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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 21, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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♪ in the news this sunday morning, november 21st, interstate 80 is now open again this morning after a sierra snowstorm shut it down overnight. and the storm brings thunder, lightning and rain to the bay area. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. a strong storm system is expected to continue moving over the bay area this morning. it's already delivered snow, rain, wind, hail and more. at candlestick park, heavy rains flooded some of the local roads so if you're planning to attend the niners game against the tampa bay buccaneers today you are being asked to carpool or take public transportation to
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help reduce congestion. if you are driving towards the sierra, chained are required on highway 50 from meyers to eldorado county and applegate to the nevada state line. lisa argen is joining us now. good morning, lisa. >> good morning, carolyn. hi, everyone. looking at more showers in the north bay. we have that cold upper low just north of san francisco. so we will be looking at the rain continuing. scattered showers on the light side around inverness, highway 1. down around central bay. it's dry, san francisco, but look, you've got rain to your west. more scattered showers from fremont into the south bay right now. so the overall plan today is to see more in the way of showers, thunderstorms, continuing to push on through. temperatures just in the 40s right now. so we will look for a little warm-up. i'll tell you when coming up. >> thank you, lisa. this weekend's storm has created
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problems for some bay area residents, including power outages, flooding and property damage. abc 7's amy holyfield gives us a tour. >> lengthy and impressive light show. >> crazy. i'm born and raised here so i'm not used to having this type of storm for sure. >> kind of enjoying it. it's different. we don't get that that often. >> minor flooding throughout the bay area. the cars were still able to pass through the water. but in san francisco flooding caused some street closures. at mandell and sunnydale, the water was so deep even muni buses were prohibited from passing through. another spot was the 101 on-ramp. officers called the water department to come and pump out some of the water. >> it's going down so we just go out and make sure there's no
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traffic accident over here. >> a sudden gush of water flooded a few garages on alameda boulevard. residents say it appeared to be shooting out of the ground. >> the water was -- out of the manholes. i kept looking. boom! and then it was -- the -- >> it receded almost as quickly as it rushed in and didn't leave behind sean notable damage. the wind was another factor causing problems. at the bay street shopping center in emeryville, a temporary wall came crashing down hitting a pedestrian and a car with a family of three inside. the pedestrian suffered minor injuries, the family was okay. >> they were not hurt. they came into my store with a baby. and they were able to, you know, get the baby changed and all that and rest here. >> the storm also knocked out power across the bay area, including to 6,000 customers here in san francisco.
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amy holyfield, abc 7 news. >> well, all the stormy weather in the south bay prompted san jose police to cancel a planned dui checkpoint last night. they decided that local street flooding made it too dangerous to safely conduct the program. if you are heading for the sierra to see all that fresh snow, you should know that interstate 80 just reopened. it had been shut down overnight in the mountains. the snow was falling so quickly it created whiteout conditions making it really difficult to see the road. this video is from the 5,000 foot level. drivers were forced to find and follow tracks from vehicles ahead of them. a lot of people just gave up. they pulled over to wait it out. some found shelter at gas stations. >> you can't see very well. you can't see where the berm is over here or there so you gotta stay in the middle and go straight down the middle. >> coming over the summit this way, the snow's really coming down pretty strong and kingveil
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is one of the norm chain-up places. as we were coming by there we could see a bunch of equipment moving in like they were going to close the road. >> midnight the chp decided to hold all traffic until conditions improved. currenttal tran information shows interstate 80 has chains required from the foothills to the nevada state line. u.s. highway 50 is also open but you need chains. and also put them on if you plan to drive state route 89 in the lake tahoe basin. now, we would like to share some of your photos and video of the storm with the rest of the bay area. you can upload them to or you can e-mail them to >> governor schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency where chemical rocket fuel has contaminated the city's water supply. the lack of clean water forced
