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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  November 27, 2010 8:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, i'm teresa garcia. the rain will soon replace the chill front at san jose, christmas in the park. we'll get to that video in a minute. it's about to get warmer. the rain will mean more snow in the sierra where they've had ten feet over the past week. so now is the time to check in with jeff martinez, what can we expect the second half of the holiday weekend? >> hi, there. a stormy part of the weekend but you are talking about the snow in the sierra. check the web cams toward truck key and whiteout conditions,
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chain controls in effect if you are heading up to lake tahoe. they could see another foot and a half of snow in the mountains. all part of the latest storm system. cold front pushes through at this hour. bapdz of rain and scattered showers some being heavy at times. coming up in a few minutes, i'll show where the rain is falling and what to expect coming up. topping our news this morning, a somali more than teenager is being held in oregon in a bombing attempt. they arrested a naturalized u.s. citizen. he dialed a number on cell phone that he expected his call to blow up a van packed with explosives at a crowded christmas tree lighting ceremony in downtown portland. instead his call needs his
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arrested. had he begin the sting operation of learning mohammad's contacts with associates in pakistan. >> oakland is set to be the first city to offer municipal i.d. cards that will double as a debit cards. the card will be available to undocumented immigrants and the city's poor. with this card those without bank accounts will be free to having carry a large amounts of cash. >> we have newly released audio of a brothers that survived a tiger attack three years ago. the san francisco examiner obtained tapes of the interview that happened on december 25, 2007 right after a tiger escaped and killed the brother's friend. throughout the interview they
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did nothing to provoke the tiger. >> no, we were just looking and we were walking away and it starred to jump at us. >> you didn't talk to the tigers? sometimes they just lay there and you didn't try to get their attention or that type of thing? >> no. >> did you throw anything at them, nachos or any food? >> no. >> the brothers and frchbd were sharing a plate of nachos before the attack. they repeatedly asked them whether they tried to lure them with food, something the brothers denied. >> abc news learned that donna grath may have been targeted by her accused killer and new alarms that they have been given
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don't work properly. >> donna gross was strangled october 23rd on the grounds of the hospital forensics unit. her accused killer is jess massey convicted of slit ago woman's throat. he was roaming outside his unit after getting what is called a ground pass. we have learned that he may have targeted gross. three days after the murder, another patient reported that massey had told him he was going to kill that staff person but i didn't believe him. the patient said the staff person was pulling his ground card and stuff. >> if you are the one who has to discipline somebody, you are the main focus, they are angry at you. >> johnson has been a psych tech at napa state for some years. >> we are in fear everyday. they get more and more violent.
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>> we have also learned two weeks before the murder, supervisors were told that massey had threatened another worker. massey said, i can just kill you i have done it before. crystal johnson was attacked by a violent patient. >> he grabbed my neck and pulled me a room. >> she set off an alarm that sets off sirens and alarms in the building. >> the alarm had been going off forever. >> nobody responded? >> nobody knew i was in the danger. >> this was the same alarm donna gross set off. workers tell us they don't work outside buildings but it did go off in a nearby kitchen and was reported as a false alarm. johnson says the hon distributed this new alarm meant to work outside the grounds.
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this one triggers a loud sound but johnson says it's not loud enough. >> the grounds of the hospital are huge. the workers that are on the units, the likelihood of hearing this alarm when you are out the grounds is not that great. >> the sound is muscled even more. crystal johnson and other workers we spoke with say they don't feel safer with the new alarms. they tell us they want more police on the premises and better security systems. we called napa state for a response and our calls were not returned. power is back on this morning in east oakland after street violence set off a chain of events. it ended with a power out aj at the mall. a shooting left one grazed in the head. the crash brought down a utility pole and knocked out power.
