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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 20, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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♪ in the news this saturday morning, november 20th, a blast of wintry weather drops fresh snow in the sierra where chain controls are in effect. a local father turns to posting a plea to his long-lost children. >> good morning. i'm theresa garcia. round one of this weekend's storm system delivers rain and snow to northern california. the bay area got a good drenching last night before drying out a bit but we're not finished yet. there are still showers out there and we're expecting up to an inch of rain before the weekend is out plus colder temperatures, too. you know, this system delivered just what we were hoping for, fresh snow in time for the thanksgiving holiday. driving conditions are icy over the mountain passes this
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morning. right now caltran has chain controls in effect in the lake tahoe region. the chains are required on interstate 80 on donor summit on u.s. highway 50 sofer echo summit and 89 in the lake tahoe region. let's turn to lisa argen to find out what we can expect from the system. >> looking at a lot of rain out there that pushed through yesterday. as much as a half an inch in palo alto, a third in dublin. here's our live doppler 7 hd. the front pushed well to the south of us but scattered showers remain to the north. wet weather from jenner to see ranch and highway one. we will look at another organized cold front to push on through and with this one much colder air. but right now temperatures are chilly. 39 los gatos so we haven't even reached the cooler area. talk about the winter storm
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warning, we have snow on mount hamilton already and the rest of the weekend coming up. >> turning to some bay area news this morning, a father in walnut creek is making a very personal plea in quite a public way. michael smith has posted a video on begging his children to contact him. he said they were abducted by their mother 13 years ago. more than 2,000 people have watched his video but it hopes it reaches his target audience: his children. >> i'm gonna speak to the two of you. >> he didn't rehearse or write out what he was going to say. michael smith just sat down in front of a camera and spoke from the heart to his two children who he hasn't seen in 13 years. the video was posted on on monday. he's been an emotional wreck all week. >> a million emotions all the way ranging from anger to despair to the what if's and every time the phone rings, i just don't know. >> smith hasn't seen chelsea or
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zachary since they were six and nine years old. he says their mother abducted them during their custody battle. he first accused him of sexual, verbal and physical abuse but once all those allegations against him were cleared and he started to seek full custody, he says she took off. >> i want you to know that this entire time since december 19th, 1997, i have loved you. i have never stopped thinking about you. i think about you daily and i miss you on a daily basis. >> he made this video now because he just heard from the f.b.i. chelsea and zachary have been located and told investigators they don't want to see their father. >> i don't know anything beyond that. they're over the age of 18. the privacy laws kick in and rightly so. >> he decided to turn to in the hopes his video will go viral and will somehow be seen by his kids. smith feels very vulnerable having this video out there but he says he doesn't care. he just hopes this message will
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reach his kids. >> if they don't call me, don't make contact, i -- i'll be extremely, extremely disappointed. but i hold no ill will towards them whatsoever this is they're victims. >> he hopes it will serve as a deterrent and keep other parents from abducting their children. >> the f.b.i. now says smith's ex-wife is a fugitive. she is wanted for child abduction. and a violent car crash, a devastating result. this all happened in san francisco yesterday leaving several families in the east bay shattered. five teenagers were in this one car, two died, one is barely hanging on. two others did survive. abc 7's lisa amin gulezian has more on this horrible crash. >> he was a nice outgoing guy. and it's just -- it's a really big shock. >> students at castro valley high school still can't believe what happened when the car jonathan johnson was in crashed
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into a light pole on ocean avenue in san francisco. johnson and another 18-year-old benjamin powell were thrown from the car and died. a 16-year-old sitting in between them has life threatening injuries. the two people in the front seat are uninjured, an 18-year-old passenger and the driver who's just 14 years old. >> it's horrible. and we just -- as a school district try to do everything we can to spare the students and the families. >> johnson graduated from castro valley in june after transferri transferring there from tracy. he immediately joined the drama case and made the wrestling team. his coach is one of the first to find out about the crash. he told administrators who told teachers and guidance counselors. >> he was an outstanding student and certainly one we'll miss a lot. >> weird to think he's not here anymore.
