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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  November 27, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> in the news this saturday morning, november 27th, federal agents arrest a would-be car bomber as he tries to detonate explosives at a west coast tree lighting ceremony. and for the first time, we hear the survivors of a san francisco zoo tiger attack describe what happened three years ago christmas day. >> good morning, i'm theresa
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garcia. the rain will soon replace the chill felt last night at san jose's christmas tree in the park. that's one place people got out and about. but you know, it's going to get warmer although wetter throughout the state. and rain here will mean more snow in the sierra. that's where they've already had 10 feet over the past weekend. so good time to check in with meteorologist jeff martinez for more details of what we can expect for the second half of this thanksgiving weekend. >> good morning, theresa. that's right, a wet saturday on tap all across the bay area. scattered showers are happening right now. kind of a hit or miss activity from san francisco down towards san jose. you're dry for now. all of this will continue to move throughout the bay area. pretty much all day long, we have a chance for rain and some of it will be a little more moderate in some areas and as we head up towards the sierra, as you mentioned, winter storm warning in effect for lake tahoe today. chain controls in effect for i-80 and you can see around the city here, we're getting some light rain here and there and
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some drizzle. complete accuweather forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, jeff. turning to news now, a somalia born teenager is being held in oregon this morning in a plot to carry out a bombing attack in downtown portland. federal agents arrested muhammad hasman muhammad, a naturalized u.s. citizen. it happened in an undercover sting operation when he dialed a number on a cell phone. he expected his call to blow up a van packed with explosives at a crowded christmas tree lighting ceremony in downtown portland. instead, his call ended with his arrest by alerting authorities of his intention to go ahead with his plot. authorities began the sting operation in june after learning of muhammad's contacts with an "unindicted associate" in pakistan. well, we have some newly released audio, a police interview with the brothers who survived a tiger attack at the san francisco zoo three years ago. the san francisco examiner obtained tapes of the interview with kulbir and paul dhaliwal on
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december 25, 2007 right after a tiger escaped its enclosure and killed the brothers' friend, carlos sousa, jr. throughout the interview, the dhaliwals insist they did nothing to provoke the tiger. >> did you do anything to get the tiger's attention? >> we were looking for a minute and we were walking away and the tiger jumped at awes. >> didn't talk to the tiger? i know sometimes they're kind of laying there, you know. so you might want to get their attention, you know, see them move around and that type of thing. >> no. >> you guys throw anything at him? throw him any nachos or any food? >> no. >> no. >> that police investigator asked about nachos because the brothers and their friend were sharing a plate of nachos before the attack. now, police repeatedly asked whether they tried to lure the tiger with the food, something the brothers denied. the recent murder of a napa state hospital worker may not have been a random attack.
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abc 7 news has learned that donna gross may have been tarpthed by her accused killer. there's also concern among employees at the hospital that the new alarm they've been given don't work properly. we have the story from abc 7's vic lee. >> psych tech donna gross was strangled october 23rd on the ground of the hospital's forensics unit. the section that houses the criminally insane and most violent patients. her accused killer is jess massy, a patient convicted of slitting a woman's throat. massy was roaming outside his unit after getting what's called a ground pass. abc 7 news has learned that he may have tarpthed gross. three days after the murder, another patient reported that massy had told him he was going to kill that staff person but i didn't believe him. the patient said the staffperson was always pulling his ground card and stuff. >> if you're the one who has to discipline somebody, you're going to be the focus.
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they're angry at you. >> crystal has been a psych tech at napa 14 years. the individuals we serve are so impulsive and they're more and more violent. >> we've also learned that about two weeks before the murder, supervisors were told massy had threatened another worker. the report says massy said "you know i can just kill you, i've done it before." crystal johnson was attacked two years ago by a violent patient. >> he grabbed me by my neck and pulled me into the room and started strangling me. >> what happened? >> we fought. >> johnson finally activated a waistband alarm that sets off sirens and lights in the building. >> alarm had been going on forever and he just let go and ran. >> nobody knew i was in any danger. >> this is the same alarm donna gross set off as she fought her assailant. workers tell us they don't generally work outside buildings but gross' alarm did go off in a nearby kitchen.