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there were two vehicles involved. one overturned injuring three people. >> marin county woman is thankful to be home this weekend after being trapped in haiti. earlier this month, the roads and airports were shut down due to an uprising in the streets and was connected to a power outage. she is sharing her story with lilian kim. >> you could see all the broken glass. >> she just returned from haiti. she was there for three weeks during the outbreak and riots that followed. this is video she shot of, angry over the outbreak of cholera and several days of unrest in haiti. >> it was stressful, but i never felt like i had to worry where i
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was. if i had left the hotel, then, yes. >> this was her 11th trip to haiti. she teaches growing livestock. the first trip coincided with the earthquake in january. the fact that the country was to deal with cholera the same year was devastating. >> they were comparing to it january where we saw 230,000 people die in 35 seconds. when i was there for that, that really impacted everybody. i felt that is where they were coming from. >> marion is thankful she is home but she plans the return to haiti. her volunteer work has led to much progress. >> i think i have to be a knack to be right smack in the middle
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of it. i would like to avoid that. but i never felt my life is in jeopardy. >> lilian tells us that they haven't booked her next trip to haiti but next week she heads to washington, d.c. to be recognized. she will receive a presidential service award. >> protestors in south korea are demanding their government take a tougher stance against north korea. demonstrators clashed with police trying to disperse the angry crowd by hosing them with water. they are angry at what they see as the government's weak response. the attack on a south korean island where four people were killed. the demonstrations come a day
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before south korea and the u.s. are to begin joint maneuvers in the yellow sea. >> president obama is on the mend this morning after getting hurt in a very physical game of basketball yesterday. he was on defense in full court, five on five game, when an opponent elbowed him in the lower lip. he needed 12 stitches. he was fouled by an executive with the congressional hispanic instituted who called the president a tough competitor and a good sport. >> black friday shoppers get bumps and bruises. we're going to show you the northern california wal-mart store where deputies had to be called in to keep the peace. >> and a target store, had problems just before the doors open. can you still get bargain prices? we'll let
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so far, so good for retailers this holiday season, preliminary reports suggest bigger crowds at more stores but consumers to be right along the national trend. amy hollyfield has more on the spending experience. >> walking through union square, it was so crowded with people. many came to see the tree lighting ceremony. >> it's good. it's happy. >> but the real draw was black friday. >> we started in sacramento and we came out here, we started shopping. >> getting an early start paid off. most of the toys that were on
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sale at toys 'r' us were gone. >> we weren't able to get everything we wanted but we were abe to find some of things. >> despite the hassles we didn't hear a lot of complaints. it was a good day. >> there was a lot of women but a lot of money that were here weren't here by choice. >> my wife dragged me out yesterday. oh, man, crowded. >> added to the mix, critical mass, group bicycle ride that takes over the streets once a month in san francisco. they made it through union square once but just as the thousands were leaving the bicyclists tried to come through again. police blocked them and many of crowds supported that decision. >> if you missed the deals on black friday. don't worry some stores are
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promising new mark downs through the weekend that weren't available. >> it wasn't all smooth sailing, shoppers at a sablg to wal-mart that got so rowdy, that sheriff's deputies evacuated the store. they were allowed back in a dozen at a time. they blamed the store not having enough security guards. >> one shop was injured in buffalo, new york. the melee started outside when the people waiting in the cold begin getting frustrated with each other. >> at this wal-mart. a blackout postponed their opening by four hours. they extended early-bird deals to make up for it. >> storm cities moved and it's
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really coming down here in the city and most areas around the bay seeing rain. the sun is trying to peek through the clouds. beautiful stuff looking back to the city. we've had a pretty good down pour and expecting more rain today. i'll tell you all about it in a few minutes. >> and thanksgiving is now leftovers so bring in a new set of holiday decorations. the official white house christmas tree. the saying "easy as pie," i get it now.
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for thisecipe and more, visit goo good morning, it's 8:19. this thanksgiving holiday weekend. what a beautiful shot we're sharing with you, live camera shot looking back to the city of san francisco. indeed, we got the sun trying to peek through but the clouds cover, too. we have rain spots and meteorologist jeff martinez will talk more about where we're headed for the rest of the weather. >> a horse drawn carriage delivered the official white house christmas tree. first lady michelle obama and daughters were there to accept it. it was grown on a pennsylvania farm about 80 miles from pennsylvania. tree will be the main holiday attraction in the blue room.