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many barstow businesses to temporarily shut down. the contamination turned up during routine testing of 20 ground water wells used by the golden state water company. officials are trying to determine the source of that contamination. the emergency declaration allows state resources to be used. an alert bart police officer may have saved the life of a man who got his leg stuck between a train and platform yesterday. it happened where the officer saw the man was in trouble and stopped the train before it could pull away. it's unclear exactly how that man got his leg stuck but rescue workers had to use the jaws of life to free him. he is in the hospital in stable condition. the incident created some major bart delays. vallejo police have arrested a man after he was shot in the chest by another man. the shooting happened yesterday on florida avenue where police say the two men were arguing. the victim was treated at a
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walnut creek hospital and was about to be released when vallejo police decided to arrest him on a domestic violence charge. police could only say the charge is connected to that shooting incident. well, are you ready for some good news this sunday morning? the new list of rhodes scholars is out and a stanford physics student is among them. that's next. also coming up from china a man who was stuck underwater in a pipe for several days
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that my family can't wait to get their hands on them. enjoy cinnabon cinnamon... now in all pillsbury cinnamon rolls. >> a stanford student has just been named a rhodes scholar. the 21-year-old of saratoga along with 31 other american students will enter oxford
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university next october. the scholarships were announced this morning and provide all expenses for two or three years of study at the prestigious university in england. the winners are selected on the basis of high academic achievement, personal integrity and leadership potential. the value averages $50,000 per eyear. a construction worker in eastern china trapped in a pipe underground for 70 hours has been rescued. crews used a crane to pull the pipe out of water and then cut a small window in the pipe to get him out. the 43-year-old man has no injuries. for more than three days he survived on food and water rescuers managed to deliver from the platform of the offshore construction site. an american nuclear scientist says north korea has secretly and quickly built a new facility to enrish uranium. a hacker says in a report that he was taken to a facility there
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with a small industrial scale uranium facility. the enrichment would give the north a second way to make a ton of bombs in addition to its known plow plutonium-based program. it was dry when i was driving in this morning but i don't know. >> we have an area of standing showers. more organized rain than we saw last night that's because one system pushed on through. >> more rain to go though. i'll tell you when we're going to see some warmer temperatures. that's next. >> thank you, lisa. also a heart-warming scene in alameda county where bay area children were adopted this weekend by the dozens. plus stanford shows cal who's boss at big game. mike shumamamamamamamamamamamamt
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>> welcome back, everyone. it's 5:14. this is a live look from our emeryville cam showing you the bay bridge. i was driving over that yesterday, and there were high winds and advisory on the bridge. as you know, we have had just about everything this weekend: thunder, lightning, hail, rain. lisa argen will be along in just a moment with a full accu-weather forecast. thanks for joining us this morning. for dozens of children and their
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foster families, life has changed. yesterday was the 11th annual adoption day in alameda county. and for 65 children and their parents, it became official. more than 600 families have been brought together and 749 children adopted from the alameda county foster care system since this national adoption day began. in all there are more than 114,000 children in foster care throughout the united states. wonderful for those who now have a home. lisa argen is here now. busy this morning, this whole weekend trying to keep track of the weather for you. >> looks like showers are going to extend to monday and tuesday. >> oh, my! >> we thought we were over with them. but a couple systems still off the coast. looking pretty wet at the airport where officially they've picked up over a half inch and southward up to three-quarters of an inch in san jose.
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and san francisco has been wet, the city. you'll notice the pavement there you can see that. but a little bit of a break now. not for long. more showers will be headed your way as we look at our live doppler 7 hd. you can see the green off the coast. that represents the rain and an area of low pressure that still is yet to rotate. more showers, the possibility of more thunderstorms. maybe some hail. we do have some gusty winds out there as well. so things have settled down since the last front pushed on through but you'll notice light showers around novato and some to the west of san francisco here. so this will continue to bring light precipitation and down around san jose we've got some light showers. milpitas and also saratoga. look at the purple here representing the higher elevations of snow, snow level above 2500 feet. so definitely not out of the question. so you'll notice the flow moving in from the northwest to the southeast with the shower
