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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  November 20, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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a rare
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>> alan: a heavy storm sweep through the bay area, bringing rare lightning strikes, including a direct hit on at least one of the bay bridge towers. there was also hail in san francisco's mission and pa and the santa cruz area and the peninsula. this photo was sent to us by a viewer in woodside, and the sierra got it biggest november snow storm? six years. it had it all, snow, wind, rain, hail, in san francisco, those planning to attend the 49ers game against the buccaneers tomorrow are being asked to carpool or take public transportation. at san francisco airport, flight delays.
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this live picture shows things slowly getting back to normal. earlier flights were delayed for up to an hour. if you're driving toward the sierra tonight, snow chains are required on highway 50, and on interstate 80 from applegate to the nevada state line. for a better look on where the storm is tonight, let's check in with leigh glaser. >> we did get hit pretty hard earlier this evening, but as you can see on live doppler 7hd, most of the heaviest activity has moved on out of the bay area. we still have a line developing to the north and west of our area. most showers will move on in here through the course of the evening. petaluma, light to moderate rain, napa, and we're also seeing some light showers out towards the livermore valley area, san san san -- san ramon.
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more shower activity due in tonight, but it really looks like the heaviest precipitation has moved out of the area for at least the evening. we'm look at the forecast coming up. >> alan: tonight's storm left behind power outages and damage. >> reporter: what made this storm exciting and tough to deal with was how fast it hit, dumping a half inch of rain in san francisco between 5:00 and 6:00. anytime you get that much rain in an hour, it causes problems. thunder and lightning are pretty up usual in the bay area. tonight the storms put on a lengthy and impressive light show. >> it was crazy. i'm born and raised here so not used to having this type of storm for sure. >> kind of enjoying it. it's different. we don't get this that often.
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>> the rainfall created minor flooding in orinda, the streets had water put a cars were able to pass through in san francisco, flooding caused some street closures. the water was to deep here that even muni buses were prohibited from driving from. and then there was the highway 101 onramp. >> everybody slowing down so that's -- we just trying to make sure there's no traffic accident over. >> reporter: a sudden gush of water flooded houses. residents say it appeared to be shooting out of the ground. >> the water was squirt out of the man high school. i looked, boom, and then the manhole -- the thing that's -- it flew. >> it receded almost as quickly
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as it rushed in and didn't leave behind any notable damage. the wind was another factor causing problems. at this shopping center, temporary wall came crashing down, hitting a pedestrian and a car with family of three inside. the pedestrian suffered minor injuries. the family was okay. >> they were not hurt. came into my story with a baby, and was age to get the baby changed and all that stuff, and rest here. >> reporter: there were power outages cross the bay area. 6,000 homes or businesses, customers, here in san francisco, lost power. they should have it back on tonight. supposedly went become on at 7:30. and forecasters say the worst part has passed. live in san francisco. >> alan: we'd like you to share you photos and videos.
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upload them to ureport and coming up in our next segment, we will have a live report from the sierray heavy snow has been falling all day. >> an alert bart officer may have saved the life of a man who got his leg trap. the officer stopped the train before it to take off. unclear how the man got his leg stuck, but rescue workers had to free him during the jaws of life. there were some major train delays. the man is reported in stable condition at kaiser in walnut creek. in vallejo, police arrested a man after he shot another man in a chest. the men had been arguing. the man was taken to the hospital where his condition is unknown tonight. >> a san francisco city college student is back in the bay area
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with his family tonight after a avoiding deportation to peru. senator dianne feinstein filed a private bill to block the detort addition, and-deportation and last night he was released after two months in custody. now he is hoping the dream act would pass, which will give undocumented high school grads a chance at u.s. citizenship. he came to the u.s. when hi was 11 and claims he didn't know he was in the country illegally. his attorney says he enjoyed a home-cooked meal and will speak publicly on tuesday. >> representatives of the defense department's p.o.w.-mia office were in the bay area today, meeting with families of those missing in combat. efforts are being made to match dna samples from family members with the remains of unidentified service members.