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we're talking about christmas trees, if you are head touted get one today, you better have your rain gear. >> bundle up, it's been raining out there. you look outside and pouring in the city along the embarcadero. i'm expecting go more of that, scattered showers and snow in the mountains. check this out. live heavenly cam and die-hard skiers braving the elements. winds are gusting, snow is falling and winter storm warnings in effect for lake tahoe. travel is difficult in the sierra. chain controls on i-80 and highway 50. so look out if you are heading up to the mountains today. it's going to be a doozy as they say. embarcadero, very soggy, we did see a few showers roll through the area and we can expect more of that throughout the day today. one thing that has changed, our temperatures, remember yesterday and all of last week, we're
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talking about 30 degree temperatures, freezing conditions across the area. we have lots of who's. more milder air mass moving in with the rain. that is good news for all the farmers out in the valley areas. no freezing temperatures this morning, looking for the same trend the next couple of days. our live doppler 7 hd showing the showers continuing to push onshore. that will be the trend. we're stuck with the storm system for one day. its fast moving system and by tomorrow, we're looking for sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. good news, fast moving storm system once we get through today. out in the east bay, light to moderate rain, all this pushing out to the east. concord and san leandro and down to the south, stronger cells out to the east of fremont. kind of wave after wave moving onshore. we may see a thunderstorm pop up
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by this afternoon in the north bay. as we saw with the heavenly cam, coming down around the mountains. here it is. storm system wound up in the pacific moving onshore. cool front. its fast moving system, by this afternoon most of the rain will start to taper off. heaviest showers, starting at 9:00 around noon. scattered showers developing in the afternoon hours. you notice by 7:00, it starts to dissipate a little bit and we'll start a clearing trend by sunday morning. up to three-quarters of an inch to an inch. high temperatures a few degrees warmer than we had yesterday but it won't feel that way with the clouds and soggy conditions out to monterey, 55 in morgan hill. 55 in monterey with scattered showers.
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some of those moderate at times. accu-weather seven-day forecast, shows the of rain today, gone by tomorrow afternoon. it's looking okay. it will be a cool day sunday, cool front will leave the temperatures in the lower 50s, maybe another chance for wednesday and thursday, but doesn't look very impressive right now. but a stormy november with all the sierra snow and freezing temperatures. >> it feels like winter. >> thanks, jeff. we'll turn to sports because it was university of reno knocks out a nationally ranked contender. good morning. warriors will get david lee back and that is good news, infection in his arm has been handled. he could rejoin the team in minnesota. on the season a one man gang, rudy gay off the mitd, with
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authority. memphis up nine at the half. it goes in. 28 points, 21 boards. with a drive and finish, golden state within 3. seven seconds and here is the tie warriors fall. >> sharks playing the canucks. down 1-0 and thornton, tied at 1. but all vancouver. sharks very sloppy no chance, point blank. 6-1. >> boise state playing with the big boys but they ran into a buzz saw. reno 911. wolfpack has never beaten boise
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before. moore hits martin and what looks like a harmless one, first of three, makes another guy miss. 79 yards. his third touchdown of the game. 31-24 broncos. rolling and hitting reshard matthews. and high he airs it out with a diving catch. and missed another field goal. nevada anthony martinez good for 34. nevada shocked boise state 34-31. >> top ranked oregon hosting arizona, ducks are down at the half, but they cannot be contained. josh huff exploding, 85 yards, ducks share of the pac-10 title,
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48-29. number two auburn trails alabama 21-0. he rallies the tigers and this was the game winner 28-27. heading to the championship. college basketball, cal and notre dame in orlando, golden bears made two of 25 shots in the first half. two of 25. they scored five points total at halftime. they got 39 in the second half but is not nearly enough. cal falls 57-44. stanford and tulsa, first half, here is a hook inside. this guy can play and that hurts so good. tulsa a winner. south padre island invitational
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and all gales, this is 18 points and st. mary's up big at the break. till williams had a game high 20. st. mary's, 88-68 and move on to face byu. we have college football this afternoon, usc versus notre dame followed by after the game. hope to see you then. news week cover depicting president obama has generated anger. plus how federal agents managed
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good morning, a somali born teenager is being held in trying
