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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 24, 2010 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. it's wednesday, november 24th. and this morning, whiteout. blizzard conditions slam the rockies and midwest. high winds hit the east, as over 40 million people head home for the holiday. the white house calls north korea's attack outrageous as an american aircraft carrier heads to korean waters. president obama tells barbara walters, the u.s. will stand by south korea. >> south korea is our ally. it has been since the korean war. and we strongly affirm our commitment to defend south korea as part of that alliance. >> plus, what the president thinks of sarah palin and her prediction that she could beat him. it's in barbara walters' exclusive interview. a college student home for thanksgiving suddenly vanishes. the latest on the search for
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this missing honor student. and after "dancing with the stars'" toughest and most talked about season ever -- >> jennifer and derek. >> the new champion and her fellow finalist bristol and kyle join us live right here in times square. the "dancing with the stars" after-party begins right now. you guys in the control room, go back to that one more time. let's see jennifer grey popping into the studio this morning. so much excitement here in times square this morning. what a great spirit, this entire season. they all came in, robin, everybody in a great mood. everybody smiling. it will be a good thanksgiving for this crew. >> a big win for them all. it was a real nail-biter. you didn't know until the very end how it was going to turn out. and they have been -- there it is.
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they hopped the plane and flew all night to be here with us. and we're going to have reaction to the fans. they were lined up around the building. >> monday night, as the votes came in, it broke down the voting system. so many wanted to vote. on monday night. we have a big morning. lots of reaction including sarah palin. and of course, are you ready? >> for my dance with maks? it's at the end of the program. i have time to chicken out. at the end of the dance, i'm going to bolt for the airport. whether you're flying or driving, getting home for the holidays may be more hectic than usual. nearly 2 million people are expected to fly today. but they could face delays by passengers protesting the controversial pat-downs. >> and in part, because of that controversy, 94% of thanksgiving travelers will be driving this year, despite the fact that gas prices are going up. that means lots of traffic on the roads. and we'll tell you where some of the main trouble spots are so you can avoid them, if possible, this morning. >> of course, our team of correspondents covering all the
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angles. let's begin with sharyn alfonsi here in new york. good morning, sharyn. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, the airport is busy this morning, but honestly the line for coffee is longer than the line in security. some passengers say they are going to opt out. some are promising they're going to wear t-shirts saying don't touch my junk. another guy saying he will wear a kilt with nothing underneath it. but the question is, how many passengers will actually do this? and what about the rest of us that just want to get home? the thanksgiving rush is on. and so far all quiet on the opt-out front. organizers issued the national call to opt-out of the imaging scanners because they think they're "too invasive." they're calling on passengers to demand a more time-consuming pat-down instead. but the big question, will travelers put their travel plans in jeopardy just to prove a point? >> well, i've heard a bunch of people talking about how most people are going to opt out, and it's going to cause a lot of troubles. i'm all for more safety. you know, i don't want to be
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blown up. >> reporter: body scans take about 20 seconds. pat-downs, two minutes. the tsa says if thousands of people do choose to opt out, it could mean delays and missed connections for everyone. >> small things, in some cases, have led to the shutdown of entire air terminals and the evacuation of everyone, and every flight gets delayed for many, many hours. and a lot of them get canceled. we certainly would not want to see that happen because someone is trying to make a point. >> reporter: tensions are already running high. yesterday, a cargo terminal was shut down after a bomb-sniffing dog pointed police to a suspicious bag. it turned out to be nothing. in phoenix, passengers were rescreened after somebody discovered a loaded magazine clip for a gun onboard. the clip apparent ly accidentally dropped by a police officer. officials say the officer had permission to carry it. new york city mayor michael bloomberg and other national leaders are urging people to be reasonable. >> it's radiation, which everybody says, all the experts
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say, is not dangerous or patting down, which may be intrusive, but do you want to be on a plane with somebody sitting next to you may be carrying a bomb and we didn't do anything to stop it? >> reporter: and it's worth noting that the guy who actually created this opt-out movement, well, he's not actually going to be participating. it turns out, he's not flying today. robin? >> but wait a minute. don't touch my junk? that's one t-shirt you saw there? >> reporter: don't touch my junk. that's the t-shirt. they're selling them all over the internet. i don't think you should show up to grandma's house with that on. >> good point, sharyn. >> reporter: just a guess. thanks. i spoke to the head of the transportation security administration, john pistole, just moments ago. and here's what he told me about the situation at the airports right now this morning. >> robin, just received a report from atlanta. of course, the busiest passenger airport. and everything is moving smoothly. i'm here at reagan national in washington, d.c. everything is moving smoothly here. >> so far, so good.
