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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  November 27, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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next at 4:00, on the heels of black friday. small businesses around the bay area are hoping today will be their day. police foil a plot to detonate a car bomb at portland, oregon's, downtown treelighting ceremony,
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and the tiger attack police taped. the brothers attack at the san francisco zoo three years ago describing what they claim happened. >> alan: good afternoon everyone. early results are in from black friday. traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year, and retailers say their seeing encouraging signs. sales were up 4% over the same time period a year ago. 33% of consumers bought items for themes on black friday compared to 26% during a normal holiday period. today the emphasis is on neighborhood businesses in what's been called small business saturday. lisa amin gulezian is live in martinez where small business owners banded together today. >> reporter: you know, it's been raining off and on all day long
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here at downtown martinez, which is not ideal for outdoor shopping, but small business owners were hoping shoppers would come out anyway and spend. small business owners had high hopes for today. >> small business saturday. >> reporter: the launch of a nationwideert to effort to get people out of the malls and into their neighborhood reports and shops. >> makes people aware they should support their local businesses. >> reporter: retailers need the extra boost, even though consumers are expected to spend 4% more this holiday than last year. many people are still opting for the big box stores. union square was packed. downtown martinez, filled with boutiques and an keep stores, was not. >> the expectation is it would catch on. i new once i saw the weather report it would hamper the turnout. >> reporter: martinez is one of the few bay area cities where small businesses united for the day. they posted signs and
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offered special saturday discounts. but foot traffic was very light. >> the rain has put a damper on it. but so far, still early. >> reporter: there are shoppers buying into the concept. mostly because of the selection service. small businesses are promoting unique gifts. >> everyone loves these. >> reporter: many are offering free gift wrapping. the hope is that the little things might set them apart from major chains and make a difference. >> gifts are more unique and less commonplace, interesting things, handmade things, that are sold in local shops you might not find at a macy's. >> i'd like to support the businesses around here, and this is our specialty stores. great products. >> reporter: some shoppers go where the price is right. >> big stores have better discounts because they buy bigger and pass on the savings
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to consumers. >> don't think it's much more expensive to come here. >> reporter: martinez does want to make this downtown joint effort extra a tradition. they hope the small business saturday catches on and becomes a success in the next few years. lisa amin gulezian lease. >> alan: a lot of shoppers who skipped the crowds on black friday gave online merchants a boost. the web research company says online shoppers spent 12% more than last year with the average order rising to $190. online shopping made up to 28 to -- 8 to 10% of holiday shopping. >> a santa clara based security company macafee has listed the top holiday shopping scams. they include offers of free ipads and usually end with charges to your cell phone that cost you $10 a week, and the,
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help, i've been robbed scam." you receive a phony e-mail mat appears to be from a friend asking for money, and fake offers trying got to your personal information. across the bay area, it's been cold and rainy, but the shoppers have been ignoring the weather as they sayre row in on the bargains. this is emeryville where stores are seal -- seeing a healthy crowd. >> leigh: as the cold front moved through this morning, and now we have lingering showers behind this system. you can see live doppler 7 hd picking up bands of moisture moving across the bay area. santa rosa, picking up some moderate rain there up towards the cloverdale area. and also fremont, livermore, at -- this is sweeping from north to south so will move in a southerly direction. and fremont, down to milpitas,
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while we're enjoying some breaks in the overcast, for the sierra, getting hit with moderate smowfl. truckee to south lake tahoe, picking up bands of snow. this will dissipate during the course of the evening. we have the accuweather seven day forecast coming. >> alan: a 19-year-old college student is accused of trying to bomb last night's annual christmas tree lighting ceremony no portland, oregon. the suspect detonated fake explosives supplied to him by undercover agents in a spot where he thought it would cost the maximum number of casualties. >> reporter: authorities say thisdown face, mohamed mahmoud was determined to kill innocent people in portland's annual christmas tree lighting