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i've never really had anyone close to me pass away before. >> police say all three of the boys sitting in the backseat, including johnson, were not wearing their seat belts. >> this was a tragic event for the families involved, but there's the potential to save lives if those seat belts had been worn. >> the driver is charged with vehicular manslaughter while the man who owns the car is charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. >> turning now to the economy. a glimmer of improvement for california's jobs picture. although the state's newly released unemployment rate held steady at 12.4%, 39,000 new jobs were added to california payrolls last month. 5800 were in the east bay, 4800 in the south bay and 3300 in marin, san francisco and san mateo counties. well, many of those new jobs are tech positions.
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google is hanging out the help wanted sign to fill 2,000 positions. abc 7's karina rusk has details on the company's quest. >> the good news from google is traveling fast. she's not wasting any time applying for one of google's one of two,000 job openings. he's been out of work since june with a background in engineering and project management. >> looking at positions that i think i may have some qualification experience to offer. >> the world's dominant search engine issued this statement to abc 7: google is aggressively hiring across the board with a focus in sales and engineering. the mountain view company is in a talent war with, twitter and others. the company recently announced a 10% pay race and bonuses for all it's 32,000 employees. for engineers especially, the bidding wars are back. this google recruitment video
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emphasizes a stimulating, fun work environment with percs. >> you have yoga, we have pilates. >> the food. which by the way is great. >> the employment development department says in the bay area engineers are among the fastest growing occupations. in the san francisco region, the ten-year projected job growth is 25 to 45% depending on specific engineering expertise. >> we verified that through our surveys, that, yes, there is a demand for engineering and it is all over the bay area really. >> as the economy slowly recovers from a recession, they hope google's hiring announcement has a ripple effect. >> we need more industry leaders such as google to basically inject some confidence into the market and boost the economy. >> and the demand for engineers at google and elsewhere is great
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for the overall economy, and that's because these are good-paying jobs of that a multiplier effect when those salaries are spread out whether it be shopping or remodelling or eating out. in san jose, karina rusk, abc 7 news. >> a south bay company is among the targets of a massive insider trading investigation. the "wall street journal" reports mountain view's primary global research and goldman sachs are among the companies being examined. investigators are looking into whether consulting companies illegally passed along inside information to investors looking for an edge. sources say federal authorities are preparing charges that could involve consultants, investment bankers, traders and analysts from coast to coast. downtown pleasant hill shopping district is under new ownership. the investment group purchased the 366,000 square foot shopping area. the sale price? that wasn't released but the deal could be worth more than $70 million. it opened ten years ago and
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brought new life to pleasant hill. it boasts a 14 theater, border books and several restaurants. a documented city college student is expected to return to the bay area today after being released from federal lockup. steve lee came to the u.s. and claims he didn't know he was in the country illegally. he's been in custody in arizona since september. officials just released him after dianne feinstein filed a bill to block lee's deportation to peru. >> i think i was utterly shocked because the last week or so we're giving him good news and bad news. one minute deported, another minute not sure. >> of a condition of his release, he has to report to the immigration office in san francisco. a painkiller prescribed to millions of americans is being phase the out over safety concerns. next a cardiac concern that has
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the fda halting future prescriptions of darvon and the recommendation for patients who already take it. plus thousands of free thanksgiving turkeys will be delivered to bay area families this weekend. several major charity effofofofo [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent. [ younger brother ] oh, do you want it? yeah. ok, we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light... ...buttery and flaky... this is half. that is not half. guys i have more. [ female announcer ] do you have enough crescents? with cinnabon cinnamon have such a sweet and delicious aroma that my family can't wait to get their hands on them.
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it's another great reason to bank with chase. chase what matters. sign up at a branch today. >> welcome back. 5:13 right now. 10 million people take the painkiller darvon and soon no more. the maker of darvon is pulling the drug from the market over safety concerns. the fda says the active ingredient can lead to heart attacks. the fda's urging doctors to stop prescribing the drug immediately but says patients should continue taking it while their doctor arranges alternate medications. police are investigating the
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mysterious white powder that was mailed to the studio where "dancing with the stars" is produced. the envelope was delivered to the show's production office last night. abc says it contained a threatening letter and a white substance that turned out to be just tal come powder. >> several will sell brate early this year because of donations across the area. the university of san francisco will feed 120 families in need this morning. the event takes place from 7:30 to 10:30. student athletes in concord are handing out 300 turkries this morning at st. francis parish. the goodwin foundation are handing out baskets at the recreation center in oakland from 1:00 to 4:00. and more than 600 turkeys will be handed out at the britannia arms between 11:00 and 1:00.
