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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 24, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning, i'm teresa garcia along highway 17. if you can see my breath and how i'm dressed, it's definitely cold up here and what you are facing this holiday weekend. here is a live look downtown san francisco, you can see a breeze and windchill and frosty cold temperatures. show you where the coldest weather is. >> possible icy conditions on highway 17 but traffic won't slow you down, 280 and 17, an update of an accident in the south bay coming up. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live at sfo. i know it's thanksgiving week,
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but i still have to tell you, all is calm and all is fine. people have to talk about the pat down protestors. did you see how cold theresa looked, it's pretty chilly. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. it's been a night of freezing temperatures, we're getting the first of three days of freezing overnight temperatures. meanwhile, in the sierras, the temperatures dropped as low as nine below zero and very icy roads, all needed on 80 and 50. for more on the big chill. let's check in with mike. >> start with current conditions clear sky and ever calming wind and a that is why we're starting to see some of these frosty conditions. you step outside and you are going to see a lot of frost develop on the cars and grass. we have freezing conditions
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around santa rosa, napa, concord livermore, los gatos and menlo park. we still have the fleegz cold temperatures until 9:00 in the north bay except for the coastline and east bay valleys and frost is still possible along the bay shore and northern part of the monterey bay. again, this is just the first day and two more to deal with and cold conditions. >> keeping an eye on one injury accident did you i don't think it's going to cause a big delay but is blocking a lane. emergency crews are heading to the scene as you make your way through the south bay so we have very holiday like traffic. a lot of the folks heading to the airport or to tahoe. don't forget your chains.
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>> top of the news, temperatures could be life-threatening to some not only because of ice and frost on the road, but thousands of residents with no home. a big push to reduce both risks. >> reporter: i'm to confirm that, indeed, is really cold and cold snap affects our exposure from being out in the cold to driving in it. we want to show you, highway 17, it's gotten frosty. part of the problem is on the roadway where you could face ice you do see signs lit up on highway 17 this morning. warning drivers of possibly slippery roads. pavement that is still moist from freezing storms.
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caltrans has piles of sand ready to lay on the roadways as needed. they want to smooth icy sections out. triple a is expecting 11% more drivers and that really is a boost compared to the past two years of car travel during the economic downturn. highway patrol says it will be on roadways helping keep people safe. >> we would like people slow down in their speed. it's very important to slow down. and don't be distracted by being on cell phone. >> reporter: now this morning people are also at risk from the freezing temperatures. in santa clara county, shelters are full. officials enacted an emergency alert, shelters put together
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extra beds and cots. they say the majority of the homeless population is made up of working families. back out here live. >> we've confirmed fleegz temperatures. if you hit the roadways, be careful. another thing, look for anybody texting or intoxicated so be careful out there. in the sierra thousands of people are without power. pg&e heavy snow weighted down many tree branches which snapped and brought down power lines. officials say more than 300 pg&e employees are working to restore power. >> this is one of the busiest travel days of the year and it could be a frustrating one for many of the travelers because there is a call for national day of protest at security checkpoints.
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terry mcsweeney joins us live where crowds are growing. >> they are growing and get big and small. people on getting on planes so far it's not that bad out here. it is early. over body scan area, things are moving well. body scan is the source of the whole threat on what is busiest travel day of the week. take a look at video we're talking about, protestors are upset about number of things. they feel new tsa regulations are intrusive, pat-downs are intrusive, body scans show too much. they are supposedly looking for
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anything that might cause problems on that flight. so we talked to the people here and they are ready for contingency plans in case they get out of line but people we spoke to, they're not interested in the protest. we asked them what they think of people who are protesting. >> you're not concerned about the pat-downs? >> no, whatever is necessary. >> that is why we got here early enough. >> are you concerned that the pat down protest is going to mess things up? >> i was hoping that it wouldn't. i'm glad here we're early and it looks like no problems. >> those sentiments is what we're getting out here on monday. people here at sfo, people we have talked to are go their main concern is security and pat-downs may be out of line but they are willing to give that up in order for a secure flight.