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ceremony. the student was taken into custody near a van loaded with what he thought were live explosives. that in reality were dispaik given to him by undercover agents posing as militants. sergeant pete simpson says the public was never in the danger. >> a lot of eyes were their make sure the operation swept off successfully. >> reporter: according to police, the suspect reached out for help from terrorists overseas, and say he appeared to care little about casualties. >> even when undercover agents tell him there will be children there with their families, he is undeterred. fine with him. >> reporter: police say people should be alert, even in an area like portland, which is viewed as safe. >> last night's arrest and the investigation shows it can happen anywhere in the united states. >> reporter: the suspect allegedly even mentioned oregon would be a good opportunity precisely because it's seen as
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lower profile. mahmoud is expected to make his first appearance in court on monday. >> alan: advocates of the second amendment right to carry guns took their campaign to a restaurant in pleasant hill today. members of the carryout group brought unloaded semiautomatic pistols. they were met by supporters of the brady campaign to prevent gun violence. it's part of the national rifle association's program to arm every american. >> educating them about the ability for them to hopefully carry a firearm that is unloaded on their person for the purpose of self-defense should they be face with a violent encounter. >> even though people have right to their self-defense, i think that people certainly -- and communities can make sensible gun laws. >> alan: the brady campaign has been successful in getting other bay area chains like pete's
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coffee and california pizza kitchen to adopt a no-guns policy in their stores. much more ahead including new high-tech efforts to rescue one of california's most important crops from unusually cold temperatures. first, the controversial cover of the news week
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for a limited time, smartphones talk free. add any smartphone to a family shareplan
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and share minutes for free. >> alan: the controversial cover on newsweek magazine is igniting international outrage and a call for a boycott. it depicts president obama as a hindu god. >> this week's issue of newsweek magazine is being met with harsh
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criticism from hindus. >> it was on the cover that is causing problems for members of the hindu american foundation. it shows president obama with five arms, standing on one leg, with a congress -- caption reading, god is all things. >> it's become an issue of contention for many hindus who don't like their symbols being used for other purposes. >> the god of destruction, and grace, each arm is a different attribute. the president is showing trying to balance war, peace, and the economy. >> should have better sensitive. >> the hindu american foundation wants newsweek to apologize and explain to leaders what the god symbolized. hindus in ma malaysia-demanding it's removed from muss stand. a professor of advertising has seen the cover. she says the magazine's editors
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should have known better. >> just thought, what a dumb thing to do. many ways to express that there are many things he is balancing, and he could have express -- they could have expressed something about him being in india without using the day -- >> newsweek is available in several countries. american readers had mixed reactions to the cover. >> wasn't even sure if it was supposed to be about hinduism. but looks like he is juggling. >> do you find this offensive? >> yes. >> i know they're trying to make an install and the person who did it didn't know what they were doing. >> reporter: newsweek did not return a phone call or request for statement. >> alan: california citrus growers spend another night
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trying to protect their fruit. the strongest defense, high-tech wind machines that are saving them money. >> reporter: the central valley citrus crop survived a frost in night. this is fresno county this morning. down in tour tulare he kept his citrus warm using this technology. >> idle and then starts up. it's all hydraulic clutch, works automatically. >> reporter: thermometer in the field tells the field to turn on when it hits 29.4 degrees and turn off when the ochard is a safe 32 degrees. each of these wind minnesota costs $33,000. about ten grand more than the ones that operate manually. he says he saves money every night it gets cold. >> in fuel costs alone i'm saving a third to a half. they do that good of a job of
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monitoring temperatures. >> reporter: hill has 27 of these high-tech wind machines. he says they'll pay themselves off in the next three to five years. it's priceless reassurance that the mandarins and lemons will survive. >> lemons are my biggest concern, they're low in suing and are damaged easily. >> reporter: with last night's temperatures lower than the night before they still spent the night wide awake, mobber toking the -- monitoring the machines, temperatures and crops. everything survived. in fact the cold weather helped their fruit reach their potential. the weather makes for a thicker skin, gives the citrus a nice color and makes the tree stronger. >> puts the tree in a semi-dormant state so you don't get as much tissue damage. >> alan: growers are still concerned about the rest of the winter. they're worry that dry, dangerously to temperatures