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to out a bombing attack in downtown portland. they arrested him a naturalized u.s. citizen happening in an undercover. he expected to blow up a van in a crowded christmas ceremony but his call ended with his arrest by alert go authorities. authorities started the sting operation of learning mohammad's contacts with associates in pakistan. the turn lens in san jose had to be evacuated because of a strong smell initially thought to be a gas leak. they spent 40 minutes out of the museum where a hazardous materials team checked out the odor. they used bromide to keep it sanitary but some of the bromide
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got into the ventilation system and that triggered a precautionary evacuation. >> they are checking for vandalism that cut off service to customers over the holidays. a spokesperson that lines were cut in 15 different locations causing the loss of internet service to customers in walnut creek, orinda and morgan hill at&t crews worked to repair the lines and got the customers back up and running. >> now a controversial cover on news week has prompted international outrage. the cover depicts president obama as a hindu god. lisa amin gulezian has bay area reaction. >> this week's issue of newsweek magazine is being met with harsh criticism from hindus.
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>> it's what is on the cover. it is shows him five arms standing one leg, god of all things. the image is similar to the hindu god. >> it's an issue of contention who don't like the symbols to be used for other purposes. >> it's had got of creation and grace. each arm represents a different attribute. he is trying to balance war, peace and the economy. >> they want news week to apologize and to explain to readers what the god symbolizes but behind dues in malaysia, they are demanding it to remove it from all the newsstands they have seen the cover and she says the magazine's editor should have known better.
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>> what a dumb thing to do. there are many ways to express many things she balancing. they could have expressed him about using many different things. >> news week is a global magazine and is available in several countries. american readers had mixed reaction. >> it looks like he is juggling. >> i know they are trying to make an analogy of some kind but i don't think it's successful and i don't think the person knew what they were doing. >> news week did not return our phone calls or a request for a statement. a big mess has been cleaned occupy where where a huge tree fell on to an apartment complex. this large tree fell on an apartment building around 6:30 in the morning.
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fortunately nobody got hurt. and the tree did little damage to the building. no evacuations were necessary. >> california citrus growers are pleased that a warm front is coming in and cold front is moving out. temperatures fell to an average of 28 degrees yesterday morning. the fruit can be damaged when their temperatures stay that low for four hours or more. so the growers ran water through the orchards and kept wind machines to keep the air circulating. it's going to feel a little wet. >> it was coming down this morning. the trend all morning long in the afternoon will be scattered showers and maybe a little sunshine. that is the emeryville cam and maybe a peek between the clouds. we'll talk about that, show you live doppler radar and high definition and have your weekend
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forecast in just a few minutes. >> if you stick around for a couple of minutes, we'll brighten your tv screen as we
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good morning, 8:37. take a live look at transamerica building here in san francisco. a bit cloudy and heavy showers outside. jeff is going to talk more about the weather and where else we can expect the amount of rain we're going to get through the weekend. >> we are lighting up your screen. we'll show you our spencer christian served lighting
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ceremony. it's a white fir and 1500 red and gold ornaments. beautiful sight. >> women have broken into many careers but audio engineers is dominated by men. there is san francisco group called women's audio group and lyanne melendez explains how. >> reporter: star wars, this is most popular video game sold to teens. this is the woman who put the voices and sounds together to create a dramatic blend. leslie anne jones. she highlights her middle name. >> the only way i could really point out that i was a woman by using my middle name. >> today she is highly respected by her peers at director of
8:39 am
music recording and scoring with sky walker sound. she was on the music team for other video games. today she encourages young women to enter the field of sound engineering. >> the ability to nurture the self-expression in young girls will go a long ways to getting more women in technical roles. ♪ >> that is what women's audio mission is doing. promoting women and girls like the group in the recording arts and music pronunciation. this was the only women's group attending the society convention at moscone center. s8g,000 audio professionals from all over the world attended. terry winston founded the san francisco based organization in 2003. >> we bring the girls in at a certain age.
