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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  November 21, 2010 9:00am-10:00am PST

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good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. a strong storm system is expected to continue moving over the bay area this morning. it's already delivered snow, rain, wind, hail and more. at candlestick park heavy rain flooded some roads. if you are planning to attend the 49er game you are asking to take public transportation to help reduce congestion. if you are driving toward the sierra, chains are required from 50 to myers to eldorado county to apple are gate to nevada line. >> good morning, a live look from the vollmer peak and see partly sunny conditions. pretty good rain. in fact upwards to nearly an inch in some spots for 24-hour rainfall totals. over three-quarters of an inch
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in san jose. light showers across the bay. main activity has pressed down through but we will look for scattered showers today. move over daly city and into the east bay due to a cold air mass. look for the light to moderate rain from time to time and we are still looking at the possibility of more rain coming in tonight. i'll have details a little later. this weekend's storm has created problems for some bay area residents including power outages, flooding and property damage. amy hollyfield gives us a tour. >> it was crazy. i was born and raised here and i'm not used to this. >> kind of enjoying it. it's different. >> the heavy rainfall created minor flooding throughout the bay area. in orinda the streets had a significant amount of water. cars were able to spas through
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it. in san francisco, flooding caused some street closures. at mandel and sunnyvale even muni buzz were prohibited from passing through. another trouble spot was the highway 101 on-ramp at almeny boulevard. they called the water department to pump out some of the water. >> everybody is slowing down. we are trying to make sure there is no traffic accidents over here. >> a sudden gush of water flooded a few garages on the boulevard. residents say it appears to be shooting out of the ground. >> the water, i mean it was squirting out of the manholes. it went boom and the thing, it flew. >> it didn't believe behind any notable damage. >> the wind was another factor causing problems. at bay street shopping center in
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emeryville a temporary water came crashing down hitting a pedestrian and a car with a family of three inside. the pedestrian suffered minor injuries, the family was okay. >> they were not hurt. they came into my store with a baby where they were to get the baby changed and all that. >> the storm also knocked out power across the bay area including to 6,000 customers here in san francisco. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." >> if you are heading for the sierra to see all that fresh snow, interstate 80 has reopened. the snow was falling show quickly it created whiteout conditions and made it difficult to see the road. this difficult is from the 5,000 foot level. drivers were forced to follow trucks from cars and trucks ahead of them. a lot of people just gave up. they pulled over to wait it out. some found shelter at gas stations.
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>> you can't see very well. you can't see where the end of the berm is over there and you have to stay straight down the middle. >> coming over the summit. the snow was coming down really strong. and as we were coming bak by we could see a bunch of equipment like they were going to close the road. >> at midnight the chp decided to hold all traffic until conditions improved. current caltrans information shows i-80 is o'from the foothills to the nevada state line. 50 is also open but you will also need chains. we would like to share some of your photos and video of the storm. you can upload them to us or e-mail them to ureport ta9
9:06 am >> they are looking for a man that sexually assaulted a young woman. officers responded to call. the suspect entered through the victim's bedroom window. she is described as a six foot hispanic man between 20-30 years old. he has a strong accent and may have injuries to his hands and fingers. >> an alert bart police officer may have saved the life of a man that got his leg stuck between a train and a platform. it happened in walnut creek station. it's not clear exactly how the man got his leg stuck but rescue workers had to use the jaws of life to free him. he was hospitalized in stable condition. the incident created some major bart delays. >> vallejo police have arrested a man after he was shot in the
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chest by another man. the shooting happened on florida avenue where police say the two were arguing. victim was treated at a walnut creek hospital and just about released when vallejo police decided to arrest him on a domestic violence charge. police are only saying the charge is connected somehow to that shooting incident. >> the new list is out and stanford exchange student is among them. >> and this stanford scientist has a firsthand account of north korea's latest nuclear capabilities that is sending shock waves all the way to washington. how chinese rescuers managed to save a man stucknñaaaaaaaaaaaaa8
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the consider chairman of the joint chiefs of staff is taking a stand on gays serving in the military. mike mullen says he wants do to end the don't ask, don't tell policy positive as soon as possible. >> asking individuals goes counter to an institution. >> the impact of lifting the ban is set to release december 1st. >> a stanford student has been named a rodes scholar. 31 other students will enter