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it was reported as a false alarm. johnson says last week, the hospital distributed this new alarm. meant to work outside on the grounds. >> this one triggers a loud sound but johnson says it's not loud enough. >> the grounds of the hospital are huge. and the people that are -- the workers that are on the unit, the likelihood of them hearing this alarm when you're out on grounds is not likely. >> under a coat, the sound is muffled even more. crystal johnson and other workers we spoke with say they do not feel any safer with these new alarms. they tell us they want more police on the premises and better security systems. we called napa state for a response. our calls were not returned. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> the power is back on this morning in east oakland after street violence set off a chain of events that ended with a power outage near the mall. it began with a shooting in which a bullet grazed one victim
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in the head. that led to a traffic accident trapping people in their vehicles. the crash then brought down a utility pole and knocked out power to the area. two vehicles were involved. one overturned injuring three people. the shooter got away. marine county woman is thankful to be home this weekend after being trapped in haiti. this is where she regularly does volunteer work. earlier this month, haiti's roads and airports were shut down due to an uprising in the streets. that was tied to a cholera outbreak that continues to ravage survivors of last january's massive earthquake. the marine county woman is now sharing her story with abc 7's lilian kim. >> this is actually the second day so you can see all the broken glass and the rocks. >> marian kaplan pastornak just returned from haiti, she was there for three weeks during the country's cholera outbreak and the riot that followed. this is video she shot from inside her hotel. anger and frustration over the outbreak of cholera led to
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several days of unrest all throughout haiti. >> it was uncomfortable at times. it was stressful. i never felt i had to worry where i was and i had to be in a -- get caught by a stray bullet or being hit by rocks or anything like that. if i had left the hotel, then yes. >> this was marian's 11th trip to haiti in the past four years she teaches haitians how to become self-sustainable by growing livestock. her first trip of the year coincided with the earthquake in january. marian says the fact that the country was forced to deal with cholera in the same year was heartbreaking. her still photos show the aftermath of the hurricane that caused the cholera to spread. the mucky roads became major contamination points. >> they were comparing it to january where we saw 230,000 people die in 35 seconds. and i mean, i was there for that so that really impacted -- i mean, i felt that impact. and i felt that that was where they really were coming from. >> marian is thankful she's now home but certainly plans to return to haiti.
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she says her volunteer work has led to much progress. >> i am not really sure why i seem to have this knack for being in the middle of the worst of it. i'd like to find a way to avoid that! but other than that, i've never felt my life was in jeopardy and that i should not go. >> l > >> she tells us she hasn't booked her next trip to haiti but next month, she heads to washington, d.c. to be recognized for her volunteer work and she will receive a presidential service award. well, to news overseas now, protesters in south korea are demanding the government take a tougher stand against north korea. > >> at one rally, demonstrators clashed with police who tried to disburse the angry crowd by hosing them down with water. the former special forces troops protesting here are angry over what they see as the government's weak response. those protests in seoul follow a north koreian attack on a south
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korean island on tuesday where four people were killed. north korea is accusing the south as using civilian as human shields on that island. president obama is on the mend this morning after getting hurt in a very physical game of basketball yesterday. he was on defense in a full-court five-on-five game like this one when an opponent driving hard to the hoop elbowed him in the lower lip and the president wound up needing 12 stitches. mr. obama was fouled by an executive with the congressional hispanic caucus institute who later called the president a "tough competitor and a good sport." coming up, black friday shoppers always get a few bumps and bruises but in some stores, things got out of hand. we're going to show you the northern california wal-mart store where sheriff's deputies had to be called in to keep the peace. and at an east coast target store, shoppers clashed with each other just before the doors
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opened for black friday. and all right, if you weren't out with the shopping crowds on black friday, can you still get bargain prices? what local x x x x x x x x x x x