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i know that you are aware of those calls for opt-out day. are you prepared, if things should change during the day and it becomes more chaotic as some people feel it could become? >> we're, of course, a fully staffed here at tsa across every airport around the country to make sure that people can get through the checkpoints on a timely basis. obviously, there's some unknown, in terms of how many people may protest. and that's one of the variables that we're prepared to deal with. but the bottom line is, if a number of people protest at a particular checkpoint, it will definitely slow things down. and i feel bad for the rest of the traveling public, who are simply trying to get home for the holidays and be with loved ones. >> what is your best piece of advice for those traveling today? >> well, obviously just be prepared to understand what the security regulations are. and then just to work with our security officers, who, look, they just want to get you through safely and securely, so
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they can have the highest level of confidence that everybody else on that flight has been securely screened. >> wh >> what else? we're hearing this morning that the color-coded terror alert system may be replaced. what are you hearing about that? >> well, i know secretary napolitano and others are looking at the whole system. so i think it's something that is under review, simply to make it meaningful and relevant to the american people. >> as it is, do you feel it's confusing for the public? >> i'm just not sure how relevant it is, particularly in terms of how people relate to so if it's this color orange, what does it mean for me as a normal citizen? >> it's just a commonsense approach to review and assess and make some judgments moving forward. let's go now from the airports to the highways. as we said, most americans traveling for thanksgiving are hitting the road. but it may be slow-going on some of the country's busiest freeways in part because of the weather, so let's go straight to sam. >> we're going to start with the
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snow. the western, incredible snow. from idaho, all the way to the washington coastline, even in the sierras, where they picked up six feet of snow in the past couple of storm systems. so much snow, there's a lot of travel troubles on the road. the washington state troopers, now that the skies have cleared on the west coast, are using infrared cameras in planes to find the warm engines and bodies of people who might be stranded in that snow. so blowing snow continues today all across this northern area, and we think there's going to be a problem with flooding rain in the middle of the country. call it from missouri all the way back around ohio, into illinois and indiana. that's going to be an issue. and if you look at the airport trouble, we think it's going to be the northeast that slows things down with the wind. more than 30-mile-per-hour winds means they space those planes out. all of america's weather in a second. george? >> sam, thanks. there could be trouble on the northeast highways. linsey davis is along i-95 between delaware and new york. linsey? >> reporter: good morning, george. right now traffic is moving right along, but there's concern about the potential of a 20-mile
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backup here later on this afternoon. as you mentioned earlier, aaa is estimating that 40 million americans will travel this holiday by car. that's actually up 11% from where things stood last year. and where we are, along this i-95 stretch that connects washington, d.c., to new york city, this is actually considered the slowest stretch, 225 miles, in the country, during the holidays. george? >> okay, linsey, thanks. a little further south, barbara pinto on the road in raleigh, north carolina. barbara? >> reporter: good morning, george. we're coming to you from the right lane of interstate 40 traveling a respectable 59 miles per hour. we're in this specially outfitted car. you can see live road conditions of the 40 million holiday drivers, the average trip, about 800 miles. the average expenditure about $500. but the sacrifice of spending time on the road to spend your time with family, priceless. barbara walters sat down at the white house with president
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obama and the first lady, michelle obama, for an interview that could not have come at a more critical moment. the president made his first comments on the tense situation on the korean peninsula. >> mr. president, north korea is getting more aggressive by the day. condemnation and sanctions which haven't seeped to work. what exactly can you do about it? >> well, as you said, this is just one more provocative incident in a series that we've seen over the last several months. we are rallying the international community, once again, to put pressure on north korea. and we want to make sure that all the parties in the region recognize that this is a serious and ongoing threat that has to be dealt with. >> is an attack on south korea an attack on the u.s.? >> south korea is our ally. it has been since the korean war, and we strongly affirm our
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commitment to defend south korea as part of that alliance. >> and the situation on the korean peninsula is still tense this morning. we have the latest now on the crisis first from alex marquardt in south korea. alex? >> reporter: good morning. south korean media is reporting that two more bodies were found on that island that was shelled yesterday. this time civilians, bringing the death toll to four. the white house announced late last night that the united states is going to be sending the "uss george washington" along with four other navy ships to conduct joint military exercises with south korea. the exercises have been described as defensive, meant to highlight what president obama has called standing shoulder to shoulder with south korea. the exercises will take place behind me out in the yellow sea. the same waters that were the scene of yesterday's exchange. evacuees from yeonpyeong island have been coming to this port all day long loaded onto buses and sent to stay with friends and family. so relative calm for now. but obvious fears that things could get worse.
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george? >> okay, alex. thanks. let's go to martha raddatz in washington. we just heard alex describe, martha, the situation, that this is a defensive maneuver by the americans. but they really don't have a solid sense of how the north koreans are going to respond. >> reporter: they really don't, george. the military exercises may seem symbolic and, as you say, defensive. but they carry a real degree of risk. it was, remember, south korea's milita military's exercises yesterday that prompted the attack from north korea. so u.s. officials have to go through the what ifs? what if north korea fires on the ships? what if they fire on the island again? what will the response be? if these exercises are meant to show solidarity with south korea, you would think they would have to protect south korea and certainly u.s. forces, although i'm sure any response would be measured. >> that's right, because of course, there's a concern in a the north korean shells could go straight to seoul. they have hundreds and thousands of shells targeted on seoul, south korea. >> reporter: they certainly do. now earlier this year, these
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very same exercises were moved from the yellow sea to the eastern side of the korean peninsula because china protested, so already this, in effect, is standing up to china. what the u.s. expects here is for china to start pressuring its ally, north korea, to essentially knock it off or risk having a greater u.s. presence in the region. >> that's right. they've been frustrated that china hasn't done more. okay. martha, thanks very much. >> and he was talking with barbara walters, the president, yesterday, and weighed in on midterm elections. and barbara did her best to get a little debate going between the president and sarah palin. >> you may have heard that sarah palin told me just last week that she could beat you if she ran. could she? >> you know, i don't speculate on what's going to happen two years from now. >> mr. president -- >> uh-huh. >> you will not tell me that you can beat sarah palin. >> what i'm saying is i don't
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think about sarah palin. >> should we ask your better half? and a lot of people feel she is your better half? >> absolutely. >> i don't think the president's telling the entire truth there. do you? >> i think he would tell us if he were. i don't think so. >> you can see the interview on friday, barbara walters' special. a thanksgiving visit with president and mrs. obama. now, back to sam and the rest of the weather. >> we're going to talk about the weather today as a lot of people are focused on their travel plans. severe storms from tulsa to little rock. kansas city to st. louis. i would take this a bit more to the east into illinois, ohio, indiana where there will be some flooding rains, even if those storms are not severe. they're going to put down an awful lot of water on road surfaces in that area. look at the cold temperatures coming in after the snow. it's dried out on the west coast. but boise, 13. rapid city, 3. omaha cooling down to 29 degrees.
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>> more weather in the next half hour. it was not so clearly, robin, the snowiest cities. >> all right. sam, thank you. in upstate new york, authorities are searching for a college student who disappeared while home for thanksgiving break. 20-year-old jenni-lyn watson was last seen on friday at her family's home. her keys were reportedly left behind, but her cell phone is missing. and that may help police with their search. andrea canning is here with more on the story. good morning, andrea. >> reporter: good morning, robin. and that cell phone did lead them to a specific search area, but it's not making things any easier for jenni-lyn watson's father, who tells us the family is so distraught, they couldn't bring themselves to do an interview. watson was just beginning a week-long trip home when she went missing right out of the blue. her vacation has now turned into a big mystery. police, firefighters and u.s. marshals are scouring a large, wooded area in the northern suburbs of syracuse.
