the time. and the pedestrians on top of it. it's brutal. >> this is a massive intersection. main street crossing along with smaller feeder streets. you also have muni going down
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the center. that coupled with people driving too fast, it's a recipe for problems. no word on the exact cause of the crash or if alcohol was a factor, but we hear arrests have been made. live in san francisco, jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> all right, jenelle. thanks very much. this morning gavin newsom and george gascon are denying a published report there is a major internal investigation of the city's police department. today the san francisco examiner reports that during a police officer's association meeting, chief gascon said an internal investigation was underway and a possible distribution narcotics. he said he answered by using examples of recently investigated cases but was not referencing a current investigation. he goes on to describe the examiner's report as "bad journalism."
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>> right now a memorial service underway for police chief alex fagan. family, friends and dignitaries are attending the service at saint mary alleys cathedral. he died in london. he served 34 years on the force and was decorated for valor eight times. he became chief a day after being cleared of obstruction charges in the fajitas gate scandal involving his own son. he retired in 2004. alex fagan was 60 years old. >> the mother of the a little hayward girl kidnapped 22 years ago today is not giving up her search. she was joined at a news conference today by police and the only witness to her daughter's kidnapping. she was just nine when somebody grabbed her off the street in hayward. michaela would be 31 now. theresa garcia joins us with more. >> two decades, cheryl, is a long time to be missing but the love, faith and hope for the possible return of a young girl who would now be a young woman is definitely still strong and
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take a look behind me. this spot marks the location where she was taken missing. you see these freshly tied yellow ribbons and above them are some old faded ones still tied to this tree to mark the location and anniversary of michaela's abduction. >> every year november gets closer and every evening gets a little bit colder. ♪ >> michaela's younger brother who was a baby when she was abducted sang a couple songs today in her honor. family, friends and hayward police detectives gathered this morning to remember this 22 anniversary that michaela was kidnapped. she was nine when she was snatched from outside a mission boulevard market in hayward november 19th, 1988. she was walking to her friend back to the market to get their scooters when a man grabbed her, pulled him into his car screaming and pulled away. today she spoke about keeping
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michaela's memory alive and continuing the search for her. michaela's mother also spoke. >> she was a very, very special child. she was a gift to the world. and if she can't be her herself to give that gift, then i have to do it for her. >> there was renewed hope in finding michaela again last year and that was when last year jay sue dugard was found alive with her accused abductor phillip garrido. his property was dug up for a search of evidence but nothing was found and ga reed no never admitted involvement there. michaela's mother said she was like a permanent memorial for her daughter aside from the annual gatherings here and that would be a mural up on the wall behind me. today the hayward police pledged support along with the community to help get that mural painted. eventually behind me you will
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see something in honor of michaela. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> it's the day before the big game, the annual cal stanford football showdown but instead of a pep rally a protest is going on right now on the u.c. berkeley campus. terry mcsweeney is there live. >> right now a couple dozen protestors are on the other side of sprawl plaza from where i am right now. this was announced as a massive protest. hundreds of people they expected. if it's ever going to be a massive protest, it's also a very slow start. what they're doing is writing on the bricks antituition hike messages dedicated to the u.c. regents, the gathering opposed to regents' actions yesterday raising tuitions for about half of the u.c. systems. 188,000 students. some are going to have to pay $822 more per year, others less than that and others nothing more. one protestor says there is no need to raise tuition at all and the u.c. regent numbers don't
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add up. >> we don't understand what's going on. the university got more money from the state. $370 million. they increased the fees by 32% last year. that's $350 million. the math does not work. >> protestors today did find an allie in state president pro tem dale steinberg. he released a letter and it says in part we must fundamentally restructure government as we know it. our system is broken and we can no longer afford to limp by with the fiscal equivalent of duct tape. the protesters are written in crayon on buildings we need a revolution. another said no hike in fees. but another one said and has a sense of humor, beat stanford, don't become it. live on the u.c. berkeley campus, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thanks very much. california's unemployment rate remains the same over the past