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that's rain or shine, right, lisa. >> right. a little break now. first cold front pushed through looking at a few showers, colder air but much colder air and more rain to come. a live look at emeryville this morning. a little damp out there. have a look at the rest of your weekend, chilly weekend next. >> rain and chill aside, something to spice up your weekend. thousands of salsa dancers from all over the world are gathering in oakland. we'll show you more next.
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welcome back. thousands of dancers are gathered in oakland for one of the largest salsa dance conventions in the world. ♪ >> the ninth annual san francisco international salsa congress kicked off yesterday at the oakland convention center. the three-day event includes shows or shops and competition. last night was amateur night where dancers performed just for the fun of it. this year it's from calgary, canada. >> the difference with the latin culture, got it home all the time so more dancers have been doing it their whole lives so it's exciting for us. >> having some fun there. tonight's performances will be devoted to professional dancers. the convention culminates tomorrow night with a salsa
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competition. great night to be indoors with all the rain occurring. >> yeah. the cold air. right now in the 40s and that would be some highs today around the bay area. should see low to mid-60s. 40s and 50s and more rain this afternoon. live look outside. the snow has been falling in the sierra nevada. right now heavenly the powder is piling up with 26 degrees in tahoe with heavy snow. 23 degrees in truckee with light show and mount shasta reporting snow. storm warning in effect until 4:00 tomorrow. and back home right now we're looking at a little break in san francisco but it was hovering around 50 degrees here. live doppler 7 hd. and the cold front is around here now with pretty good rain there but wrap-around showers in the beginning of our next cold front is on the way bringing some showers to the north coast. in fact, we've had a thunderstorm around jenner.
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highway 1 around inverness and santa rosa and windsor. some rain right now and it looks like the rain, heaviest will be this afternoon into the evening hours with temperatures really dropping throughout much of the afternoon. so some high temperatures will just stay in the low to mid-40s in the north bay. elsewhere struggling to reach 50. right now 48 oakland, 43 fremont and mountain view. 38 los gatos. so we are looking at a 24 hour temperature change of everyone cooling off as much as 10 to 11 degrees in some spots and mountain view. you picked up a half inch of rain in mountain view. half moon bay 9 degrees cooler and a third of an inch in napa. cold and showery weekend with the snow over the peaks about 2500 feet. we saw snow in mount hamilton and we're looking at some of the higher elevations in santa cruz county and monterey county getting into some snow with the lowering snow levels and that unstable air, a chance of thunderstorms throughout the weekend. here's the first cold front pushed on through.
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here's the next low. it will arrive later on tonight and we'll see the energy around it bring more showers and rain today. and, of course, the cold air associated with it. so talking temperatures as much as 10 degrees to 20 degrees below average today. a computer animation shows a little break this morning and then by about noon, more showers and 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon we can see heavier rain and a little snow around mount hamilton with a few breaks out there. tomorrow the possibility of thunderstorms right on through your sunday afternoon. so we are looking at some pretty cold air that will be moving on in and with it the accumulations anywhere from a half to an inch of rain throughout the 24 hour, 48 hour time period. big game today, chilly. chance of the hours, temperatures only low to mid-50s in the east bay. storm warning until 4:00 with 3 to 5 feet of snow above 7,000
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feet. 1 to 2 inches -- feet i should say about lake level. mid-50s today to the upper 40s in the north bay. look for 54 in hollister. here's our look sa head. temperatures very chilly this weekend. chance of thunderstorms through tomorrow and then slowly warm up sort of around thanksgiving. try anyway. >> feels like we're getting closer to winter even though we're only halfway through fall here. a change from last week. good gosh. lisa, thank you. it's the 113th big game between stanford and cal but it's the slam dunkfest in oakland that stopped morning sports. >> good morning, everybody. the warriors hosted the knicks. monta ellis may have had the dunk of the year of golden state however this turned into a track meet. a knicks meet. one of three former warriors making their return first quarter. former stanford star landry fields knocking down the three.
