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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 24, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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conditions as old man winter has an icy grip on the bay area and how many more nights we have to deal with it before the rain settles in. >> and look out for icy conditions on highway 17 and there is also bart delays. >> with this cold weather there is certainly warnings out there for travelers. i'm teresa garcia along highway 17. there is black ice and a lot of drivers and someone watching over you. we'll talk about this up ahead. i'm terry mcsweeney at san francisco international where we're waiting to see what impact those pat-downs will have. story coming up in a live report. good wednesday morning, the day before thanksgiving. a busy travel day. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. >> there could be some problems with the cold snap that will be with us and some of the roads
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could get a little icy. >> especially at the higher altitudes. and let's check in with mike how long the cold snap will be with us. >> it will be this morning, tomorrow morning and friday morning, early shoppers will need to bundle up. it will be definitely cold. let's take a look at the temperatures outside right now, coolest readings, napa and 31. napa has got a breeze so the windchill is about 26 degrees. freezing in livermore and menlo park and getting close in concord and fairfield at 33 degrees. freeze warnings, it's for the north bay and east bay valleys and then again we have the frost advisory for the bay shoreline, santa clara valley and parts of the monterey bay. we'll see repeat performance for the next couple of nights and then the rain for the weekend. i'll have that in the forecast. bart reporting 15 minute
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delays right now. san francisco from the montgomery station there was earlier police activity heading out to bay point or dublin but it's not reported in the other direction, if you are headed toward sfo you shouldn't encounter any delays. with all the cold weather, bring your hats and gloves and look out for icy conditions on highway 17 and if you are heading up to tahoe, no surprise you'll need chains right now on all the major highways and freeways up there. >> highway 17 is definitely in the spotlight this morning. we are expecting temperatures below freezing in parts of the bay area, that means the rush is on to warn dryers of icy conditions and as eric mentioned to get the homeless out of the cold. teresa garcia is live. >> we feel freezing cold up here but it hasn't hit the temperature point to be freezing
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but that is one of the big concerns, you'll get spots that are iced over. and this is the biggest thing they are watching out at least for this morning, take a look at video. you can see the signs are lit up warning drivers of slippery roads and that is the pavement is still wet. caltrans has piles of sand ready to lay on the roadways as needed to smooth spots out and give drivers more traction and aaa they are expecting 11% more drivers to hit the roads over the four day thanksgiving holiday. that is boost compare to travel and highway patrol will on the roads as usual. >> we like people to slow down in their speed, especially on windy roadways where there is black ice.
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slow down and give yourself more braking distance. once again, stay not distracted by being on a cell phone. >> this morning, people are at risk in this freezing cold. in santa clara county, shelters are full trying to serve the 7,000 homeless. officials enacted an emergency alert, they put extra beds and cots and took anybody that came through the door. the majority of the homeless population is made up of working families. so you can imagine a lot of people out there that need help and they are certainly getting it so far as mike nicco was saying, the cold is far from over yet. this the so-called opt-out day at the nation's airports. they are calling for rebelling airport security by refusing to go through those controversial
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full body scanners. travelers that do that face even more controversial pat down. terry mcsweeney is live at sfo and see if it has started this morning. >> the rebellion has not started here yet. all is very calm, very orderly and to tell you the truth, at this terminal, it looks like just about any other day, but keep in mind, it's very early here and the situation may be different around the country. let's get more on what is happening. airport spokesman joins us. what are you anticipating today? what are you prepared for? >> we are prepared to deal with a lot of people. well over 120,000 people. we are aware of the protests and we have contingency plans but we want to get the people through and on to their destinations as quickly as they can.
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>> there is talk that you have -- would be of the contingency plans is special line who want to be patted down? >> that is possibility and another option, make sure people get through security in a timely manner and get on their flights. we're committed to see that happens. >> monday was actually your busiest day of the travel week. how did that go? >> that went rather smoothly. today we had issues of weather in the midwest around the chicago area. that could put a monkey wrench but everything here is working fine and hopefully weather will cooperate. >> reporter: mike, thank you for talking to us. that is the story out here. no signs of protests. but again, it is early.