7:17 am
wooded area in the northern suburbs of syracuse. while friends and family continue to hand out over 1,000 flyers a day, desperate to find jenni-lyn watson. >> it's heartbreaking. >> completely unlike her. she's a ballerina. she's a wonderful student. loves her family. keeps in touch with her family. contacts her family. it's very out of character for her not to contact anybody. >> reporter: the honor student disappeared after leaving her house friday morning. police say they're searching this area based on information obtained from watson's cell phone records. the mystery raising serious questions now on a facebook page devoted to finding her with over 15,000 members. do we know if someone came in the house, or did she leave with someone? anyone she would have a conflict with, but police are releasing very little information. friends say they will not give up searching, believing she would never have willingly walked out on her family. >> if we could just touch one person that had some idea or saw
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her or has one clue, it could help solve this, and she could come back home. >> reporter: the sheriff is urging people to call if they have information but not to look for jenni-lyn on their own saying it will only interfere with the investigation. and police say they do not have a person of interest right now. >> hopefully we'll get a break in the case real soon. thank you. george? >> thank you, robin. after all the dancing and all the drama, we finally have a new "dancing with the stars" champion. jennifer and derek won. and chris connelly has all the highlights from last night's finale. hey, chris. >> reporter: good morning, george. yeah. last night kept the season so the drama gestalt going right up until the very end and a climatic crowning of a new champion. >> the winners and new champions of "dancing with the stars" are jennifer and derek. >> reporter: that announcement, at 10:57 eastern standard time ended a ten-week arc of mental anguish and mesmerizing achievement for jennifer grey. she and derek hough,
7:19 am
savoring the emotion of a season 11 dramatic win. >> i didn't think i would win tonight. >> reporter: last night she began by revealing that she needed a hospital visit, after monday's dances ruptured a disc in her surgically restored spine. ♪ come on come on baby >> reporter: then as she had all season long rendered the judges' rapture. third place bristol palin never got top marks. from this -- >> going out and winning this, would be a lot. it would be to all of the people that hate my mom and hate me. >> reporter: but her biggest fan, mother sarah palin, texted her support. >> i talked to my mom. and she said, you rocked it. save the best for last. >> reporter: how does it make you feel to hear that from your mom? >> it makes me feel great. i'm glad that we have her support. >> reporter: at a book signing in arizona last night, the former governor was just as upbeat.
7:20 am
>> she's had the journey of -- you know, the challenge and the improvement and the work ethic. and this has been all about work ethic and perseverance, and, no, i couldn't be prouder. she's happy. she's very happy. ♪ >> reporter: support from her mother's fans may have given her a boost. but bristol's journey recalled the shy high schooler who blossomed in the winter musical, and there's one dance she wants to still learn. >> teach you some mambo. teach you some dances you didn't learn. >> if we could do the country two-step. >> no, we're not doing that. >> that's all i want to learn. ♪ if i had you >> reporter: runner-up kyle massey kept dancing like the guy from accounting at the christmas party. and the fun he and lacey schwimmer enjoyed won't stop soon. >> it's a ton of fun. but at the same time it's a lot of work. but i choose to let the fun outweigh the work 5-1. >> reporter: but this
7:21 am
night and the mirrorball trophy belongs to this 50-year-old siren, enjoying a future no longer encumbered by the past. a lot of people enjoyed watching jennifer grey win. and they also enjoyed what they saw of bristol palin, george. >> could you tell -- you're in the press room. you're talking with people. could you tell if there was a favorite in that room last night? >> reporter: i think people loved the way jennifer dominated the competition throughout. you know? what's so fascinating about bristol palin, we live in an era of expressing feelings. and she keeps them close to the vest. and that fascinates them. it cuts against the cultural grain. we may want to hear more from her soon. >> i never thought of kyle as an accountant until your piece. thanks very much. we're going to talk to all three finalists who are all in times square. >> they're backstage getting the confetti out of their hair and the large crowd we have. can't wait for them to dance. also, amanda knox. the american student sentenced to 26 years in prison for killing her british roommate was back in an italian court this morning. we're going to speak with her
7:22 am
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♪ just love me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just hold me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just kiss me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just want me ♪ l-o-v-e ♪ love, love, love good morning, chp is warning drivers of slippery roads and some cases of black ice. in santa cruz mountains, cal trans is has piles of sand to
7:25 am
smooth out icy sections. they are asking drivers to slow down. aaa it's expecting 11% more drivers on state roads over the four-day thanksgiving holiday. let's see how traffic has been this morning. >> traffic is light. no delays at bay bridge toll plaza, they will crackdown on drivers texting. no delays around the san mateo bridge. no major slowdowns all around the bay area and mass transit systems reporting no delays. bart will be running longer trains to sfo. >> we'll update you weather forecast on this holiday right after this.
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we have coldest temperatures freezing cold in men low, los gatos, napa and also santa rosa. this afternoon, chilled sunshine with temperatures running in the upper 40s to mid-50s. we'll have freezing temperatures again [ male announcer ] itchy dry scalp? get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue.
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♪ there they are. all the stars from "dancing with the stars," rolling into times square early this morning. and a huge crowd there to greet them. amazing how much energy they all have after ten weeks, seven days a week. seven or eight hours a day, of dancing. >> that's right. >> and they come here after an all-nighter, and are kicking it up in the green room this morning. >> jennifer, trying to strap on the dancing shoes. you see them all. they really enjoy being around one another. even at this hour. get him. we're going to be talking to them. and you're going to see them dance here, live. they're going to answer your questions. and talk to our -- they're going to take the ballroom, one last time. >> and so are you. that's coming up. we're not going to let you back
7:31 am
out of it. >> i have my dancing shoes ready to go here. with maks. if jennifer can do it at 50, by golly, i can too. >> you're 50 plus 1 now. >> i was born at 10 in the morning. thanksgiving is the number one day for cooking. i set one two years ago. >> you did? >> it was thanksgiving day. a fire. >> what happened? >> i put the oven up too high. the turkey started to smoke. and the girls remember it the day that daddy burnt the chicken. >> wow. there's a demonstration. we're going to show people to do what you did not do. >> that's coming up. first, amanda knox returned to an italian court today, for the start of her long-awaited appeal. knox was sentenced to 26 years for killing her british housemate. anything gel marquez joins us from perugia.
7:32 am
>> reporter: she was, indeed, george. good morning. it was a short hearing. only about a half hour. amanda knox looked to be in pretty good shape. she was a little pale. a little thin. she had supporters in court. her stepfather and her best friend are here in perugia. amanda knox, flanked by two guards, entered the courtroom looking serious and focused, as her new legal drama gets under way. knox is appealing her conviction and 26-year sentence for the murder of british student, meredi meredith kercher. >> it's a real second chance for people involved in the trial. >> reporter: knox wants the court to allow a new witness. and a complete re-examination of the forensic evidence by an expert. it's so that she and her ex-boyfriend, could walk free. but the prosecution, who says knox got off lightly, has also appealed for a tougher sentence.