5:23 am
monta, with authority in the face of torrey. this is what you called it. the knicks dropped 41 on the warriors. he had 35. knicks big! amara, he had 26. knicks leading by 18 at one point. you know the warriors are gonna come back. reggie williams with the triple. reggie with 15 in the 4th. down to a two point game but not enough defense for the golden state. clutch three. the warriors lose their first game at home this season, 125-119. a couple years ago anthony randolph appeared to be on his way to stardom with the warriors. now he doesn't even get off the bench for the knicks. an early ankle injury has hampered his game in new york. >> really the injury early on in the season so just trying to get
5:24 am
ak clip mated and get back in the rotation. >> college football, stanford keep their hopes alive while cal needs one more win to become bowl eligible. a ton on the line today when cal hosts stanford in the 113th edition of the big game. might very well be the final big game for stanford's dynamic duo of the head coach and star quarterback lutz. lutz certainly the number one pick and with that rookie salary cap coming at some point he would leave tens of millions on the table should he decide to stick around. all about beating your arch rival. >> you talk about taking every game the same way, approaching the same way. there's a little more to this, the emotional level, all the hype throughout the week. it's a special game. and in the season, too, it's a critical time. >> a whole lot of pride going into this week. we've had seven out of eight years. i think i've lost once in the
5:25 am
past four years. not looking to give it up again. >> stanford seven point favorite to win the big game. back to landry field with the knicks. he has no doubts. >> big game stanford. serious right now. luck all the way. i said this earlier, 35-13. >> bold prediction. it wasn't close to 35-13. boise state hosting fresno state. more play action. 17-0 boise state. fast forward to 23. and again to austin. 30-0. moore making his case for the heisman in this game. 333 and four touchdowns. the broncos go for 10-0, the final.
5:26 am
jeannette poland, the left hand finish, 23-15 half time. second half more poland. knock down. peterson off glass inside with 13 stanford on 2-0, a 62-53 victory. olympic skiing champion johnny molesly a few days away from his world skating debut. monday night abc premiers skating with the stars. mosley's been on a crash course in l.a. practicing his skating for hours every day. johnny's been on the ski slopes for years but he has not skated very much. seems like finally clicking for him on the ice. >> i'm feeling great like we had pay choreography session today. i went through the routine and for the first time i didn't feel like a total goof ball so that's positive. >> johnny skates here monday night. >> oregon state usc football 5 p.m. followed with big game
5:27 am
highlights. have a great weekend everybody. >> the top stories at 5:30. all the fresh snow in the mountains means chain controls for sierra highways launching ski season just in time for the holidays. lisa argen will let us know what to expect throughout the weekend. and president obama
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good morning. topping the news, weather here, chain controls in effect on the major sierra highways this morning as a blast of winter weather moves from the bay area into the mountains. and this fresh snow, it is just in time for thanksgiving holiday skiing. but if you are heading to the tahoe region this morning, please note chains are required on all the major highways. so let's go straight to lisa argen for an overall look what we can expect this weekend. >> hi there, theresa. good morning. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. scattered showers in the north bay. right now closer look shows rain along highway 1, highway 101, santa rosa and windsor. looking at colder temperatures, the coldest air of the season. right now in the low 40s most places, 46 in san francisco. we will be looking at low snow levels around the bay area and more moderate to heavy rain
5:31 am
throughout the day today. thunderstorms tomorrow. theresa. >> lisa, thank you. turning to snow lovers. they are getting an early start on the season. and here is what it looks like in the sierra as the storm moved in last night. several feet of snow may come down over the weekend. there may even be whiteout conditions in some places. abc 7's nanette miranda shows us how people are preparing for a snowy holiday weekend. >> the tahoe area's first major snowstorm of the season created a rush in local stores in the days and hours before. customers needed a variety of things, like new boots for the unprepared like jimmy from orange county. >> i just found out i had a hole in my shoe so i had to get those. >> to new shovels for local residents. >> preparing. it's going to be like 3 feet by the end down here. so probably double that. >> over the caltran's maintenance station, workers tinkered with equipment that hadn't been used for months
5:32 am
making sure they're ready for that storm. crews will be working through the weekend to keep the roads clear. >> we could have whiteout conditions. that's when we stress to motor ists to reduce your speeds. we would recommend that. >> the storm is great news for skiers and snow boarders. there's been some snow in some areas but fresh powder is always welcome. >> when i fall down, it won't hurt as much. i won't get scrapes from running over the dirt. >> to have a major snowstorm blow through before the thanksgiving holiday weekend is the best scenario ski resorts can hope for. >> it's going to do a lot for the local economy. all the restaurants and gas stations and everybody are really excited because it's going to get the season kicked off a little earlier. >> while excitement is in the air, snowstorms routinely happen in the sierra which is why david just shrug the their shoulders when significant weather blows
5:33 am