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live at sfo, terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news". >> the security system may be about to change. homeland security it may discontinue the color coded terror alert system. they are recommending a new system that is based on descriptions. one to go from five threat levels to just two. color coded system is too vague with democrats calling it a scare tactic by the bush administration. >> puc says they will hire four new safety inspectors. there was criticism about low staffing levels in the wake of the san bruno fire that killed eight people. san francisco chronicle reports that mile for mile, they complete more pipe inspections
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than any other state. with four additional inspectors they will meet federal staffing minimums for the first time since 2002. >> san francisco is trying to still figure out who is going to be mayor after gavin newsom takes his new job. clerk of the board suggests sequestering nominees requiring there be no communication between them and the rest of the supervisors during a meeting. the fate of each neey nominee would be approved one by with one. >> and in the sierras, thousands are still without power and heat. heavy snow from the weekend storms brought down many tree branches that snapped and brought down power lines.
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officials say more than 300 pg&e employees were working last night to restore power. they say some areas may be in the dark through thanksgiving, especially if they are coated with ice the extra weight bringing down the power lines. let's check in with mike, how cold can it go? >> probably in the 20s as we are dealing with this morning. by 8:00 this morning, morgan hill, napa and santa rosa to be in the 20s, the rest of us in the 30s until you get to owning and san francisco, around 40 and 42 degrees. we have total sunshine and throughout temperatures will climb into the mid to upper 40s and 50 san rafael and san francisco and santa cruz. by 4:00 we've met our highs for the day by 2:00. so we'll flip back into the low 50s around san francisco, oakland and concord and upper 40s to near 50 for the rest of
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us. so it's going to be a very cold day. temperatures running 10 degrees cooler than normal for this time of the year. let's take a look at seven-day forecast, expect more frost and freeze tonight. those temperatures will be away from the coast and again tomorrow night. so friday morning is going to be a cold start for black friday and rain on saturday and sunday, monday and tuesday, dry, temperatures still below average. >> i've got good news, bart no longer reporting delays so everything is flowing and added extra trains to accommodate all the folks headed to the airport. here is live shot of 101 and 880 we've got light traffic all around the bay area but look around for patchy ice or black ice on highway 17. if you are heading through the east bay, looking good right now live shot of the oakland maze,
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you can see 80 on the bottom of the screen. 680 in walnut creek, live shot, no big delays on bay area freeways at this time. >> still ahead, an east bay jury reaches a verdict in the legal battle between oracle and sat. >> and they get a boost to their image, why san jose is being named as safest large cities in the nation. >> and san francisco and toys in kids' meals. >> and giants take care of priority number one in the off
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. san jose remains one of the safest big cities in the country. they ranked fourth in the nation for the second straight year with a population over 500,000. it fell in overall 5.of% drop in violent crime. san jose is ranked by hind el paso, texas and new york city. san jose was the safest big city for six consecutive years. >> a jury has ordered a german software company to payor cal
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money in a copyright lawsuit. they won the lawsuit for stealing company secrets from password oracle websites. they were caught off guard by the size of the award. it had set aside only $160 million for it. >> san francisco's ban on fast food toys will still be in place. children's meals that exceed 600 calories and lack fruit or vegetables. the mayor calls it too complicated. the rally song that helped the giant win the world series will be back in next season and so will the owner. they re-signed aubrey huff to a underwrote two-year $20 million contract with a club optional for a third year. they rumored had to match one
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other offer to bring back the creator of the magic underwear. >> to wear it in the off season during the negotiations? >> i got a whole box at my house right now. four boxes, stacked this high and pass them all out to the team. i'm sure they are wiser and appreciative. >> so they are all going to be wearing them next season. >> last year, only team pursued signing him to a one year $3 million deal. that and the song. >> do you think so? >> don miller in the rally song? >> how do you know, boxers. >> but this morning is too cold for sthon gs.