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oxford university next year. they provide all expenses for two or three years of study at the prestigious university in england. winners are selected on academic achievement, personal integrity and leadership potential. value of the scholarship averages $50,000 per year. >> an american nuclear scientist says north korea has secretly and quickly built a new facility to enrich uranium. he was shown the facility enriching uranium to produce weapons grade material. he saw 2,000 recently completed center fugitives. this would be the second way to make weapons. >> in eastern china a construction worker has been rescued after being trapped
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inside a pipe underwater for 70 hours. crews used a crane to pull the pipe. the man suffered no injuries. he survived for nearly three days on food and water delivered by rescuers aboard the off shore construction platform. really a miracle. >> lisa argen is here with a preview of the accu-weather forecast? >> still cold and rainy in spots. 40s in the north bay. here is a look from the roof camera. we have the rain beginning to fall in san francisco. upper 40s, gusty winds at the airport. snow falling in the sierra. more rain tonight. forecast is straight ahead. >> also, take a look at harm warming scene in alameda county, bay area children. >> and stanford shows cal who is boss. mike shumann has all the highlights coming up. @t
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. for dozens of children and their foster families life has changed. yesterday was the 11th annual adoption day in alameda county and for 65 children and their parents it became official.
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this national adoption day begin 600 families have been brought together. in all there are more than 114,000 children in foster care throughout the united states. the weather this weekend threw just about everything at us from high winds, storms and hail. >> we still have thunderstorms today but overall the next area of rain coming in will be tonight. a live look outside. heavenly right now where the winds are in the 20s. this is about 8,000 feet but tahoe valley airport we have a windchill at 15 and winds gusting at 22 miles an hour. in spots we have had a little bit of sunshine. high definition emeryville camera but we had a rain shower move on through. warm spot, oakland 50 degrees and elsewhere, light rain
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showers continuing to press on in the east and south bay. a cell right here from south city to san bruno, down 280 and highway 101, across the bay it's been a little wet. you will continue to see showers into palo alto the south bay, morgan hill. you will be getting wet through the noon hour. we'll see a break throughout the afternoon hours with some sunshine. here is northwest to the southeast, still cold there allowing for unstable atmosphere to make unstable showers throughout the day. 49 in oakland. winds, breezy at the airport and oakland out of west at 18 miles an hour. so we'll continue to be in this cold with the spotty showers that through the day but more rain comes in tonight and right on through tuesday with low snow
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levels. mixture of rain and snow around mount hamilton. here the setup. an area of low pressure going through nevada today and behind it the cold air, the instability the shower activity and with our water vapor imagery you see however the cold air has made it and beginning to taper off throughout the evening hours. right up through 4:00 we could see an additional five to ten inches above 7,000 feet and whiteout conditions over the passes. becoming moderate and lighter today but heavier snow at blue canyon. here is the plan for the rest of the day. 8:00, notice the showers pressing southward through the noon hour, with san jose and mount hamilton. icy mix there. then throughout the bulk of the afternoon, pop-up shower here or there. more rain will be coming in
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tonight after the 9:00 hour. in the north bay, the overnight hours we're going to see more shower activity on the early morning commute. here we are at 5:00, temperatures are running cool, low to mid-50s. we'll look for scattered showers to continue throughout the south bay throughout the morning hours. a break this afternoon but it looks like the overall pattern is going to keep us on and off wet right through tuesday, tuesday morning through afternoon and another band of showers will clear out but we'll pay the price with the clear sky maybe frost in the early morning hours on wednesday. nice drive for thanksgiving on wednesday. let's check out sports. this year it was all stanford with rivalry with cal. here is highlights. >> let's start off by saying stanford is the real deal. they embarrassed the bears at
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home. before the contest, extracurricular activity a fight breaks out between both teams. he punches a cal player and he would be ejected. cal on the move, showing his inexperience. he is picked off and big momentum shift. third and five, andrew, big guy takes off. he runs over a player right there and keeps on going, 58 yards down to the cal 21. steffan taylor caps off the drive. second quarter. he steps up, 13-yard strike, 24-0 cardinals. to get something going and to make another mistake. michael thomas with three big bear turnovers in the first half.