through. >> 26 years, not that excited. >> hope it convinces tourists to come up christmas week. that's traditionally when they make the most money. chp and caltran are well aware there could be blizzard conditions over the weekend and are prepared to shut down interstate 80 and highway 50 if necessary. nanette miranda, abc 7 news. >> developing news about the war in afghanistan this morning. nato's leaders have just decided to reduce troop levels and hand over control of security to afghan forces by 2014. president obama, afghan president karzai and leaders of the 28 member alliance met behind closed doors today for the nato russia council meeting in portugal. they cited an agreement for nato to maintain a long-term presence in afghanistan after 2014. the people of afghanistan still
5:34 am
find themselves caught between coalition forces and no help from the afghan government. from kabul. >> just 30 minutes from kabul, muhammad's motorcycle repair shop is caught in the middle of the. down the road one way, secured capital. down the road the other way, a district infested with taliban. only in kabul is the security okay, he says. everywhere else, he says security is sad. kabul is the only part of the country the u.s. has largely transferred to afghan control. this weekend president obama and nato will endorse a new plan, transition a handful more areas by june and the entire country by the end of 2014. there are a few areas that can transition first. but much of the country has never been more violent. in many areas, the taliban create their own checkpoints, run their own courts and actively recruit people like
5:35 am
this man. during the day he is a civil servant. at night insurgents. >> i join the taliban because of what the americans are doing to this country. they kill innocent people. >> with the help of 100,000 troops, the u.s. has recently made large gains here but improvement is slow and often not backed up by any increase in aof governance. >> what do you think of the government? >> the government makes the rich richer and destroys the lives of the poor, he says. that's why there's no security in afghanistan. this weekend the u.s. begins a slow four-year march towards the excit. but that date will be nothing until afghans feel safer and are governed better. >> the loss of the house speaker position has not taken the political fire out of nancy pelosi's belly. in an inview in new york times magazine, pelosi was asked about
5:36 am
john boehner's tears on election night. the republicans swept the house and boehner became nostalgic. >> i spent my whole life chasing the american dream. (applause) >> pelosi says he is known to cry. that boehner cries sometimes when we're having a debate on bills. and she went on to say if i cry it's about the personal loss of a friend or something like that. but when it comes to politics, no, i don't cry. boehner has cried several times on the house floor, typically when discussing the iraq war. john boehner was selected this week by his caucus to become the next speaker of the house. police chief 49-year-old guy swanger, currently an investigation for the san diego police department will take over in january. he'll be replacing david livingston whose been elected sheriff of contra costa county.
5:37 am
there's a risk of a second explosion and gas levels that are keeping rescuers from a new zealand coal mine to go back in looking for 29 missing miners. those miners have been missing more than 24 hours after a powerful blast tore through the tunnel. it is still not known if those miners are alive. emergency officials say rescuers are ready to go in as soon as gas levels are safe for that search. and here in the bay area, across the bay area, we are gettin' wet. >> yeah! right now a little break but still a few showers in the north bay. yes. and more rain and snow piling up in the sierra nevada. with the storm warning through tomorrow, chilly temperatures today. how much more rain? i'll have your forecast coming right up. >> plus more why this will be the last big game at berkeley's memorial stadium for a
5:38 am
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>> we're getting off the airplane. take a look what we're dealing with. >> what they were dealing with is this. the copilot said the crack spidered across the glass. passengers were heading from atlanta to santa ana california but the pilot said they needed to land as quickly as possible. >> no air's leaking into the airplane, no glass breaking. just we cannot continue on. >> really frightening there but the updates through the navy pilot kept them calm with an emergency landing in dallas. the faa is investigating what caused that window to crack. lisa argen joins us now to talk about the weather. we had a storm but it's comin'. >> later on this afternoon to the evening hours, the heaviest rain across the bay area as the next cold front slides to the
5:41 am
south. but we already had one and the cold air behind it is allowing for wet tarmac at the airport with temperatures in the upper 40s at sfo. we have seen a half inch of rain to a third in dublin, palo alto and mill valley about a half inch. we are looking at more to come. a break now from emeryville. temperatures are all quite cool in the 40s. live doppler 7 hd shows the activity now in the north bay. here's santa rosa and cloverdale even off the coast of inverness, point reys and everywhere else a break but we will be looking at colder air and more rain today. 48 oakland, 44 concord. 38 los gatos. everyone down this morning, as much as 11 degrees cooler in antioch, 8 degrees cooler in menlo park. cold and a showery weekend, especially today. snow over the peaks about 2500 feet. we've seen that in mount hamilton. and looking at a chance of
5:42 am
thunderstorms tonight and into sunday. the first cold front has swept on through the cold air. still colder air behind it that will descend into the bay area today. compliments of this area of low pressure. and we will be looking at more organized rain. but not this morning. here we are through the early morning hours. scattered showers by noon and then by the later afternoon, 3:00, 4:00, heavier rain into the east bay by 7:00 and then it pushes on out but more showers with the cold air behind it. a chance of thunderstorms with a few peaks of sun tomorrow. looking at another inch or so in the north bay. totals though through tomorrow, half inch to an inch. probably another half inch the peninsula and about a third of an inch in the south bay. so in the east bay it will be a chilly one today. chance of rain and a thunderstorm. low to mid-50s for the big game at memorial stadium. so bundle up and bring the rain gear.