7:33 am
>> of course, she's very worried. and tense looking at the next appeal trial. >> reporter: published the book about knox, regularly visits him. she sends the organization several letters. in one, a poem. "i'm singing through the blues and the violet, until the day when i'll be home again." knox, who is still a student at the university of washington, science off many of her letters, with a peace sign, contained in a heart. now, we're going to see a lot about amanda knox in the months ahead. not only here in court. but on your television sets, as well. a tv movie coming out in the states. we have still photographs. they're similar to the actual life scene. another film in the works. the next court date for this appeal is december 11th. george? >> thanks, miguel. and for more on this, we're adjoined by amanda's parents.
7:34 am
curt knox and edda mellas. we heard your daughter described as tense. is that your sense, as well? >> she's obviously nervous. she's facing an appeal. she's been wrongly convicted. all of this is hard for her. >> curt, this is a risk, as well. there is a chance that her sentence could get lengthened. >> there is that possibility. the prosecution is appealing the decision, as well. we're hopeful with the evidence review, or rereview, that we will see this wrongful conviction overturned. >> what do you want the judges and the court to focus on the most? >> really, the facts of the case. and, you know, there's been so much innuendos and assumptions made in the conviction that she experienced that really want the facts of the case and the physical evidence reviewed, to
7:35 am
really tell the story. and that will tell a story that will let amanda come home. >> i know you can't get into this in any kind of detail. but give us some insight into the defense strategy and one of the contentions you made from the very beginning, that there's really lack -- that the prosecutors never really showed a motive. >> that's one of the pieces. there's no motive. you know, i know they're going to -- one of the pieces of our defense is really looking at all of the contradictions in the motivation from the first trial. and how that really none of this adds up. there's no motive. there's no physical evidence. there's nothing to connect amanda to this crime. >> yet, regardless of what happens with this trial, amanda's not out of the woods at all. she faces another trial in may because the italian police charged her with slander. how does she plan to fight those charges, curt? >> one of the key things associated to that whole slander
7:36 am
trial is the responsibility of the italian police to actually have an audio or videotape of the interrogation. and none of that has taken place. or they said that it doesn't exist. so, it's really going to be her word against theirs. and so, i think this appeal will actually define a little bit of what happens in the slander case, as well. >> how often do you get to talk to amanda? >> she calls every saturday. so, we get a short phone call on saturday mornings. >> just a few minutes? >> yeah. it's a ten-minute phone call. >> and how would you describe how this whole experience has changed her? >> well, i think she's really matured, through this whole process. you know, it's one where she went over there, as a naive, young girl. and i think she's grown into a young lady now.
7:37 am
and, you know, unfortunately, she's also lost a few things, like trust in people, given how she experienced, you know, especially her police interrogation. >> boy, must be especially hard for both of you to have to spend another thanksgiving with her so far away. >> yeah. you know, every holiday is just -- it's painful. there's always an empty seat. and there's, you know, now my husband's over there, too. so, we're kind of split. so, it's -- the holidays are always tough. >> okay. well, good luck with all this. thank you for coming in this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you. now, juju chang is here with the rest of the headlines. >> good morning, george. good morning, everyone. we're going to turn, now, to the economy. and a new prediction about the job market. the federal reserve now believes unemployment will remain high longer than previously thought. it's projecting the unemployment rate will stay above 8% for two more years. and won't return to normal levels until at least 2015.
7:38 am
some experts blame a mismatch between workers' skills and the needs of companies. overseas, now, in afghanistan, violence has reached an all-time high. that's according to a new war assessment by the pentagon. it calls forces uneven and incremental. in new zealand, a second explosion has rocked that coal mine where 29 men have been trapped since friday. officials say there are no survivors. dangerous gases have prevented rescuers from entering the mine. it's an emotional thank you, six decades in the making. a holocaust survivor from canada finally got a chance tuesday to meet the man who saved her from a slave labor camp in 1943. when he was 18, he employed them on his family farm in portland. 65 years later, she can personally thank him. but not just for saving her life. but those of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, as well.
7:39 am
they're going to spend thanksgiving together. a lot of folks will find family somewhere. good morning. let's start with travel troubles on the road. this is a powerful cold front. as it sweeps across the country, there's going to be a lot of lift. it's very slow. there's training of heavy rain. that means storm after storm. columbus, to indianapolis, with what will probably be more than three inches of rain. north of dallas, as well. that's from chicagoland, all the way to little rock and into northern louisiana. there's going to be some heavy rain in this area. there's less snow in populated areas. a lot of this moves into canada. from minnesota, to duluth, bismarck, a lot of snow on the roads. washington state, it moves into the higher elevations. and into the northeast, where airport troubles will slow down travel just about everywhere in the country, it will be the wind. portland, boston, involved in this. new york is in a yellow stage.or
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and all that weather on this busy travel day was brought to you by kurig. george? >> thank you, sam. with so many people in the kitchen, thanksgiving is one of the most dangerous days of the year for cooking fires. the dos and don'ts of putting them autd after this. ♪ keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. [ female announcer ] so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. ♪ because it is. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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most of us are lucky enough to have thanksgiving off. but not firefighters. they're an alert. 40% of residential fires are caused by cooking. so, consumer correspondent elisabeth leamy is live in washington, d.c. at the firefighter training academy with tips that could save your life. >> reporter: one out of every eight households will have a
7:44 am
cooking fire, some time during the course of a year. and many of the families will make the problem worse, instead of better, when they try to fight the fire themselves. with engines standing by, a fully-charged hose at the ready, and a firefighter in full protective gear, we prepared to cook. >> we try to have absolutely everything in place, knowing that there's a potential for injury or even worse. >> reporter: first, we deliberately left some garlic bread under the broiler. with the oven door closed, it smoked enough to set the alarm off. but many people make the mistake of opening up the oven. that's when there was enough oxygen to support actual flames. flames that lit the pot holders above. >> once they open it, they expose other combustibles to fire and spread the fire. >> reporter: those combustibles can be your own clothes. our pajama top burst into flame in just 13 seconds, right there.