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month. the state's employment development department said it stayed at 12.4%. the jobless rate has been at or above 12% the past 15 months. employers gained 39,000 jobs in october. the areas of professional and business services posted the biggest gain. the national unemployment rate is 9.6%. thousands of ground zero workers exposed to toxic dust. >> president obama in portugal for the world summit meeting. one a time line for u.s. withdrawals from afghanistan. >> holiday discounts nearly
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> a major development was just announced over a lawsuit to help people who became sick after clearing rubble from ground zero following the september 11th terror attacks. 10,000 people have joined the settlement that will pay hundreds of millions to workers exposed to toxic dust at the world trade center. it ends most of the litigation over the failure to provide protective equipment to firefighters who cleared debris. the settlement provides at least $625 million. president obama is inport gal today ahead of meetings with leaders. he met with president silva in lisbon where he outlined the exit strategy for afghanistan. >> and here in lisbon i look
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forward to working with our nato and partners as we moves towards a new phase, a transition to afghanistan's responsibility to begin in 2011 with afghan forces taking the lead for security across afghanistan by 2014. >> many european leaders are under pressure to reduce their country's combat rules in afghanistan or ship to a training-focussed mission. this weekend the president will attend summits with america's nato partners as well as leaders from the european union. >> a federal judge will consider a motion by toyota to dismiss lawsuits that claim their sudden excel defense to its cars. hundreds have been recalled worldwide because of acceleration problems in several models and brake defects with the prius hybrid. toyota argues the plaintiffs have been unabled to prove they're responsible for the vehicles surging unexpectedly.
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several factors are to blame for the sudden acceleration including driver error, faulty floor mats and sticky pedals. >> a little cold and drizzly ahead of the big storm. >> the first arctic blast it the season on its way. going to bring us so far delays at sfo. they've grown from an hour to morning to about an hour 45 minutes so check our flight tracker at how heavy the rain is going to be. >> you know that snow is going to bring lots of fresh snow to the mountains. we'll take a look how much skiers and snowboarders can expect. >> harry potter fans get their z's tonight to catch the magic at a midnight showing. the black widow spider's severe bite
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you can see ♪ the transportation security administration has just announce the airline pilots will be allowed to skip some physical security checks at airport screenings. a growing uprising over the new patdown security is not going
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away. withhold travel ramping up, many travellers are finding the intensely personal searches too close for comfort. >> the expressions say it all. americans literally grimacing at airport patdowns. 20 million americans take to the skies for the holiday, a rebellion has broken out at the security line. >> stranger groping you basically. >> wendy calls it sexual assault. >> he came all the way up my arms and between my breasts and up under my breasts and around. and all in silence. >> in northern california san mateo county a new district attorney said he'll prosecute agents that carry out excessive patdowns. the charge: sexual battery. >> if someone to go under someone's blouse and go skin to skin, that's a felony. over the clothing over california law, it's a misdemeanor. >> john wants airports to
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replace federal workers with private contractors that 17 airports have already done. >> shoe bombers, we had to take off our shoes. liquid we had to take out our liquid. now we're groped because of the disciple he ever bomber. what's next, the prague tow column gist? >> whether to bring down passenger aircraft or cargo aircraft. >> it's really a passenger uprising. the american civil liberties union has fielded 400 complaints pilots and other groups are suing. like so many other disputes, this one could be settled in court. >> this weekend's storm is expected to leave skiers and snowboarders smiling. wanna take a live shot now at heavenly. the resort sports network. heavenly officials tell us they were originally planning to open today but high winds are a problem there. however they expect up to 4 feet
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of new snow. we'll check with mike to make sure on that. depending on the wind, they aim to open for business tomorrow or sunday. squaw opens tomorrow and some others opening a little after that. >> that's right. because with a big storm, prompting all these openings, mike. >> could get up to 4 feet of snow. they really need it. >> whiteout time. >> absolutely. could be pretty dangerous there saturday. let's show you what's going on at home. good morning to you. at 11:19 looking from south beach. you can see the mainly cloudy conditions over the bay this morning. take one more perspective and show you what it looks like from emeryville this morning. some of the clouds. the bulk of the weather still to our north on live doppler 7 hd. you can see radar returns moving from the west but expect that line from the north to increase in coverage and intensity and that's going to bring us some rain this evening. right now kind of cool outside.