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for some the the search is taking a lifetime. >> itch. >> he is 90 years old. his younger brother disappeared fighting in the korean war. they -- coming up, the biggest november storm to hit the sierra in six years. it's bringing the promise of holiday skiing. but first, what really happening with the medical marijuana crop. búbúbúgtosuxoaus
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: now to par three of an inclusive investigation into medical marijuana being legally grown in california and then trafficked to another state. we have details on two major busts. >> reporter: as these heavy suitcases and duffel bags filled with marijuana were hauled out of a home just outside of dallas, texas, a simultaneous
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bust was happening in fresno. at the exact time lorena and kay were led away in handcuffs, the northwest fresno home the win left from was being picked apart by detectives in fresno county. investigators say following the processed drugs to a destination was not their ohm only goal. >> disrupting production and distribution and impacting. >> action news was there when undercover deputies found a sophisticated growing operation in the fresno home. deputies tell us they discovered an elaborate lighting system and a high-tech filtration system to completely mask the smell of marijuana. quality fers -- fertilizer ensured the plants would get a
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good start. the man running the operation is timothy dwyane. he is a former probake officer -- probation officer who was fired several months ago. county officials will not reveal details about his employment since it's a personnel issue. a gps used was also recovered during the texas bus. ahead been preprogrammed with the route. investigators say the two women never stopped to sleep and drove straight through california, arizona, new mexico, and texas. undercover detectives say early on it became clear the women were very cautious about stopping for bathroom breaks and fuel. >> it was unusual how much care they took in their vehicle, how often they gassed up so didn't become disabled, and perhaps become known by law enforcement. they did -- took a number of
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steps. >> the two-day odyssey began last thursday. the same day deputies were hard at work uprooting another alleged illegal grow in fresno county. this one grown under the guise of medical marijuana. pop farms aren't new but this is different. >> this is a phenomenon this year. it's extra -- traditionally grown in the mountains interspersed with crops. this year we have seen large swaths of land put specifically into marijuana production like you see here today. >> alan: now, investigators say the grow operation in fresno had so many lights and fans using electricity that pg&e had to be called out to make sure it could be dismapled -- dismantled
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safely. >> tonight, we live along highway 80. how are the driving conditions? >> good evening, alan. the driving conditions are not good and the reasons are here, up 0 two feet of snow. a solid foot of snow here at the cannan. caltrans crews have been trying remove the snow but not good enough. you can barely make out where the road is versus the shoulder. people pulling off the roads themselves. here's some video we shot a few moments ago. we're heading eastbound on i-80, and you can't really see anything. it's 30 miles-per-hour and that's gusty. a lot of people pulling off the road. some of them finding shelter at area gas stations, trying to wait it out before they take the risk to head on back down the hill again. >> you can't see very well. you can't see where the end -- the berm is over here or there, so you have to stay in the
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middle and go straight down the middle. >> coming over the summit this way, the snow is coming down strong, and at king vail, one over the normal chainup places, and we could see equipment moving in like they were going to close the road. >> so far there aren't any official closures. we have been seeing a lot of pinouts and minor accidents and people who are stalled in the middle of the road. some people decided, it's not really necessary for them to have chains on their tires, obviously regretting it at this moment. records are expected to be closing throughout the evening, mainly because of these drifts up here. you can tell how much deeper it gets. that's accumulating faster than we can count it. so be careful of you're heading this way. back to you. >> alan: drive safely yourself. leigh glaser here. a lot of snow. >> leigh: heavenly valley, squaw
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valley two feet of snow, and they're expecting another couple feet. winter weather advise frizz -- advisories. lightning strikes, one actually hit the bay bridge so an extraordinary evening across the bay area, all due to a low pressure system to the north bringing inner some -- in some very cold air, causing instability and triggering lightning strikes. here's a live look from the high definition san francisco airport camera. you can see the planes on the ground there. wet surface all across the bay area, and we have been reporting numerous flight delays this evening. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. the heaviest weather is temperatures the east, so we're in a little reprieve to the north bay you can see another line of showers moving in towards the fort bragg area. this line will continue to sweep
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south. also, report something moderate rain, petaluma. san rafael, pretty heavy sweal, nap park fairfield, vacaville, and moraga, dublin, scattered showers, too, so not quite over witness -- over witness yet. this batch of rain has cropped up in the last 15-20 minutes. so not quite over with yet. boy, is it chilly. 46 in napa. 49, san francisco. 46 in livermore. overnight temperatures tonight, it will be a cold one with north bay communities in the mid-to upper 30s in some locations. so we'll continue with cold showers tonight. a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm. most of that rotated out of here. snow expected over the higher peaks and chance of showers will be with us monday into tuesday at well. now, here's a look at the lows.