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19-yard hookup a spectacular catch by the senior. cardinals picked up where they left off in the third. this makes it 38-0. finally in the fourth, allen takes a snap and looking to throw, rolls back to the left and finds marvin jones to make it 45-7 but it's all go ahead i can. 48-14 your final. >> we couldn't make mistakes, guys made plays. it worked. >> everything they gave us, they showed us and everything we were ready for. we practiced and we had seen it and we knew. execution, the closest thing as players we have to execute. >> stanford is a great football team and you can't afford to make mistakes. you've got to make sure you are
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executing and we didn't do it. >> it's pure joy. my greatest wish is to go out with a ex-e but it's all part of it. >> that is big games are all about. >> sharks are hosting the blue jackets, looking for their first win at the tank. fight night at the tank, there is a bonus for you. and here in the first period, 1-0 blue jackets. second period, nash ran the back of the net. 2-0 columbus. time running out and that is hat trick, sharks are down 3-0. >> u.s.a. women in a playoff against italy to determine the final spot in next year's world
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cup. morgan came off and added time to give the united states a 1-nil victory. they will face them in bridgeview, illinois. >> 49ers looking for their third straight win today. raiders are in pittsburgh going for their fourth straight victory. i'm mike shumann, have a great day. >> like it or not you are going to see and hear a lot about sarah palin this week. the former governor has several projects coming to fruition all at once. is she planning to run for president or not? >> it used to object sunday and monday you got happy days, this week, it will be sarah palin days.
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sarah's alaska on the learning channel. monday night, bristol goes dancing, final round of "dancing with the stars". tuesday the release of sarah palin's new book, america by heart and you can see her on twitter weighing in on the tsa pat down controversy. she would rather see profiling, we profile individuals, profile away. it is a constant palin palooza. others listen to what barbara bush told larry king in an interview. >> he is very good in alaska and i hope she stays there. >> is he running for president? he told barbara walters.... >> i'm looking at the lay of the land and trying to figure it out. >> the problem with the media
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barrage, 67% of americans say she is not qualified to be president. >> if she is beginning with the assumption on part of many voters she is not up to the job, constantly being in their living room programming her as a celebrity probably makes the problem worse. >> presidential voting is not the most pressing election for the palins this week. that would be "dancing with the stars," bristol made it to finals despite lower scores from the judges and pop star brandi. it was the fans that voted her over the top. viewers calling eight tea party conspiracy. but an official wrote down and explained that bristol was close enough to make judges scores all she had to do was get 1.5% than brandi and then she is through.
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a she is through. with all the dancing and dancing a and flipping.... >> it's not easy. >> like it or not the thanksgiving turkey is coming with a sigh of mama grizzly. >> coming up the latest on our weekend's storm that forced the closure of interstate 80 in the mountains overnight. san jose considers tough restrictions on cigarererererere
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welcome back. a storm continues to move through the bay area this morning with thunder and lightning last night. take a look at the video, a direct hit on the bay bridge towers. there was hail in the mission
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and potrero hill neighborhoods. it fell in santa cruz and the peninsula and that photo was sent to us by a viewer on bear gulch road in woodside. what can we expect today? lisa argen is here with more on that. >> good morning. this was sfo with some rain coming down, winds gusting to 28 miles an hour and the temperature at 49 degrees. we do have sunshine in other parts of the bay area. live doppler 7 hd shows the showers are widely scattered. you'll see a cell pulling out through 280 and burlingame and san mateo. foster city is next and it's been wet throughout fremont and union city but the cold air and few peeks of sunshine. that will be the case throughout the peninsula and south bay the rest of the morning. a bit of a lull. we are still stuck in the cold