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nationwide, 50/50 across the country but they say security first and deal with the rest later. if you are traveling or picking up friends at the airport, check out flight tracker at the bottom of site. up-to-the-minute flight delays and can you about current wait times at security checkpoints. >> security alert system may be about to change. homeland security sair says they may discontinue the color coded alert system. they are recommending a new system based more on descriptions and less on colors. one idea is to go from the current five threat levels to just two, elevated and imminent. color coded system is too vague with democrats calling eight
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scare tactic by the bush administration. >> california puc says they will hire four new safety inspectors after criticism from legislators there was low staffing levels in the wake of san bruno fire. they say mile for mile, california conducts the fewest pipe inspections of any state. there is current nine inspectors to check 110,000 miles of pipeline. >> did you have a tough time getting out of bed this morning? >> i had a tough time leaving the house. opened the door -- >> it is that cold. we haven't seen temperatures this low for some time. >> maybe last february or january. welcome to the coldest morning
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of the season. good morning to you. we have freezing temperatures in napa, fairfield at 30. menlo park 30 and santa rosa 31. right now, oakland, san francisco staring at record low temperatures at 36 and 41. all these temperatures at least 13 to 22 degrees cooler than yesterday. san francisco 12 degrees cooler. definitely be a shock when you step out this morning. we'll have sunshine this afternoon, in the upper 40s in antioch, fairfield. 45 in clearlake and low to mid-50s for the rest of us. warm spot, 53 in palo alto. accu-weather seven-day forecast, two more mornings of frosty and freezing temperatures. sunshine in the afternoon but temperatures well below average,
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chilly rain for saturday, sunday monday and tuesday, temperatures below average but sunshine. >> if you catching flights at sfo, expect a good ride on 101, headlights moving northbound looking great. update on an accident in the south bay, northbound 85 at saratoga avenue may be blocking one on to two lanes. emergency crews are there but traffic is slow light everything is getting by very quickly. >> check out the north bay for you, more holiday light traffic with cars heading southbound. >> just ahead, claims of dirty da dealings gives way to dirty "dancing with the stars". a flight to hawaii
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6:15 the day before thanksgiving a spectacular look at the bay bridge, the embarcadero. you can see that aura back there sunrise is about to begin in the east. beautiful morning but colder than heck. mike will tell you how cold. >> how cold is that? >> it's pretty cold. >> yesterday the board of supervisors overrode the veto of the bill. the measure prevents toys being included in children's meal that exceed 600 calories and lacks fruits and vegetables, mayor called it too complicated and it be up to parents what they eat. >> how cold is heck, got an answer for us?
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>> no. >> what is the definition? >> i will look that up. >> it's cold enough. >> it's pretty darn cold. >> at the point. >> it's below the freezing. >> overgrown kelvin, you want to go that route. okay 6:15. it's cold and dangerous cold as we look down from mount tamalpais. this is bay water and colder blue this morning. talk about the temperatures and we are 28 in napa, 30 at fairfield, 31 in santa rosa and concord. 32 in redwood city. 30 in los gatos. frosty conditions there and patchy frost around the bay. 36 in oakland to 36 in san jose, 37 in half moon bay. monterey bay, low to mid-70s, salinas at 37.