8:40 am
they are like, i didn't know you could do this. we have the ability to do this. >> through science they learn how sound travels and allison is an audio engineer. >> every situation is different. outdoors is different from indoors. concrete room is going to bounce around. >> a few years back, women's audio mission helped her get a job with grammy award performer tracy chapman. it hasn't always been easy to make it as an audio engineer. >> some of the older men in the field have a bit more of an issue with it. it's not always necessary the fact that i'm a woman because i'm young and upstart and not known in the business. >> 850 women from around the
8:41 am
world get advice. the demand was such that the organization decided to create an online training website. >> we want to train them. we can offer this on online. >> on the first day it was launched, women from 14 countries signed up. >> then you have a small section here, which is this and you have a compartment. >> suzanne elliot is another product. she works for bare foot sound building high end monitors. >> i went to school for recording an i got into the tech work. i liked to work with my hand. i started it five years ago in a basement of a house. >> the founder of a company said he wanted a woman to build and
8:42 am
test his speaker. >> i have had a good experience working with women. they seem to be more dedicated and thoughtful about their work. >> they believe that they may have a better ear for this kind of work. >> she and women's audio mission want to change the face of songs >> good story. >> good day for looking music inside. >> you will be hearing the raindrops. this morning it was coming down in the city. that what we're going to see all morning long into the afternoon and then start to clear things up by tomorrow. if you are hitting the slopes, check this out. heavenly cam, it's really coming down. it's cleared up a little bit.
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they are giving it all, wind and snow, winter storm warning for the sierra. they could see a foot and a half of snow. great start to the season with more than ten feet of snow this month alone. great news there. golden gate moving good and you want to slow down and some of those downpours could make travel difficult. sfo reporting about 40 minute delay because of the wind and rain. if you have travel plans the airports, may be call ahead but temperatures not quite as cool as what we've seen with the freezing conditions this week. showers on and off, snow levels down to 3,000 feet. things clear out nicely by tomorrow afternoon looking for sunshine. we'll end the holiday weekend with some sunshine and nice conditions. just got to get through today
8:44 am
with a little bit of rain on and off. temperatures in the 40s. yesterday morning we're talking about lower 30s and freezing conditions. i know we set a few records here and there. live doppler radar, showers continue to move on shore. that is what i'm expecting through a good part of the morning. we'll see wave after wave. most of this fairly light but notice around gilroy and down to the south bay and east bay that is, more moderate showers. you get a cell that really starts to pick up. right now it's clearing out a little bit. no precipitation going on here in the city. down to the south and east, definitely precipitation happening and rain, maybe see a thunderstorm pop up this afternoon as the system continues to move to the eat. we'll get colder air aloft and create instability. we may see a rumble of thunder
8:45 am
around the bay. chain controls in effect. by tomorrow if you are heading back from lake tahoe. sunday is looking good. this is a fast moving system. as you can see right here by 9:00, this morning, showers continue on and off throughout the area and by this afternoon things start to clear out this evening. temperatures will be in the 50s in most areas. mid-50s to about 55 degrees in monterey bay. 57 in gilroy. accu-weather seven-day forecast again, more sunshine expected. so fast moving system but if you are heading to the mountains, look out, i-80 is a mess right now. chain controls. enjoy your holiday weekend. >> but heading back home tomorrow they'll get around
8:46 am
that? >> that's right. i think they'll have a chance to clean the roads. and every day they are bomb bar frd rocks from outerspace. a few make it through the atmosphere to the earth's surface. why scientists want to get a hand on these meteorites. >> rarely are the shooting stars captured on camera providing a spectacular sight for scientists. they are clues to some of life's biggest mysteries. >> one of the basic questions, how did life begin. the a answer may be tied up in studies of meteor. it's scientists sally elevate over them because they may have the building blocks to life on earth.