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> good morning, everyone. so far so good for retailers this holiday season. across the country, the preliminary report on black friday suggests that bigger crowds went to more stores and san francisco consumers appear to be right in line with the national trend. abc 7's amy hollifield has more on this year's consumer spending experience. just trying to walk through union square was tough. it was so crowded with people. many of them came to see the tree lighting ceremony saying
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this officially put them in a festive mood. >> it feels good. it's happy. now it's officially the christmas season. >> but, of course, the real draw was black friday. >> we started in sacramento about 5:00 and then came out here and we're still shopping. >> getting an early start paid off. most of the toys that were on sale at the toys r us store at the westfield shopping center were gone. >> we didn't make it out here until pretty late in the day so we weren't able to get everything we wanted but we were able to find some of the things on the christmas list. >> despite the hassle, we didn't hear a lot of complaints. >> we drive from elk grove to san francisco for the fun of being together and being out among all the people. we had a good day. >> we saw a lot of women out catching the deals. a lot of the men that were here weren't here by choice. >> my wife and daughters dragged me out here today. oh, man, it's crowded! >> add to the mix, critical mass. the group bicycle ride that takes over the streets once a month in san francisco. they made it through union square once while people were
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watching the tree lighting. but just as the thousands were leaving, the bicyclists tried to come through again. police blocked them, though. and many of the crowd supported that decision. >> it will be terrible out here. >> if you missed the deals on black friday, don't worry. some stores are promising new markdowns through the weekend that weren't available on friday. in san francisco, amy hollifield, abc 7 news. >> it wasn't all smooth sailing this black friday. at about 5:00 friday morning, shoppers at a south sacramento wal-mart got so rowdy, sheriff's deputies evacuated the store. the customers were allowed back in a dozen at a time after that. authorities blamed the store for not having enough security guards. and at least one shopper was injured when crowds stormed the doors at a target in buffalo, new york, early friday morning. one customer said the melee actually started in the line outside when people waiting in the cold began growing frustrated with each other. all right.
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it was really a black friday at this houston wal-mart. a blackout forced the store to postpone its 6:00 a.m. opening by about four hours so the store extended its early bird deals to make up for it. that's kind. all right. here in the bay area, it wasn't raining for the shopping but it will be soon? >> yeah, definitely, we have some rain out there right now. at least it's not that cold compared to yesterday morning. people lining up 3:00 in the morning shopping. but if you have any travel plans today, just check with the faa web site there. we have about a 40 minute delay in some cases out of sfo because of the wind and rain. gusty winds right now so you could be seeing some delays throughout the morning. check your flights before you head out. otherwise, we're looking at scattered showers throughout the bay area throughout the day today. accuweather forecast in a few minutes. >> all right. thanksgiving is now leftovers. so it's time to bring in a new set of holiday decorations. next, we'll tell you about the official white house christmas tree.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> a horse drawn carriage delivered the official white house christmas tree this weekend. first lady michelle obama and daughters sasha and melia were there to accept the 18 1/2 foot douglas fir yesterday.
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it was grown on a pennsylvania farm about 80 miles from philadelphia. and this tree will be the main attraction in the white house blue room. all right. this is probably the weekend where people are going to get their christmas trees. are they going to be held back by the rain is the question. >> yes, definitely a cool one out there but not as cold as yesterday morning with the freezing temperatures but definitely a rainy saturday on tap across the bay area. keep that in mind as you're making your plans today, heading out to do some shopping, theresa said maybe getting that christmas tree. you're going to need that umbrella or rain gear because it's going to be wet throughout the day today. looks kind of soggy as you can see there. towards the clock tower and the bay bridge. slick roads across the bay area and hd shows the scattered showers. system will be persistent and with us throughout the day giving us scattered showers, kind of hit and miss throughout the bay area. much of us light precipitation,