7:45 am
here's what a grease fire did to a firefighter's own home in north carolina. and we saw, firsthand, how fast they burn, when the one we started got a little out of hand. experts have been trying, for decades, to stamp out dangerous ways of fighting them. >> don't throw flour on it. flour is combustible. and it will explode. >> reporter: this michigan mother of five was preparing to throw flour on a grease fire when one of her sons did something more dangerous. threw water on it. here's what happens. water is heavier than oil. so, it rushes to the bottom and sends the oil shooting up. a british public service announcement found a dramatic way to get the message across. >> whatever you do, don't throw water over the fire. the effects can be devastating. >> reporter: and there's one final hazard that most people
7:46 am
haven't heard of. throwing frozen food in burning oil. all right. so, you saw the don'ts. now, the do. if you have a small grease fire like this. get your oven mitts on. put the lid on it like that. turn the stove off. but anything larger than this, authorities urge you to get out, call 911. you can see how dangerous this is. and let firefighters, like this one, do their job. >> boy. how did that happen right there? have to be careful. >> reporter: this is serious. >> and you can't say it enough. everyone's first instinct is to go for the water. that is the absolute worst thing you can do. >> reporter: yep. the water is a bad idea. we're using baking soda, which does help with small fires. the key is, if it's too big, get out. >> eli, thanks very much. our thanks to the washington, d.c. ems and fire for that demonstration. and in steps to avoid a fire, go
7:47 am
to our website, when we come back, the party's about to begin. jennifer, kyle, bristol, their partners. they're all here live. there they are. they are still dancing. here for the after-party. hey! you're gonna wash the deck. i love it. not wash. power wash. ok. whoa. [ female announcer ] life comes with headaches and that's when people reach for excedrin. excedrin starts relieving headaches faster than extra strength tylenol and advil. the deck looks great. oh, we just washed it. well, not washed, power washed. big difference. hum. big. [ female announcer ] excedrin. for life's headaches.
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7:51 am
dancing, all night long. even in the makeup room. they're having a good time this morning. we're going to have a good time, as well. he's okay. he's back. now, cameron mathison flew in with them, as well. >> here we go. here we go. here's the team, on "dancing with the stars." all of the teams come up with a team name. behind me right now, mark and bristol's name. and over here, schwimmers over here. the number one team, a "dancing with the stars"/"dirty dancing." back to you. i'll tem them under control. >> it's impossible to keep them under control. coming up, what do you want to know most from jennifer, kyle, bristol and their partners? they're here to answer your
7:52 am
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7:56 am
california puc says it will hire four new safety inspectors without delay. after criticism from legislators about low staffing levels in the wake of san bruno explosion and fire. >> freezing cold, 29 in fairfield. santa rosa to a warmer 41 and record cold low temperature. today we'll be in the upper 40s to low 50s and mid 50s around oakland and redwood city. rain is on the way and cooler temperatures through saturday.
7:57 am
>> you may need your gloves and hat but it's so light, no delays at toll bridge plaza but bring your chains headed up to sierra. >> thank you. ♪ [ female announcer ] keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. ♪ keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. [ female announcer ] so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just forou. ♪ because it is. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. ♪ this morning, "good morning america" turns badway into a full room of dancing stars. last nights, the pressure was on. jennifer, kyle and bristol. a grand finale of style, stamina and showmanship. but in the end, nobody puts baby in the corner. it was jennifer who won it all. champion, jennifer grey, is here, with kyle massey and bristol palin, to have the time of their lives. and now, live, from times square, this is "dancing with the stars," the after-party. >> let's get the party started. ten weeks under the critical eye of judges and viewers. there you see, all of the "dancing with the stars" finalists are ready to let loose. they've flown through the night
8:01 am
to be with us. i don't think jennifer and derek are going to let go of the mirrorball trophy. they will answer your questions. and of course, they will dance. >> they're not the only ones dancing. you are dancing this morning. the big cha-cha is coming up. will dance with the great maks chmerkovskiy. and a couple moments ago, tony dovolani came up and whispered a couple of final tips. >> he said move the hips. if you see me doing this a lot, that means i've forgotten the routine. maks has been great. his brother, val, has been working with me. i set out to venture outside of my comfort zone a little more. >> you're setting a great example. >> thank you, george. first, the royal engagement. william and kate are getting married friday, april 29th, at westminster abbey. that kicks off a four-day weekend. bianna golodryga is here with the latest. everything from the wedding dress to the weather. that's an iffy time in london. >> reporter: it is an iffy time.
8:02 am
it's warmer in the summer. they're going with april 29th. come rain, wind, snow or shine, prince william and kate middleton says they want the british people to be deeply involved in the wedding festivities. the couple are planning to invite 100 members of the public to their wedding. the surprise ticket could be dropped on the lucky winners' door mats. with just over five months to go, what's being called the wedding of the century. westminster abbey, the confirmed wedding location, is where prince william's grandmother, queen elizabeth ii, and his uncle, prince andrew, both said their vows. however, the famed church was also the somber site of princess diana's funeral, when prince william was just 15. the wedding date, april 29th, has some brits nervous. london's average high temperature is a moderate 55 degrees. but the date has also produced
8:03 am
snow flurries in previous years. they took into consideration, the busy military schedule of prince harry. >> the end of april is when harry had two weeks off of work. >> reporter: according to william's private secretary, william and kate are, quote, very much in charge of the arrangements for the big day. but it's kate's family, sister pippa, an event planner, brother, james, a cake baker, and her parents, who own and operate a multimillion-dollar party supply company, are throwing the engagement party. >> this is a breach from royal protocol. usually, the parents of the bride don't get the luxury of being so involved. >> reporter: now, the big question. the wedding gown. who will kate wear? brazilian-born issa, who designed the dress kate wore when her agaugement was announced, are believed to be on the short list. so are designers, bruce oldfield, and amanda wakeley.