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north bay, mid-to upper 30s possible. mid-to-low 40s across the rest of the bay area, and this i is that batch of very heavy rain that moved inch this -- moved in. this low continued to drop fast. with it, a lot of cold air will sink in behind it and that's going to mean some instability, the moisture feeds will wrap up and move inland overnight. you can see as we head through the course of the evening, 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, another batch will move in, and those could be heavy at times, and early morning hours, you'll see some of this will start to then out a bit, and if you're heading to the niners game tomorrow, you're going to be okay as we head into the afternoon hours. you can see 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, a nice break. here's one advisory for you. a winter storm warning in effect for southern lake county until noon. elevations've 2,000 feet, two to
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five inches of snow is possible, and the winter storm warning still in effect for the high country until 4:00, two to four feet above the 7,000-foot level, and we can see one to two feet in the 5,000-foot level. here's a look at the highs for sunday. a nice break tomorrow afternoon. upper 40s north bay. 50s elsewhere across the bay area, and around monterey bay. looking for temperatures in the 50s, and a few lingering scattered showers. my accuweather seven-day forecast, a chance of showers on monday and tuesday, and then we dry out nicely for thanksgiving day, temperatures a little warmer. >> alan: stanford destroys cal behind cardinal quarterback andrew luck, who put on a
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>> mike: let me start off by saying stanford is the reel deal. they embare rayed -- embarrassed
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the bears at home. a little extracurricular activity. and then the stanford player foolishly punches the cal player. then mansion showing his inexperience, the pickoff, big momentum shift. stanford's ensuing drive. third and five. andrew luck. no one open. watch the big guy take off. desend -- deceptively fast and physical. andrew keeps going. his longest rub of the year. taylor with the drive three yards out. second quarter, more from stanford. luck, the 13-yard strike. mansion making another mistake. thomas with the pick. trying to throw it across the fieldment one of three bear turnovers in the first half. then luck runs the ensuing two-minute drill to perfection,
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the 19-yard hookup. stanford led 31-0 at the half. cardinals picked up in the third. taylor again. rushed for 59 yards, three scores. 38. in the fourth, 45-0. something for cal to cheer about. the direct snap. looks to throw, scrambles, finds joan on a wild connection to make it 45-7. all academic. stanford gets the axe back, 48-14 the final. >> we we knew they were tough defense. the o-line stepped up. >> everything they gave us, they showed us today from the shifts, everything. we were ready the practice. we've seen it. and execution. it's not a coach's thing. as players we have to execute. >> stanford is a great football team, and number 16 in the country, and you can't understood to make mistakes. you have to make sure you're
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executing, and we didn't do it. >> pure joy. purr pure joy. my greatest wish is to good out with the axe. that's all you can give. the best you can give. having a sack, michael jackson macintyre and san jose state taking on hawaii. scoreless until this dart. 39-yard to pay dirt. warriors with the lead. second quarter, sparty gets on the board. 17-7. in the third, hawaii rolling now. the crossing pattern. breaks the plane, and hawaii routes sparty 41-7. more contact sports coming your way. the camera phone?
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>> mike: sharking hosting the blue jackets, looking for their first regulation win at the tank. fight night at the tank. ale bonus for the fans. sharks could have used a little more fight. just like that, 1-0 blue jackets. second period, nash, rope the back -- around the back of the neck. 2-0 columbus. time running out. we call that a hat trick. sharks go down 3-0. they haven't scored on 15 straight power play chances. u.s.a. women in a playoff to determine the world's cup. americans need to beat the it italians.
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the united states get the victory and face the italians. aggregate goals determine the winner. >> now the rareds are in pittsburgh looking for their fourth straight victory and it's flooded at candlestick. >> alan: that concludes another day of broadcasting. thank you for watching it. good night. captioned by closed captioning services inc. [ female announcer ] keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. it's the way to individually brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew, hon. [ female announcer ] choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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