6:21 am
drizzle to moderate drizzle. we get some bands that pick up here. and out towards the city, kind of a break in the action right now but look for it to pick up again throughout the day today. heaviest activity will be in the morning hours. but by the afternoon, things should taper off just a little bit. but if you're heading to the mountains, winter storm warning in effect for the sierra and lake tahoe. chain controls already in effect for i-80. could see another foot and a half of snow in the sierra. great news for the resorts but not good news if you're traveling. good news, though, that this storm system will be fast moving and coming back, perhaps, snow conditions should improve by sunday. this is a fast moving system and temperatures looking pretty good compared to this time yesterday afternoon when we had lots of 30's and even freezing temperatures to talk about. more milder air mass moving in
6:22 am
the area right now. weather highlights again, not quite as cool this morning. showers on and off throughout the day today. snow levels quite low. down to 3,000 feet so our area mountaintops could get a dusting of snow as this area of low pressure continues to move on through. here it is, cold front right about there. continues to push to the east and with it, showers on and off throughout the day today. start about 9 clo:00 and contin. may see a rumble of thunder or two by this afternoon. kind of a cold layer in the atmosphere here producing some instability by this afternoon. could see a couple of thunderstorms pop up later on today as well. as i mentioned, winter storm warning in effect for lake tahoe. another foot, foot and a half of snow expected in the high country there. temperatures about 2 to 4 degrees warmer than yesterday. so you not too bad. mid 50's most areas with those rain showers on and off throughout the day today. down towards monterey bay, your temperatures will be in the mid
6:23 am
to, perhaps, upper 50's towards gilroy and salinas but moderate rain can be expected there. accuweather seven day forecast shows the showers continuing on today. good news, by tomorrow, as we wrap up the holiday weekend, we'll kind of dry things out in time for your sunday. sunshine returns so we have a fast moving storm system. as i mentioned good news for all the travelers heading back from lake tahoe on sunday. today is not the day to head up to the lake. if you're coming back on sunday, storm system will move on out so give them time to clear the roads. >> yeah, good thing is most people up there already. >> been a great start to the ski season with all these storms. about 10 feet of snow past month or so. >> yeah. blessing because we've had such a tough economy the last couple of years. they need it. >> yeah, can't wait to do it myself. hit the slopes. >> good deal. thanks. moving on to some sports now. college football shocker in nevada as the university of nevada reno knocks out a
6:24 am
nationally ranked contender. and larry biel has highlights of last night's warriors-grizzlies shootout. >> good morning. warriors will get david lee back soon. that's good news. infection in his arm has been handled. lee could rejoin the team tonight in minnesota. warriors in memphis last night. a one man gang. rudy gay likewise off the miss. gay with authority! at 25, memphis up nine at the half. keeping the warriors in this in the fourth, the tip goes in. 28 points and 21 boards for andras. under a minute to go, seth curry with the drive and the finish. golden stated within three. still a three point game. dorel white for the tie. now, 2-11 shooting. warriors fall in memphis 116-111. north of the border, sharks skating with the canucks. first period, down 1-0. joe thornton, slap shot denied.
6:25 am
heatly is here tied at one. very, very sloppy. the giveaway from samuelson, no chance. point blank. boise state has dreams of playing with the big boys at the national championship but ran into a buzz saw last night in nevada. the wolfpack had never beaten boise before. broncos were up 27-7 in the half. to doug martin on what looks like a harmless little screen. martin to fair, the first one. makes another guy miss. 79 yards. his third touchdown of the game. 31-24 broncos. 17 seconds left, colin kapperneck rolling, hitting matthews to tie it at 31. going to overtime. wait a second, nine seconds left. airs it out for titus young. dive and catch at the nevada 9. they call time-out but miss the field goal and miss another field goal in ot.
6:26 am
nevada's anthony martinez good from 34. nevada shocks boise state 34-31. top ranked oregon hosting number 21 arizona. ducks down 19-14 at the half but they cannot be contained for long. josh hough exploding 85 yards. the ducks clinch a share of the pac-10 title and a bcs bid, 48-29. to the iron bowl, number 2 auburn trails number 11 alabama 24-0 at one point. heisman favorite cam newton rallies the tigers in the fourth finding him. that's the game-winner. college basketball, cal and notre dame, the old spice classic in orlando. golden bears made two of 25 shots in the first half. two of 25. they scored five points total at halftime. they got 39 in the second half. but not nearly enough. cal falls 57-44.