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santa cruz, watsonville, 33. sunshine and chilly but you won't notice the warmth, it will be the coldest afternoon this week. bay rain and sierra snow for saturday. today's highs, look how much below the average. oakland, santa rosa, nine degrees cooler, 11 in redwood city and san francisco. temperatures in the 40s today. that is all we're muster and low to mid 50s for the rest of us. monterey bay, temperatures in the low to mid 50s and low 50s around morgan hill and gilroy. i put an asterisk potentially to record cold temperatures tonight. richmond, san francisco, santa rosa and napa, look at all the
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widespread temperatures below freezing and east bay valleys and getting close around palo alto at 33 and fremont at 34 tonight. we have a freeze warning this morning and we'll have it again tonight for the same areas. 1:00 in morngtd to 9:00 thursday morgue, get that four hours of freezing temperatures. frost possible again tonight. bay shoreline and santa clara and northern part of monterey bay, temperatures could be below freezing for a couple of hours. temperatures will warm up 20 degrees but puts us in the mid 50s for thursday and friday and temperatures sunday, monday and tuesday, still below average in the 50s. >> an update on an accident in the south bay. we're checking out the ride on westbound 24 out counsel to the
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caldecott tunnel, we're hearing that lights may be out in one of bores. bay bridge toll plaza, holiday light. no delays at all. interstate 80 through berkeley, we're seeing more volume with a lot of people heading to airports or out of school, it's not as crowded as it normally is. also, interstate 80, chains in tahoe. a live shot so you'll find chains as well on highway 50. bright snow everywhere you go in the sierra. and 85 at saratoga avenue may be blocking a labor but not causing much of a delay. icy conditions through highway 17 and find out what your ride looks like by going to our
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website at sec is exploring new ways to bring 911 emergency system into the digital age. they want to overhaul the service so they can get texas messages and even videos. they say it's a no-brainer because more people are texting instead of talking on the phones these days. 70% of 911 calls come from mobile phones. public hearings on the idea are set for next month. >> jennifer grey is having the time of her life. jennifer! >> the dirty dancing actress is the new "dancing with the stars" champion. she and her partner scored three perfect dances.
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>> it's been like something, it was the most amazing push i've ever seen in a woman, in anyone. here we are. >> you know what, he just kept pushing me just enough and made me better than i ever could have been. >> kyle massi came in second, bristol palin came in third. at the start of last night's finale, palin said if she won, quote, it would feel like a big middle finger that all the people that hates my mom. she was thrilled to be part of the competition. you can see palin and jennifer grey along with robin roberts.
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>> and coming up a jury gives one big area tech company a billion dollar holiday gift. >> and no keyboards, no monitor, no power supply ninininininininii
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good morning, a jury has ordered a german software company sap to payor cal $1.3 billion in a copyright suit. oracle filed the suit on accusations that sap had stolen company secrets from pass book protected websites. sap acknowledged wrongdoing says was caught off guard by the size of the award. oracle wanted at one point wanted $40 billion. >> apple computers are usually pricy but not this exist.
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first apple computer sold at an auction for $210,000. introduced in 1976, apple one came without a keyboard, power supply or display still ahead at 6:30, do you have your i.d.? they plan to issue its own form of identification. >> i'm terry mcsweeney at sfo, coming up at 6:30 and all is well out here. the possible threatened protests are not materializing, at least not yet. more coming up in a live report. >> and a new mess for the mayor-elect, traffic trouble that has could have oakland's next leader taking the bus. >> and under pressure, pg&e pipeline concern that has one bay area community asking not to turn the heat up too much.
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>> good news from atlanta, flight arrival delays are over. severe weather is expected around st. louis. nñaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa8
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, it's so cold this morning the opening bell rang early. stock futures are extending their gain. labor department sis says first time jobless claims fell to the lowest level since july of 2008. we'll get you an update on what the big board is doing. and those little yellow monsters are shivering. i'm not familiar with their
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movement. >> they look like they are shivering to me. >> we definitely are in the bay area we have temperatures below freezing. >> it's time for shivering if you step outside the door. >> quite a change, 12-22 degrees cooler this morning than it was yesterday morning. freezing temperatures, we have in concord, fairfield, napa, santa rosa and los gatos. that is where we're seeing temperatures below 32 and rest of us mid to upper 30s. you have to keep the pets and plants protected. n the east bay valleys and threat of frost through the bay shoreline, santa clara valley and parts of the monterey bay. this is day one, or i should say morning one of three. here a frances with the commute. >> traffic is light, grab your hat and gloves before you head out the door.