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>> i will agree with you there. >> let's go outside and see how cold it is. >> moving right along. >> i'm stepping away, i don't want to dangle in the air. looking at sfo this morning, we don't have any flight delays but we are expecting some in the midwest. if you have connecting flights in chicago or possibly st. louis watch out. we do have some delays on the way. flight tracker. let's talk about what is happening temperature-wise, 31 in napa, get your mind out of the gutter. and rest in the 30s and 40s. inland we have temperatures in mid to upper 30s. chilled sunshine today and coldest afternoon this week. freeing cold the next two nights where we'll set records, we'll have rain in the bay but more
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snow for the sierra. as far as the 24-hour temperature change, it's going to be about three to four degrees cooler than yesterday. here we go with low to mid-50s and barely a 53. we're struggling in the upper 40s, livermore, antioch and cloverdale, upper 40s for you, half moon bay, 51 degrees. low to mid-50s around the monterey bay and inland with some of that chilled sunshine. that is below fleegz around morgan hill, livermore, vallejo, santa rosa, cloverdale and san rafael. 32 degrees in concord and also antioch. expect freezing conditions and frosty. cars if you are heading out for some reason, some are working. freeze warning from 1:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and frost advisory tonight from 1:00 to 9:00 let's
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take a look at accu-weather seven-day forecast, temperatures will warm slowly, low to mid 50s on thursday, mid-50s on friday and then low to mid-50s with the rain on saturday and eventually hit the upper 50s for sunday, monday, and temperatures still below average. >> getting ready for the holidays, traffic is light around the bay area. here is a live shot of interstate 80 where the headlights are moving westbound, delay free, down toward the bay bridge toll plaza and if you are heading up to tahoe, don't forget your chains and you will need them on highway 50, very slick conditions out there. right now. back to the bay area, still a good ride across the san mateo bridge and no delays in either direction. 101 also looking good in millbrae with folks heading to
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sfo, but you may want to get there early as possibly long security lines. get the latest traffic information by going to our website at and we'll have it under bay area traffic link. >> thanks a lot. >> next a warning mexicans, a warning if they go for the holidays. >> next, a plan to bring 911 into icam
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you can see good morning, president obama and south korea's president agreed to hold joint military exercises to the deadly attack.
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it will include the u.s.s. aircraft carrier and two more ships. two marines and two civilians were killed in the attack on an island in the yellow sea. south korea fired back, firing lasted for about one hour. south korean troops remain on high alert. they moved to another port city in under ground shelters. >> mexican nay tis are warned to take extra precautions, mexican government is warning drivers to travel in convoys and only during the daylight hours. the warning is in response to holdups, shootings and kidnappings blamed on rival drug gangs. the head of a southern california group, 2300 of his members have cancelled their trips because of the violence. ftc is exploring ways to
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bring 911 into the digital age. they want to overhaul the service so they can receive text messages and videos. he says this is no-brainer since more people are texting instead of talking on the phone these days. 70% of 911 calls come from mobile phones, texting would help if people that have disabilities. >> public hearings are set for next month. >> bay area businessman behind pay pal and tesla motors is a spies pioneer. his firm is now the first commercial company to have a license to allow an orbiting spacecraft to return to earth. faa issued the license. space x plans to launch a capsule next month. it will land in the ocean. that is something only six nations or government agencies have done in history. jennifer grey is definitely
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having the time of her life. >> jennifer! >> the dirty dancing actress is the new "dancing with the stars" champion. they scored three perfect scores in last night's finale. she had to overcome injuries but she says it was all worth it. >> it was like the most amazing thing i've ever seen in any one and came out here. here we are. >> you know what, he just kept pushing me just enough. he just made me better than i ever could have been. >> kyle massi came in second, bristol palin was third. it brought claims that voting might have been rigged and tea party supporters say palin was behind it all.
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it was a great story. >> 5:45 a south bay county crackdown on tobacco sales. new ordinance that is among the toughest anti-smoking laws in the nation. >> the gloves are off, it's definitely cold out here. we have warnings for you. i'm teresa garcia live along highway 17. one of those issues being black ice. what travelers face as they launch into the holiday weekend. as the nights get colder, pg&e is considering pressure changes in the pipelines. some people saying not so fast. >> check out the temperature in dallas, 81 degrees in st. louis and we're seeing showers and thunderstorms. delays in st. louis and chicago, snow will turn into rain but not good news if you are traveling
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through atlanta, jackson with flight arrival delays right now.
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it is freezing cold outside. i'll show you where and how many more nights before the weekend rain arrives. >> with this cold, icy patches on highway 17 through the santa cruz mountains but traffic is light all the around the bay area. >> and up in the santa cruz mountains, i'm teresa garcia along highway 17. the concerns on the roadways as the freezing temperatures. we'll let you know what to watch out for just ahead.