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could return before harvest time. in the sierra, row seerts -- resorts are enjoying the best early skiing season in decades. in heavenly valley, rain turned into snow this afternoon, and skiers and snowboarders have been packing the slopes. all of the major resorts in lake tahoe have most of their lifts open. up to ten feet of snow has already fallen over the last week, with more on the way. talk more about that, meteorologist leigh glaser. having a good year. >> leigh: good start to the year. never know what dem and january will bring. a lot of sun up there in the sierras. a little nor snow tonight, and then brilliant sunshine expected tomorrow. speaking of sunshine, we bring you back to the bay area. high definition east bay cam looking over the bay. you can see we had definitely some breaks in the overcast off and on today after the cold front moved through earlier this morning. we still have a few lingering showers as you can see on live
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doppler 7 hd. just going through a pretty heavy rain event. all of that heading down south. st. helena, you'll see this. and towards the east bay, year also seeing a little light rain as well. 49 in oakland, 49 in livermore, as well as fremont. 53 in san jose. highlights for you. decreasing showers overnight. a breezy and cool day for our sunday. and get ready as we get into sunday night, monday morning, cold temperatures will return to the bay area. where those clear skies occur tonight, temperatures will bottom out. so we look for temperatures near freezing for napa, santa rosa, 45 degrees expected in san francisco, decreasing showers there. antioch 39, and 35 for
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livermore. here's the story. the confront moved -- cold front moved through earlier in the day. you can see a few of those scattered showers, and as those goes to the east, the showers will be decreasing overnight and partly cloudy conditions tomorrow. here it is. some of the showers as our forecast model suggests, as we head towards the course of the evening, by 11:00 tonight, most of the wet moisture has moved out and the dryer air mass is over the bay area, and sunday maybe a few showers off the coast. otherwise get ready for partly cloudy conditions. here's a look at the temperatures for your sunday. 55 for san jose, 57 for cupertino. 54 for half hoop -- half moon bay. san francisco, sun and clouds, 54. daly city, 53. the northwesterly winds kick up late in the day so get ready for breezy conditions. 55 for sonoma.
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oakland, 56. 55 for the castro valley area. interior east bay, breezy conditions, especially in the livermore valley area. 55, walnut creek. gilroy, 57 degrees. cold night. will move in early monday morning and tuesday morning, temperatures near 30 degrees. cover those plants, bring the pets in as well. temperatures start to warm up a bit, into the mid-to-upper 50s. next chance of showers in the north bay, and all see rain on thursday, showers friday and saturday. >> alan: on to shu. last game of the season for all the conditionals. >> mike: college football facing rivalry weekend. and that included the cal bears that need a win to become bowl eligible for the eighth straight season. washington had something to say
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>> mike: the cal bears are playing their final game in 87 year memorial stadium. a lot on the line. both teams need wins to become bowl eligible. a victory over the huskies would be a great final memory amp wet and windy day made for a sparse
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crowd, 44,000, the uneventful first half, the 53-yarder down the middle with room to spare. cal leads 3-0 at the half. huskies, first's of the second half. goodwin races 880ars for the lead. the strip, cam -- jordan with the scoop and the score. then tied at 10. the huskies get it to the one yard line with two second left. they go for it instead of the tie, and chris paul, game over. 16-13 the final. cal finishes the season 5-7 and will not make a bowl game. >> lsu looking to move up with the boise loss to nevada. ridley breaking tackles, he is in. second score of the game.
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game tied at 14. arkansas, not take agony. mallot to hamilton. and he is gone. raiserbacks, 21-14 at the half in the fourth, 21-20. this time mallet. now makes it 28-20 hogs. arkansas upsets lsu. 31-23, that final. top of the hour, notre dame and usc after the game, we have highlights from around the nation, including stanford and oregon state. nfl office has find the denver broncos and their coach 50 grand each because the video director filmed the 49ers practice in london. he took a six-minute video, presented it to mcdaniels who declined to view it. they're both poet jays of bill general who was bested for doing the same thing four years ago.
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the individualal geoffer geoffer --ographer was fired. >> tomorrow, bruce brad do you -- grad bow will start at quarterback. campbell was benched last sunday. stanford host oregon state at 4:30, and with a win, the cardinals can move into the top four. more coming up in the newscast. >> alan: thank you very much, shu. coming up in our next half hour, the tiger attack police tape, the brothers attack at the san francisco zoo, what they claim happened. the woman who went through airport security on the busiest travel day of the year in her bikini. today she explains the message she was trying to send out.