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definitely look for them and bring out the winter gear, it's so cold but no delays, it is also holiday light this wednesday. if you are heading up to tahoe, live shot. right now there is still chain requirements on interstate 80 and highway 50 right now. this is supposed to be opt-out day at the nation's airports where frustrated travelers are calling for everyone to protest against invasive airport procedures by refusing to go through the full body scanners. travelers may face a controversial pat down. terry mcsweeney is live at sfo, things are going pretty smoothly so far? >> things are going very smoothly. it looks like any other day, not even like a busy thanksgiving
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week. line behind me, very short. it surges and goes down. you see the body scan machine. over the far right hand corner is where the pat-downs are going on. there is one going on. take a look at video of all of this. we look at the security measures body scans are really the source of the problem. they are not new but pictures they are sending tsa personnel is showing too much. if you set off a metal detector you get a new enhanced pat down. some say the only thigh they want on thanksgiving is one on thanksgiving turkey but passengers are talking. >> personally, i'm not really excited about the fact of being
6:34 am
either pat down or put through an extra machine. in the need of safety i suppose it's acceptable. >> kind of necessary at this point in time. it's good for the country and we're dealing with it the best way we know how. >> there are ways to slow down passenger traffic, other than protesting you can have something off the metal detector and tsa is to advise doing the following, forget about heavy jewelry, avoid clothing with belt buckles or under wire brazil. so far out here, none of that is cause anything problems. we haven't seen a hint of the protest, but let's say it again, it is early. >> thanks so much.
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>> this morning there is word that the security alert system that airports rely on may be about to change. they confirmed they may discontinue the color coded terror alert system that started after 9/11. one idea is to go from the current five threat levels to just two. elevated and imminent. critics say the color coded system is too vague with democrats calling airlift scare tactic. >> san bruno residents turning up the thermostat may be a controversial decision. residents say many people that live near the pipeline raised concerns that the pg&e said at some point would have to increase pressure on the line to keep up with increased demand on very cold days.
6:36 am
>> if i have to put on an extra blanket. >> we heard loud and clear safety concerns the residents in san bruno have and our regulators and state elected leaders. >> right now pg&e says so far they haven't needed to raise pressure on the line and they are promising not to do so until a full safety assessment has been completed. >> a tracy man faces a life in prison after being and torturing a 16-year-old neighbor. he was the only one among four defendants who didn't accept a apply bargain. the others face sentences of at least 30 years. the teenager's ordeal lasted one year before he escaped. city of oakland will soon make municipal i.d. cards to homeless people and other people who may have trouble getting a
6:37 am
state i.d. card. they say the card is similar to the ones issued in san francisco but oakland's i.d. card will double as an atm card. they can replenish the card to buy goods and services whenever atm cards are accepted. >> san francisco chronicle reports that oakland's mayor-elect had her car booted because of unpaid parking tickets. they ran a check on the toyota and found that it had more than $1,000 in unpaid tickets. it's officially registered to her husband but the paper reports the boot was removed within hours. it is 6:37. it looks kind of harmless but it's cold out there. >> right. frost and freeze warnings and watches for the next several hours. >> until 9:00 we need to worry about the freezing temperatures except for out to the coast.
6:38 am
big story, how cold it's going to be, not only this morning but this afternoon. oakland two degrees cooler, san francisco and sanity row, 3. concord, 4. 8:00 this morning, still freezing livermore, antioch, fairfield, napa, san rafael, santa rosa and also morgan hill. by the time we get to noon, have sunshine and temperatures will bounce back in the mid and upper 40s in most of the neighborhoods possibly near 50 in santa cruz, san rafael and santa rosa and all of us in the upper 40s and upper 50s. rapid cooling again tonight. frost and freeze away from the coast. tonight and again tomorrow night. afternoon temperatures even with sunshine will be well below average, in the mid to upper 50s.