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>> i'm terry mcsweeney live at san francisco international airport where the story is about thanksgiving travel and pat-downs. 5:30 a.m. on the day before thanksgiving, thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. it's pretty cold out there this morning and day before thanksgiving but frosty himself is ready to make an appearance himself. >> frost and freeze warnings, let's get the latest from mike. >> you'll be scraping wind shields because the frost is forming as we speak. take a look at the temperatures and napa the cool spot at 27. but we also have frost at this conditions in santa rosa, fairfield and los gatos, 32 in livermore and concord. so in the outlining areas from the city we are dealing with
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some frost. we'll have freeze warnings for the east bay valleys and all of the north bay except for the coastline until 9:00 this morning. two hours freezing temperatures and northern part of the monitor ray bay, frost advisory is for you until 9:00. we have more freezing temperatures on the way but first here is frances with the commute. >> check out this live shot, a lot of cars heading through the area for bay area travelers, a lot of ski resorts opened earlier. you will need chains right now. but we're not expecting any snow to fall today, also in the bay area, traffic has been extremely quiet. no accidents, no major slowdowns here is a live shot of the golden gate bridge. >> when it gets this cold, drivers, chp puts out the warning about potentially icy
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roads. cities are setting up extra beds in shelters to give the homeless a way to get out of the chill. teresa garcia is along highway 17 in santa cruz mountains. it's going to get icy there? >> sure at the higher elevations and with the cold snap, there is so many dangerous parts from exposure to a person being out there to driving in it. we want to give you a look, we'll show you in a moment. basically warning drivers of possible slippery roads. pavement is still moist from recent storms and concern freezing temperatures will lead to black ice. caltrans has piles of sand to smooth out those icy sections. caltrans will help people keep safe. asking drivers to slow down and
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advice if you hit black ice. >> don't brake. try to keep your movements nice and smooth, if you do happen to spin out on the roadway or have a collision and you are not injured and your car is still drivable. we advise you get off of the roadway to a safe location so i don't get hit again. >> aaa says they are expecting 11% more drivers will hit the road over this thanksgiving holiday. >> all right. that was teresa garcia reporting live from santa cruz mountains. those freezing temperatures are dangerous to frost sensitive plants. nurseries were selling blab kets to put over vulnerable plants. for skiers and snowboarders the cold blast is welcome news. >> this past weekend, i was
5:34 am
really excited. >> and people are ready on the slopes, snapping up clothing and gear to keep them warm. today is a big travel day for airports and big day of reckoning for the government's new screening procedures. travelers are being urged to undergo pat-downs in a national protest. terry mcsweeney is life to see how it's going. >> in a word, smooth. in fact, very smooth. no problem at all. looks like any other day out here. this is one of busiest days of the year. you can see not a whole lot people and you can see the body scans going on. you can see how long it takes people walking in. you are walking in and put your hands up and they look through you. i see if you are hiding anything. it takes a moment.
5:35 am
take a look at the problem. passengers want to make eight point insisted on getting patted down, the thinking here is the line gets long, flights are delayed and people miss their flights and anger and anger will be directed at tsa. pat-downs take far longer than the body scans. protestors also don't like them. they are telling me maybe some battles out here today and airport security is concerned. >> friction between those that want to protest and those that want to get through security. we have extra police in the area just make sure things go smoothly and keep things as calm as we can. >> he says there are number of
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contingency plans if the rests really take off. he wouldn't go into details on all of them but one other one he talked about they may open a pat-down only lane so if you wanted to be an orderly protestor and not impact the other travelers. so far, so good. terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news." in san bruno, turj up thermostat is a controversial decision. they turned the pressure down on three pipelines after september's gas explosion and fire and residents seem too like it that way. people living near the pipeline are keeping the temperature in their homes lower than they normally would. they are hoping pg&e keeps the pressure down. >> i don't want it turned up. if i have to put on an extra blanket. >> we've heard loud and clear that residents in san bruno as well as our regulators and state
5:37 am
elected leaders. >> they are wondering in pg&e can handle the demands of the weather without raising the pipeline pressure than why raise it again? pg&e says it's considering that assessment. >> santa clara county cracking down on tobacco sales. they are offering an ordinance to have a permit to sell tobacco products. last week the supervisors passed ordinances banning smoking in all multiunit residence res denies and county parks and fairgrounds. it's 5:37 and time for a look at the forecast. we told you how cool it is outside. >> it could be ice, mike you got temperatures, in the low 30s and
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even 20s? >> 27 in napa and other areas could be in the 20s. good morning to you, livermore, morgan hill and santa rosa around freezing and concord, and oakland, san francisco will be right around 40 degrees. by noon, temperatures will slowly warm into the upper 40s to near 50. we may rise a little bit 46 in livermore and morgan hill. most of us in the upper 40s to low 50s. total sunshine today, but this arctic air is hard to modify. in fact, look how much cooler we are compared to average. oakland, santa rosa, nine degrees cooler, concord and san jose, ten degrees cooler, redwood city, 11 degrees shy of where we should be. with the low sun angle you can feel the difference.