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>> alan: we have some newly released audio, a police interview of the brothers who survived a tiger attack at the zoo three years ago. the san francisco examiner obtained tapes of the interview
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right after the tiger escaped its enclosure and killed the brothers' friend. throughout the interview, they insist they did nothing to provoke the tiger. >> did you do anything to try to get the tiger's attention? no we were just looking for a minute, and then we were walking away, and the tiger jumped at us. >> you didn't talk to the tiger and try to get its attention? sometimes the animals are just kind of laying there. so you might want to get their attention, you know. see them move around and that type of thing. >> no. >> throw anything at them? throw any matches or anything? >> no. >> no? >> alan: the brothers and their friend were sharing a plate of nachos before the attack. police repeatedly asked whether they tried to lure the tiger with the food. something the brothers deny. the united states and south korea are pushing ahead with war games tomorrow in the yellow sea, and tensions are rising. on tuesday, north korea launched a deadly artillery attack
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against a south korean eye island. funeral services were held today for two south korean marines killed in the attack. north korea says the government used them as human shields. china, which finds itself in a precarious situation, has sent a pair of diplomats to south korea to discuss the situation. the white house is concerned about another release of classified documents by the web site wikileaks. the new batch includes diplomatic cables the obama administration says could endanger livess. >> around the globe, u.s. embassies are'sly warning foreign governments, confidential u.s. documents, thousands, are about to go public this weekend. the latest dump of classified documents from wikileaks.
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it's massive trove of data, hundreds of thousands of leaked cables and documents, much of it likely not earth-shattering. >> most of this stuff is boring, frankly, and almost all of it is very well known in the public debate. >> reporter: still, the obama administration warned of dire consequences, a state department inspection says this is harmful to national security and does put lives at risk, puts national interests at risk. some say the feds may be protesting too much. >> the administration would be better off trying to ignore this as much as possible, and point out thet the dissim plate from the pentagon parents. -- papers. when they came out, the information they contained was becoming public for the first time. the only real bad stuff here is the names of the individual. that is worrisome, we don't want to see people taken out and shot on the streets of baghdad because they worked with the united states. >> reporter: one reason many
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news organizations will be blacking out the names. federal officials call the document dump outrageous. >> alan: country singer willie nelson is back on the road again after a brush with the u.s. border patrol. nelson was arrested for marijuana possession at a checkpoint in west texas yesterday. a border patrol officer smelled marijuana on nelson's tour abuse 80 miles east of el paso. the search turned up six ounces of pot. he was released after post 25g hundred bond. other. who tested against heighten airport security measures fizzled this weekend. one bay area native stood out. she we're simple black bikini after she traveled back to sonoma county for thanksgiving. as she peace through the body scanner at national international airport without
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incident. transportation security officers obviously felt there was no need for a patdown. >> one of the agents goes, woo, you're wearing a bikini. cool, and i did a little spin for her because she was having fun with it, and then shortly thereafter they realized there was a camera filming it. >> alan: now the news video has gone viral on the entered internet. she says she had no idea her light-hearted protest would become this big. coming up next, culinary revival. the return of the oldn├▒aaaaaaaa8
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>> alan: for generations meat was bought at the local butcher shop, but butcher shops began to
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disappear with the rise of the supermarket. now the local butcher is making a comeback. >> reporter: at this butcher shop in san francisco, supplies are limited. >> sharchgz, a neck, some riblets, shoulder round opinions. >> angela wilson is one of the three owners. it was a neighborhood fixture since it opened in 1901. but closed in the 1980s when business decline. butchers could not compete with supermarkets. but today butcher shouldn'ts are seeing a resurgence. >> you'll see small butcher shops opening up. >> they opened three years ago and sells plate -- meat from local farmers that comes in fresh weekly, and once it's gone there, won't be more until the following week. >> when it certainly isn't cheap. meat averages twice as much as
4:39 pm
the grocery store. >> people are trying to learn these old skills again, and a lot of times they're learning from one another, or learning off of youtube. >> she is author of a new book about butchers. primal cuts is a collection of instructions and recipes she gathered from butchers around the country. she says the local butcher is clearly coming back. >> now we're like recreating sort of ghost of the food system that used to be in our local communities. >> butchery has been industrialized to keep prices down. butchers use machines to cut large quawntz of meat. >> companies raised in marin county are in a feed lot, and all of the cutting happens in huge factories there. it doesn't happen at grocery stores or butcher shops anymore. >> that filtering processing has
4:40 pm
turned people away from meat that come pros -- comes from grocery stores. >> they want to know where their food is coming on. >> meet the people who actually handle the meat. >> reporter: byron o'bryan wants to know how to cut it himself. >> i enjoy cooking and working with meat, and it's a great opportunity to learn a little bit more about how these cuts are made. >> reporter: they don't just cut meat. >> i give instruction but i don't do too des moines station. >> they teach you how to do it. >> turn and it right back and forth. >> reporter: she is a local chef and part owner of this butcher shop. she teaches the class. it cost 300 tuesday per person, and includes lunch, and $100 worth of suckling pig and lamb meat to go. >> i've been booked solid for two and a half years. >> her students call it a
4:41 pm
visceral experience. i. >> you guys make it look easy, but it's actually challenging. >> in san francisco, dan ashley. abc-7 news. >> alan: if taking a butcher class isn't enough, you can dine while you learn. they teamed up with a restaurant in san francisco. on december 5th, they'll butcher half a pig and then cook and serve the other half. we have more information on the web site. go to under "see it on tv". >> coming up, meteorite hunters. the rocks that fall to earth. and let us know in -- let it snow, indoors, that its, we have a look at holiday events and displays this weekend.