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air and another pulse will swing through tonight. details on tonight and more rainy weather tomorrow and tuesday coming up. thank you, lisa. >> this weekend's storm has created some problems for some bay area residents. we're talking power outages, flooding and property damage. in orinda the streets had significant amount of water but cars were still able to pass through. in san francisco, flooding caused some street closures. at mandel and sunnyvale the water was so deep even muni buses were prohibited from passing through. another trouble was highway 101 on-ramp. they called the water department to pump out some of that water. >> everybody is slowing down, we just want to make sure there is no traffic accident over here. >> and wind was another factor causing problems. at the bay street shopping center in emeryville, a temporary wall came crashing down hitting a pedestrian and a
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car. the pedestrian suffered just minor injuries. the storm has also knocked out power to 6,000 san francisco residents but the power has now been restored. if you are headed to the sierra, take a look at all that fresh snow that interstate 80 is now reopened after being shut down overnight due to low visibility in the mountains. the closure begin at midnight between applegate and nevada state line. snow was falling so quickly it created whiteout conditions making it difficult to see the road. this video shows conditions last night at 5,000 foot level. the poor visibility force someday drivers to follow the trucks from vehicles ahead of them. chp finally decided to hold all i-80 traffic until conditions improved. what is it like right now. current road conditions show 80 is open again over the summit. chains are required. u.s. highway 50 is also open but
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you'll also need chains as you have to have them if you are driving highway 89 in the lake tahoe basin. we would like to show you some of your photos of the video of the storm. you can upload them to us or e-mail them to us. more news for you now, san jose wants to make it tougher for underage teenagers to buy cigarettes, tobacco related deaths as the number one related killer. what the city is considering and why some retailers are opposed. >> michael started smoking three years ago when he was 16 years old. >> i have been wanting to quit about a couple months now but it's pretty tough. i wish i never started. >> even though it's illegal to sell cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18, critics say there
9:33 am
is little if any enforcement at the state level. san jose is considering to adopt its own rules. kids have no problem buying cigarettes. >> i think it's important that the youth are represented here. >> san jose says one effective way to reduce underage smoking would be to have a strong city tobacco licensing ordinance. it would require the 900 establishments to pay a fee in the $450 ranges and face fines for breaking the law. philip morris and couple other interests circulated a flyer urging them to speak out what they are calling unfair regulation. >> about two dozen people addressed the council, some in favor of the ordinance but many opposed. >> to the extent that you adopt more burdensome and more onerous
9:34 am
and costly regulations, it will hurt retailers. >> whatever laws you put in place, the kids that want to smoke are going to get them. >> backing off on the idea that retailers would have to hide all tobacco products from public view but voted 9-2 to do something to curtail under age smoking. >> i think we would be doing a disservice if we don't address the issue. >> a proposed ordinance will come back next month aimed at getting people like michael hooked on tobacco. lisa has been checking and rechecking other computer models to make sure he has the latest on this weather system. >> rain over san francisco and airport and elsewhere. roof camera, it doesn't look bad out there but showers coming
9:35 am
through the bay area. they are light but more rain head our way in the next 48 hours. i'll tell you where and when next. >> and also this morning, we're going to continue an in-depth look at how california's medical marijuana is being smuggled into other states. other states. how authorities shut down switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. [ man ] then try this. new and improved freestyle lite® blood glucose test strip. sure, but it's not gonna -- wow. [ beep ] [ man ] yep, that's the patented freestyle zipwik™ design. [ woman ] did it just -- [ both ] target the blood? [ man ] yeah, drew it right in. the test starts fast. you need just a third the blood of onetouch®. that is different. so freestyle lite test strips make testing... [ man ] easy? easy. [ man ] call for a special offer and go to walgreens to learn more about diabetes. and get freestyle lite test strips today.