6:27 am
stanford and tulsa in the 1976 classic. in the half, tulsa's justin hurt. this guy can play. and that hurts so good. tulsa a winner 65-63. south padre island invitational. st. mary's and texas tech, mcconnell for three. had 18 points. st. mary's up big at the break. warriors dominating inside. had a game high 20. st. mary's 88-68 and will move on to face byu. we have college football this afternoon here on abc 7. it's usc vs. notre dame followed by an edition of "after the game". hope to see you then. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry biel. >> next at 6:30, the cover picture of president obama on "newsweek" magazine is triggering an angry response from hindus around the world and federal agents arrest a would be
6:28 am
car bomber at a west coast tree lighting ceremony as he tried
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>> good morning. in the sierra resorts say they have the best early season skiing conditions in decades. here's how it looked at the heavenly mountain resort yesterday. skiers and snow borders are packing the slopes this holiday weekend. all seven resorts in the lake tahoe area have most of their lifts open. up to 10 feet of snow has already fallen over the last week with more on the way. and talking about more on the way, yes, more rain, more snow. let's check in with jeff martinez for the details and what exactly we can expect this last half of the holiday weekend. jeff? >> hi there, theresa. stormy saturday on tap for all of the bay area and for lake tahoe as well. talking about the snow. they could see another foot and a half of snow by this evening. winter storm warning in effect for the lake tahoe area and the
6:31 am
sierra. chain controls in effect if you're heading that way along i-80. widely scattered showers going on right now. most of this very light activity with the exception of a moderate cell here or there. so that will be the trend throughout the day today. we'll see light and, perhaps, moderate showers here and there throughout the day. cool, wet day. temperatures only in the 40's and low 50's. maybe even a thunderstorm. talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. >> a little variety. thanks, jeff. ok, some news now. somalia born teenager is being held in oregon this morning in the plot to carry out a bombing attack in downtown portland. federal agents arrested a naturalized u.s. citizen. this happened in an undercover sting operation when he dialed the number on his cell phone. now, he expected his call to blow up a van packed with explosives at a crowded christmas tree lighting ceremony in downtown portland. instead, that call ended up with his arrest by alerting authorities of his intention to go ahead with the plot. authorities began the sting operation in june after learning
6:32 am
of muhammad's contacts with an unindicted associate in pakistan. the children's discovery museum in san jose had to be evacuated yesterday because of a strong smell initially thought to be a gas leak. about 1600 people spent 40 minutes outside the museum while a hazardous materials crew checked out the odor. it turns out there was no gas leak. museum staffers used bromide to keep their water sanitary. some of the bromide got into the ventilation system and that is the smell that triggered the precautionary evacuation. at&t is confirming reports of vandalism at several east and south bay locations that cut off service to some customers over the holiday. a spokesperson told abc 7 lines were cut in 15 different locations causing the loss of phone and internet service to customers in walnut creek, and morgan hill. the outages began thursday morning. at&t crews worked through the holiday to repair those lines and got all customers back up and running. they would not say, though, how
6:33 am
many were affected. a controversial cover on "newsweek" magazine has prompted international outrage and led to calls of a boycott. this cover depicts president obama as a hindu god. abc 7's lisa glesian has bay area reaction. >> this week's issue of "newsweek" magazine is being met with harsh criticism from hindus like this. >> i was offended. >> it was on the cover that is causing problems for members of the hindu-american foundation. it shows president obama with five arms standing on one leg with a caption reading "god of all things". the image is similar to the hindu god. >> it's become an issue of contention for many hindus who don't like their symbols being usurped or being used for other purposes. >> he is the god of creation, destruction and grace. each arm represents a different attribute. the president who was in india recently is shown trying to balance war, peace and the economy.
6:34 am
>> music should have had better sensitivity. >> the hindu foundation wants "newsweek" to apologize and explain to readers what the god symbolizes but hindus in malaysia are taking a more drastic measure. they're demanding the government remove the issue from all the country's newsstands. professor of advertising has seen the cover. she says the magazine's editor should have known better. >> i just thought what a dumb thing to do. there was many ways to express that there are many things he is balancing and he could have -- they could have expressed him something being in india without using a deity. >> "newsweek" is a global magazine and is available in several countries. american readers, meantime, had mixed reactions to this week's cover. >> wasn't even sure if it was to be about hinduism. but yeah, it looks like he's -- looks like he's juggling. >> you find this offensesive? >> yeah. >> not bothered by it.