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>> alan: every day the eight bombward by rocks from outer space, and a few actually make it through the atmosphere to toe earth's surface. jeremy hubbard explains why scientist want to get their hands thon meeter toites. >> streaking fire balls fall to earth every day but rarely are they captured on camera. providing a speck -- spectacular sight. there are clues to life mystery. >> how did life begin? the answer to that may absolutely be tied up in studies of meteorites. >> scientists salivate over this space rocks because they may have delivered the building blocks of thrive earth. >> many of the meteorites that land have some organic material associated with them. this material would be amongst the material shied to the early
4:45 pm
earth when the earth was forming. >> but getting their hands on these rocks is not so easy. meteorites mostly burn up before they reach the ground. >> it's moving something like tens the times the speed of sound, so very, very fast. >> these team of meteorite hunters has sophisticated network of cameras, hoping and waiting to win the cosmic lottery. >> no other network that come wines all those technologies to can use at meteors, single meteor. >> after years of waiting, gift from the heavens. >> i heard a loud crash. >> a golf-ball size meteorite came crashing to earth in range of their cameras. >> came in this angle here. shattered ay everywhere. >> i said, congratulations, it's a meteorite. >> now using a special three
4:46 pm
three debris -- three-d camera. >> they're space probables, they allow us to have samples of the heavens, samples from the asteroids, from the moon, and samples from mars. these samples are deliver to us on the earth without a cost of having to prepare a mission. >> are we alone in the universe? how did the solar system form? with every meteorite that hits the ground, be we get one step closer to answering those burning questions. >> alan: the meteor streaks across the sky burn up, while meteorize fall to the earth. the biggest meteorite can way tops. there are a lot of activities around the behave area today, including a day to enjoy indoor snow.
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don sanchez takes a look. >> reporter: let it snow. it may not be the real stuff but close enough it to. biodegradable. it's snowing daily in the atrium lobby in. and get aload of this two-story ginger bread house. it's 5,000 pieces of gingerbread, 850-pounds of icing alone, and 100% edible. it's taken the engineering department 160 hours just to construct the framework for chefs who try to top themselves each year. this is a painted lady. >> i went after the victorians of this era, and we tried putting an upper level on it, and tried to make it feel a little more san francisco. more local. >> reporter: down the hill to the westin st. francis, looks like a behalf -- bavarian dream. >> for a touch of big apple tradition, there irice rinks where you can skate outside,
4:48 pm
either here at the embarcadero or union square. >> alan: the great part about all these things is they're free. for more information negotiating to our web site,, and "see it on tv". leigh glaser was enbeiging in -- engaging in full contact shop shopping yesterday. >> leigh: i was. for those folks still looking for deals, tripping over the raindrops. we had a cell move through, and a few lingering showers and clear patches as you see from the peak cam looking towards the bay area. this is live doppler 7 hd. a few lingering showers passing across the bay area that will be decreaseing as we head through the course of the night.
4:49 pm
pet human marks moving over towards the napa area, and we will continue to see just a few more waves spiraling in here overnight tonight. temperatureswise, it's getting cool out there. san rafael, 46. 50 in san francisco, 59, oakland, as well as fremont, 49 in livermore, and san jose, 5' 3 degrees. we'll go with decreasing showers, breezy and cool for sunday, and get ready for cold nights returning, especially sunday night, monday morning, monday night, tuesday morning, temperatures dipping below the freezing mark, especially inland locations. a little cool to cold, depending on where you are on this nap. tonight, 33 degrees for nap passion 34 santa rosa, see whichsome clearing there and temperatures will drop awesome san francisco, 45, and 35 for livermore. here's pretty much the story of the cold front moving through this morning, bringing us pretty good amounts of rainfall, quarter inch across the bay area.