8:04 am
but some are thinking that leply will be stritching the dress. we told you about the commemorative plates everybody was waiting for. they're on delay. we have a prototype of what they'll look like. we're waiting for the date of the wedding. you can see it here. >> kate needs a little more of a smile. >> reporter: she does. very british. this is the ainsley company that made them. this is what they're expecting to cost millions of pounds in the british economy over the next few months. now, to juju with the news. >> they will be flying off the shelves. good morning, everyone. the u.s. is making a powerful statement about its support for south korea this morning. the aircraft carrier "uss george washington" is cruising towards the korean peninsula, to participate in a joint military drill with the south. two civilians were killed in the attack, in addition to two soldiers. this morning, china urged both sides to exercise calm and restraint. president obama told our barbara
8:05 am
walters the threat posed by north korea is serious and ongoing. things appear to be moving smoothly this morning at the nation's busiest airports. more than 2 million americans are flying on the busiest travel day of the year. the tsa says it's prepared to deal with passengers opting out of full-body scanners. but warns any protests will cause delays. 90% of travellers will be hitting the road today. weather, a big concern for them. snow that blanketed the northwest, is coming east. the color-coded terror alert system could be a thing of the past. they are doing away with the rainbow system, in favor of warnings that would be more specific. finally, it will be a very special thanksgiving for john travolta and kelly preston. the couple had a baby boy. he is the couple's third child. we send our best to mom, dad,
8:06 am
baby and big sister. time for a look at the weather. sam, good morning again. >> good morning, juju. john travolta, one of the nicest guys that's come on this show. a really nice guy. i don't think we can squeeze another person in here. we can't do dancing. we don't have room. everybody, we don't have room for anything more, right? oh no. i don't know how we're going to pull it off. texas, this is like the whole -- half of the studio got here from texas. don't ask me how. i don't know. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to talk about. all of your twitter and facebook pictures. we're throwing these up if we can. we have snow pictures. we have beach pictures. they're on our twitter and facebook page. here's the travel trouble spots during the day today. it's right in the middle of the country where the rain will be. there's a hit of ice and snow.od
8:07 am
robin, george, this is going to get a little nasty. everybody has teams here. they're divided into teams. good luck with this. >> everybody is well-represented. are you ready? [ cheers ] are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> this is it. the moment we've all been waiting for. the three finalists with "dancing with the stars," their dance partners here, live in person. the dancers who have performed week after week. and "dancing with the stars," the number one show in america. so, here they are, folks. please welcome, jennifer grey.
8:08 am
derek hough. kyle massey, lacey schwimmer. bristol palin. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ you look great. have a seat. >> showman to the end. kyle, get over here. kyle's going straight to the crowd. it is so great to have you all here. before we talk, let's take one more look at that big moment. >> kyle and lacey. jennifer and derek, after ten weeks of hard-fought
8:09 am
competition, the new winners and champions of "dancing with the stars" are -- jennifer and derek. [ cheers and applause ] >> what an amazing moment that was. kyle, i love hearing you there. >> that second seemed like 20 minutes. it seemed forever. i couldn't be happier for -- the best couple won. you guys were amazing. give it up for them. give it up for them. >> jennifer, you put such a scare into everyone at the beginning of the night. you came out in the beginning, we didn't know if you were going to say i can't do it. how are you feeling now? >> i feel really good. i feel like i really got taken care of yesterday. it took 24 hours for the nerve block to work. i feel great. i'm so happy i could dance. i did not think i was going to be able to. even though i was going to try,
8:10 am
they had to tell everyone that, in case it hit again. when it ice going, there's no dancing. >> you pulled off an amazing season. we're going to talk more when we come back. we're going to take a quick break.
8:11 am
8:12 am
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8:14 am
[ cheers and applause ] there's the mirrorball trophy. and you got the crowd so excited. >> we're pretty excited, too. >> it's wonderful to have you on. can i say, and everyone wants to say, thank you, thank you, thank you. for all you have done. how you handled everything. you did so beautifully, all three of you. all six of you. and so deserving of what happened last night, to be there, and to be here means everything. today, it's not night. the freestyle, especially. jennifer, it was like a flashback, yeah? for you? and "dirty dancing." what was it like to re-create the moves with derek? >> the thing that was so fun about it is we were trying to find some way to do something that was related to dirty
8:15 am
dancing. i knew that everybody wanted us to do "time of your life." there was a lot of pressure for that. but i knew that was a dance for patrick and me. and i knew that i wanted to leave it as such. and i wanted to do something fresh. and we decided to do that song. i said, what a great song. what a great idea. i was the one holding the watermelon in that scene. actually, derek is so smart that way because he just -- he said, why don't you be holding a watermelon? you know, and just -- >> they will be wondering, why is she holding a watermelon? >> then, he wanted to rip off the clothes. i was going to have a white tied-up shirt and skirt. when the dress comes off, there's no more baby. it's all jennifer. >> i'm telling you. you were in great hands, as all of you were, with these professional dancers. they don't get enough credit. three-peat, baby. the third title for you. what is it about you, derek?
8:16 am
>> i don't know. i've been very fortunate. i mean, i'm getting fantastic partners and everything. they're just wonderful. so, i'm very fortunate. and it's been awesome. a great season. >> he's extremely talented. can we just talk about that? >> by the way. >> it's a little weird. >> season after season. bristol, you seemed to find so much power over the course of this season. you were so candid last night, talking about it. let's take a look. >> going out there and winning this, would be like a big middle finger to all the people out there that hate my mom and hate me. >> you said, i'm going to do what i'm going to do. and i don't care what other people think. >> yeah. >> how do you feel today? >> i feel great. i feel amazinamazing. very grateful to be here with everyone. it's been an awesome season. >> do you feel like you went through another political campaign? >> kind of. >> mark, that had to be new for you. you had to deal with different pressures because of all of the
8:17 am
talk around. >> for me, i wanted to focus on bristol. i was given a task. that was to teach bristol to dance. i took it on as best i could. i was happy with the outcome. really grateful to have her as a partner. she's wonderful. she tries really hard. it's the hardest i've worked on this season. and i was proud to be with bristol. and proud to be in the finals. >> you worked really well together. kyle? >> yes, ma'am. >> last guy standing. you had an nba great. you had a football player who won a super bowl championship. you had a guy known for his abs. you're known for your sense of humor. and you brought it. i feel like i'm len goodman. >> i liked it. i liked it. >> so bad. >> the next celebrity -- >> the last thing that i was expecting to do when i came in
8:18 am
the competition, was to be the last man standing. the last man dancing. i just came in here, you know. i was just, you know -- an actor looking for a new experience. and i was thrown into the situation. with the situation. we were just talking about that. that word, every time someone says that word, we think about him. it's like i came in here. and i've been lucky enough to be with this great group of people. and we've all become friends over the season. really, it's probably one of the greatest experiences in all of television. >> lacey, is he ever not smiling? >> never. unless he's hungry. >> yes. >> don't mess with him when he's hungry. >> that's right. >> like that. >> a lot of people taped some special greetings for you. let's show one first, for
8:19 am
jennifer. >> jen, you're my champion. >> you're the greatest sweetheart. you did great. >> congratulations, sweetheart. now, come home. and bring a couple of those dresses. >> i'm so excited for you, mommy. >> the whole family. right there. >> little stella. >> stella. >> and, bristol, it was wonderful to see your family supporting you. and your baby sister was there. so excited. and they have a message for you, too. here it is. >> bristol, you did so great. we're so proud of you. couldn't be prouder of you. you overcame a lot of challenges. and starting at ground zero. all of alaska, we're proud of you. >> good job, sister. >> you're always going to be our winner. way to go. great job. >> way to go, bristol, the pistol. we're proud of you. >> with the -- are you ready to get back to
8:20 am
alaska? >> i'm ready to get back home to my family. >> finally, kyle, let's see who had something to say for you. >> no more walking the green mile, kyle, on tuesday. >> congratulations, kyle. we're happy for you. now, you can eat all of the fast food you want. you don't have to sneak. >> i don't have repercussions for eating bad food. >> what are you going to do next? >> well, i mean, i have a bunch of things lined up. my brother and i have an album coming out. so, maybe we'll be doing some dancing in our music videos. but not like -- not new yorkers. we might do that. definitely that might make it. that might make it in there. >> how much fun was it to do the tootsie roll? >> i got to start on the judges' table. and tootsie roll in their faces. that was fun.