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activity continuing then this morning, this afternoon, into the evening hours as well. we're looking at cold numbers. look at the low 40s from menlo park, san rafael. also up in fairfield and mid-30s from los gatos. so, yeah, definitely a chilly start out there. in fact, we will be looking at the cool weather, not only throughout the rainy period the next couple days but looks like much of the work week will be cool. gusty winds up to the north in napa out of the west at 21 mph. you can see the breezy winds through livermore and oakland at 15 mph. so cold showers today, isolated thunderstorms, snow over the peaks above 2500 feet and the chance of showers right on through tuesday. so here's the satellite picture. you notice the rotation, that counterclockwise lowtation, the low still off the coast and the showers all the way down to southern california. the snow jacking up in the sierra with a storm warning until 4:00. so here we are, the scattered showers through 8:00, 9:00 this
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morning. by 10:00, look at the east bay. into livermore, half moon bay still looking at the wet weather. and down through the south bay morgan hill the afternoon still looking at scattered showers activity. so not quite as heavy as we saw yesterday with that cold front sweep on through. but throughout the day, we'll definitely have the light to moderate rain showers. high temperatures still cold with the low to mid-50s today. 54 oakland, 55 san jose and down by the monterey bay. low to mid-50s again with scattered showers throughout the afternoon. the evening hours, the low snow levels, a little breezy at times. and you'll notice it's not until wednesday that we really begin to clear things up. still cool. highs only in the mid-50s and thanksgiving looks nice although you notice we don't see 60s until next weekend. >> and i know there are some delays or at least there were yesterday at sfo. so -- >> you can probably count on
5:19 am
that. >> so people coming in for thanksgiving, beware. thanks, lisa. probably soggy this year at big game. it was all stanford in that annual rivalry with cal. here's mike shumann with highlights of the cardinal romp. >> good morning. let me start off by saying stanford is the real deal. in the 113th big game, the 6th rank cardinal embarrassed the bears at home where they've lost only once this season. before the contest, some extracurricular activity. a fight breaks out between both teams. patterson foolishly punches the cal quarterback. he will be ejected. showing his inexperience. showing richard sherman picks it off. stanford's ensuing drive, third and five. the big guy takes off. he's deceptively fast, also physical. runs over sean right there. keeps on going. 58 yards down to the cal's 21.
5:20 am
his longest run of the year. caps off the drive. three yards out. first t. d., 10-0 stanford. second quarter. lock steps up. 13-yard strike, 24-0 cardinals. cal needs to get something going. michael thomas coming up with a pick. one of three bear turnovers in the first half. and luck would run the two-minute drill to perfection. this 19-yard hookup. a spectacular catch by the senior. stanford left 31-0 at the half. cardinal picked up where they leftoff in the third. runs for 59 yards and three t. d.'s, makes it 38-0. something for cal to cheer about. allen takes a direct snap, rolls back to the left and finds marvin jones a wild 17-yard connection to make it 45-7 but it's all academic. 48-14 your final. >> we knew they were tough
5:21 am
defense. knew we couldn't make it where guys made plays and be a good team so they won. >> everything they gave us they showed us today from the shifts, everything, ready in practice, seen it. execution, that's not -- it's as players we have to execute. >> a great football team. number 16 in the country and you can't afford to make mistakes. you gotta make sure that you're executing and we didn't do it. >> pure joy. pure joy. my greatest rush was go out with the act on stanford. that's all you can give, the best you can give. you know, having a shot. also part of it. >> that's what big games are all about. the sharks hosting the blue jackets looking for their first ever regulation win at the tank. and rich nash made sure that happened at the hat trick. fight night at the tank. a bonus for you. could have used more.
5:22 am
lights the lamp in the first period. 1-0 blue jackets, he wasn't finished. nash around the back of the net. mark edward blasting, 2-0 columbus. time running out in the game. that's a hat trick. sharks go down 3-0. scored 15 straight power play chances. that's their worst streak of the season. u.s.a. women and the playoff against italy to determine the final spot in next year's women's world cup. they need to beat the italians in the two-match playafter. alex morgan came off on the bench, scored in the 4th minute to give the united states a 1-nil victory. they'll face the italians november 27th in bridgeview illinois. 49ers looking for their third straight win today. hosting tampa bay while the raiders in pittsburgh going for their 4th straight victory. all those highlights at 5:00. i'm mike shumann. >> music with your meals.