8:47 am
>> they may have some organic material associated with them. this material would be amongst the material to the early earth. >> but getting your hands on these rocks is not easy, most burn up before they reach the ground. >> as the rock comes into the earth's atmosphere, it's moving ten seems the speed of sound. they have set up a sophisticated set of cameras and radar systems hoping and waving to win the cosmic lottery. >> there is no other network that looks at a single meteor. >> after years of waiting a gift. >> i heard a loud crash. >> a golf ball-sized meet your right came in range of the cameras. >> it came in this angle here.
8:48 am
now using a three 3-d scanner. they will try to unlock the space capsule. >> they are wonderful examples of a poor man's space probe, they allow us to have samples from the heavens, samples from the moon and samples from the moon. these are delivered to us on the earth without a cost of having to prepare a mission. >> are we alone in the universe. with every one that reaches the ground we get one step closer to answering all the questions. don't go away. up next we'll talk to you about cyber monday and also the shopping. before you click and buy, we'll give you words of caution to [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread
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you could end up with sticker shot. americans spent $27 billion last holiday season and there is no question there are good bargains on line but there could be drawbacks. michael finney tackles the hefty shipping charges. >> when mary went on line to send her grandson to send him a gift, it came as shock. >> it's $16 and five for tax. >> the consumer reports says there is number of ways to avoid the shipping charges. >> some sites, free, low cost shipping. check for those. some offer free shipping both
8:52 am
ways, even if you decide to return an item. >> another site that is worth trying free you type in the name of store and if there is coupons to save on shipping. on some wines will ship for free but not always to your house. wal-mart let's you shop and offers free shipping to a wal-mart store. borders and best buy do it, too. if there is must have product on the list beware of the cost. >> those shipping fees listed as separate h and h are tacked on to each item in this offer including the bonus drill. in the end they boosted the bill to more than $56, that more than double the cost of the 19.99 product. a lesson to than learned from marion, shop early to avoid
8:53 am
sending last minute costs when shipping costs are their highest. >> they say the cost of shipping charges are the main reason that shoppers don't finish checking out on line. if you think you have been charged shipping fees that are misleading, let me know about it. big name stars hit the big screen in very sexy movie this weekend. next is don sanchez.
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[ female announcer ] do you have enough crescents? with cinnabon cinnamon have such a sweet and delicious aroma that my family can't wait to get their hands on them. enjoy cinnabon cinnamon... now in all pillsbury cinnamon rolls. here they are, winning numbers from last night's winning mega million lotto draw. mega number is 8 but sorry nobody in california picked all six numbers correctly so the jackpot is expected to roll over to $52 million for tuesday's
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drawing. in theaters this weekend, christina aguilera makes her debut with cher. its musical called burr lechk but is it worth your time and money. don sanchez tells us all about it on the aisle. ♪ >> show biz. you've heard this one before. girl leaves small town, goes to sun set strip in a club called burlesque. >> she has to work there. played by cher who is a great singer but a lousy businesswoman christina gets tired and one night..., she can sing, too. cher is an icon and a diva, but
8:57 am
it's different. she shows cries christina how to put on makeup. the man of her dreams and eric dane wants to buy the club, who will she chaos? please. but some of the clog. >> and remember that, don't pull the trigger. ♪ >> it is campy and cliche a throw back to the old movies but these play like mtv videos. it's quick edits and you can't tell if they are posing or dancing. you might want to wear something else. i give burlesque less than half a bucket. we'll see you on the aisle.
8:58 am
regardless of what movie you would like to see. the rain. >> it will be a good day with all the rain still happening. scattered showers from ukiah down to san jose and salinas. scattered showers on and off. some will had be moderate, maybe a thunderstorm popping up. and then we're looking at good sunday. >> thanks for joining us. next newscast starts at 5:00 tonight. i'm teresa garcia, have a great weekend.
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