6:35 am
>> i know they're trying to make an analogy of some kind. i don't think that it's successful and i think the person who did it didn't know what they were doing. >> "newsweek" did not return any of our phone calls or requests for a statement. lisa galisan, abc 7 news. >> tens of thousands of people are expected to rally in dublin, ireland today, to protest the tough government austerity plan. the protests called by ireland's strong labor union movement aims to organize opposition to proposed government job and spending cuts. the irish government said wednesday it expects the country's standard of living to drop. ireland's 2010 deficit running at 32% of gdp is the highest in europe since world war ii. all right, it was up, up and away for qantas airways. the australian company resumes service for the first time since an engine explosion more than three weeks ago. the flight left sydney for london this morning. airport monitors and crowds conveying a sense of business as
6:36 am
usual. qantas grounded its flights earlier this month after an engine explosion over indonesia forced an emergency return to singapore. all right. a big mess has been cleaned up where a huge tree fell on to a hayward apartment complex yesterday. the large eucalyptus toppled on to an apartment building on kelly street. it happened around 6:30 in the morning. fortunately, nobody got hurt. it appears the tree caused little or no damage to the building. no evacuations were necessary there. california citrus growers are pleaseed to see a storm front is moving in and the cold snap moving on out. their crops survived three straight subfreezing nights. in central valley, temperatures fell to an average of 28 degrees yesterday morning. the fruit can be damaged when temperatures stay that low for four hours or more so what the growers did, they ran water through their orchard and they used wind machines to keep the air circulating in order to keep the fruit juicy and not frozen. and we won't be as frozen as we were recently, right?
6:37 am
>> temperatures a lot warmer than what we were yesterday with those freezing conditions. we have 40's across the bay area and lots of rain, though, to talk about. complete accuweather forecast straight ahead. >> also, if you stick around for just a couple of minutes more, we'll show you the macy's tree in
6:38 am
6:39 am
>> good morning, everyone. let's take a look here in san francisco as you wake up and join us through the morning. you see in the background, you definitely see some wet roadways there. we do have the rain falling in parts. bay area. much more to come including snow up in the sierras. so jeff will fill you gus in on in a moment. >> four, three, two, one. >> and those were the sights and sounds as our spencer christian served as master of ceremonies for last night's macy's tree lighting in union square. the 80 foot white fir is
6:40 am
decorated with 20,000 energy efficient lights and 1500 red and gold ornaments. but today, it's all going to get a little bit rained on. >> that's right. a little bit wet right now. scattered showers throughout the bay area. will be the forecast throughout the day today so if you're heading out, excuse me, perhaps at the airport, look at some minor delays at sfo right now, flights running about 40 minutes behind schedule because of the wind and rain moving throughout the area. so keep that in mind if you're traveling that today. but this storm system is fast moving. so i'm thinking by this afternoon, to this evening, it will pretty much be out of here so for your morning, we're going to be wet. live doppler radar, doppler 7 in hd showing the scattered showers throughout the bay area right now. most of this very light precipitation but we'll occasionally get a pocket or two where it's a little heavier. you can see, perhaps, a little bit of more moderate rain going on out towards the city, we had a pretty good shower earlier this morning.
6:41 am
now some light precipitation just north, perhaps, towards south solito and a light precipitation going on. trend throughout the day today. scattered showers on and off. but if you're heading up to the mountain areas of the sierra, winter storm warning in effect. we have chain controls in effect right now for i-80. it's going to be stormy across the mountain areas. could see another foot and a half of snow by this evening. some great news for the ski resorts and our temperatures looking much better this morning. compared to the past several mornings with those 30's and freezing temperatures we've been talking about. we've got lots of 40's. still chilly, nonetheless but 46 degrees in napa to about 50 in san francisco right now. temperatures will kind of stay in the 50's throughout the day today so it will be kind of a cool, wet saturday throughout the day and the snow levels will drop about 3,000 feet so some of our area mountaintops could get a dusting of snow by tonight as the temperatures cool off once
6:42 am
again. we'll see this area of low pressure and cold front continue to push through the area throughout the day today. fast moving system so by sunday, this thing is pretty much out of here and looking like a nice sunday and nice end to the holiday weekend so after we get through today with the scattered showers and cooler continues, sunday looking much better. rain on and off throughout the day today. maybe a thunderstorm popping up as well by this evening so keep that in mind. you may see it here, a rumble of thunder or two later on today. and as i mentioned, winter storm warning in effect. foot and a half of snow out towards lake level and maybe towards 8 inches and it's going to be kind of a cool day with 50's across the area. 55 in oakland. fairfield, 53 degrees. all the area roadways are quite wet right now. san jose, hello to you. 55 degrees is the high temperature. a couple of degrees warmer than where we were yesterday. monterey bay looking kind of wet today with 55 degrees there.