5:23 am
that's a combine combination at many restaurants but creating a bit of a controversy in san francisco where even something so simple is regulated. ♪ >> would you like a little opera with your linguine. that's what north beach would like to serve. >> it's a contest where we wanted to bring some people in and keep the vibrancy of north beach in the italian culture so it all fits in. >> he's applying for a permit to have amplified pretaped orchestra music to back up singers. he came up with the member of his staff spontaneously breaking into song. >> he just opened his restaurant a few months ago and thought the singing waiter idea would be a draw to help bring in locals during a lull in the tourist season. but in san francisco, it's not so simple. a politically powerful neighborhood group is opposed, apparently concerned that if
5:24 am
it's amplified opera today, perhaps a rock concert tomorrow. >> as you can see, obviously, that this is not set up for anything like that. >> what they are set up for is a soprano like gelsy neilson singing pa chenny. ♪ >> this actually helps north beach little italy. so i don't understand why they would wanna take that away, the charm of north beach at its fullest. >> all of two of the nearly 100 comments the city planning department have received are supportive. the business owner next to the restaurant is on board as long as the amplified sound is reserved for the dinner crowd. >> it would be a nice addition. some interest. >> well, san francisco's planning commission has approved the project. it now goes to the entertainment
5:25 am
commission. coming up next at 5:30, the latest on our weekend storm that has forced the closure of interstate 80 in the mountains, at least overnight. we'll have the latest road conditions. and san jose considers tough restrictions on cigarette sales. nñaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaañ
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welcome back, everyone. a blustery storm continues to move through the bay area this morning with thunder and lightning last night. this video shows a direct hit on one of the bay bridge towers. there was also hail in san francisco's mission neighborhood. it also fell in santa cruz and the peninsula. this photo was sent to us by a viewer on bear gulch road in woodside. well, our meteorologist lisa argen is here now with what we can expect today. more of this stuff, lisa? >> yeah, carolyn. looking at still this cold area of low pressure off the coast and that's why it's generating more showers. you'll notice in the north bay it's to the north and west of inverness. this will rotate to the south and east. you've had a few showers up by novato. some light showers from orinda and closer to the coast south of daly city moving into millbrae, san bruno. looking at some wet weather from
5:29 am
this area of rain. and finally to the south bay, higher elevation snow mount hamilton and some light showers around san jose. so still a few weak systems can rotate through today, tonight, even through tuesday. don't put those umbrellas away. looks like the chilly weather remains and winter storm warning throughout the day today in the sierra. more details on all the weather a bit later. >> see you then. thank you, lisa. this weekend's storm created problems for some bay area residents including power outages, flooding and property damage. in orinda, the streets had a significant amount of water. and in san francisco, flooding caused street closures. at man dell and sunnydale, the water was so deep even muni buses were prohibited from passing through. another trouble spot, the highway 101 ramp at alameda boulevard. they called the water department to pump out some of the water. >> everybody slowing down so just trying to go out and make
5:30 am
sure there's no traffic accident over here. >> the wind was another factor causing problems at the bay street shopping center in emeryville. a temporary wall came crashing down hitting a pedestrian and a car. the pedestrian suffered minor injuries. the storm also knocked out power to 6,000 san francisco residents. that power has now been restored. if you're heading to the sierra to see all the fresh snow, you should know that interstate 80 has now reopened after being shut down overnight due to low visibility in the mountains. the closure began at midnight between applegate and the nevada state line. the snow was falling so quickly it created whiteout conditions. so it was really difficult to see the road. this video shows conditions last night at the 5,000 foot level. the poor visibility forced drivers to find and follow the tracks of other cars in front of them. the chp finally decided to hold all interstate 80 traffic until
5:31 am
conditions improved. current caltran's road conditions show 80 is open again over the summit but you do need chains. u.s. highway 50 also open with chains required. and they are also required on highway 89 in the lake tahoe basin. you know, we'd like to share some of your photos and video of the storm with our viewers. you can upload them to or e-mail them to state investigators say pg&e is at altogether for a deadly gas explosion two years ago near sacramento. the state public utilities commission filed administrative charges against pg&e on friday according to the san francisco chronicle. a judge will now decide if the utility will be fined for that explosion. it killed a 72 year sold rancho cordoba man.