6:39 am
more chilled sunshine with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s sunday, monday and tuesday. it's pretty quiet on the freeways, you need to look out for patchy ice possible on highway 17. early accident on 85 has been cleared at saratoga avenue. if you are heading toward sfo, live shot of 101 in millbrae, more cars heading northbound into san francisco but delay free all along the peninsula even on 280. across the sm bridge, no trouble -- san mateo bridge, good in both directions, bay commuters, quiet ride around golden gate bridge, traffic light of marin county and down to san francisco and the other side of the bay, interstate 880 still looking good. down to the maze, with almost no
6:40 am
delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. you get an idea, it is holiday light right now. it is 6:40. >> trading is underway at wall street. live report straight ahead, here is a live look at the big board. dow is up 89 points. >> and the efforts of a bay area man that could mean california will have its own version of an immigration law that is called most controversial in arizona history. >> how good would a deal have to be. a bay area store with deals have people camping out in the cold. >> and it is a crisp, cold and literally breathtaking morning. we're going to let you know what this cold means to you. that story is up ahead. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread
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welcome back. sunshine up and down california, temperatures in the mid to upper 40s to big sur, l.a. is 50. san diego and palm springs, low 60s through the central valley, upper 40s to near 50 degrees and let's head up to tahoe, 27 degrees with sunshine today. 39 tomorrow, 45 on any and then the snow hits saturday and snow showers on sunday. santa clara county is cracking down on tobacco sales. board of supervisors have passed an ordinance to have a permit to sell tobacco products. it also bans new stores from selling tobacco if they operate
6:45 am
a pharmacy or located thousand feet of a school or 500 feet of another retailer, they passeda ordinance to ban smoking in fairgrounds and all parks. >> few people braising the cold snap are lined up for black friday. in front of the colma best buy store, two men arrived yesterday to be the first in line. they plan to buy a sony laptop and 46 inch plasma tv, they say they'll save $1200. >> it was like just for the weather, like now i'm bundle up. it's going great. we're doing pushup competitions and riding bikes and playing sports. >> this is the third straight year they have lined up early.
6:46 am
it's what retailers really want. >> bloomberg jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange with the money scope report. good morning. >> hello. you know the economy not so great but a lot of people out there looking for bargains, 31% of consumers plan to hit the stores for thanksgiving, 26% last year so get ready to jockey for parking spots. tag team with a partner. this is battle plan, right? here is what is happening with stocks this morning, we are up on wall street. we have jobless numbers coming in lowest numbers since july 2008 so maybe, we see a trend, labor market may have turned a
6:47 am
corner. bloomberg silicon valley index it's up 1%. oracle shares, a jury verdict in a huge patent dispute case against sap. they awarded oracle $1.3 billion after it accused them of copyright infringement. >> there may be a possible appeal with a big verdict like that. >> and it's going to cost you a little bit more for thanksgiving dinner. turkey and cranberries, stuffing going to be about 56 cents more. that is the average cost of 33.47 cents. actually cheaper. and free samples on black friday
6:48 am
and includes the galleria and they say twitter is giving away adult beverages on flights tomorrow on thanksgiving day. i'm jane king, eric and kristen, have a nice thanksgiving. >> almost 40 million americans are driving this holiday, 5.2 million californians plan to travel 50 miles or more. that is 11% increase from last year. blizzard conditions are testing the driving conditions in northwest. storm is causing blizzard warnings from out out to colorado where drivers are being warned to keep their survival kits in their cars. i can see what happened there. >> in eldorado county, they sent
6:49 am
an expert to see if a funnel cloud became a tornado yesterday afternoon. these pictures of the funnel cloud were taken in the come ran park yesterday. the engineering building lost a section of its roof. there was a downed power pole nearby. a water tank was also moved. all the damage happened when a storm went through the area yesterday afternoon. >> it looked like it to me. whether it was real or not. >> talking about the winds. >> this is time we get tornados, unlike the rest of the country we tend to get ones in the fall or winter and they spin. i wouldn't be surprised if it was.
6:50 am
we had rain yesterday, hail and thunderstorms, tornados, snow, blinding snow and got one more element to it and fleegdz cold conditions. good morning to you, 6:50 and looking down from mount tamalpais, it's nearly calm compared to yesterday. that led to the cool conditions. check out the temperatures scraping frost off the car this morning. santa rosa and redwood city and los gatos, rest of us in mid to upper 30s, san francisco around 41. inland, temperatures in the low to mid 30s. chilled sunshine today. it will be a coldest afternoon this weekly. by saturday, we'll have bay area rain in the sierra snow. upper 40s for livermore and antioch and fairfield. clearlake at 45.