8:21 am
and i got to jump off the table. it was just such a high-energy dance, you know? i did the tootsie roll in your face. in your face. that was so much fun. it was such a high-energy dance. >> look how ridiculous we look. >> you know what's wonderful right now? everyone was caught up in all -- everyone was watching and all of this drama. you guys were just having fun. you see how much you truly, truly enjoy being in each other's company. it's amazing you were able to put all that aside. it comes down to the dance, doesn't it? >> you have to -- you have to just have keep focused on the dancing. and get everything you can out of it. it's over before you know it. >> i love you, guys.
8:22 am
this is real hard work. >> yeah. >> it is. incredibly hard work. obviously, for everybody on the season, the injuries, the emotional journey going on. it's intense. and it's not for the weak-hearted. it's also rewarding. >> except for the fact that kyle and i played basketball pretty much the entire time. but, you know. >> are you tired? no. how many times did you -- three or four? how are you doing this? >> after a while, i think the first couple of weeks, it was like, oh, my gosh. this dance is impossible. i don't think i'm going to get this. as your body gets used to dancing and remembering steps, it kind of gets easier. >> it just happened for me. >> it's not for the weak-hearted. for the strong-hearted robin roberts, it's coming up. >> uh-oh. >> here's maks, coming right now. [ cheers and applause ]
8:23 am
>> the final rehearsal. go for it, guys. >> we'll see how she does when she comes back. there's the mirrorball trophy. we're going to see all the dancers one more time. and robin roberts is coming up. we'll be right back. depression is a serious medical condition that can take so much out of you. i feel like i have to wind myself up just to get out of bed. then...well, i have to keep winding myself up to deal with the sadness, the loss of interest, the trouble concentrating, the lack of energy. [ male announcer ] if depression is taking so much out of you, ask your doctor about pristiq®. pristiq is a prescription medicine proven to treat depression.
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in america. - i love it. this morning, santa clara county is asking all homeless shelters to do what it can to serve the homeless. officials enacted an emergency alert, they put extra beds and cots and stayed open later. they say the majority of this year's homeless population is made up of are working families. >> they are warning drivers of slippery roads and patches of black ice on highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains. caltrans has piles of sand ready to lay on the roadways as needed to smooth out icy sections. let's see how drivers are doing out there. >> doing very well.
8:28 am
live shot of bay bridge toll plaza, holiday light traffic, especially across the san mateo bridge and 101 in san rafael. westbound 4 in antioch, slow because of an earlier accident. mass transit systems reporting no delays. we'll check in with mike
8:29 am
welcome back, breezy in downtown san francisco but the west res of us is calm and cool with freezing temperatures around menlo park and santa rosa.
8:30 am
chilled sunshine and highs ten degrees below average. we may 53 in oakland and ♪ hello, everyone. i'm george stephanopoulos. you're just in time for the "dancing with the stars" after-party. here are the finalists, jennifer and derek, the big winners. kyle and lacey, bristol and mark. all the finalists. all here. they're going to dance one more time here on "good morning america," answer your questions, as well. >> you saw maks sweep robin away. she's getting in last-minute rehearsal time. can she pull off the cha-cha? we all know she can. and former "dancing with the stars" contestant, cameron mathison, is here with an update. >> i've been given access to the rehearsals. very, very closed set back here. she's doing fantastic. the points she's supposed to look out for, keeping the hips moving. knees straight. i can't keep my eyes off of her. she's doing fantastic. look at the expression.
8:31 am
okay? and believe me, it gets you moving. am i right? what do we think, audience back here? yeah. it's looking very, very good. she's very focused. she's got her goal in mind and doing great. that's val, of course, maks' brother, that's with them, helping out. look at the attitude. this is where they come back together. i like it. yeah. what do you think? how does she look? >> thanks very much. we're going to see that coming up. we'll also see the dancing stars dance one more time. first, we have business to do. you guys are all part of our warm coats, warm hearts drive. tony, good to see you, too, man. >> we have these. >> thank you. >> drop them in. >> that's fantastic that you all are participating in the coat drive. also, encourage everyone to donate a coat, to help those in need to stay warm this winter. you know how you can participate at home? you can go to your local burlington coat factory. or go to to find out where the burlington coat
8:32 am
factory stores are located and how to donate. >> and we're going to break all kinds of records this year. first, we go to sam for some weather. >> i don't want to work. i'm having a great time with all this. i love the backstage cam with robin doing the thing. one quick thing of weather. then, we'll get back to the dancing. in case you're headed out and doing traveling today, we thought there's a few things you needed to know. a few travel trouble spots. in the middle of the country, there's wet roads. all of the storms will slow down travel in the middle of the country. on the east coast, in the northeast, you can try to get in and out. it will be a winds problem. winds will pick up later on today. anything that gusts more than 30 miles per hour, means you have an airport slowdown. all that weather was brought to you by kay jewelers.
8:33 am
george? juju? >> thank you, sam. stand by. we want to get studio questions, as well. our message boards have been overwhelmed with questions for you all, coming in on e-mail. so, we want to get right to it. jennifer, this one came for you. it's from lori healey from massachusetts. looking back at "dirty dancing," was it difficult then as it was now to learn the dance moves? >> i learned basically one dance over the course of really a pretty long months and a half. two? it was very, very little. this is a different dance every four days. or two dances. in this week, four dances in four days. >> and a surprise dance on the last night. >> yeah. it was just -- and a completely different level of dancing. much more complicated. much, much more challenging. >> sam? >> we have questions on twitter, on facebook. from the audience. everybody get your questions in. rhonda jones, from arkansas. where are you?