5:32 am
state investigators say pg&e should have known about a faulty repair that predated that blast. san jose wants to make it tougher for underaged teens to buy cigarettes, especially since tobacco-related deaths are the number one preventable killer. karina rusk reports on what the city is considering and why some retailers are opposed. >> michael started smoking three years ago when he was just 16 years old. >> i been wanting to quit for about a couple months now. pretty tough. >> i wish i never started smoking. >> even though it's illegal under 18, critics say there's little enforcement at the state level which is why san jose is considering adopting its own rules. a youth decoy said they have no problem buying significant
5:33 am
relates. >> san jose said one effective way to reduce underaged smoking and allel health costs that go along with it would be to have a strong city tobacco licensing ordinance. it would require the nearly 900 san jose establishments that sell tobacco to pay a fee in the $450 range and face fines for breaking the law. phillip morris and a couple other tobacco interests circulated this flier to their retailers urging them to speak out against what they call unfair regulation. about two dozen people addressed the council, some in favor of the ordinance, but many on polled. >> to the extent that you adopt more burdensome, more onerous, more costly regulations than the fda, it will hurt san jose retailers. >> you can do anything you do but whatever laws you put in place the kids that wanna smoke cigarettes are gonna get 'em. >> seemed to back off of the idea that retailer was have to hide products from public view
5:34 am
but in the end voted 9-2 in favor of doing something to help curtail underaged smoking. >> i think that we would be doing a disservice to our younger generation if we don't address this issue. >> a proposed ordinance will come back to the council next month aimed at keeping more people like michael from getting hooked on tobacco. in san jose, karina rusk, abc 7 news. >> all right. the busiest lady in the bay area's news is our meteorologist lisa argen keeping track of the weather for you. >> a couple of systems already moved through. you know that. we've seen over an inch or two in the north bay, up to an inch in the south bay. a live look outside. still wet out there. oakland temperatures in the 40s. so it's chilly, it's wet. i'll show you the radar and how much -- tell you how much more rain we can expect here and talk about the snow in the mountains next. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, california's medical marijuana is being smuggled into other states.
5:35 am
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>> welcome back, everyone. time right now 5:37. this is a live picture from our roof cam showing you the bay bridge this morning. thanks for joining us, spending part of your sunday morning. it's wet outside probably where you are. if not now, it will be soon so just sit back, relax, and keep on watching the abc 7 sunday morning news. oakland officials are considering handing over control of the oakland museum to a nonprofit foundation. the museum on oak street near lake merritt is now operated jointly by the city and the oakland museum of california foundation. but the san francisco chronicle reports the city's budget problems and the foundation's success at raising money on its own have prompted officials to consider giving the nonprofit full rein of the museum.
5:38 am
the city pays $6.5 million towards the museum's $2 million annual budget. this has been some wild weather this weekend. i can't remember the last time there was actually thunder and lightning in san francisco. >> right. because that air mass is so cold and it's still with us. still over the area. temperatures just in the 40s. rain offshore as we look outside right now. we not only have the rain here, we've got the snow in the sierra nevada where a winter storm warning is in effect until 10:00 tonight for any of the areas above 2,000 feet. as you go through sacramento, the west slopes of the sierra back home oakland cloudy skies with light showers around and the winds have picked up as well. live doppler 7 hd says most of the shower activity has been light over the past couple of hours. just offshore for the most part but it will be moving on in. here's a look at the north bay. we can see a little bit of a
5:39 am
yellow cell there that's about to rotate through point reys, parts of the north bay. east bay light activity through walnut creek and down around pacifica, half moon bay and 280 some wet weather and in the south bay snow level here at about 2500 feet. you notice some of the mix here. we've got the wet weather from san jose on south. but the higher elevations throughout mount hamilton, a rain/snow mix there. so definitely be careful out there across the highways and byways, as showers and activity rotate through. looking at numbers in the 40s. 41 menlo park, 36 los gatos with 48 at the coast. winds out of the west at the airport, 12 mph. it is breezy around oakland. 16 mph winds there with gusts up to 21 mph up in napa. so we've got the breezy winds, the cold air in place, the unstable air mass and that all
5:40 am
spells cold shower activity today. still isolated thunderstorm and low snow levels and a few other systems continue to rotate on through monday and tuesday. here's our water vapor imagery. that first system as a result morning brought a broad trough. this is offshore. we're seeing little pieces of energy that continue to rotate on the back side of that upper level low still off the coast and that spells out more wet weather. 5:00 now. notice the wet weather in the north bay sinking south at the 8:00, 9:00 hour off the coast wet, half moon bay. and into the south bay throughout the later morning hours, 10:00, 11:00, the rain/snow mix around mount hamilton and the middle of the day not much going on. we'll see some sunshine but that also will stabilize the atmosphere and more showers from santa rosa into the delta area. east bay through the evening tonight and still looking at the light rain. into the mountains then. the winter storm warnings at
5:41 am
10:00 with 6 to 12 inches above 5,000 feet. a foot above 2,000 feet with the high elevation i should say with the gusty winds up to 50 mph in the mountains. low 50s san rafael today, 55 fremont. still those cold 40s, 49 cloverdale and by the monterey bay 65. more widely scattered showers today. still unstable air providing the shower activity and some peeks of sun monday and tuesday and the rain showers. looks to dry out wednesday, thursday and friday a little warmer but at least dry for thanksgiving and the big day, shopping day after. >> peeks of sun. >> yes. >> not even winter until next month. >> no, but it feels like it. >> absolutely. california authorities have launched an elaborate operation to try to stop california's medical marijuana crop from illegally crossing state lines.