5:43 am
winter storm warning until 4:00 tomorrow. 3 to 5 feet above 7,000 feet. 1 to 2 feet above 5,000 feet and we'll have our own local snow levels continuing to lower. so the hills of the east bay where wouldn't be surprised if we saw a dusting tomorrow with heavier rain tonight and that cold air pushing through the bay. so highs today, just low 50s. look at the north bay. cloverdale and clear lake mid and upper 40s. monterey bay, heavier rain. the rain ended in monterey. but more for you throughout the evening hours. 54 watsonville. the forecast, most snow levels right on through tomorrow. another cold front this afternoon into the evening hours so highs will just struggle to make it into the low to mid-50s. clear out monday but notice chilly conditions through thanksgiving even with the sunshine. not much to warm us up in terms of warmer air. some cold mornings but the rain
5:44 am
and snow will be gone. >> so it will be cold for thanksgiving but the rain won't stop the football games outside? >> no. nice breaks. >> good one. thanks, lisa. today's big game between cal and stanford will be a big milestone as well. this will be the last big game at memorial stadium before it undergoes a major renovation. while the work is being done, the bears will play their home games across the bay next season. laura anthony has the story. >> touchdown! >> the sounds of a game will soon be a distant memory at u.c. berkeley's memorial stadium as it stands now. >> so many great things have happened here. >> doug turner has worked he here 41 years. back in the days when the stadium looked much like it does today. >> i think it was 1972 when steven sweeney call the a ball in the end zone with no time left, mud dripping off him. >> he was there for the play in
5:45 am
the big game of 1982. built in 1923 as a tribute to world war ii soldiers, memorial stadium has hosted presidents and many football greats like college hall of famer joe cap whose son will is on the current squad. >> at memorial stadium, it's one of the -- it's holy. it's a holy place for thousands if not millions of people that support the golden bears. >> but now the stadium originally built for $1.4 million and one that sits on the hayward fault is getting a $321 million retrofit. >> really about two-thirds of the stadium will get basically replaced with a new concrete and steel structure. we don't plan on changing any of the minor imperfections on the stadium wall. >> the stadium will look pretty much like it does now but here on the inside things will be much different. for one thing the field will be 4 feet lower to provide folks in the front row better viewing.
5:46 am
one thing that won't be repaired, the 4 inch gap underneath seat 22 row 75 section kk. it will perhaps serve as a reminders of the stadium's rich history and an opening for all the new memories yet to come. >> i can't wait for game in 2012 when we beat ohio state. >> in berkeley, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> all right. well, don't go away. up next a u.c. student called "7 on your side" for help after paying way too much tuition. >> a cal student is charged $40,000 too much and can't get a [ kim's friend ] people know a lot about kim. they know that she always forgets where she puts her "magic wand"... but when she finds it, she makes magic happen. [ kim ] people know a lot of things about me, but no one needs to know about my condition. thanks to depend®, they don't. [ female announcer ] now the best protection also comes in new prints and colors.