6:43 am
56 in hollister. gilroy, 57 degrees. some areas in the upper 50's. a little warmer than yesterday. we'll see the sun return by tomorrow afternoon. looking pretty good. >> ok. >> so yeah, kind of wet today as you head out and get that shopping done. and the mad rush is on. >> sure is. and talk about that chance of rain you're seeing later in the week. is it looking pretty good? >> right now, not too bad. slight chance by wednesday into thursday, keep an eye on it right now. doesn't look like a very strong system. like the one we're seeing right now. >> we're in the rain mode. >> you bet. >> thanks, jeff. ok, women have broken into many careers but audio engineering is a field still very much dominated by men. a san francisco group called women's audio mission is helping put more women in that line of work. >> the force unleashed is the
6:44 am
most popular video game going to teens and young adults. this is the woman who put the instruments and sounds together to create a dramatic blend. leslie ann jones. she makes sure to always highlight her middle name. >> i think the only way i could point out i was a woman when i was on credits for records is using my middle name. >> today, she's highly respected by her peers as the director of music and scoring for skywalker sound and she was on other video games, god of war 3" and "unchartered 2." today, she encourages young women to enter the sound of sound engineering. >> to nurture self-expression in young girls will go a long way towards seeing more women in technical roles. >> that's what women's audio
6:45 am
mission is doing. promoting women and girls in the recording arts and music production. this was the only women's group attending the recent audio engineering society convention at the center. 18,000 audio professionals from all over the world attended. notice how most are men. terry winston founded the san francisco based organization in 2003. >> bring the girls in at a certain age and they're like, i didn't even know you could do this so you could actually study this? what do we do? we have the ability to tell them in high school what they can take. you need to take that. you need to take music. >> through science, they learned how sound travels and allison is an audio engineer. >> every space is different. and outdoors, very different from indoor and, you know, very concrete room is going to bounce around and high frequencies especially a lot more than a carpeted or curtained room.
6:46 am
>> a few years back, it helped land a job with grammy award performer with tracy chapman. she did live sound production. it hasn't always been easy trying to make it as an audio engineer. >> some of the older men in the field have a bit more of an issue with it and it's not always necessarily the fact that i'm a woman as much as i'm young and i'm an upstart and not known in the business. >> today, 850 women from around the world get advice from the audio mission. the demand was such that the organization decided to create an on-line training web site. >> we want this training, we can't get to you. can you come to us? we can afford to come to them. >> on the first day it was launched, women from 14 countries signed up. >> you have a small section here for the tweeter and the hard compartment for the mid bass driver on the top and
6:47 am
bottom. >> suzanne elliott is another product of women's audio mission. she works for barefoot sound, building high end studio monitors. >> i went to school for recording and i really got into tech work and building and i'm artistic and i love to work on my hands so i started with him five years ago in the basement of his house. >> the founder of the company says he wanted a woman to help build and test his speaker. >> i've had really good experience working with women. maybe sounds sexist but they seem to be more, you know, dedicated and thoughtful about their work. >> elliott believes women have a better ear for this kind of work. >> women's hearing breaks down. >> she and women's audio mission are here to change the fate of sound. in san francisco, lee an melendez, abc 7 news. >> all right. don't go away.