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frosty ti and freezing temperatures tonight and tomorrow night and then chilly rain and below average temperatures for sunday, monday and tuesday. a lot of folks heading to the airport this morning. if you are getting there, 101 looking good. 880 is fine toward the oakland airport. no problems heading to san jose. another thing to consider is mass transit, especially bart. they are expecting a record 64,000 passengers headed to sfo for the holiday weekend. they also have 500 extra parking spaces for long term parking and they'll be running longer trains. it's a good way to go. other mass transit systems reporting no delays. >> thank you very much. >> still ahead, the city of oakland gets into the i.d. business. >> and ticket trouble that got oakland mayor-elect in trouble.
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>> and people living on a bluff sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel. we're like forget florida, we're going on a safari. so we're on the serengeti, and seth finds a really big bone. we're talking huge. they dig it up, put it in the natural history museum and we get to name it. raus. sethasauraus. really. your points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel? means better vacations. that's incredible. believe it...with chase sapphire preferred your points are worth 25% more on travel when booked through ultimate rewards.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. the city of oakland will make municipal i.d. cards available to homeless people and
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immigrants and others. oakland tribune the card is similar to the ones issued in san francisco but oakland's identification cards will double as an atm card. holder can replenish the card to buy goods and services where atm cards are accepted. >> oakland's mayor elect paid hefty fines to get her car back. it was fitted with a boot outside city hall. a police technician showed it had more than one thousand dollars in unpaid parking tickets. they say kwan must have taken the ten outstanding tickets because the boot had been removed within hours. >> condo owners atop pacifica eroding cliffs are mired in legal disputes to make sure their backyards don't wash away to the ocean. the two buildings that were
5:44 am
red-tagged are mired in a legal mess right now. those properties stand empty but neighboring homeowners are getting on with preventative work to secure their properties. construction crews are moving boulders and install a wall. >> ocean is heavyweight champion of the world, no one was defeated it. you don't try to win but you try to hold. >> the storms took a lot of sand out of the property and neighboring rv park and that is expected to worsen with the winter rain. >> how low will the retailers go? bloomberg business report is coming up. >> it may be skiers a' delight but travel in the sierra is miserable. >> one peninsula man's quest to
5:45 am
put arizona like immigration law on california'spppppppp
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it's 5:47 and time for the california forecast, look how quiet across the state and how cool, san diego at 51. 59 in l.a. and upper 40s along the coast. take you up to the sierra, let's
5:48 am
start thursday, sunshine and 39. friday increasing high clouds at 45 and snow for saturday and 37 and sunday 29. >> with plenty of snow on the slopes, high sierra, visitors are looking forward to a long holiday weekend of skiing or snowboarding. >> with the recent storms gone and clear skies expected for the next few days, larry is clearing his walkway to make sure that thanksgiving customers feel welcome. this is the weekend in a decade he is opened for snowmobile tours. >> we got on top, there is about eight-foot on top right now. >> a handful of ski resorts are opened now but the early snowstorms more are going to open for the next few days, much to the dliat of skiers and
5:49 am
snowboarders. it's the good stuff, light, powdery. >> it's actually fluffy and hard to walk through, but it's not too bad. we're having fun. >> we never had a white christmas or thanksgiving so we're excited. >> fernando is seeing snow for the first time. >> you've never been to snow? >> no, never been to snow. first time out here. super cold, coldest i've ever been. all right. check in with mike and see if we have any more snow coming or turning into ice. >> it looks great from afar, it's absolutely beautiful. we'll have more sun on saturday but sooner is better. >> 5:40 and live look at
5:50 am