8:34 am
all right. >> my question is, how do you handle the frustration, when the judges' scores do not match the audience response? >> you just -- it's about the dancing. if the dancing is there, it just scores. >> it's not frustrating for you when that occurs? >> as long as i felt good about the dance, everything else is good. the audience at home, if they're behind you, that's the best feeling. >> thank you. congratulations. >> thank you. >> we have so many e-mail questions. the next one is for bristol and mark. >> your dancing inspired me to take lessons. do you see yourselves doing any future projects together? that's from cat thomas. wants to know. >> am i going to be your backup dancer? >> we will get bristol to come out and do the tootsie roll with kyle. >> i'm down. i'm down. >> do you see more dancing coming up? >> definitely. >> we have more from sam.
8:35 am
>> the overriding twitter question for kyle and lacey. everyone gets you're named team schmergles. but they want to know how it came to be and what it means. >> you have to answer that one. i have no say so in that. >> tell the truth. >> team schmergles came about because i just made it up. everyone else was like adding their names together. let's be different. she's like, all right. think of a name. schmergle. and it worked. >> there's the answer, right there. >> we have one from janie paul from the bronx. this is for all the professionals. you're all pros now. if you could dance with any celebrity in the world, who would it be? >> i would dance with my celebrity in the world right here. >> oh. >> derek. oh. >> derek is running for office. >> hey. >> who would you dance with? >> i honestly don't know. i don't really think about it.
8:36 am
>> i think i know. >> i want jon heder from "napoleon dynamite." i think it would be hilarious and so much fun. >> i would have to go with jennifer aniston. >> oh, yeah. yes. >> making a play. right there. >> and if you're watching -- [ laughter and applause ] >> if you just so happen to be tuning in. catch me on twitter, jennifer. >> jennifer aniston. all right. okay. here's a question from -- let's go to melissa from high point, north carolina. melissa? >> hi. my question is for bristol. if you could star as a backup dancer in any superstar's music video, who would it be? and why? >> justin timberlake. justin timberlake. >> are you kidding? country music.
8:37 am
preston wilson. >> i would love to see that. >> these are good questions, by the way. >> elizabeth walker, another viewer, wants to know. what is the thing that most surprised you about your partner? this is to all of you guys. >> hmm. >> that he doesn't listen. he's a 19-year-old boy. why would he? >> that's true. >> for me, coming in. bristol was 19 when we started. turned 20 through the course. i was surprised for a nonentertainer, nonperformer, how focused she stayed throughout the day. we could go up to six to ten hours a day. >> you hear that, kyle? >> we would take breaks. >> she's a year older than me. >> oh. >> i have an excuse. >> derek, what surprised you? >> what surprised me was -- it was crazy. it was just like a rollercoaster, the entire
8:38 am
season. obviously, we went through some tough times. there were times that we didn't think we would be able to carry on because it was pretty serious. i think what surprised me was her resilience and determination to finish it out. >> you did it. and you won. we'll be right back with the final dances. >> jen, when you first called me and said, what do i think? should i do it? i said, what's your heart tell you? you said, my heart's telling me, it's time to dance. i knew you were going to shine and do everything that you've done in front of millions of people. i love you. i've loved being your designated friend. and i've spoken to thousands who love and cheer you on. well done,cccccccccccccccccccccc
8:39 am
8:40 am
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♪ just in case you thought last night was the last time you were going to see these amazing dancers strut their stuff, you don't know "gma." all the couples have chosen special numbers to perform for us. bristol and mark will do a jive. jennifer and derek will do the waltz. and kyle and lacey, will also do a jive. enough. the strange british voice, please. >> dancing the jive, bristol palin, and her partner, mark ballas. ♪ ♪
8:42 am
♪ ♪ ♪
8:43 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> dancing the viennese waltz, jennifer grey, and her partner, derek hough. ♪ ♪
8:44 am
♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> dancing the jive, kyle massey and his partner, lacey schwimmer. ♪ >> come on. come on. ♪
8:45 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:46 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> ladies and gentlemen, they haven't slept all night. that was fun. how about a big hand for everybody. we told you. coming up, robin roberts, chancing the cha-cha. stay with us. >> you did it. you did it. you got it. you are amazing. i admire you. i am your biggest fan. and i love you. your body is awesome. i am extremely jealous. and we just love you
8:47 am
8:48 am
you have seen the stars do it. now, it is time for our star. her 50th birthday challenge. the ultimate ballroom moment. mr. announcer, please.
8:49 am
>> dancing the cha-cha, robin roberts and her partner, maksim chmerkovskiy. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:50 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, the judges' scores. >> oh. [ cheers and applause ] oh, my. >> it was good. >> oh. they only had 10s on their paddles. they didn't have any other number. this is for all of you. we watch them every night, every week. we want to do what they do. and they make it look so easy. and it's not. the pros. >> she made it look easy, maks. >> she made it look very easy. i just came in. she gets it. >> i can't breathe right now. we need to give kudos to your
8:51 am
brother, val, who i danced with. >> thank you, val. >> i worked with val so much. >> did a nice job. and i have to give her the credit. >> you did a great job. that was amazing. >> you're next. >> no, i'm not. >> surprise. >> oh. >> what the heck are you doing? >> oh, wow. >> instant replays. >> it's delightful. delicious. fanciful cha-cha. >> oh. you know, venture outside of your comfort zone. that's all i can say. venture outside of your comfort zone. and thank you, all, again. and a special kudos to the pros. you all are wonderful.
8:52 am
you can make this look good, you know they're good. [ cheers and applause ]
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
♪ we're just so proud of you. you've come so far. the spirit is really showing. >> you've done great. >> we're very, very proud of you. >> in my mind, bristol, you're a winner. bring home all of your talent. it will be good to see you again. >> grandparents want you home. >> i'm excited to see them. >> it's so nice to see all of your friends and family, giving you great wishes today. and thank you for an amazing morning and amazing season. it's been terrific to watch our own robin. next season, you. you can do it. >> yeah. if i have the time off. it's infectious.
8:56 am
i'm just like everybody watching at home. oh, no, no. looking at jennifer and everybody, dancing. >> everybody is dancing. >> thank you, all. have a great thanksgiving. be safe, as you travel this weekend. and have a great time with the family. see you later. ca
8:57 am
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the california puc says it will hire four safety inspectors without delay. this is after criticism about low staffing levels in the wake of the september pipeline explosion in san bruno. we're starting to warm up but not quickly enough. >> we're on our way to temperatures below average. low to mid 50s and upper 40s around fairfield and livermore. more fleegz weather tonight and tomorrow night. rain on saturday. good morning. no delays on our freeways headed to airports. no delays at the toll plaza


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