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oakland officials are considering handing over control of the oakland museum to a nonprofit foundation. museum on oak street near lake merritt is operated joint lie li by the city and oakland museum of the california foundation but the san francisco chronicle reports that the city's budget problems and success in raising money on its own have prompted
9:38 am
officials to giving a nonprofit full reign of the museum. well, the weather is definitely a headline making story because, it's so different out there. >> it is, showers and we still have instability and lake tahoe, heavenly the snow is coming down. winter storm warning until 4:00. except for reno, they cancelled that. slippery roads and snow is going to taper off but another vigorous burst comes tonight and back home. this is mount tamalpais. lots of cloud cover and breezy conditions in the higher elevations and the golden gate bridge, partly cloudy skies and it doesn't look too bad but the temperatures of chilly. live doppler hd, a little bit of rain south bay peninsula but more cells are off shore. with the heating of the sun
9:39 am
we'll see a more showers throughout the day today. foster city down through san carlos into palo alto, you'll see a shower in the next half-hour or so. into fremont and union city, the activity, dumbarton bridge and finally the loop here shows that things have quiet down in the past couple of hours. that is the case although tonight another impulse pushes on through and then another one into monday and tuesday. 50 in mountain view, 45 in san rafael. still cool across the bay and adding some of that wind and winds are getting gusty at the airport. 28 miles an hour. breezy in oakland, that will keep chilly air and then we're still looking at a snow in the highest peaks around the bay area. mount hamilton is seeing the dusting of a rain-snow mix. 2500 feet you'll see snow and
9:40 am
chance of showers continues today, tomorrow and into tuesday. another upper-level low continues to track to the north and east of us. cold air behind us and that is unstable. you heat it up and that is why we have the showers. here is the water vapor and entire state affected by the low that is tracking through bringing the chilly air. in particular though, five to ten inches above 7,000 feet with three to six inches around lake level. and conditions over the pass, made for pristine winds. here is the time line throughout the rest of the day, notice the showers through the peninsula, the south bay, san jose and morgan hill and then throughout the bulk of the afternoon, a bit of a break and then more showers popping up through the evening hours. then tonight we're getting into more shower activity from the entire bay area as another
9:41 am
impulse sweeps on through towards the morning commute at 5:00, it will be wet out there. 54 in san francisco and oakland, breezy with mid and upper 40s in the north bay. monterey, low to mid 50s. few peeks of sun and scattered showers throughout the noon, 1:00 hour. partly cloudy skies and rain on and off through tuesday. very cold when we clear out tuesday night, wednesday morning dry. >> this time last week we were in the 70s and 80s all over the bay area. now, we can barely get into the 50s. >> that's right. it's going to be chilly. in our early morning newscast we brought you two reports on an exclusive investigation into medical marijuana being legally grown here in california and illegally trafficked to other states. in part three has details on two
9:42 am
major busts. >> as the heavy suitcases and duffel bags filled with marijuana were hauled out of a home, a simultaneous bust was happening in fresno. at the exact time they were led away in handcuffs, the northwest froze know home women left from was being picked apart by detectives in fresno county. following the drug to the destination was part of the goal. >> we're destructing their production activity and distribution and hopefully their finances and impacting their liberty. >> action news was there when under cover deputies found a sophisticated marijuana growing operation inside the two-story northwest fresno home. deputies tell us they discovered an elaborate lighting system to help the plants thrive and high-tech filtration system.
9:43 am
quality fertilizer also ensured the plants would be given a good start. sheriffs investigators say the man who organized the drug dealing operation is timothy dwayne. he is former madera county probation off who was fired several months ago. madera county officials will not detail about his employment since had it's a personnel issue. a gps was also recovered during the texas bust. it had been pre-programmed with the route the women took. investigators say they never stopped to sleep and drove straight through california, arizona, new mexico and texas. under cover detectives say early on it became clear the women were very cautious about stopping for bathroom breaks and fuel along their route. >> it was unusual, how often
9:44 am
they got oh soe they didn't become disabled and become known by law enforcement. they took a number of steps to prevent that. >> the two day odyssey begin last thursday. same day deputies were hard at work up rooting another alleged illegal grow in fresno county. this one grown under the guise of medical marijuana. >> in this is phenomenon. traditionally it was grown in the mountains. now, it was usually interspersed with crops. this year we've seen large parts of land taken out of production and specifically put into marijuana production. >> investigators say the grow operation in fresno had so many lights and fans using electricity that pg&e had to be called to make sure it could be safely dismantled.
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>> still ahead, the crisis in haiti where a cholera outbreak is the latest killer. a doctor talks about ♪ [ female announcer ] there's only one you.
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that's why sutter health created, where you can find a doctor based on criteria important to you. and because it's sutter health, you can choose a doctor from some of the most respected medical groups and hospitals in northern california. find your doctor today at sutter health. with you. for life.