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even a 46 around los gatos and cloudy around the monterey bay and inland with mid-50s. so our highlights, three things you need to know. just the sprinkles, the cooler conditions today, probably the quieter of the three days. the rain moves in this evening, hangs out overnight. once that passes showers saturday and sunday. some thunder and a snow level to 2500 feet here in the bay area by sunday. 60 san jose, the warm spot. mid to upper 50s under mostly cloudy sky. upper 50s to near 60 with mostly cloudy conditions around the monterey bay also. the rain will start to leave us towards tomorrow morning. you see the shield heading to the south. look at the cold air coming in, low to mid-40s. here we are at noon. just mainly cloudy conditions but there's that line developing. by 8:00 just about all of us dealing with rain. that first wave rolls through. we get a little roll tomorrow and then the second wave moves in. this is the one with showers and possibly thunder with it. maybe brief downpours and small
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hail. look at the snow developing mount hamilton saturday into sunday morning. also mount diablo and probably around mount selenena. the one with the least amount of rain. still a half inch to inch around the bay. some of the higher elevations, possibly up to an inch or inch natural and a half. the wind storm warning. up to 7,000 feet, up to 2 feet of snow up to 5,000 feet which puts interstate 80 probably in closed positions tomorrow. definitely you'll need the chains. here's a look at the game. it's the big game and it's stanford and cal once again, 12:30. showers low to mid-50s. dress for the cold and the dampness. accu-weather seven-day forecast, temperatures actually coolest sunday and low 50s. a small chance of a shower monday and once all this clears, look for a freeze possible tuesday night and wednesday night and then sunshine and
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warmer weather by thanksgiving. >> thanks, mike. >> there are some holiday specials in store for bay area residents of san francisco. all you have to do to qualify is prove you live here by showing a zip code on some sort of nation. free admission for museums, 20% off restaurants and shows. also reduced room rates at downtown hotels. and there's more, discounts or freebies at many neighborhood shop, spas and even banks. even the muni is getting into the act in parking and public transit schedules. >> harry potter is taking his magic all the way to the box office. the just released seventh installment in the series made a whopping $24 million at the screenings like this one where fans passeded time in line playing a muggle version of quidage. part one is now the third-highest grossing film to
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sandra from the sfpca. >> he's a four-year-old chihuahua. kind of portly in size but he's very active. >> is he saying your head's a small? >> it's a little small for his body but he's adorable. he works actively in our humane education program at the san francisco spca. he gets along with dogs of all sizes. ideal in basically any type of situation, home, kids, other dogs. >> good, good. so cats even? >> cats not sure. we keep them all separated at the spca. for good reason. you but i think he would get along with any cat. >> well, tell us about your big event tonight. >> we do! >> one we all look forward to. the big unveiling of macy's holiday windows. their 24th annual holiday wools
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-- windows. you can meet cats and dogs alike. if you can't take a pet home, you can always make a donation. a great way to help up. >> so go to macy's union square. >> take a look at the windows. they're doing a big tree lighting ceremony and unveiling in all the windows. so come see, it's going to be running until january 2nd. >> how nice. if you don't get adopted in the next couple hours. >> we'll definitely see him at the windows. and you can also text us, 2722 spca to adopt a dog. make a $10 donation over text. >> you can do it the old-fashioned way. we have good news about one of our previous pets. rudy has a home
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