5:42 am
recently investigators followed the trail to texas where two women were arrested with a half million dollars worth of marijuana packed in suitcases and duffel bags. reporters from our sister station in fresno was in dallas when that operation went down. she has the exclusive report. >> a modest house in northwest fresno is where fresno county undercover detectives say two women loaded these bulky bags full of pot and began their 27-hour journey. from sun up till sun down. through california, arizona, new mexico and texas. the women stopped only for gas and brief bathroom breaks. they had no idea investigators trailed just a few car lengths behind them the entire 1500 mile trip. >> we watched this 4-runner travel through a number of
5:43 am
states from fresno to the dallas fort worth area and those bags there containing illegal marijuana. >> just 24 hours earlier, a tip from a confidential informant drew detectives together to figure out a surveillance plan. they also enlisted the help of the department of public safety in texas. once they found out a large quantity of drugs were involved, deputies were willing to take downing the operation. >> we follow them to the best of our ability. an arrest or several arrests in the dallas fort worth area. >> investigators say based on what they recovered, the women were well-prepared when they hit the road. >> it's interesting on one of the suspect's computers in the bedroom it had a google search for marijuana. >> the women took the safest route from fresno to fort worth avoiding many major cities. they travelled south down
5:44 am
highway 99 in kern county, then took the 58 east to barstow. after a broke trek on interstate 15, they spent the majority of drive time on interstate 40 that took them right into the heart of texas. although they found medical marijuana prescription tied to the organization, that was only a ploy from what was a nationwide trafficking operation. >> a lot is the guys at medical marijuana and really a significant amount of it is for profit. >> and in our next hour, part two of this exclusive report including what happens when the carful of marijuana got to its destination and more information about the suspect, a former law enforcement official in madeira county. well, president obama and nato leaders have announced a timetable for reducing the number of troops in afghanistan. up next the changing role u.s. troops will face in afghanistan over the next four years. and bay area families of troops
5:45 am
still missing from previous wars nñaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaq
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>> welcome back, everyone. 5:47. a roof cam showing you the outline of a skyline in san francisco. you see the clouds there in the background. it has been a wild weekend weatherwise with a little bit of everything, including snow in the sierra, rain and hail here. hold on, it's going to continue to be a bumpy ride all the way through the week. you know, 24 million people are expected to fly 24 weekend for thanksgiving. that means about two and a half million people are expected to crowd the nation's airports during each day leading up to the holiday. president obama says he understands people's frustrations over those new patdowns you see going on there and the body scans.
5:48 am
this weekend the tsa posted a holiday travel message okay its website and on reminding travellers they are subject to patdowns at security checkpoints. many passengers complain about an invasion of privacy. >> you can choose to opt out. you receive a thorough patdown of someone of the same gender. if you alarm the metal detector, you would also receive a patdown. >> well, the tsa has done an about-face on their policy toward pilots. airline pilots now allowed to skip the check point on their way to board their planes. president obama is heading back to washington after spending just 32 hours in portugal yesterday. before he left he outlined the next phase for u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan. and he also discussed those airport security patdowns. abc's karen travis reports from lisbon. >> president obama said over the next four years the u.s.