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most of us know about the dangers of the chemical bpa from the fight over the use in baby bottles and water containers. it's found in 90% of all
9:48 am
americans and what could be a main source could surprise you. mere is michael finney. >> young mothers and mothers to be have become a staple of tv news reports about bpa. >> you don't have to i shouldn't have to be a chemist when i go to the grocery store. >> it's often overlooked even by researchers, it's in the lining of cans. it's part of the coating that keeps food fresh. the food and drug administration has expressed concern but issued no rule. san francisco based breast cancer fund wants that to change saying that bpas our dangerous. >> when we take it in body reads it that is pushing the hormones ordinary or affecting how hormones work.
9:49 am
>> they have linked to it health concerns, including cancer and obesity but other studies show no linkage. the chemical industry says concerns are overblown. >> i looked at the data and concluded that bpa is safe. this is a political decision. >> senator dianne feinstein has been pushing a compromise that would study the impact and banning bpas in some baby products. >> to move aggressively in baby cups, baby bottles, sippy cups, infant formula, infant food and then in conjunction with the fda study phase out bpa from canned goods. >> the feinstein compromise was voted down just this week. now, california senior senator is urging them to back away from
9:50 am
products containing bpa. how common are bpas? could it be found in cans taken randomly. working with our san diego affiliate we commissioned our own lab report. >> as it goes through, it's broken into fragments. >> before i show you the results you should know that some studies suggest there should be concerns as levels at little at nine parts per billion. in our test, richard said 10.5 billion. several companies, 261 parts per billion. con agra says while the levels are found considerably higher than other results for this product line, your findings do not pose any health risks. nonetheless, the company is converted to go non-bpa lined
9:51 am
cans. we are confident it is safe. we are changing because of customer interest of bpa. bush brothers and company said, we and continues to be in full compliance with the fda. >> in haiti violent street protests over the cholera epidemic have subsided but the spread of the disease has not. as you know, haiti is reeling from that devastating earthquake almost a year ago. one celebrity activist is there and has been there all year trying to help. we get more from matt gutman. >> in haiti, this is the problem. >> the street we're walking on was double overhead of two stories of rubble. >> he spent most of year here, working on the recovery turning down millions of dollars in movie deals. thousands are expected to die, his organization is pushing for
9:52 am
removal. 90% of the ruins remain paralyzing everything. >> you have things that are full unsanity, horrible places. >> without those communities they are slow in coming. >> how many transitional things do you go. >> so far 500 of them. >> 150,000 are needed. in the meantime, cholera and hundreds of thousands of cases are expected the morgue is full. he is infuriated that hundreds of millions of u.s. donations go unsent spent here. >> you can't just give them the hammer without the nails. it's got to be aggressive. world class horse show
9:53 am
returns to san francisco. don sanchez shows a spectacular nñaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa8
9:54 am
9:55 am
dozens of horses and their handlers are back in san francisco for the return of cavalia. it's a production that has doubled in size since the first time around six years ago. here is don sanchez under the big top. ♪ >> it's about the horses, the glamour, costumes and music, a was of hundred including 50 horses, here they are arriving in san francisco. >> first time they go back together they like they are a herd, they are in playful, play mode. >> he was one of the founders of
9:56 am
circus de soleil. this show has doubled the size that had a premiere ix years ago and travels the world. concept was always about the treatment of the animals. >> i wanted to make sure the horse has total rgs of who they are. so we don't feed them and we don't force them to do things. >> communication with the horses words and gentle effortless moves. >> it's all body language and different tones. i mimic what they use, different tones mean different things. >> it's not a horse whimper. >> not with the same effect. it's very pretty. the star of the show. >> not overwhelmed. >> they are exactly like my kids. they all have different personalities and they get jealous really quick. >> the interaction between man and horse. it is spell binding.
9:57 am
>> it's really a feeling you get when you watch the performance. >> it's a lot about love. it's love between people and also between people and horses. let's get a final check on the accu-weather forecast. >> clouds behind us and late rain with scattered light rain but the rain is moving from the peninsula into the south bay. notice here around palo alto into san jose you'll see the showers through the none hour, maybe a thunderstorm, low snow levels especially around mount hamilton and more showers monday and tuesday. >> all right. that is going to do it for us. thank you for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. along with lisa argen. next newscast is at 5:00 tonight. have a great sunday, stay dry. áñ
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