6:48 am
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>> some black friday shoppers found bargains at a place where discounts are very rare. the apple store joined the fray and held a one day black friday sale. apple says it's the only time all year consumers will ever see discounts on macs, ipods, iphones and ipads. >> i bought myself two ipads, o for myself and one for my brother. >> i was here to buy a christmas present for me. i worked hard all year. there it is. >> what is that? >> a nano. >> some british tourists told
6:51 am
abc 7 they found apple products at lower prices here in the u.s. than they can find at home. unfortunately, apple's sale ended at midnight. if you're ordering holiday gifts on line, it's certainly more convenient but watch out or you could end up with sticker shock. americans spend more than $27 billion on line last season. and there's no question there are some good bargains on line. but there can also be drawbacks. 7 on your side's michael finny tackles a big one. those hefty shipping charges that can really inflate your bills. >> when marian kaufman went on line to send her grandson a $45 gift, the cost to send it came as a shock. >> the shipping cost was almost $16 plus $5 something for tax. and i was astounded! >> "consumer reports" money advisor says there are a number of ways to avoid monsterous shipping charges. >> there are sites that offer free or low cost shipping. check for those before you start
6:52 am
shopping. some offer free shipping both ways even if you decide to return an item. >> another site that's worth trying is type in the name of the store and then you can see whether there are coupon codes you can use at the store's web site to save on shipping. and then some web sites will ship for free but not always to your house. lets you shop at its site and offers free shopping to a wal-mart store where you can pick up your purchase. borders and best buy do it, too. and if there's a must have infomercial product on your list, beware of the shipping costs. >> now the awesome auger is yours for $19.99 plus shipping and processing. >> those shipping fees listed as separate p&h are tacked on to each item in this offer clung the bonus drill. in the end, they boosted the bill to more than $56. that's more than double the cost and a lesson to be learned from
6:53 am
marian. shop early to avoid sending last minute gifts to family and friends when shipping costs are at their highest. direct marketing association says shipping charges are the main reason shoppers don't finish checking out on line. if you think you've been charged shipping fees that are too high or misleading, let me know about it. go to >> big name stars hit the big screen in a sexy movie this weekend. don sanchez reviews "burlesque."
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> nobody in california picked those numbers correctly so the jackpot is expected to roll over
6:56 am
to an estimated $52 million for tuesday's drawing. in theaters this weekend, christina aguilera makes her big screen debut with cher. it's a musical called "burlesque." but is it worth your time and money? abc 7's arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez is on the aisle. >> oh, showbiz. stop me if you've heard this one before. girl leaves small iowa town for the bright lights. it's holiday, sunset strip and a club called burlesque. >> i've never seen anything like this before! >> great enthusiastic. terrible timing. >> she has to work there. try convincing the owner played by cher who is a great singer but a lousy businesswoman late on a loan, the place is going to be closed. but christina gets hired and one night -- >> ♪ oh oh ♪ >> she can sing, too. enter stardom. now, cher is an icon, a diva but
6:57 am
her look is best described as different? she shows christina how to put on make-up. this is the quickest lipstick application in history. and what about the man of her dreams? there's the bartender who is also a songwriter and eric dane, a wealthy real estate developer wants to buy the club. who will she choose? oh, please! some of the dialogue is dopey. but stanley tucci as the gay stage manager steals every scene he's in. >> and remember, with that, don't pull the trigger. >> ♪ cold and crazy world >> it is campy and cliched. a throwback to the old movie musicals of the 1930's. these play like mtv music videos. you can't tell if they're posing or dancing. it's not that bad but it is silly and predictable. the music is loud but then so are the costumes. might want to wear a boa when you go see it. i'm in a generous holiday mood and i give "burlesque" a little less than half a bucket. we'll see you on the aisle.
6:58 am
>> regardless of what movie you decide to go see, it might be nice to head indoors with the rain, right? >> today might be a good day to catch the movie, that's for sure. going to be a rainy saturday out there. live doppler 7 in hd shows some rain just off the coast beginning to move on shore so we will see showers on and off throughout the day today. and kind of cool. only in the upper 40's to low to mid 50's so break out the rain gear as you do that shopping today. >> ok. thanks, jeff. and thanks, as always, everyone for joining us. our next newscast starts at 8:00 this morning. for jeff martinez and i'm theresa garcia, have a great theresa garcia, have a great weekekekekekekekekekekekekekekek
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