heavenly. doesn't look like they are making snow right now. probably don't need to because they had about three to six feet depending on what elevation you are on. all right, walking in the winter wonderland, for us, cold temperatures, 27 in napa, frosty 31 in santa rosa and fairfield and los gatos, 32 in and frost around livermore and also concord, rest of us to mid 30s and 41 in san francisco. monterey bay, mid to upper 30s. chilled sunshine today. it will be sunny but it won't be warm. two more chances of freegdz freezing cold temperatures tonight and tomorrow night. the bays will get rain and sierra gets the snow. as far as high temperatures, look where we are compared to average, oakland 9 degrees
5:51 am
cooler. redwood city, 11 degrees warmer as far as our temperatures, livermore, antioch, fairfield, clearlake, cloverdale, ukiah, all these temperatures in the mid to upper 40s while the rest of us are in the low to mid-50s. monterey bay, chilled sunshine and cool conditions with low to mid-50s around the bay. tonight another night of freezing cold weather around morgan hill, concord, vallejo, fairfield, napa, san rafael, santa rosa, cloverdale and possibly around palo alto, while the rest of the bay is in the mid 30s to even 40 in san francisco. through 9:00, a freeze warning and have one for the night, east bay valleys and north bay except for the coast and this will be from 1:00 to 9:00 thursday morning. frost advisory, have one this morning until 9:00 and again tonight from 1:00 to 9:00
5:52 am
tomorrow. bay shore and northern valleys, cold front is well to the south, you can see the air pouring in. arctic air hangs around but temperatures will be below average. here is frances. in south bay, at sara to foga, there is an injury are so we might see traffic start to close down. on highway 17. look out for icy conditions. so far no major trouble reported and show you live shot, this is 280 and 17 interchange. we have light traffic all around the bay area. heading to contra costa county and walnut creek, southbound there towards highway 24 and at the bay bridge toll plaza,
5:53 am
absolutely delay free. go to our website and get a personalized traffic report whenever you want. is the place to go. >> some hopeful news on the employment front. it dropped to the lowest level in four years. 407,000 filed claims. >> here is jane king. >> good morning, that time of year, travel and shopping and 138 million people to ho plan to shop this weekend, 40% will analyze before they leave home. but many people wait until closer to christmas. that is the big reason they are dangling so many deals. and outlook for u.s. economic growth and high unemployment will persist.
5:54 am
investors are place ago growing value on the company and they are creating derivatives on the stock. to bet on the company even though before it's publicly traded yet. >> biggest every copyright infringement verdict, $1.3 billion, that is what sap has to payor cal. and latest in request for information in a growing probe of insider trading. and concerns in korea and we have a low trading volume because for all the people hitting the road and this is one of the year's busiest travel days. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. police have arrested two 17-year-old boys in connection with a shooting deaths of two
5:55 am
young men during a party at a san leandro golf course last month. they haven't released details about the shooting death of 19-year-old man or 18-year-old boy who was san joaquin county. they were shot and killed at wedge's grill at a golf club. two others were wounded but expected to survive. >> a man faces life in prison after torturing a neighbor and holding him captive. he was the only one among four defendants who didn't accept a plea bargain. others included the legal guardian face sentences of 30 years. teenager was held for one year. >> they are launching an effort to bring arizona's controversial immigration law to california. secretary of state has given the go-ahead to collect signatures for a proposed ballot
5:56 am
initiative. it would require police to investigate a person's immigration status if they are reasonably suspicious that the person is in the country illegally. it would also make it a crime for employers to hire and illegal immigrant whether intentionally or unintentionally 434,000 ballot signatures are needed to qualify the initiative. >> a little piece of mexico is going home. officials have turned over a pre-colombian artifact to the mexican consulate. it was confiscated from a passenger arriving in oakland on a flight from mexico back in february. it was found during a search of the man's luggage. >> they intended to sell it in the united states. they don't know come from and acquired, the wife.
5:57 am
>> it's the result of an agreement between mexico and the u.s. for returns of archaeological items taken from mexico. >> just ahead, taking the color out of terror. >> i'm terry mcsweeney, where pat down protests may have grabbed the headlines but folks are more concerned about something
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