6:51 am
rest of us in the low to mid-50s. 53 is about as warm as we get. that oakland and palo alto, ten degrees cooler than average. monterey bay, low 50s into salinas and 53. look for the asterisk that would be concord, san francisco, richmond, napa and santa rosa. those are all record low temperatures tonight. around the bay we have a better chance of seeing more frost and even out to the coast, half moon bay, 36 degrees. as far as what is going on, weather watch and warning wise, freeze warning until 9:00 and tonight for the same areas, north bay, not including the coast and east bay valleys, four hours of chilly temperatures in the mid 20s. frost advisory until 9:00 a.m. this morning and again 9:00 thursday morning for the bay shoreline and santa clara county. cold front blasting through,
6:52 am
jetstream is going straight from the arctic circle right into our neighborhoods. because it's heavy and hard to dislodge it's going to hang around until the weekend. once that system passes we have mid to upper 50s with sunshine sunday, monday and tuesday. temperatures below average every single afternoon. check out this sun set. this is before the storm came in last week. this is one of our directors, dale snyder, hopefully he is enjoying his retirement. if you have weather videos or photos we would love to see them. upload them or e-mail them to ureport at can >> traffic is slow light around the bay area we had a stall on the upper deck of the bay bridge and you wouldn't know it.
6:53 am
no-no delays at the tolls. interstate 80 is still looking good. drive time on westbound 80 carquinez bridge is only 19 minutes. good looking drive time heading through 101 on san rafael, nine minutes in highway 37 in novato towards 580. great way to go this morning is mass transit, no delays right now. bart will be running longer trains, they are expecting record ridership headed to sfo for the thanksgiving holiday weekend and they have extra long term parking spots. heading up to tahoe to take advantage of all the great snow and lot of this ski locations opening early, you will need chains on 80 and 50 at this time. find out what the chain requirements are 24/7 by going to our website.
6:54 am
it's now 6:53. a peninsula man is launching an effort to bring arizona's controversial immigration law here to california. they have given michael eric son the go-ahead to collect signatures for a proposed ballot initiative. it would require police to investigate a person's immigration status if they are reasonably suspicious the person is in the country illegally. it would also make eight crime for employers to hire an illegal immigrant even unintentionally. he needs to collect 434,000 valid signatures by next april to qualify for the ballot. >> recapping our top stories, airline passengers trying to get home for thanksgiving could face frustrating delays if a protest against the tsa pat-downs actually pans out. >> terry? >> everything is going smoothly. you look at the sign right now,
6:55 am
we don't even have a line right now. 120,000 passengers are expected to come through today. and lines but not much to talk about, but protestors are hoping to do something later. they don't know because they aren't saying. protestors have planned to opt out of the body scan line and insist on a pat down. they say the body scan and pat down are far too invasive the point is to cause chaos and anger and hopefully that will be directed as the tsa because of those what they consider invasive measures. a spokesman a number of steps have been taken and additional security in case there are clashes out here. another is a pat down only line where people could molest but not interfere with other travelers. the organizer of the opt out
6:56 am
movement -- 97% of the travelers won't get patted down. >> good morning. i know you are warm in there, we have a cold snap outside here and definitely it can pose a danger from long exposure. looking along highway 17. there is not much commute traffic right now. here in santa cruz mountains along highway 17. combo of cold and moisture has started warning drivers of slippery roads. caltrans has sand to smooth out the roadways and give drivers more traction out there. this morning, people also risk from exposure to freezing temperatures, in santa clara county, you've got shelters full
6:57 am
trying to serve the 7,000 homeless. officials put out an emergency alert and shelters put together extra extra beds and cots. they say the homeless are working families. on the roadways, do not be distracted. chp is watching out there. bundle up, right, mike? >> 28 in napa to a record cold they in san francisco. we'll have sunshine this afternoon but temperatures will struggle in the 40s and as 50s. >> it's cold out there but no delays, mass transit also looking good. many will be running on a modified schedule for thanksgiving. >> is tomorrow thanksgiving? i guess so. thank you for joining us. >> i'm still going to be here. you have to here to join us. >> we're out of here.
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>> see you latererererererererer
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