5:49 am
military in afghanistan would be significantly reduced. >> my goal is to make sure by 2014 we have transitioned, afghans are in the lead, and it is a goal to make sure that we are not still engaged in combat operations of the sort that we're involved with now. >> the president said the transition in afghanistan would resemble the one in iraq. u.s. forces would shift from a combat mission into a training and support role but he noted a significant deadline for withdrawal. >> exactly what is going to be necessary to keep the american people safe as of 2014. >> mr. obama used the news conference to keep up the pressure on the senate to ratify the new nuclear treat which with russia. he called for getting it done quickly and called for an end to the political posturing. >> there are going to be a lot of issues to debate between democrats and republicans over the next two years. this shouldn't be one of them. >> the president was asked about a hot topic back home, the new
5:50 am
airport screening measures. he said he understood american frustration. >> but at this point tsa, in consultation with our counterterrorism experts, have indicated to me that the procedures that they've been putting in place are the only ones right now that they consider to be effective against the kind of threat that we saw in the christmas day bombing. >> the president acknowledged that one of the percs of air force i is he doesn't have to go through security checkpoints but he conceded that keeping americans safe can mean huge inconveniences. lisbon, portugal. >> for some it's been decades since their loved once went missing in combat. even though the families don't stop looking for answers. representatives of the defense department pow-mia office are in the bay area this weekend meeting with families. abc 7's lisa amin gulezian reports from burlingame.
5:51 am
>> decades have passed since these soldiers were in combat. they fought in world war ii, the cold war, korea and vietnam. more than 83,000 servicemen are still missing. >> you never have the body to put it to rest, to end this. the saga. >> the desoto's struggle the has lasted 41 years when earnest disappeared in fighting in vietnam. >> so we took them to the bus. that was the last time i saw him. and he said to my mom and dad, take care of her for me. >> on april 12th, 1969, the airman's plane was shot down. >> i never thought he was dead. i thought when the war was over, that maybe he would come home. >> but the father of three never did. now his wife and son are turning to the department of defense for help. >> everybody has an archive. >> every two years the fed comes to the bay area to meet with families of servicemen who are
5:52 am
still considered missing in action. >> my brother and one other person went missing. overnight they had no idea what happened. >> for some it's become their life's mission, to find out what happened. virgil freeman is 90. his younger brother disappeared while fighting in the korean war. >> it was hard for me. >> at least now science is on their side. today family members gave dna samples to the government. >> often times scientists don't even have the missing soldier's dna. that's why it's important to test a lot of people in the family to try to figure it out, including brothers, cousins and even the soldiers' own children. >> for missing service members, we thought that would be the sequence from the missing service member sample. hopefully make the connection and allow those individuals to be buried. >> it's the closure they need but fear they may never get.
5:53 am
in burlingame, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> up next, a world class horse show returns to san francisco. don sanchez shows us a spectacular show under the big >> all new oprah's ultimate favorite things part two! oprah: josh groban and johnny mathis and -- open the box, joe! >> the final "oprah's favorite thingsgsgsgsgsgsgsgsgsgsgsgsgsgs
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>> check out the winning numbers, 11, 30, 35, 46, 47. meganumber 13. no one picked all six numbers tow the $7 million jackpot grows to at least 8 million for wednesday's drawing. dozens of horses and their handlers are back in san francisco for a return engagement of kavalia. it highlights the relationship between humans and horses. it's a production that's nearly doubled in size since its first show here six years ago. here's arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez under the big top. ♪ >> it's about the horses, the
5:56 am
glamour, acrobatics, cost assumes, music. a cast of 100 including 50 horses. and here they are arriving in san francisco after ten days in pastures. the first time they go back together, like they act like they're hurt. they're really in a playful -- play mode. >> he's one of the founders of cirque du soleil. this new show doubled the size of the production here six years ago and then travelled the world. his concept for the show was always about the treatment of the animals. >> i wanted to make sure the horse have total respect of who they are. so we don't beat them, we don't force them to do things. >> communication with the horses. words and gentle, effortless moves. >> it's all body language and verbal cues. different tones. and i mimic what they use in the wild with each other. different tones mean different things. >> seven verbal views almost like a horse whisperer. >> it's not horse whispering,
5:57 am
it's horse listening. >> very pretty. i bet you you're the star of the show. hmm. not overwhelmed. >> exactly like my kids. all have different personalities. i have to watch them like kids because they get jealous really quick. >> the interaction between man and horse. it is spellbinding. >> it's not a reinvented equestrian show. it's really a feeling you get when you watch a performance. >> it's one about love. it's love between people and also between people and horses. >> in san francisco, don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> up next at 6:00, snow showers continue in the sierra where whiteout conditions shut down i-80 overnight. the latest road conditions ahead. and quite a light show for the bay area last night. lisa argen will let us
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