4:50 pm
it's since passed to the south. behind it, a little more wrap-around moisture to deal with earlier this evening. so a few more showers overnight. take them out of our forecast for our sunday, and bring you a little bit more sunshine. you'll see through the course of the evening, about 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, most of the moisture has moved out of the area, and tomorrow if we see anything at all, it will stay well off the coast, we're looking for partly cloudy conditions inch the high country, winter storm warnings in effect tonight. some gusty winds, and at the front and low pulls out, they will see some clear sky sunday. maybe a few more light snow showers tomorrow for tahoe. 29 degrees if, if you're traveling tomorrow, 52 for los angeles, a few morning showers. palm springs, 53. here's a look at our highs for all sunday.
4:51 pm
mixture of sun and clouds, campbell 5 4. half moon bay, 5 4. the northwesterly winds will pick up late in the day so breezy conditions across the bay area. san francisco, 54. north bay, 55. 54 for napa. breezy for oakland tomorrow. fremont, 56. interior east bay, concord, 55. and we look for 57 degrees tomorrow from gilroy. the accuweather seven-day forecast, cold night, suspected monday morning, tuesday morning, put sunshine during the day. wednesday, chance of showers in the north bay. we all get wet on thursday. >> mike: -- >> alan: not a great finale for cal. >> mike: not a great ending. renovations begin on the
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>> mike: the cal bears playing their final game in 87-year-old memorial stadium. a lot on the line. both teams need wins to become bowl eligible, and a victory over the hulksize would be a great final enemy rhythm -- final memory. the field goal right down the middle with troop spare, 3-0 cal at the half. huskies first possession of the second half. locker to good win. mark anthony covers, ball is tipped. that's the season. outside of that play, cal's defense held locker in check.
4:55 pm
jordan the scoop, 20 yards for the score, 10-7 bears. fourth quarter, this time 47 yards. got it again. the huskies get to the one yardline with two seconds left. go for the win instead of the tie, and chris paul, game over. 16-13 the final. cal finishes 5-7 and will not make a bowl game. >> felt bad for the seniors, and because they've given a lot those program. they've been to a bowl game every year they've been here, obviously and this is no doubt disappointing. >> mike: lsu looking to move up with boise state's loss in nevada. arkansas in their way. second quarter, third and goal. the broken tackle. game tied at 14. six seconds left in the half. arkansas not taking a knee. mallet to hamilton. both tiger defenders collide. hamilton is gone.
4:56 pm
razor backs 21-14 in the half. now 21-20. mallet, makes it 28-28. hogs with the 31-23 upset. michigan visiting ohio state. second quarter, buckeyes pri after the wolverines cut it to 10-7, the ensuing kickoff. he is gone 85-yard on the return. 17-7 ohio state. buckeyes down in the third. dan hearn, runs for 175, and that score. house stayed -- ohio stayed with the 37-7 victory. if wisconsin is the biggest ranked team, badgers heading to a bowl. ball around the edge. 32-yard, rushed for 174 and four
4:57 pm
scores, 7-0 badgers. in the second, a wide-open david gilroy. 28-3, badgers put up 49 points in the first half. wisconsin clinches a co-big 10 champship with a 20-3 victory. the denvers bronx kerrs and the haven't coach fined 50 grand each because the team's video director filmed the 49ers' practice london. he presented it to mcdaniels who declined to view it. they're both proteges of bill belichick who was busted for doing the same thing four years ago against the jets. the individualographer was fired and the raiders host the dolphins. and stanford beats oregon state,
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they move up to number four. >> alan: usc, notre dame, coming at save $523! 16 minutes could save you 16%! come on... isn't it time an auto insurer gave it to you straight? that's why you should talk to state farm. but not yet. first, talk to any one of the 40 million drivers who already have state farm. 40 million. yeah, that's more than geico and progressive combined. by a lot. 40 million drivers. more savings. and discounts up to 40%. where else you gonna get discounts like that?
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