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people know a lot of things about me, but no one needs to know about my condition. thanks to depend®, they don't. [ male announcer ] now the best protection also comes in new prints and colors. >> the university of california is openly recruiting out of state students because they pay much higher fees than california residents. but one cal student who lived here all his life realized he was paying the out of state rate and the school refused to refund the difference until michael finney got involved. >> greg ren nick is a lifelong california residents. like all california residents, greg is entitled to a big break on his tuition. however, greg received no such break. >> the school owes me $44,000 and they refuse to give it back. >> u.c. berkeley mistakenly classified greg as an out of
5:50 am
state student so he was chargeds non-resident fees for the past two years. instead of charging $5,000 per semester this year, u.c. charged him more than $16,000. $11,000 too much per semester. it was worse when he pointed out the mistake, u.c. berkeley refused to give him his money back. >> it seems like they're fighting me more than helping me. >> to c cal, cheat a student out of that amount of money is appalling to me. >> what makes this even harder, greg's college fund was a legacy left to him by his father, john reading who died from cancer when greg was just 13. here's greg hanging on to his father's back a few years before the onus struck. his father made sure to leave enough money so greg and his sister could go to college. now a huge chunk of that legacy was gone. >> they definitely should give it back. it's not their right to keep it. >> we try to save money for the
5:51 am
kid to get an education. and for them to not refund the money these due to him because of their mistake is appalling. >> greg said he never questioned the tuition amount because cal is such an acclaimed university and the money was coming directly out of his trust fund. he didn't question it until he noticed a friend was paying so much less. by that time u.c. berkeley said it was too late for greg to get his money back. >> they're saying there's a statute of limitations and it's 30 days. and i think it's ridiculous because it's my money and it was their fault. >> their fault because greg had filed this statement of legal residence as required to get the lower tuition. u.c. berkeley claimed it never received the form. luckily greg's mother miranda kept copies of the statement and this receipt showing it was sent by certified mail. miranda showed all of this to the university and still u.c.
5:52 am
berkeley said no refund. >> i tried to explain to them the situation. they basically said don't repeat yourself. the case has been denied. go seek counsel. >> miranda was furious. that's when she contacted "7 on your side" and we took the problem to the university. u.c. agreed to review the case. >> i don't know what happened with that first package that he sent to us. he definitely has the proof that it was received so from there it was mislaid. >> u.s. berkeley registrar ann deluca couldn't explain what happened to the region stray form but since greg had proof he mailed something, they agreed to refund the overpaid fees, $41,752 in all. a few weeks later the money was back. >> i'm grateful they finally did the right thing. >> we're glad. we wouldn't want a student to pay the amount they rightfully
5:53 am
owe. >> thank you so much. wouldn't be able to do it exempt for "7 on your side." >> take it as a warning, if you don't file that residency form, you will be charged out of state fees. even if you lived in california your whole life. so make sure to file on time and as this mother did, keep your receipts. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> very good point. all right. well, still ahead, the long-awaited seventh harry potter film paying on the screen but does it keep our muggle dogs bound? next. save $523! 16 minutes could save you 16%!
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enjoy cinnabon cinnamon... now in all pillsbury cinnamon rolls. >> talk about a magical sensation, the new harry potter film is already a hit at the box office. more than 2,000 screaming for harry potter are already sold out. the highly anticipated film version of the 7th potter book
5:56 am
is in theaters this weekend and our arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez checks into the magical action on the aisle. >> the stronger he gets. >> i must be the one to kill harry potter. >> the evil lord with the mad nose job out to get harry so he can dominate the world. harry and ron away from the protective environment facing danger at every turn. baldamar after him. a lot of special effects that make early potter films look positively primitive. danger lurks everywhere. even the neighborhood coffee shop. there's another undercurrent, a little drama. reflected on their feelings for each other. this one nicely sets up the
5:57 am
finale in part two due in theaters in 3-d in july. >> help me! >> we've grown up with these actors. they have matured and so has the film. there's a certain richness in this picture. a lot is left unsaid. you better have read the books or seen the film or you may not know who's who or what's, what. one warning, there's a romantic scene that's already r-rated. i think this could be the best harry potter yet. no magic wand needed. i give it a full bucket. i'm don sanchez, abc 7 news and we'll see you on the aisle. >> an east bay father is desperately trying to reconnect with his long-missing children and his posting. we'll share that with you on teens driven by a 14-year-oldldd
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